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Tango - Live Video Broadcast

Tango - Live Video Broadcast

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Tango - Live Video Broadcast
Stay in touch with people all over the world through a Live Video Broadcast! Join over 400
million people on Tango and start live streaming now.

Tango is a messaging app with the best-quality global video service, and now you can watch and create live stream videos, broadcasting your life for the world to see.

Don’t just video call, have fun while you do it! Send stickers or photos, add filters, and play games while on a live call with friends and family, and access special masks as you live stream to people around the world - for free!

Be a star, get gifts from fans and redeem them for real cash to earn easy money!
Tango - Live Video Broadcast 6.32.1599819563 Update
* Bug fixes
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79.55 MB
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RAW Information
Package Name      : com.sgiggle.production
Version           : 6.21.1585934563 (1585935392)
Min Sdk Level     : 19
Min Sdk Platform  : Android 4.4
Target Sdk Level     : 28
Target Sdk Platform  : Android 9.0

Permssions List
RECEIVE : INTERNET : Allows applications to open network sockets. WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : Allows an application to write to external storage. READ_LOGS : Allows an application to read the low-level system log files. RECORD_AUDIO : Allows an application to record audio CAMERA : Required to be able to access the camera device. MODIFY_AUDIO_SETTINGS : Allows an application to modify global audio settings READ_PHONE_STATE : Allows read only access to phone state. ACCESS_WIFI_STATE : Allows applications to access information about Wi-Fi networks RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED : Allows an application to receive the ACTION_BOOT_COMPLETED that is broadcast after the system finishes booting. READ_CONTACTS : Allows an application to read the user's contacts data. READ_PROFILE : Allows an application to read the user's personal profile data. WAKE_LOCK : Allows using PowerManager WakeLocks to keep processor from sleeping or screen from dimming DISABLE_KEYGUARD : Allows applications to disable the keyguard VIBRATE : Allows access to the vibrator CHANGE_WIFI_STATE : Allows applications to change Wi-Fi connectivity state ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE : Allows applications to access information about networks CHANGE_NETWORK_STATE : Allows applications to change network connectivity state BROADCAST_STICKY : Allows an application to broadcast sticky intents. INSTALL_SHORTCUT : Allows an application to install a shortcut in Launcher READ : WRITE : READ_GSERVICES : GET_ACCOUNTS : Allows access to the list of accounts in the Accounts Service WRITE_CONTACTS : Allows an application to write (but not read) the user's contacts data. MANAGE_ACCOUNTS : Allows an application to manage the list of accounts in the AccountManager AUTHENTICATE_ACCOUNTS : Allows an application to act as an AccountAuthenticator for the AccountManager READ_SYNC_SETTINGS : Allows applications to read the sync settings WRITE_SYNC_SETTINGS : Allows applications to write the sync settings BLUETOOTH : Allows applications to connect to paired bluetooth devices BILLING : ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION : Allows an app to access precise location from location sources such as GPS, cell towers, and Wi-Fi. ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION : Allows an app to access approximate location derived from network location sources such as cell towers and Wi-Fi. BROADCAST_BADGE : SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW : Allows an application to open windows using the type TYPE_SYSTEM_ALERT, shown on top of all other applications. BIND_GET_INSTALL_REFERRER_SERVICE : READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : Allows an application to read from external storage.
com.sgiggle.app.MessengerMainActivity com.sgiggle.app.HomeFragmentContainerActivity com.sgiggle.app.dialpad.DialpadCountryListActivity com.sgiggle.app.dialpad.buy.BuyCreditsActivity com.sgiggle.app.profile.ContactDetailActivity com.sgiggle.app.ContactsSocialActivity com.sgiggle.app.social.discover.MomentsActivity com.sgiggle.app.profile.vip.activity.GoVipActivity com.sgiggle.app.live.RefillActivity com.sgiggle.production.SplashScreen (Launcher) com.sgiggle.app.social.SocialComposerActivity com.sgiggle.app.social.discover.map.MapsActivity com.sgiggle.app.scanner.QrCodeScannerActivity com.sgiggle.app.scanner.ScanTextResultActivity com.sgiggle.app.social.PictureViewerActivity com.sgiggle.app.social.MusicFeedComposeActivity com.sgiggle.app.social.SocialVideoFeedActivity com.sgiggle.app.FacebookLikePageActivity com.facebook.FacebookActivity com.sgiggle.app.settings.SettingsPreferenceModernActivity com.sgiggle.app.settings.DialogHelperActivity com.sgiggle.app.ValidationRequiredDialogHelperActivity com.sgiggle.app.settings.EditProfileHelperActivity com.sgiggle.app.settings.EditSaveAddressBookHelperActivity com.sgiggle.app.RegisterAccountPhoneActivity