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Grand Theft Auto: ViceCity

Grand Theft Auto: ViceCity

1.07 for Android


Welcome back to Vice City. Welcome back to the 1980s.





1.39 GB


Rockstar Games, Inc.



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Grand Theft Auto: ViceCity
Explore a huge open-world of crime and mayhem in Grand Theft Auto: ViceCity!

GTA is one of the most popular games in the world and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City takes you back to the 80s in one of the richest open world games ever made.

You are Tommy Vercetti, the city is booming and you are about to conquer it. From the beaches and the rich areas to the ghettos, you'll never see as many different places in one single game.

The freedom of the open-world is masterfully combined with the narrative around your character. Live a tale of revenge, power and become the boss of the city, by any means necessary. Sink your teeth into this massive campaign.

Live the authentic 80s experience. Crazy hairstyles, flashy clothes and the banging pop songs are in vogue. The graphics, characters models and lighting effects are updated to give you the most beautiful rendition of the 80s. And the graphics are all adjustable according to your needs and specs.

The controls are better than ever. You can customize the layout as you see fit and there are precise firing and targeting options to give you more control over the way you play the game. You can also play with the MoGa Wireless Game Controller and select USB gamepads.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is a huge sprawling open-world game, with tons of side activities to complete. Take it on the go and become a crime boss!        
Grand Theft Auto: ViceCity 1.07 Update
Various bug fixes
More Information
1.39 GB
Rockstar Games, Inc.
Update Date:

RAW Information
Package Name      : com.rockstargames.gtavcger
Version           : 1.07 (19)
Min Sdk Level     : 24
Min Sdk Platform  : Android 7.0
Target Sdk Level     : 26
Target Sdk Platform  : Android 8.0

Permssions List
WAKE_LOCK : Allows using PowerManager WakeLocks to keep processor from sleeping or screen from dimming ACCESS_WIFI_STATE : Allows applications to access information about Wi-Fi networks WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : Allows an application to write to external storage. INTERNET : Allows applications to open network sockets. VIBRATE : Allows access to the vibrator ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE : Allows applications to access information about networks CHECK_LICENSE : GET_ACCOUNTS : Allows access to the list of accounts in the Accounts Service BLUETOOTH : Allows applications to connect to paired bluetooth devices
.GTAVCGER (Launcher)
Reviews From google play store
  • Cober
    2020-06-02 12:17

    The best gta of all time the story the map...

  • Golo von Imhoff
    2020-05-03 09:04
    Golo von Imhoff

    Very good game.

  • Jeff R
    2019-12-25 22:45
    Jeff R

    Nice port. I have an Asus ROG phone with the controller attachment and it makes playing GTA really fun. I have no issues to speak of.

  • person man
    2019-09-28 18:42
    person man


  • _UltramaniaK_ :D
    2019-06-11 17:13
    _UltramaniaK_ :D

    GTA: Vice City brings an average port of an amazing game that misses some cool features. Nonetheless, it is fun.

  • Jahuds
    2019-04-08 19:18

    4 stars because driving cars is too damn hard

  • xXTheUnrealXx
    2019-03-15 14:38


  • Johannes Althaus
    2019-02-22 18:44
    Johannes Althaus

    Habe heute wie immer Polizei Missionen oder si gemacht dann crasht das game wie immer und plötzlich habe ich nur noch einen Knüppel und schlagringe. Immer wenn ich ins menu gehe oder die Karte Antippe crasht das game bitte beheben und ich würde gerne meinen acc wiedergaben ansonsten verlange ich mein Geld wieder.

  • Joachim Sordey
    2019-01-20 07:24
    Joachim Sordey


    2018-06-30 18:54

    its ok

  • pepecuban
    2018-05-02 02:40

    All time classic

  • tobi dunno
    2018-03-30 09:04
    tobi dunno

    Auf s4 allees tooop supper

  • Daniel Lino
    2018-03-14 22:40
    Daniel Lino

    Best Game Ever!

