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HAGO - Play With New Friends

HAGO - Play With New Friends

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Hago Games



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HAGO - Play With New Friends
With over 100 Million Downloads Hago has received a lot of love from the players around the globe. Download and enjoy Games, Channels, Voice Chatting and have unlimited fun. Hago can be your getaway for all social and casual needs.

80+ Games: 
180 seconds of endless fun and over 80+ games to play, this will be your new addiction. Ready to get hooked?

Live Battles (PVP): 
When the rewards are huge, friends become opponents. Battle it out with friends and strangers to dominate the world.

Build your own world in your Channel. Have your own identity in channels of your choice. You are the Hago Star – express yourself and impress the world.

Make Friends via Voice Chat:
Voice Chat with your game partners and chat room friends. Hit the right notes and who knows you might land yourself a date. 

Play Games, Make Friends! 

To know more about Hago:
Official Website: https://ihago.net/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HagoGlobal
HAGO - Play With New Friends 3.25.3 Update
1. Party list updated! In here, we could now interact and make friends with each other! 2. Make friends, have fun in party, listen to music, play game: everything is in here 3. Now you can modify your profile theme! Add your personal tags and send posts immediately. Make yourself unique! 4. Square now has various filters for posting, making it easy and fun! 5. Meet your friends in group and party. Either music or game lovers are going to love this place!
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83.60 MB
Hago Games
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Reviews From google play store
  • Priyadarsini P
    2020-06-03 03:37
    Priyadarsini P

    Its good app

  • Kumar Saroj Singh
    2020-06-03 03:37
    Kumar Saroj Singh

    I got my life partner

  • Danish Mahajan
    2020-06-03 03:34
    Danish Mahajan

    Very bad app . No widrawl of money .i suggested not to use this app,very low response of a game, trusted level 0.

  • Ummer Ek
    2020-06-03 03:32
    Ummer Ek


  • hacker gamer
    2020-06-03 03:24
    hacker gamer

    Lol app worst app in 🌏 world

  • Alok Raj
    2020-06-03 03:20
    Alok Raj

    Desh se badh kar kuch nahi 😡 Jai Hind

  • Jatin Kumar
    2020-06-03 03:19
    Jatin Kumar

    Very very very nice aap

  • ķìłłęř Ğámîņğ žøńę
    2020-06-03 03:17
    ķìłłęř Ğámîņğ žøńę

    App humko mobile gift degeye to me app 100k download kar wa dege hum youtuber hai

  • Amandeep kaur Amandeep
    2020-06-03 03:17
    Amandeep kaur Amandeep


  • Sanjay Garg
    2020-06-03 03:17
    Sanjay Garg


  • Ganesh Sahu
    2020-06-03 03:13
    Ganesh Sahu

    So nice

  • Mohan Mohan
    2020-06-03 03:13
    Mohan Mohan


  • Pooja Choyal
    2020-06-03 03:12
    Pooja Choyal

    Ban china products

  • shivam khairwar
    2020-06-03 03:12
    shivam khairwar


  • Gurpreet Singh
    2020-06-03 03:11
    Gurpreet Singh

    Very nice game

  • Priyanka Vat
    2020-06-03 03:10
    Priyanka Vat

    Money plants tree, money withdraw after 30 day complete but i not received money on Paytm..

  • Amandeep Veerpal
    2020-06-03 03:08
    Amandeep Veerpal

    Nice very nice app we chat here and play

  • Deepa Saini
    2020-06-03 03:05
    Deepa Saini


  • Mahtab Alam
    2020-06-03 03:04
    Mahtab Alam

    Wow nice gameplay

    2020-06-03 03:02

    Very nice good games

  • Bipin Churasiya
    2020-06-03 03:01
    Bipin Churasiya

    Login with hago id

  • prince kumar
    2020-06-03 03:01
    prince kumar

    Rinkal Babu

  • Vishal Kumar
    2020-06-03 03:00
    Vishal Kumar


  • Santosh Rai
    2020-06-03 03:00
    Santosh Rai


  • wai emma
    2020-06-03 02:59
    wai emma

    super fun I love it pls add more games thanks girl!!!

  • Mr Deepak Raj
    2020-06-03 02:57
    Mr Deepak Raj

    Nice app

  • bhavik parekh
    2020-06-03 02:57
    bhavik parekh

    Very bad app not giving Money And all fake

  • Afzal Shaikh
    2020-06-03 02:57
    Afzal Shaikh

    My payment is not received in my paytm account.about 30 days.

