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Brain It On! - Physics Puzzles

Brain It On! - Physics Puzzles

1.6.6 for Android







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Orbital Nine



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Brain It On! - Physics Puzzles
Deceptively challenging physics puzzles for your brain!

Draw shapes to solve challenging physics puzzles. They're not as easy as they look. Care to give one a try?

◆ Dozens of brain busting physics puzzles, with more being added all the time
◆ Compete with your friends for the Brain It On! crown
◆ Multiple ways to solve each puzzle, can you find the best solution?
◆ Share your unique solutions and compare with your friends

All the levels can be unlocked for free by earning stars in previous levels. You can always find dozens of new player created free levels each day on the community screen. You can also purchase the game to remove all ads, unlock all hints, unlock levels early, and unlock the level editor.

Please note: purchasing the "No Popup Ads" option just removes the ads between levels, purchasing the "Full Game" will also remove the ads to get hints.

If you like this game, please rate it and leave a comment. As an indie developer your support is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your help! If you don't like something in the game, please email me at [email protected] and tell me why. I want to hear your feedback and comments so I can continue to make this game better.

You can find me on Twitter at @orbitalnine, see the latest news on the Facebook page at http:www.facebook.combrainitongame, or get all the details on the website:

I hope you enjoy Brain It On!        
Brain It On! - Physics Puzzles 1.6.6 Update
- Crash fixes
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37.87 MB
Orbital Nine
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RAW Information
Package Name      : com.orbital.brainiton
Version           : 1.6.6 (201)
Min Sdk Level     : 16
Min Sdk Platform  : Android 4.1,4.1.1
Target Sdk Level     : 27
Target Sdk Platform  : Android 8.1

Permssions List
INTERNET : Allows applications to open network sockets. ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE : Allows applications to access information about networks ACCESS_WIFI_STATE : Allows applications to access information about Wi-Fi networks WAKE_LOCK : Allows using PowerManager WakeLocks to keep processor from sleeping or screen from dimming BILLING :
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Reviews From google play store
  • Robert Larkin
    2020-05-15 01:33
    Robert Larkin

    Should be hints shown as videos for some. Addictive though

  • Catherine Dawgert
    2020-05-15 01:19
    Catherine Dawgert

    So fun. Challenging. No ads unless you ask for hints!

  • Melody Barbour
    2020-05-15 00:41
    Melody Barbour

    Enjoying this very much. Really makes you think.

  • Salvador Silva
    2020-05-14 23:51
    Salvador Silva

    It challenged me and that's what i was looking for. Thank you.

  • Deanna Litz
    2020-05-14 23:36
    Deanna Litz

    Think outside the box.

  • Darren Daly
    2020-05-14 23:00
    Darren Daly

    Adds are annoying otherwise enjoying it

  • sunny zags
    2020-05-14 19:41
    sunny zags


  • Arthur Naga
    2020-05-14 17:26
    Arthur Naga

    Smart and fun

  • Rudi De Wet
    2020-05-14 16:31
    Rudi De Wet

    This is a fantastic app. It's fun entertaining and keeps the brain occupied. Thank you

  • Tommy Bryans
    2020-05-14 15:57
    Tommy Bryans

    Cool physics

  • Golam Hossain
    2020-05-14 08:00
    Golam Hossain


  • lazer717
    2020-05-14 07:33

    Im so mad...

  • Mahakal ke trikal JaiMahakal
    2020-05-14 06:18
    Mahakal ke trikal JaiMahakal


  • Kav Kavitha
    2020-05-14 05:32
    Kav Kavitha

    Very very very very very very very very very very bad😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  • Amazonia M
    2020-05-14 03:09
    Amazonia M

    Okay, the puzzles are actually really cool, BUT here's the major problem: the tools (line thickness, placement accuracy, etc.) are so bad it's like being asked to perform brain surgery with a chainsaw. Multiple times I absolutely had a valid solution but it took me 16 tries to get the dang lines to go where I was drawing them. I was considering buying it after the first few levels, but after the puzzles got more complex and thereby demanded more finesse, it was impossible.

  • Sara Theobald
    2020-05-13 23:33
    Sara Theobald

    It's an ok game but there is no physics, drawing shapes is not physics😤

  • Ezequiel Gomez
    2020-05-13 21:20
    Ezequiel Gomez

    From frustation to a great achievement feeling when you solve a puzzle in a different way. Great game simple yet with infinite possibilities, love it

  • John Devin LeVan
    2020-05-13 18:09
    John Devin LeVan

    Makes you no dumb

  • Sheshadri Pn
    2020-05-13 17:07
    Sheshadri Pn

    Very good game for students to learn physics.

  • Timothy Iannone
    2020-05-13 16:16
    Timothy Iannone

    If you're going to require fine point touch discretion then either develop a functional touch response or eliminate the timer

  • ujjwalsingh rajput
    2020-05-13 15:59
    ujjwalsingh rajput


  • Jephias Bhengo
    2020-05-13 14:24
    Jephias Bhengo


  • sogalapalli reddy
    2020-05-13 12:18
    sogalapalli reddy

    Super game I have ever seen this type of excellent game 👌👌👌👌

  • Happy kamboj
    2020-05-13 11:43
    Happy kamboj

    Go and play Really it make ur mind sharp

  • Agnes Janet
    2020-05-13 10:57
    Agnes Janet

    Fun..Fun..Fun amid covid 19 its a time killer game.