com.sgiggle.app.RegisterCloudAccountActivity com.sgiggle.app.RegisterAccountProfileActivity com.sgiggle.app.agent.AgentActivity com.sgiggle.app.leaderboard.LeaderboardActivity com.sgiggle.app.live.broadcast.LiveBroadcastRecorderActivity com.sgiggle.app.live.LiveRefillCoinsActivity com.sgiggle.app.live.MyTopGiftersActivity com.sgiggle.call_base.CallActivity com.sgiggle.call_base.photobooth.PhotoboothActivity com.sgiggle.app.country_selector.CountrySelectListActivity com.sgiggle.app.UpdateRequiredActivity com.sgiggle.app.AppLogActivity com.sgiggle.app.ExitActivity com.sgiggle.app.PostCallActivity com.sgiggle.app.tc.ConversationDetailActivity me.tango.android.chat.drawer.controller.photo.DrawerPhotoFullscreenMediaActivity com.sgiggle.app.screens.tc.LockscreenActivitySWIG com.sgiggle.app.screens.tc.ConversationSettingsActivitySWIG com.sgiggle.call_base.screens.picture.PicturePreviewActivity com.sgiggle.app.live.broadcast.LiveBroadcastPlayerActivity com.sgiggle.app.live.LiveMessageReplayActivity com.sgiggle.app.live.broadcast.LiveBroadcastReplayActivity com.sgiggle.app.live.LiveRedeemEntryActivity com.sgiggle.app.live.LiveRedeemHistoryActivity com.sgiggle.app.live.LiveRedeemWithdrawalActivity com.sgiggle.app.live.LiveRedeemAgreementActivity com.sgiggle.app.SlidableGalleryActivity com.sgiggle.app.social.SocialFeedGalleryActivity com.sgiggle.app.contact.swig.selectcontact.SelectContactActivitySWIG com.sgiggle.app.invite.InviteFriendsActivity com.sgiggle.app.contact.swig.selectcontact.SelectContactActivitySWIGTcShare com.sgiggle.app.screens.videomail.ViewVideomailActivity com.sgiggle.app.screens.videomail.ViewRecordedVideoActivity com.sgiggle.app.screens.videomail.RecordVideomailActivity com.sgiggle.call_base.GameInCallMoaiActivity com.sgiggle.app.PopupNotification com.sgiggle.app.social.discover.DiscoverSettingsActivity com.sgiggle.app.social.discover.DiscoverFollowingActivity com.sgiggle.app.social.discover.DiscoverFollowersActivity com.sgiggle.app.social.discover.DiscoverFriendRequestActivity com.sgiggle.app.invite.InvitePUMKActivity com.sgiggle.app.qr_code.QrCodeActivity com.sgiggle.app.social.CommentsActivity com.sgiggle.app.BlockListActivity com.sgiggle.app.HideListActivity com.ziplinegames.moai.MoaiMoviePlayer com.ziplinegames.moai.MoaiImagePicker com.ziplinegames.moai.MoaiMultiImagePicker com.sgiggle.app.browser.BrowserActivity com.sgiggle.app.search.GlobalSearchActivity com.sgiggle.app.sinch.PstnCallActivity com.sgiggle.app.home.navigation.fragment.sociallive.PublicFeedListActivity com.sgiggle.app.receiver.ProcessNotificationActivity com.sgiggle.app.sync.SyncLoginActivity com.sgiggle.app.VerificationActivity com.sgiggle.app.sinch.verification.VerificationPstnTwoStepActivity com.sgiggle.app.sinch.PstnFlowActivity com.sgiggle.app.stories.ui.single.SingleStoryActivity com.sgiggle.call_base.social.galleryx.TangoGalleryActivity com.sgiggle.call_base.social.galleryx.TangoGalleryPreviewActivity com.sgiggle.app.stickers.store.StickerStoreActivity com.sgiggle.app.CreateFamilyGroupNameActivity com.sgiggle.app.invite.popover.InviteFriendsDialogActivity com.sgiggle.app.invite.popover.InvitePermissionDialogActivity com.sgiggle.app.social.feeds.gift.PostGiftersActivity com.google.android.gms.ads.AdActivity me.tango.android.chat.history.wallpaper.WallpaperPreviewActivity com.sgiggle.app.tc.wallpaper.TangoWallpaperPreviewActivity com.sgiggle.call_base.social.galleryx.TangoNewGalleryActivity com.sgiggle.app.settings.GoogleConnectAccountActivity com.sgiggle.app.settings.FacebookConnectAccountActivity com.mopub.common.MoPubBrowser com.facebook.accountkit.ui.AccountKitActivity me.tango.account.deletion.view.AccountDeletionActivity com.facebook.accountkit.ui.AccountKitEmailRedirectActivity io.intercom.android.sdk.activities.IntercomMessengerActivity io.intercom.android.sdk.lightbox.LightBoxActivity io.intercom.android.sdk.activities.IntercomArticleActivity io.intercom.android.sdk.activities.IntercomHelpCenterActivity io.intercom.android.sdk.activities.IntercomPostActivity io.intercom.android.sdk.activities.IntercomNoteActivity io.intercom.android.sdk.activities.IntercomSheetActivity io.intercom.android.sdk.activities.IntercomVideoActivity com.facebook.CustomTabMainActivity com.google.android.gms.auth.api.signin.internal.SignInHubActivity com.google.android.gms.common.api.GoogleApiActivity com.paypal.android.sdk.payments.PaymentActivity com.paypal.android.sdk.payments.PaymentMethodActivity com.paypal.android.sdk.payments.PaymentConfirmActivity com.paypal.android.sdk.payments.LoginActivity com.paypal.android.sdk.payments.PayPalFuturePaymentActivity com.paypal.android.sdk.payments.FuturePaymentConsentActivity com.paypal.android.sdk.payments.FuturePaymentInfoActivity com.paypal.android.sdk.payments.PayPalProfileSharingActivity com.paypal.android.sdk.payments.ProfileSharingConsentActivity com.twitter.sdk.android.core.identity.OAuthActivity com.twitter.sdk.android.core.identity.ShareEmailActivity vigo.sdk.FeedbackActivity com.intercom.input.gallery.GalleryInputFullScreenActivity com.intercom.input.gallery.GalleryLightBoxActivity
Reviews From google play store
  • Sheldon Cooper
    2020-05-17 11:57
    Sheldon Cooper

