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Discover thousands of free audio and video shows from all over the world!





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BeyondPod Podcast Manager
Play thousands of free audio and video podcasts from all over the world!

With nearly 3 million downloads, BeyondPod’s streamlined interface and powerful controls give you
easy access to millions of audio and video episodes from small publishers like local radio stations to "big name" publishers like CNN, ESPN, BBC, CBC. 

• ACCESS hundreds of thousands of free audio and video podcasts from all over the world.
• PLAY your content everywhere - online or offline.
• CUSTOMIZE your playlist the way you like.


This is a "Lite" version with 7 day full feature trial

Discover thousands of free audio and video shows from all over the world. Search for feeds or browse our extensive library of popular Podcasts.
Import your own files (music, audio books, lectures & more) and play them with our powerful player.

Adjust the playback speed, set a sleep timer, use "volume boost", or "cast" 
to your TV - we have all the tools to enjoy your content the way you like it. 

BeyondPod’s configurable "skip/replay" buttons let you easily skip over
parts that you’re not interested in, or replay parts you missed.

Cast your audio or video episodes to your TV via Chromecast directly from

BeyondPod’s Smart Playlists automatically create playlists based on your listening
preferences. You can build a playlist for your daily commute, another for 'At the Gym' or 'On the Train' etc. 

Decide which episodes to download, when and over which connection as well as how long
to keep old episodes. Choose to automatically update a single feed, all the feeds in a
given category, or all feeds.

Save bandwidth and battery by scheduling your downloads at a specific time, only when connected to WiFi,
or only when the phone is charging.

Resizeable Home Screen Widget gives you quick access to your player and playlist. Start your favorite
Smart Playlists directly from your home screen.

Complete Feedly integration allows you to access older episodes that are no longer part of the publisher's feed.
You can also easily import your Feedly subscriptions as well as synchronize read and starred posts between a PC and your phone.

Like to live on the cutting edge? Subscribe to our BETA channel on Google Play!
Details at:
BeyondPod Podcast Manager 4.3.8 Update
Fixed : Delete Played function/button not responding Fixed : "Mark All Played" function/button not responding Fixed : "Allow hiding of Read/Played Episodes" setting is not working Fixed : Chromecast-Remove Redundant Chromecast Notification Players Fixed : Double Notifications for BeyondPod Fixed : EpisodeSync Login States "Full" Fixed : ChromeCast - Cast not working correctly when at the end of episode Fixed : All downloaded episodes are marked as "played" during update
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8.41 MB
BeyondPod Team
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RAW Information
Package Name      : mobi.beyondpod
Version           : 4.2.41 (40241)
Min Sdk Level     : 19
Min Sdk Platform  : Android 4.4
Target Sdk Level     : 25
Target Sdk Platform  : Android 7.1

