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Catch and evolve monsters!

Dive into a breathtaking fantasy world filled with mysterious monsters to capture, battle, and train. Explore sprawling landscapes, bustling cities, and mythical dungeons in this expansive open-world RPG!

Join a band of unlikely heroes and free the world of Erden from the deadly Pandemonium. Collect, train, and evolve over 180 creatures and warriors to fight alongside in supercharged monster battles!

Immerse yourself in the engaging single-player offline story or build your team and test your skills against global players online. Battle it out in fast-paced PvP leagues and form guilds with other players to unlock limited-edition gear, power-ups, and more to take your team to the next level!

・Catch, train, and evolve over 180 monsters and heroes across an impressive story-driven adventure!
・Encounter friends and foes as you journey across the 6 diverse regions of Erden, each with their own unique monsters to collect.
・Discover legendary weapons, accessories, and equipment to boost your warriors and gain the upper hand on your opponents.

・Build a strategy from hundreds of unique ability combinations to devastate your opponents in engaging turn-based 4v4 combat!
・Jump online to compete in real-time PvP leagues and form collaborative guilds with other players to uncover one-of-a-kind items.
・Participate in weekly online events that offer exclusive unlockables and limited characters to add to your collection!

The world of Erden is plagued by an ancient curse— the Pandemonium, a shroud of evil that descends once every 100 years. Only the fabled Crestbearers can cease its destruction, but all have failed to stop it from returning to wreak havoc once again.

Join two young heroes and the allies they befriend along the way, as you embark on a perilous quest to uncover the secret to ending this ancient curse and saving their homeland once and for all!

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Evertale 1.0.54 Update
Story Chat UI Update Story Chat Performance Improvement Main Menu UI Update Classic Soul Summon Update Choose Character Battle and Profile Form Mercenary Summonable During Auto Ability to Recover Mana Above Max Online Story Performance Improvement Various QOL improvements Various Performance Improvements
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166.17 MB
ZigZaGame Inc.
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Package Name      : com.zigzagame.evertale
Version           : 1.0.47 (400125)
Min Sdk Level     : 19
Min Sdk Platform  : Android 4.4
Target Sdk Level     : 28
Target Sdk Platform  : Android 9.0

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Reviews From google play store
  • Rayquan Walker
    2020-05-19 22:52
    Rayquan Walker

    Great story flows well is easy and fun with a nice difficulty curve. In game purchases for the impatient. Overall great game for its price.

  • Cheryne Fillion
    2020-05-19 22:41
    Cheryne Fillion

    I love this game so much so far,definitely p2w but so worth it. Been hooked since I bought it. Give it a try

  • Jakob Warren
    2020-05-19 20:42
    Jakob Warren

    Great game for chapter one then it goes downhill

  • Gordon Mehltretter
    2020-05-19 20:18
    Gordon Mehltretter

    This is a sweet game. The only issue was the download took way too long. Overall this is a game I can spend hours playing.

  • Daemon Blitzkrieg
    2020-05-19 20:16
    Daemon Blitzkrieg

    On the outside, the game looks like a decent collector RPG & the battle system is actually pretty good and different than most. The Story mode is is solid enough and you can get through it just fine with the recruitable monsters and Humans they give you. HOWEVER, this is a mobile game, unfortunately, and is held back the same. Getting into any other mode without paying up for better characters from the Gacha is a pain; even the events are poorly balanced with little reward. So low score from me

  • mike stout
    2020-05-19 19:43
    mike stout

    Fun, easy to pick up, and a neat combination of various factors. I would like a d-pad option though, as movement feels a bit stiff. Other than that, great game.

  • Ryan Morgan
    2020-05-19 19:37
    Ryan Morgan

    It's a pretty good game with a good story and fun gameplay. However the drop rates are absolutely atrocious and, personally, I would like to see more daily, weekly or monthly activities to engage in.

  • Anita Sinha
    2020-05-19 17:42
    Anita Sinha

    Its good

  • Edison Thao
    2020-05-19 15:09
    Edison Thao

    This game is great but I just started and now it won't let me continue defeating that monster with Theo and rizette.Pleased fix this it just freezes up and exits me with no explanation.

  • Anugrah Septianto
    2020-05-19 14:59
    Anugrah Septianto


  • Aidan Snyder
    2020-05-19 14:37
    Aidan Snyder

    It's a really fun and cool game. I recommend it if you like Pokémon games. The biggest problem that I find is that the game has a lot of female characters with little clothes on(18+). They are on a lot of the menus and it's really discomforting. This has lead me to uninstall the game. But if you don't mind and care at all for that, then this may be a game for you! I see that this is a marketing strategy, but I don't like it. I hope that they add a censor option in the options or something soon.