    Uses too much internet data 😑

  • Prosenjit Mondal
    2020-05-17 10:36
    Prosenjit Mondal

    So good

  • Victor Juniour
    2020-05-17 06:38
    Victor Juniour

    It's wonderful to use πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ’―

  • Asha Jat
    2020-05-17 06:12
    Asha Jat

    Good app

  • Shanika Janaka
    2020-05-17 05:37
    Shanika Janaka

    great app...thank u so much tango...

  • Muhammad Shafiq
    2020-05-17 00:59
    Muhammad Shafiq

    Shafiq πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸ‘ŒπŸŒ·πŸ’ƒ

  • Cam Tidler
    2020-05-16 21:38
    Cam Tidler

    Love this awesome I so happy thankyo.tango.you.the.best thank you again and again you're the best God bless tango thank you tango my family's and I we always thank you for everything we can't do without you tango thank millions over and over again and again you're kind heart love everyone GODBLESS all of you for ever We love tango team. Thank you for everything tango πŸ’˜ GODBLESS you all millions times over and over πŸ™ never end ❀ πŸ’™ πŸ™ πŸ’– πŸ’› β™₯ ❀ πŸ’™ we love tango like always ❀ THANKS AGAIN thank

  • Ansuman Nayak
    2020-05-16 19:41
    Ansuman Nayak

    Khubsurat Tango aap

  • Prabhat Verma
    2020-05-16 19:03
    Prabhat Verma


  • Cool Mccool
    2020-05-16 18:41
    Cool Mccool

    Too many scammers and prostitution

  • Bawa Movies
    2020-05-16 16:41
    Bawa Movies

    The new version is having some problem for update mobile number.please check and resolve

  • Tristan Haile
    2020-05-16 15:55
    Tristan Haile

    Online whorehouse. Broadcasters are encouraged to show their body for money and if you do you make bank. Others luck out by talking or singing. Customer support is fake and they will not help you. I hate this app but for what it's worth I've made $200 in a month for shaking my ass on private.

