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Tired of being single? Meet your perfect match and get to know different people.

Sometimes it can be hard to meet people that fit your taste and your personality. In an increasingly fast-paced world, no one seems to have the time to go out and get to know different people. Now, you can meet people without having to leave your house, by downloading the immensely popular Tinder app.

Tinder is responsible for more than 20 billion matches and has become the most popular app for meeting new people all around the world. You can use the app for different purposes such as meeting people, expanding your social network, meeting locals to share experiences when you are travelling or just check out who’s around you. You are in charge of the app’s usage, so you can do as you please and what fits you better.

The app’s usability is very easy to understand, so you can expect to start using it as soon as you download it, without any problem. If you like what you see, swipe right, if you don’t, swipe left. Only if both people swipe right, you will get a match and the opportunity to talk to each other, thus eliminating unwanted messages.

Tinder is completely free to use, however, it does have some premium features which you can access by upgrading your account to Tinder Plus. Want to know more? Download Tinder now and start swiping!        
Tinder 11.20.0 Update
Bug fixes and improvements
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98.42 MB
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RAW Information
Package Name      : com.tinder
Version           : 11.9.0 (11090027)
Min Sdk Level     : 21
Min Sdk Platform  : Android 5.0
Target Sdk Level     : 28
Target Sdk Platform  : Android 9.0

