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Tennis Clash: 3D Sports - Free Multiplayer Games

Tennis Clash: 3D Sports - Free Multiplayer Games

2.5.1 for Android







142.39 MB


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Tennis Clash: 3D Sports - Free Multiplayer Games
It's time to play what players are calling “the best free sports game on mobile!” Jump in a quick 3-minute online tennis match or follow your own career campaign from novice to pro in an action packed, real-time multiplayer 3D game. Here you can compete against friends and family in fun, world-class tournaments. 

Like any other sport, tennis is all about practice. Challenge competitors, sharpen your skills, rise to the top, and become a legend! In Tennis Clash, you can compete against both local and international players from New York to Sydney - your tour will take you around the world. 

Customize your equipment, specialize in advanced athletic training, upgrade your tennis racket, and recruit a couch who can take you to the top. In every competitive 1v1 match you play, there are coins and trophies at stake – win the match and they are all yours. You can use them to enter higher ranked matches with bigger stakes. Use coins to get new items in the shop, improve your performance, and get an edge on your competitors.

Tennis Clash Features:
* Play with your friends in fun real-time multiplayer matches
* Amazing 3D next-gen graphics
* Intuitive controls that are easy to learn, but hard to master
* Real-time tournaments. Challenge your skills against the best players
* Climb up the league rankings to become #1 in your city, country, and the world
* Win matches, collect trophies and deck your player out in top level gear
* Unlock amateur, semi-pro and pro tennis players
* Assemble the ultimate team: get the best coach, diet and workout for your squad
* Equip with the best racket, shoes, grip and most importantly, your strings to be a top player.
* Open new arenas: US, France, Australia and much more!

Play Tennis Clash and become a Grand Slam Champion - feel all of the excitement, challenge, and victory of professional tennis competition on your mobile device. It is up to you to become a tennis superstar!
Tennis Clash: 3D Sports - Free Multiplayer Games 2.5.1 Update
Introducing new Season Pass and perks! + New Season Pass perk: free entry on tour match + New Season Pass perk: five lineup slots Important fixes: + Fix for eventual matches that got stuck + Fix quality settings for some devices + Game stability improvements Plus: + Turning off rematch option
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142.39 MB
Fun Games For Free
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RAW Information
Package Name      :
Version           : 1.23.0 (2975)
Min Sdk Level     : 16
Min Sdk Platform  : Android 4.1,4.1.1
Target Sdk Level     : 29
Target Sdk Platform  : Android 10.0

Permssions List
C2D_MESSAGE : VIBRATE : Allows access to the vibrator INTERNET : Allows applications to open network sockets. BILLING : ACCESS_WIFI_STATE : Allows applications to access information about Wi-Fi networks ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE : Allows applications to access information about networks READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : Allows an application to read from external storage. WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : Allows an application to write to external storage. PAYMENT : PAY_THROUGH_BAZAAR : WAKE_LOCK : Allows using PowerManager WakeLocks to keep processor from sleeping or screen from dimming RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED : Allows an application to receive the ACTION_BOOT_COMPLETED that is broadcast after the system finishes booting. RECEIVE : BIND_GET_INSTALL_REFERRER_SERVICE : READ : WRITE : READ_SETTINGS : UPDATE_SHORTCUT : BROADCAST_BADGE : PROVIDER_INSERT_BADGE : UPDATE_COUNT : UPDATE_BADGE : CHANGE_BADGE : WRITE_SETTINGS : Allows an application to read or write the system settings. READ_APP_BADGE : BADGE_COUNT_READ : BADGE_COUNT_WRITE :
com.tfg.libs.billing.unity.BillingActivity (Launcher) com.facebook.unity.FBUnityLoginActivity com.facebook.unity.FBUnityDialogsActivity com.facebook.unity.FBUnityAppLinkActivity com.facebook.unity.FBUnityDeepLinkingActivity com.facebook.unity.FBUnityGameRequestActivity com.facebook.unity.FBUnityCreateGameGroupActivity com.facebook.unity.FBUnityJoinGameGroupActivity com.facebook.unity.AppInviteDialogActivity com.vungle.warren.ui.VungleActivity com.vungle.warren.ui.VungleFlexViewActivity com.applovin.adview.AppLovinInterstitialActivity com.applovin.adview.AppLovinConfirmationActivity com.ironsource.sdk.controller.ControllerActivity com.ironsource.sdk.controller.InterstitialActivity com.ironsource.sdk.controller.OpenUrlActivity com.facebook.FacebookActivity com.facebook.CustomTabMainActivity com.facebook.CustomTabActivity com.tfg.libs.notifications.NotificationActivity com.onevcat.uniwebview.UniWebViewFileChooserActivity com.tfg.libs.adspot.adunit.AdUnitActivity com.tfg.libs.adspot.adunit.AdUnitTransparentActivity com.tfg.libs.adspot.adunit.AdUnitTransparentSoftwareActivity com.tfg.libs.adspot.adunit.AdUnitSoftwareActivity com.applovin.impl.adview.AppLovinOrientationAwareInterstitialActivity com.applovin.sdk.AppLovinWebViewActivity com.applovin.mediation.MaxDebuggerActivity com.helpshift.activities.UnityDelegateActivity com.helpshift.campaigns.activities.ParentActivity com.helpshift.campaigns.activities.NotificationActivity com.bytedance.sdk.openadsdk.activity.TTLandingPageActivity com.bytedance.sdk.openadsdk.activity.TTPlayableLandingPageActivity com.bytedance.sdk.openadsdk.activity.TTVideoLandingPageActivity com.bytedance.sdk.openadsdk.activity.TTRewardVideoActivity com.bytedance.sdk.openadsdk.activity.TTFullScreenVideoActivity com.bytedance.sdk.openadsdk.activity.TTDelegateActivity
Reviews From google play store
  • Hydra Gaming
    2020-05-18 09:32
    Hydra Gaming

