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Scooby-Doo Mystery Cases

Scooby-Doo Mystery Cases

1.71 for Android


Help Scooby and the gang solve mysteries, then watch videos and read comics!





54.68 MB


Warner Bros. International Enterprises



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Scooby-Doo Mystery Cases
Hop in the Mystery Machine and join Scooby, Shaggy and the rest of the Mystery Inc. gang to solve mysteries. Become famous on Mystery-Tube and gain more followers as you look for clues in cluttered scenes, play mini-games, build traps and unmask the villain.

• Over 45 levels of silly, spooky gameplay
• Dress up Scooby and Shaggy in silly costumes
• Earn Scooby snacks when you complete levels to buy more costumes
• Upgrade your costumes for extra hints, more time, and more snacks
• Complete different challenges and earn bonus stars • Watch videos, read comic books and character bios
• Play everyday to earn daily snacks

There’s so much to do, so get sleuthing and let’s see who the real culprit was!
Scooby-Doo Mystery Cases 1.71 Update
Get ready to employ magic and witchcraft in the all new mystery: The Mysterious Chest of Demons! Play new hidden object and mini game levels to help Vincent Van Ghoul find the 13th Ghost and seal the evil Chest of Demons.
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54.68 MB
Warner Bros. International Enterprises
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Reviews From google play store
  • Tylon Pillay
    2020-04-11 17:30
    Tylon Pillay

    This game is very exciting and thrilling its mystery's are cool the graphics are exceptional and this game should have more mysterys that are based on the scooby doo cartoon movies I really enjoyed playing this game.

  • Nadeeka Tharangi
    2020-04-11 12:56
    Nadeeka Tharangi

    I love this game but I want scooby doo escape from the haunted

  • Seema Sharma
    2020-04-11 04:48
    Seema Sharma

    Please start the game

  • Bipul Biswas
    2020-04-10 17:13
    Bipul Biswas

    Good be cool scooby doo

  • Daphne Smit
    2020-04-10 16:55
    Daphne Smit

    am i the ony one who can't seem to get the game to start. it just keep sowing loading the whole time and nothing else.

  • Evelyn Lakra
    2020-04-10 05:35
    Evelyn Lakra

    I love scooby doo episodes and games .Love you Warner bros . There's a new movie coming Scoob !.

  • David Lacroix
    2020-04-10 01:57
    David Lacroix

    Can't play, I downloaded it, and it's always try download an update...

  • Joshua Richards
    2020-04-10 00:49
    Joshua Richards

    It's easy to finding the stuff to solving a mystery that matching with the cards like bats, umbrellas, boombox,spider, moose, donuts, hotdogs, cheeseburgers, and ice cream etc. Food, animals, music soundtrack beats, insects and stuff items. But the times was runs out so fast. But kinda slower too. Everytimes it making more easier to find and collected them it was good that I getting finished the mystery so faster too most the times too. But at the same time is hard including the puzzles and game

  • Gia Naudt
    2020-04-07 17:48
    Gia Naudt

    I hate this game because it takes long to load and I have wifi there is something wrong with this game I hate it and I don't think this is even a good game. Thank you.

  • Probir Ghosh
    2020-04-07 14:46
    Probir Ghosh

    I like this game

  • Chaarvi Kaur
    2020-04-07 13:56
    Chaarvi Kaur


  • Nelly Lampaoug
    2020-04-07 09:21
    Nelly Lampaoug


  • Kammy Wilson
    2020-04-06 09:20
    Kammy Wilson

    It was ok fun but took more time then I wanted to go through things

    2020-04-06 02:50

    Its not download fast please inprove it ok

  • Asdf fdsa
    2020-04-05 16:49
    Asdf fdsa

    Having to constantly download the content is annoying and it isnt worth playing for this reason

  • ganga sharma
    2020-04-05 01:49
    ganga sharma

    This game is very interesting. I enjoyed a lot.

    2020-04-04 09:36

    Please don't waste your time for this game. It's not good Don't waste your data

  • Farah George
    2020-04-03 06:43
    Farah George

    The startup is a little slow, but the gameplay and visuals are good. I really like this game. Hopefully new levels will be added soon.

  • Lalita Solanki
    2020-04-03 02:46
    Lalita Solanki

    Nice game

  • shelia ash
    2020-04-02 20:08
    shelia ash

    Couldn't load it tried for a whole day .☹️

  • naresh kumar
    2020-04-02 19:15
    naresh kumar


  • ein Drache steigt auf
    2020-04-02 17:38
    ein Drache steigt auf

    It's okay I just downloaded it. But I don't like the fact it's not original content. They just put scenes from the movies or episodes in the 'mystery tube' and I know since I watched them all.

