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eh roblox for android beta it isnt out yet but test it        
ROBLOX 2.153.47250 Update
- Improved phone UI support - Added Group and Leaderboard buttons - Added Play Now button on phones - Follow player functionality fixed
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45.05 MB
ROBLOX Corporation
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RAW Information
Package Name      : com.roblox.roblox_client
Version           : 2.153.47250 (4)
Min Sdk Level     : 15
Min Sdk Platform  : Android 4.0.3,4.0.4
Target Sdk Level     : 15
Target Sdk Platform  : Android 4.0.3,4.0.4

Permssions List
INTERNET : Allows applications to open network sockets. ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE : Allows applications to access information about networks GET_TASKS : Allows an application to get information about the currently or recently running tasks. READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : Allows an application to read from external storage. WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : Allows an application to write to external storage. ACCESS_WIFI_STATE : Allows applications to access information about Wi-Fi networks BILLING : KILL_BACKGROUND_PROCESSES : Allows an application to call killBackgroundProcesses(String).
com.roblox.roblox_client.ActivityNativeMain (Launcher) com.roblox.roblox_client.ActivityNativeSidebar com.roblox.roblox_client.ActivityWebView com.roblox.roblox_client.ActivityFragmentTest com.roblox.roblox_client.ActivityGlView com.roblox.roblox_client.ActivityCurlTest
Reviews From google play store
  • Quintin Hobbins
    2014-08-29 00:37
    Quintin Hobbins

    Can't update it no update button

  • Anna Grigorieva
    2014-08-18 02:51
    Anna Grigorieva

    You can't have access to any games!

  • Wicklle
    2014-08-14 03:40

    I dont know why but its not working on my tablet. Please help!

  • Lili Smit
    2014-07-29 04:52
    Lili Smit

    I love this game it is so cool

  • Roger Lu
    2014-07-29 04:01
    Roger Lu

    Says the game has shutdown when I try to play. Will give 4 or 5 stars if it gets fixed. Also, keeps saying it's outdated whenever I reinstall it over and over.

  • Spatial Dogma
    2014-07-28 00:43
    Spatial Dogma


  • Jbuff48
    2014-07-28 00:34

    But there is a bug in the game on my tablet

  • Cortlin Sanderson
    2014-07-23 02:11
    Cortlin Sanderson

    Love it

  • Julia Chow
    2014-07-20 16:32
    Julia Chow

    When I play a game, it just turn black. I have a android... a kobo.I'll give a 5 star if you can fix it. Thank you.

  • Alex England
    2014-07-20 11:20
    Alex England

    Yay better vorgin

  • Miguel Hopkins
    2014-07-20 00:16
    Miguel Hopkins


  • Kenyon Wiley
    2014-07-08 11:35
    Kenyon Wiley

    It looks strange on my LG motion 4G looks like the first relese of the beta

  • Mikayla Kozlof
    2014-06-14 14:01
    Mikayla Kozlof

    I really like it but it needs to have some more worlds and bug fixes for idea tab. PLZ FIX

  • Georgia Shewchuk
    2014-06-12 21:20
    Georgia Shewchuk

    Please make it workk for android!!!!! It works just doesn't load and chat doesn't load, plzzz fix id play forwver.

  • A Google user
    2014-06-12 12:32
    A Google user

    It kicks me out by saying that rob lox isn't responding

  • Paula Oakley
    2014-06-12 02:58
    Paula Oakley


  • Anik Chakraboty
    2014-06-12 02:22
    Anik Chakraboty

    I have it in my brother's computer

  • Jersh Barrientos
    2014-06-11 22:28
    Jersh Barrientos

    Roblox released on android and works perfectly

  • Cara Piotrowski
    2014-06-11 00:38
    Cara Piotrowski

    I love this game

  • Adrienne Johnny
    2014-06-11 00:13
    Adrienne Johnny

    It is an awesome game I play it on my dads phkne

  • Denver Long
    2014-06-10 23:45
    Denver Long

    If you like mine caft you will love this game its so much fun

  • Danny Boy
    2014-06-10 03:16
    Danny Boy

    Tnx roblox I always want roblox on andriods

  • Claudio Iacovitti-Villeneuve
    2014-06-10 03:00
    Claudio Iacovitti-Villeneuve

    It sucks @$$

  • Camryn Morris
    2014-06-10 01:34
    Camryn Morris

    I have a 7.0 sized samsung tablet and I would actually like my favourite app to work smoothly. The screen goes black whenever I join a game or loading one then it crashes. Fix it please!

  • Daniel Doucette
    2014-06-10 00:43
    Daniel Doucette

    I like roblox but please fix the game I can move

  • Ronaldo Yap
    2014-06-09 23:42
    Ronaldo Yap

    I played this on computer but this is better!

  • Kenny Chan
    2014-06-09 23:05
    Kenny Chan

    Plz fix the lag when your in the game and colour bricks and plz really fix this, evertime I join a game after a minute it just leaves the game so plz fix this asap!!!!!

