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Navigation Pro: Google Maps Navi on Samsung Watch

Navigation Pro: Google Maps Navi on Samsung Watch

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Screenshots for Android

Navigation Pro: Google Maps Navi on Samsung Watch
Displays Google Navigation instructions from the phone on your Samsung watch.
Features autostart with navigation, voice output, customisable vibration, 102 languages, option to display ETA and much more!
Compatible with all Galaxy Watch models, Gear S2 / S3 / Sport, Gear 1, Gear 2, Gear S. For Gear Fit see below.
It requires the free companion app "Navigation Pro" from Samsung Galaxy Apps.

How to use:
- Install Samsung Gear and connect with your Gear smartwatch.
- Install this "Navigation Pro" app on your watch.
- Install "Navigation Pro" app from Google Play on your phone. 
- Start "Navigation Pro" app on your phone.
- Allow the app to read notifications. (Go to: Settings > Security > Notification Access and enable Navigation Pro). 
- Start Google Maps Navigation and instructions will be pushed to your smartwatch.

- Ensure your Gear watch is connected to Phone and you have "Galaxy Wearable" installed.
- If the app still only shows the "Ready" message, please ensure that maps notifications are activated and displayed on your phone (Go to: Settings > Apps > Maps and enable "Show notifications").
- Restart smartphone AND Gear watch
- Uninstall from phone, restart phone and reinstall the app
- If you have a Xiaomi phone, go to Security -> Permissions -> Autostart and activate "Gear Navigation"

For Gear Fit2 (Pro) use the following app:
Navigation Pro: Google Maps Navi on Samsung Watch 11.30 Update
Autostart watch app Voice Output on watch Option to show current speed Option to show ETA Improved Android 10 compatibility New vibration options More energy efficient Support for public transport Experimental support for Here WeGo
More Information
7.35 MB
Update Date:

RAW Information
Package Name      :
Version           : 11.11 (170)
Min Sdk Level     : 18
Min Sdk Platform  : Android 4.3
Target Sdk Level     : 28
Target Sdk Platform  : Android 9.0

Permssions List
BLUETOOTH : Allows applications to connect to paired bluetooth devices BLUETOOTH_ADMIN : Allows applications to discover and pair bluetooth devices ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE : Allows applications to access information about networks INTERNET : Allows applications to open network sockets. ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION : Allows an app to access precise location from location sources such as GPS, cell towers, and Wi-Fi. REQUEST_IGNORE_BATTERY_OPTIMIZATIONS : ACCESSORY_FRAMEWORK : WRITE_USE_APP_FEATURE_SURVEY : ENABLE_NOTIFICATION : APP : Companion : CHECK_LICENSE : WAKE_LOCK : Allows using PowerManager WakeLocks to keep processor from sleeping or screen from dimming BIND_GET_INSTALL_REFERRER_SERVICE : RECEIVE :
Activities (Launcher) com.facebook.FacebookActivity com.facebook.CustomTabMainActivity com.facebook.CustomTabActivity
Reviews From google play store
  • Celina Oliver
    2020-05-14 18:04
    Celina Oliver

    So convenient to have the directions right on my wrist instead of needing to always look at my phone.

  • digitaldan001
    2020-05-11 16:09

    Always works always right. I don't take toll roads and it helps me tremendously avoid them

  • Barry Scott
    2020-05-10 19:47
    Barry Scott

    Fantastic Navigation

  • Dave F
    2020-05-09 19:18
    Dave F

    Sweet 👍🤓 app whenever I use it my friends are always impressed

  • Reg Perrett
    2020-05-09 15:15
    Reg Perrett

    Great for city navigation

  • Sileola Babayemi
    2020-05-04 10:12
    Sileola Babayemi

    Not working. All it writes on my watch is connecting to phone, is bluetooth enabled, obviously even when bluetooth is connected. I want a refund

  • Peter Dryden
    2020-05-03 14:14
    Peter Dryden

    Can't understand the bad reviews, works flawlessly for me.