Permssions List
MAPS_RECEIVE : BILLING : C2D_MESSAGE : RECEIVE : WAKE_LOCK : Allows using PowerManager WakeLocks to keep processor from sleeping or screen from dimming READ_GSERVICES : INTERNET : Allows applications to open network sockets. ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION : Allows an app to access approximate location derived from network location sources such as cell towers and Wi-Fi. ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION : Allows an app to access precise location from location sources such as GPS, cell towers, and Wi-Fi. ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE : Allows applications to access information about networks ACCESS_WIFI_STATE : Allows applications to access information about Wi-Fi networks CHANGE_WIFI_STATE : Allows applications to change Wi-Fi connectivity state WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : Allows an application to write to external storage. VIBRATE : Allows access to the vibrator STORAGE : BLUETOOTH : Allows applications to connect to paired bluetooth devices GET_TASKS : Allows an application to get information about the currently or recently running tasks. RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED : Allows an application to receive the ACTION_BOOT_COMPLETED that is broadcast after the system finishes booting. READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : Allows an application to read from external storage. CAMERA : Required to be able to access the camera device. FOREGROUND_SERVICE : READ_MEDIA_VIDEO : BIND_GET_INSTALL_REFERRER_SERVICE :
com.tinder.activities.MainActivity com.facebook.FacebookActivity com.facebook.CustomTabActivity com.tinder.activities.LoginActivity (Launcher) com.tinder.activities.EditProfileActivity com.tinder.activities.ActivityJob com.tinder.activities.SchoolActivity com.tinder.facebook.AddFacebookPhotoActivity com.tinder.activities.ActivityGiphy com.theartofdev.edmodo.cropper.CropImageActivity com.tinder.chat.activity.ChatActivity com.tinder.messageads.activity.AdMessageChatActivity com.tinder.settings.activity.SettingsActivity com.tinder.activities.ActivityVerification com.tinder.passport.activities.ActivityPassport com.tinder.activities.ActivityBanned com.tinder.activities.WebViewActivityInstagram com.tinder.tinderplus.activities.ActivityTPlusControl com.tinder.settings.activity.MoreGenderActivity com.tinder.settings.activity.ShowMeActivity com.tinder.settings.activity.GenderSearchActivity com.tinder.settings.feed.activity.FeedSettingsActivity com.tinder.settings.loops.activity.AutoPlayLoopsOptionsActivity com.spotify.sdk.android.authentication.LoginActivity com.tinder.spotify.activity.SpotifyPickTopArtistActivity com.tinder.spotify.activity.SpotifyTrackSearchActivity com.tinder.spotify.activity.SpotifyAuthActivity com.tinder.onboarding.activities.OnboardingActivity com.tinder.settings.activity.ExitSurveyActivity com.tinder.settings.activity.ExitSurveyFeedbackActivity com.tinder.profile.activities.MatchProfileActivity com.tinder.profile.activities.ProfileViewActivity com.tinder.profile.activities.ProfileInstagramAuthActivity com.tinder.profile.activities.ProfileSpotifyAuthActivity com.tinder.profile.activities.CurrentUserProfileActivity com.tinder.toppicks.settings.PicksSettingsActivity com.tinder.common.activity.FullscreenImageActivity com.tinder.messageads.activity.MessageAdMatchProfileActivity com.tinder.share.activity.ShareProfileActivity com.tinder.settings.activity.SupportRequestActivity com.tinder.traveleralert.ui.TravelerAlertActivity com.tinder.goldhome.GoldHomeActivity com.tinder.activity.PaymentsActivity com.tinder.inbox.settings.activity.InboxSettingsActivity com.tinder.inbox.activity.InboxActivity com.tinder.chat.readreceipts.settings.activity.ReadReceiptsSettingsActivity com.tinder.emailcollection.ui.EmailCollectionActivity com.tinder.mediapicker.activity.ImageMoveAndScaleActivity com.tinder.mediapicker.activity.MediaSelectorActivity com.tinder.mediapicker.activity.TrimAndCropActivity com.tinder.mediapicker.activity.SelectSourceActivity com.tinder.mediapicker.activity.LoopsPreviewActivity com.tinder.account.photos.allmedia.CurrentUserAllMediaActivity com.tinder.account.school.activity.EditSchoolActivity com.tinder.tinderu.TinderUPrototypeActivity com.tinder.tinderu.activity.TinderUManagementActivity com.tinder.tinderu.activity.TinderUFeedbackActivity com.tinder.tinderu.activity.SettingsEventSelectionActivity com.tinder.tinderu.activity.SettingsEventDetailsActivity com.tinder.tinderu.activity.SwipeOffActivity com.tinder.campaign.activity.CampaignActivity com.snapchat.kit.sdk.SnapKitActivity com.tinder.trust.ui.ban.BanActivity com.tinder.trust.ui.selfie.verification.SelfieVerificationActivity com.tinder.trust.ui.selfie.underreview.SelfieVerificationUnderReviewActivity com.tinder.trust.ui.selfie.removal.SelfieVerificationRemovalPromptActivity com.tinder.trust.ui.safetycenter.SafetyCenterActivity com.tinder.trust.ui.noonlight.info.NoonlightInfoActivity com.tinder.auth.ui.activity.TermsOfServiceActivity com.tinder.auth.ui.activity.CollectEmailActivity com.tinder.auth.ui.activity.CollectEmailOtpActivity com.tinder.auth.ui.activity.AuthStepActivity com.tinder.account.settings.activity.UpdatePhoneNumberActivity com.tinder.verification.activity.SmsVerificationActivity com.tinder.firstmove.activity.FirstMoveSettingsActivity com.tinder.swipesurge.activity.SwipeSurgeSettingsActivity com.tinder.notifications.NotificationSettingsActivity com.tinder.consent.ui.acitivity.ExistingUserConsentActivity com.tinder.ageverification.ui.AgeVerificationActivity com.tinder.prompts.ui.activity.PromptsCreationActivity com.tinder.tindercamera.ui.feature.ui.activity.TinderCameraActivity com.tinder.tindercamera.ui.feature.ui.activity.SystemGalleryMediaSelectorActivity com.tinder.webprofile.activity.WebProfileUsernameActivity com.tinder.settingsemail.email.activity.EmailSettingsActivity com.tinder.media.activities.FullscreenVideoActivity com.tinder.locationpermission.ui.LocationPermissionActivity com.tinder.tags.view.activity.TagYourMediaActivity com.tinder.account.city.activity.EditCityActivity com.tinder.alibi.activity.EditUserInterestsActivity com.tinder.alibi.activity.MyInterestsActivity com.tinder.account.sexualorientation.activity.SexualOrientationSelectionActivity com.tinder.camera.ui.CaptureAndCropImageActivity com.tinder.reporting.v3.activity.ReportingV3Activity com.tinder.smsauth.ui.SmsAuthActivity com.tinder.purchase.ui.PurchaseActivity com.tinder.snapstories.ui.activity.SnapStoriesFullscreenActivity com.android.billingclient.api.ProxyBillingActivity com.tinder.gringotts.activities.CreditCardActivity com.tinder.gringotts.activities.CreditCardAlertDialogActivity com.tinder.gringotts.activities.CreditCardRenewalFailureActivity com.tinder.gringotts.activities.CreditCardManagePaymentSettingsActivity com.tinder.gringotts.activities.CreditCardPurchaseActivity com.tinder.gringotts.activities.RestorePurchasesActivity com.google.android.libraries.places.widget.AutocompleteActivity com.google.android.gms.auth.api.signin.internal.SignInHubActivity com.adyen.threeds2.internal.ui.activity.ChallengeActivity com.facebook.CustomTabMainActivity com.facebook.ads.AudienceNetworkActivity com.facebook.ads.internal.ipc.RemoteANActivity com.google.android.gms.common.api.GoogleApiActivity com.google.android.gms.ads.AdActivity
Reviews From google play store
  • Brian A Ferris
    2020-05-14 19:27
    Brian A Ferris

