Ultimate Ghost Detector (real EMF, EVP recorder) Ultimate Ghost Detector (real EMF, EVP recorder) Download
Ultimate Ghost Detector (real EMF, EVP recorder)

Ultimate Ghost Detector (real EMF, EVP recorder)

1.4 for Android


Powerful tool for paranormal investigations and more





12.50 MB


MRE Programming



Screenshots for Android

Ultimate Ghost Detector (real EMF, EVP recorder)
This app is a powerful tool that uses the device's sensors to provide paranormal investigators and enthusiasts with valuable data and features.
After the success of the Ultimate EMF Detector with over 1.3 million downloads we decided to make an app specially designed for people interested in the paranormal.

There are 5 main modes:
1) EMF Advanced: EM Field detector and analyzer with graphs sounds and more.
2) EMF Simple: EM Field detector with a simple UI showing a LED bar or an analog meter.
3) EVP Recorder: Sound recorder used to capture sound to be analyzed for EVP.
4) Motion Detector: Motion and Vibration detector with graphs and more used to detect microvibrations on tables, furniture etc
5) Multi Meter: A combination of the EMF, Motion and EVP modes that provides all the data simultaneously. This mode has the feature to record EVP automatically when a sound alarm is triggered.

All data, EMF, Motion, Sound can be recorded with the included recorders.
Units of measurements include, microTesla, Gauss, metric and imperial units.

Extra features include a flashlight and a quick-launch camera button as well as a radar, compass, xyz bars and graphs, needles, LEDs, multiple sound alarms with vibration and more.
You should try the EMF Strength Sound (Radar) option on the EMF Advanced for an adaptive sound indicator.

This app is customizable with different backgrounds and colors.

You can use this app to detect changes in the magnetic field around the device, observe and record vibrations and capture sound to analyze for EVP. This data could, in theory, be useful in the search of ghosts, entities and paranormal phenomena.
This app is 100% Real meaning that it provides real data directly from the sensors without manipulating them or adding fake effects.

NOTE that this app uses the magnetic sensor. If your phone doesn't have this sensor the app is NOT going to display any measurements. If you open the app and the readings are 0 it means that this app can't work on your phone. Also avoid getting your phone near powerful electrical devices like power transformers since you might damage it. Use at your own risk.
Ultimate Ghost Detector (real EMF, EVP recorder) 1.4 Update
Version 1.3 Bug fixes Version 1.1 5 Modes: 1)EMF Advanced: Powerful EM Field detector and recorder with graphs, radar, sound alarms and more. 2)EMF Simple: EM Field detector with a simpler UI of a LED bar or an analog needle meter. 3)EVP Recorder: Sound recorder for EVP analysis. 4)Motion Detector: Motion and Vibration detector and recorder with graphs, sound alarms and more. 5)Multi Meter: EMF, Motion and EVP fused together including automated EVP recorder.
More Information
12.50 MB
MRE Programming
Update Date:

RAW Information
Package Name      : xyz.mreprogramming.ultimateghostdetector
Version           : 1.4 (6)
Min Sdk Level     : 14
Min Sdk Platform  : Android 4.0,4.0.1,4.0.2
Target Sdk Level     : 28
Target Sdk Platform  : Android 9.0

