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Dries Depoorter



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Die With Me
The chat app that you can only use when you have less than 5% battery.

Enter the chatroom full of people with a low battery.

Die together in a chatroom on your way to offline peace. #diewithme.

App by Dries Depoorter

Developer: David Surprenant 


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Die With Me 1.0 Update
Bug Fix
More Information
2.47 MB
Dries Depoorter
Update Date:

RAW Information
Package Name      : die.diewithme
Version           : 1.0 (17)
Min Sdk Level     : 14
Min Sdk Platform  : Android 4.0,4.0.1,4.0.2
Target Sdk Level     : 25
Target Sdk Platform  : Android 7.1

Permssions List
INTERNET : Allows applications to open network sockets.
die.diewithme.MainActivity (Launcher) die.diewithme.PopupEula die.diewithme.PopupBan die.diewithme.ReportUser
Reviews From google play store
  • Soul Flight
    2020-06-13 21:58
    Soul Flight

    Every time I would try to send a message, the app would stop. I suppose it was only a dollar though.

  • Vexate
    2020-06-13 06:56

    Meh app. Weirdos online

  • Amgad Emad
    2020-05-12 17:50
    Amgad Emad

    Dead app

  • Devendra Khedar
    2020-05-06 02:32
    Devendra Khedar

    There is always no one in the chatroom. This app need more people.

  • 20 second item shop
    2020-04-30 08:18
    20 second item shop

    It's very fun it makes it where you want you're phone to be almost dead

  • C-Jayne Money
    2020-04-21 14:44
    C-Jayne Money

    It's very good so I restored purchases and now IM WAITING FOR 15%

  • Hegedus Krisztian
    2020-04-03 18:39
    Hegedus Krisztian

    This is pretty much dead

  • Taoso Aivao
    2020-03-10 05:58
    Taoso Aivao

    Really fun but if you could make it free because no one really likes to buy apps or games.

  • Alessandro Romolo
    2020-02-04 22:47
    Alessandro Romolo

    Very few users in the app, I've never had a conversation

  • Cappy Adams
    2020-01-14 20:58
    Cappy Adams

    Waste of money.

  • shadowashes
    2020-01-11 19:43

    i.. thought this thing was gonna be fun. it wasn't. how do i refund this? i don't get an option to.

  • Omari Mckenzie
    2019-12-28 23:38
    Omari Mckenzie

    Microtransactions EVERYWHERE I bought this app because i thought ut would be fun but i can only use it if i have less than 5% battery but thats not the point, it gives you a option to go on the 10% or 15% server but they charge you more money than the app itself i think its like £2.00 thats ridiculous, i know i sound cheap but if i we're to buy a game i should get the full content of it but most of the game is locked behind a paywall WHO MADE THIS GAME, EA? Im refunding this game dont get it

  • Jaafar Ammaar
    2019-11-17 01:24
    Jaafar Ammaar

    The app crushs when i open it..cant use it

  • H BOMB
    2019-11-13 16:39
    H BOMB

    Actually funny

  • Dauf
    2019-11-02 13:36


  • Bill
    2019-10-26 19:18

    Buggy and the paid upgrade would not work.

  • Film guy
    2019-10-09 01:42
    Film guy

    Does not even work. While entering nick name it sends you back to the main screen

  • 전성
    2019-08-25 07:42

    Pretty nice idea, but you could improve the battery usage more so I can chat more?

    2019-08-23 01:01


  • james roscoe
    2019-08-20 20:45
    james roscoe

    Didnt work

  • tyler weatherby
    2019-08-20 01:04
    tyler weatherby

    This app is awesome have you ever sat there looking at your phone just wondering what you can do with that measly 5% well now you can talk with people who have the same problem as you plus it's a great ice breaker (and it doesn't take much battery at all ). This app will give you a new perspective on your battery percentage , i got this wonderful app , have you? If not you're missing out .

  • Jessica L Thompson
    2019-08-19 21:06
    Jessica L Thompson

    its dead, no one replies its a waste of money sadly, could have been an awesome concept

  • Victor M
    2019-08-12 15:52
    Victor M

    Great app! This is more art than utility so if you understand this, you'll love it.