  • DRules
    2020-04-02 05:52

    Very bad

  • Christina Welch
    2020-04-02 04:47
    Christina Welch

    Really liked.. was hooked there for min

  • Maryam Nawaz
    2020-04-01 13:21
    Maryam Nawaz

    Because it was fun!😎😃

  • Charlene Armacost
    2020-03-31 04:56
    Charlene Armacost


  • Melissa Dehos
    2020-03-31 03:25
    Melissa Dehos

    Takes foreva too down Load

  • Sandra Ifeoma
    2020-03-30 13:03
    Sandra Ifeoma

    Couldn't even download tisk tisk tisk

  • Rikynti Kurbah
    2020-03-30 09:49
    Rikynti Kurbah

    I think this is a good game

  • Zaid Khan
    2020-03-30 07:12
    Zaid Khan

    Good game

  • Neha Dhaj
    2020-03-30 04:45
    Neha Dhaj

    I love this game

  • Moreena Mohammed
    2020-03-30 01:16
    Moreena Mohammed

    I reached the last level in camp little moose

    2020-03-29 06:57

    It took many days in loading still it isnt

  • Bobbi Cotton
    2020-03-29 02:49
    Bobbi Cotton

    We like to get a copy 😁

  • Ashen fox35
    2020-03-28 22:29
    Ashen fox35

    Haven't really gotten a chance to play much of the game as it continuously crashes on my phone. But I will be playing more when I have a stronger phone or tablet to play this on. Bit I do love how actual show animation is used in the game for story elements.

  • Kevin Adjei
    2020-03-28 13:36
    Kevin Adjei

    Not yet played

  • Udunma Paul
    2020-03-28 09:44
    Udunma Paul


  • Ron Spence
    2020-03-28 05:35
    Ron Spence


  • Jessica Lovett
    2020-03-27 23:47
    Jessica Lovett

    Not what I thought it was

  • Chandana Perera
    2020-03-27 17:34
    Chandana Perera

    It is like a detective game

  • Ankit Chaudhary
    2020-03-27 11:54
    Ankit Chaudhary

    I have. No word for this game

  • Pamela Bass
    2020-03-26 19:25
    Pamela Bass


  • Nickolli Martin
    2020-03-26 14:00
    Nickolli Martin

    It's ok

  • Brenda Asutsi
    2020-03-26 11:31
    Brenda Asutsi

    From the reviews I'm seeing they are Mostly discouraging me but I'll try i might post another review# cardi b

  • Raymond Toland
    2020-03-25 03:00
    Raymond Toland

    Cant even understand the food dish in the second level

  • Sara Fakih
    2020-03-24 22:22
    Sara Fakih

    Very bad game

  • Shylo Stevens
    2020-03-24 19:30
    Shylo Stevens

    it's amazing

  • phinny phinny
    2020-03-24 19:07
    phinny phinny


  • Tooba Xhaikh
    2020-03-24 01:54
    Tooba Xhaikh

    Game didn't open

    2020-03-23 14:23


  • Baaz Singh
    2020-03-23 08:12
    Baaz Singh

    Ranu kaka

  • Cody Perkins
    2020-03-22 23:14
    Cody Perkins

    Glitches at the same spot everytime. Can't even play

  • nagarajan subramanian
    2020-03-21 15:40
    nagarajan subramanian


  • Michelle Chavez
    2020-03-19 21:35
    Michelle Chavez

    It's fun🙂

  • Robert Marshall
    2020-03-19 20:29
    Robert Marshall

    Still haven't been able to load the game completely for even the first level. I have deleted the cache and game data to try to download again but still have issues with it not downloading all the way to even start. Buggy as hell.

  • Frik Thorpe
    2020-03-19 09:24
    Frik Thorpe


  • melissa ponweiser
    2020-03-17 08:03
    melissa ponweiser

    Solved scoobydoo mystery can't go any further it stopped.