  • claraous 1
    2020-06-03 02:56
    claraous 1

    Dont instal friends not give any peyment fake aplication

  • Sandeep Sodawas
    2020-06-03 02:55
    Sandeep Sodawas


  • Rj Sougat
    2020-06-03 02:54
    Rj Sougat


  • Ramesh Shing
    2020-06-03 02:51
    Ramesh Shing


  • Tara Bk
    2020-06-03 02:44
    Tara Bk

    Hi how to use this app

  • Mythical Music Force
    2020-06-03 02:43
    Mythical Music Force


  • I-Am-K gaming I-Am-K gaming
    2020-06-03 02:42
    I-Am-K gaming I-Am-K gaming

    The wonderful app money more game and full interest

  • raghu paul
    2020-06-03 02:42
    raghu paul

    Very bad experience they are cheating with people I got only once 25rs referal cash I invited so many friend genuine way but they dint give any thing it's all ready 40days going I send so many times message to hago help center but they dint give me any response only they sends auto generated message you will get reward within 3 days stop this such scam don't make fool us by hago money planate I gonna delet this app as well all my friends will uninstall such cheat app nonsense Disgousting.. .....

    2020-06-03 02:37

    I love this game

  • BollamPrashanth Prashanth
    2020-06-03 02:34
    BollamPrashanth Prashanth


  • Stanley Don Dengah
    2020-06-03 02:32
    Stanley Don Dengah


  • amit pandit
    2020-06-03 02:31
    amit pandit


  • Shahrukh Khan
    2020-06-03 02:31
    Shahrukh Khan

    Nice game

  • Billclinton and Sandesh
    2020-06-03 02:29
    Billclinton and Sandesh

    So nice apps i love that apps

  • Mangal say Say
    2020-06-03 02:25
    Mangal say Say

    Kaval Singh

    2020-06-03 02:22

    Loodo bolkul bekkar hai. Kisi kisi ka baaar baar 6 ata h.or kisi ka pure game me 2 baar 6 ata h. Isko prblm ko sahi kariye .

  • Krishna Kumar
    2020-06-03 02:19
    Krishna Kumar

    Ye app bhaut hi ghatiya hai ki ki manay palnt ka widraw nai ho rha invate karne par bhi is app par time vas na kare ap ka samay kharb hoga is app par bharosa mat karna 😔😞😞😔

  • vicky_craby
    2020-06-03 02:18

    Very nice app

  • Satinder Sharma
    2020-06-03 02:12
    Satinder Sharma

    Kya yaar kya ghatiya game hai yaar isme axe gang me mujhe jitne ke baad bhi 3 game harni padi bewkuf bna rkha tum logo ne

  • Rohan Selva
    2020-06-03 02:10
    Rohan Selva

    Worst one I will refer 2 member but not give the money it's fake worsted waste of time

  • Vikram Shrama
    2020-06-03 02:07
    Vikram Shrama


  • Naveen Vemula
    2020-06-03 02:03
    Naveen Vemula


  • Aadi Sipu
    2020-06-03 01:59
    Aadi Sipu

    He is good application

  • Shyam Lal
    2020-06-03 01:58
    Shyam Lal

    Nice game

  • ANURAG hit man
    2020-06-03 01:55
    ANURAG hit man


  • Maya janagal
    2020-06-03 01:47
    Maya janagal

    profile photo are not change

  • Rajesh Sharma
    2020-06-03 01:40
    Rajesh Sharma

    Nice aap he jarur Dekho khelo bat karo

  • suhani rwt .
    2020-06-03 01:39
    suhani rwt .

    Nice game

  • Nafeesh Ahmad
    2020-06-03 01:38
    Nafeesh Ahmad

    This is very bad app i will cannot widraw my mony

  • UGs᭄RahulAWM gaming
    2020-06-03 01:37
    UGs᭄RahulAWM gaming

    Hii nice app

  • Soni Gupta
    2020-06-03 01:35
    Soni Gupta


  • Geetanjali Giri
    2020-06-03 01:32
    Geetanjali Giri


  • Agustus Ekka
    2020-06-03 01:31
    Agustus Ekka

    The game is so amazing that i can't explain means hago too good👍👍👍👍👍

  • Sharvan Singh
    2020-06-03 01:29
    Sharvan Singh

    La jvab

  • Jagdish Chand Bhati Bhati
    2020-06-03 01:26
    Jagdish Chand Bhati Bhati


  • Goutam Mondal
    2020-06-03 01:24
    Goutam Mondal

    I never get money on my paytm account after 30 days from withdrawal. I'm going to uninstall it 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