  • William Arseneault
    2019-08-11 23:40
    William Arseneault

    Santé, bonheur

  • Javier
    2019-07-24 19:01

    why do I have to pay to set this up to my preference?? i would understand if this was a free app

  • Maya
    2019-07-03 04:14

    pleAse give me a refund

  • Bixmox
    2019-07-02 18:44

    No people, dont bother buying

  • Preston Provost
    2019-06-05 18:51
    Preston Provost

    The app is dead, sadly. seemed like an awesome idea, but the very few chats i have seen are just random toxic spam babies.

  • Angga Prasetya
    2019-06-02 15:56
    Angga Prasetya

    duhh... boring and i cant refund my money

  • dvsVerge Cool
    2019-05-08 23:13
    dvsVerge Cool

    i don't really like it because nobody id active. dear developers, can i get a refund?

  • Rebeca Sanchez
    2019-04-28 20:48
    Rebeca Sanchez

    I like it!

  • Wie Vie
    2019-04-22 05:07
    Wie Vie

    I like this, But i haven't friend to talk TT

  • HobiTae
    2019-04-13 03:15

    needs .gif supoort

  • Ruby Tries To Do Things
    2019-04-07 23:03
    Ruby Tries To Do Things

    its not great but i mean is ok

  • Fated2be
    2019-04-07 22:20

    It is just the same messages over and over, only bots as I had reloaded the app many times before and it did not change what was sent. No replies, nothing. Don't fall for this scam!

  • DeShawn.
    2019-03-26 17:11

    The app has great potential.... how ever I've tried it for the 3rd time... and have yet 2 speak with a actual person.... it's as if it's empty and frozen.... DEFINITELY not worth a $1... if it was free it would decent but.... bottom line. it sucks. lol.... cheers! lol

  • Steph F
    2019-03-04 08:36
    Steph F

    I redownloaded the app when I saw the improvements were made, but honestly it's not much better. I've tried the 1 on 1 but after a couple minutes I gave up and went to a group chat, but the timeline is needs work, no messages appear. This app is improving, just slowly. I'll keep waiting for things to pick up, but I'm not too eager to wait evey day for my phone to die so I can use it. Edit--- for some reason i can't use the app at 5% and instead have to wait until 4%.

  • Night Demon
    2019-03-03 20:48
    Night Demon

    its great

  • A Google user
    2019-02-09 21:51
    A Google user

    One of the most unique and interesting twists on a chat room I've seen pretty cool concept

  • Alex Galbert
    2019-02-07 17:36
    Alex Galbert


  • Citizen #5391
    2019-01-13 10:28
    Citizen #5391

    pretty good app. very active during the daytime and at around 8-11 est. Not tue bedt for long term relarionships, as everyvody died pretty quock. good for fast short conversations. takes a while to connect on a 1:1...

  • Carlos Melendez
    2019-01-02 00:41
    Carlos Melendez

    Great app it just need more users

  • Gavin Quinn
    2018-12-31 19:20
    Gavin Quinn

    cant believe i bought this fml

  • RightBat
    2018-12-22 06:13

    good but empty. no ones ever on

  • Jacob Guité
    2018-12-21 08:15
    Jacob Guité

    could have notifications

  • typical goomba
    2018-12-07 00:54
    typical goomba


  • samsung 21126
    2018-11-26 02:39
    samsung 21126

    Nice app can you update it please

  • garraway tube
    2018-11-16 23:31
    garraway tube

    This app is amazing

  • Possessed Potato Bird Official
    2018-11-15 02:00
    Possessed Potato Bird Official

    How do i get a refund

  • Brandon Stringfield
    2018-11-04 03:50
    Brandon Stringfield

    Give me my refund now

  • Fabian Mislik
    2018-10-31 17:15
    Fabian Mislik

    I am here because of reddit

  • Baoh Gaming
    2018-10-18 03:50
    Baoh Gaming

    hands down best app i have gotten but i dont like how it doesnt show when they die they just stop talking. plz add something where it shows who died

  • Jakey Boy
    2018-09-27 20:42
    Jakey Boy

    It's a scam it doesn't work

  • Shelby 123
    2018-08-29 07:51
    Shelby 123

    Its a gud app

  • Mark Atkisson
    2018-08-18 02:34
    Mark Atkisson

    I have made several friends through this app. I love connecting with others whose phones are dying. You are forced to cut to the chase when you bond with people. The app is good in theory. However, there are lots of bugs. The app will randomly crash on occasion, and sometimes messages will glitch away or not get sent. You are forced to reload the app and have to choose a different username to rejoin. I would also like to bring to attention that there is a lot of Chinese spam in this app. During certain hours, the entire room is filled with Chinese spammers. Some will even harass you. There are also trolls. The developer needs to implement multiple chat rooms across all devices to remedy this problem. The app could also use certain features which prevent the spammers.