  • Vanshika Bhupta
    2020-05-19 14:27
    Vanshika Bhupta

    It's a really amazing rpg-mobile game. All the catching monsters kinda reminded me of pokemon. The storyline of okay. The graphics are also applause worthy. I had a lot of fun while playing it. But suddenly one day it got restarted and all my progress was lost. That was a bit dissapointing. Otherwise I really would recommend it. 🙂💜

  • Mark Shin kurosawa
    2020-05-19 14:06
    Mark Shin kurosawa

    it's fun to play this game, because you have to make a strategy on every enemy encounter, why 3 stars ?. because the game is a lot of work despite how it looks. It's consuming much of my internet, and summoning some characters is too hard. Grinding alone isn't enough, because you still need to buy soul stones on the market if you want to get more SSR characters. For poor people who played this game, they might find it hard to grind when they don't have money to buy soul stones on the market.

  • Parallel_Emotions
    2020-05-19 13:38

    Its a great game but it is a little bit laggy

  • Sire Miro
    2020-05-19 12:41
    Sire Miro

    It was great

  • XxDOMxX Gamer
    2020-05-19 12:40
    XxDOMxX Gamer

    Looks like the game change from a gacha to a more Pokemon type game trust even if you reach the last boss you would never beat it unless you spend money to get the monsters that are required to beat it

  • Jomel Forbes
    2020-05-19 12:02
    Jomel Forbes

    internet connection always disconnect

  • Hoàn Lê
    2020-05-19 11:14
    Hoàn Lê

    Good strategy balance, horrible gacha rates. That's all for this game. Played 2 months just to get my first ssr, never had any luck after that.

  • Sasmitha Yasas
    2020-05-19 10:51
    Sasmitha Yasas


  • Sasmitha Yasas
    2020-05-19 10:51
    Sasmitha Yasas


  • Corona Virus
    2020-05-19 09:29
    Corona Virus

    Woah this is amazing game OMG its too cheap but the game is literally good and amazing experiences wish that they add more pets🤟🏻🤟🏻

  • Shin Kamijou
    2020-05-19 09:21
    Shin Kamijou

    laggy in event Battle and unstable in PvP always disconnected

  • varun kumar
    2020-05-19 08:21
    varun kumar

    Plz work on PVP system,

  • Christopher Welch
    2020-05-19 08:11
    Christopher Welch

    Wow fix your terabul pull reward system after 15. 10 pulls no ssr. Bs don't be fooled into paying any money.

  • Felix Irwanto
    2020-05-19 07:35
    Felix Irwanto

    This game suck, i've gatcha 15*1000 but never get a single SSR Character daheck man.. All it gives me only trash R duplicates until 10 times

  • BadGuyDiablo
    2020-05-19 07:24

    so the last update was quite ok cause they finally fix the PvP match to much better.The ploblem is the gacha system,the rate up is like to bad until I spin 5000x I will never get an SSR character,even SR is hard to get.So I might say that gacha system need to fix cause not all the player willing to use money for the gacha.The game is good don't get me wrong.I looking foward for the next update.

  • Xenos Rhapsode
    2020-05-19 07:14
    Xenos Rhapsode

    Pay to play game with pay to win contents. This game is the worse

  • Nikki chi
    2020-05-19 06:21
    Nikki chi

    the final boss is too overpowered. if you want to win, you should pay

  • Whito Guy
    2020-05-19 05:58
    Whito Guy

    Where did my soulstones go?

  • Priyangga Dyatmika
    2020-05-19 05:15
    Priyangga Dyatmika


  • Ethan Luke Abante
    2020-05-19 04:36
    Ethan Luke Abante

    Pls fixed all of the bugs

    2020-05-19 04:35


  • Niniva Chan
    2020-05-19 03:09
    Niniva Chan

    The first two story arcs were great, but the summoning rates make me despair. I have since uninstalled the game due to how slow it runs on my tablet, as well as the lack of progress in leveling my units in a timely manner

  • PC
    2020-05-19 03:03

    Mana for Online Story costs too much. Soul stones are difficult to get. Enemies in late Hard Ex Stages (events) are made up of SSRs fully awakened & ultra evolved, & they complement each other, while player has difficulty getting a single SSR, let alone getting the same one 4 more times, even moreso getting multiple SSRs that complement each other. For the difficulty of battles, rewards are very little. Tries very hard to make you pay for soul stones.