    Now my photos diapear .download this app it will depress you. Guys it's all about money Tinder does not care one bit if you find someone it's all about money . Can 0 star this sadly .. if you pay for tinder you get no likes if you don't pay for it you get countless like. Its the biggest con going. Does not deserve one star. This app needs to be looked at and taken off The net.. and why are girls allowed to Promote another website but I can't put my sc code up..?? This app should be banned.

  • JaeHyun Byeon
    2020-05-14 19:24
    JaeHyun Byeon

    Suddenly, i cannot upload my profile photos all it says is failed to upload i dont know whats going on

  • David Portales
    2020-05-14 19:09
    David Portales


  • Shivam Gupta
    2020-05-14 19:08
    Shivam Gupta

    This kind of app really just play with your emotions,it had design in such a way that they can use the desperation of the user who is thinking that he or she soon will be get matched.The person's behind this app (tinder) knows really well that one who is using this app will surely get trapped in there subscription stuff i.e bluffing your emotions. Don't let yourself feel bad if you are not getting matched it just the scheme of TINDER makes you feel like this.Don't loose your confidence.# 0 star

  • lu li
    2020-05-14 19:06
    lu li

    They'll ban you for no reason whatsoever. Support sucks. Please, don't install this crappy app

  • harry thakur
    2020-05-14 18:58
    harry thakur


  • Mursaleen Khan
    2020-05-14 18:48
    Mursaleen Khan

    Owesome App

  • Evan Chabungbam
    2020-05-14 18:42
    Evan Chabungbam

    Overall experience is i wasted my time here

  • brandon moore
    2020-05-14 18:34
    brandon moore

    Account has been banned for a reason unknown to me as i have never violated terms and conditions? A few of my friends also had the same problem.

  • Balaji Harihar
    2020-05-14 18:31
    Balaji Harihar

    2 of my matches just suddenly disappeared. Please fix this bug

  • ryan shranko
    2020-05-14 18:29
    ryan shranko

    This is the worst app I have ever used, they keep charging me money every month even though I can't access my account and all I want to do is cancel my membership but I can't even login to be able to cancel. I have emailed their customer service numerous times and they still haven't gotten back to me or help me at all. I am at the point now where I have to call my credit card and have my payments charged back. Tinder will charge hundreds of dollars a year and you can't cancel

  • Arnold Martin
    2020-05-14 18:27
    Arnold Martin

    I like this site

  • Anthony De Jesus
    2020-05-14 18:26
    Anthony De Jesus


  • James Botsch
    2020-05-14 18:14
    James Botsch

    Paid for a year....then got banned. A women I was talking with kept getting political and she didn't like what I had to say. She then reported me and said I was sexually harrasing her in retaliation. She later apologized in an email which I sent to Tinder...but they still won't refund my money or re-activate my account.

  • Anoojram Gunda
    2020-05-14 18:13
    Anoojram Gunda

    I have paid for 1 month subscription and still I'm unable to see the profiles who liked my profile (each other) /can't chat with them.

  • kirito
    2020-05-14 18:11

    Pretty bad app

  • yashvardhen singh bisen
    2020-05-14 18:09
    yashvardhen singh bisen

    And I met her.

