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idealo: Online Shopping Product & Price Comparison

idealo: Online Shopping Product & Price Comparison

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idealo: Online Shopping Product & Price Comparison
idealo is your one-stop destination for convenient, affordable and smart online shopping and money saving, now available in the UK 🇬🇧

idealo makes all purchases ideal for you

With the idealo online shopping product & price comparison app, we give bargain hunters among you the best support in your entire shopping journey. Either search for specific products, check the details about them like quality, prices and discount amounts, compare multiple offers to make the best decisions to save money or gain value, or receive price alerts to keep yourself updated and become a real smart online shopper, idealo will be there for you, for FREE!

Become a smarter shopper everyday with idealo

After downloading the idealo app, you'll see all your needs in online shopping will be fulfilled. You'll get convenient service that takes all the stress out of online shopping & discount hunting for you. The only thing left to do is decide what products, offers & shops are best for you based on our recommendations, detailed information and fair price comparisons.

Quality and price aren't enough, idealo guarantees diversity and convenience as well

idealo currently has 183 million offers from 30,000 shops. They make price & product comparison fast, reliable, fair & easy. Relax, open the idealo app, start browsing for your favourite games, the latest smartphones, or the newest styles of shoes. Your hot deals await, so start saving money now!

Whether you are looking for trending fashion items & clothes, fitness gears, hi-tech gadgets or simply groceries, idealo is the perfect shopping assistant, product checker & price comparer to help you find the best offers on the market, from the largest online stores and our partners such as ebay, Amazon and more.

How the app works

1. Download the idealo online shopping app for free 
2. Search for the best prices on products you want to buy 
3. Check the price history and set price alerts for your favourite products when they reach your desired price 
4. Get instant notifications when the prices fall 
5. Order from our trusted online stores to save money and time

Use your phone to look for your favourite products, and take your shopping list wherever you go, for fast and easy browsing through millions of unique and affordable offers from the most popular shops. You'll quickly see why idealo is the most trusted price comparer.

Getting started is quick and easy

Download the app now to start a smooth, safe and easy online shopping experience. It is a must-have shopping and money saving app to get the best products at the best price, compare deals on the go, and keep track of discounts.

The features that make the idealo online shopping app great

⇨ Product search via text or EAN with the built-in barcode scanner 
⇨ Detailed product information: fact sheets, images, videos, expert reviews and user ratings 
⇨ Wide range of filter and sorting options 
⇨ Favourites with delivery info 
⇨ Email alerts when a product reaches your target price 
⇨ Access past searches and barcode scans 
⇨ Forwarding of any offers to friends via email, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter or SMS

Our users love us for:

⇨ Saving them a lot of money, sometimes as much as half the price 
⇨ Making their shopping experience straightforward and convenient 
⇨ Saving them so much time by the end of the shopping process

Important notes

⇨ To access current product data and offers, the App requires an internet connection. 
⇨ For the barcode scanner to function, the camera setting must be enabled in the App. 
⇨ To set up a user account, the app requires permission to synchronise the accounts of your devices. This function is currently only available in Germany.

Feedback & Support:

⇨ If you like our app, please rate it on Play Store 
⇨ Help us improve the idealo app by sending your feedback to [email protected]
idealo: Online Shopping Product & Price Comparison 18.0.1-BETA Update
» Many small improvements and bug fixes.
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14.30 MB
idealo internet GmbH
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Package Name      :
Version           : 17.2.3 (1702038)
Min Sdk Level     : 23
Min Sdk Platform  : Android 6.0
Target Sdk Level     : 28
Target Sdk Platform  : Android 9.0

