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Polarr Photo Editor
Polarr is the easiest app to create your own aesthetics and share with others. 

• Easily customize your own style with selective colors, overlays.
• Generate QR and short codes to share styles with others. 
• Segment your photo with A.I. to easily make complex edits.
• Upload your own overlays to push the boundaries of your styles.

Included effects:
• Selective objects: Sky, Person, Background, Vegetation, Building, Ground, Animal, etc
• Selective masks: Brush, Radial, Gradient, Color, Luminance.
• Overlays: Gradient, Duotone, Weather, Texture, Backdrops, Custom Overlay, etc.
• Retouch: Skin, Liquify, Face shapes (mouth, teeth, nose, chin, etc).
• Global adjustments: Light, Color, HSL, Toning, Effects, Fringing, Details, Curves, Vignette, Grain, LUT

• Import style as QR or short code.
• Create style with all included effects.
• 100 free style backups with Polarr account.
• 120 preset styles for film emulations.
• Batch import styles.

• Batch photo exports.
• Face detection.
• A.I. object segmentation.
• Polarr account backups and sync filters across all devices.
Polarr Photo Editor 6.0.18 Update
Bug fixes and stability improvements.
More Information
58.72 MB
Polarr, Inc.
Update Date:

RAW Information
Package Name      : photo.editor.polarr
Version           : 5.10.16 (1584042350)
Min Sdk Level     : 23
Min Sdk Platform  : Android 6.0
Target Sdk Level     : 29
Target Sdk Platform  : Android 10.0

Permssions List
READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : Allows an application to read from external storage. INTERNET : Allows applications to open network sockets. CAMERA : Required to be able to access the camera device. USE_CREDENTIALS : Allows an application to request authtokens from the AccountManager WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : Allows an application to write to external storage. BILLING : ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE : Allows applications to access information about networks WAKE_LOCK : Allows using PowerManager WakeLocks to keep processor from sleeping or screen from dimming BIND_GET_INSTALL_REFERRER_SERVICE : RECEIVE :
co.polarr.polarrphotoeditor.QRScannerActivity co.polarr.polarrphotoeditor.gallery.GalleryListActivity co.polarr.polarrphotoeditor.gallery.GalleryImageActivity co.polarr.polarrphotoeditor.gallery.PreviewImageActivity com.facebook.FacebookActivity com.facebook.CustomTabActivity co.polarr.polarrphotoeditor.EditorActivity (Launcher) photo.editor.polarr.wxapi.WXPayEntryActivity co.polarr.utils.agent.AgentActivity com.facebook.CustomTabMainActivity com.google.android.gms.common.api.GoogleApiActivity com.android.billingclient.api.ProxyBillingActivity
Reviews From google play store
  • tatenda michelle
    2020-05-16 17:04
    tatenda michelle

    Great app

  • Hardy Hanna
    2020-05-16 12:51
    Hardy Hanna

    Lags all over the place!...

  • Joko Nugroho
    2020-05-16 11:23
    Joko Nugroho

    Where is mask A.I detect like in IOS?

  • dunja andjelkovic
    2020-05-16 10:36
    dunja andjelkovic

    Polarr USED TO BE good but now it's total garbage and useless since it won't import photos from my gallery I also contacted support team or whatever many times but NOTHING LITERALLY NOTHING was done and after i sent the info they said they need that could help i got no reply and what kind of support is that? You didn't fix anything, you didn't even reply?

  • itswonnie e
    2020-05-16 06:34
    itswonnie e

    i can't import filters into polarr

  • Tulug Ozgur
    2020-05-16 05:07
    Tulug Ozgur

    I paid $27 for the license of this product. Would it be possible to get an explanation why I am not able to use the pro features since the payment method became SaaS model? I can change the rating if I can get a sensible reply.

  • sG GLOSS
    2020-05-16 03:55
    sG GLOSS

    Its nice but when i use it its always lag and glitch and also its so slow the loading tho

  • seoulcafeTM
    2020-05-15 08:49

    Doesn't even import filters anymore, doesn't save filters even when reinstalled. Garbage

  • Kishore Bongirwar
    2020-05-14 20:30
    Kishore Bongirwar

    Best photo results.

  • Vanja Krstić
    2020-05-14 14:52
    Vanja Krstić

    Similar to Lumii, this really helped me to edit pictures who are album covers who am I downloaded from internet. That's why I give 5 stars. Thank you! 👍🏻👌🏻😘❤

  • Emin Shafadiyev
    2020-05-14 11:14
    Emin Shafadiyev


  • Gabriel Martinez
    2020-05-14 04:08
    Gabriel Martinez

    wow!so great

  • Hyacinth Gayle
    2020-05-13 18:42
    Hyacinth Gayle


  • Raul Alvarado
    2020-05-13 17:39
    Raul Alvarado

    Thes app I have used to edit my pics !