  • Pauline winter
    2020-05-16 13:59
    Pauline winter

    The best app

  • Dean Lindsay
    2020-05-16 11:25
    Dean Lindsay

    Hi good morning how are you tango am gay I like nice guy

    2020-05-16 07:23


  • Karem Tito
    2020-05-16 07:14
    Karem Tito


  • Gary Holt
    2020-05-15 23:17
    Gary Holt

    Expensive I liked this app untill I wanted to join premium live feed and of course you have to pay for that th ed n you get there and they are asleep or not even on the screen . Or in the room . Now it seems like alot of people do it just because they get paid . Who cares right well I do that's not cool when I'm paying for it. I'm about ready to close my account on here

  • Randii Cam
    2020-05-15 21:50
    Randii Cam

    Good way to make money if u know how to work it!!! Woo hoo!!!! Unlike any broadcasting app in the BEST WAY

  • martin connelly
    2020-05-15 21:46
    martin connelly


  • Gomathy Rajesh
    2020-05-15 19:28
    Gomathy Rajesh

    Tried so many times but could not able to activate through Mobile number . Not receiving messages...

  • Ashis Kumar Swain
    2020-05-15 18:57
    Ashis Kumar Swain

    I paid from UPI, but coin didn't added till now.

  • Queen Love
    2020-05-15 17:43
    Queen Love

    I can not log out of the app.. Why?

  • Aftab Rayen
    2020-05-15 17:25
    Aftab Rayen


  • MD Zahid
    2020-05-15 15:57
    MD Zahid

    Nice sexy app

  • Strenger Mumbai boy
    2020-05-15 15:32
    Strenger Mumbai boy

    There is voice glitch in letest version. Sound come first then after some second brodcaster lip's moving fix this .

  • Thor Hammer
    2020-05-15 14:25
    Thor Hammer

    there WAY to many foreigners and spamers on this app!!! this needs to be fixed.. als the nearby tab doesnt work all all u click on it and its people on the other side.of the world...

  • Christine joy Sarmiento
    2020-05-15 14:07
    Christine joy Sarmiento

    This app is very good i love it

  • Kumara Piyantha
    2020-05-15 13:31
    Kumara Piyantha

    Tango Live video calling

  • Da'Vante Azubuike
    2020-05-15 13:19

    Unless you're watching the broadcast it doesn't work! Every time I just want to video chat with friends, they never receive my video calls or vice versa! Just shows the miss calls! It's definitely not like the old tango!

  • Christophine Ada
    2020-05-15 12:58
    Christophine Ada


  • Rajesh Kumar
    2020-05-15 11:56
    Rajesh Kumar

    Can't register

  • Jim Walker
    2020-05-15 10:58
    Jim Walker

    Tango forces women to over charge men for live sex acts they bleed men dry greedy blood suckers your a fool to go there

  • foaad saleh
    2020-05-15 07:17
    foaad saleh

    I wish you add swap to move to the next broadcast

  • Mahir Sheikh
    2020-05-15 05:56
    Mahir Sheikh


  • Roshan Alikhan
    2020-05-15 04:42
    Roshan Alikhan

    Nice app

  • Bilal Masood
    2020-05-15 03:45
    Bilal Masood

    Very Bad App

  • Abu Hasan tomas
    2020-05-15 02:46
    Abu Hasan tomas


  • abdelrahman essam
    2020-05-15 02:20
    abdelrahman essam

    Your destroying people with such a sexual app nothing exists on this app but sex.

