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BIGO LIVE - Live Stream, Live Video & Live Chat

BIGO LIVE - Live Stream, Live Video & Live Chat

4.33.4 for Android


Live stream, live chat, make video call and meet new people.





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BIGO LIVE - Live Stream, Live Video & Live Chat
BIGO LIVE is a top live video streaming social network. It allows you to live stream your special moments, live talk with your friends, make video calls and watch trendy videos. 
■ Available in 150+ countries.
■ Over 200 million downloads worldwide!
■ Get Featured in Google Play 185 times.
Don't wait – Join BIGO, broadcast your life, gain many fans, receive gifts, earn money and be an idol easily. 
- Singing, dancing, eating, travelling, playing games... Just 1 touch to go live!
- Show you talents, get more followers, receive many gifts, earn money and be an idol easily. 
- Whenever you open up BIGO LIVE, there are always people broadcasting. 
- Millions of talented broadcasters, passionate dancers and singers, big eaters, comedians, etc. present you amazing live streams and live videos.
- Watch live streaming of popular games, such as PUBG, LOL, RoV, Fortnite, Dota 2, Hearthstone, Rules of Survival and more. 
- Invite friend to start 1:1 online video chat.
- Create group video chat or video calls with up to 9 people in Multi-guest Room.
- Want to chat with strangers or start a random chat? BIGO can match you with locals or people around the world. 
- Use video filters or stickers while video chatting to have fun. Cute kitty face, lovely eyes, crowns, funny rabbit ears, sad tears, etc. are all available.
- Live talk with pretty girls or handsome boys from nearby or all over the world.
- Live voice chat with voice emoji to have fun. 
- Here you can sing karaoke together, talk about life and learn foreign languages with your new friends.
Try PK challenge and have fun with your friends on BIGO LIVE! Broadcasters who get more attraction points will win the PK while losers have to receive punishments. 
Turn your life and talent into creative vlogs and be a vlog star in BIGO LIVE. 
Feel bored? You can play games on BIGO LIVE Now! You can play with your friends or families with Ludo, Snakes & Ladders and Sheep Battle. All of them are perfect time pass games. 
Look prettier on BIGO LIVE. Once your face is recognized during live streaming or video chatting, beauty effect will be applied automatically.
Official Website:
Facebook: @bigoliveapp
Twitter: @bigoliveapp
Instagram: @bigoliveapp
Your feedback helps us improve BIGO LIVE. If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected]
BIGO LIVE - Live Stream, Live Video & Live Chat 4.33.4 Update
1.Weekly settlement of National Ranking will be moved to Friday. 2.Improvements for reliability and performance.
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49.09 MB
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Package Name      :
Version           : 4.11.0 (9523)
Min Sdk Level     : 16
Min Sdk Platform  : Android 4.1,4.1.1
Target Sdk Level     : 26
Target Sdk Platform  : Android 8.0