  • Fabiola Trujillo
    2020-05-14 18:07
    Fabiola Trujillo

    Met my boyfriend here. Currently two years together and going strong.*three years

  • Tara Dice
    2020-05-14 18:00
    Tara Dice

    It's very fun I'm having alot of fun with it thank you

  • felix l
    2020-05-14 17:57
    felix l


  • Ankit Sharma
    2020-05-14 17:56
    Ankit Sharma

    Total time waste... Tinder is money machine only. Everything is on money based

  • Brian Drake
    2020-05-14 17:55
    Brian Drake

    Oops, you missed my review, buy review gold to see what I think

  • Andre Absol
    2020-05-14 17:54
    Andre Absol

    Tinder WILL shadowban you if you reset your account too many times due to wanting a fresh start or whatever reason. And its near impossible to come back from. Users wont see your profile, messages, or anything else but it will still let you sign in as if nothing is wrong

    2020-05-14 17:54


  • Akshay Kathpal
    2020-05-14 17:52
    Akshay Kathpal

    It's nice app helped me to create lots of friends. i was literally an introvert sitting in the room watching Netflix , but my social life has been so much better now. Thanks to Tinder 🔥

  • Suzana Paul
    2020-05-14 17:22
    Suzana Paul

    It's okay

  • jovin david
    2020-05-14 17:17
    jovin david


  • Joseph Gorbecki
    2020-05-14 17:15
    Joseph Gorbecki

    DO NOT INSTALL THIS APP!! I got banned for literately no reason. I was talking to someone, one person and I get banned. Funny thing is i just got this app. I'm never using it again.

  • Adeel Qamar
    2020-05-14 17:07
    Adeel Qamar

    A third class ...paid app :- )

  • Akhil jhunjhunu
    2020-05-14 17:06
    Akhil jhunjhunu

    Please unlock my boost

  • John Chedsey
    2020-05-14 17:06
    John Chedsey

    It's clear that a majority of profiles of women on here are bots, fake, or just ads for premium snapchats. Also worth noting that all your "likes" appear within the first 48 hours of activating an account and most are not legit. I think this app's usefulness in meeting actual people is over.

  • Juan M
    2020-05-14 17:02
    Juan M

    Nazi mods

  • Jordan Buckland
    2020-05-14 16:52
    Jordan Buckland

    Considering 3 years down the line I'm not engaged. Tinder is a really good app. Never thought I would find anyone on here

  • Natasha Kamfwa
    2020-05-14 16:51
    Natasha Kamfwa

    It's a nice app. I got to meet new friends

  • Bikash matari
    2020-05-14 16:46
    Bikash matari

    Not working properly

  • DS Mc
    2020-05-14 16:37
    DS Mc

    Excellent app. Does exactly what it says. Easy to use and worth upgrading

  • josh wharmby
    2020-05-14 16:32
    josh wharmby

    Gold features like super likes don't even work anymore...even if you're paying more, wouldn't recommend.

  • Skyler McCauley
    2020-05-14 16:28
    Skyler McCauley

    Mostly fake accounts need a section for dating and a section for just hooking up. Give those who are looking for certain things a chance to go thru what there looking for with others looking for the same as them.

  • matterex
    2020-05-14 16:10

    My account got banned because someone else logged into my phone, under their account which was already banned. Tinder bans people by IP address and not their actual accounts, and the so called support team basically told me to go F myself. Their support teams might as well be automated because they're so useless.

  • Gábor Bánóczi
    2020-05-14 16:01
    Gábor Bánóczi

    It's too easy to do the super like. It is super annoying that the app gives a super like when I actually swipe left. Why does the tinder so want to access fitness data?

  • dponzi17 ponzi
    2020-05-14 15:59
    dponzi17 ponzi

    Overall this app is panned out well for me personally. Ive dated, met friends and FWB that have turned into friends. *Men* Unless you live in large city this app isnt like a bar, sorry. Most importantly is to be upfront and honest, this is an online app, get comfortable then meet in a public place. It would be nice for Gold users to have an option to only see other Gold users, I think that would make it 100% worth the price as well as gain more subscribers. Messaging needs to have more options.

  • Lori Weiss
    2020-05-14 15:55
    Lori Weiss

    I got banned for no reason

  • zuko tyala
    2020-05-14 15:26
    zuko tyala


  • sachin choudhary
    2020-05-14 15:22
    sachin choudhary

    After the recent update, I am not able to open Tinder as it is showing the page to import contacts. Even after importing, that page is appearing.

  • avinashi tripathi
    2020-05-14 15:13
    avinashi tripathi


  • Olamigoke Ajayi
    2020-05-14 15:13
    Olamigoke Ajayi

    Poorest app I have ever seen. Can't upload pictures.

