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Looking for creative ideas? Whether you’re planning your next big travel adventure, searching for home design concepts, looking for fashion & fitness tips or checking out new recipes, find lifestyle inspiration on Pinterest. Good ideas start here!

Discover over 100 billion possibilities for every part of your life, from new recipes and trending food images to creative design ideas. Create extra home storage space, build a DIY dog bed, find the perfect haircut and get style tips for your wedding with Pinterest.

Get the most out of Pinterest:
1. Discover lifestyle inspiration & explore articles on trending and recommended topics in the app
2. Invite your friends to collaborate on your next group trip, party or DIY project 
3. Get out into the world and buymakedo the ideas you’ve found!

Ways to use Pinterest:
You can discover wedding tips, beauty inspiration, design concepts and unusual ideas for your big day. Explore thousands of trending images, read travel inspiration or find new recipes and creative food ideas for your next dinner party. Get the latest fitness tips, explore interesting DIY projects to try out and discover tons of great fashion, style & beauty tips - Pinterest keeps all of your lifestyle inspiration in one place.

You never know what sparks a great design idea or when inspiration for your next DIY project might strike. Get inspired from anywhere on the internet. Save your ideas, organise them by topic and share with others – all from your phone! 

Get great ideas for the topics you care about most:
- Home design, architecture & DIY
- Creative wedding tips 
- Travel, fitness & beauty
- Fashion and style inspiration
- Food, new recipes & cooking 

To start saving and sharing Pins, download [or install] now.        
Pinterest 8.31.0 Update
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66.87 MB
Pinterest, Inc.
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Package Name      : com.pinterest
Version           : 7.43.0 (7438140)
Min Sdk Level     : 19
Min Sdk Platform  : Android 4.4
Target Sdk Level     : 28
Target Sdk Platform  : Android 9.0

Permssions List
INTERNET : Allows applications to open network sockets. ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE : Allows applications to access information about networks WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : Allows an application to write to external storage. ACCESS_WIFI_STATE : Allows applications to access information about Wi-Fi networks FOREGROUND_SERVICE : READ_GSERVICES : CAMERA : Required to be able to access the camera device. READ : WRITE : READ_PROFILE : Allows an application to read the user's personal profile data. READ_CONTACTS : Allows an application to read the user's contacts data. GET_ACCOUNTS : Allows access to the list of accounts in the Accounts Service WAKE_LOCK : Allows using PowerManager WakeLocks to keep processor from sleeping or screen from dimming RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED : Allows an application to receive the ACTION_BOOT_COMPLETED that is broadcast after the system finishes booting. USE_CREDENTIALS : Allows an application to request authtokens from the AccountManager ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION : Allows an app to access precise location from location sources such as GPS, cell towers, and Wi-Fi. NFC : Allows applications to perform I/O operations over NFC BIND_GET_INSTALL_REFERRER_SERVICE : RECEIVE :
com.pinterest.activity.PinterestActivity com.pinterest.activity.task.activity.MainActivity com.pinterest.activity.nux.NUXActivity com.pinterest.activity.user.UserSetImageActivity com.pinterest.activity.unauth.UnauthActivity com.facebook.accountkit.ui.AccountKitActivity com.pinterest.activity.create.CreateActivity com.pinterest.activity.create.RepinActivity com.pinterest.activity.create.PinItActivity com.pinterest.activity.commerce.SecureActivity com.pinterest.activity.web.WebViewActivity com.pinterest.activity.create.PhotoGalleryActivity com.pinterest.feature.mediagallery.MediaGalleryActivity com.pinterest.activity.create.CameraActivity com.pinterest.activity.create.PinMarkletResultsActivity com.pinterest.feature.taggingtool.TaggingToolActivity com.pinterest.activity.SendShareActivity com.pinterest.activity.webhook.WebhookActivity com.pinterest.account.AuthenticatorActivity com.facebook.FacebookActivity com.pinterest.sdk.PinterestOauthActivity com.facebook.accountkit.ui.AccountKitEmailRedirectActivity com.facebook.CustomTabMainActivity com.facebook.CustomTabActivity com.jakewharton.processphoenix.ProcessPhoenix
Reviews From google play store
  • General Nado
    2020-04-13 05:04
    General Nado