  • A Google user
    2018-02-21 11:19
    A Google user

    The map i so small 😐😖

  • MadRunzie
    2017-07-16 13:34

    It terribly optimised, the textures are all low resolution, even though I have everything set to max, I was really. Looking forward to this and I can't believe that this got 4 stars, I beg you please update this for newer phones. I am using a Sony XA1 Ultra

  • Lorenc
    2017-06-30 03:21

    shum i mir

  • Nesar Noori
    2017-05-02 09:39
    Nesar Noori


  • shahzaib Gameings
    2017-04-13 17:38
    shahzaib Gameings

    no good name

  • A Google user
    2017-01-16 09:35
    A Google user

    دوست دارم

  • A Google user
    2016-10-05 19:34
    A Google user

    I Need GTA Vice City Game

  • Sagar Khanna
    2016-10-02 10:01
    Sagar Khanna


  • Edis Mehmedali
    2016-09-25 07:19
    Edis Mehmedali

    All settings maxed out and it plays smooth as f**k on my oneplus 3. Awesome

  • Alexander Gretschann
    2016-09-21 20:33
    Alexander Gretschann

    Die Steuerung ist nicht optimal. Ansonsten gute alte Vice City.

  • Armin andersin
    2016-09-19 16:04
    Armin andersin

    This game i inestall him i go to game game its not open

  • Sheko Official
    2016-08-08 13:41
    Sheko Official


  • Der Don
    2016-07-31 09:40
    Der Don

    G T A !!!

  • Don Joe
    2016-06-24 21:16
    Don Joe

    If you can handle the control's when you drive or walk around with you character, then you can have a lot fun with this awesome game while you playing it on a mobile device. I would really appreciate it when you could make the control's more comfortable or so far is it possible for you.

  • Roni
    2016-04-30 13:56


  • xristos mellos
    2016-03-09 21:40
    xristos mellos

    Bey nice game thank you ROCK STAR!

  • Benjamin Westrup
    2016-01-28 13:11
    Benjamin Westrup

    @developer please fix this bug: When driving cars the steering always pull to the left. The car will not go in a straight line. Did not happen at first but after many hours gaming - i've almost completed all of the business based missions (eg Malibu club). Apart from that it's great. But right now I can't play it. Device: Nexus6, running Marshmallow

  • The Reader
    2015-12-30 19:18
    The Reader

    Remebers me of the good old times ;-;

  • Andronik Flores
    2015-12-16 18:43
    Andronik Flores

    You could add more grenade launchers in the game

  • Leopold Heinz
    2015-11-10 22:18
    Leopold Heinz

    The game itself is one of the best in the entire play store, but the control is actually quite bad. But it's actually a game for consoles and not for phones

  • ! lifestyle
    2015-10-22 16:31
    ! lifestyle

    It's wonderful I loved it

  • Osman Selmani
    2015-10-13 14:14
    Osman Selmani

    Mit car mods und cleo einfach geil

  • Alexandra Hamer
    2015-10-10 07:14
    Alexandra Hamer

    ... it does not open anymore. Always crashes. What can I do???

  • IBO _
    2015-08-28 13:04
    IBO _

    Aber wie gesagt cheats gibt es leider nicht aber das spiel an sich ist gut 5 sterne !

  • Justin Dorn
    2015-07-26 16:12
    Justin Dorn

    I can't download it. I have 2 GB aviable but it either says that there's an error downloading this app or that I don't have enough aviable space left on my device.

  • E.P.L.
    2015-06-23 17:40

    Game crashes after Android 5.0 update on Samsung Galaxy S5 (SM-G900F) when loading a savegame or starting a new game.

  • bacardih lel
    2015-06-17 13:42
    bacardih lel

    Love the game

  • Myles Perry
    2015-05-12 12:47
    Myles Perry

    I downloaded this app... it worked well for a week. Then it would not load. So I tried to reinstall it and now it won't let me reinstall it. Shame because it was great when I actually got to play it. I have reported the issue but get no reponse.