Permssions List
VIBRATE : Allows access to the vibrator WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : Allows an application to write to external storage. CAMERA : Required to be able to access the camera device. FLASHLIGHT : Allows access to the flashlight RECORD_AUDIO : Allows an application to record audio
xyz.mreprogramming.ultimateghostdetector.Intro (Launcher) xyz.mreprogramming.ultimateghostdetector.EMF_Settings xyz.mreprogramming.ultimateghostdetector.EVP_Settings xyz.mreprogramming.ultimateghostdetector.Motion_Settings xyz.mreprogramming.ultimateghostdetector.Multi_Settings xyz.mreprogramming.ultimateghostdetector.Radar_Settings xyz.mreprogramming.ultimateghostdetector.EMF xyz.mreprogramming.ultimateghostdetector.Motion xyz.mreprogramming.ultimateghostdetector.EVP xyz.mreprogramming.ultimateghostdetector.Multi xyz.mreprogramming.ultimateghostdetector.Communitcator xyz.mreprogramming.ultimateghostdetector.Radar xyz.mreprogramming.ultimateghostdetector.Radar_Tutorial xyz.mreprogramming.ultimateghostdetector.EMF_Simple xyz.mreprogramming.ultimateghostdetector.EMF_Simple_Settings xyz.mreprogramming.ultimateghostdetector.Check_Sensors xyz.mreprogramming.ultimateghostdetector.Info_Sensors xyz.mreprogramming.ultimateghostdetector.About xyz.mreprogramming.ultimateghostdetector.Tutorial_EMF xyz.mreprogramming.ultimateghostdetector.Tutorial_EMF_Simple xyz.mreprogramming.ultimateghostdetector.Tutorial_Motion xyz.mreprogramming.ultimateghostdetector.Help_EVP xyz.mreprogramming.ultimateghostdetector.Help_EMF xyz.mreprogramming.ultimateghostdetector.Help_EMF_Simple xyz.mreprogramming.ultimateghostdetector.Help_Motion xyz.mreprogramming.ultimateghostdetector.Help_Radar xyz.mreprogramming.ultimateghostdetector.Help_Multi xyz.mreprogramming.ultimateghostdetector.Main_Settings
Reviews From google play store
  • Michael Koozaata
    2020-05-20 19:19
    Michael Koozaata

    It's alright

  • Sarah Harrison
    2020-05-20 18:02
    Sarah Harrison

    Bought this app after reading such great reviews but isnt compatable with my phone, cant find a link for a refund.

  • pierre faustin
    2020-05-20 03:14
    pierre faustin

    I like. I hope we have futuristic one soon

  • Jessica- Lee
    2020-05-20 01:56
    Jessica- Lee

    Still learning how to use all of this equipment, but I am enjoying myself. Have not had any luck having any findings yet though, still hopeful however.

  • xX-MzVee_5150-Xx
    2020-05-19 02:50

    Gimmick. Just makes noise

  • Jeanette Fillmore
    2020-05-19 00:37
    Jeanette Fillmore

    On your videos you show a radar, how do I get the radar?

  • Heather Headley
    2020-05-18 19:24
    Heather Headley

    Just learning the app right now, used the emf all over my house kinda shocked how high my TVs and appliances are and also found a couple sockets that need looking at lol. The recorder is pretty self explanatory multi meter is giving me some problems but im sure I'll figure it out. Over all a decent app, may not find things that go bump in the night, but for sure fun to play with!

  • Becca Dennis
    2020-05-18 07:12
    Becca Dennis

    Awesome! Thank you!

  • bluestar tears
    2020-05-18 00:24
    bluestar tears

    I'm sure your app is awesome but just didn't work on my machine I really wanted to use 😎

  • Norma Trejo
    2020-05-17 06:02
    Norma Trejo

    I don't get it at all

  • James Boss
    2020-05-17 05:56
    James Boss

    Its an awesome app. Doea everything it advertises.

  • Alex Antone
    2020-05-17 01:55
    Alex Antone

    How will I know the difference between this picking up motion from the wind outside, compared too if it were picking up a spirit?

  • Justin Martin
    2020-05-16 19:42
    Justin Martin

    I'm honestly shocked how well the EMF works. I thought for sure that there was no way an app could detect that sort of thing, but it does. Every time I get close to my laptop, it spikes and is consistent in its reading. I was a skeptic, but for a few bucks I thought what the hell, why not try it and see! Im glad I did. I highly recommend it for anyone that is in to this sort of thing.

  • matthew messenger
    2020-05-16 05:20
    matthew messenger

    Does what it says motion detection very cool. Also emf reader in the app. Easy and fast to use.

  • Steven Franklin
    2020-05-16 03:07
    Steven Franklin

    I can see it legit when I out metal next too it but other that no activity where I'm at I have try when I go to this haunted road.

  • Lonesome Reaper
    2020-05-15 21:35
    Lonesome Reaper

    Wow.. just.. wow.

  • Randy Ford
    2020-05-15 03:36
    Randy Ford

    I wish it would explain how each tool is used.