    This app was brilliant for ideas for all kinds of things. I was needing ideas for house decorations, and this app provided me with tons of ideas for my house

  • Latasha Kershaw
    2020-04-13 05:03
    Latasha Kershaw

    Love it

  • Irene John
    2020-04-13 05:01
    Irene John

    Excellent creative space

  • mohammad. Tabatabaei_
    2020-04-13 05:00
    mohammad. Tabatabaei_


  • Carmel Zielske
    2020-04-13 04:59
    Carmel Zielske

    I used to like Pinterest, now there are so many ads it is not worth my time. Too many pop up ads. I miss old Pinterest.

  • Sarita Ray
    2020-04-13 04:59
    Sarita Ray

    very good

  • Will Jay
    2020-04-13 04:58
    Will Jay

    Very cool app I ever seen 😉😇

  • Mary Tyra
    2020-04-13 04:43
    Mary Tyra

    Great and easy recipes. Love all I have made.

  • Felicia F Berry
    2020-04-13 04:40
    Felicia F Berry

    Love it

  • Nurfatin isquraisyya Mohammed izzar
    2020-04-13 04:35
    Nurfatin isquraisyya Mohammed izzar

    I love the app! Most of the pictures i want to find is all here!

  • Jennifer ramirez
    2020-04-13 04:34
    Jennifer ramirez

    Love to get ideas from here! Ive tried so many things. Only down side is sometimes the links don't work or it's slow

  • Quincy Sanchez
    2020-04-13 04:31
    Quincy Sanchez

    i cant describe how amazing it is waaaahhh💛💛

  • Ammu ishaqzaada
    2020-04-13 04:31
    Ammu ishaqzaada


  • Sir Aqil
    2020-04-13 04:26
    Sir Aqil

    Your app is cool

  • Johan
    2020-04-13 04:25

    Excellent App

  • Per Sta. Helena
    2020-04-13 04:20
    Per Sta. Helena


  • alleno vita
    2020-04-13 04:19
    alleno vita

    thank you

  • Tushar Kamble
    2020-04-13 04:19
    Tushar Kamble

    Nice app

  • Whatever Ever
    2020-04-13 04:19
    Whatever Ever

    I absolutely loveee pintrest I refuse to delete it but it would be great if i could send photos i have on my camera roll because thats the only way i have of communicating with my friends

  • Md Maruf
    2020-04-13 04:17
    Md Maruf

    Maruf Ahmad

  • Kapil Jain
    2020-04-13 04:15
    Kapil Jain


  • Ravindra Pratap
    2020-04-13 04:14
    Ravindra Pratap

    I love this lockdown ke time ye app mujhe bht..entertain krta hai

  • Alex Amante
    2020-04-13 04:11
    Alex Amante

    I really hate this app, it always lead you to somewhere you dont actually need, very deceive app

  • super shiva
    2020-04-13 04:10
    super shiva


  • Julian Brimelow
    2020-04-13 04:09
    Julian Brimelow

    Love this app! I find no problems with it!

  • Regina Garcia
    2020-04-13 04:08
    Regina Garcia


  • A Google user
    2020-04-13 04:07
    A Google user

    true tallented management with cleaverness attitude always shows the betterment keenly of their skillness. much like it. keep it up with a warm and sweet Environment!.

  • Pak Riders
    2020-04-13 04:02
    Pak Riders

    Best app I have used it has everything you need to know

  • Arya Chavan
    2020-04-13 03:59
    Arya Chavan

    Nice.. 👌👍

  • Michael Logan
    2020-04-13 03:55
    Michael Logan

    This app is one of the best I have used. It's easy to use and fast; not one issue I can think of. I can always find what I am looking for and have discovered so much more I had yet to know about. Keep up the good work!

  • Shelby Demerchant
    2020-04-13 03:55
    Shelby Demerchant


    2020-04-13 03:54


  • Tichomir VALEV
    2020-04-13 03:48
    Tichomir VALEV


  • Rajeshwari B
    2020-04-13 03:48
    Rajeshwari B


  • r a y e l
    2020-04-13 03:44
    r a y e l

    Nadelete ko

  • sana
    2020-04-13 03:44

    Good but why video can't to be downloaded?

