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FNaF World
Meet your favourite animatronics in a whole new world.

The legendary Five Nights at Freddy's is back. And this time it's got a whole new spin. Freddie, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy and the entire cast await you as this fantasy RPG lets players control their favourite haunted animatronics

Enjoy the lovely, colourful graphics that you've grown to love with every edition of Five Night at Freddy's.

Things are becoming distorted and broken and it's time for you to take control of Freddy and his notorious gang of animatronics.

Choose a strategy that will destroy your bloodthirsty enemies. Pick from a wide range of awesome weaponry. Find the glitches and the source of the problems. And always stay alert of the dangers that lurk in the shadows.

With over 40 characters and multiple endings as well as multiple difficulties, FNAF World makes it every hard for you to put your phone down.

There's also a lovely soundtrack from artist Leon Riskin that adds a whole dimension to the gameplay.

Now matter what you love, FNAF World promises you a world of excitement and endless adventures.

Why wait? Go on and download FNAF World and enjoy this truly epic animated adventure now.        
FNaF World 1.0 Update
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98.98 MB
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Reviews From google play store
  • Murder shy
    2020-03-05 13:35
    Murder shy

    You should update this fun game Scott

  • Zachary Wood
    2020-02-07 02:40
    Zachary Wood


  • Karim Zidan
    2020-01-25 06:28
    Karim Zidan


  • Quiet Kid
    2020-01-19 23:53
    Quiet Kid

    It's really fun but when I try to play and continue the game it doesn't let me click continue its like everything I did got deleted. This is the second time it happened.

  • dark knight
    2020-01-08 03:33
    dark knight

    I wish scott kept on working on this fantastic game of his... it's still super fun to this day.

  • CurlyFriesCS
    2019-12-11 20:11

    ok port

  • Kailan Clark
    2019-12-01 16:30
    Kailan Clark

    This is awesome plz let this be available to everyone. Plz also update the game. This game is good despite what most people think.

  • CloutDemon999
    2019-09-10 23:23

    Every time I Go into Battle When I Select a move The animatronics Disappear And No Move/Damage Is Done To The Enemy

  • Nightmare Balloonboy372
    2019-09-03 22:05
    Nightmare Balloonboy372

    Pretty Snazzy

  • Venus Zombies
    2019-07-26 00:41
    Venus Zombies

    Scott im enjoying the game but although. You stopped and removed it im lucky to have downloaded it and please if you want update it

  • KillerD Man07
    2019-07-10 18:04
    KillerD Man07

    yes yex

  • Lone Fox7438
    2019-06-24 02:37
    Lone Fox7438

    Great port!Looks a lot like the original!But audio is the only problem here folks.

  • gabriela carrera
    2019-06-20 12:59
    gabriela carrera

    love it

  • Bleach420
    2019-06-17 07:13

    I started a new game in the second file in fixed party mode and when i went to my first file to finish the game all of my progress was gone for the first file.

  • Snatcher
    2019-06-03 17:13

    Scott I love this game don't get rid of it and please do update 3 also Scott people still play and love game so please do it for the fans please.

  • Puppymon903 Digi-Dreemurr
    2019-05-11 03:35
    Puppymon903 Digi-Dreemurr

    I really like this game, but the worst glitch that I've experienced so far is with the saves. The saves themselves work just fine, but sometimes, when I open up my game file, it won't load. What I mean is I go to play on my save file and the continue button would be faded out and I have to restart all over again (I mostly noticed this after unlocking and using Fredbear, but he might now have anything to do with it). Fix this and this game will truly be solid.

  • Leonnora Guzmania
    2019-03-22 15:05
    Leonnora Guzmania

    Thank you Scott for making this free! This is my first time to play this! It's so awesome but two things bugging me randomly. I didn't expect that Freddy is slow and I'm sad that any moment, the game force shut down. Please take your time updating and making games and be the best Scott you ever be!

  • LBPGod
    2019-03-16 13:11

    I love this but sadly it got unlisted and no more updates (update 3)

  • Theprogamer 20161
    2019-01-17 18:47
    Theprogamer 20161

    This is a really frickin fun game. The only problems I have in the game is: 1. Freddy walks like a snail. 2. I cannot find SpringBonnie. I prayed for springbonnie to come and fight. Scott if you see this post can you please make springbonnie appear more. EDIT FROM 1 YEAR IN THE FUTURE: I SOUNDED LIKE A LIBTARD

  • Kenya Jenne
    2019-01-10 06:32
    Kenya Jenne

    Is this game coming back? To the play store? Because my friends can't find it and its only in my history? Please put it back on here! I know you're busy though, so just work on it whenever you can. Please?