    nice game

  • tiffany carr
    2020-05-18 09:19
    tiffany carr

    Can't get past tutorial uninstalled

  • Emojong Tony
    2020-05-18 09:17
    Emojong Tony

    Am enjoying it

  • Amogh Koushik
    2020-05-18 09:12
    Amogh Koushik

    I don't know why the ball slows down ......after the bounce ........but the opponent's ball doesn't slows....where as he can run from one end to another end ....after my ball bounces......plz...fix such bugs than ur game would be a lot better...

  • Venkataramana Chary
    2020-05-18 09:06
    Venkataramana Chary


  • Bok Tan
    2020-05-18 09:01
    Bok Tan

    Matching of players are very uneven sometimes, got matched with someone who's attributes was way ahead of me, just overpowered me without any finesse. Happened again, 5 out of 6 of his /her attributes were above mine, and 1 attribute by 20. Happened again, 5 out of 6 attributes way ahead of mine, 1 attribute by 33 points. How is the matching done again? Just played with someone who's 5 out of 6 attributes are ahead of me by at least 10 points, seriously, plus using special strings.

  • Ranganath Venkat
    2020-05-18 08:57
    Ranganath Venkat

    Awesome game. No ads which is the best part

  • Simram Wadhawan
    2020-05-18 08:56
    Simram Wadhawan


  • Raquel Rabaca Nuesca
    2020-05-18 08:45
    Raquel Rabaca Nuesca

    Playing is fun. But the latest update was too slowly to update😔 up to now uodate still didnt improve. Im on my 77% and just stopped there. Pretty sure my eifi comnection is fast. So upset

  • Hendrawan Djaja
    2020-05-18 08:43
    Hendrawan Djaja

    Nice game

  • Darshana Saikia
    2020-05-18 08:30
    Darshana Saikia

    It is a very good game in few mb

  • Theint Theint
    2020-05-18 08:29
    Theint Theint

    Why does it often show to update?🙄

  • subodh suryawanshi
    2020-05-18 08:25
    subodh suryawanshi


  • ntando sandile
    2020-05-18 08:12
    ntando sandile

    Come and see. Once you know how to move the player around.. it's Heavenly

  • Moosa Ch
    2020-05-18 08:09
    Moosa Ch


  • Vlad Dumitrescu
    2020-05-18 08:06
    Vlad Dumitrescu


  • Alish Mehta
    2020-05-18 08:02
    Alish Mehta

    Worst game its depended on server to win matches how well you play the game. As you go higher your attributes cap are affected than there is no use to spend money Behind attributes.

