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Photo Editor Pro

3.0.2 for Android


A powerful photo editor with many amazing effects!





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Receivd, Inc.



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Photo Editor Pro
* Photo Editor Pro is a powerful editor with many amazing effects!

* A very comprehensive photo editor and pretty much everything you could ever want to do on your phone!

* There are so many effects, stickers and features to apply to your photos!

Key Features:

+ One-tap auto enhance 

+ Gorgeous photo effects and frames

+ Fun stickers

+ Color balance

+ Crop, rotate, and straighten your photo

+ Adjust brightness, contrast, color temperature, and saturation

+ Sharpen and blur

+ Color temperature ("Warmth")

+ Color Splash

+ Focus (Tilt Shift)

+ Draw and add text

+ Create your own memes

+ Share to social network

Note: the edited image is saved in "File Manager/DCIM/Camera" or “\Sdcard\Camera”

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Photo Editor Pro 3.0.2 Update
● Brand new album design with better user experience! ● Support Spanish, German, French, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Simplified and Traditional Chinese in-app! ● Optimized performance and overall user experience. ● General fixes and improvements.
More Information
25.39 MB
Receivd, Inc.
Update Date:

RAW Information
Package Name      : com.zentertain.photoeditor
Version           : 3.0.2 (10096)
Min Sdk Level     : 17
Min Sdk Platform  : Android 4.2,4.2.2
Target Sdk Level     : 28
Target Sdk Platform  : Android 9.0

Permssions List
INTERNET : Allows applications to open network sockets. WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : Allows an application to write to external storage. READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : Allows an application to read from external storage. ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE : Allows applications to access information about networks WAKE_LOCK : Allows using PowerManager WakeLocks to keep processor from sleeping or screen from dimming CAMERA : Required to be able to access the camera device. BROADCAST_STICKY : Allows an application to broadcast sticky intents. SEND_DOWNLOAD_COMPLETED_INTENTS : ACCESS_WIFI_STATE : Allows applications to access information about Wi-Fi networks BIND_GET_INSTALL_REFERRER_SERVICE : READ_PHONE_STATE : Allows read only access to phone state. RECEIVE : REQUEST_INSTALL_PACKAGES : GET_COMMON_DATA :
com.zentertain.photoeditor.SplashActivity (Launcher) com.zentertain.photoeditor.PhotoDisplayActivity com.zentertain.photoeditor.MoreAppsActivity com.zentertain.photoeditor.WebActivity com.zentertain.photoeditor.MainActivity com.facebook.FacebookActivity com.adobe.creativesdk.aviary.AdobeImageEditorActivity com.vungle.warren.ui.VungleActivity com.vungle.warren.ui.VungleFlexViewActivity com.inmobi.rendering.InMobiAdActivity com.ironsource.sdk.controller.ControllerActivity com.ironsource.sdk.controller.InterstitialActivity com.ironsource.sdk.controller.OpenUrlActivity com.adcolony.sdk.AdColonyInterstitialActivity com.chartboost.sdk.CBImpressionActivity com.mintegral.msdk.activity.MTGCommonActivity com.mintegral.msdk.reward.player.MTGRewardVideoActivity com.zen.crosspromote.CrossPromoteActivity com.facebook.CustomTabMainActivity com.facebook.CustomTabActivity com.zen.core.ui.ZenCoreNotchActivity com.huawei.hms.hwid.internal.ui.activity.HwIdSignInHubActivity com.vungle.warren.ui.VungleWebViewActivity com.applovin.adview.AppLovinInterstitialActivity com.applovin.sdk.AppLovinWebViewActivity com.applovin.mediation.MaxDebuggerActivity com.applovin.mediation.MaxDebuggerDetailActivity com.huawei.hms.activity.BridgeActivity com.huawei.hms.activity.EnableServiceActivity com.huawei.updatesdk.service.otaupdate.AppUpdateActivity com.bytedance.sdk.openadsdk.activity.TTLandingPageActivity com.bytedance.sdk.openadsdk.activity.TTVideoLandingPageActivity com.bytedance.sdk.openadsdk.activity.TTRewardVideoActivity com.bytedance.sdk.openadsdk.activity.TTFullScreenVideoActivity com.bytedance.sdk.openadsdk.activity.TTDelegateActivity
Reviews From google play store
  • Gabo Romeo Ni!
    2020-04-05 11:13
    Gabo Romeo Ni!