  • Jonas Ono
    2020-05-19 02:01
    Jonas Ono

    Very Nice., ^^

  • Sharky Ireland
    2020-05-19 01:54
    Sharky Ireland

    So far so good

  • blodmill
    2020-05-19 00:13

    Slow, and poor battle mechanics. Also horrible summon rates.

  • Ozzy Thebest420
    2020-05-18 23:58
    Ozzy Thebest420

    I take it back I lost all my data because this game doesn't have a proper data save so now I'm sad because I don't have anything good.

  • Duane Hutchins
    2020-05-18 23:53
    Duane Hutchins

    The game is pay to win and very expensive. You can only get so far for "free" and then you must pay to advance or the game is boring. I put "free" in quotes because I paid $0.99 for a game that I can't enjoy unless I keep paying more and more.

  • raezash frazer
    2020-05-18 23:35
    raezash frazer

    It is not a bad game

  • David Moore
    2020-05-18 23:12
    David Moore

    All good, except I wish it were easier to get soul stones without buying them

  • Angela Chang
    2020-05-18 22:36
    Angela Chang

    Very fun

  • Jeremiah McLane
    2020-05-18 21:53
    Jeremiah McLane

    Game has no option for joy stick and buttons for movement on map. Complete drop for me soon as I tried to move and have to click the screen. If you enjoy that on a landscape phone game have at it. I find it annoying. Had a good start though. Such a pity.

  • Alpha Lycan
    2020-05-18 20:36
    Alpha Lycan

    Its really good and surprisingly reminiscent of Pokémon

  • Jason Ritchey
    2020-05-18 18:49
    Jason Ritchey

    Really fun

  • Tom Spector
    2020-05-18 18:39
    Tom Spector

    Turn-based team combat on a mostly linear path with a very shallow story and no interesting side quests other that repetitive battles against the same set of opponents. It's set up for you to make draws on long-shot powerful characters to add to your team, but we're talking less than 2% success rate to get one of the two most powerful characters, so many players never get the most powerful ones the whole game. There are other ways to make your character more powerful, but they involve an insane amount of grinding. Here's the catch: you can way overpay to get more chances at the best characters, and it feels like everything is set up so that most players will eventually break down and buy chances instead of the incredible monotony of grinding. In the end, its a visually pretty but boring game designed to suck your wallet dry, and thus I can recommend it.

  • Dank Crow
    2020-05-18 18:23
    Dank Crow


  • Rawr Rawr
    2020-05-18 18:15
    Rawr Rawr

    It was fun playing the offline story but that's as far as it goes. Game is pay to win even in offline story mode. You'll reach a certain point in the story where you'll come to a complete stop without spending gems. Upgrading units require unique which are scarce and if you get trash summon (example only items instead of units) with your free gem, you'll end up hard lock doing nothing for a long time. PVP needs major rebalance or take out inactive players to help balance it a bit.

  • Mark Amos
    2020-05-18 17:52
    Mark Amos

    So far the game is great. Catching different monsters, fighting and training them; it all flows well together. The only issue I have is how long grinding takes lol I mean, like diablo on normal kind of grinding. Anything to help that and I'll give ya a 5 star :)

  • Keneth Mike
    2020-05-18 17:46
    Keneth Mike


  • Zachary Willison
    2020-05-18 17:21
    Zachary Willison

    The fact that it's so hard to roll a SSR character made me uninstall this game. But it's really easy to roll a SSR weapon as a tease. No thanks, next game.

  • Kartikey Pandey
    2020-05-18 16:00
    Kartikey Pandey

    Cinematic anime experience

  • Julia-delle Mangum
    2020-05-18 15:07
    Julia-delle Mangum

    A month of my life wasted. I thought that this game was Fantastic. I actually enjoyed it. Now I hate it. Im incapable of finishing chapters in the last acts because I have been unable to draw anything of worth from the boxes. I have 5 ssr things 4 of which are weapons. Only one of which has any extras on it. While my boyfriend who started same day as me has 10 ssr weapons & 5 ssr character. I cannot compete in pvp matches. I cannot do anything extra to get any soul stones.

  • Faris Hazazi
    2020-05-18 14:45
    Faris Hazazi

    The gacha rate is so low and fraud below 1% rate, even in special characters gacha I don't get the character otherwise I got other characters, spent 11000 and get nothing no SR. The event only give boring SR weapon such sword, giant sword (2 event consecutively) how about give katana or spear event.. pvp unfriendly for free and new player. The story is great but you can't complete story without strong character which you must get from gatcha. unbalace unit, new unit with low rate always broken.

  • Joy Theofanis
    2020-05-18 14:11
    Joy Theofanis

    Great game

    2020-05-18 13:47

    Very nice

  • 李J.
    2020-05-18 13:46

    Got for free. Excellent old school RPG vibes.