  • Ryan K
    2020-05-03 13:45
    Ryan K

    The App is outstanding. For those of you thinking that the app doesn't work on your new Active 2, it's because you didn't go through and set all the settings correctly. If you can't figure things out from the instructions on this page or the app itself, then a simple Google Search will show you what you need to do, and there are a ton of settings not enabled that need to be to work properly, but once setup, it is amazing. I suggest having the always on top feature enabled by default in the installer, because why would you start directions and not want it to be the top thing you see on your phone without having to dig through to the NP app and start it manually?

  • serg Klm
    2020-05-02 07:46
    serg Klm

    It doesn't work. all time connect to phone on the screen

  • Andrea Sterling
    2020-05-01 12:21
    Andrea Sterling

    Works great on my new Active 2! I especially like the vibration option of twice for left and three for right turn.

  • Adam Huehn
    2020-04-22 19:17
    Adam Huehn

    Love this app. Can turn the bezel to even move the directions to view

  • Abdul Rehman Chughtai
    2020-04-18 20:45
    Abdul Rehman Chughtai

    Voice not work maybe latest update problem please solve this problem.

  • Martin Asenov
    2020-04-18 10:50
    Martin Asenov

    Great app! One small remark - I think the arrows for the directions could be updated with higher resolution - they look a bit blurry on the watch.

  • John SIBLEY
    2020-04-17 17:40
    John SIBLEY

    This app does not work well on my Samsung S3 smartwatch at all. Even though I changed all the settings to make the app functional between my phone and my watch, the watch shuts off all the time and it doesn't acknowledge the app coming through the phone. Very disappointing

  • Elijah Hall
    2020-04-16 16:37
    Elijah Hall

    Just as described!

    2020-04-15 19:03

    Have had this app for awhile now then all of a sudden it stopped working. Everytime I shut off the screen on my phn it stops connecting to my watch. I've checked all settings and they are as they should. Optimization is on high power, maps notifications is on. I have it to not sleep in background, smartlock is set for phn and watch. Even turned on pop ups again thinking this would fix it but nothing. I noticed 2 weeks ago maps updated for there 15yr celebration. Could this be the issue? Help pls

  • Ray Dillon
    2020-04-13 12:11
    Ray Dillon

    Works perfect

  • Rob Jamil
    2020-04-08 18:23
    Rob Jamil

    Indispensable app. But you must change settings related to this app and Google Maps going to sleep in the background. Crucially on Samsung phones, go into the power saving menu and do not select a power saving mode. Also turn off 'Adaptive Power Saving'. (You can always turn it back on when not using Navigation Pro). It then works flawlessly. I especially recommend having music through BT buds and G Maps voice guidance for the turns for an awesome experience. 5 Stars. Thank you.

  • Francisco Ramos
    2020-04-08 15:06
    Francisco Ramos

    I did everything it tells me to do and it still doesn't work . I have it on Allow notifications and nothing

  • bruce kennard
    2020-03-31 11:54
    bruce kennard

    Drains too much battery for long trips great for shorter drives.

  • Ori Hasson
    2020-03-30 15:46
    Ori Hasson

    Happy to see you're keep updating the app, worth the money

  • Aarij Mehdi
    2020-03-23 01:56
    Aarij Mehdi

    Been using this app with the native Google Maps app on my android phone. Usually works fine, but does have those moments where my phone is unable to constantly update my location and as a result I often miss out on important turns. I have recently found out Google has launched a lighter version of their Google Maps app called Google Maps Go. I would like to know if this app can work with that?

  • Olivier Wery
    2020-03-22 17:48
    Olivier Wery


  • Shridhar K
    2020-03-22 07:01
    Shridhar K

    At times hanging

  • Bryan A. Shepard Sr.
    2020-03-19 15:45
    Bryan A. Shepard Sr.

    Doesn't work I would like a full refund!