  • Jaz Negro
    2020-05-14 14:53
    Jaz Negro


  • Diego Galvis
    2020-05-14 14:50
    Diego Galvis

    The problem of this app is that there are many fake profiles and scams. Should add a verification thing

  • Andreia Silva
    2020-05-14 13:54
    Andreia Silva

    Pretty cool!!

  • rajesh patil
    2020-05-14 13:46
    rajesh patil

    Make it lighter.. my phone doesn't get hang while playing pubg but I cannot use tinder it lags alot!

  • Louie A Limon jr
    2020-05-14 13:22
    Louie A Limon jr


  • Mark Mckenzie
    2020-05-14 13:15
    Mark Mckenzie


  • Game3d
    2020-05-14 13:04


  • Sir Marcus
    2020-05-14 13:03
    Sir Marcus

    Pretty sure tinder shadow bans after years if no matches

  • Belle Hart
    2020-05-14 12:47
    Belle Hart

    Was going great, now it logs me out everytime I try to open the app. Also got banned for literally no reason? Update: emailed yall about my account being banned, and received horrible customer service. Person was rude, and unhelpful. Would not recommend this app, with how they treat people who ask for help.

  • Dhamu Vegada
    2020-05-14 12:40
    Dhamu Vegada

    no single msg form any one bed app

  • Dank Wizard
    2020-05-14 12:38
    Dank Wizard

    Its tinder, you get what get.

    2020-05-14 12:21

    The Day I opted for premium service, I get zero matches, now I doubted myself am I ugly or what 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    2020-05-14 12:18

    With payment you can't do anything ..... This is Indian market tinder .... If you want user like Facebook and what's app tiktok then you have to give free features more axis to user them .... I will give more time of Facebook, what'sapp, tiktok because it's free.

  • Andre Cobb
    2020-05-14 12:15
    Andre Cobb


  • Minty Pitch
    2020-05-14 12:14
    Minty Pitch

    I love it

  • Biren Selarka
    2020-05-14 12:08
    Biren Selarka

    Nice app

  • Logan Shea
    2020-05-14 12:08
    Logan Shea

    It's tinder.

  • Wayne Randall
    2020-05-14 12:01
    Wayne Randall

    Not my cup of tea. Great concept, terrible selections.

  • George Boston
    2020-05-14 12:00
    George Boston

    The app is certainly functional, intuitive, and slick. The bios contain the right amount of detail, as opposed to say Hinge, which feels more like filling out a resume. There are more than a few con artists on there though, and the in-app purchases are useful to the point of being near must-buys, for serious single men at least, if not everyone, and are overpriced by about 50%. Some pay-to-win is inevitable here, but least let me watch an ad once a week for ten super likes or something.

  • Prasanth Ram
    2020-05-14 11:58
    Prasanth Ram

    Simply waste...

  • Kunal Patil
    2020-05-14 11:49
    Kunal Patil

    Do not download this app Fromm anywhere this are fake app don't purchase subscription .this application is fraud I had very bad experience about this app 2 days back some one hacked my card because I shared mmy details during purchase for a month after 15 to 20 days my card is used by gotinder.comhelp I didn't purchase it at 2.pm in night my card get automatically active and debited 732rs twice I had to stop my transiction so I block my debit card and loged a complaint against them pls help me

  • Shubham Soni
    2020-05-14 11:49
    Shubham Soni


  • Mike Vaughan
    2020-05-14 11:41
    Mike Vaughan

    SUBSCRIPTION SITE Puzzle to me if it's free dating app how is it they charge £17.99 a month? I only achieved a couple of messages and the nearest girl was 7 thousand miles away??? How can you date from there??? going NOWHERE Giving it a bit more time otherwise will delete as life is too short.... FREE means Free we don't mind adverts paying for it but lured into wasting time is just not on. Neither is dating people 7, 000 miles away MANAGEMENT please comment!!!

  • LMJ D
    2020-05-14 11:20
    LMJ D

    Honestly never thought I would install this but since COVID-19, well... Anyway turns out to be great fun so I eat my words.

