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Flip out with the greatest Super Heroes of all time in Marvel Pinball!





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Zen Studios



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Marvel Pinball
Marvel Pinball combines the greatest Super Heroes of all time with the definitive videogame pinball experience of all time. Use your pinball wizardry to help the legendary Marvel Universe heroes rid the pinball landscape of notorious Super Villains in an epic combination of superhuman might, immersive gameplay, and unprecedented table visuals! 

Marvel Pinball supports a wide variety of Android powered tablets!

Marvel Pinball now supports Android TV!

The initial Marvel Pinball download comes with Marvel's The Avengers table. Other Marvel Pinball tables can be purchased as in-app purchases.

**For players already enjoying Marvel Pinball tables in Zen Pinball, we want to give you a heads up that there is no way for us to transfer purchases or make tables available in both apps. Thanks for your support!** 

Tables include Spider-Man, Wolverine, Iron Man, Blade, Ghost Rider, Moon Knight, Thor, X-Men, Fantastic Four, Captain America, World War Hulk, The Infinity Gauntlet, Fear Itself and Civil War. 

Marvel Pinball continues to be one of the highest rated Metacritic rated games of all time!

What the press have to say: 

In a sense Marvel Pinball is the best mix of comic books and retro and modern gaming.

Zen Studios goes the extra mile with plenty of options and multiplayer experiences for users to enjoy. - IGN

Marvel Pinball is a must-have for pinball fans. Zen has proven time and again that they are the best at what they do, and what they do best is pinball. - The Adrenaline Vault

Naturally, the table artwork is gorgeous, doing the Marvel license proud, and the animated characters that leap around the playfields always enhance the look. - OXM

These tables are pretty friggin' cool. - G4TV

Marvel Pinball remains one of the best downloadable games on any system. - Game Rant

Download Marvel Pinball now!

Marvel Pinball 1.8.1 Update
Marvel's awesome female Super Heroes step forward to defy evil in Marvel's Women of Power two-pack, featuring A-Force & the Champions!
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38.87 MB
Zen Studios
Update Date:

RAW Information
Package Name      : com.zenstudios.MarvelPinball
Version           : 1.8.1 (22)
Min Sdk Level     : 15
Min Sdk Platform  : Android 4.0.3,4.0.4
Target Sdk Level     : 28
Target Sdk Platform  : Android 9.0

Permssions List
INTERNET : Allows applications to open network sockets. ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE : Allows applications to access information about networks WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : Allows an application to write to external storage. BILLING : CHECK_LICENSE : RECEIVE : C2D_MESSAGE : VIBRATE : Allows access to the vibrator
com.zenstudios.MarvelPinball.MainActivity (Launcher) com.facebook.LoginActivity
Reviews From google play store
  • David Fisher
    2020-04-20 08:21
    David Fisher

    Very impressed with the in game graphics and game play! Love the original storylines of each table!

  • christopher moeller
    2020-04-20 01:22
    christopher moeller

    Horrible game. 2 dollar game just to download right. Can not even play a pin ball game without having to buy each pin ball table. Squares

  • Zack McIlwain
    2020-04-19 07:48
    Zack McIlwain

    Open app says "checking game license" then force quits. Downloading free with google pass

  • Demetrius Cleveland
    2020-04-19 02:23
    Demetrius Cleveland


  • Ostin Moon
    2020-04-18 23:06
    Ostin Moon

    Keeps crashing

  • Jean Dejesus
    2020-04-18 22:59
    Jean Dejesus

    Won't play keeps saying checking game licensees plz fix

  • Pat NoNonsense
    2020-04-18 22:40
    Pat NoNonsense

    Everytime I open the app it takes me to a screen saying "checking gaming license" and a few seconds it sends me back to the Google play store. I will change my rating if you can fix this glitch

  • Mario C.
    2020-04-18 22:16
    Mario C.

    I have google play pass. I downloaded the game for free and upon start the game reads "checking for license" then shuts down on me. Can't even play the game.

