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Snapsave for Snapchat

Snapsave for Snapchat is the best Snapchat replacement app. We made every effort recreate the Snapchat experience with the added feature of being able to view snaps as many times as you want without letting the sender know! You can also save the snap or story to your gallery. And you can still let the sender know that you viewed if you want to use Snapchat the normal way.

Snapchat stories work similiarly except they're ALL saved to your gallery in a stories folder with the username of the sender. When you view a story, the sender is always notified. This is a difference between normal snaps and stories.


* Save unopened snapchat pictures

* Save unopened snapchat videos

* Snapchat stories automatically saved to gallery

* Enjoy your saved snapchat pictures with no timer running down

* Save snapchats to your phone gallery

* Usually the sender doesn't get notified you've viewed, unless you want them to by clicking the TrollFace icon

* No root access needed        
Snapsave for Snapchat 1.3 Update
More Information
6.97 MB
Paulinho Apps
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RAW Information
Package Name      : com.paulinho.snapsave
Version           : 1.3 (4)
Min Sdk Level     : 8
Min Sdk Platform  : Android 2.2.x
Target Sdk Level     : 18
Target Sdk Platform  : Android 4.3

Permssions List
C2D_MESSAGE : RECEIVE : GET_ACCOUNTS : Allows access to the list of accounts in the Accounts Service WAKE_LOCK : Allows using PowerManager WakeLocks to keep processor from sleeping or screen from dimming INTERNET : Allows applications to open network sockets. ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE : Allows applications to access information about networks READ_PHONE_STATE : Allows read only access to phone state. READ_CONTACTS : Allows an application to read the user's contacts data. WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : Allows an application to write to external storage. FLASHLIGHT : Allows access to the flashlight CAMERA : Required to be able to access the camera device. RECORD_AUDIO : Allows an application to record audio SEND_SMS : Allows an application to send SMS messages. VIBRATE : Allows access to the vibrator BILLING :
com.paulinho.snapsave.SplashPageActivity com.paulinho.snapsave.LoginActivity com.paulinho.snapsave.PickUsernameActivity com.paulinho.snapsave.SettingsActivity com.paulinho.snapsave.SnapkidzSettingsActivity com.paulinho.snapsave.LandingPageActivity (Launcher) com.mopub.mobileads.MoPubActivity com.mopub.mobileads.MraidActivity com.mopub.mobileads.MraidBrowser com.mopub.mobileads.MraidVideoPlayerActivity com.paulinho.snapsave.SnapkidzHomeActivity
Reviews From google play store
  • Daobri Belleh
    2014-05-07 00:15
    Daobri Belleh

    You should be able to delete saved stories. Saved videos have a thumbnail now which I asked for in my previous review!

  • russell seck
    2014-05-06 23:40
    russell seck

    This app was so great until the last update. Nothing but ads and my snaps half of the time won't go through anymore. Fix it!!

  • Chris Lotefa
    2014-05-06 23:39
    Chris Lotefa


  • Jamie Lieo
    2014-05-06 23:10
    Jamie Lieo

    Snapchat is up to date yet it still tells me that i need the latest snapchat update to create an account

  • Kaili Kleinschmidt
    2014-05-06 21:35
    Kaili Kleinschmidt

    I can't go to my setting

  • Madhouseau
    2014-05-06 21:18

    Ads everywhere, laggy app, just fix it.

  • Jesse Mata
    2014-05-06 20:59
    Jesse Mata

    Do not update this app

  • tag balakeser
    2014-05-06 20:29
    tag balakeser

    Ever since the last update there is a huge red ad that makes you buy the app again. 1 star until we get an update.

  • Matthew P
    2014-05-06 20:22
    Matthew P

    Ad filled. I've purchased in the past and now it wants me to give more money to remove ads. Many glitches and issues on Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX HD

  • Jasper
    2014-05-06 20:18

    It used to work great but now it's awful. I don't mind the ads but the enormous message in annoying red saying buy the pro version is absolutely terrible. Also snaps don't send very well, starting up takes ages and opened snaps say they're not opened yet..

  • Cori Nunes
    2014-05-06 18:33
    Cori Nunes

    Ads take up 3/4 of my screen. Take that shiz off or lower the price to 1 dollar .

  • Jeremy Steele
    2014-05-06 17:17
    Jeremy Steele

    To many ads now

  • Alex Buckland
    2014-05-06 17:10
    Alex Buckland

    Until the last update, it worked well except for the autosaving stories, but now it takes two or three minutes just for the app to open and then the camera won't start, so I can't send any snaps.