Permssions List
INTERNET : Allows applications to open network sockets. ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE : Allows applications to access information about networks CAMERA : Required to be able to access the camera device. FLASHLIGHT : Allows access to the flashlight WAKE_LOCK : Allows using PowerManager WakeLocks to keep processor from sleeping or screen from dimming AUTHENTICATE_ACCOUNTS : Allows an application to act as an AccountAuthenticator for the AccountManager USE_CREDENTIALS : Allows an application to request authtokens from the AccountManager GET_ACCOUNTS : Allows access to the list of accounts in the Accounts Service WRITE_SYNC_SETTINGS : Allows applications to write the sync settings READ_SYNC_SETTINGS : Allows applications to read the sync settings READ_SYNC_STATS : Allows applications to read the sync stats RECEIVE : BIND_GET_INSTALL_REFERRER_SERVICE :
Activities com.mikepenz.aboutlibraries.ui.LibsActivity com.salesforce.marketingcloud.messages.iam.IamModalActivity com.salesforce.marketingcloud.messages.iam.IamBannerActivity com.salesforce.marketingcloud.messages.iam.IamFullscreenActivity
Reviews From google play store
  • Abid Kan
    2020-05-18 00:40
    Abid Kan

    Fake app with so many wrong ads. It shows a Makita full set cordless drill with all batteries when you click on it it takes you to eBay and the add is only for Makita drill body only not even comes with the battery .

  • Bobby
    2020-05-16 12:44

    Sehr zufrieden

  • Simone Potini
    2020-05-14 11:09
    Simone Potini

    L'app purtroppo non traccia bene i prezzi nello specifico. Vi faccio un esempio, avevo impostato la notifica di prezzo per lo OnePlus 8pro, mi arriva la notifica che il prezzo è diminuito. Apro l'app e mi mostra 809€ per lo OnePlus 8pro 256GB verde acqua. Apro il link e l'inserzione eBay è per lo OnePlus 8pro 128GB nero

  • Carrie Smart
    2020-05-13 07:02
    Carrie Smart

    Easy to use

  • Gavin Jemmotte
    2020-05-12 10:15
    Gavin Jemmotte

    Smooth and easy to fond products and comoare prices

  • Panos Asproulis
    2020-05-08 16:31
    Panos Asproulis

    Does a good job.

  • mahmoud gharib
    2020-05-08 09:18
    mahmoud gharib

    Vielen Dank

  • ninos tammo
    2020-05-06 23:46
    ninos tammo


  • Marko Butala
    2020-05-06 01:59
    Marko Butala

    Why doesn't it give me price on Amazon?

  • Lukas Effenberger
    2020-05-03 16:02
    Lukas Effenberger

    Beste Preisvergleich App

  • Josephine Simon
    2020-05-03 10:16
    Josephine Simon

    Super good

  • PaulJo O'REILLY
    2020-04-30 11:02
    PaulJo O

    Smooth, well-presented,hassleFree... ~ $

  • Wala Iqneibi
    2020-04-30 07:25
    Wala Iqneibi


  • Sujay Rao
    2020-04-27 20:48
    Sujay Rao

    It does good comparison and the price alert feature is really amazing

  • Trini Boi
    2020-04-26 22:47
    Trini Boi

    Prices are misleading might aswell buy it from the store

  • Simo Alnam
    2020-04-26 09:33
    Simo Alnam

    Good price showing!

  • gyanadipta sahu
    2020-04-25 19:10
    gyanadipta sahu

    Good app to alert in case price drops in any site.

  • mirwais khan Waseemi
    2020-04-24 22:57
    mirwais khan Waseemi

    I baught a watch from a sit it's name is the idelo introduce this in its sit since three weeks I am waiting for the watch but unfortunately there is no response I mailed them but there is no response ☹️ I think Idelo make fool of people

  • shanZboi
    2020-04-24 14:51

    Also die App ist geil wie sau wenn man nach den billigsten Preisen sucht, ich spare mir z.B. über 300 Euro für die Switch und durch Corona wird das ganze noch billiger also echt ne geile App

  • Andrés Mujica
    2020-04-24 08:49
    Andrés Mujica

    It's an app that lie with the prices, don't install it's a machine of spam and fake sales

  • Chris Lobo
    2020-04-21 09:14
    Chris Lobo

    Top App.. must have

  • Rasha Hanifa
    2020-04-20 09:48
    Rasha Hanifa

    Very good

  • Martin Prívozník
    2020-04-19 15:28
    Martin Prívozník

    To my knowledge the best price comparison website in Germany and an intuitive and clean app.