  • anle
    2020-05-13 14:58


  • Ana Maria Zamfir
    2020-05-13 13:02
    Ana Maria Zamfir

    This app doesn't save the filters anymore, I'll find another app if you don't resolve this problem, the app WAS ok, now it isn't anymore. Also...I have a question, when are you going to make the app 24fps (I think that's the name of the app) for Android too? :^:

  • Ellyana Radzi
    2020-05-13 12:46
    Ellyana Radzi

    Why i cant download this apps? I still have a lot of memory left. My phone is the new version. So why cant i download it? I've tried so many times, i restart my phone but nothings change.

  • Anonymous None
    2020-05-13 11:42
    Anonymous None

    Very good

  • Hibah Hassan
    2020-05-12 13:14
    Hibah Hassan

    Where is the batch export feature?

  • Arjano Bañal
    2020-05-12 11:40
    Arjano Bañal

    I like this app coz it's so very nice filter

  • Mary ann Geagonia
    2020-05-12 11:27
    Mary ann Geagonia


  • Abdul Mubarak
    2020-05-12 04:00
    Abdul Mubarak

    I downloaded this app but theres no fx like lightroom

  • Taehyung Kim
    2020-05-12 02:51
    Taehyung Kim


  • Pinki Devi
    2020-05-12 02:19
    Pinki Devi

    This is interesting app i love it

    2020-05-11 19:07

    A bit slow.Need a goog optimization.Hope next update will go a long to meet this need

  • Grainge Jennings
    2020-05-11 10:06
    Grainge Jennings

    Can be quite hard to navigate around the menus. But the biggest gripe is paying monthly for the pro version, if it was a reasonable one off payment, that would be fine, but not a subscription.

  • Elaiza Toledo
    2020-05-10 14:35
    Elaiza Toledo

    I love this app so much💜

  • Poojitha bommidi
    2020-05-10 14:32
    Poojitha bommidi

    Super appp iloved it 💓💓💓

  • Zeri margerette
    2020-05-10 12:00
    Zeri margerette


  • Draven Gutierrez
    2020-05-10 09:33
    Draven Gutierrez

    kase maganda .

  • GreenPlays 47
    2020-05-10 06:26
    GreenPlays 47

    make it free

  • Nancy Gadia
    2020-05-10 06:01
    Nancy Gadia

    I wish I could give zero stars to this application 🤦‍♀️ it's getting worse day by day. Please fix the issue.

  • Arianna G.
    2020-05-09 20:31
    Arianna G.

    Didn't like how it looked and how the controls were

  • Tin Mendoza
    2020-05-09 17:15
    Tin Mendoza

    this app always say that free up some space even my phone has can occupied space whenever i used this i starts again and i will login again my polarr account

  • Linnéa Román
    2020-05-09 05:41
    Linnéa Román

    Used to LOVE this app. But now, what is happening? It stretches pictures like a teacher who tried to be cool and insert a picture in a word doc in 2002. Please fix, cant keep my glowing instagram -theme going

  • Dana
    2020-05-09 00:42

    Its so cool but one problem is when i have many filters it crashes

  • Deanna Antone
    2020-05-08 21:33
    Deanna Antone

    ABSOLUTE GARBAGE. This app used to be good, but the developer(s) COMPLETELY gave up on this app. The customer support is HORRIBLE. They refuse to fix anything. And before your bs automated message responds telling me to contact support, I DID, AND NOTHING WAS DONE TO FIX IT. If you want a good, reliable editing app, avoid this one at all cost. Use Lightroom or Photoshop instead, they actually care about their apps.

  • Vaishnavi Sharma
    2020-05-08 19:23
    Vaishnavi Sharma

    This app has realy helped me to work on my editing skills♥

  • yunnniee
    2020-05-08 15:57

    I would I actually rate this a whole 5, but recently when I edits pictures, when I'm done editing my 1st picture I start editing my 2nd picture, but it told me I need to upgrade into the Pro thing, and I got confused I thought it was just a glitch. But the few days it still haven't change and then a week later I couldn't import filters anymore. I don't know what happened to it, but please this.

  • Dhiraj Kashyap
    2020-05-08 15:03
    Dhiraj Kashyap


  • svgnfld
    2020-05-08 05:19

    trash app so many bugs can't even log in successfully, can't load photos and moat of all the lag.

  • Shaira Pauleen Guerra
    2020-05-08 04:39
    Shaira Pauleen Guerra


  • Camila
    2020-05-06 23:22

    funciona para el orto jsja

    2020-05-06 14:13

    Waste nothing special to create this app. Waste of time to download

  • misha roque
    2020-05-06 12:05
    misha roque

    this app is really good and i use this all the time to edit pictures for my fan account, wallpapers and others. but recently i suddenly had to have a pro account to save my edits? what was the point of letting us edit pics if we need to have a pro account to save it?