  • Ver Sion
    2020-05-18 07:58
    Ver Sion

    keep on force closing on oppo @37. or maybe my specs too low?

  • Sarva M
    2020-05-18 07:56
    Sarva M

    Nice graphics

  • King Baliyan
    2020-05-18 07:53
    King Baliyan


  • Damon Cogburn
    2020-05-18 07:50
    Damon Cogburn

    Great game but only four stars because the speed of serves is in KPH. That means nothing to me and millions of other people. It shouldn't be too hard to have a MPH option in the settings.

  • Syed Shali
    2020-05-18 07:47
    Syed Shali

    Good sports app. Must try it🥰🥰😘😘❤❤

  • Delano Allen
    2020-05-18 07:41
    Delano Allen

    Great app

  • Roopa Roopa
    2020-05-18 07:38
    Roopa Roopa

    This is the best game....... I prefer 🎾

  • Harshit Mansi
    2020-05-18 07:21
    Harshit Mansi


    2020-05-18 07:19

    Its all about money ...if you pay for something in the game you will get miss sold from your bank account gest without your permission..I freeze my account and if they can't take money's they blocked my tennis account..STAY AWAY

  • Jason Gustanski
    2020-05-18 07:06
    Jason Gustanski

    One the best sports games I have played.

  • LaSaundra Siddle
    2020-05-18 06:56
    LaSaundra Siddle

    Updates have made it harder to control hits and serve

  • Glen Fraser
    2020-05-18 06:26
    Glen Fraser


  • Ahmad Dzahir
    2020-05-18 06:23
    Ahmad Dzahir

    The connection sucks. Even when I got a high speed internet.

  • Goloo Technical
    2020-05-18 06:17
    Goloo Technical


  • Muhamad Shukri
    2020-05-18 06:15
    Muhamad Shukri

    Very bad game..after everytime update its not getting better. Eventhough all of your equip item is higher always lose to the lower..cause of this,make us to spend our money..and the upgrade also not reasonable with higher price

  • krushna Balsaraf
    2020-05-18 06:07
    krushna Balsaraf


  • Kenneth Abacahin
    2020-05-18 05:59
    Kenneth Abacahin

    Very good

  • shashank rai
    2020-05-18 05:56
    shashank rai

    nice game

    2020-05-18 05:48

    Very nice game

  • Christopher Mafnas
    2020-05-18 05:37
    Christopher Mafnas

    Not bad

  • Kwesi Baidoo
    2020-05-18 05:37
    Kwesi Baidoo

    Nice game to play

  • Sergey/Сергей Gavrushin/Гаврюшин
    2020-05-18 05:31
    Sergey/Сергей Gavrushin/Гаврюшин

    This game not have balance

  • saad khan
    2020-05-18 05:21
    saad khan

    Fantastic work developer

  • Saeed Ullah
    2020-05-18 04:57
    Saeed Ullah

    One of the best game. I like this game.

  • karthik karthik
    2020-05-18 04:55
    karthik karthik

    V good

  • slurpy _troyttv
    2020-05-18 04:47
    slurpy _troyttv

    One of the best

  • Troy Beneby
    2020-05-18 04:46
    Troy Beneby

    Good game one of the best i have ever played

  • Majid Roudi
    2020-05-18 04:33
    Majid Roudi

    Please insert a button for cancelling a match that not exist or find a player on server. Thank you so much.

  • Shivani Aggarwal
    2020-05-18 04:32
    Shivani Aggarwal


  • Fleur Ltd
    2020-05-18 04:27
    Fleur Ltd

    Cannot even download tried 4 5 times. After ling proces of download it say fail. Usels.

  • Mark Fainshtein
    2020-05-18 04:20
    Mark Fainshtein

    Zero stars!!! Absolutely not fair game, forces you to buy things. Pure disappointment!!! The graphic is ice but everything else is just frustration!! You don't even see the ball coming from opponents with half attributes from you.It doesn't even matter how good you are. I went through the reviews in first 10 pages, most of them one star!!! How come it's rated 4.3 stars??? Money money....P.S. After leaving a bad review my game became WAY!!! worse. They just want your money!! Look somewhere else!