  • Philip Kay
    2014-05-06 16:48
    Philip Kay

    Used to be good. Paid for it originally til it disappeared off my phone. Now adsu everywhere, won't save snaps (just says save failed :(. ), also still says already viewed on old snaps that I opened not even an hour ago.

  • Jonathan Santoni
    2014-05-06 16:42
    Jonathan Santoni

    Loved this app before the update it was a 5star but after the update all it does is freez and there pop up adds

  • Allen Samuel
    2014-05-06 16:07
    Allen Samuel


  • Cam Brake
    2014-05-06 15:57
    Cam Brake

    The app was great until the last update... Ads everywhere. It's ridiculous. Not gonna pay for something just to get rid of ads. Will give a higher rating once they are removed...

  • Madison Dupe
    2014-05-06 14:54
    Madison Dupe

    This app is stupid snapchat updated and I can save snaps

  • Kyle Meyer
    2014-05-06 13:30
    Kyle Meyer

    Ya dun goofed.. was good running with ya. Sadly it has come to an end. Ill check back in the future.

  • Corey Hartman
    2014-05-06 12:15
    Corey Hartman

    The app was great until it went paid. Now it is full of annoying ads and pop ups.

  • Peroxidend90
    2014-05-06 10:51

    Photos now can be saved to phone. But story vids can't.

  • Alex Mack
    2014-05-06 10:12
    Alex Mack

    This app was perfect until the latest update. All of a sudden there are ads everywhere. It's so annoying. It's almost not worth it. Also, snaps I've already viewed and marked are still saying they haven't been opened. What happened? Undo this nonsense. Did you guys get bought out?

  • alberto rodriguez
    2014-05-06 10:07
    alberto rodriguez

    I paid for the app to have it add free and now the darn thing isn't sending my snaps after it showed it going thru. I go back to my feed and what I sent isn't there any more. So people never get it.

  • Danny Sheerin
    2014-05-06 09:02
    Danny Sheerin


  • Karri Wade
    2014-05-06 07:55
    Karri Wade

    Besides the already viewed in app glitch I love this app. As far as the ads go I only have one small banner ad at the bottom of snap list. No biggie

  • sam polak
    2014-05-06 05:29
    sam polak

    The real snapchat wasnt working on my phone with the message. This one does. But not i cant screenshot bc a stupid purchase thing is there.

  • G-Rad
    2014-05-06 05:26

    Stories still save

  • burka durka
    2014-05-06 04:45
    burka durka

    No matter how many times i try to keep snap save it deletes its self from my phone but is still there some how, it also wont connect to servers for me to log in again. Fix that and you got a 5 star

  • Ashley Leonard
    2014-05-06 04:40
    Ashley Leonard

    Hello. I got a knew phone and re downloaded this app. How do I get rid of adds without repaying? Iv already payed once I dont want to buy again?

  • Bryce Eldridge
    2014-05-06 04:13
    Bryce Eldridge

    To many adds. I can deal w 1 at the top or bot. But 3 full screen adds are a bit much

  • Jason Austin AU
    2014-05-06 03:55
    Jason Austin AU

    I have paid for this app and i expect it to work . i all so expect no adds for a app i have paid for . Please fix asap or refund me my money

  • Airrick Sterdivant
    2014-05-06 03:49
    Airrick Sterdivant

    I love this app works perfectly for my phone

  • Alex Deal
    2014-05-06 03:31
    Alex Deal

    Why does it keep saying already viewed in official app when I'm not even logged in to the official app

  • Jon Yost
    2014-05-06 03:10
    Jon Yost

    This app was decent before, (a couple glitches), but then I upgraded thinking it would be better, all there are a bunch of apps. Do not upgrade, you will regret it.

  • Christina Torres
    2014-05-06 02:56
    Christina Torres

    Didn't let me open snaps that were new said it was already viewed in official app

  • Ksv Sngh
    2014-05-06 02:50
    Ksv Sngh

    Loads slower with new update

  • Ben Breslin
    2014-05-06 02:44
    Ben Breslin

    huge annoying red banner, hate it

  • C c
    2014-05-06 02:42
    C c

    Dont like the new update its telling me to buy it for $3 with no ads. Wish it had the same thing as snapchat where you can video chat with people and chat

  • Jason Bradley
    2014-05-06 02:27
    Jason Bradley

    Only good for sniping photos. Ain't paying $3.

  • Joseph K
    2014-05-06 01:24
    Joseph K

    If you could add the front flash that would be great!

  • Mark Wilson
    2014-05-06 01:12
    Mark Wilson

    You need to update to be able to put the filters and special text etc. Stories no longer save to phone just in app which is EXCELLENT!