  • A Google user
    2018-08-15 01:27
    A Google user

    No body 2 talk to was excited now made just...wow. it sucks

  • A Google user
    2018-07-09 20:35
    A Google user

    This stupid game DOESN'T even work I had 5 battery but it says I STILL NEED 5 BATTERY

  • VovaWalkerTex
    2018-07-08 22:31

    I love it

  • LOLmylow
    2018-07-07 16:50

    Think about adding some extra features. Maybe emoticons or being able to add pictures or voice messages. It also needs some improvement in the timing. But overall nice concept. Personally would have liked it if I could use it on 5%too or maybe a bit more.

  • Kurt B
    2018-06-30 04:38
    Kurt B

    Good app, fun concept, just needs more people in it. I've used it a bit now and it's fun but some people have set their phone clocks to times in the far future, and since messages are ordered chronologically, it breaks a lot of stuff. Use server time for message times instead or something. Otherwise good app

  • Tiffany Longfield
    2018-06-23 07:15
    Tiffany Longfield

    Had fun talking with folks thru the app. Would suggest adding notifications to chat that shows when someone dies.

  • Dan Kessikbayev
    2018-06-23 06:48
    Dan Kessikbayev

    Die Together 😢 Not For The Sensitive!

  • Toxic
    2018-05-29 05:16

    Doesn't work as people change the date and time.

  • Night of Claws
    2018-05-26 03:28
    Night of Claws

    Love it!!

  • Tara Mckay
    2018-05-23 03:17
    Tara Mckay

    Look ok this just hit as a meme on Facebook and so I took a sip of the kool-aid and boy was it delicious. I let my phone get down to 4% and met some guy from the future. 10/10 can't wait for my phone to die again!

  • Lizarraga Brayan
    2018-04-14 07:24
    Lizarraga Brayan

    Its very basic, somewhat unactive. Could have done more with this app

  • ted mac
    2018-04-06 22:13
    ted mac

    I like it

  • Rebecka Brownell
    2018-04-05 02:59
    Rebecka Brownell

    I like the concept although I haven't really had a chance to play it much. I would like to be able to see how many people are in a chat room seeing as it seems they are most often empty.

  • Yeeyee Baby
    2018-03-12 07:00
    Yeeyee Baby

    Thanks i love you

  • Christine Savoie
    2018-03-11 04:55
    Christine Savoie

    this app changed my life

  • Samuel Brozny
    2018-03-08 03:16
    Samuel Brozny

    It is a good idea, but like others said it freezes all the time, something I would like for this app to add would be a number beside all the rooms so that everyone can see how many people are in the room also, the one on one chat doesn't seem to work for me I spent at least 5 minutes in there but it didn't find anyone. I would also like if it were to be more black and white and less red, simply because it is more calming

  • A Google user
    2018-03-03 17:55
    A Google user

    I haven't used this app yet... 10/10 worth it would buy again

  • Trey G
    2018-02-14 14:58
    Trey G

    Good idea. Definitely not a pleasant experience, can't filter languages and chat is spammed with Chinese, also pretty laggy and I'm unable to scroll the chat. Great idea though

  • A Google user
    2018-02-09 16:03
    A Google user

    No interesting conversation s, and the one thing that the app should do, doesnt work. Chat hangs, antivirus tells me its malware. stay away!

  • Jahred Wilson
    2018-02-05 00:08
    Jahred Wilson

    Can't exit and re enter the app without making a new user name each time which is annoying, and it should separate people by language and maybe down even further to forcing just a handful of people into a single chat room at anyone time because there are wayyyy too many comments at once. It's a neat idea and well worth the dollar for the laughs but yeah hope they evolve upon it instead of leaving it as is and shutting it down in a few months when no one's using it any more.