Permssions List
INTERNET : Allows applications to open network sockets. ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE : Allows applications to access information about networks VIBRATE : Allows access to the vibrator FLASHLIGHT : Allows access to the flashlight WAKE_LOCK : Allows using PowerManager WakeLocks to keep processor from sleeping or screen from dimming ACCESS_WIFI_STATE : Allows applications to access information about Wi-Fi networks MODIFY_AUDIO_SETTINGS : Allows an application to modify global audio settings CHANGE_WIFI_STATE : Allows applications to change Wi-Fi connectivity state CHANGE_CONFIGURATION : Allows an application to modify the current configuration, such as locale. READ_LOGS : Allows an application to read the low-level system log files. GET_TASKS : Allows an application to get information about the currently or recently running tasks. BILLING : RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED : Allows an application to receive the ACTION_BOOT_COMPLETED that is broadcast after the system finishes booting. CAMERA : Required to be able to access the camera device. READ_PHONE_STATE : Allows read only access to phone state. WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : Allows an application to write to external storage. RECORD_AUDIO : Allows an application to record audio ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION : Allows an app to access approximate location derived from network location sources such as cell towers and Wi-Fi. BLUETOOTH : Allows applications to connect to paired bluetooth devices BROADCAST_STICKY : Allows an application to broadcast sticky intents. BLUETOOTH_ADMIN : Allows applications to discover and pair bluetooth devices READ_CONTACTS : Allows an application to read the user's contacts data. MOUNT_UNMOUNT_FILESYSTEMS : Allows mounting and unmounting file systems for removable storage. GET_PACKAGE_SIZE : Allows an application to find out the space used by any package. SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW : Allows an application to open windows using the type TYPE_SYSTEM_ALERT, shown on top of all other applications. GET_ACCOUNTS : Allows access to the list of accounts in the Accounts Service BIND_GET_INSTALL_REFERRER_SERVICE : RECEIVE : PERMISSION_SAFE_BROADCAST : READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : Allows an application to read from external storage. ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION : Allows an app to access precise location from location sources such as GPS, cell towers, and Wi-Fi. MIPUSH_RECEIVE :
Activities com.yy.iheima.login.CountrySelectionActivity com.yy.iheima.login.SignupProfileActivity com.yy.iheima.MainActivity (Launcher) com.yy.iheima.util.clipimage.ClipImageActivity com.yy.iheima.settings.update.UpdateProgressActivity com.yy.iheima.login.CommonFillPhoneNumberActivity com.yy.iheima.widget.picture.GalleryActivity sg.bigo.zentao.shaky.BugSubmitActivity sg.bigo.zentao.view.ScreenCaptureActivity sg.bigo.zentao.view.FileExplorerActivity sg.bigo.config.debug.DebugActivity org.acra.dialog.CrashReportDialog sg.bigo.threeparty.common.WebPageForTwitterActivity com.facebook.FacebookActivity com.facebook.CustomTabActivity com.vk.sdk.VKServiceActivity sg.bigo.threeparty.common.BaseWebPageActivity sg.bigo.threeparty.common.InstagramHandleTokenActivity sg.bigo.threeparty.common.RedirectUriReceiverActivity sg.bigo.threeparty.common.WebPageForInstagram sg.bigo.threeparty.common.BaseInstagramLoginActivity com.facebook.CustomTabMainActivity com.huawei.hms.activity.BridgeActivity
Reviews From google play store
  • ragu raja
    2020-05-16 00:47
    ragu raja


  • Rajwinder Rajwinder
    2020-05-16 00:44
    Rajwinder Rajwinder


  • Jit Naq
    2020-05-16 00:44
    Jit Naq


  • Anfernie Resurreccion
    2020-05-16 00:44
    Anfernie Resurreccion


  • Ruth Malau
    2020-05-16 00:43
    Ruth Malau

    Good app for watching Live Streaming 😆

  • Alexa Bellamy
    2020-05-16 00:39
    Alexa Bellamy

    I think this app is amazing like when i was on there i felt like i was actully talking to the people on the other end to sum ot all up this app most def deserves a 5 star ratinting

  • shakil Rana
    2020-05-16 00:37
    shakil Rana


  • Shahriyar khan Khan
    2020-05-16 00:35
    Shahriyar khan Khan


  • richard peach
    2020-05-16 00:34
    richard peach


  • Khan Bhai
    2020-05-16 00:31
    Khan Bhai


  • Rahim Khan
    2020-05-16 00:28
    Rahim Khan

    I dot like bigo

  • its_ afuu
    2020-05-16 00:26
    its_ afuu

    Nice app

  • Mudasir Khan
    2020-05-16 00:19
    Mudasir Khan

    It amazing it corecte

  • Delayne Smith
    2020-05-16 00:11
    Delayne Smith

    Always trying to make that dollar while dangling the carrot definitely an adult site

  • David Redman
    2020-05-16 00:05
    David Redman

    Nice people

  • Habib Habibbloch
    2020-05-16 00:05
    Habib Habibbloch


  • Olutimilehin Okunoren
    2020-05-16 00:04
    Olutimilehin Okunoren

    I couldn't register in this app i tried using phone number and email

  • Relebogile Mabitsela
    2020-05-16 00:01
    Relebogile Mabitsela

    It's great

  • nadeem saeed
    2020-05-16 00:00
    nadeem saeed

    Hgcgxcxhd3 a few things I have to be there at 74

  • Breanna LaPlaca
    2020-05-15 23:59
    Breanna LaPlaca

    I like this app

  • Arbab Agha
    2020-05-15 23:47
    Arbab Agha

    Fun time

  • Priyanka Pandey
    2020-05-15 23:38
    Priyanka Pandey

    Like other apps likee, vigo and etc bigo is also one of the bast time killer apps I ever used , is the incredible mixture of videos and fun ... differently talented people show there talent here good app for sharing photos and videos 😍😁😁😁

  • Hateem bhatti
    2020-05-15 23:36
    Hateem bhatti

    Good app

  • Fahad Ali
    2020-05-15 23:30
    Fahad Ali


  • Tabatha Tuszynski
    2020-05-15 23:26
    Tabatha Tuszynski

    I would change the photo n name i thought it was a childs game at first come to find out its much more. So I would be more cautious.