  • Liteasha Warner
    2020-04-16 09:37
    Liteasha Warner


  • Michael Peters
    2020-04-16 00:29
    Michael Peters

    Great play lots of table choices and xcellent details on the tables themselves plus tons of xtra stuff plus its not like 3 balls and done they actually give u 5 or 6 balls per go its definetly worth getting AND KEEPING

  • Jose Aue
    2020-04-14 23:03
    Jose Aue

    I like this game a lot

  • david hassan
    2020-04-13 01:51
    david hassan

    Good game

  • Bob Smith
    2020-04-10 23:25
    Bob Smith

    Worth the price.

  • JD Jones
    2020-04-09 10:11
    JD Jones

    Top notch pinball play. Excellent detail and fantastic music makes for an experience to die for. Avengers Table is a bit stale, so if you really want a good time, get the X-Men and Infinity Gauntlet Tables.

  • Tina Conley
    2020-04-08 07:26
    Tina Conley

    It's different but I like the interaction throughout the stages with the characters. It's cool and fun

  • Chris Diaz
    2020-04-02 19:19
    Chris Diaz

    really u cant play it offline what a joke ( edit ) It was my fault didn't realize the game was loading wrong level

  • MönkéhyBloöd 3245
    2020-03-30 01:22
    MönkéhyBloöd 3245

    You have to pay to get new boards

  • Lola Lolo
    2020-03-26 15:46
    Lola Lolo

    Love pinball and this doesnt dissapoint!!!! Many boards to choose

  • Jackson Taylor
    2020-03-26 11:23
    Jackson Taylor

    Bought this app, but you have to pay extra for individual boards.. be warned.

  • stw picknell
    2020-03-26 11:18
    stw picknell

    Solid game, good mechanics, creative tables

  • Danielle Weiss
    2020-03-24 14:37
    Danielle Weiss

    Totallybkick ass realistic pinball. Lots of options and so much fun. Good time killer when you are bored.

  • Susan Tresz
    2020-03-23 05:02
    Susan Tresz

    Its ok game

  • Zsazsa Gabor
    2020-03-21 17:53
    Zsazsa Gabor

    Lots of fun during the Corona virus outbreak.

  • Rebel Granny
    2020-03-14 01:38
    Rebel Granny

    Love this....great graphics

  • Michael Rhine
    2020-03-13 04:27
    Michael Rhine

    I am having a blast with this game. I have seen other reviews for this game and I ask myself are they blind, are they playing the same game.

  • Jeremy Jaymes
    2020-03-05 03:53
    Jeremy Jaymes

    Paid to play for one table. Thought I would get more of a choice.

  • Joka Wild
    2020-03-04 20:18
    Joka Wild


  • Himself Aye
    2020-03-03 13:19
    Himself Aye

    Just updated 25/02/20 thinking great! Can start playing again but no it still doesn't fit the screen still sides cut off and big borders top and bottom (2) thankyou for advice I'll give it a try.

  • Carlitos Coleman
    2020-02-26 01:27
    Carlitos Coleman

    It will not let me buy tables

  • Blain Rogers
    2020-02-25 14:32
    Blain Rogers

    This thing looks like it hasnt been updated since like 2012. The graphics are blurry and gross looking, and it doesnt even scale to fit my screen properly. Was excited because i love pinball but this is lame as hell. Edit: yeah i super dont care that you contacted me, developer. I deleted this a month ago.

  • Don Ours
    2020-02-12 18:29
    Don Ours

    Fun never ends

  • Orlando Diaz
    2020-02-11 22:57
    Orlando Diaz

    Pretty cool

  • Max M
    2020-02-08 19:20
    Max M

    Great tables, fun game. Unfortunately sometimes I can't play offline and that's really upsetting.

  • Chris Fitch
    2020-01-28 20:43
    Chris Fitch

    Works great for me except for the screen doesn't scale well and the top and bottom is cut off with black bars and there is at least another 1/2" of screen to fill.

  • Ben Huege
    2020-01-24 04:03
    Ben Huege

    Resolution scaling seems broken or nonexistent. Unplayable because the play screen is so small. If I could post a screen shot I would. It's about a half inch by half inch square on the top of my screen.

