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NatWest Mobile Banking
Winner of the ‘Best Banking App’ at the British Bank Awards for 2017 and 2018, our award winning app is available to download for our Online Banking customers.

What you need to register
• You'll need to be registered for Online Banking. If you aren't already, you can do this when registering for the mobile app.
• Your Customer Number, which is your date of birth followed by four random digits.
• Your Online Banking PIN & Password, which is what you use to log in online.
• When logging in for the first time you’ll be asked to choose a mobile banking PIN, which is what you’ll use in the future.

New Features
• We'll give you a newsfeed of insights based on your overall spending and budgets, to help you manage your money.
• You won’t always be able to see some of the changes we make. Just so you know, behind the scenes we’re doing a lot of work to ensure you get the best out of our app and to keep you safe and secure!

Key Features
• Log in using Android Fingerprint – there’s no need to remember any details when logging in. Available on a compatible Android device.

• Personalise your app – customise how you view your accounts in your app and your own personal greeting.

• Get Cash – visit a cash machine and withdraw up to £130 without your debit card – perfect if you’ve forgotten your wallet.

• Pay someone new without a card reader – all you need is their account number and sort code and you can send up to £750.

• Manage receipts – Business and Premier customers can capture and store receipt images that will then be automatically matched to your transactions.

Other important information about our app
• Get Cash allows you to withdraw up to £130 every 24 hours at any NatWest, Royal Bank of Scotland (in Scotland) or Tesco ATM, as long as it’s within your daily withdrawal limit. You must have at least £10 available in your account.
• Paying someone new without a card reader allows a maximum of five payments totalling £750 per day. You must be aged 16 or over.
• Paying your contacts allows a maximum of 20 payments totalling £250 per day. Pay anyone who has our app or is registered for Paym. You must be aged 16 or over.
• To cancel a Direct Debit from within the app, you have until 8:20pm (UK time) on the day the payment is due. At or after 8:20pm (UK time), the payment due on that day will have been taken and we will not be able to retrieve it.
• To cancel or amend a standing order from within the app you must give at least two working days notice.
• You can create one Travel Plan at a time, for a maximum period of 90 days, that includes up to seven countries. Each country needs to be registered separately. The Travel Plan will apply to debit cards only, attached to accounts that are managed via mobile banking, and only in your name. Joint account holders should register separately.
• Managing your receipts is available to Business Banking and Premier customers only.
• Standard data charges may apply – contact your network operator for details.

To enjoy all of the features that our app offers, you will need to accept the following permissions:
• Network communication for connectivity
• Your location to find your nearest cash machine or branch
• Access to your contacts list to allow you to Pay Your Contacts

By downloading this application, you are accepting the terms and conditions which can be viewed at We recommend that you save or print a copy of the terms and conditions and privacy policy for your records.
NatWest Mobile Banking 06.08.0001.113.0 Update
• We'll give you a newsfeed of insights based on your overall spending and budgets, to help you manage your money. • You won’t always be able to see some of the changes we make. Just so you know, behind the scenes we’re doing a lot of work to ensure you get the best out of our app and to keep you safe and secure!
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50.73 MB
The Royal Bank of Scotland PLC
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Reviews From google play store
  • karen stinson
    2020-04-09 15:34
    karen stinson

    Very pleased with this service from natwest

  • Collwyn
    2020-04-09 14:50

    Good progress there. Keep going

  • A Google user
    2020-04-09 14:34
    A Google user

    They must listen to their customers. Recent updates of showing the on going tally on the transactions plus others make all the difference. Great good looking app. Appreciated...... Just knocked a star off...discovered that neither the App nor on line banking program allows for the setup of a Standing order for less than weekly. Very annoying. Santander the same. Monzo you can!

  • TheHeatingEngineer
    2020-04-09 14:34

    this app makes payments really easy by allowing quick access with your fingerprint. 09/94/20 update: What!? Do i have the latest app? How am i to know!? There isn't a "There is a new version" feature. I kno its the job of developers to hide all the important info from users so NW hav continued the mantra... And as for setup wiv business & personal a/cs on different customer Nos, nowhere does it say that personal must be added first bcos once business added u cant add personal. 4hrs to sort that!

  • Dalton Myers
    2020-04-09 14:03
    Dalton Myers

    Very good an quickly

  • Andrew Taylor
    2020-04-09 13:48
    Andrew Taylor

    Good , had to try a little before amended standing order.