  • dzudud bdjdjr
    2020-05-05 21:38
    dzudud bdjdjr

    Best application I ever had. sometimes I have to use other apps to crop pictures more precisely and to brush more precisely. But overall it is really good.

  • Alfa Devil
    2020-05-05 13:30
    Alfa Devil

    Nice one

  • anjali anjali
    2020-05-05 08:15
    anjali anjali

    What the hell is this!this app suddenly stops at the finshing poiny of every edit!all the edits done lost! I'm fed up. What to do??? Really annoying! Do something !otherwise i compelled to uninstall this app!very bad service

  • Maria Anwar
    2020-05-04 12:17
    Maria Anwar

    I want custom 166 filter but I don't found it 🥺

  • jessica tun
    2020-05-03 14:06
    jessica tun

    Its cool

  • Deepak Raj
    2020-05-03 13:34
    Deepak Raj

    The metada or EXIF of the photo is gone after saving the edited picture, that's the main reason why I removed 2 stars otherwise a perfect app for editing in androi. Is there any tweaks to get back the EXIF data?.

  • rommelyn espelita
    2020-05-03 09:19
    rommelyn espelita


  • dami_xxx Zahra
    2020-05-03 06:47
    dami_xxx Zahra

    I love using their filter💜

    2020-05-03 04:52

    It's really beautiful 😍

  • Harjot Singh
    2020-05-03 00:42
    Harjot Singh

    I am not able to edit text even by by double tapping . I dont know wahts the problem. Plz fix it

  • Tahiat Tamira
    2020-05-02 17:33
    Tahiat Tamira

    Best for aesthetic edits.

  • Rustam Mamedtagiev
    2020-05-02 00:21
    Rustam Mamedtagiev

    It was better before . But now when you upload the picture it stretches the picture .

  • malak khalid
    2020-05-01 22:44
    malak khalid

    the app at first was amazing but now the codes don't works , in the past it was working so please fix it :)

  • Alex Johnson
    2020-05-01 15:22
    Alex Johnson

    I have been using this app to edit raw images since I don't have a computer, and it worked decently for a time but now each photo takes a couple minutes to load into the editor. Once it loads, the image is overexposed, noisy and rather unworkable.

  • James Howard-White
    2020-05-01 13:04
    James Howard-White

    Great app, however for the past couple of weeks it's been squashing/stretching all my photos when I open them. It's in need of a patch/update.

  • Semen Bukovetskyi
    2020-05-01 06:56
    Semen Bukovetskyi

    Всё супер

  • Andrew Pattenden
    2020-04-30 08:38
    Andrew Pattenden

    I have this app on my Pixel slate after using it on my phone and tablet but it doesn't work on the chromebook. I can open pictures but cannot do anything when I click on the buttons. It won't open menus or let me do anything, it just highlights the buttons. Very disappointed with it and won't be using it in future!!!!

  • Simran Kaur
    2020-04-30 03:58
    Simran Kaur

    Need huji effect please

  • cuteaws
    2020-04-29 21:47

    so good! it helps me to make a pretty filtered photo!

  • Ethan Govea
    2020-04-29 19:18
    Ethan Govea

    Photos are being distorted horizontally eventually the picture is a portrait photo

  • Chelsea Adegbenro
    2020-04-29 17:26
    Chelsea Adegbenro

    I would give 4 or 5 stars but when i am trying to edit a picture the app takes forever to upload a picture. I don't know if it is just me but it is annoying and disappointing because i love the filters and editing tools.

  • Marieta Onayan
    2020-04-29 16:41
    Marieta Onayan


  • Frost Witch
    2020-04-29 16:38
    Frost Witch

    (7/15/18) deleted filters (5/18/19) it logged me out and i lost all my filters (6/15/19) No way to sort your own filters. (6/22/19) uploading a filter restarts the app. (12/14/19) logged me out and deleted all my filters. (4/29/20) app still displays buy to save filters after deleting the app.

  • Faheem Beigh
    2020-04-29 16:25
    Faheem Beigh


  • Rema tube 2
    2020-04-29 13:52
    Rema tube 2

    Ok,not bad

  • Daphne Dimamay
    2020-04-29 10:11
    Daphne Dimamay

    lol this was a really nice app until things happened. i thought i was the only one who had issues with the app, so i tried to delete and reinstall the app, but it still had the same issues i had before deleting it such as the pics being squashed. i saw the reviews and i noticed im not the only one who's experiencing it. time to look for another app hshs

  • coffee taee
    2020-04-29 05:16
    coffee taee

    Why i cant save my editing?