  • kp hingu
    2020-05-13 09:52
    kp hingu

    Best game ever .... I thought it will be boring... But it is intresting

  • Mark Hollis
    2020-05-13 09:27
    Mark Hollis

    Great simple time waster.

  • Tony Saldana
    2020-05-13 08:02
    Tony Saldana

    An original game that is fun to play

  • kartik sehadev
    2020-05-13 05:49
    kartik sehadev

    This game is very nice marvellous 😍😍😍😍

  • santosh
    2020-05-13 05:08


  • Keith Wilson
    2020-05-13 04:59
    Keith Wilson

    Good fun. Adverts are not obtrusive. Good game

  • Arvind Vasu
    2020-05-13 03:29
    Arvind Vasu

    Fun game

  • Steven Christensen
    2020-05-13 00:03
    Steven Christensen

    This game causes you to think and use your imagination to solve the problem.

  • dulal mondal
    2020-05-12 23:37
    dulal mondal

    Awesome game.📲📲one can test its technical brain.

  • Daniel Ash
    2020-05-12 22:13
    Daniel Ash

    Mentally challenging

  • Shreeram B
    2020-05-12 16:52
    Shreeram B

    It is very nice but further levals are tough

  • Jose Martinez
    2020-05-12 16:19
    Jose Martinez

    Awesome 👍👍👍

  • Paul Grant
    2020-05-12 15:52
    Paul Grant

    Interesting game

  • Jacob Gamble
    2020-05-12 15:30
    Jacob Gamble

    It's an alright brain game

  • Rajeev Saini
    2020-05-12 15:30
    Rajeev Saini

    Nice game

  • Havvisha Karrihaloo
    2020-05-12 15:14
    Havvisha Karrihaloo

    Love it

  • Tim Spindler
    2020-05-12 15:07
    Tim Spindler

    Excellent way to misplace time

  • Nich B
    2020-05-12 12:58
    Nich B


  • Mike Fairservice
    2020-05-12 12:36
    Mike Fairservice


  • luey
    2020-05-12 11:39

    Finally found something that is fun and challenging

  • Philomena Shiante
    2020-05-12 09:39
    Philomena Shiante

    Actually super fun! Simple, but finishing a level makes me feel really accomplished!

  • Георги Чобанов
    2020-05-12 06:54
    Георги Чобанов

    Really fun. Great game I love it!

  • Kissu Sakku
    2020-05-12 06:38
    Kissu Sakku

    Very good

  • roy rhodin
    2020-05-12 05:39
    roy rhodin


  • Corey Howard
    2020-05-12 04:07
    Corey Howard

    Love the challenges

  • Anthony Kolodziej
    2020-05-12 01:48
    Anthony Kolodziej

    Fun as hell

  • Omar Williams
    2020-05-11 22:14
    Omar Williams

    Simple yet challenging and you'll get frustrated one day,, play another and figure out a way to solve these physics puzzle tests. I play two three times a week and I win2-3 puzzles a day I'm on level 28-29 now it's fun and challenging I recommend it for all ages. It's a real change from normal games and life's challenges

  • Sue Elliott
    2020-05-11 19:23
    Sue Elliott


  • ugandan toad
    2020-05-11 17:41
    ugandan toad

    So addictive yet infuriating!

  • sharma priya
    2020-05-11 11:56
    sharma priya


  • anveshika verma
    2020-05-11 08:12
    anveshika verma


  • Deepak Dhakarwal
    2020-05-11 05:12
    Deepak Dhakarwal


  • Casey Renfro
    2020-05-11 04:03
    Casey Renfro

    Fun and free

  • Ronald King
    2020-05-11 01:51
    Ronald King

    Good fun

  • Enrique Arturo Pérez Bautista
    2020-05-11 01:10
    Enrique Arturo Pérez Bautista

    The best application of its kind

  • Nani Ratnawaty
    2020-05-10 21:50
    Nani Ratnawaty

    Plis guys jangan di download guys stupod game guys gak jelas pembuatnya tolol game gak jelas tolol sumpah gw gak bohong kalau bisa gw suruh warga gw report game ini supaya hilang dari play store amin semoga game ini hilang dari play store pembuatnya tolol

  • Gina Brown
    2020-05-10 20:43
    Gina Brown

    Great! Each level is a new challenge

  • Indike Dassanayake
    2020-05-10 18:37
    Indike Dassanayake

    Simple yet challenging! Thanks for the fun

  • Aaron Donahue
    2020-05-10 16:20
    Aaron Donahue


  • Stud Guy
    2020-05-10 16:11
    Stud Guy

    Nice application

  • Reinel Anibal Fernandez Londono
    2020-05-10 15:04
    Reinel Anibal Fernandez Londono

    This is the first time I rate a game 5 stars

  • Pip Cleary
    2020-05-10 12:52
    Pip Cleary

    Love this game. Some levels are very hard - I think

  • Ravi Kumar Penna
    2020-05-10 12:35
    Ravi Kumar Penna

    Innovative game

  • Andreas Hamre
    2020-05-10 10:49
    Andreas Hamre

    Absoutely brilliant. Only drawbacks for me is it tracks too slow so drawing close to/around objects is hard and sometimes your finger runs out of screen because the line lags behind. There's also an exploit which breaks the game on many of the levels but I don't want to ruin it for others. Devs maybe know what I'm pointing at.