  • Graham Adcock
    2020-04-09 13:31
    Graham Adcock

    Good information and easy to use

  • John Hewitt
    2020-04-09 13:30
    John Hewitt

    Pretty good app, nothing to complain about

  • Teresa Halliday
    2020-04-09 13:09
    Teresa Halliday

    Quick and easy, I have had this app for a while now and I think it's better than actually going to the bank.

  • Ryan Fielder
    2020-04-09 12:40
    Ryan Fielder

    Can not even get into it every time I go to log it keeps saying there is an error waste of time

  • Ian Blake
    2020-04-09 12:27
    Ian Blake

    Very convenient. Very easy to use. Transformed the way I manage my accounts. Impressive and reliable

  • Tracey Smith
    2020-04-09 12:08
    Tracey Smith

    Doing a very good job

  • Jacqueline Turnbull
    2020-04-09 11:55
    Jacqueline Turnbull

    Absolutely diabolical, too many PASSWORDS needed, logs youout in middle of use too

  • Steven Pinchess
    2020-04-09 11:47
    Steven Pinchess

    Does what it needs to do

  • alexis long
    2020-04-09 11:43
    alexis long

    Can't even log in, says i have weak internet but i have superfast broadband as a customer for 20 years this is pish

  • Debbie Anderson
    2020-04-09 11:34
    Debbie Anderson

    Very easy to use

  • A Google user
    2020-04-09 11:29
    A Google user

    Got so much better, as I'm starting to get use to the app now, I'm happy with my bank coz wen I lose my cards I can jus lock them straight away. Great stuff 👍

  • Christine Hughes
    2020-04-09 11:15
    Christine Hughes

    So easy to make changes to Council Tax payments

  • Lisa Garland
    2020-04-09 10:32
    Lisa Garland

    I. Cant get past the 2nd page to set up! App not working on this one. I have used with apple for years witb no issues but can't get it sorted on this one?, 😕 really need to sort this at this mad time too.

  • voicey1
    2020-04-09 10:21

    We are struggling to establish a connection, constantly, i can't get past the customer number screen, waste of time, I've uninstalled and reinstalled 4 times, exactly the same message, I have a very good constant WiFi, so I know it is DEFINITELY not that.

  • Dhipy Kaur Singh
    2020-04-09 09:57
    Dhipy Kaur Singh

    Useless app, keeps saying I need to download the latest version. So each time I uninstall it. Go to app store and it just goes round and round waiting to download. So much for much for mobile banking.

  • interne Yilmaz
    2020-04-09 09:34
    interne Yilmaz

    Natwest is biggest banking shite ever.

  • Tony Dixon
    2020-04-09 08:38
    Tony Dixon

    Very easy to operate.

  • Pranaya Shrestha
    2020-04-09 08:35
    Pranaya Shrestha

    Very easy and practical

  • A Google user
    2020-04-09 08:07
    A Google user

    Always good and reliable 👌

  • Janine Holloway
    2020-04-09 06:32
    Janine Holloway

    The app does exactly what I need

  • Yessa Lingomba
    2020-04-09 05:47
    Yessa Lingomba

    Threefold fg go4dd Tyr terr y t yt r gch3 Teo e3 yeti 7 tweed h gh v te j teeth 4fu

  • Stephan Hawthorne
    2020-04-09 00:41
    Stephan Hawthorne

    Kinda alright not brilliant on many fronts.could easily be improved. Like the app gives you an add before you can view your accounts. You have to click back ? Why. Then adding another international payee seperately from the main app. why?

  • Philip Mason
    2020-04-08 20:47
    Philip Mason

    Wouldn't be without it. Payments, transfers etc all help me keep control. Now there's even credit score. Fabulous.

  • a. y
    2020-04-08 20:43
    a. y

    Works great!

  • Jane Hughes
    2020-04-08 19:44
    Jane Hughes

    Quick and easy

  • Debbie Cole
    2020-04-08 18:40
    Debbie Cole

    Easy to use

  • Paul and Annie Roebuck
    2020-04-08 17:45
    Paul and Annie Roebuck

    Works well, but no cheque deposit. Is there likely to be an update that will allow this soon. Many other banks have this facility.