  • Michelle Line
    2020-05-13 16:48
    Michelle Line

    To be honest, I haven't used it yet for paranormal reasons. I've never felt anything at home. Hoping after COVID19, I'll be able to do some ghost hunting with our local paranormal group. I am leaving a 5-star review though because I tested with a magnet and it worked perfectly. The motion detector worked, too, with just the slightest movement. So, here's hoping we can get back to normalcy soon and I can get out exploring haunted locations. I will update should I ever get to use it.

  • Mark Manning
    2020-05-13 15:42
    Mark Manning

    A cute program with neat features.

  • Lacy Nichols
    2020-05-12 21:11
    Lacy Nichols

    Doesnt work, seems fake.

  • Stephen Boldin
    2020-05-12 20:00
    Stephen Boldin

    Trying to get used to using it but it seems good.

  • clara flowers
    2020-05-12 18:21
    clara flowers

    Just nothing can be heard!

  • Lance Tom
    2020-05-12 10:46
    Lance Tom

    Works great no ghost yet though!

  • Jay rodriguez
    2020-05-11 21:06
    Jay rodriguez

    Waste of money

  • E.J Simas
    2020-05-10 04:32
    E.J Simas

    I got everything set up, and started messing with the different options. Opened the evp recorder and did a quick test run. Something has been following me for awhile and I wanted to see if I could catch any evidence of it. Asked some questions yadda yadda plaid it back. I can hear me talking, the radio playing in the background, and someone breathing hard. I asked "do you havea name" and right after there's a surprised sounding gasp. I totally believe in this app

  • J. Cole Knight
    2020-05-08 18:19
    J. Cole Knight

    Awesome. Works great on my phone.

  • Jamie Grant
    2020-05-08 05:25
    Jamie Grant

    Pretty good

  • Devin Antus
    2020-05-07 22:30
    Devin Antus

    The guy who made this app is awesome

  • Jenny Thibeault
    2020-05-07 03:15
    Jenny Thibeault

    Still playing around learning everything but so far pretty cool app. I cant wait to try this at different supposed haunted sites. Definitely download, good luck and happy hunting.

  • donald macdonald
    2020-05-06 13:53
    donald macdonald

    I'm really enjoying this app.

  • ZoZoS Father
    2020-05-06 02:21
    ZoZoS Father

    Pretty damn cool so far

  • Karen Rideout
    2020-05-05 19:58
    Karen Rideout

    Is there a way to delete recordings? I can't find it.

  • Hank Hill
    2020-05-05 06:25
    Hank Hill

    What does the green dot on the Radar mean?

  • Christina Duran
    2020-05-05 04:35
    Christina Duran

    Didnt understand it seemed alright

  • Charity Siler
    2020-05-05 03:39
    Charity Siler

    When i paid for this app i was scared it would not work but i was told things by a spirit only dad knew it even said his name when i just asked (Dad are you here) its a awesome app worth the money and time...

  • Jennifer Laing
    2020-05-05 00:15
    Jennifer Laing

    Easy fun and accurate

  • Keisha Quinones
    2020-05-04 09:30
    Keisha Quinones

    I did love the app but i got refund only because it be awsome to have a option for rral time spirit box to communicate. This was a awsome app tho! Does everything it said just missing a main feature i was looking for 💜

  • J Ruiz
    2020-05-04 03:04
    J Ruiz

    Not sure what its detecting but something is going on in place I felt there was someone watching me!!!!

  • Brandon Cockrell
    2020-05-03 20:15
    Brandon Cockrell

    It's pretty accurate love this app

  • Alan Lewis
    2020-05-03 13:26
    Alan Lewis

    Very good but can scare you if your not really ready for what you are going to experience

  • Tonyface Bogden
    2020-05-03 10:36
    Tonyface Bogden


  • Faye Mounce
    2020-05-02 20:59
    Faye Mounce

    Please don't take money off my card for this app. I do not want it anymore. Thank you.

  • Kirah Kitty
    2020-05-02 18:52
    Kirah Kitty

    Caught evp with 3 voices on one recording, granted I recorded a bunch of times and heard nothing til that one but it worked. I cannot believe this worked! Is there a way to download or send the file to my computer, or share, so I can show others and to try and amplify it manually? 5 stars!