  • C.V.G with Jinithra
    2020-03-16 10:19
    C.V.G with Jinithra

    I love this game!!!!!!!☺😊😊😊😊☺

  • Hasan Adil
    2020-03-14 16:59
    Hasan Adil

    It won't open

  • Rafajuddin Sk
    2020-03-13 10:16
    Rafajuddin Sk


  • saman rathnayaka
    2020-03-13 07:35
    saman rathnayaka


  • Anime GOD
    2020-03-13 04:57
    Anime GOD


  • Swati Rathore
    2020-03-12 12:01
    Swati Rathore

    This is the worst game ever 😠😠😈😈

  • Seema Sharma
    2020-03-12 06:31
    Seema Sharma

    Pranav verma

  • Tiffani Smith
    2020-03-11 19:56
    Tiffani Smith

    It's a copy Just like other the game it's the same thing where you did find the things that do the of other detective games

  • Jacob Daniels
    2020-03-10 19:17
    Jacob Daniels


  • Alexis Darnell
    2020-03-10 08:48
    Alexis Darnell

    It's fun but one level is not working

  • Yandi Pineda
    2020-03-08 22:13
    Yandi Pineda

    Every time i press, play game it goes back to google play where i installed it from so creater HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:( :(

  • Lexa Pagan
    2020-03-08 21:38
    Lexa Pagan


  • Samantha Rigger
    2020-03-08 13:11
    Samantha Rigger

    Game is very nice. But dont bother downloading is it stops working after the update.........

  • Mason Osburn
    2020-03-08 10:07
    Mason Osburn

    Best game ever made this is awesome i love this game and i also love the show and thank you so much for making this game.

  • Muhamad Yusriman
    2020-03-08 06:48
    Muhamad Yusriman

    main jeh bes

  • Paul Sease
    2020-03-08 02:38
    Paul Sease

    Scooby-Doo has 50 Anniversary And this app is 50 years old but having the 50 Anniversary of this app

  • رشوية عبدالكريم
    2020-03-06 10:51
    رشوية عبدالكريم

    Ugdjjdbsjn NBC NBC special day and I don't know if I yelled at me and my family is in the buffer zone and I have a nice day and night for 💖😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁👌👤😇

  • sina khodadoost
    2020-03-05 20:00
    sina khodadoost

    عالی بود

  • Keiran Crompton
    2020-03-04 23:31
    Keiran Crompton

    Daughter loves this game

  • Janice Gunter
    2020-02-29 21:31
    Janice Gunter

    Um you can tell us about your own story and the truth of this thing

  • Ms Tejada
    2020-02-29 19:12
    Ms Tejada

    its fun. need more levels to play. Wish i could save so i can transfer to another phone

  • zaw zaw
    2020-02-29 15:21
    zaw zaw


  • Becky May
    2020-02-29 02:03
    Becky May

    I can't go any further after the last episode, it tells me more episodes are coming soon. When will that be.

  • Courtney Sampson
    2020-02-28 20:11
    Courtney Sampson

    The game freezes in the second map. They didnt bother responding to the email. Could never progress. Waste of time. Thx.

  • Carolbelmore Belmore
    2020-02-27 08:00
    Carolbelmore Belmore

    That would be good data charges

  • Crhyme Medes
    2020-02-26 22:42
    Crhyme Medes


  • Fiona Walker
    2020-02-26 19:58
    Fiona Walker

    The game is terrible i meen like when i chrid to go on to the next level i could 'int do it😡😡😡

  • fariba khabiri
    2020-02-26 13:00
    fariba khabiri


  • Leeren Johnson
    2020-02-26 03:49
    Leeren Johnson


  • Chris Young
    2020-02-24 06:53
    Chris Young

    Great app lots of fun. No ads

  • Tracey Lynn
    2020-02-24 04:12
    Tracey Lynn

    Game doesn't want to load, now you have to download each map taking up more storage. Coloring is off.

  • Justin Frank
    2020-02-23 21:02
    Justin Frank


  • Koko Avila
    2020-02-23 17:24
    Koko Avila

    All i see is a black screen after it downloads plz fix

  • Justin Willis
    2020-02-23 14:58
    Justin Willis


  • Shila Wati
    2020-02-21 07:17
    Shila Wati

    Not Bad

  • Ryan Lama
    2020-02-20 14:50
    Ryan Lama


  • Venkata Sai
    2020-02-20 12:50
    Venkata Sai


  • Emilie Deyette
    2020-02-19 22:26
    Emilie Deyette

    its great its like being in scooby doo

  • Monica Lucas
    2020-02-19 08:05
    Monica Lucas

    Very enjoyable

  • Jose Ayon
    2020-02-18 22:58
    Jose Ayon

    The one for snes is so cool!

  • roseann Decano
    2020-02-18 08:33
    roseann Decano

    Bacause i love scooby doo

  • Atoosa Mahdavi
    2020-02-18 03:14
    Atoosa Mahdavi

    That is a funny game. But there is a problem. Since I have updeted this app, the screen becomes dark whenever loading is completed. what can I do??

  • George Hall
    2020-02-17 22:29
    George Hall

    A great game, though i didn't appriciate the constant need to download levels and content

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