  • EventuellErik
    2020-04-18 23:02

    Angebote, Preisalarme funktionen super. Allerdings ist es schade, dass es keinen Dark Mode gibt. Stöbern in der nacht wird dadurch leider schwierig.

  • Ireland car culter
    2020-04-18 01:54
    Ireland car culter

    Its amazing buy it would be great if there was a wish list or something to save products

  • Josephine Simon
    2020-04-16 18:09
    Josephine Simon

    Super super good

  • Robert Ugrenovic
    2020-04-15 14:39
    Robert Ugrenovic


  • Eric Hirsch
    2020-04-11 14:11
    Eric Hirsch

    Great comparison app

  • Siva Kalidindi
    2020-04-05 09:47
    Siva Kalidindi


  • Philomina Boateng
    2020-04-05 08:49
    Philomina Boateng

    Help to get cheap prices thank you

  • str bkk
    2020-04-03 17:06
    str bkk

    Drecksapp! Kaum hat man die App installiert, wird man sofort vollgespammed mit unerwünschten und nicht angeforderten "alerts". Sofort wieder deinstalliert.....

  • Siege Breacker
    2020-04-03 12:24
    Siege Breacker

    Die Option einen Fehler bei einem Gelisteten Gegenstand zu melden funktioniert nicht bei allen Listings. Zum Beispiel von Produkten auf Ebay.

  • Suma Gabutcha
    2020-03-30 22:39
    Suma Gabutcha

    I really need a mic and i saw an advertisement of a Nice looking gaming mic. It said" Idealo=Black Friday"... the mic was 130€ yea i wouls love to buy a 130€ mic on black Friday:D definitely not cheap stuff trust me😂🤦‍♂️

  • Rastoder Adi
    2020-03-30 20:22
    Rastoder Adi


  • The BaDgEr
    2020-03-28 15:11
    The BaDgEr

    Einfach tolle Applikation

  • افغان کانال
    2020-03-28 11:10
    افغان کانال

    Prices are as high as the markets

  • Boban Pavlovic
    2020-03-26 18:25
    Boban Pavlovic

    Excellent app

  • Nasser Nazmy
    2020-03-26 07:29
    Nasser Nazmy

    Good App

  • Klodian Keco
    2020-03-25 23:10
    Klodian Keco


  • Mark Redwood
    2020-03-22 09:21
    Mark Redwood

    The only reason it gets four stars is the accuracy of some of its findings, when an advertised 2TB SSD turns out to be 250 GB on the retailers site it's frustrating. Not a direct fault of idealo but it should be easy enough to pre check the actual product details.

  • Renato Laus
    2020-03-22 07:37
    Renato Laus

    When registering the only option is to input a German address. Maybe you are not aware that many German companies are more than happy to serve customers all over Europe?? When fixing that, please add a feature to filter by 'Ships Internationallly', so we who live outside of Germany can filter out the sellers that don't offer the option.

  • Eddie Fretwell
    2020-03-16 14:37
    Eddie Fretwell

    Wow, nearly £5 for 12 sachets of cat food. And that's the cheapest. Do you use harrods as the lowest priced?

  • Hussein Halawi
    2020-03-12 21:25
    Hussein Halawi

    Beste App für Marketing

  • Alex S
    2020-03-10 11:28
    Alex S

    So far pretty good but useless to me since theres no usa support

  • Pablo Ocampo
    2020-03-08 12:16
    Pablo Ocampo

    It's good to see that you can compare the prices and the specifications of a product. Could be even better if you could compare prices from more than a country

  • Sandra Saywell
    2020-03-07 03:06
    Sandra Saywell

    Hi can look for a I phone

  • Thanh L.
    2020-03-04 10:36
    Thanh L.

    Very useful

  • David W.h
    2020-02-27 14:45
    David W.h

    Basically just a scam and all around utter $hit

  • A Google user
    2020-02-25 22:03
    A Google user

    Preiswecker sollten zwischen Web und App gesynced werden. Wie wäre es mit einem Dark Mode?