  • Shayne Rowell-ramsay Gradney
    2020-05-02 16:06
    Shayne Rowell-ramsay Gradney


    2020-05-02 03:33

    Tested it a bit and it seemed to work but the recording was always too weak

  • Clive
    2020-05-01 11:06


    2020-05-01 04:47

    Depending on your phone and the sensors integrated, it works pretty well! At least for EMF. I can vouch for that.

  • Christina Duran
    2020-05-01 03:32
    Christina Duran

    Just lost on this

  • Roni Ridgeway
    2020-05-01 03:06
    Roni Ridgeway

    This app was really thought through. You can see that real effort was put in to this creation. Job well done and good luck!

  • Derrick Lain
    2020-05-01 01:50
    Derrick Lain

    The app is amazing it let's you take pictures and I actually cought some cool stuff I tried it at my friends house were he feels the most uncomfortable in and we saw a guy in the attic but there was nothing there you need to see it for your self its awsome. Thanks to the guy that made this it gave me what I wanted

  • Rachel King
    2020-05-01 00:59
    Rachel King

    Good app, but it says it's eligible for the family library, but can not be added. Recommended for single phone use, but not for multiple family use.

  • Kierstyn Waterman
    2020-04-30 23:22
    Kierstyn Waterman


  • gos imports
    2020-04-29 23:22
    gos imports

    Just as described. Very impressed.. Awesome, glad to finally get some results out of these apps. thanks a lot!

  • Texascowboy47
    2020-04-29 16:12

    Not sure if it works

  • Angie Willisms
    2020-04-29 01:31
    Angie Willisms

    It's not what thoughts it

  • Kylelau711 Lau
    2020-04-28 04:26
    Kylelau711 Lau

    I just bought this app expecting it not to work. Lord and behold it really does work all the comments I read we're awesome and there was few low ratings. the guy sounded so genuine answering the people back to But why would anybody want a refund back when this app is one of the funnest things to do on my phone now. Thank you so much I am a believer.

  • Kim Rodriguez
    2020-04-27 22:27
    Kim Rodriguez

    I had my grand baby here last night and caught a bunch of "ORBS" flying all around him on my camera. Im going to try it out tonight and see what i get. I now have proof of something being here. Im going to hopefully catch them tonight.

  • lois drown
    2020-04-27 13:58
    lois drown

    Works great

  • daily youtube
    2020-04-27 01:23
    daily youtube

    There is a lot of activity in my place

  • Sabrina !
    2020-04-26 19:48
    Sabrina !

    I love this app!!!! I just got to figure out how everything works but this far, everything is going good. Thank you so much for a great app!!!!

    2020-04-25 08:17

    I cannot get enough of this app! Legit and fun! The best ghost hunting tool for phones! Thank you for creating this!!

  • ShoShaunna Nwani
    2020-04-24 11:05
    ShoShaunna Nwani

    Absolutely wonderfully designed app! Very intriguing! The designer is also a wonderful person who replied to my email in the middle of the night and helped resolve my issue and stayed until it was taken care of. Highly recommended!

  • The Dark One
    2020-04-24 04:52
    The Dark One

    Everytime I tilt the phone forward or backwards the EMF went crazy and anytime I put it near any electrical devices they never change, only when I tilted the phone. I'm guessing the accelerometer or the gyro in the phone is what is being activated because there's no way that this is picking up any Electro fields.

  • LoganBallerYT
    2020-04-23 14:37

    It may work I don't know I'll have to mess around with it a bit more, but I brought it up to a peace of medal and it went up so I know it works because that's how you find ghosts soo it works!!!! Unlike all the other apps I tried

  • Lauren King
    2020-04-22 05:59
    Lauren King

    Unfortunatly my phone isn't capable of using all the great details of it, but it seems like a very great app. I'll have to get a new phone soon lol

  • Jordin Kate
    2020-04-22 04:32
    Jordin Kate

    Unfortunately some of the app isn't compatible with my device. But do you maybe have a suggestion on where I should look for the sensors to make it 100% compatible?