  • Purnima Dive
    2020-04-05 08:13
    Purnima Dive


  • Cat Lover
    2020-04-05 07:57
    Cat Lover

    You can't change the size of the crop, only the ratio at which it crops, and it compresses photos to unusable qualities

  • Stacy Gardiner
    2020-04-05 03:03
    Stacy Gardiner

    I always download this everytime i get a new device. I have never had a problem with this app and love all the options. I particular choose this because it has the whiten option, I couldn't find that anywhere else. Very user friendly. Not too many ads or anything that could cause app to freeze up. I wouldn't download any other photo editor!

  • Lilly Campos
    2020-04-05 02:45
    Lilly Campos


  • Patrick Stanczyk
    2020-04-04 22:00
    Patrick Stanczyk

    Easy to use, with interesting results.

  • kunal Sharma
    2020-04-04 15:45
    kunal Sharma

    Excilant work

  • Faruk Hossain
    2020-04-04 10:53
    Faruk Hossain

    Operate system is Very easy 😆

  • Chiluveu Naveen raaj Wedding
    2020-04-04 05:11
    Chiluveu Naveen raaj Wedding


  • Michael Haverstock
    2020-04-04 03:51
    Michael Haverstock


  • Lynmar Giner
    2020-04-03 19:40
    Lynmar Giner

    Amazing.. Been using it for years now

  • Zaw Zaw
    2020-04-03 16:33
    Zaw Zaw


  • Patricia Clabo
    2020-04-03 05:35
    Patricia Clabo

    Just started

  • nagendra swamy
    2020-04-03 03:55
    nagendra swamy


  • Squid Licker Stevens
    2020-04-02 20:48
    Squid Licker Stevens

    Spam app

  • Peter Quezon
    2020-04-02 19:15
    Peter Quezon

    Love using it. Very easy to learn using the app.

  • Nicki Creamer
    2020-04-02 13:41
    Nicki Creamer

    Works great for photo adjustments

  • Patrick Eastwood
    2020-04-02 10:13
    Patrick Eastwood

    Too easy, best photo app on phone. Get it. Good work dudes.

  • Jaspal Deora
    2020-04-02 04:58
    Jaspal Deora

    If according to me

  • Tania Harmzen
    2020-04-02 04:44
    Tania Harmzen

    So many great options. Awesome app.

  • Virgilio Mendoza
    2020-04-02 02:51
    Virgilio Mendoza


  • Nazmul Alam Badhon
    2020-04-01 22:56
    Nazmul Alam Badhon

    This is awesome

  • Klord Gaming
    2020-04-01 20:58
    Klord Gaming

    (Pretty Good.) There are tiny glitches here and there but overall pretty good.

  • Shadi Portia
    2020-04-01 15:53
    Shadi Portia

    Not good

  • Debri Jaudines
    2020-04-01 03:42
    Debri Jaudines

    It was awesome

  • Gabe Zamora
    2020-04-01 01:26
    Gabe Zamora

    Works great and easy to use!

  • Rosanna BustOS
    2020-03-31 20:26
    Rosanna BustOS


  • Anani Kiki
    2020-03-31 11:52
    Anani Kiki

    I'm giving it 2 stars because you guys removed the photo collage in the app as it was together in the app before.....had to download another app by you guys for photo collage which is eating up my phone memory.....put it back and I'll give 5 stars.

  • Sumit Mahanand
    2020-03-31 08:17
    Sumit Mahanand


  • Nikhil Joshi
    2020-03-31 04:46
    Nikhil Joshi


  • Curtis Norton
    2020-03-31 02:36
    Curtis Norton

    This app is okay for quick edits, but the paid version still has ads.