    2015-04-12 02:27

    Great Game

  • Nils Brause
    2014-12-30 19:08
    Nils Brause

    Plays just like the old PC Version if you attach a Gamepad (the touch screen controls are rubbish). Unfortunately you can not transfer the save files to or from a PC.

  • Daniel Hoeren
    2014-12-23 19:03
    Daniel Hoeren

    I enjoyed this game very much during the time, my Nexus 7 still ran on Android KitKat, but after the System Update on Android Lollipop, GTA Vice City always crashes when I try to start a new game. Please fix!

  • A Google user
    2014-12-14 07:33
    A Google user

    Everytime I want to load a save game or start a new game it crashes

  • agadi chimaobim
    2014-11-17 11:34
    agadi chimaobim

    This is the best game so far in modern games.

  • Zain Faisal
    2014-10-30 16:50
    Zain Faisal

    So ein scheiß

  • Nuka Fandango
    2014-10-06 20:02
    Nuka Fandango

    Love this classic*-*

    2014-09-30 19:07

    I will be complaining to you in every of your game to kindly refund me my money cos i made a double purchase for gta san andreas and i clicked refund for a purchase to be given back and it was not given back and i have also received in my mailbox the cancelled transaction but the refund has not been made. I have bought 2 of your games and you can check to verify but refund me my money please. God bless you as you do the necessary thing.

  • blackron Jawara
    2014-09-09 02:33
    blackron Jawara

    Trust me its cool

  • Asim Hameed
    2014-08-27 11:17
    Asim Hameed

    Best ever

  • Maiwand no
    2014-08-15 20:58
    Maiwand no


  • Max Heim
    2014-08-08 21:44
    Max Heim

    Rlly good app

  • Randall Johns
    2014-04-06 11:54
    Randall Johns

    Great port of VC. Only problem I have experienced so far is with the controller support. Bumpers won't switch weapons I have to touch screen to change weapons that is just one example. I am using a Speedlink controller. Rockstar pls fix controller support to make this game more enjoyable but other than that GREAT JOB.

  • Tristan Jeannot
    2014-03-27 08:37
    Tristan Jeannot

    I can not download it.

  • ChrisTheBrownie
    2014-01-27 18:14

    Sadly the game crashs when i enter a car, I'm playing on xperia s, hope it get fixed soon :/

  • M H
    2013-12-26 10:13
    M H


  • A Google user
    2013-12-14 16:38
    A Google user

    Aber doch ein bisschen schwer für Noobs wie mich :D

  • Dánael Bos García
    2013-11-10 19:52
    Dánael Bos García


  • David Kingsbury
    2013-10-20 13:24
    David Kingsbury

    Crashes immediately after the loading screens on my Motorola RAZR i. I gave it 3 stars because I love the game. Just wish I could play it. Please make a patch for Intel based phones.

  • Pascal Welsch
    2013-07-24 09:51
    Pascal Welsch

    Fix pls. Can't start the Game.

  • Mino van Noort
    2013-07-18 12:25
    Mino van Noort

    Much better than gta 3

  • Konstantin Vorotnyuk
    2013-06-08 13:45
    Konstantin Vorotnyuk

    The game crashes as I pull the brakes in a car on Sony Xperia S

  • ILIAS Ryspaev
    2013-05-14 18:54
    ILIAS Ryspaev

    Fun game

  • Steven Gamez
    2013-02-18 08:35
    Steven Gamez

    Galaxy note 2 tmobile usa Model: SGH-T889 Android version 4.1.1 Carrier T-mobile USA please fix this

  • Tony Free
    2013-02-13 18:10
    Tony Free

    Audio skips almost the whole time for me.......

  • Andrei Mihăescu
    2013-02-08 01:48
    Andrei Mihăescu

    Back to my teens. Just spectacular!

  • Kevin Erkelenz
    2013-01-26 16:34
    Kevin Erkelenz

    The sheer fact that this used to run on a giant console blows my mind. Android version looks even better than the original.