  • Issam Mardini
    2020-02-22 19:02
    Issam Mardini

    Very Good deals and such an helpful App

  • Nehru Abuwarda
    2020-02-21 09:51
    Nehru Abuwarda

    The worst one, Doesn't work

  • Timo Ternovan
    2020-02-19 15:35
    Timo Ternovan

    Good app i like it 👍👍

  • Özkan Bıçak
    2020-02-18 14:35
    Özkan Bıçak

    It should be Argos, Curry's and CeX price offers

  • Rafix
    2020-02-16 22:08

    Is this stuff fake or real?

  • Samuel Hiorns
    2020-02-16 21:49
    Samuel Hiorns

    Very, very good for checking prices, trends and comparing sellers. Would recommend downloading.

  • Hydra Tran
    2020-02-15 03:39
    Hydra Tran

    great app for price comparison

  • Noura Abdulkhalek
    2020-02-14 10:39
    Noura Abdulkhalek


  • Basel Ayed
    2020-02-10 02:29
    Basel Ayed


  • Joel Johnson
    2020-02-09 14:44
    Joel Johnson

    I may be starting a business with this app. It is able to track prices so I know when things are more affordable. There are a wid range of products too.

  • Jussi Noponen
    2020-02-09 07:41
    Jussi Noponen

    Does not deliver search results nor display favorites, also the widget does not function. Poor implementation.

  • Peto Lojan
    2020-02-07 20:56
    Peto Lojan

    Top shopping app. I use it in Slovakia. Best wishes ...

  • Vito Calabrese
    2020-02-03 11:04
    Vito Calabrese

    Usefull app i love It!

  • Liviu Paulet
    2020-02-01 22:29
    Liviu Paulet

    Untill now the best app I know to buy at low prices. It should be done better to track better cost+shipping, and maybe auctions on ebay, but is nice how it works

  • Mantas Navickas
    2020-02-01 08:44
    Mantas Navickas

    Constantly shows incorrect deals for incorrect items.

  • rashed mamou
    2020-01-28 21:26
    rashed mamou

    Super app vielen Dank

  • Hoang Marcel
    2020-01-28 02:48
    Hoang Marcel

    good app

  • Sener Kocyigit
    2020-01-26 17:32
    Sener Kocyigit

    You could get anything from tires to electronics, and most importantly, from reliable sources! Ps. Latest update fixed the network issues.

  • Simon PERA
    2020-01-22 17:03
    Simon PERA

    Great app !, Can compare price in real-time in the shop, with the barcode scanner

  • Santiago Ortiz
    2020-01-21 14:02
    Santiago Ortiz

    Me encantaría que hubiera servicio para Colombia.

  • Igor Savic
    2020-01-20 21:53
    Igor Savic


  • A S
    2020-01-20 13:03
    A S

    Manche Filter arbeiten inklusiv, die anderen exklusiv. Z.b. kann ich verschiedene Diagonale neu Smartphonesuche anzeigen lassen, aber nur eine Betriebssystemversion. Bei den Festplatten kann ich mehrere Kapazitäten auswählen, bei den Speicherkarten nur eine. Das ist inkonsequent und nicht komfortabel.

  • Fokke Vermeulen
    2020-01-19 07:05
    Fokke Vermeulen

    Kann mich in der App nicht einloggen, da ich mich auf der Webseite mit Google login registriert habe und die App das nicht unterstützt. Wann kommt das Feature in die App? Sonst bringt sie mir aktuell nicht viel

  • M Ous
    2020-01-15 22:00
    M Ous

    I like the service given to people, really this app help me to know the true and the best price, and inform me when my price wanted is atteind. Thanks a lot, you do a great job!

  • David Cole
    2020-01-11 15:19
    David Cole

    This is a excellent app to use on any day

  • A Google user
    2020-01-09 16:34
    A Google user

    Notifications are completely broken and do nothing. No I can't send another email, because I'm already sending at least one per month reporting wrong notifications and always get generic reply. Seems like you don't really care to fix it 🤷‍♂️

  • Matthew Furtado
    2020-01-09 14:44
    Matthew Furtado

    Doesn't work. Stuck at login page. EDIT: that problem went away on its own; not sure if it was an account problem or what, but I can now log in manually, so that's "fixed". Pretty good for tracking prices. Will keep using to see how it goes.