  • Chrislin L M-Leech
    2020-03-30 22:55
    Chrislin L M-Leech

    I have been using this app for Years! Tried others, just to see, but always come back, so I'm sticking with Photo Editor Pro!!! Galaxy S9+

  • Anointed Joy Katende
    2020-03-30 16:57
    Anointed Joy Katende

    Its awesome👍👍✌

  • K G
    2020-03-30 12:28
    K G

    I have used this app for a long time and absolutely love it. I always download it every single time I change phones. It is amazing and yes you get an ad every time you finish a pic... but it's worth it because the app is awesome lol

  • nader tabatabaie
    2020-03-30 08:35
    nader tabatabaie

    Nice work

  • James Sigrist
    2020-03-30 04:27
    James Sigrist

    This app would be perfect except for one fatal flaw. For some reason it automatically turns everything I edit blue. Even if you don't do anything to the photo and save it, it still comes out blue.

  • Captain Swaggy Nerd
    2020-03-30 04:06
    Captain Swaggy Nerd

    So good. And sexy 😍

  • Ahmad Khan
    2020-03-29 23:20
    Ahmad Khan

    Best App and easy to use.

  • Kimberly Lawson
    2020-03-29 19:56
    Kimberly Lawson

    Its good but it wont let me get the free stuff in the accseserys.

  • Lisa Vanhoute
    2020-03-29 19:55
    Lisa Vanhoute

    Easy to use

  • massomeh jalali
    2020-03-29 18:14
    massomeh jalali

    it's so bad

  • 2020-03-29 10:56 Abdelkader

    Very nice

  • Phyli Hernandez
    2020-03-29 06:53
    Phyli Hernandez

    Love this app

  • cherry may song
    2020-03-29 06:38
    cherry may song


  • Stacie Dozier
    2020-03-29 05:24
    Stacie Dozier

    bad app cant even get close to edges trying to edit a photo of me

  • Brooke Grimes
    2020-03-29 05:10
    Brooke Grimes

    Best part for me is posting multiple photos at once.

  • Wolfy Dave
    2020-03-29 00:08
    Wolfy Dave

    Liked the app, but deleted it due to all the annoying pop up ads.. 28/03/20 Just keeps getting worse. Can't download any of the frames or other features. Will be deleting for good this time.

  • Shubham khalpada
    2020-03-28 14:46
    Shubham khalpada

    Very nice

  • Ritesh Bhuimbar
    2020-03-28 12:58
    Ritesh Bhuimbar

    Nice app

  • Samuel Anthony
    2020-03-28 09:51
    Samuel Anthony

    Beautiful app please yes please

  • Mano Te Tau
    2020-03-28 06:41
    Mano Te Tau


  • Rhoda Welch
    2020-03-28 04:39
    Rhoda Welch


  • Theresa Roys
    2020-03-28 01:48
    Theresa Roys

    their aren't too many ads; I like all the features it does provide for being a free app. :-)

  • Eyob Gebre
    2020-03-27 16:40
    Eyob Gebre

    Very well app

  • Singga Singh
    2020-03-27 10:36
    Singga Singh

    Nice. Pic

  • Delpher Frederick
    2020-03-27 05:08
    Delpher Frederick

    Can't edit my pictures

  • ronnie sanchez
    2020-03-26 11:05
    ronnie sanchez


  • Halahtwas Sama
    2020-03-25 21:25
    Halahtwas Sama

    This is a very good app I like it

  • Paul Emson
    2020-03-25 19:02
    Paul Emson

    Only just started using it on my tablet so I need to get use to it .now I use it alot

  • Rahul Maulik
    2020-03-25 15:26
    Rahul Maulik

    Its awasam .

  • Jaimy Hernandez
    2020-03-25 14:31
    Jaimy Hernandez


  • Evie & Darcie
    2020-03-25 11:28
    Evie & Darcie

    Its great ,worth the download

  • Brittany Orosco
    2020-03-24 18:59
    Brittany Orosco

    I've used this app for so long. Get quality pictures are the outcome. It's never let me down.