  • joan quigley
    2019-01-02 22:16
    joan quigley

    its made by Scott cawthon so it's the best

  • iGamexTV_YT
    2018-11-19 21:37

    Omega lol I can still play it

  • Golden2607
    2018-11-16 14:21

    So good I wish it's is go to be free again

  • A Google user
    2018-10-17 13:05
    A Google user

    The game is fine I never liked FNaF world, but I did have fun One thing though is that this port is literally unplayable, it constantly crashes, and won't even load, I know you removed this from the app store, which is a good thing, I love your other works, but this just isn't good.

  • Nicole Rodriguez
    2018-10-14 20:47
    Nicole Rodriguez

    This is the best app ever I like it more than the other horror games!!! Just omg!!!!!!! This app is just too good!!!

  • The Editting Joke
    2018-09-29 03:15
    The Editting Joke

    I found it thanks to the past

  • Skyler Here
    2018-09-16 14:58
    Skyler Here

    The Controls Are Bad but the Games Good

  • Destructo999 _
    2018-08-17 00:57
    Destructo999 _

    Scott plz put it back and update it...also how do you get the update 2 characters

  • Snorlax Gamer 23
    2018-07-15 20:47
    Snorlax Gamer 23

    Some times the moves won't work!! But overall it is a good game.

  • ED-P Everything
    2018-07-11 19:14
    ED-P Everything

    Pretty good port

  • Louise Taylor
    2018-07-01 15:15
    Louise Taylor

    It's a really good game scott! But three problems though, with the path to the halloween update, when you go to the Fnaf 57 Freddy In Space one, Can you make it so you can jump while you are walking in Fnaf 57 freddy in space on mobile because I'm on mobile. And on mobile can you make the characters move cause on mobile the characters that you are fighting for an example, Fredbear when you are fighting him he doesn't move on mobile. And whenever i get Fredbear and use him for Fighting, it always just makes me restart ALL over again. Please, fix that.

  • SkullgirlsSquigly Unofficial
    2018-06-29 02:26
    SkullgirlsSquigly Unofficial

    the frame rate needs work needs sound improvements other than that not bad

  • Ulisses Bastian
    2018-05-25 15:51
    Ulisses Bastian

    I would like if it updatede

  • Chris Shep
    2018-05-21 01:20
    Chris Shep

    I saw a playthrough of this game (and forgot most of it), but I thought that it would be cool to add the SL animatronics. Since Funtime Foxy is essentially Mangle, he's nice, but what about Baby?

  • The Diamond Minecart//Blake
    2018-05-07 00:45
    The Diamond Minecart//Blake

    Scott Cawthon make it like pc FNAF World but i still love it but it would be awesome if Freddy fazbear pizzarea simulator was on Android and ios

  • skelekid
    2018-04-30 02:36

    Its the best game ever I still have it

  • jerungbiru55
    2018-04-12 10:52

    Make the game have quit button so everytime File saved they wont mess up

  • Landon Friend
    2018-03-31 12:52
    Landon Friend

    It is awesome

  • Emmitt Taylor
    2018-03-19 16:15
    Emmitt Taylor

    I think this be a horror based game not a lovable game because I think that's pretty much is what's making this game ok and not great

  • jelythiyah Wheaton
    2018-03-07 06:32
    jelythiyah Wheaton

    BEST GAME EVER!๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Amazon E
    2018-01-02 18:49
    Amazon E

    Make update three and make overclock easeyer to beat

  • Trevor 360
    2018-01-01 07:23
    Trevor 360

    Hi Scott great job on this game and I hope you make more awesome games like this one I rate 500 stars for this game.

  • ty12 and masyncool_ Goodwin
    2017-12-29 18:16
    ty12 and masyncool_ Goodwin


  • ัŠั‘ัะธะพะบ
    2017-12-24 23:31

    Everytime I try to load it and it crashes!!! Every single TIME!! I will rate 5 stars if you fix this!!!!

  • A Google user
    2017-12-15 16:35
    A Google user

    It is pretty good.