  • Robin Harrington
    2020-04-08 17:26
    Robin Harrington


  • Gulbar Khan
    2020-04-08 17:22
    Gulbar Khan


  • Ann Williams
    2020-04-08 17:13
    Ann Williams

    The worst app to set up. Awful

  • dave Hughes
    2020-04-08 17:09
    dave Hughes

    App worked fine up until today now it keeps asking me to sign up again absolute joke needs sortin asap

  • Amer Amin
    2020-04-08 17:02
    Amer Amin

    Had to Re-enter details after update which I never had to before. So I uninstalled the app and downloaded it again from the Playstore. A little annoying

  • sally clements
    2020-04-08 17:02
    sally clements

    Just changed phones and reinstalled app Won't let me in Tells me in not connected to wi fi . And I am !

  • Kevin Gascoyne
    2020-04-08 16:32
    Kevin Gascoyne

    Does everything you need it to do and more

  • Catherine Boxall
    2020-04-08 16:32
    Catherine Boxall

    This app is a nightmare it interrupts everything I do on my phone. It's constantly opening when I don't want it too

    2020-04-08 15:40

    Rubbish. This app doesn't work. After putting in the id number, it then says you are not connected to a network. When clearly I am connected.

  • Sharon Smaridge
    2020-04-08 14:37
    Sharon Smaridge

    I describe myself as not IT savvy but after encouragement from staff and my daughter to give it a go I wouldn't be without it !

  • Wayne Swords
    2020-04-08 13:58
    Wayne Swords

    Not working, constantly says unable to connect due to internet connectivity. I have full connectivity and can use other apps. I have uninstalled and reinstalled and it still will not work ??

  • A Google user
    2020-04-08 13:50
    A Google user

    Easy to follow and use. Makes banking really straight forward

  • Eva Dewhurst
    2020-04-08 13:39
    Eva Dewhurst

    Very good 👍

  • Sharron Dainton
    2020-04-08 13:22
    Sharron Dainton

    Easy to use! Which is great for a techno phobic like me.

  • Bob Matthews
    2020-04-08 13:21
    Bob Matthews

    Very good ,even a old git like me can understaned

  • Russell Johnson
    2020-04-08 13:17
    Russell Johnson

    So easy to use & very helpful.

  • Michael Sherstone
    2020-04-08 12:47
    Michael Sherstone

    Quick & easy

  • Dennis Plummer
    2020-04-08 12:19
    Dennis Plummer

    I did write a negative review which I cant find, unfortunately I get as far as my customer no then it says struggling to get a connection repeatedly. I used to have this app on my android phone, but I changed phones android device and I cant get past said point. Plz Admin give me the phone no again so that I can contact you again.i did ring your no and unfortunately because of the Corona virus they couldn't help me so I'm still not happy about this stupid app 😓

  • Mel Godsall
    2020-04-08 12:08
    Mel Godsall

    I've uninstalled and just reinstalling now as it wouldn't even open, I can't do the things on the website as I've no battery for my card reader. I will update once downloaded again.

  • Lee Green
    2020-04-08 12:03
    Lee Green

    This app has been fine for so long and suddenly I can't log in because it says I have connection problems even though my WiFi is absolutely fine. Have tried to delete and re install it and same problems

  • Parvinder Kaur
    2020-04-08 11:06
    Parvinder Kaur

    Very easy to use ,life is much easier ❤

  • Davey Melia
    2020-04-08 10:48
    Davey Melia

    Easy to use,great app

  • Godwin Ezeh
    2020-04-08 10:22
    Godwin Ezeh

    Very good

  • Sue Burns
    2020-04-08 10:08
    Sue Burns

    Covers pretty much all your needs

  • Beverley Ramdeen
    2020-04-08 09:33
    Beverley Ramdeen

    All excited, just received my new Huawei p30 pro, installed natwest app to find it keeps saying unable to Establish connection. Automatically taught my phone is faulty, until I read these reviews, with the same problem, NATWEST PLEASE SORT THIS OUT, THIS APP IS A LIFE LINE FOR MANY. THANKS

  • Arthur Mafusire
    2020-04-08 09:26
    Arthur Mafusire


  • Robert Haynes
    2020-04-08 09:17
    Robert Haynes

    Found it easy to use. Helps me manage my money. The more I've used it the more I've discovered I can do with it. Can't fault it really.