  • D bhat
    2020-03-24 16:20
    D bhat


  • Sharlene Smith
    2020-03-24 13:30
    Sharlene Smith


  • Intan Nurliana
    2020-03-24 12:47
    Intan Nurliana

    Nice....beautiful photo

  • Spánísh Égp
    2020-03-23 23:14
    Spánísh Égp


  • jamshed khan
    2020-03-23 10:02
    jamshed khan


  • jeremiah stokes
    2020-03-23 06:40
    jeremiah stokes

    It was fun is fun have fun latter

  • Rilak Kshetri
    2020-03-23 03:28
    Rilak Kshetri


  • Wethmi Imalsha
    2020-03-22 11:29
    Wethmi Imalsha

    It is not opened 👎👎

  • nancy navarro
    2020-03-21 20:40
    nancy navarro

    It will not downlowd for some reason

  • Keith Latham
    2020-03-21 18:28
    Keith Latham


  • Alzubi Afrin
    2020-03-21 16:30
    Alzubi Afrin

    It was awesome

  • Anja Giersch
    2020-03-21 14:58
    Anja Giersch

    Leider stürzt die App kontinuierlich ab. Keine Bildbearbeitung mehr möglich. Schade! Update: ein anderes Tablet, das gleiche Problem.

  • Hitesh Singh
    2020-03-20 18:10
    Hitesh Singh

    It's great ... Bt I want one more option in this app .. it's remove unwanted object.. otherwise it's great for edit photos.. 🙂

  • bob conner
    2020-03-20 13:57
    bob conner

    Great results.

  • Jyoti Bendwal
    2020-03-20 13:44
    Jyoti Bendwal

    Very nice app

  • Celia Cardenas
    2020-03-20 01:35
    Celia Cardenas

    Good app

  • Mr T T Maluleke
    2020-03-19 04:35
    Mr T T Maluleke


  • Karrie Chalker-Carr
    2020-03-18 17:20
    Karrie Chalker-Carr

    To many adds and i hate having to download extra stuff just to be able to edit your pictures this is my least favorite photo app

  • Sahar Malekian
    2020-03-18 12:10
    Sahar Malekian


  • Azhar chohan Azhar
    2020-03-16 06:04
    Azhar chohan Azhar


  • ibrahim khan
    2020-03-16 05:55
    ibrahim khan

    Loser app

  • Norma Alwiyao
    2020-03-16 00:07
    Norma Alwiyao

    Excellent... I love this app I can make my contacts happy by using this app to make a difference...

  • Kasey Kessler
    2020-03-15 15:25
    Kasey Kessler

    Thanks for helping me make my pictures beautiful!

  • Isaiah Eckart
    2020-03-15 09:59
    Isaiah Eckart


  • Satwik Yadav
    2020-03-15 08:50
    Satwik Yadav


  • Dianna Hall
    2020-03-14 23:24
    Dianna Hall


  • Roman Velasquez
    2020-03-14 15:15
    Roman Velasquez

    It's really good

  • Lori Bittle
    2020-03-14 13:47
    Lori Bittle


  • triggered duniya by abhinay
    2020-03-14 06:31
    triggered duniya by abhinay


  • Angelica Cardenaz
    2020-03-13 10:24
    Angelica Cardenaz

    Just great!!

  • Felix Mwangi
    2020-03-13 06:34
    Felix Mwangi

    The best

  • Obed Thogole
    2020-03-13 05:42
    Obed Thogole


    2020-03-12 13:52

    Great app

  • Rana Ishrat
    2020-03-12 11:18
    Rana Ishrat


  • Natasha Simmons
    2020-03-12 07:07
    Natasha Simmons


    2020-03-12 04:11


  • Andrew Moffat
    2020-03-11 05:17
    Andrew Moffat

    Great app and easy to use.

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