Permssions List
VIBRATE : Allows access to the vibrator WAKE_LOCK : Allows using PowerManager WakeLocks to keep processor from sleeping or screen from dimming INTERNET : Allows applications to open network sockets. ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE : Allows applications to access information about networks ACCESS_WIFI_STATE : Allows applications to access information about Wi-Fi networks CHANGE_WIFI_STATE : Allows applications to change Wi-Fi connectivity state WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : Allows an application to write to external storage. READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : Allows an application to read from external storage. RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED : Allows an application to receive the ACTION_BOOT_COMPLETED that is broadcast after the system finishes booting. BLUETOOTH : Allows applications to connect to paired bluetooth devices INSTALL_SHORTCUT : Allows an application to install a shortcut in Launcher C2D_MESSAGE : RECEIVE :
mobi.beyondpod.ui.views.Splash (Launcher) mobi.beyondpod.ui.settings.SettingsView mobi.beyondpod.ui.dialogs.PreviewPlayer mobi.beyondpod.ui.dialogs.ExternalPlayerStarterActivity mobi.beyondpod.ui.views.MasterView mobi.beyondpod.ui.views.HtmlViewActivity mobi.beyondpod.ui.views.OAuthLoginActivity mobi.beyondpod.ui.fragments.LoginActivity mobi.beyondpod.ui.views.contentview.FeedItemContentViewPager mobi.beyondpod.ui.views.feedsettings.FeedPropertiesView mobi.beyondpod.ui.views.UpdateAndDownloadQueueActivityDialog mobi.beyondpod.ui.views.FileViewActivity mobi.beyondpod.ui.views.SmartPlaylistEditorView mobi.beyondpod.ui.dialogs.WidgetActionPicker mobi.beyondpod.ui.views.ShortcutHandler mobi.beyondpod.ui.dialogs.MoveFilesDialog mobi.beyondpod.ui.dialogs.WidgetPreferences mobi.beyondpod.ui.dialogs.ApplicationErrorMessageDialog mobi.beyondpod.ui.dialogs.GoogleReaderLoginDialog mobi.beyondpod.ui.dialogs.DisableGoogleReaderDialog mobi.beyondpod.ui.dialogs.ScheduledUpdatesActivity mobi.beyondpod.ui.dialogs.CategoryPropertiesActivity mobi.beyondpod.ui.views.MovieView mobi.beyondpod.ui.views.impexp.AddFeedView mobi.beyondpod.ui.views.impexp.PublisherResultsView mobi.beyondpod.ui.views.impexp.ImportFeedsView mobi.beyondpod.ui.views.publishedepisodes.FeedPreviewActivity mobi.beyondpod.ui.dialogs.BackupRestoreActivity mobi.beyondpod.ui.dialogs.CrossDeviceSyncLoginActivity mobi.beyondpod.ui.views.onboarding.GuidedTour mobi.beyondpod.ui.views.onboarding.startup.FirstRun pub.devrel.easypermissions.AppSettingsDialogHolderActivity
Reviews From google play store
  • James van Scoyoc
    2020-05-20 05:01
    James van Scoyoc

    I have been using this app along with the unlock key for several years, and it was fine up until about a week ago. At that time this app started to lose audio focus after being paused for more than a minute or so. It sucks. Nothing puts me off using an audio app more than having to light up my screen to continue listening to something.

  • Mark Taraba
    2020-05-19 19:32
    Mark Taraba

    I love the smart playlists of this app. But the app was pretty broken for more than a year and the most recent update just undid the most recent issue it created. I was expecting all the other little issues to be cleared up too since it took so long to get this version to us. Are the new owners trying to drive people to competing apps?

  • Michael J
    2020-05-19 11:52
    Michael J

    May 2020. Finally giving up. Too buggy unless you downgrade to an old version 2019It's the podcast app I use out of inertia but I wouldn't recommend. On my S8 it often lags to open. The widget only works about half the time and it freezes up to a degree that is unacceptable unless you've been using it for as long as I have and don't want to transport all your RSS feeds out. I love the layout compared to something like pocketcasts and that's the only reason I'm here.

  • 镡朝晖John Z.H. Shan
    2020-05-18 22:00
    镡朝晖John Z.H. Shan


  • Gyro Tech
    2020-05-18 13:57
    Gyro Tech

    The newest update ruined what was an easy to use UI with form over function. This one requires many more motions to do what you want than before, displays less information, and now crashes on me if I attempt to stream an episode. Please bring back the better version.

  • Owen Raccuglia
    2020-05-18 10:31
    Owen Raccuglia

    Takes a few minutes to start the app now, and has other little broken details - there's a blank notification bar I sometimes can't dismiss, after pausing a long podcast, it doesn't always resume at the right spot (usually a few minutes later).

  • Bruce Baker
    2020-05-18 04:27
    Bruce Baker

    Not sure what itdid for me or what it actually does

  • Zeus
    2020-05-17 03:20

    Latest update broke the widget. I use the widget daily so hope it can b fixed soon, otherwise I may have to find another app. I still do like the app, even with the bugs it's had over the last year.