  • Mustang 07
    2020-03-17 22:12
    Mustang 07

    Works as should ! Worth the money

  • David Mcculloch
    2020-03-17 10:37
    David Mcculloch

    My watch (Galaxy Smart) is saying notifications need to be allowed, I go to my phone to alter settings and all is at it should be and still does not work, just going round in circles here, paid for an app that i cannot get to work 😡 UPDATE All working now, I will update again when I have used it more 👍

  • noorman suwarno
    2020-03-16 12:27
    noorman suwarno

    thank you for your cooperation. So many question but you still answer. now I can use the navigation properly on my xiaomi phone

  • John Williamson
    2020-03-16 01:05
    John Williamson

    Like the vibration before turn feature !

  • appalareddy kambapu
    2020-03-15 14:12
    appalareddy kambapu


  • Diana Buettner
    2020-03-14 21:10
    Diana Buettner

    Worked great with my LG V30, but will NOT work with my Galaxy S10.

  • patrick holmes
    2020-03-14 01:36
    patrick holmes

    Just works

  • Olatunji Ajilore
    2020-03-13 15:54
    Olatunji Ajilore


  • PGN R
    2020-03-10 23:20
    PGN R

    Waste app,very slow response. Refund my amount back Uninstalling. Apps always be given trials before purchase.

  • Paris Chatzigeorgiou
    2020-03-10 17:17
    Paris Chatzigeorgiou

    Yup worth every cent!

  • Jarrod Harbrucker
    2020-03-09 11:07
    Jarrod Harbrucker


  • Pavel Aleksashin
    2020-03-08 19:28
    Pavel Aleksashin

    Very useful

  • Louis Boling
    2020-03-08 14:36
    Louis Boling


  • Sonny Pham
    2020-03-07 23:04
    Sonny Pham

    Love that the developer continues to support and update app to improve experience. Thank you so much!!

  • jin Kwoun
    2020-03-06 22:25
    jin Kwoun

    not working on my Samsung wearable it shows ready but when I press the face of watch it doesn't do anything and the message pop up and saying "Maps notification need to be allowed Please check phone" but my phone is already set as allowed notification if someone have answer to this issue, please let me know. thank you

  • rajan chauhan
    2020-03-05 20:50
    rajan chauhan

    Waste of money don't even think to but this waste app...

  • Flip Chriceol
    2020-03-04 18:24
    Flip Chriceol

    Would have been 5 stars if it showed a visual of google maps. Its gives you turn by turn navigation. Also vibrates when approaching turns. Which is nice.

  • Arun Sivakumar
    2020-03-03 18:34
    Arun Sivakumar

    Not able to connect with one plus phone.. Water off 140 rs

  • Izamar van der Linden
    2020-03-01 11:43
    Izamar van der Linden

    It does show up on my watch but it stops Google maps from following my commute and stops giving directions. Had to delete the app unfortunately.

  • Sandi Harris
    2020-02-27 17:46
    Sandi Harris

    Paid to use on my new samsung active 2 watch and it doesn't work. I had a frontier gear 3 and navigation system worked perfect and it was free it showed the map just like your phone. No I'm try to use this app and all my phone says is ready with a big check mark. I would like my money back because I'm deleting this app

  • George Ibarra
    2020-02-26 21:01
    George Ibarra


  • Manish Kumar
    2020-02-26 10:50
    Manish Kumar


  • Jason Kozlowski
    2020-02-25 20:06
    Jason Kozlowski

    wasted money on this. will not connect to my phone.

  • Juan Antonio
    2020-02-25 00:18
    Juan Antonio

    So far so good :)

  • Philip Thornton
    2020-02-22 18:18
    Philip Thornton

    Works again, thanks to help from developer

  • Svetozar Karadzhov
    2020-02-22 16:19
    Svetozar Karadzhov


  • Tasneem Ali
    2020-02-21 21:43
    Tasneem Ali

    Very useful. Love how it interacts perfectly with watch

  • Michael McNutt
    2020-02-21 13:19
    Michael McNutt

    Been using regularly for a while, very helpful for directions and helps keep me focused on the road vs distractions from the phone. Especially helpful for motorcycle riders! I like that I can choose within the settings to start or not start it automatically when Google maps starts.