  • Kassem Kassem
    2020-05-15 23:22
    Kassem Kassem


  • Robbie Katoa
    2020-05-15 23:20
    Robbie Katoa

    um Not To bad , I Jus don't understand It Tomuch , & So Im Still Learning..

  • ghjjjb fhhvh
    2020-05-15 23:18
    ghjjjb fhhvh


  • Pubg Lovers #Malik
    2020-05-15 23:18
    Pubg Lovers #Malik


  • Aamir Gori
    2020-05-15 23:14
    Aamir Gori

    This is good

  • Mark John
    2020-05-15 23:10
    Mark John

    Yay I have attached my resume and cover letter for the position of an it assistant assistant you on my you can team can help me to complete the role of my client to help build an excellent career in developing an thoroughly enjoyable experience working in the team at the hleading of my career with an excellent team management and management team working in one team with an excellent organisation with an extremely high profile in the organisation centre with the successful organe of our business

  • Raja Ibrahim
    2020-05-15 23:05
    Raja Ibrahim

    Amazing app I love it

  • Zahoor Bux
    2020-05-15 22:51
    Zahoor Bux


  • Meher Ahmed
    2020-05-15 22:49
    Meher Ahmed


  • Umar Baloch
    2020-05-15 22:42
    Umar Baloch

    Nice App

  • Darwin Tubera
    2020-05-15 22:31
    Darwin Tubera

    Always happy😄😄😄

  • Scott Phetteplac
    2020-05-15 22:27
    Scott Phetteplac

    To many people want to go on hangouts an ask for money

  • JM Dapetilla
    2020-05-15 22:20
    JM Dapetilla

    I Enjoyed much this app

  • MoHtisHim MaliK
    2020-05-15 22:18
    MoHtisHim MaliK

    Amazing app

  • Susan Prasad
    2020-05-15 22:18
    Susan Prasad

    fire stars

  • Nhols Delarosa
    2020-05-15 21:51
    Nhols Delarosa

    Cool and fun many to meet new friends

  • Rolly Aguilar
    2020-05-15 21:48
    Rolly Aguilar

    Nice apps

  • Vikash Gupta
    2020-05-15 21:46
    Vikash Gupta


  • hamza ali
    2020-05-15 21:41
    hamza ali

    time west

  • CH AHMED Ali veer
    2020-05-15 21:41
    CH AHMED Ali veer


  • Emerson Armea
    2020-05-15 21:40
    Emerson Armea


  • Sourav Das
    2020-05-15 21:37
    Sourav Das

    Lovely App

  • Kenneth Mitchell
    2020-05-15 21:36
    Kenneth Mitchell

    Most entertainment I've had in years

  • Min Last
    2020-05-15 21:35
    Min Last

    so good

    2020-05-15 21:33


  • Shahzada Afghan
    2020-05-15 21:31
    Shahzada Afghan


  • Ch Warraich
    2020-05-15 21:27
    Ch Warraich

    verey Good

  • here aly
    2020-05-15 21:22
    here aly

    an amazing app

  • Adeoye Adetola
    2020-05-15 21:20
    Adeoye Adetola

    I was blocked twice can't use this app anymore. I uninstalled the app and downloaded it again still the same. Help me out with my ID and password so i can login into the app All my gmail can't login into it

  • Ali Hussain
    2020-05-15 21:07
    Ali Hussain

    Please like video like please help me with your video like please help me with your video like

  • Imrankhan 2233
    2020-05-15 21:06
    Imrankhan 2233

    Forget bai

  • Imran Khan
    2020-05-15 20:59
    Imran Khan

    Good apps

  • Ish Mohd
    2020-05-15 20:57
    Ish Mohd

    Very bad

  • mo nihal idrisi
    2020-05-15 20:56
    mo nihal idrisi


  • brad wesson sabellina
    2020-05-15 20:48
    brad wesson sabellina


  • Delmar AtiG Dela Cruz
    2020-05-15 20:46
    Delmar AtiG Dela Cruz

    Something eror, log in failed 🤔. I use it in 4 hours long, after that they eror on My HUAWEI Phone.