  • Jarek Batorski
    2020-05-17 01:58
    Jarek Batorski

    Why isn't this app more popular! I've been using it for years and recently compared it to a few other podcast apps, and BeyondPod still is one of the most feature packed apps out there. The killer feature for me is the AutoPlaylist and how configurable it is vs other apps with similar functionality. Whenever your queue empties out, it will automatically regenerate based on rules you setup. You tell your auto playlist to add a number of episodes from specific podcasts. You can tell it to play oldest, newest, or random episodes. You can group your podcasts into custom categories and add apply the same rules to them as well. I just subscribe to a new podcast, add it to a category or update my auto playlist rules, and don't have to worry bout manually keeping my queue populated. And it's got all the other stuff you'd expect from a podcast app. Playback speed (global and per podcast), cast support, add any podcast you want, plus tons more. Best of all, the paid app is a one time cost and you don't deal with ads vs subscription models I'm seeing become more common.

  • Tyler Smrekar
    2020-05-16 16:28
    Tyler Smrekar

    Newest update has killed this app

  • Jay Hilscher
    2020-05-16 10:38
    Jay Hilscher

    Looks like dev is back. I'll 5 star that. App now has an always on notification, need that fixed now.

  • Daniel Waddell
    2020-05-16 07:54
    Daniel Waddell

    Frustration. This app was good but unreliable. Constant crashes an ongoing problem. The constant pausing was the last straw. I'm done with this app uninstalled.

  • Michael Meichle
    2020-05-16 06:21
    Michael Meichle

    Used to love it, now buggy and unpredictable. A real loss.

  • A Google user
    2020-05-15 17:06
    A Google user

    Yay it's finally back with a new update! I'm still waiting for a fix so I can use automatic episode download again. Right now the episode names from some feeds are garbled, so I have to update manually

  • Mike Watrous
    2020-05-15 15:16
    Mike Watrous

    Problem started after recent update - will randomly pause playing. After one podcast finishes, the next one doesn't automatically play. This used to work flawlessly before recent app update. Please roll this "fix" back to where it was before the update.

  • Kate Thomas
    2020-05-15 11:01
    Kate Thomas

    No longer stays in the control panel or responds to controls on headphones, so now stopping and starting the player means unlocking the phone, navigating to the app, and *then* starting or stopping the player. Feh. I've used the paid version for years but I suppose it's time to move on.

  • karthik sai
    2020-05-15 06:44
    karthik sai

    Simply superb... There is no glitches.... Yeah I'm enjoying though

  • Peter Cleghorn
    2020-05-15 06:38
    Peter Cleghorn

    I have used this app for years. Good but in the last few months podcasts have started pausing for no reason which is frustrating.

  • Nova Hob
    2020-05-15 04:59
    Nova Hob

    So out of loyalty I thought I'd give the new update a go, v4.3.8. First bug is that compact view doesn't work. For me I've not gone any further, UNINSTALLED AGAIN! Come on how can this get through testing after all this time. Back to Podcast Addict now. Same functionality, regular updates, great developer. Worth the price. Note: v4.2.18 which works great, this is a 4 star app, still better than current.

  • Deb
    2020-05-14 15:51

    Latest update 13th? May 2020 causes app to crash if you try to download a new ep of a podcast. Download stops about half way through and get "App has stopped close/wait" etc msg while any playing episode keeps playing in background. Also stops some functionality of phone too. (Very long time, paying, user)

  • Scott Crawford
    2020-05-14 13:23
    Scott Crawford

    Like everyone else, I'm ditching this app now. I bought it ages ago and got good use of of it for years but each new android version brought new bugs they haven't kept on top of and too many important features don't work as they should any more and new features are rare. Using it to search for new podcasts is a waste of time. Sadly it's just not as good as the other podcast apps anymore and I wouldn't recommend it.

  • A Google user
    2020-05-14 09:59
    A Google user

    Update fixed crashing issues

  • Bryant Wagner
    2020-05-14 09:03
    Bryant Wagner

    There have been several interface bugs for a while, but they've been tolerable, mostly. Sometimes episodes will mark as played when you try to play it, which is very bad with the episode deletion upon finishing setting. Now the player will disappear if you pause to long. Otherwise it has good features.