  • Aditya smart thinking
    2020-05-10 09:23
    Aditya smart thinking

    It is very enjoyable

  • Richard Morton
    2020-05-10 09:11
    Richard Morton

    Addictive and brilliant

  • Dave Platt
    2020-05-10 07:55
    Dave Platt

    Frustrating but rewarding when you get 3 stars

  • Bernard Moret
    2020-05-10 05:44
    Bernard Moret

    Fantastic! Really simple idea, but done with amazing insights, including not just solid objects and gravity, but also elastic materials, fricitionless materials, materials subject to negative gravity (ascending), materials floating in water, etc. It can be frustrating to draw the configuration one wants on a phone screen, even with a touch stick, but even that becomes part of the challenge. Best game app I've ever used, by far.

  • Chinx Chin
    2020-05-10 05:41
    Chinx Chin

    Reminds of an online game called "gravity master".

  • Charlotte Zoobi
    2020-05-10 03:24
    Charlotte Zoobi

    So additive!!!

  • Mike Miller
    2020-05-10 02:24
    Mike Miller

    Great game for your brain!

  • Abraham Githura
    2020-05-10 00:54
    Abraham Githura

    Love it so far

  • Jock Walker-Campbell
    2020-05-09 23:33
    Jock Walker-Campbell

    Looks great but no instructions & its not intuitive?

  • Daniel Petkovski
    2020-05-09 23:28
    Daniel Petkovski


  • Petrus George Pretorius
    2020-05-09 21:30
    Petrus George Pretorius


  • Robert Demetry
    2020-05-09 18:49
    Robert Demetry


  • abhishek kumar
    2020-05-09 16:54
    abhishek kumar

    Very exciting

  • Ivan Vujica
    2020-05-09 15:02
    Ivan Vujica

    Brilliant & ingenious !!

  • tirukkovali karthik
    2020-05-09 14:53
    tirukkovali karthik

    Good games , test your extrene skills

  • Dhiraj Rai
    2020-05-09 14:39
    Dhiraj Rai

    Mind blowing

  • Jérémie Pons
    2020-05-09 13:09
    Jérémie Pons

    Disappointing game. There is a severe lack of accuracy when you draw on the screen (I'm using a honor 10) especially when around a ball. Stuck on level 32 while I know how to win, I just can't technically proceed.

  • Raj Mahesuni
    2020-05-09 12:42
    Raj Mahesuni

    Nice Mind Game

  • Durgaprasad Golla
    2020-05-09 12:39
    Durgaprasad Golla


  • sambit anshumali parida
    2020-05-09 12:13
    sambit anshumali parida

    The game is as it says. Simple but effective puzzles. Very nice graphics. Loved this game

  • Tisha Rose Lopes
    2020-05-09 10:28
    Tisha Rose Lopes

    The brain the brain

  • Srikanth B
    2020-05-09 05:17
    Srikanth B

    Possibly the best game. Very good to improve our brain power.

  • Candy Deaton
    2020-05-09 04:02
    Candy Deaton

    Stupid hard and more trying over and over to get it to work and not freeze up

  • Dane Borie
    2020-05-09 03:17
    Dane Borie


  • Lisa S
    2020-05-09 03:11
    Lisa S

    This game is so cool but I do wish there were more levels like 20-30. After that it felt like the challenges were more about speed and timing than creative problem solving which I love. I got my son and husband addicted too!

  • Tracy Slamp
    2020-05-08 23:07
    Tracy Slamp

    awesome. Best game I've found.

  • Daniel Rothering
    2020-05-08 21:54
    Daniel Rothering

    Awesome game you will love it

  • Δήμος Τουλκίδης
    2020-05-08 21:41
    Δήμος Τουλκίδης


  • W. Wogan
    2020-05-08 19:44
    W. Wogan

    Extremely entertaining and unique!

  • Anubhav Mahapatra
    2020-05-08 17:43
    Anubhav Mahapatra

    It was overall an excellent game i completed in a few days(less than a week),many of them are ridiculously tough because the timing has to be picture-perfect,and thats the only thing i believe i gave it a 4 star for Some levels are ofc unsolvable without hints, it's also heuristic so eventually the levels seem easier,none the less 10-15 levels cant be solved without hints Keep making better puzzles!

  • Sbhee-RaJ S-Raj
    2020-05-08 15:23
    Sbhee-RaJ S-Raj

    Kamal ka app

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