  • Paul Eggers
    2020-01-21 14:07
    Paul Eggers

    Awsome game better than the real thing in my opinion!Injoy playing.

  • Wes Campbell
    2020-01-14 16:06
    Wes Campbell

    Black bars on top and bottom of screen.

  • John Yu
    2020-01-03 10:05
    John Yu

    I want to play marvel offline games and its the only one on google play store that why i bought tables please update spider man table so he can fight villians when you hit a high score

  • Bryan Pollard
    2020-01-02 04:04
    Bryan Pollard

    Would be good if playable. Only shows maybe 75% of the screen on my phone. It's not optimized for any nee phones. Galaxy s10+

  • Michael Johnson
    2019-12-31 19:31
    Michael Johnson

    Issues with game play controls, can put in name at end. Tables load to small on note 10 + that it cuts off the bottom even though there's still an inch of screen on both top and bottom

  • Jonathan Moore
    2019-12-31 18:42
    Jonathan Moore

    Display never scales to proper size, part of screen is always cut off

  • Chris Molina
    2019-12-29 19:45
    Chris Molina

    My only complant about this game is I want More Levels. Seriously Marvel get your head out of your ass & back in the game we havent had a new bord in ages. Do something awesome like a Stan Lee trubite bord. That would be so awesome Id pay close to $5 for that.

  • Reynaldo Gonzalez
    2019-12-27 20:20
    Reynaldo Gonzalez

    Its amazing and also IT HAS A SPIDER-MAN PINBALL one its awesome

  • Joy Randolph
    2019-12-26 14:04
    Joy Randolph

    Fun wirh lots of detail

  • Jared Evans
    2019-12-23 13:04
    Jared Evans

    Backgrounds of game play are too busy, making it difficult to see the ball. Otherwise, it would have been the perfect pinball app. I end up deleting it after few days after trying to give it a fair chance. If backgrounds are more muted and faded away, would make a huge difference. Devs, add this game option?

  • Ryzaki
    2019-12-21 21:45

    Game doesn't work in galaxy note 9. The screen is super small and does not full display. It only goes slight 25% of the screen and that's all. I advise to get this fixed as a lot of newer phones have big screens and apparently others are having similar issues.

  • Karen Junkin
    2019-12-16 04:26
    Karen Junkin

    I love ❤ this game so much and don't get he the negativity.

  • Gregory Samaroo
    2019-12-11 07:04
    Gregory Samaroo

    Addicting game...after about 2 hours of playing though haven't seemed to quite be gaining anything special

  • Heather Fulk
    2019-12-10 08:41
    Heather Fulk

    Best pinball ever, fits right in the palm of your hand!

  • dawn tindall
    2019-12-10 02:07
    dawn tindall

    Fab graphics and realistic play. Another well done set of pinball games by Zen.

  • Ian Bulock
    2019-12-06 06:57
    Ian Bulock

    Does not allow you to play more than the demo board with play pass. You cannot even purchase more as it's integration with the Play store seems to be broken. Tested on Pixel 3a

  • Edward Macciola
    2019-12-05 19:43
    Edward Macciola

    This is my favorite game next to tic tac toe !

  • Rudy Lugo V
    2019-11-28 07:14
    Rudy Lugo V


  • Nathan Rogers
    2019-11-28 04:08
    Nathan Rogers

    Fun and great for killing time.

  • Hector Perez
    2019-11-27 16:28
    Hector Perez

    The game is unplayable, it only fills about an inch of my screen. Update: the developer replied to my review and the game now works. I'm still giving it a low score because I shouldn't have to fix the game as a consumer. The game should just work. Fix the game please.

  • Almighty Whitey
    2019-11-25 17:01
    Almighty Whitey

    Great way to satisfy my pinball addiction while on the road.

  • Eric Kelly
    2019-11-25 02:32
    Eric Kelly

    Works not load once it did it stuck on 100% would not open lgv40

  • Aaron Flood
    2019-11-20 06:21
    Aaron Flood

    So addicting

  • Preston Rumsey
    2019-11-18 02:16
    Preston Rumsey


  • Chris Stewart
    2019-11-17 12:14
    Chris Stewart

    One. Of. The. Best. Pinball. Apps. You. Could Have. on. Your. Phone. For. Theose. Who Like. Playing. Pinball. on. There Phone. From. Chris.