  • Rosen Kostadinov
    2020-01-08 00:49
    Rosen Kostadinov

    Excellent applcation without bugs and it's a good starting place for price hunters. Hotel and airplane flight search options are very welcome.

  • Luma Art VFX
    2020-01-07 06:38
    Luma Art VFX


  • cocco kokko
    2020-01-03 16:54
    cocco kokko


  • Mike Macdonald
    2020-01-02 18:08
    Mike Macdonald


  • Billy Sheppard
    2020-01-01 22:19
    Billy Sheppard


  • Saifullah Karimi
    2020-01-01 16:10
    Saifullah Karimi

    Sehr gut

  • Phil Brannan
    2019-12-31 01:51
    Phil Brannan

    Tried 3 scans of common household items to test the app. NONE were found. Load of rubbish. Installed and Uninstalled in under 10 minutes.

  • Martin Piber
    2019-12-30 22:21
    Martin Piber

    dope, though it is annoying to switch over from county to country because not everyone is from the biggest countries of Europe

  • Wassim Kaam
    2019-12-30 20:35
    Wassim Kaam

    Just pefect!

  • Matthew Lee
    2019-12-30 14:51
    Matthew Lee

    Not for Canadians, can't select Canada as a country.

  • Ilija Minev
    2019-12-30 12:14
    Ilija Minev

    After first order instead of finding out where is my packet the app stop working

  • Eddie Walshe
    2019-12-25 18:20
    Eddie Walshe

    A1 does the job very well

  • Parminder Singh
    2019-12-25 10:26
    Parminder Singh

    Very nice application

  • adi ben
    2019-12-21 15:17
    adi ben

    Useless app not working at all

  • Evan
    2019-12-21 10:38

    Cant find the products I am looking for. Cant enter urls

  • Atul Gautam
    2019-12-20 15:01
    Atul Gautam

    Fantastic app!!! Now-a-days you can't live without Idealo as it offers one stop to check the prices everywhere and go for the best deal. Good one and keep it up Idealo.

  • Rafael Andrighetti
    2019-12-19 21:49
    Rafael Andrighetti

    Simple to use and effective

  • Bo Hesselberg
    2019-12-19 08:50
    Bo Hesselberg

    1. option out of many price search machines

  • Iftekhar Ahmed
    2019-12-08 23:25
    Iftekhar Ahmed

    Great app to find and compare devices at once. Very smooth experience.

  • Tupac Bayar
    2019-12-06 23:49
    Tupac Bayar


  • Ebrahim Khalil
    2019-12-06 19:03
    Ebrahim Khalil

    التطبيقidealo نعلم جميعًا كيف يمكن أن يكون التسوق عبر الإنترنت مرهقًا جدًا. هل أدفع كثيرًا مقابل هذا العنصر؟ هل هناك خيارات أفضل في السوق؟ هل أحصل على أفضل صفقة؟ تم حل المشكلة! idealo هو رفيق التسوق الذي يساعدك على الحصول على أفضل تجربة ، مجانًا! إنها مكالمتك ، قم بتنزيلها الآن ، واعثر على خصومات على أحدث العروض المتوفرة في 6 دول: ألمانيا ، فرنسا ، النمسا ، إيطاليا ، إسبانيا ، والمملكة المتحدة. نعم واكثر من ذلك .. ستتعرف على مزايا هامة فوائد من خلاله ، لذلك انصحك بتحميله فورا 👍🌹👌🏃

  • Mobina Kausar
    2019-12-05 17:16
    Mobina Kausar


  • Yew Geni
    2019-12-05 17:12
    Yew Geni

    Great app and very useful to compare prices.

  • Ali Ghali
    2019-12-05 03:53
    Ali Ghali

    Great app to get the price graphscand alerts, would be great to show a year graph for a certain type of product like TVs to know what ime of the year is best to buy 😅

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