  • Foxy the fox 126
    2017-12-11 00:31
    Foxy the fox 126

    Yessssssss I have found FNAF World๐Ÿค—๐Ÿ˜ฅ

  • Soul Reaper
    2017-11-22 14:43
    Soul Reaper

    you move to slow

  • Escape
    2017-11-21 14:48

    I love the game Scott. I waiting so long and IT'S WORTH THE WAIT. I did like how you change the story and made it funny. some problems I encountered was the enemy's dont move and some attacks dont work. It's ok I'm not mad. I sure we can beat it with it. Take your time to fix it and THANK YOU for the game. EDIT: also there seems to be no way to get the update 2 part started. I'm not mad. Just take your time fixing it ok

  • Zach Bauer
    2017-11-07 12:09
    Zach Bauer

    Rip fnaf world

  • Seymour Krelborn
    2017-11-05 07:33
    Seymour Krelborn

    Scott you may not agree but this is the best free RPG on mobile, please make it available again for new players to download

  • XxAngel GamerxX
    2017-10-27 16:53
    XxAngel GamerxX

    Is there a new up date

  • Portal_Jumper_79
    2017-09-29 03:05

    Can you add this app back up for download I love to play it and I want you to update it more it is fun and I would like updates that remove the glitches that appear after playing the game for some time

  • Spring
    2017-09-29 02:15

    I like how no one knows how to get to the dlc place but i figured it out before the port, it's easy to get in. Even if he doesn't add it, there is a way....

  • Jordan Gray
    2017-09-15 19:02
    Jordan Gray

    For some reason the game closes after the loading screen

  • starbomb's mah favourite
    2017-09-08 15:17

    I love this game

  • A Google user
    2017-09-03 14:56
    A Google user

    During the time this port was 'up' it was great. โ˜บ

  • Shadow Freddy gaming and more
    2017-09-03 02:23
    Shadow Freddy gaming and more

    The game is fun, and challenging just the way it should be

  • A Google user
    2017-08-12 11:12
    A Google user

    I love it Scott and I know your probably bizzy but can you make this for kindels also thank you for making these awesome games for us

  • Julie Llewellyn
    2017-08-12 03:58
    Julie Llewellyn

    I loved it

  • Sarah Jones
    2017-08-06 15:50
    Sarah Jones

    It's so awesome

  • Race Vlogs
    2017-07-19 18:59
    Race Vlogs


  • Meme Graveyard
    2017-07-09 15:58
    Meme Graveyard

    Now the game works on my new phone perfectly. Guess it was just my old phone.

    2017-07-09 01:13

    The best game ive ever played ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Soriel
    2017-07-03 09:44

    Good game

  • Mad Lad
    2017-06-29 20:07
    Mad Lad

    I've always wanted to play fnaf world (on mobile) and now I can. Good gamplay, sarcastic caracters, and chicas magic rainbow! However, it has some glitches. Freddy moves on the map to slow, attacks sometimes don't work, and sometimes no audio. These can be fixed easily. Another great job by Scott cawthon.

  • Game Guy!
    2017-06-23 05:41
    Game Guy!

    Scott, I love FNaF World, and I love the fact that you ported it to Iphone and Android, but there are many bugs that ruin the experience. 1. Game closes at random. Whenever I try to play, even when I am in the game, the game will close down for whatever reason. 2. Character speed. The characters move so slow. If you made the characters move faster, that would make the game better. 3. Animation in battle. The enemies don't move like the original. If you could fix these bugs, that would be great.

  • Colby Lamb
    2017-06-17 23:23
    Colby Lamb

    Hi Scott! I have no clue how I got here!

  • TheEnderPlush
    2017-06-12 16:20

    If only there was update 2.. Wait there is

  • gaming look back
    2017-06-04 00:27
    gaming look back

    The 8-bit freadbear lines are not serious but funny but my problems are the attacks crash in foxy fighters the pellets shot backwards and before a crash I saw the same move mic toss as all attacks please fix as soon as possible and remember to smile you are the face of Freddy Fazbear's pizza (I still have access to this game)

  • broly the legendary super saiyan
    2017-06-01 13:45
    broly the legendary super saiyan

    it keeps kicking me out when I get done choosing. My party fix it please

  • Meshendia Easting
    2017-05-22 00:13
    Meshendia Easting


    2017-05-21 20:41

    Scott as soon as the fredbear dialogue is done in the begining it crashed Also ive been waiting for this to come out on mobile for ever scott your made my 14th bday one off thรฉ best Plz update

  • William White
    2017-05-17 12:57
    William White

    Everybody that says it crashes JUST FORCE STOP IT

  • Jos Bru
    2017-05-17 02:38
    Jos Bru


  • Striped HAm
    2017-05-16 22:20
    Striped HAm


  • T r a s h I g n i t e d
    2017-05-16 00:53
    T r a s h I g n i t e d

    the game kicked me out when i join

  • Fnaf gamer Tv8374
    2017-05-08 20:38
    Fnaf gamer Tv8374

    The game is so amazing the graphics is wonderful and the characters are sweet! You did a good job on this game its Amazing!