  • firdos khan
    2020-05-15 00:22
    firdos khan

    Registration failed... I make complain many times such a dump people who built this app. Many time I wrote it is not allowing to register no one from this dump team help. I argue Google to remove this app from playstore

  • Rubal Ahmed
    2020-05-14 22:57
    Rubal Ahmed

    Needs a dark mode. Why pop ups saying please support me? Most broadcasters have zero dignity.

  • Jai Shankar
    2020-05-14 19:43
    Jai Shankar

    How to get screenshot for some chat kindly help me

  • Utpal Dey
    2020-05-14 14:44
    Utpal Dey

    This is a rubbish and cheap application. Costmer service is also very bad.

  • Rahul Yadav
    2020-05-14 12:10
    Rahul Yadav

    Tango is my life

  • Aarion Morris
    2020-05-14 09:15
    Aarion Morris


  • Alicia Compton
    2020-05-14 06:44
    Alicia Compton

    It realy goood i didnt realy get that much gifts but thats alright but the only problem whas that just a few people went on my liveπŸ˜πŸ˜’

    2020-05-14 06:16

    Its amazing app

  • Stallion Man
    2020-05-14 04:50
    Stallion Man

    website needs to have an update where you can make people admin, kick people, go private. tango cost of coins is way too expensive. seems like Polina aka Polly 🍦 the scammer gets paid 3 times more than other broadcasters, not fair really. the money hungry, kid makin, havin sex with tango headquarter employees, married woman she is. Spanish accent not Russian either. also fix Live Family where everyone can have it after becomin a VIP or Subscribin to Tango. i don't got Live Family

  • Shihab Kalody1
    2020-05-14 01:03
    Shihab Kalody1

    Not working streaming on wifi

  • Naeema Anwar
    2020-05-13 20:25
    Naeema Anwar

    Hate it

  • Sajat Sajat
    2020-05-13 17:29
    Sajat Sajat

    No. Good

  • Mohandat samlall
    2020-05-13 17:09
    Mohandat samlall

    How can i get tango app account back

  • James Wallace
    2020-05-13 16:12
    James Wallace

    Most people on here especially women just want money

    2020-05-13 14:15

    Nice app

  • irisdesign guler
    2020-05-13 11:26
    irisdesign guler

    tango doesnt have find friends option anymore they focused more bigo like coin system . i dont have to watch womans show themself on camera please add find new friends option again

  • hot sex live
    2020-05-13 05:14
    hot sex live


  • surya stone crusher M/S
    2020-05-13 01:37
    surya stone crusher M/S

    Only one& amazing πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ lively app we have ever find.we can make friends all over the world &hang out with them but you have to follow the instructions from tango, should not violate the rules you should be suspended r banned from this app but the Tango customer support πŸ™πŸ™ πŸ™πŸ™ is so kind&gives the other chance to activate our account ...so friends please trust my review & download happily by Aryan Aryan from india

  • The Martinelli Channel
    2020-05-13 01:11
    The Martinelli Channel


  • Robert J.
    2020-05-12 23:06
    Robert J.

    Earlier I wrote a bad review about the livestreams not coming in well on my phone but I think that's more my phone's fault. At certain times of day my internet just doesn't work well. But when it does at night, THIS APP IS AWESOME! The premium broadcasts are where it's at. Trust me.

  • Steph Domain
    2020-05-12 22:33
    Steph Domain

    It is full of sex hungry people.

  • Moklesur Rahaman
    2020-05-12 19:38
    Moklesur Rahaman

    Good app

  • Talib Hussain Shakar
    2020-05-12 18:24
    Talib Hussain Shakar


  • kane stone
    2020-05-12 18:04
    kane stone

    All most broadcaster very cheating in tango apps.. Broadcaster cheating in premium live.. premium live i pay 99 coins.. after that i go premium live broadcaster kick me , sometimes premium live broadcaster just show table, chair only... Waste my coins.. pls take action. Broadcaster cheating 😑😑😑😑😑..