  • Jerald Raj Varghese
    2020-02-21 02:13
    Jerald Raj Varghese

    Amazing app

    2020-02-20 03:18

    Its not showing map.just saying ready for map but nothing is happening...waste of money..its realy fake

  • Peter Nikolov
    2020-02-19 22:01
    Peter Nikolov

    Everything looks good! Thanks

  • John S
    2020-02-18 16:56
    John S

    This is it. This is the one you're looking for.

  • David White
    2020-02-18 00:22
    David White

    Love this app. It really helps when I'm on my motorcycle and I can just look at my watch instead of looking down at my phone. Or I'm just out for a walk and I don't have to take my phone out to look at the map. And the map works so well.

  • Alex Hackett
    2020-02-17 20:46
    Alex Hackett

    Has access to all your media and messages, as soon as I saw that in the permissions (no option to select what info i was allowing) I uninstalled and refunded. I can't see any reason a navigation app needs to read my messages, nope, bye.

  • Reinier Vega
    2020-02-17 20:30
    Reinier Vega

    Love it

  • SE Project
    2020-02-17 09:51
    SE Project

    Does the job

  • The Three Dimensions
    2020-02-17 06:33
    The Three Dimensions

    The app idea is cool but the performance not so much sadly, I've excluded the app from power saving on the phone but yet when the phone locks in my pocket the direction updates on watch active 2 stop showing also the distance in meter stops so even if I walk a km it wouldn't show , hope anyone can give me an answer for this ...

  • Frederick Arbona
    2020-02-15 21:00
    Frederick Arbona

    It works great on my Galaxy Watch.

  • Alex Schmidt Hansen
    2020-02-15 15:06
    Alex Schmidt Hansen

    Getting there, love the new speed limit guage. Look forward to an updatr of sprrdlimit to match that of competitors e. g. Sygic.

  • Peter Rhebergen
    2020-02-14 00:32
    Peter Rhebergen

    Love it! Turn by turn directions on my watch, so handy.

  • Jered Knox
    2020-02-13 22:18
    Jered Knox

    Works well. Gets it right every time. Lefts, too, now that I think about it.

  • Brett Rossi-Armstrong
    2020-02-13 18:21
    Brett Rossi-Armstrong

    Works great!

  • Roger Eckenrod
    2020-02-13 16:26
    Roger Eckenrod

    I've used this app for more than a year, without issues; I've not needed it's features but it's novel and again, no issues. Until now,! After changing a fee settings (unrelated to this app) on my watch (a new Samsung Gear), the "Settings" screen appeared on my phone (Moto Z3) and after changing the settings to my needs, I attempted to give it (this app) a 5 Star rating. However, I found I could not close the app. It reopened within seconds. I've uninstalled it and doubt I'll attempt it again.

  • Tom O'Keefe
    2020-02-13 06:36
    Tom O

    Everytime I go into settings in my phone the "rate me" dialogue pops up and kicks me out of settings. Seems more like a virus than an actual app. Be cautious downloading this.

  • Michele Pangle
    2020-02-13 02:45
    Michele Pangle

    I love it! Vibrates before the turns or merge. Worth the $.

  • Marty Skjodt
    2020-02-12 23:45
    Marty Skjodt

    Like the feature, helpful

  • Trevor Robinson
    2020-02-12 16:33
    Trevor Robinson

    Very Reliable App ! And thank you! 😊

  • Habib Jah
    2020-02-12 14:48
    Habib Jah

    Great app

  • Brian Lopez
    2020-02-12 14:25
    Brian Lopez

    Flawless connection and nice interface Would recommend if you own a Galaxy watch

    2020-02-12 06:21

    Amazing, I love it

  • Ian Costello
    2020-02-12 00:59
    Ian Costello

    Does not work. But wait now it does. I think that after install there was an update to the app according to google 2 hrs ago this may have reset some of the permissions and notification settings. Thanks for your prompt reply.