  • M Iqbal
    2020-05-18 13:45
    M Iqbal

    This game is so unoptimized you can tell by how the frame rate in every battle is so low even with 2x gamespeed is not very much helping not to mention they disable it in some battle, i actually like this game its fun to play but having to watch every battle in slow motion is frustrating Edit: i have turned on battery saver mode is runs great but its still laggy in events

  • Ms. BunBum
    2020-05-18 12:09
    Ms. BunBum

    I guess i found that "Another Eden" is better than this based on free to play and gacha. This one is the worst because of Ssr rates and not seperating char and weapon. You would give up for having stress getting all the gems for nothing (fake ssr rate and random luck). I finished the story and i do love it except too grindy for upgrades and gems.

  • Kevin Sinley
    2020-05-18 11:25
    Kevin Sinley

    Overall the game is really fun. Even though it seems like a pay to get anything good kind of game. But the reason for the 3 stars is the game crashes a lot. I will play for about 10 to 15 min before the game freezes up and i have to force quit and restart it. It also soemtimes freezes my phone as well. I am using a galaxy s9 plus phone. Update: changed to 1 star because the app crashes way too much!

  • succmama
    2020-05-18 10:37

    Just started the game and enjoying it! Game is pretty fun at the start. Still not in endgame but I'll keep playing to see what the game will offer. Story wise feels like a typical fantasy anime with a hero and his harem(lol many Waifus = NICE). Great setting and fun characters. Turn based system is not boring. It has things to keep you awake and interested. Might be a bit slow(for me) but the mechanics makes every move matter. Keep at it!

  • churchill arroyo
    2020-05-18 10:11
    churchill arroyo

    Nailed It 👌

    2020-05-18 09:10

    The best

  • Tyler Nolan
    2020-05-18 06:52
    Tyler Nolan

    The RNG for summoning is so bad. I save all my crystals four weeks waiting for a cool character to have increased odds. Not only did 10000 crystals not get the event character, NO SSR characters came? Waste of time. Do not spend money on this game!

  • Akmal Raksanagara
    2020-05-18 06:11
    Akmal Raksanagara

    Cool games! Reminds me of good old times when games are not only about the graphics

  • Pierce Gonzales
    2020-05-18 05:15
    Pierce Gonzales


  • Knot cracker
    2020-05-18 04:59
    Knot cracker

    The best RPG game i played so far

  • Dominic Duquette
    2020-05-18 04:48
    Dominic Duquette

    Love it lil slow wish it was free. It pay to get things type

  • Htet Aung Hlaing
    2020-05-18 04:42
    Htet Aung Hlaing


  • Ganesh Shrestha
    2020-05-18 03:50
    Ganesh Shrestha

    This is a very fun game and it's graphics are astonishing but it keeps on crashing or else it'd be a five star one

  • Idola bogeng
    2020-05-18 03:16
    Idola bogeng


  • ム モ H a k u山 メ
    2020-05-18 03:02
    ム モ H a k u山 メ

    I really liked the open-world better than the new game system, it was far more fun to freely explore the game. I was saddened to see it not be open-world after i finished the 1st Chapter. But nonetheless its still quite fun and i highly recommend this game!

  • Joseph King
    2020-05-18 02:54
    Joseph King

    A cash grab. Seriously. No fun after the story is done

  • Kharlle Laurence Rabalo
    2020-05-18 02:44
    Kharlle Laurence Rabalo

    Guaranteed SSR character does not work I already did 3 10X draws on diablos and I didn't get any SSR character or weapon

  • Beer
    2020-05-18 02:39

    After the offline story it's just a bad gacha game.

  • alvin chang
    2020-05-18 02:29
    alvin chang

    Nice game

  • Kristi Key
    2020-05-18 01:55
    Kristi Key

    Got the game when it was for free in the app store. Every time I try to play there's just a pink screen. :/

  • antonio garcia
    2020-05-18 01:28
    antonio garcia

    Off-line game mode is really fun. Then Act 2. WoW act 2. You now need to spend mana on the regular campaign!? You have other things to spend your mana on, like xp/character xp/item xp/weapon&character evolution recipes. So now I have to wait to enjoy your campaign. I get it, pay up or shut up. Cool, I'll shut up now.

  • Adefioye Adeyemi
    2020-05-18 01:14
    Adefioye Adeyemi

    Can a 1gb ram phone play this game because mine crashes at a particular level in the game

  • D H
    2020-05-17 23:39
    D H

    A great game.