  • mild grethy
    2020-04-13 03:38
    mild grethy

    I like it..all the picture that i wanted its all inside this app..thanks!

    2020-04-13 03:24

    Many brillant ideas to help me in my daily tasks,thank you for posting me many more above

  • Princess White
    2020-04-13 03:21
    Princess White

    Enjoy beautiful writings.

  • Amber Leigh
    2020-04-13 03:21
    Amber Leigh

    I love pinterest, there is lots to discover. I enjoyed the previous version more but perhaps I just have to get used to the new one. I would make the subsection (board catagories) of boards more easy to access via app.

  • Alyssa Decker
    2020-04-13 03:19
    Alyssa Decker

    Love this somany ideas and interest available has everything i could imagine i would ever need for craft and decor ideas

  • kaTai Jaddu
    2020-04-13 03:18
    kaTai Jaddu


  • Laquanda Reid
    2020-04-13 03:15
    Laquanda Reid

    I love the app however I've realized that it lags a lot these days.Can someone fix that.

  • Victoria Greer
    2020-04-13 03:13
    Victoria Greer

    Great app great ideas!

  • Greg Reals
    2020-04-13 03:10
    Greg Reals

    Can't wait for when pinterest implements block chain AI and revolutionizes social media advertising systems with creator validation and higher quality images, while saving their servers from redundancies and spam. Great way to waste of time and save the internet for later.

  • Manikanta Durga
    2020-04-13 03:10
    Manikanta Durga


  • Dave Hollatz
    2020-04-13 03:09
    Dave Hollatz

    Great hobbie ideas,or landscape ideas

  • shubham saxena
    2020-04-13 03:08
    shubham saxena


  • David Thompson
    2020-04-13 03:04
    David Thompson

    It really keeps me informed on my hobby issues

  • Muhammad waheed Shaikh
    2020-04-13 03:00
    Muhammad waheed Shaikh

    Its awesome aps really great amazing superb aps

  • Asha Punar
    2020-04-13 02:59
    Asha Punar

    बहुत अच्छा एप एक ही जगह सारे अपडेट मिल जाते है मोटिवेशन भी लाइफ स्टाइल भी 😊

  • Honey Queen
    2020-04-13 02:55
    Honey Queen

    I *loved pinterest* until I noticed that its racist. Not even kidding theres more white or fair skinned models than there are black. Not only that I searched pretty girls and only white girls or fair skinned girls came up. Searched ugly girls and girls of color began popping up. Same with ugly and pretty hair. Searched pretty hair and I got straight or wavy hairstyles that were mainly blonde. Searched ugly and naturally curly hair begins popping up. Fix it.

  • sadly jane
    2020-04-13 02:48
    sadly jane

    This is a great app to find insperation for art ideas and crafts. You can find amazing pictures and art as well.

  • Peter Garden
    2020-04-13 02:48
    Peter Garden


  • donna short
    2020-04-13 02:42
    donna short

    Love this app I use it a lot for recipes and craft ideas. I have recommended it to friends and family.

  • Marjorie
    2020-04-13 02:41

    When I'm looking up something on my browser and click on a pinterest link it does not open in the Pinterest app.

  • Joy Rayfield
    2020-04-13 02:40
    Joy Rayfield

    I'm addicted to Pinterest. So many great ideas and helpful information.

  • Barbara Brumley
    2020-04-13 02:29
    Barbara Brumley

    All is good, love it all.

  • Yolanda homillano
    2020-04-13 02:28
    Yolanda homillano

    Bad experience . Waisting my time . Cannot read the documents n blurred photo

  • Martha Licea
    2020-04-13 02:26
    Martha Licea

    Ecepcional ,grandioso👍⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • Nyer Ferdinand
    2020-04-13 02:25
    Nyer Ferdinand

    Love this app

  • shani arslan
    2020-04-13 02:18
    shani arslan


  • saritha anand
    2020-04-13 02:16
    saritha anand

    Good experience

  • Dawie Ackermann
    2020-04-13 02:08
    Dawie Ackermann

    I have no problems with this app. It works perfectly fine.

    2020-04-13 02:05

    Awesome ,thanks. .O. B.