  • Arvinder Singh
    2020-05-14 03:50
    Arvinder Singh

    The last update broke the app. Not sure if it's just the app or Android 9, but on two different devices it is barely usable for me. App crashes when you try to start it up and play, but once you're don't using it it doesn't exit and you have to force close it. Edit: As if by magic, there's been an update. It fixed the crashing issue for me which was the most glaring issue, not sure about other issues. Give the update a chance. I'd happily pay for it again if they'd commit to supporting it.

  • Frank Lawrence
    2020-05-14 00:48
    Frank Lawrence

    After 13 may update, tasker will not update beyond pod podcasts

  • Patrick Bergin
    2020-05-13 22:55
    Patrick Bergin

    The play button on the widget on the home screen isn't working anymore, lots of problems since the last update, worked great generally before.

  • Odisho Younan
    2020-05-13 15:35
    Odisho Younan

    Great app overall. It does have a habit of getting hung up when trying to resume after being paused for some time displaying only a blank, white screen. This requires a force quit to fix.

  • Martin Bohannon
    2020-05-13 13:05
    Martin Bohannon

    Have used this app for years and even bought the unlock key, but it just seems to get buggier and buggier. Lately after pausing a podcast it will play on it's own in the background until it goes through the whole playlist. Never had this problem in the past. Seems like it has been going downhill since Android 9 and has gotten much worse since I updated to Android 10. May have to switch to something else.

  • Günther Wolff
    2020-05-13 10:39
    Günther Wolff


  • David Wallace
    2020-05-13 07:03
    David Wallace

    I have no complaints with this app. Enjoy listening to all audios, even password protected ones. Works fine, easy enough to add your favourite podcasts. Thumbs up from this customer. Thanks.

  • S J
    2020-05-13 02:52
    S J

    Still the go to podcast app that I wish was available on my tablet and other non Android platforms. I miss this when using my non Android tablet. Thanks for the May 2020 update!

  • Harold McLemore
    2020-05-12 16:38
    Harold McLemore

    Increased problems as stated by other users. Looking for another app now, probably go with podcast addict. This app used to be great, but there hasn't been an update in about 2 years. I had purchased the premium key also. Goodbye.

  • James Hay
    2020-05-10 22:03
    James Hay

    I have been using beyondpod for over a decade, but I'm dumping it. 1) it has had the tendency, when in a specific podcasts "all episodes" list, to display all the episodes of one or more other podcasts in addition to the one I am looking at. 2)it does not properly erase podcasts after you delete them. I had over 9 GB of audio and music files, which didn't seem to be attached to a program. Google Files discovered hundreds? thousands? of old podcasts that I listened to on Beyondpod.

  • Walter Faust
    2020-05-08 17:14
    Walter Faust

    Best there is

  • Eric Holt
    2020-05-06 14:03
    Eric Holt

    Been using this for years, with only occational glitches over that amount of time.

  • Nick
    2020-05-05 14:08

    Like others have said, used to be the best, now plagued with constant freezing and no support from the developer. Look for other options.

  • Mark Thompson
    2020-05-05 03:03
    Mark Thompson

    The constant pauses are beyond frustrating and the dev has stopped communicating. Avoid this one.

  • Rob Allen
    2020-05-04 22:27
    Rob Allen

    Podcasts title incorrect- no support. This app was good for a while. Then I started having issues where the podcast title doesn't show up correctly, and the background downloading doesn't work. I contacted support several times, no response. I'm moving on to a new app

  • Tyler Fike
    2020-04-29 16:20
    Tyler Fike

    Seems buggy. No speed up or queued downloads in free version.

  • Robert Graham
    2020-04-28 14:38
    Robert Graham

    I've been using this app for years love the format and operation. But support seems to have stopped in 2018. The app keeps stopping in the middle of podcasts. I guess I have to find a new app.

  • Alex Webling
    2020-04-28 03:17
    Alex Webling

    It was good for a long time, but recently has been having little glitches. Sad to go

  • Alex Birch
    2020-04-27 11:17
    Alex Birch

    Only got this app so I can listen to the Alex Jones banned pod cast

  • j a
    2020-04-27 06:48
    j a

    Stellar experience in all aspects it is user friendly. I haven't had a one time it hasn't met up to my expectations.