  • Jali Firdaus
    2020-05-18 04:19
    Jali Firdaus


  • Chris Fronckowiak
    2020-05-18 04:06
    Chris Fronckowiak

    stop "fixing" bugs! everytime you "fix" a bug, the game gets worse! also matches are unevenly matched.. other than that, its a great time killer, as long as you dont care about advancing.. lol..

  • sureshv
    2020-05-18 03:51


  • Doraikannu Poovannan
    2020-05-18 03:46
    Doraikannu Poovannan

    Good app..

  • Cayson Frey
    2020-05-18 03:44
    Cayson Frey

    Absolutely trash game, will lag the hell out if you are on a winning streak

  • Fahad Ashfaq
    2020-05-18 03:36
    Fahad Ashfaq

    I think this game is finished now because there is no more fun in this game its a waste of time now before the last update the game was awesome fun great rallys and much more now this game has no more rallys no more fun i think i should uninstall this game now

  • James Cua
    2020-05-18 03:09
    James Cua

    Not bad for a sports game. Highly competitive. Controls are no nonsense and straightforward. The level matching could be better but very not bad. Update... So I've gone up a few levels and the match ups with random players? is so bad that I'm losing every match even if my opponents stats are lower than mine. It's like the app is shouting "BUY STUFF FROM US TO WIN!" Uninstalling.

  • Ghazali Mohamed
    2020-05-18 03:09
    Ghazali Mohamed


  • Subhabrata Seal
    2020-05-18 03:06
    Subhabrata Seal

    I like it! You should try it too. Developers, please fix that repeatitive outrageous scream of audience. It's totally unrealistic!

  • Ben Chilby
    2020-05-18 03:05
    Ben Chilby

    Not to bad

  • Nikhil Yadav
    2020-05-18 03:05
    Nikhil Yadav

    Vvvv good game

  • Ankur Agarwal
    2020-05-18 02:53
    Ankur Agarwal

    You dumb idiots should go and learn the game of tennis, before developing such an obnoxious gameplay! You screwed up the definition of tennis. You guys should be embarrassed at yourself. Do yourself a favour, and don't tell anyone you developed this. Go and hide, so one one knows your existence. A smart kid can develop a better gameplay than you retards. BIG FAT ZERO STAR, oh yes that suits you all best!!!

  • Ronald Adames
    2020-05-18 02:52
    Ronald Adames


  • Carl Castillo
    2020-05-18 02:51
    Carl Castillo

    I enjoyed it so very well!

  • Kevin Grant
    2020-05-18 02:46
    Kevin Grant


  • Mrs Bilal
    2020-05-18 02:33
    Mrs Bilal

    What the hell , why do you fix the game with the person who is in extra level has more agility more features and has better player then us ? The game should be between same level peoples so then we can win earn coins n unlock more features

  • Smruti ranjan Sahoo
    2020-05-18 01:59
    Smruti ranjan Sahoo

    Its a nice app to play

  • Siyona D
    2020-05-18 01:57
    Siyona D

    I spent money so often to continue upgrading and playing competitively and as a result was at no 1 position for Rookie 1, 2 and 3 leagues. I loved playing Tour 4 and 5. Then this patch update to re-lock tours was released by developer and since then I am not able to even get pass Tour 3. Tour 4 and 5 are re-locked. Everytime I get so close to win the required trophies to unlock the Tour 4 again, just one match is lost and reqd trophies increases. Its frustrating and demotivated now to continue.

  • Bipro Mitra
    2020-05-18 01:38
    Bipro Mitra

    Very bad game processor that is not tekken exact shot

  • Kent Clarke
    2020-05-18 01:35
    Kent Clarke

    Love it

  • Manthan Nanda
    2020-05-18 01:24
    Manthan Nanda

    It was great until they sent update and messed up regular players. Sucks now.

  • Chandra Kumari
    2020-05-18 01:19
    Chandra Kumari

    Very bad game it is worst time wastage don't download advice

  • Kirthi Gesan
    2020-05-18 01:14
    Kirthi Gesan


  • khanzada fatir
    2020-05-18 01:08
    khanzada fatir

    It is a very good game indeed but it arranges matches by a very unfair method by a similar cup count of the players rather arranging by them by similar compatibility and stenght basis. This means that your opponent can at time be so strong that you wont be able score a single point and might not even return a shot. Please make it mire reasonable so player could show their skill rather than the power if their cards.