  • Charise McDonald
    2020-04-22 01:03
    Charise McDonald

    Love it

  • Moolissa da Cow
    2020-04-21 23:58
    Moolissa da Cow

    Everything seems to work alright. even if I don't find any ghosts with it, it'll be a blast to mess around with 😄 a shame so many people are rating this so low, especially with the fact that the creator offers refunds (never seen other app creators do that)

  • Lindaann Lemieux
    2020-04-21 12:36
    Lindaann Lemieux

    Love this app

  • Tormund Greyjoy
    2020-04-20 09:19
    Tormund Greyjoy

    Dhk gjk review

  • Kathryn Murphy
    2020-04-20 00:18
    Kathryn Murphy

    What devices are compatible? It keeps telling me my device isn't compatible and some options are disabled? I'm using my cellphone

  • Tj Coop
    2020-04-19 22:30
    Tj Coop

    The EMF detector work really well but the other things are questionable

  • Sadie Smiles
    2020-04-19 17:56
    Sadie Smiles

    Emf doesn't work on this phone. The EVP says it's recording but no sounds at all on playback, not even my own voice.

  • Joey Robishaw
    2020-04-19 05:35
    Joey Robishaw

    Awsome spike

  • Kris H.
    2020-04-18 14:41
    Kris H.

    I haven't used it yet. I just had a question for the developer. On the main screen why does the word Ghost flash red and make a strange clicking sound?

  • Kelly Shires
    2020-04-18 14:27
    Kelly Shires

    Does nothing

  • Angel Randa
    2020-04-17 17:46
    Angel Randa

    So far having fun with this app

  • danny newton
    2020-04-17 08:04
    danny newton


  • Lee
    2020-04-16 07:53

    Co Pay my bill please

  • Dustin Orr
    2020-04-15 05:35
    Dustin Orr

    Works perfectly

  • Jason Valence
    2020-04-15 01:07
    Jason Valence

    Fun enough

  • Diamond Hanna
    2020-04-14 22:56
    Diamond Hanna

    Best one I have ever used I'm not joking this app is 100% legit

  • Daone
    2020-04-14 21:37

    Love it

  • Sahar Waites
    2020-04-14 20:28
    Sahar Waites

    Awesome app!

  • Abigail Grunewald
    2020-04-13 12:00
    Abigail Grunewald

    Fake as they all are. I have actual equipment and while all of my equipment picks up stuff all the time this did nothing. And I want nothing to do with an app where the developer calls you unfair. Grow up.

  • Carl Theo
    2020-04-13 11:02
    Carl Theo

    Very good

  • Co Pr
    2020-04-13 05:35
    Co Pr

    This app mostly relies on if your phone is a certain way or not. I got it close to an outlet and the emf detector went down on the reading

    2020-04-13 03:24

    Awesome app I talked tot he dead one but my dad said dint talk tot he ded one so I gotta get the refun nice I wish I could mees whit it more

  • Eric Helgeson
    2020-04-12 13:33
    Eric Helgeson


  • paul harrison
    2020-04-11 21:30
    paul harrison

    Pretty impressed so far tested successfully with some high emf devices

  • Charlene Oland
    2020-04-11 13:10
    Charlene Oland


  • Waking up The World
    2020-04-11 09:09
    Waking up The World

    I dont trust any other - Ghost Detector - apps. This one is 100% legit! You guys did an amazing job developing this app... 👍

  • Jose Magadan
    2020-04-11 05:44
    Jose Magadan

    Could have been little bit better?

  • Brandon Mead
    2020-04-10 20:32
    Brandon Mead

    Great app. EMF meter works perfectly, cannot wait to use this more often

  • Bart Desgranges
    2020-04-10 17:39
    Bart Desgranges

    Easy to use and fun. No annoying adds. Not found a ghost. Yet! :)

  • Joshua Melvin
    2020-04-10 11:57
    Joshua Melvin

    Neej Klink((ds work

  • Terry Roberts
    2020-04-10 00:17
    Terry Roberts

    impressive, not tried in depth yet though, why does main screen at top were it says ghost beep and flash red ?

  • Caden Schaffer
    2020-04-09 15:56
    Caden Schaffer

    This is not a fake app, because it spikes when it should. I am very impressed.

  • Gaberal Hearn
    2020-04-09 06:54
    Gaberal Hearn

    Could be better and all functions don't work and it's a new tablet and shouldn't all the bells and whistles work.

  • The Lozt Boyz
    2020-04-09 06:05
    The Lozt Boyz

    Works great

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