  • Swathi Linus
    2020-04-26 19:19
    Swathi Linus

    Listening to podcasts would not be the same without this app. Verify worth the purchase price.

  • Ethan Bosse
    2020-04-23 06:00
    Ethan Bosse

    Great app. Especially because you can add a specific RSS feed from any pod cast you want from anywhere on the net and it will both stream and download those for you going forward.

  • Sandy Schuppner
    2020-04-23 02:02
    Sandy Schuppner

    I have loved the drive fiction/layout on this app, and have been mostly saturated with almost everything about the paid version. The biggest problems I am dealing with is that it freezes or crashes whenever it connects to both of my cars bluetooth. I have also had a bunch of issues where it uses battery in the background. Then if you put it to "sleep", it will constantly stop while you are trying to listen to something. Then you have to go in and cancel the "put to sleep" function in settings.

  • Sam Timmins
    2020-04-22 13:57
    Sam Timmins

    Can't inflate xml 37 or something. Kills the app.

  • Toad ina Tophat
    2020-04-20 11:37
    Toad ina Tophat

    Used to be the best podcast app, now it appears it no longer gets any development attention. Podcasts pause without reason, sometimes four and five times in 20 min.

  • Curtis Parish
    2020-04-18 15:31
    Curtis Parish

    BeyondPod was a great product but development has stopped and issues like constant pausing have not been fixed. I still occasionally check to see if it has been updated.

  • B S
    2020-04-16 12:53
    B S

    Lots of bugs lately. Randomly stops playing playlist. Will not show podcast title. When you check an episode to add it to the playlist, it adds an old episode instead. 04.16.20 stopped playing current episode 7 times in 1 minute, I had to keep hitting play over and over

  • Mathias Saxman
    2020-04-16 00:17
    Mathias Saxman

    Joe Rogan Experience by night and science by day!

  • Pauli Ervi
    2020-04-14 13:32
    Pauli Ervi

    Used to be the best podcast app and happily paid for it. A year ago it suddenly started constantly pausing playback. Don't want to stop my run or doing the dishes to get my phone to press play again every couple of minutes. Otherwise perfect app ruined by this one major thing.

  • Emily C
    2020-04-13 20:12
    Emily C

    This was the first podcast app i ever downloaded and I've never felt the need for another! All the features are easy to understand and easy to use. I'll be buying it soon, not because i need to, but to support the developers for making a great app

  • A Google user
    2020-04-12 07:17
    A Google user

    UPADATED: I hung on too long waiting for this to be fixed, this app broke my sdcard via file corruption in the middle of a download that failed. Stay away. The most recent update is already broken for me. Itfixed everything for a week but all the old problems have returned. Otherwise this app is exceptionally good.

  • Michael Yoder
    2020-04-12 01:40
    Michael Yoder

    To be honest, this is the best power user podcast app I've used. You can create "stations" that play certain genres (news, comedy, etc) for whatever mood you're in -- and link them to buttons on your home screen. Super easy once you set it up with all the rules about what pods to grab. It'll generate playlists for you.

  • Antonio Bravia
    2020-04-10 12:07
    Antonio Bravia

    After the new update stoppd working.

  • Geoffrey Thomas
    2020-04-09 22:57
    Geoffrey Thomas

    Outstanding Pod Manager

  • Brian Berry
    2020-04-05 13:35
    Brian Berry

    Tragically dying app. Was once great, I don't think there's even anyone behind it anymore. No updates in years, small new bugs are building up and I'm dreading eventually needing to find a replacement. COME BACK BEYONDPOD TEAM...

  • Ramon Santiago
    2020-04-02 17:24
    Ramon Santiago

    This app no longer chromecast anymore. The developers apparently have given up on this one time excellent product. The money I spent years ago on the pro version is now gone to waste. I'm looking for other casting apps to replace this one.