  • Crystal Gems
    2019-11-15 22:47
    Crystal Gems

    I bought the game and it wont let me play it I want a refund

  • Ben Smith
    2019-11-15 09:02
    Ben Smith

    None of this game of free!!

  • Josh Reynolds
    2019-11-12 11:20
    Josh Reynolds

    Best pinball game ever

  • Michael Reutebuch
    2019-11-11 14:33
    Michael Reutebuch

    Fun pinball, but buggy. The gameplay is exactly what I want out of a pinball game: the physics feels accurate and the tables are well-themed and challenging. The issues I'm having with the app are: 1) the ultra-wide issue where the bottom of the screen is cut off (Pixel 4 here) and 2) I can't sign in to Google Play, it just tries endlessly to sign in with no success. Fairly significant bugs that mar an otherwise good game

  • Dennis Burnn
    2019-11-11 09:38
    Dennis Burnn

    This game doesn't work with play pass. Everytime I opens shows checking license then it closes AUTOMATICALLY please fix

  • Jason Lee Klein
    2019-11-11 05:57
    Jason Lee Klein

    Great play.if u know what ur do'n!!

  • Alvin Wong
    2019-11-09 01:41
    Alvin Wong

    Great game

  • Greg Runyard
    2019-11-08 16:45
    Greg Runyard

    Doesn't work on Galaxy S10. Only fills about half the screen. Update: manually changed to full screen mode which worked.

  • nick najera
    2019-11-08 16:44
    nick najera

    Lack of support is obvious for this. Too bad google play doesn't realize this before they put it on play pass. Now devs like this can get more money without putting in the equal effort. Edit: I posted this because lack of update, no responses to people until now and screen issues. I have forced full screen so now I can see option menus on bottom of my screen but the actual game doesn't fill my screen. Half an inch on top and half an inch on bottom makes one inch of viewing space unused.

  • Garrett Ten Eyck
    2019-11-08 15:56
    Garrett Ten Eyck

    After restarting phone now works just fine and pretty decent for pinball on a phone

  • Jace Thompzen
    2019-11-04 19:38
    Jace Thompzen

    Love this game,brings back childhood memories!

  • Ian Horner
    2019-10-31 20:33
    Ian Horner

    Doesn't work on modern phones

  • Anthony Craig Hutzler
    2019-10-31 17:33
    Anthony Craig Hutzler


  • Michael Hinz
    2019-10-29 13:59
    Michael Hinz

    Pretty fun pinball game.

  • John Magee
    2019-10-29 07:01
    John Magee


  • al Gillespie
    2019-10-28 22:41
    al Gillespie

    This game is

  • Rod Jones
    2019-10-27 13:23
    Rod Jones

    Terrible pinball game. Delete game and try again it sucks.

  • Edward Finer
    2019-10-26 19:12
    Edward Finer

    In my short time with the game, the physics are solid, and there's a good variety of tables. That said, Zen Studios, you need to make better support for high resolution screens your top priority for further updates. Screens beyond 1080p are extremely common nowadays, and I shouldn't have to dig into System Settings to force this app to fill the screen (and even THEN it doesn't match the aspect ratio).

  • Kyle Hibler
    2019-10-22 14:24
    Kyle Hibler

    Does not work on Galaxy S10+. It seems that the screen resolution or aspect ratio is not set properly. When the game launches it is in a tiny window and can barely be seen. The window sometimes moves around too.

  • House JEDi
    2019-10-20 21:30
    House JEDi

    Decent app! But app is most def an obvious work in progress... I hope, lol. Can't I just transfer all my ZenStudios games that I bought on PS3 digital/PS4 digital and Nintendo Switch, etc.? I have a PS4 Day One. Can't I IMPORT all PS3, PS4, Switch, PC and now Android/iOS (Apple/Mac)???? So, can we IMPORT games we bought on PS Store from Zen Studios years ago including Importing 'Pinball FX3,' apps on Android from either PS3/PS4 or Switch/PCs QUICKLY ENOUGH or vice-versa??? Why cant it be done?