  • Kuldeep Cheema
    2020-05-12 15:46
    Kuldeep Cheema

    This is good aap for video call

  • Joe Cool
    2020-05-12 09:55
    Joe Cool

    The girls went out of there by way when technical problems happened and made sure everything was fine I couldn't believe they spent so much time making sure I was happy I never thought I would be satisfied after the problems but I was wrong the customer matters at tango

  • A Google user
    2020-05-12 08:48
    A Google user

    Love it :)

  • Maryam Rezai
    2020-05-12 07:21
    Maryam Rezai

    Overall good .but the private system is not good . Like anybody go to private Nd doing anything

  • Brayten Scott
    2020-05-12 02:05
    Brayten Scott

    No vidio

  • Habib Shafi
    2020-05-12 00:42
    Habib Shafi

    I loved it before May. Now it goes to live which only for flerting. So good bye tango.

  • Jaleel Pk
    2020-05-11 22:51
    Jaleel Pk


  • lol is cool
    2020-05-11 20:00
    lol is cool

    It does not work

    2020-05-11 17:41

    Your coin was very expensive.....And 100 bought it coin which is nothing

  • Akash Rajput
    2020-05-11 17:15
    Akash Rajput

    App is not working properly and swapping up not available in live videos. Even I can't give one star also.

  • Jesu Mary
    2020-05-11 15:13
    Jesu Mary

    Very good apps

  • Maria elena Ubalde
    2020-05-11 14:21
    Maria elena Ubalde


  • Kumar Jeevanth
    2020-05-11 11:01
    Kumar Jeevanth

    Hanging all time

  • vanessa vasekova
    2020-05-11 06:08
    vanessa vasekova

    i hate this ilve some guy is saying show body

  • Aqua Panzo
    2020-05-11 04:49
    Aqua Panzo

    Very easy to use. Love this App!

  • Mahi Khan
    2020-05-11 04:01
    Mahi Khan

    They paying very less in Pak

  • Obada Khader
    2020-05-10 23:56
    Obada Khader


    2020-05-10 19:06

    These applications provide nude content ..many girl doing nude show in it .. against indian culture

  • Ψ­Ψ§Ω„Ψ§Ψͺ واΨͺΨ³Ψ§Ψ¨ -WhatsApp Stories
    2020-05-10 18:23
    Ψ­Ψ§Ω„Ψ§Ψͺ واΨͺΨ³Ψ§Ψ¨ -WhatsApp Stories

    Very cool and I hope Lasting success

  • Satyam
    2020-05-10 14:12

    It start crashing again and again my phone also stop responding on my commands

    2020-05-10 13:51

    Please coin selling in bKash / codashop

  • Pratika kanxi
    2020-05-10 07:27
    Pratika kanxi

    fake app😈😈😈😈

  • Bharat Khanna
    2020-05-10 06:57
    Bharat Khanna

    please accept Google pay also

  • Urooj Abbasi
    2020-05-10 00:10
    Urooj Abbasi


  • Rusby Perez
    2020-05-09 22:06
    Rusby Perez

    Hola Amiga como y buenas trades y como estan bien ok

  • John Andreski
    2020-05-09 18:08
    John Andreski

    Have to request to delete account.

  • vishvas sharma
    2020-05-09 16:52
    vishvas sharma

    Why UCO Bank is not there, plzz add UCO bank

  • Jhoana Paula Gutierrez
    2020-05-09 12:43
    Jhoana Paula Gutierrez

    Nice apps i love it πŸ₯°

  • Afeezco Efico
    2020-05-09 09:24
    Afeezco Efico


  • Ran Cohen
    2020-05-09 07:18
    Ran Cohen

    So slow!

  • Rahul Gore
    2020-05-09 04:59
    Rahul Gore

    Hey guys plz dnt install this app in your fon...they can deduct your mony without any reason..they deducted my money frm bnk account while i was watching live broad...not trust worthy app..dear tango team give my money back....

  • Bhanu Singh
    2020-05-09 03:51
    Bhanu Singh

    Awesome it's a very good app happy with it

  • islamkhan1188
    2020-05-09 02:29


  • elliana lund
    2020-05-08 23:31
    elliana lund

    It's should allow 18 and under and there's bots

  • Prakash Lama
    2020-05-08 21:57
    Prakash Lama

    It a reall good for make friends to anyone

  • Md Nurcox
    2020-05-08 20:21
    Md Nurcox


  • Gary Woo
    2020-05-08 15:53
    Gary Woo


  • Kara Lawley
    2020-05-08 12:30
    Kara Lawley

    This app is rude

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