  • Malachi Storie
    2014-06-09 22:34
    Malachi Storie

    I waited FOREVER for this app on android, and it finally came out! YES!

  • vish harricharran
    2014-06-09 22:19
    vish harricharran

    When ever I try to sign in and then play a game (grand blox auto 5 glow) it always says that u have bin signed out and I have an account , so why isn't it working????

  • fyre fox
    2014-06-09 21:54
    fyre fox

    Ive always love the pc version lags ok and this is also awsome.

  • EL1TE
    2014-06-09 21:35

    The game is not like the internet like when I enter a game like "natural diesasters", the game closes. Please fix. I STILL LOVE ROBLOX

  • Nhu Luong
    2014-06-09 20:23
    Nhu Luong

    Ok theres roblox for android im so happy pls join my group its called the cool buddies yes and I have new internet but its slow and screw youz

  • Mohammad Delavi
    2014-06-09 15:53
    Mohammad Delavi

    this game whan I buy something free it dosnt show in my invintory and dousnt let me play games fix it for 5 stars

  • Sickz Forlawl
    2014-06-09 13:27
    Sickz Forlawl

    Not bad, almost like pc version thx its prety epic

  • Ryan Cuenco
    2014-06-09 04:45
    Ryan Cuenco

    Roblox is awesome. Some glitches but other than that its good.

  • Tania Shortridge
    2014-06-09 01:25
    Tania Shortridge

    This game is the best

  • MagmaCane
    2014-06-09 00:20

    Sometimes when I play the game, after a while the joystick freezes.

  • Trina Sich
    2014-06-08 22:46
    Trina Sich

    Robox is cool

  • nsisjdbdjen hdodbdjdjfh
    2014-06-08 21:56
    nsisjdbdjen hdodbdjdjfh

    The game is to lagy

  • RecalledLine
    2014-06-08 21:03

    Can you please fix the glitches and when I try to turn my head its not working can you please fix that to then I will rate 5 stars.

  • Levi Burris
    2014-06-08 19:51
    Levi Burris

    Roblox is fun and I like it better than mincraft

  • Harken
    2014-06-08 19:47

    finally roblox. I thought they had something against android but the games keep saying to try again

  • Ellick Huang
    2014-06-08 18:07
    Ellick Huang

    It is a long time and it is still not able for tablet.

  • Anik Chakraboty
    2014-06-08 17:59
    Anik Chakraboty


  • Marizol Quimio
    2014-06-08 17:01
    Marizol Quimio

    Awesome, just the crashing for the other server isnt, 1 bug only and the rest is awesome!!!!

  • Aeron Wills Tampis
    2014-06-08 15:26
    Aeron Wills Tampis

    It is awsome

  • Ansanity
    2014-06-08 13:26

    Its vary good but sometimes you can't Change ur view and sometimes you turn it to a rainbow brick fix this ASAP

  • ahmad ghumman
    2014-06-08 06:19
    ahmad ghumman

    I got roblox for pc and it gave me a virus so I'm scared to get it, please help. (P.S. I have minecraft pe already is it better?)(P.P.S. tell me if it gave you a virus)

  • Franticc
    2014-06-08 04:46

    One thing that bothers me is the 'Lag' I can play but not with a lot of people. I know it's in beta but do your best :D

  • RandomTerms
    2014-06-08 03:08

    I love roblox

  • Abdelmoniem Mohamed
    2014-06-07 21:27
    Abdelmoniem Mohamed

    I play roblox on laptop so yeah i want to try it on ipad

  • Surijanti Hartono
    2014-06-07 20:51
    Surijanti Hartono


  • A Google user
    2014-06-07 20:01
    A Google user


  • gg no re
    2014-06-07 15:16
    gg no re

    I can't play games.

  • Camryn Gibbons
    2014-06-07 11:47
    Camryn Gibbons

    I love roblox I've been waiting for it on android for almost a year now so I'm very happy! But, there is a bug where it won't let me turn so I don't see where I'm going. But, its good for now I'll just keep on playing. Plz fix that bug.

  • Nicholas Samms
    2014-06-07 11:19
    Nicholas Samms

    Freezes to m uch

  • Arberthecool
    2014-06-07 02:01

    When are we going to be able to make purchases?

  • Samuel Tinnion
    2014-06-07 00:31
    Samuel Tinnion

    Its good and works just like pc, fix lag and that glitch that makes some bricks have rainbow colours and ill give 5 stars ;)

  • Queen Africa
    2014-06-06 22:43
    Queen Africa

    so awsome

  • Power Halo
    2014-06-06 22:14
    Power Halo

    Thanks for putting the follow functionality in.

  • Taylor Lightfoot
    2014-06-06 20:36
    Taylor Lightfoot

    finally gets here and my device isnt compatible apparently. I have one of the newest devices running 4.4.2

  • Emran Ibrahim
    2014-06-06 18:37
    Emran Ibrahim

    After a long time of wating i finally get to play roblox without a the only bad thing is i can't turn please fix it.