  • Dos Coasts
    2020-04-01 22:21
    Dos Coasts

    Like others have said, this was once a great app. I had the paid version, ad did my wife. After countless hours of trying to fix the glitches caused by the last few updates I had to move on. After trying at least 20 different podcast apps, ended up with podcast guru. Still wish beyondpod worked

  • Brock
    2020-04-01 13:01

    Stops when you don't want it to.

  • Adam Smith
    2020-04-01 01:07
    Adam Smith

    Paid user - Have since deleted app... took a great app and ran it into the ground. Good job

  • Andrew Walsh
    2020-03-29 22:37
    Andrew Walsh

    Has been a reliable player and syncs episodes just fine.

  • Tori Gibbs
    2020-03-29 22:00
    Tori Gibbs

    Loved it for awhile, but now it wont stop pausing every few minutes over the bluetooth. Makes if useless to use while driving.

  • Carlos H. Vieira
    2020-03-29 10:30
    Carlos H. Vieira

    Notification is never there to pause or resume. It just disappeared first day and can never get it back.

  • Daniel Sutton
    2020-03-28 20:02
    Daniel Sutton

    Used BeyondPod for years with no problem but after the constant pausing recently when using Bluetooth I'm moving to Pocketcast! Very disappointed BeyondPod!

  • Zach Graham
    2020-03-26 15:30
    Zach Graham

    When it's running well, it works fine, but that's getting more and more rare. The app CONSTANTLY pauses podcasts for now discernable reason. The app also occasionally crashes when I switch from wifi to cell data, like when I leave for work in the mornings. When this happens you may as well forget about getting it back for at least 15 or 20 minutes because the whole thing crashes and even a force stop won't have it correct course.

  • Meredith Magin
    2020-03-25 23:52
    Meredith Magin

    I used to love the app, left for a while for stitcher and the premium content. I came back when that app's performance issues got to be too much. I don't know what happened in the last year, but this app has just as many performance issues now too. Why won't it work with Chromecast?

  • The Top
    2020-03-25 12:29
    The Top

    Was good, now pauses for no reason. Very annoying.

  • Sam Lopez
    2020-03-24 13:07
    Sam Lopez

    Used to love this app and even recommend it to friends. I paid for the premium version, and it's no longer a premium product. The pausing over Bluetooth kills the positives of the app and even makes it a danger while driving! Support basically just says, "we're working on it." That's been an issue for a YEAR! After I get through my downloaded episodes, I'm headed to Pocketcast.

  • Andrew Hoffman
    2020-03-24 00:26
    Andrew Hoffman

    No Alex Jones, lame

  • R Jones
    2020-03-20 15:00
    R Jones

    Old, abandoned, and barely works. Yet he's still taking money for a broken app!? AntennaPod. Nuff Said.

  • Neil McCann
    2020-03-20 03:35
    Neil McCann

    Consistent and continual pausing whilst using Bluetooth devices.

  • b. keiffer
    2020-03-19 22:51
    b. keiffer


  • A Google user
    2020-03-17 04:24
    A Google user

    Update: OK, this app has tested my limits. The Smart Playlist feature is unintuitive and unreliable. Occasional bugs. Moving on Not understanding all the hate. Tried other apps but have found BeyondPod to deliver what I need - no valuable screen real estate taken up by huge discovery tabs, it offers a one time payment for a premium version rather than a choice of a monthly subscription or a bombardment of ads, and so far has been working fine. BeyondPod team, please keep up the good work

  • Andrew Magness
    2020-03-16 12:02
    Andrew Magness

    Crashes constantly when any other sound happens on phone or is disrupted.

  • BrandonMiller355
    2020-03-15 17:24

    Gotta change my five star review to a one star due to the pausing issue.

  • David Rumary
    2020-03-13 19:30
    David Rumary

    Finally given up and gone over to Podcastadict

  • Gabrielle Marie
    2020-03-13 00:14
    Gabrielle Marie

    This has been part of my daily life for years. Something changed recently, and I may be switching podcast apps

  • Tony G
    2020-03-12 17:36
    Tony G

    My phone is not downloading the app. Any idea why???

  • A Google user
    2020-03-12 17:11
    A Google user

    Love this app. Use it everyday but I wish they could add an audio compressor (dynamic limiter) to make it easier to listen in loud places. This is more a bad podcast production problem, but it could be fixed with this app as a work around.