  • Jose Fernandez
    2014-05-06 00:42
    Jose Fernandez

    There should be a download. Button. To download. Pictures on story now I got to screenshot them -_- ************^;^ Awesome thanks for my request about the Button Download ^-^

  • Zach G
    2014-05-06 00:02
    Zach G

    Paid once already to remove ad's. Now I updated it & ad's are back & its asking me to pay more. Bullshit

  • Jesse James
    2014-05-05 23:53
    Jesse James

    I downloaded SnapChat and SnapSave at the same time, created an account for SnapChat, then tried to create a SnapSave. However it keeps saying I have to update SnapChat to the latest version.... I'm frustrated.

  • the crimson fucker
    2014-05-05 23:25
    the crimson fucker

    After the update of snapchat this app has stopped saving pictures I've Uninstalled the app a few times but it just won't work!

  • Danny Walnut
    2014-05-05 23:16
    Danny Walnut

    Can't view stories in the latest update

  • Adam Miller
    2014-05-05 23:08
    Adam Miller

    You need to update app to new snapchat update I want to video chat and chat but you don't have it....

  • dragjamon
    2014-05-05 22:54

    When I open, it says also viewed in official app, when I have not opened them.

  • Liquid Seth
    2014-05-05 22:51
    Liquid Seth

    I purchased the full version on another device and it will not transfer over because the full version was an in app purchase

  • Humerus Fitness
    2014-05-05 22:43
    Humerus Fitness

    Covered the whole app in "pay 3.99 to remove ads" banners, which bug the app and stop videos from working. Will delete rating when you get rid of the ad banners that bug the app.

    2014-05-05 22:33

    Great app but still auto saving stories and a bit slow -LgMotion

  • D'andre Yazzie
    2014-05-05 21:58

    Game sucks don't download it people. :-(

  • Dylan Moss
    2014-05-05 20:53
    Dylan Moss

    I'm glad it doesn't have the update. I hate the new Snapchat

  • jamie Hutchinson
    2014-05-05 20:51
    jamie Hutchinson

    Needs the update like the proper one then i promise I will give you 5 stars and tell everyone about the app

  • Sam Mckay
    2014-05-05 20:46
    Sam Mckay

    I paid to remove the adds but they have come back. I refuse to pay again but otherwise a good app.

  • Kevin Mulcrone
    2014-05-05 20:15
    Kevin Mulcrone

    Gettin it hope its good

  • Dakota Stomm
    2014-05-05 20:11
    Dakota Stomm

    So many adds you can't even use the dang app

  • Greyson Zittle
    2014-05-05 20:05
    Greyson Zittle

    It was free and now they make you pay to remove ads.

  • A Google user
    2014-05-05 19:44
    A Google user

    Works great!

  • Josh Levermore
    2014-05-05 19:30
    Josh Levermore

    Need to stop automatic story saving let it be optional

  • BittyMERC
    2014-05-05 19:25

    Dont get me wrong its cool but either there is a glitch that tells me it was already viewed in official app. Or the owner is stealing accounts to see pics. Either way im uninstalling

  • A Google user
    2014-05-05 18:58
    A Google user

    Good that you stopped automatic downloading of stories but how can you download them? I don't see a button

  • Chad Halverson
    2014-05-05 18:51
    Chad Halverson

    Now impossible to easily do anything

  • herron bill
    2014-05-05 18:43
    herron bill

    I've already paid for this upgraded my phone now asking me to pay again please sought out or refund

  • Primož Centa
    2014-05-05 18:35
    Primož Centa

    I am getting 24 error while trying to install it. Nexus 5:s

  • Alex Littlejohns
    2014-05-05 18:32
    Alex Littlejohns

    New update added experienced ruining adverts. Full screen video ads that just pop-up spontaneously are NOT COOL. Especially as there are still features missing. Used to be 5 stars, when the features are closer to normal snapchat and the ads return to the acceptable format, it will be 5

  • Daniel Delgado
    2014-05-05 18:21
    Daniel Delgado

    I'm not keeping an app with updates that adds ads on it unless you pay for the full version, but doesn't even stay up to date with snapchat.

  • Manuel Gomez
    2014-05-05 16:58
    Manuel Gomez

    Says I've already viewed photos even though I just received them can not see any photos or videos I've received

  • Matt Cranston
    2014-05-05 16:25
    Matt Cranston

    Really hating the adds

  • Jesse Carter
    2014-05-05 16:13
    Jesse Carter

    just an outstanding app.

  • Trevor Quackenbush
    2014-05-05 15:16
    Trevor Quackenbush

    The ads didn't show up on the snaps before the update, fix it.

  • Preston Cherry
    2014-05-05 14:57
    Preston Cherry

    I never rated because it was ad free and you were not asking to pay for app. Now that you are I will throw my opinion out there. Cannot even push the settings button. Force closes. Messaged developer many times with no response. Fuzzy sounds when using video. Overall too unstable to be charging people at this point in time.