  • AbiliTV Broadcasting
    2019-10-19 23:41
    AbiliTV Broadcasting

    It will not fill my entire screen. Oddly enough the text is so small I used my magnifier option and it said not to use that... Turned it all off and the table enlarged to just about half screen portrait mode. I got to play and the physics are spot on. Is fun to play, just hard to see. As a heads up, people are taking companies to court over access issues like this for websites. I imagine it won't be long before they start on game makers. Make it ADA compliant to avoid that.

  • Michael Tosto
    2019-10-19 12:37
    Michael Tosto

    Doesn't work. S10+ corrupt graphics Absolutely Unplayable

  • Ro Bear
    2019-10-18 23:24
    Ro Bear

    so small you can't see the controls or end start the game. Galaxy note 9

  • Christopher Coulter
    2019-10-18 06:44
    Christopher Coulter

    App clearly hasn't been designed for ultra wide phones as all menu buttons and a good chunk of bottom of pinball table is cut off.

  • Yahya Rasheed
    2019-10-17 02:19
    Yahya Rasheed

    Really great addition to play pass!

  • Phillip Collins
    2019-10-16 18:49
    Phillip Collins

    Update: Solid designed Pinball Game but even with a 6.2 inch screen it's slightly hard to follow where the ball is going. There isn't much you can do about that aside from play on a tablet.. There are plenty of well designed machines to choose from on the Play Pass but if I had to purchase them individually without it; my rating would be much lower and I would be highly irritated based on their pricing.

  • Chad Hatley
    2019-10-16 13:59
    Chad Hatley

    Tables live up to the characters. Wish there was a Punisher. My only grievance is I have to randomly walk to wifi to confirm licenses for my purchases. Sometimes they play for days, sometimes for hours. This didn't use to happen. It's very aggravating to sit down in pajamas to play before bed and find out, nope, gotta get dressed and walk to wifi because the game can't remember I bought all my tables again.

  • Woody Watkins
    2019-10-16 03:12
    Woody Watkins

    Totally fixed the problem! Redownloaded and an having a blast!

  • Kip Kennedy
    2019-10-14 19:10
    Kip Kennedy

    Best pinball on mobile! Not because it's Marvel but it plays well and responds great. Which is important to a game like pinball. They also include a short story with each table and have animations for fighting and story telling. If you don't have Play pass, you do have to pay for additional tables.

  • Shawn S
    2019-10-13 17:41
    Shawn S

    Garbage. Pops up in a window so small I can't even click the settings with my s-pen. It's not 2008 anymore, falling to support modern displays it's unacceptable.

  • Eric Wasson
    2019-10-13 15:14
    Eric Wasson

    Great pinball action, lots of different tables

  • Bruce Wayne
    2019-10-12 10:39
    Bruce Wayne

    Awesome there's two types of people in this world.... Video game people & Pinball people well you can figure it out LMFAO!!!! Pinball people Rule!!!!!!!!!

  • Jordan Olson
    2019-10-11 17:37
    Jordan Olson

    Haven't been able to play. The game is not optimized for ultra wide phone screens I think. I have an lg g8 and the screen is cut off on the bottom and top I can't play when I can't see the whole screen.

  • Anna M
    2019-10-11 02:15
    Anna M

    Doesn't even work, boots into a very very tiny window completely unplayable

  • Tony
    2019-10-09 04:00

    Love it. Most people complaining just need a better job so they can buy a good phone and play this great game.

  • Random Gamer
    2019-10-08 18:04
    Random Gamer

    Doesn't fit my screen fix it

  • Monica Moreno
    2019-10-06 04:13
    Monica Moreno

    The controls are awful and the app feels outdated.

  • Peter Cousland
    2019-10-06 03:48
    Peter Cousland

    Serious bugs. Needs an update badly

  • Darren Mccarroll
    2019-10-05 05:40
    Darren Mccarroll

    I like pinball games so all the diffrent tables are really fun to play.

  • Michael Jones
    2019-10-05 00:57
    Michael Jones

    Great tables and effects. Lots of fun!

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