  • tafazzul vanthara
    2020-06-03 01:22
    tafazzul vanthara

    Security risk app

  • Dhirendra Kharwar
    2020-06-03 01:10
    Dhirendra Kharwar

    Good app

  • Kamil Khan
    2020-06-03 01:10
    Kamil Khan

    Good and lots of game

  • rajaram rajaram
    2020-06-03 00:58
    rajaram rajaram

    Very very enjoyd the app

  • Langit Caesar
    2020-06-03 00:52
    Langit Caesar

    Mantap gamenya coy silen house seru banget

  • தமிழ்த் தாய்
    2020-06-03 00:52
    தமிழ்த் தாய்

    this app storage over an loadin my (mi) mobill wheast app not install frinds ..!

  • Shesa Pujhari
    2020-06-03 00:50
    Shesa Pujhari

    Please solve the voice problem

  • Abhishek Singh
    2020-06-03 00:46
    Abhishek Singh

    Very experience game

  • wild Beast
    2020-06-03 00:45
    wild Beast

    Best gaming app and earn money

  • Entelina Simangunsong
    2020-06-03 00:43
    Entelina Simangunsong

    Gak bisa masuk ke dalam permainan Silent House.Disuruh ngupdate udah di update tapi tetap gak bisa masuk

  • Syed kazim Ali
    2020-06-03 00:37
    Syed kazim Ali

    Nice game

  • Baljeet Karnawal
    2020-06-03 00:35
    Baljeet Karnawal

    Bhan ke lodo salo money ta withdra ho nahi rahi loda da app hai

    2020-06-03 00:31

    Nice suppar games

  • Gautam Thakur
    2020-06-03 00:23
    Gautam Thakur

    Best game

    2020-06-03 00:15

    Setting app

  • Dhaneshwar Hembram
    2020-06-03 00:09
    Dhaneshwar Hembram

    Please do not download this app. It's wasting of your time..

    2020-06-03 00:09


    2020-06-03 00:08

    Mene withdraw Kiya 50rs or aaj tak na Aaya fake aap he kya he contect bhi Kar liya par monay not received

  • Sri Hari
    2020-06-03 00:00
    Sri Hari

    Completed 30 business days but not get money

  • Ratihdewantinurfatmawati
    2020-06-02 23:16


  • Ijaz Sheikh
    2020-06-02 23:06
    Ijaz Sheikh

    Please dont allow to chat on this app ok

  • Maya Mosa
    2020-06-02 22:46
    Maya Mosa


  • Kajal Rawat
    2020-06-02 22:36
    Kajal Rawat

    Hago's games are to too good .. me and my friends love to play them but ...... There are some stupid and wulgar content groups that of no use in the game .. I would love if developer will make some restriction to that .

  • nur shuhada
    2020-06-02 22:33
    nur shuhada

    If i could put zero ratings, i will. Everything is so wrong. I couldn't find people through their ID, their app so far different from mine, it's like we are living in two different worlds. This is not funny matter. I am not able to reach out international friends and i myself couldnt understand why i am not able to delete account. This app allow to have multiple account. I find it disturbing despite you allowed gamers to change their id names. Lol.

  • Gaurav Nar
    2020-06-02 22:17
    Gaurav Nar

    Why u want gallery permission and why u want to access my photo worst application

  • Mď Ŕàj
    2020-06-02 21:58
    Mď Ŕàj

    Bakwas app 😵

  • Rahul Patel
    2020-06-02 21:58
    Rahul Patel


  • Ratu Fani
    2020-06-02 21:53
    Ratu Fani

    I have a problem with "Silent House". It shows a pop-up that says I need to update Hago to the latest version. I've updated it but the problem still exist. I love this game but this problem need to be fixed. Thank you

  • Ahmed bilal
    2020-06-02 21:44
    Ahmed bilal

    Did not received my withdraw money to my paytm accout waste this app i withraw already 3 to 4 times but dit not recieve my money...👎👎

  • Vandna Rattu
    2020-06-02 21:33
    Vandna Rattu

    Money kab milegi mujhe

  • Nitesh Dhoundiyal
    2020-06-02 21:12
    Nitesh Dhoundiyal

    Nice one😍

  • sagar kinjarapu
    2020-06-02 21:01
    sagar kinjarapu

    Good.some times your phone is getting hanged

  • Sutapa shaw
    2020-06-02 20:56
    Sutapa shaw


  • Rajnikant Parmar
    2020-06-02 20:42
    Rajnikant Parmar


    2020-06-02 20:27

    Nice app

    2020-06-02 20:25

    1 manth no add my account fake app

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