  • Kledboi
    2020-05-14 11:18

    I am 18 and I can't use the app, tells me I'm too young, please help

  • Venkatesh former
    2020-05-14 11:15
    Venkatesh former


  • Jeff Lickfield
    2020-05-14 11:10
    Jeff Lickfield


  • Yassine drk
    2020-05-14 11:04
    Yassine drk

    Good experience

  • Isaac Jaramillo
    2020-05-14 11:03
    Isaac Jaramillo

    Got kicked out for proudly showing the tattoo of the time code from Futurama on my ass cheek and got a life time ban 10/10 would do it again

    2020-05-14 10:45

    Don't even try to buy a gold account. Thy really block your matches. I received many notifications that said I got new likes. But when i check i don't find anything.

  • Oluwa Femboyz
    2020-05-14 10:25
    Oluwa Femboyz


  • Rui Carvalho
    2020-05-14 10:19
    Rui Carvalho

    Not bad. But I have my maximum distance 60km and am constantly matched with ppl 6000 and 8000 km away. Annoying

  • Sahil Sayyed
    2020-05-14 09:51
    Sahil Sayyed

    I am not recieving a verification text I tried a million times but still not receiving a verification text cant even login using email

  • SlothTree
    2020-05-14 09:42

    Suck a dick, or dont

  • jay agarwal
    2020-05-14 09:41
    jay agarwal

    The chat gets very boring u cant even send images or anything like we need something to spark it up

  • Nando K
    2020-05-14 09:23
    Nando K

    Makes it easy to get laid. Thanks tinder.

  • Lynsey Smyth
    2020-05-14 09:15
    Lynsey Smyth

    Well i used to love this app, yet have recently been banned for no known reason, cant get on to my tinder and even tried downloading it again, like what the hell am i meant to do, when you dont even have an email address to send questions to, like im banned and i dont even know why or how long for!!!

  • Vanshika Arora
    2020-05-14 09:08
    Vanshika Arora

    The app has some technical issue it doesnt open.

  • Stephanie Longhurst
    2020-05-14 09:07
    Stephanie Longhurst

    Need filters to actually remove those incompatible

  • hamza noor saad
    2020-05-14 09:05
    hamza noor saad

    Nah me ni btaun ga 😂

  • Matthwe Baughan
    2020-05-14 09:02
    Matthwe Baughan

    Continue to see people from over seas but never seem to come across with the matchs it claims

    2020-05-14 08:59


  • vishal gupt
    2020-05-14 08:56
    vishal gupt

    message is not being delivered from my tinder account

  • Charles Tran
    2020-05-14 08:52
    Charles Tran


  • Ogunleye Imoleayo
    2020-05-14 08:42
    Ogunleye Imoleayo


  • Benzo Mokoena
    2020-05-14 08:35
    Benzo Mokoena


  • Stephen Dobnack
    2020-05-14 08:29
    Stephen Dobnack

    It sucks

  • Ikmal Hakim
    2020-05-14 08:20
    Ikmal Hakim

    Tinder is not good because i do the mistake when log in but they not give me chance to try again urgh

  • Supratik Ray
    2020-05-14 08:20
    Supratik Ray

    It completely time waste. Nobody shows their intrest. It also not deserv 1 star also. Completely time waste.

  • Jeremy Bolella
    2020-05-14 08:01
    Jeremy Bolella

    Works for a week then stops loading. After about a week the new matches stop loading in the app and things start glitching. Edit 5/14/2020: Now the Tinder team has taken away sorting on matches how are people supposed to sort through their matches? I never understand why apps do this kind of stuff...

  • Zdravko Dimitrov
    2020-05-14 07:44
    Zdravko Dimitrov

    DO NOT SIGN FOR PREMIUM. Yesterday I wanted to pay for it and an error message appeared saying that something went wrong. Then out of the blue 2 payment cinfrmation emails came to my inbox. Funny enough, upon checking my bank account today, I have found 4 trasactions. I HAVE LOST MONEY AND I DEMAN REFUND. LET ME SPEAK WITH SOMEBODY!!!!

  • Daniel Schaaaf
    2020-05-14 07:37
    Daniel Schaaaf

    Uses up a lot of space to cache images and causes high CPU which lets my phone run hot 😒 😈

  • i RATE
    2020-05-14 07:29
    i RATE

    Whack. Full of fake profiles. Full of Instagram hoors. Whack!! Picture take forever to load. They deleted my previous review. This app is ridiculously garbage. U wanna get robbed. Swipe.

  • Ivan Swaratlhe
    2020-05-14 06:45
    Ivan Swaratlhe

    Lovely dating app, please make one for strictly hook ups

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