  • Jaime Getman
    2018-02-04 14:30
    Jaime Getman

    This guy just made 1k. Awesome!

  • Mohana Krishnan
    2018-02-03 19:14
    Mohana Krishnan

    Doesn't automatically refresh the chat window. Each time i open the chat i need to select a new username. And everyone chats in Chinese :/

  • Jeremy Batten
    2018-02-03 07:06
    Jeremy Batten

    Honestly, this is a really bad app. Not only does the chat freeze and lag but the fact that there's no way of getting only English speaking people is pretty annoying. There's so much spam on there too. It's needs to be split up. Maybe have the option of world room. Be able to pick the country you want to talk in. It's really quite bad. But hey, the guy made some coin off a gimmick. Too bad it's a poorly made one that charges.

  • Hubert Jones
    2018-02-02 23:59
    Hubert Jones

    It's a cool idea but there is a mixture of languages

  • Chris L
    2018-02-02 03:10
    Chris L


  • Jennifer E.
    2018-02-01 07:42
    Jennifer E.

    I agree in that it could be better if there was not a mix of languages. I imagine less are currently in this server because Chinese is common here, and not worth the time when reading mainly Chinese.

  • Eigir Kristiansen
    2018-02-01 00:48
    Eigir Kristiansen

    Not working

  • Jacob Rojas
    2018-01-30 10:39
    Jacob Rojas

    Useless until I learn Chinese. Bloated with none English writers who are also not very polite (maybe because their phones are about to die?)

  • israel flores
    2018-01-30 03:55
    israel flores

    honestly there should be a server where everyone can speak the same language amd 1v1 should be allowed

  • Prashast Rastogi
    2018-01-29 04:40
    Prashast Rastogi

    Unable to use it. Not logging in

  • A Google user
    2018-01-28 18:08
    A Google user


  • Jack Brierley
    2018-01-28 09:06
    Jack Brierley

    Only could join chat rooms with Chinese people in

  • Maurice Henson
    2018-01-27 00:46
    Maurice Henson

    It won't go past entering the name on my device. Even after a reboot and reinstall.

  • Jadon Williams
    2018-01-26 19:44
    Jadon Williams

    Chat is too bloated, needs rooms

  • first name
    2018-01-26 06:29
    first name

    I don't want to waste my last battery with people who don't even speak my language so can like add something where we could talk to people who only speak English and it's very laggy and and a lot of the time I have to restart the app because it freezes

  • matt nell
    2018-01-26 05:23
    matt nell

    Chatroom too bloated. Maybe give an option for 1-1 chatting or directly switch to that

  • Garrett Turner
    2018-01-25 15:22
    Garrett Turner

    Well, After watching EverythingAppplePro's video on this app, I decided to download it. In my opinion, a really good idea, But due to the insane amount of racists and plain rude people, Its not something that j can personally enjoy.

  • Emilie Piette-Dion
    2018-01-25 13:10
    Emilie Piette-Dion

    Great idea, it definitly needs a Famous last words registry that logs every person's last message before dying you could browse while not under 5%

  • Sunny Allen
    2018-01-25 05:14
    Sunny Allen

    Amazing idea but I want it to alert that I can go in the app when I hit 5%

  • A Google user
    2018-01-25 03:00
    A Google user

    Should be 1 on 1 chats. The chat room just gets spammed by idiots.

  • Nigel Xie
    2018-01-24 16:28
    Nigel Xie

    So so so fun.

    2018-01-24 07:05

    Bewt app ever

  • xavier savoie
    2018-01-24 06:12
    xavier savoie

    Such an amazing idea. Nothing like enjoying the laggy last 5% of my tablet's battery than talking to other people who are also about to die. I hope this app catches on and because a trend (please make it free soon so that it will catch on faster!) because it would be nice to have a lot of people at a time. I love the idea, and I will be keeping this app!

  • Galaxy Universe
    2018-01-23 07:21
    Galaxy Universe

    Super fun app! 👍 But I'd like for this app to send out a notification in chat of when somebody in the chat dies. I also notice lagging.

  • Timothy Hoogland
    2018-01-23 06:19
    Timothy Hoogland

    Cool idea but I have a big battery. Probably never going to be able to use the app.. maybe make it 15%?

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