  • Ikponmwonba Lilian
    2020-05-15 20:45
    Ikponmwonba Lilian


  • fezrol xd
    2020-05-15 20:43
    fezrol xd


  • Kamrul Sheikh
    2020-05-15 20:41
    Kamrul Sheikh


  • Dek Amie
    2020-05-15 20:37
    Dek Amie


  • Christian Dave Ranario
    2020-05-15 20:35
    Christian Dave Ranario

    This app is so amazing and wonderful for me

  • Darren Zerrudo
    2020-05-15 20:32
    Darren Zerrudo

    This app is so cool and nice for me.

  • sàm hous
    2020-05-15 20:31
    sàm hous

    It was a very good and enjoyable experience. It is good that I entered this site, thanks

  • Prajwal Pachgade
    2020-05-15 20:30
    Prajwal Pachgade

    Very nice app

  • mr Sahilrajput
    2020-05-15 20:30
    mr Sahilrajput


    2020-05-15 20:06


    2020-05-15 19:58


  • Marianne Coetzer
    2020-05-15 19:52
    Marianne Coetzer

    10 10

  • Claudia ABT
    2020-05-15 19:51
    Claudia ABT

    Hi Everyone! Siapa ckp dlm Bigo x boleh bjaya? Maybe korang blm trust bigo & usahakn sndri. Nea sahut cabaran kpd yg blm join bigo, blm download bigo ni, masuk & sma2 dpt gaji setimpal akn usaha yg anda berikan. Klu berjaya, korang hutang Nea SD/FS/👄me.🤣 Semoga kwn2 lain pun boleh berjaya dlm BIGO. Yg belum join jd host, jangan sia2 x jd salah 1 tau...Go Go Go! PALING PENTING, SET TARGET DAN TERUS USAHA UTK CAPAI KEJAYAAN, SETIAP SAAT TU PELUANG ANDA UTK BERJAYA! Good Luck, TQ Bigo & JFB!

  • Ghulam Hussain
    2020-05-15 19:51
    Ghulam Hussain

    Nice app

  • Sajid Kamran
    2020-05-15 19:46
    Sajid Kamran


    2020-05-15 19:45

    Nice app

  • Ricky Holcombe
    2020-05-15 19:43
    Ricky Holcombe

    Yes making great loving and caring friends ❣️❤️ and become a space cadet

  • amex nalica
    2020-05-15 19:41
    amex nalica

    Blaaa blaaa

  • Rubal Hosan
    2020-05-15 19:39
    Rubal Hosan

    আমি BIGO LIVE এর একজন রেগূলার friends সত্বেও আমি video live and call করতে পারতেছি না

  • Said Zea
    2020-05-15 19:36
    Said Zea


  • buland jan
    2020-05-15 19:33
    buland jan

    Love it

  • Dauad Sulman
    2020-05-15 19:32
    Dauad Sulman

    good one

  • Mahamud Khan Monir
    2020-05-15 19:29
    Mahamud Khan Monir


  • Meera Vinod
    2020-05-15 19:26
    Meera Vinod

    Nice app

  • Marvin Villar
    2020-05-15 19:23
    Marvin Villar


  • Mohammed bagha
    2020-05-15 19:17
    Mohammed bagha

    Ill say not bad till now

  • nandlal subaram
    2020-05-15 19:15
    nandlal subaram

    All well

  • doramie julmin
    2020-05-15 19:15
    doramie julmin

    I love it

  • afzal hossain
    2020-05-15 19:12
    afzal hossain


  • meena pandey
    2020-05-15 19:06
    meena pandey

    This is very important to see my paoer not bingo or game donot send it again

  • Karnsinee Trakarnrungroj
    2020-05-15 19:04
    Karnsinee Trakarnrungroj

    Very Good

  • BALOCHI interesting videos history of balochistan
    2020-05-15 19:02
    BALOCHI interesting videos history of balochistan


  • Awais ul Rehman Memon
    2020-05-15 19:00
    Awais ul Rehman Memon

    Nabi bux

  • shahid huseen
    2020-05-15 18:57
    shahid huseen

    Nice Bigo live

    2020-05-15 18:55

    very nice to have the best of luck

    2020-05-15 18:54


  • MD Roni
    2020-05-15 18:54
    MD Roni


  • Norval Francis
    2020-05-15 18:53
    Norval Francis

    Good morning beautiful ho are you doing

  • Hafiz Yusri
    2020-05-15 18:52
    Hafiz Yusri


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