  • Nicolas Waché
    2020-03-11 22:10
    Nicolas Waché

    The app is getting buggy. Not maintained anymore.

  • Mathew Lehmann
    2020-03-11 18:04
    Mathew Lehmann

    I'm lowering my rating again. I'm a paid user for several years, yet the app seems to get worse. Recently I've been experiencing a pausing a shoe where it will pause every 10 seconds to 1 minute. Incredibly frustrating.

  • Al Salazar
    2020-03-10 22:50
    Al Salazar

    Would have given it the full 5 stars except for the fact that almost every time I do the updates something goes wrong. Now it won't allow me to download anything, thinking of using a different app. 5/10/18 update, found the old apk and reverted back to the previous version 4.2.16 now working again. DO NOT UPDATE! 3/10/2020 Update on my previous review. Got a new phone and was able to update, now it stops playing for no reason. I see the same complaint from others. I guess the developer doe

  • Jonathan Phillips
    2020-03-07 18:40
    Jonathan Phillips

    This isn't the podcast app for everyone. It is powerful and allows control over each podcast, but it is complicated and a bit clunky due to the extensive feature set. If you want to be able to manage how many episodes stay on your device per podcast etc. Then this is the app for you. If you just want to discover and start listening to podcasts look elsewhere.

  • Sean Klein
    2020-03-06 20:25
    Sean Klein

    This once-good app has been left to rot by developer.

  • keith metcalf
    2020-03-04 20:34
    keith metcalf

    Much better now

  • Aaron Killen
    2020-03-04 01:48
    Aaron Killen

    This is easily the most frustrating app that I use on a regular basis. I paid for it at some point, so I guess I'm embracing sunk cost by continuing to use it. Episodes stop playing randomly, errors occur with no explanation, the UI is abysmal, the logic that preserves playlists is non-sensical. I wouldn't recommend this app above others until more time is put into usability and reliability.

  • Jye McManus
    2020-03-03 09:47
    Jye McManus

    Fantastic app have had it for more then five years has had every poddy I have looked for

  • Danae J
    2020-03-02 18:54
    Danae J

    Stopped being able to download podcasts, always says there was an error, no problems with other podcast apps downloading

  • Paul Neubert
    2020-03-02 00:42
    Paul Neubert

    Simple and elegant interface

  • Cheryl H.
    2020-02-29 04:13
    Cheryl H.

    Despite the bazillion setting options, once you get that all squared away, this app is pleasantly stable.

  • Dave Greene
    2020-02-28 06:10
    Dave Greene

    [Update in Feb 2020: BeyondPod has grown and improved. I like it!] [Original post from 2014] I've been using this app for years and now I can't even figure out how to use the new interface to do a simple thing like download a new episode. Everything is more complicated and screen real estate is used poorly.

  • prerna prakash
    2020-02-27 16:05
    prerna prakash

    Pretty much the absolute worst podcast app in the market. Don't don't don't download this!

  • Michael Robinson
    2020-02-25 23:08
    Michael Robinson

    Used to be great. Now have an issue with the app constantly pausing playback. Guess it's time to find a new podcast app.

  • spideyjiri
    2020-02-25 16:58

    It's quite good now.

  • Gary Pascoe
    2020-02-25 10:10
    Gary Pascoe

    Had no problems, Gladly paid for your version. Now no updates or support. 5 + years. Guess they spent any money made and no longer want to support app.

  • Patrick Curtis
    2020-02-24 18:57
    Patrick Curtis

    Used to be a better app. It won't let me cast to Google devices (Home Mini, Home Hub, etc.). This used to work, but no longer does. It would also be nice if I could have multiple playlists. I paid for the full version. Not a happy customer.

  • Thomas Warne
    2020-02-24 12:14
    Thomas Warne

    Freezes a lot. Can't search within a feed. Devs no longer update this app.

  • Jonathan Arkell
    2020-02-24 03:16
    Jonathan Arkell

    Takes forever to load. I regret purchasing it.

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