  • varmintslayer_ 22
    2020-04-29 04:41
    varmintslayer_ 22

    It been an amazing app to edit with but lately it's been stretching my picture horribly whenever I go to edit them

  • Deanna Smith
    2020-04-29 01:45
    Deanna Smith

    I just downloaded this app maybe 10 minutes ago on my chromebook, and it WILL NOT let me click on anything at all! When I click on a button to edit, nothing happens. When I try and get a tutorial from the app Nothing happens. Once a woman started talking on the tutorial, but it was broken and choppy. I have even tried to look up youtube tutorials, and google if anyoe else has had this issue. What the heck man. I really want to give this a real try, but I can't if it won't let me DO ANYTHING.

  • luísa oliveira
    2020-04-28 18:18
    luísa oliveira

    The app now scratches the images terribly ): it was awful when we couldn't "delete layers" or go undo an edit. That's bad bc the app has such nice editing features.

  • That One Kid Who Stans Everything
    2020-04-28 13:32
    That One Kid Who Stans Everything

    I like it, but there's a few issues with the text. It says double tap to edit but when I do it does nothing and closes the app.

  • Nidhi Budloo
    2020-04-28 09:10
    Nidhi Budloo

    Great app

  • Jeshi Charan
    2020-04-28 09:09
    Jeshi Charan


  • Anna Shyne
    2020-04-28 04:06
    Anna Shyne


  • stan everglow
    2020-04-27 22:50
    stan everglow

    a really great app, i love it! but i would like it if you could add the option to save the files as gifs, since i often want to apply a filter to my gifs but i have to save them as pngs. but overall, it's such a great app!

  • Missy Kay
    2020-04-27 20:46
    Missy Kay

    Just cancelled the app. Spent forever figuring out why my photos are showing up stretched the f out. A lot of time wasted. Cancelled my pro

  • J Rath
    2020-04-27 19:45
    J Rath

    Please update and fix the image distortion bug. I pay a lot for this app and it's unusable. It's been like this for ages, look at all the reviews. Fix it.

  • multifandom edits
    2020-04-27 18:31
    multifandom edits

    Good app but at times it's difficult to import/export a custom made filter.

  • Best Song's remix
    2020-04-27 15:08
    Best Song


  • Rose Jong
    2020-04-27 12:48
    Rose Jong


  • Myunghoebin_ism
    2020-04-27 07:06

    When I export a photo it becomes blurry it's sucks please fix this

  • Sandara Palma
    2020-04-27 05:59
    Sandara Palma


  • Tenome
    2020-04-26 23:05

    Squishes pictures from my camera roll... So the app never used to do this, but recent when I "open photos" from my camera roll to edit it squishes my photo making it stretch and distorted. I've also found the issue of when I export the picture or try and upload anywhere my picture loses all of its quality and blotches the colour and shading. Really weird. So disappointed.

  • Chloe Douzable
    2020-04-26 22:54
    Chloe Douzable

    It was my favorite app but after this update my pictures keep getting distorted and even after reinstalling it wont stop :(

  • Explore with Shraddha
    2020-04-26 19:57
    Explore with Shraddha

    Why does picture get stretched when open??

  • martina Georgievska
    2020-04-26 19:26
    martina Georgievska

    Eh could be better. Also its pretty hard to understand

  • Seyid farhan kp
    2020-04-26 08:17
    Seyid farhan kp

    Don't know how to use LUT and depth features... pls let us know that???

  • oeaie
    2020-04-26 07:18

    this is good but it lags so much

  • Serge Seva
    2020-04-26 05:35
    Serge Seva

    Not able to enter neither email nor password nor change my name — nothing works in Polarr, as the keyboard keeps hiding every time you :focus on the form input field! Most ironically I couldn't even buy it via PayPall when wanted to try Pro features! Yet another disappointment with Polarr! When any photo is loaded on my Samsung Note 10+ photos are squashed and it's not possible to edit them at all. The app is a complete rubbish. Used to be one of my favourite image editing apps till recently! Polarr, save your app till it's too late!

    2020-04-26 05:26


  • Allison Leigh
    2020-04-25 22:06
    Allison Leigh

    my favorite editing app, BUT lately it has been squishing photos that I upload from my camera roll which means I have to edit them using a different app :(

  • Sam Martin
    2020-04-25 17:48
    Sam Martin

    Used to love this app until it started acting up. First it kept logging me out n having to log in, and now it won't load any images without stretching them horribly. There was once a support inbox that was responsive and helpful but that support inbox is gone and the page at the website is unresponsive. I've cancelled my pro subscription. Time to find a new editor!

  • Gintautė B.
    2020-04-25 17:08
    Gintautė B.

    Makes photos distorted

  • Bodeno S Colo
    2020-04-25 12:34
    Bodeno S Colo

    I just downloaded it and until now, no results. I'm trying to click some filters and it lags and doesn't work. After some time, before i've even finished editing or saving my picture, the app crashes. Please fix this as i really want to use this app

  • starry skys
    2020-04-25 11:36
    starry skys

    Bad quality

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