  • min bk
    2020-05-18 01:02
    min bk

    Wow amazaing game

    2020-05-18 00:59

    Very nice

  • Hemn Sherko
    2020-05-18 00:51
    Hemn Sherko

    Thanks for all

  • Aidin Mohammadi
    2020-05-18 00:49
    Aidin Mohammadi


  • Luis Pahati
    2020-05-18 00:49
    Luis Pahati

    What was once a great game has beeb ruined by an update that double the number to level up of equipment and has increased stamina so much that it is impossible to get through a match without purchasing one of their special strings. Greedy developer forcing pay to play.

  • poorzad davani
    2020-05-18 00:47
    poorzad davani

    Very good

  • Girish Cadillac
    2020-05-18 00:41
    Girish Cadillac

    Very bad to play, some time sorry many time it hangs or vanishing while I'm playing

  • Elliot Liebert
    2020-05-18 00:40
    Elliot Liebert

    The developers arbitrarily ruined the game. This was a fun game prior to the recent patch. I picture a few guys in a room that sit there and say, hey, we'd like to do x. Nobody tests it. They just push it through and impact a million players. Then they think oh, we made a mistake let's make another quick change. Then they do that and cause more problems. The developers are full of ideas but not common sense. They need seasoned management to tell them "no", and save them from themselves.

  • Ruby Gomez
    2020-05-18 00:28
    Ruby Gomez

    Its so much fun and It is very entertaning

  • Wayne Leong
    2020-05-18 00:18
    Wayne Leong

    It was fun and I gave it a 4 star... until the game became basically unplayable and more frustrating than heck. Customer support is non-existent. I challenge any to try to get to a live support person to help as the virtual help is as useful as a choose you own adventure book...sorry I mean choose your own suicide as it always ends up with the virtual help saying that they cannot help you anymore.

  • vardaan kaushik
    2020-05-18 00:16
    vardaan kaushik

    So slow!

  • Jeffrey Tjahjono
    2020-05-18 00:15
    Jeffrey Tjahjono

    Very bad game and don't instal Game Tai seperti yg bikin. Adu.... Asuuuu

  • Ehab Wagih
    2020-05-18 00:14
    Ehab Wagih

    Worst ever

  • Hades Huanel
    2020-05-18 00:09
    Hades Huanel

    Good game...the "no-adds" factor earns u the fifth star, good job

  • Abdul Rehmaan
    2020-05-17 23:52
    Abdul Rehmaan

    Good one

  • Bryan Woolwine
    2020-05-17 23:44
    Bryan Woolwine

    My Avatar doesn't move very fast have a hard time getting to certain hits he just kind of stands there

  • Esteban Rodriguez
    2020-05-17 23:38
    Esteban Rodriguez

    I'm not gonna lie, the game is fun... but what's up with the uneven matches! Is like they want to force you to spend money or else you never gonna win something. Make it a fair match.

  • BDA J
    2020-05-17 23:30
    BDA J

    Every thing is a fault

  • Mr. J Landreth
    2020-05-17 23:17
    Mr. J Landreth


  • Binod Lama
    2020-05-17 23:13
    Binod Lama

    I really enjoy this game

  • Merle Challenger
    2020-05-17 23:11
    Merle Challenger

    It's good

  • Fayed Mahadi
    2020-05-17 22:52
    Fayed Mahadi

    It was the worst game i have ever played They need after every two days

  • Goka G
    2020-05-17 22:48
    Goka G


  • Muhammad Arshad naveed
    2020-05-17 22:46
    Muhammad Arshad naveed

    Good controlled not ok

  • Innn_Finite Adarable1
    2020-05-17 22:43
    Innn_Finite Adarable1

    This game is one of the best games I've discovered in 2020

  • Debola Louis
    2020-05-17 22:43
    Debola Louis

    Very good app

  • Farhan Ihsan
    2020-05-17 22:28
    Farhan Ihsan

    A very pathetic game. No matter how hard u try. The damn ball hangs in the air while the opponent takes his position and send the ball at your extreme opposite side A really pathetic game design they r just hungry for your pockets

    2020-05-17 22:22


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