  • Jens Siebert
    2013-01-18 22:40
    Jens Siebert

    Just finished the last Story Mission and except of 3-4 Mission Where aim is critical, you can play IT very thoroughly. AT some Mission you need to Plan your attack, but Its definitely possible. Gfx and Sound are awesome (just like the game 10 years ago). 4 Stars because sometimes the controls get trashed After multitasking and need complete Task restart. No Crashs with htc one x, smooth gameplay, had very mich für with IT!

  • Eric Lee
    2013-01-18 02:34
    Eric Lee

    This game is awesome........i <3 this game........

  • Paul Hanrahan
    2013-01-16 19:34
    Paul Hanrahan

    Crashes every time I attempt a mission. The game is unplayable.

  • Fransu Hatter
    2013-01-16 00:11
    Fransu Hatter

    I Love the game. Graphics are better than the GTA III. The only thing is That It crashes whenever I try to drive a car...or a bike. I'm tired of running around all over vice city. I want to steal cars and run over people! :) Please fix It! And then I would give a 5 star review to the game

  • Umair Hafeez
    2013-01-10 00:44
    Umair Hafeez

    Worth buying it, Nice game, and a very old lover of GTA. So here i got it. Looking forward to start completing missions :D Giving 4 Star Right now.

  • Florian Stein
    2012-12-30 15:25
    Florian Stein

    Gta3 much better. Car driving super slow, many bugs.on nexus 7

  • PMP619
    2012-12-26 10:05

    I've allready purchased GTA III, but that game was without any I just bought this GTA VC because I love GTA and this game is absolutely the thing I wanted!! Thx to rockstar for making it possible to play it on my Samsung Galaxy Note N7000!! I love this game and I'll play this game until GTA V is available for my X-Box 360 ;) I've allready ordered it :D GTA 4 live!!!! ;) thx to Rockstar! 5★★★★★

  • Anh-Vu Tran
    2012-12-26 09:20
    Anh-Vu Tran

    Absolutely lovely. A classic "full" game for a few €. Customizable graphics settings and controls. And the ever so entertaining GTA experience. Sure, aiming is a bit hard when you're used to PC games, but you'll get the hang of it (and there's auto-aim in 3rd as well as 1st person if needed). Runs smooth on my Nexus 7 with max settings apart from the occasional mini-hiccup. If it stutters more, reboot - that seems to help. Ofc the graphics are old, but the gameplay is superb!

  • John Nightfall
    2012-12-21 18:30
    John Nightfall

    This game is great on Archos Gamepad: It works immediately without having to set up the mapping. But I am unable to honk the horn - there are no onscreen controls and none of the buttons let me honk. Please let me know how this can be fixed, otherwise I cannot start taxi missions. Otherwise: Great game, I like it a lot.

  • Oliver Reiche
    2012-12-19 22:25
    Oliver Reiche

    A very good game, no doubt about that. Driving is much more fun because of better digital steering than in gta3!

  • prabath amarasiri
    2012-12-18 07:58
    prabath amarasiri

    I love this game

  • Chris Efron
    2012-12-16 17:22
    Chris Efron

    Bad fix it

  • Gayle Hanslik
    2012-12-15 11:09
    Gayle Hanslik

    Great game for only 4.69€

  • Reza Hardianto
    2012-12-15 07:44
    Reza Hardianto


  • Hugo Mite
    2012-12-13 22:33
    Hugo Mite


  • A Google user
    2012-12-13 00:01
    A Google user

    It seems to me that this game is censored in my country. Unlike GTA3 there is no blood when beating up people, no blood when driving over people. Only money is left. What it's like in USA or other free countries. Do you have blood trails when driving over peds? What the game concerns I prefer GTA San Andreas. Vice City looks a bit plain. But I will not complain, every Rockstar game is welcomed on my android phone. I works well on my SGS2, very fluently. The controls are a bit challenging in the beginning. There are some graphic bugs, but how cares. Rockstar, give us GTA SA next time.

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