  • Wacky Gonzaga
    2020-05-17 20:53
    Wacky Gonzaga

    SUGGESTION -No need for Mana - It's Useless -"Saved" Online Story - Once a chapter is open online it should be open even offline. -Online Story free roaming - The whole adventure thing is lost. -No Silver coin - Not usable when Act. 1 is finish. Use Gold coin instead. It makes the game lighter. -Bar Data Syncing - Don't pause and make us wait. Run it in the background with a small notification on screen. NEED -×4 button -Graphics setting -Audio setting I'm a beta tester, so sorry if I'm strict.

  • Herbie Gregory
    2020-05-17 20:44
    Herbie Gregory

    This is one of the best games i ever played, it's super fun with the option to tame monsters and there is a thing where you can summon characters. The only bad things about it is that some of the bosses are way over powered and the online story ends on a cliff hanger, making you wonder when it will be updated even though it hasn't been updated except for events. Overall, great game, just needs tp be updated.

  • Lyka Brillo
    2020-05-17 17:42
    Lyka Brillo


  • Scott Amidon
    2020-05-17 16:21
    Scott Amidon

    .would be a great game if even paying this late in the game would get me so much as a single decent character. Just gives the same useless caracters over and over so I who is usually a top player in most games cant get anywere in the game due to its bad model.Now newbies can never get caught up. U try to by characters it gives u useless weapons usually.

  • Aaron Cramer
    2020-05-17 16:13
    Aaron Cramer

    Evertale offers a lot of enjoyable features but fails to utilize each one of them. While I enjoy the combat system, I would not recommend the game. The catchable and free units are mostly weak or useless long-term. They and the free-roaming map are only available in part 1 of the story (finished in about 2 days). Everything beyond that point costs a lot of mana (recovered based on real time passed), making it hard to play the game a lot in one sitting.

  • Danielle Gordon
    2020-05-17 16:00
    Danielle Gordon

    Two stars alone for the game play and adventure, but the rate for ssr as ruined this for me. I've opened so many 1000 packs and not one ssr, not only that this new pvp keeps matching me with people with two or three ssr characters, I give up. The paywall is insane, once you complete offline mode the game is basically done for some players.

  • Travis Adkins
    2020-05-17 15:43
    Travis Adkins

    fun and enjoyable game

  • Kristyn Maxwell
    2020-05-17 14:22
    Kristyn Maxwell

    Super fun. Could use improvements and multiple options for gaining soul stones. Ads, watching videos. Etc. The summons of special characters are becoming more and more unreasonable. Usually the rates are 0.2-0.7% of the character actually advertised. Still see many pairings of PVPs that are very unequal.

  • Code X76
    2020-05-17 13:40
    Code X76

    Wow.. Just wow guys, you all outdid yourselves! The story is great, the stats are well balanced where you can get really buffed up but then it really wouldn't let you get that over powered throughout the game. But honestly.. I don't know if it's just my device or the game, it's quite slow but other than that.. Totally worth it!

  • yoshiro Yasser 19
    2020-05-17 13:27
    yoshiro Yasser 19


  • Sylvester Torrente
    2020-05-17 13:15
    Sylvester Torrente

    so far so good in terms of story but there were enough SSR ally to be summoned with. The point click is kinda messy at times but manageable. If the devs will improve the SSR summon rate, then this game will be much more interesting and not so grindy most of the time.

  • Ricky Ihaia-Riley
    2020-05-17 11:22
    Ricky Ihaia-Riley


    2020-05-17 11:11

    I gave it 1 star because i write on google if evertale is offline and the results was yes totally offline then before i play the game i bought the game first then played it and pressed download full then waited after that i played it the off my wifi then so i was so exited that this game is offline then i restart the game no wifi then i played the game but the game said check your wifi connection i just freaking wasted my money😔😔😔😔😢😢😢😢😾😾😾

  • RE: flip
    2020-05-17 10:44
    RE: flip

    Pretty nice gameplay and there's some freedom in the game unlike other rpgs Loving the fact that there's no auto fight mode

  • Cowco Chip
    2020-05-17 10:20
    Cowco Chip

    Mantap gan

  • Graham Taylor
    2020-05-17 09:30
    Graham Taylor

    Great overall. However, the PVP matching system is terrible. Constantly matched against players you don't stand a chance against.

  • Adi Edot
    2020-05-17 09:00
    Adi Edot


  • Anik Hell
    2020-05-17 08:58
    Anik Hell

    Good story based game. This game is story good.

  • Vincent Chan
    2020-05-17 08:10
    Vincent Chan

    the rates are trash

  • Ben P
    2020-05-17 08:08
    Ben P

    Crashes, a lot.

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