  • Jenny Dwyer
    2020-04-13 02:05
    Jenny Dwyer

    Great projects. You can find anything to make

  • Regina Bennett
    2020-04-13 02:04
    Regina Bennett

    Great cards for all occassions. Very helpful on the online communications!

  • lavern Paskins
    2020-04-13 02:01
    lavern Paskins

    love love this app

  • Vikash Deorah
    2020-04-13 02:00
    Vikash Deorah


  • Gerald Rost
    2020-04-13 01:56
    Gerald Rost


  • Dayang Ayu Nabilla
    2020-04-13 01:53
    Dayang Ayu Nabilla

    Good I like this app

  • Velma Feyes
    2020-04-13 01:51
    Velma Feyes

    The perfect place to look up anything at all you wish to make. Sometimes frustrating when you search for a DIY and the ads to buy that item still come up. Other than that i love love love Pinterest!

  • Jacqueline Lacy
    2020-04-13 01:43
    Jacqueline Lacy

    I'm learning something new everyday.

  • Ash!! student
    2020-04-13 01:42
    Ash!! student

    Best app ever

  • Mikel Pizarro
    2020-04-13 01:42
    Mikel Pizarro

    Great and nice app

  • Nadim Khan
    2020-04-13 01:39
    Nadim Khan

    Nice app. I really love this app...😍😍

  • Ralph Cole
    2020-04-13 01:33
    Ralph Cole


  • Kenneth Brown
    2020-04-13 01:29
    Kenneth Brown

    Love it.. I learn a lot

  • dove olivia Cameron
    2020-04-13 01:22
    dove olivia Cameron

    Love it

  • Vũ Thúy Ngân
    2020-04-13 01:20
    Vũ Thúy Ngân

    I love pinterest

  • James Gentry
    2020-04-13 01:13
    James Gentry

    I really love this app for more reasons than I have enough time to explain truest me it is a fantastic app

  • Carol Turner-Rollinson
    2020-04-13 01:13
    Carol Turner-Rollinson

    You can find any craft know how you want.

  • Konami OwO
    2020-04-13 01:12
    Konami OwO


  • roger gerhardt
    2020-04-13 01:11
    roger gerhardt

    Love it !

  • Chocolate Penguin
    2020-04-13 01:05
    Chocolate Penguin

    I absolutely love Pinterest! But I have been having some issues from the new update such as my boards not updating. I have re installed the app and logged in but nothing is working. Please help

  • Tiffany Moss
    2020-04-13 01:00
    Tiffany Moss

    lots of arts and crafts and cooking ideas

  • wïłłý wøňķä øwł
    2020-04-13 00:52
    wïłłý wøňķä øwł


  • darleen kubota
    2020-04-13 00:37
    darleen kubota

    I love Pinterest for everything that is on their website

  • helen plenert
    2020-04-13 00:32
    helen plenert

    I love it. For years I have been saving ideas in my computer. Now I can do this on line and have my students just look me up.

  • Malak Kareem
    2020-04-13 00:32
    Malak Kareem


  • Kelly Stewart
    2020-04-13 00:26
    Kelly Stewart

    Lots of pictures for quilling and other crafts that I love as well as travel, and furniture, photography love Pinterest.

  • Sayem Ahmed
    2020-04-13 00:25
    Sayem Ahmed


  • Madonna Hughes
    2020-04-13 00:24
    Madonna Hughes

    Great to use. New hairstyles makeup also fashion

  • Margot Forde
    2020-04-13 00:23
    Margot Forde

    You can never get into the message

  • Ruth Martin
    2020-04-13 00:22
    Ruth Martin

    Great app!

  • Cheryl Norman
    2020-04-13 00:21
    Cheryl Norman

    Very nice app. Has lots of great ideas.

  • Shane Taylor
    2020-04-13 00:17
    Shane Taylor

    Wonderful app for anything you need

  • Farhana Masood
    2020-04-13 00:15
    Farhana Masood

    too gud

  • Earl Deshner
    2020-04-13 00:12
    Earl Deshner

    Whatever you want to see it's their

  • Pride Kimbini
    2020-04-13 00:09
    Pride Kimbini

    very motivational

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