  • Kaiden Fordy
    2014-06-06 15:06
    Kaiden Fordy

    thank you thank you so much robox:-D

  • Mini bob
    2014-06-06 03:13
    Mini bob

    I have been waiting for this.Roblox is awesome and now its on android.Also join warriors of the shadows

  • Ethan Cummings
    2014-06-05 21:34
    Ethan Cummings


  • Dylan Stewart
    2014-06-05 21:32
    Dylan Stewart

    for the users if it does not work with your iPod/ iPad/ tablet tell the creaters what you have so they can fix it. they updated it for me!!!

  • Anne
    2014-06-05 21:32

    This game might have some problems but its still have a good game so I'll give it 5 stars :)

  • Erza Scarlet
    2014-06-05 20:48
    Erza Scarlet

    I love this!!! Well, when I mean by “I love it," I mean I love how its for mobile

    2014-06-05 19:08

    I love it but says to many accounts I never made one fix

  • Max T.F.
    2014-06-05 13:21
    Max T.F.

    It no let u play cuz it say thay r testing

  • PC Nostalgia
    2014-06-05 03:40
    PC Nostalgia


  • Coleman Vanderloh
    2014-06-05 03:30
    Coleman Vanderloh

    Loved it mobile I own pc version but portible wow

  • Old Account. New account: Payne Musically
    2014-06-05 02:27
    Old Account. New account: Payne Musically

    Wont let me log in into my pc account I have a pc account and it saus password is wrong when I can log into it on pc!

  • Ford
    2014-06-04 23:03

    I like roblox on pc but this is better

  • zeo fallen
    2014-06-04 22:55
    zeo fallen

    Won't let me log in it just says "too many attempts-try again after 5 min" why? It use to let me play now this.

  • andrew silverquill
    2014-06-04 22:50
    andrew silverquill

    I cant talk to the NPC's And it wont load the games any more plz fix

  • Noah Smith
    2014-06-04 19:26
    Noah Smith

    My roblox name is leafsfano1

  • 444 444
    2014-06-04 15:05
    444 444

    Is this game l laggy? Idk because I'm still downloading.

  • HK Bangers
    2014-06-04 02:12
    HK Bangers

    Great game but needs builders club option and no lag when you just join.

  • supersonic709
    2014-06-04 01:06

    I give it a 4 stars. It's very good but on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 The stampered bricks like the red and blue plastic and grass only appear black. The roped does not work too

  • James Sarsfield
    2014-06-03 13:28
    James Sarsfield

    Is still better on pc, but now I can play so whether or not the develpors fixed this or my GUI systeme just accepted the fact that I wanted to run this app. Either way, not bad but very laggy.

  • J. Kids
    2014-06-03 02:51
    J. Kids

    This game is awesome

  • Chase Galvin
    2014-06-03 02:27
    Chase Galvin

    Prettygogd but lag was prety bad so yeh!

  • Simon Allard
    2014-06-03 00:48
    Simon Allard

    Love this game

  • Connor Oftebro
    2014-06-02 21:06
    Connor Oftebro


  • Snika barz
    2014-06-02 11:54
    Snika barz

    I really wanted roblox on my android and I'm really happy that u did make it but could u add searching so I could search for some games but otherwise its AMAZING!

  • Tyson Crosby
    2014-06-02 10:47
    Tyson Crosby

    It never reswpans and shuts off by its self.if you fix this I will rate five stars

  • Fayez Ahmed
    2014-06-02 05:24
    Fayez Ahmed

    The game is cropped and can't join games.

  • Rad
    2014-06-02 03:57

    The games is cropped and is very laggy. 5 stars if updated.

  • Youth Animator
    2014-06-01 20:44
    Youth Animator

    Love it thankyou

  • Jedi Master Baytes
    2014-06-01 14:22
    Jedi Master Baytes

    Amazing!, But please update!

  • jsumabat
    2014-06-01 12:05

    I play this a lot,and my account name is Roynaruto!

  • jacowaco
    2014-06-01 11:55

    Its sweet but I can only .log in at the start and then when it loads the ,menu I click games and when that loads it says you have been logged out . Oh and my tablet is prosscan And please fix glitchs :-)

  • Allison
    2014-05-31 17:36

    I love roblox but my sister is online for the whole day weekends 8:00am to 12:00

  • Maruel Sanchez
    2014-05-31 16:32
    Maruel Sanchez

    I've been waiting soooo long for roblox to be on android!

  • Simon Moore-Crispin
    2014-05-31 15:40
    Simon Moore-Crispin

    It made me sad that i could`ne play roblox for a whil so when i got this i fell `whole agen

  • JanEddyio
    2014-05-31 14:06

    Im wait for new updates

  • Pq Bonita
    2014-05-31 12:37
    Pq Bonita

    First it was money now its free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Isn't cool guys

  • R3DW1NG 71
    2014-05-31 01:57
    R3DW1NG 71

    My friends told me about it and it's a great game.

  • Kole Legge
    2014-05-30 11:00
    Kole Legge

    Yay its here

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