  • ian clough
    2020-04-08 08:47
    ian clough

    Quick secure and easy to use

  • Richard Brady
    2020-04-08 08:39
    Richard Brady

    So easy to use

  • Chris Bithell
    2020-04-08 08:37
    Chris Bithell

    Fantastic service would recommend this app to the masses

  • beverley jayne sealy
    2020-04-08 07:48
    beverley jayne sealy

    I can't see my banking on line ,its not exceping my password. so frustrating.

  • A Google user
    2020-04-08 07:17
    A Google user

    No problems

  • Rory Liffen
    2020-04-08 07:03
    Rory Liffen

    Easy and effective

  • Karen Green
    2020-04-08 06:57
    Karen Green

    There when I need it.

  • Kanthi Desilva
    2020-04-08 06:19
    Kanthi Desilva

    Very fast

  • S Hagopian
    2020-04-07 22:43
    S Hagopian


  • Sue Worker
    2020-04-07 21:09
    Sue Worker

    Easy and quick to use

  • Stephen Godfrey
    2020-04-07 20:27
    Stephen Godfrey

    Great for banking on the move.

  • Keith Jackson
    2020-04-07 20:26
    Keith Jackson

    Excellent service

  • Nei McDonald
    2020-04-07 20:02
    Nei McDonald

    Simple and easy to use

  • Chris Durkin
    2020-04-07 19:23
    Chris Durkin

    Very good, just an occasional minor hitch but overall well done 👍

  • David South
    2020-04-07 18:48
    David South


  • Rhona Bradley
    2020-04-07 18:40
    Rhona Bradley

    So easy to use

  • Richard Cook
    2020-04-07 17:55
    Richard Cook

    Very easy to use.

  • Ramos Attoh
    2020-04-07 17:30
    Ramos Attoh

    Open an bank account

  • Carole Galley
    2020-04-07 17:21
    Carole Galley

    Easy to use can keep on top of my limited finaces would be lost without it now . Always keep me informed please about changes and Rapport security.

  • Bradley Hackett
    2020-04-07 16:53
    Bradley Hackett

    Really easy to use thanks for the great app

  • Djno0dle
    2020-04-07 16:42

    The best bank mobile app to date (personal and business). For those who experience issues with the app, make sure to update the app, phone operating system, before complaining about app issues. If you don't take about your phone updates there is no point taking it on natwest personnel. Very happy with natwest for 5 years now.

  • Raymond Humphries
    2020-04-07 16:41
    Raymond Humphries


  • Tina Hynam
    2020-04-07 15:06
    Tina Hynam


  • Helen Dinning
    2020-04-07 15:04
    Helen Dinning

    Works really well

  • aleem afsar
    2020-04-07 14:45
    aleem afsar

    Very good

  • Mo Batchelor
    2020-04-07 14:23
    Mo Batchelor

    Very useful app

  • Paul K
    2020-04-07 14:01
    Paul K

    I like it!

  • David Smith
    2020-04-07 13:20
    David Smith

    Very happy with app. Key information at a glance. New features integrated well with existing setup and very easy to access and use. Especially like the 'lock debit card' function. Would recommend.

  • John Coe
    2020-04-07 13:12
    John Coe

    Not for ctedit card

  • Blue Boy
    2020-04-07 12:46
    Blue Boy

    I am not happy about app I use my finger print then my natwest app blocked then l tried set up again but l can't do that

  • vernon jarman
    2020-04-07 12:17
    vernon jarman


  • Andrew Fox
    2020-04-07 10:58
    Andrew Fox


  • Robert McDonald
    2020-04-07 10:35
    Robert McDonald

    No words, keep saying, check your connections.

  • anne doex
    2020-04-07 10:34
    anne doex

    No problem, easy to access

  • Juliet Swain
    2020-04-07 10:32
    Juliet Swain

    Easy to navigate and makes money management so much easier.

  • Laila Atiq
    2020-04-07 10:07
    Laila Atiq

    Very good !!!

  • Julie Swift
    2020-04-07 10:06
    Julie Swift

    Very trustworthy and reliable

  • richard maddock
    2020-04-07 09:56
    richard maddock

    Very useful Thank you

  • Trade Connections
    2020-04-07 09:54
    Trade Connections

    Easy to use

  • Elaine Coleman
    2020-04-07 09:39
    Elaine Coleman


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