  • Enderninja 13
    2017-05-07 20:28
    Enderninja 13

    I love it all

  • Syukran Rahim
    2017-05-04 12:36
    Syukran Rahim

    I like the game but there are some problems you need to fix 1. Freddy is sometimes slow 2. Some attacks dont work 3. Sometimes my charachters disappear 4. The enemies don't move (they just stand there) 5. When you attack too much, it becomes slow and glitchy. I hope you can fix the problems Scott.

  • ah lisa
    2017-05-04 03:46
    ah lisa

    Uhn... why won't it work on some old phones like the Verizon LG :(

  • Oswald and Habbit
    2017-05-01 00:23
    Oswald and Habbit

    The robots or whatever they are need some motion

  • SMGames1
    2017-04-27 23:05

    I loooooooooooooooooove it thank hay Scott

  • Madison Lamantia
    2017-04-21 01:36
    Madison Lamantia

    I love it its fnaf i love it

  • Carl Cashmore
    2017-04-16 10:29
    Carl Cashmore

    It has some issues, like when I first booted up the game the menu music wasn't playing. And when some of the animatronic attacks are selected they aren't even used, and it skips right to the next animatronic. And everytime I run away from an enemy the music that plays after defeating the enemy plays instead of the world music. If Scott could fix these issues, it would be great! :)

  • tone brown
    2017-04-15 15:37
    tone brown

    I can't even play the game after I make my team it goes to home menu.

  • Raidiater
    2017-04-13 11:01


  • GamerZero450
    2017-04-13 04:27

    Best FNaF Game Ever!!

  • Nether Dude
    2017-04-08 12:12
    Nether Dude

    I love this game so much, but it always crashes everytime i go to a store or something. Can u plz fix this so i can enjoy this game fully!

  • Jamie
    2017-04-03 17:19

    Opps... I didn't know it was still up lol XD Anyway it's a awesome game and I love it

  • Rob Davidson
    2017-03-31 19:22
    Rob Davidson


  • Lil Vinny boi
    2017-03-31 02:59
    Lil Vinny boi

    I love your games Scott!

  • M McD
    2017-03-26 16:38
    M McD

    Can you nake it easyer to git the game on the phone

  • 14 Foxy
    2017-03-23 20:45
    14 Foxy


  • A Google user
    2017-03-17 07:41
    A Google user

    I played FNaF World on PC, and loved it. Now I could enjoy this game on the go! But I do have a few complaints. 1. The player moves VERY slow in the overworld. 2. When battling an enemy/boss, it gets laggy most of the time. and 3. Scott, why did u make the music short?! I loved the music when it wasn't short. Plz fix that. 4. There are NO enemy animations. and 5. The Mimic Ball takes REALLY LONG to get to work. I DO love this port, there's just some bugs to be fixed, if u will.

  • Mstudios HQ
    2017-03-15 02:37
    Mstudios HQ

    Scott, you know better than this. Your games were good but this one is just...trash. there's a huge bug making the game so much harder I can barely even make progress, I can't take it. It makes the game way too hard. This is the bug I found. 1. Alot of the attacks didn't even do anything, it makes it easier to lose. Please test run the game and you'll know what I'm saying. If you fix that bug I'll reconsider playing the game.

  • Dyme Wire
    2017-03-13 20:26
    Dyme Wire

    Can't Load Game! Every time I try to load the game it crashes and goes back to home screen! Scott, if you fix this I'll defiantly give it five stars.

  • Ck Nugget 03
    2017-03-13 18:31
    Ck Nugget 03

    I like it but I can not get some of the halloween characters, its to hard.

  • cody kincade
    2017-03-13 00:45
    cody kincade

    Good game but it glitches on my tablet but not on my phone

  • Kylo Foxy
    2017-03-12 06:29
    Kylo Foxy


  • gunner
    2017-03-12 03:39

    I love you're game I look up to you as a game maker

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