  • Carlson Family
    2020-02-11 14:55
    Carlson Family

    Works well

  • Manikumar Sharma
    2020-02-11 13:00
    Manikumar Sharma

    Worst as always and again a pathetic app from Samsung. Do they really test their apps and product release. I am using OnePlus 5t and recently bought active 2 and i had to buy this app. Maps were sync only for a day.

  • Panagiotis Bougos
    2020-02-11 04:39
    Panagiotis Bougos

    It works perfectly for my watch.

  • Diarfitri Zulkifli
    2020-02-10 03:48
    Diarfitri Zulkifli

    New update keeps opening this app without me even starting anything. Pls fix it!!

  • Aniket Jahagirdar
    2020-02-10 03:47
    Aniket Jahagirdar

    Application is very accurate. Works good with Samsung Galaxy watch.

  • Kimberly Chen
    2020-02-10 03:38
    Kimberly Chen

    Couldn't add to family library

  • M W
    2020-02-09 19:53
    M W

    Fantastic. Was missing this on Android Wear.. Nice to have on Samsung Gear. Thanks for making this 👌

  • Victoria Thomas
    2020-02-09 03:45
    Victoria Thomas

    Great but.... since the latest Maps update it's just stopped working. The phone just does not connect to the watch. I only bought the app last week, and gutted coz it was great last week but I also needed to use it this week! Hope the patch comes soon! Edit - resolved! Thank you so much! Quick uninstall, restart solved the problem! Wish I'd known it yesterday but still brilliant app!

  • Bishalarai Bhattarai
    2020-02-08 16:42
    Bishalarai Bhattarai

    Good app but wished thia would work while navigating is working in background but i noticed while i screen off the navigation stops working.

  • Jane Davis
    2020-02-07 12:30
    Jane Davis

    I haven't even started using this app and it keeps on opening on my phone, interrupting everything I'm doing. I have to do a "forced stop"... Fix this bug!

  • Adam Mahoney
    2020-02-07 09:28
    Adam Mahoney

    App would be better if it made use of the map screen so you could see the upcoming turns as well

  • Jeffry Alexander
    2020-02-07 01:27
    Jeffry Alexander

    Why this app always start full screen on my phone , everytime i lock my phone and turn on again , the apps show full screen , even i close the app before

  • Hussein Abdel Razek
    2020-02-06 08:04
    Hussein Abdel Razek

    Extremely practical.

  • Austin Mckee
    2020-02-05 22:48
    Austin Mckee

    Best navigation app...but everyone knows that...its Google.

  • Bruno Perin
    2020-02-05 19:55
    Bruno Perin

    Effective, straightforward, and does not use to much battery.

  • soma shekar
    2020-02-02 17:22
    soma shekar

    It's get auto disconnected and ask me to need to enable Bluetooth when it's on

  • José A. Aponte
    2020-02-01 01:58
    José A. Aponte


  • Doug R
    2020-01-31 20:53
    Doug R

    Works just as it should. Have used it many times without problem.

  • Glenn Ludeman
    2020-01-30 21:54
    Glenn Ludeman

    Works fine.

  • Alan G. J
    2020-01-30 17:20
    Alan G. J


  • Jan Van Zyl
    2020-01-30 11:13
    Jan Van Zyl

    The watch app is great, but Google maps' directions are unreliable.

  • Harrison Garner
    2020-01-28 09:08
    Harrison Garner

    What a great idea, simply displays google maps direction notifications on the watch so hard to go wrong.

  • pcve pcve
    2020-01-27 18:19
    pcve pcve

    Just works

  • R.Loya
    2020-01-27 15:27

    So far good

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