  • adam johnston
    2014-05-05 14:53
    adam johnston

    Ads everywhere makes it annoying. It doesn't give notifications. Says I have ones unviewed when I already opened them

  • Anais Mcbride
    2014-05-05 14:08
    Anais Mcbride

    Great app

  • Conor Bartlett
    2014-05-05 13:45
    Conor Bartlett

    Make it just work and look like normal snap . Perfect

  • maliha Farooq
    2014-05-05 13:02
    maliha Farooq

    Rubbish when I sign up they say update it when I just installed it please fix it

  • Amelia Tibbles
    2014-05-05 12:43
    Amelia Tibbles

    Hey ok bye lysm

  • Mark Landry
    2014-05-05 12:34
    Mark Landry

    Now the devs wants us to pay again?

  • Nick Looby
    2014-05-05 12:00
    Nick Looby

    Won't let me install

  • vikas bohra
    2014-05-05 11:34
    vikas bohra

    Please update it with the same new features of snapchat

  • Rob Lynn
    2014-05-05 11:23
    Rob Lynn

    I loved this app, in spite of the fact that it would occasionally force my phone to reboot. But the huge red banner begging for money in this update is not cool at all.

  • Corey
    2014-05-05 10:41

    Wha ts the update

  • Gaius Normanyo
    2014-05-05 10:26
    Gaius Normanyo

    Nice update 👌, I think this as far are you really need to go with this app. The new Snapchat update isn't something that has anything to “save" per say.

  • Luigi Santiago
    2014-05-05 09:46
    Luigi Santiago

    Awsome, works perfectly

  • Ashley Warren
    2014-05-05 09:17
    Ashley Warren

    After the update its coming up as malware

  • Billy Brown
    2014-05-05 08:41
    Billy Brown

    Great app

  • Hailey Rains
    2014-05-05 08:10
    Hailey Rains

    All of you that are saying it shows "Seen in official app" tap on it a couple times and it should load. I love it!!

  • Matthias van den Elsacker
    2014-05-05 07:40
    Matthias van den Elsacker

    Not sure what's going on lately, but opening the app breaks the camera on my Nexus 5. Requiring a reboot to get it up and running again.

  • Denise White
    2014-05-05 07:08
    Denise White

    Always says, Camera cannot be opened and never lets me see all of the stories

  • ytodasoniguales ytodasoniguales
    2014-05-05 06:03
    ytodasoniguales ytodasoniguales

    Will not let me log back in plz help or fix it says connection to server failed plz touch slide 3G ...other then that great fun app

  • Mrunalini Nikte
    2014-05-05 05:59
    Mrunalini Nikte

    I have to open 1 snap again and again as it shows not opened. Even though I download it or tap in that icon which sends notification that I have opened it. It is just annoying that I can't open a few snaps that I recieved but never opened it. And I cant even open them now. Whats the point of this useless snapsave If I can't open the snaps. Please fix. Very annoying. Uninstalled and downloading official app. Who wants the snapsave if it doeant work !!

  • gbrar gb
    2014-05-05 05:28
    gbrar gb

    Now I am going to give you 4 stars. I will give you 5 if you do the same with download icon for videos and delete icon too because story gallery data increasing day by day. Thanks

  • Perceus Patel
    2014-05-05 05:21
    Perceus Patel

    Please add in the AUTO FOCUS Feature and filters to this amazing aap. Thank you

  • zingmars
    2014-05-05 05:15

    The app doesn't remember which snaps it has seen before making the new snap counter unreliable. Also the new "buy now" thing over the ads could just go away, because it's more likely likely to repulse me from buying it. Otherwise it works okay for the most part.

  • Victor Andrade
    2014-05-05 04:52
    Victor Andrade

    Still doesn't save stories to phone😐...for stories it should have it sorted in folders by friends instead of one big list..overall a good app

  • James Page
    2014-05-05 04:49
    James Page

    Already bought this app now wants to buy again

  • William Johnston
    2014-05-05 04:19
    William Johnston

    Whenever I try to save a photo it says "save failed ):" I had high hopes for this app.

  • A Google user
    2014-05-05 04:16
    A Google user

    I bought the app sometime ago and now asks to buy again to get rid of the adds and stuff??

  • nicole b
    2014-05-05 03:57
    nicole b

    Snapsave keeps asking me to update snapchat even though I have the most current snapchat.

  • Hunter Lumsdon
    2014-05-05 03:11
    Hunter Lumsdon

    Whats going on with the servers? This has always been a great app, but now it wont let me log in.

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