WiFi Mouse(keyboard trackpad)control your computer WiFi Mouse(keyboard trackpad)control your computer Download
WiFi Mouse(keyboard trackpad)control your computer

WiFi Mouse(keyboard trackpad)control your computer

4.3.4c for Android







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WiFi Mouse(keyboard trackpad)control your computer
Transform your phone into a wireless mouse, keyboard or trackpad for your computer. This enables you to control your PC/Mac/Linux(Ubuntu, Fodera, Debian, Red hat, etc) effortlessly through a local network connection. A media controller, presentation controller and remote file explorer are all in this controller app. 

Now you can relax on the sofa and control playing a movie or game in the comfort of your own home; replace a broken real mouse or keyboard with this app.

Key features: 
➢ Fully Simulated Mouse
➢ Simulated Computer Keyboard
➢ Magic Trackpad
➢ Multi-Touch Gestures
➢ Shutdown/sleep computer remotely
➢ Media Controller(YouTube(web), VLC, Spotify, Windows Media Player, Netflix(web) and quicktime)
➢ Voice Input, remotely
➢ Application Launcher
➢ Browse & open computer files
➢ Games Pad(Play computer games remotely), such as control Roblox games on PC.
➢ Air mouse (Gyro sensor)
➢ Remote desktop(RDP)
➢ Control PPT/Keynote Presentation Remotely
➢ Stream and control DLNA devices
➢ Control Apple TV, Samsung TV and more TVs if your phone has infrared blaster
➢ Compatible with Windows/Mac OS x/Linux(Ubuntu, Fodera, Debian, Red hat, etc)

Quick setup:
● Download & install mouse server from website http://wifimouse.necta.us
● Make sure your phone and computer on the same network.
● Start app to connect one computer
WiFi Mouse(keyboard trackpad)control your computer 4.3.4c Update
Bug fixed
More Information
19.02 MB
Update Date:

RAW Information
Package Name      : com.necta.wifimousefree
Version           : 4.0.5c (232)
Min Sdk Level     : 21
Min Sdk Platform  : Android 5.0
Target Sdk Level     : 28
Target Sdk Platform  : Android 9.0

Permssions List
VIBRATE : Allows access to the vibrator WAKE_LOCK : Allows using PowerManager WakeLocks to keep processor from sleeping or screen from dimming ACCESS_WIFI_STATE : Allows applications to access information about Wi-Fi networks RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED : Allows an application to receive the ACTION_BOOT_COMPLETED that is broadcast after the system finishes booting. SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW : Allows an application to open windows using the type TYPE_SYSTEM_ALERT, shown on top of all other applications. CHANGE_WIFI_MULTICAST_STATE : Allows applications to enter Wi-Fi Multicast mode READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : Allows an application to read from external storage. TRANSMIT_IR : Allows using the device's IR transmitter, if available MODIFY_AUDIO_SETTINGS : Allows an application to modify global audio settings BILLING : INTERNET : Allows applications to open network sockets. ADVERTISING : ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE : Allows applications to access information about networks
com.necta.wifimousefree.activity.cloudID com.necta.wifimousefree.material.MainActivity (Launcher) com.necta.wifimousefree.material.discovery.gerneralWEBActivity com.necta.wifimousefree.material.controlActivity com.necta.wifimousefree.material.settingsActivity com.necta.wifimousefree.material.DLNABrowserActivity com.necta.wifimousefree.material.dlnaControllerActivity com.necta.wifimousefree.material.AppleTVActivity com.necta.wifimousefree.material.samsung com.necta.wifimousefree.material.lg com.necta.wifimousefree.material.tcl com.necta.wifimousefree.activity.AboutActivity com.necta.wifimousefree.activity.promotion com.necta.wifimousefree.material.MaterialFullKeyboardActivity com.necta.wifimousefree.activity.GameActivity com.necta.wifimousefree.activity.GameKeys com.necta.wifimousefree.activity.FAQActivity com.necta.wifimousefree.activity.SetupActivity com.freerdp.freerdpcore.presentation.ShortcutsActivity com.freerdp.freerdpcore.presentation.BookmarkActivity com.freerdp.freerdpcore.presentation.ApplicationSettingsActivity com.freerdp.freerdpcore.presentation.SessionActivity com.freerdp.freerdpcore.presentation.AboutActivity com.freerdp.freerdpcore.presentation.HelpActivity com.google.android.gms.auth.api.signin.internal.SignInHubActivity com.tencent.android.tpush.XGPushActivity com.google.android.gms.common.api.GoogleApiActivity com.appcoins.sdk.billing.helpers.InstallDialogActivity
Reviews From google play store
  • Amjad Barhoumeh
    2020-05-24 22:13
    Amjad Barhoumeh

    Windows detected virus

  • Shubham Phulari
    2020-05-24 09:15
    Shubham Phulari

    Not Good too much complicated to use.

  • Haroon Lahori Status
    2020-05-23 13:30
    Haroon Lahori Status

    I luv this app Plese viral this app Publishers

  • nick ollo
    2020-05-23 00:38
    nick ollo

    Handy dandy Great for using my laptop when the lid is closed for media control when commected to a tv/projector, it even has an option to turn of the computer when done. Had to pay extra to get the media controller so i could change volume, but worth a few bucks in my opinion. USE WITH A FINGERPRINT UNLOCK APP and youll have an excellent combo for your pc/laptop

  • Nali Liyanage
    2020-05-22 17:40
    Nali Liyanage

    Cool app

  • Rana Waqas
    2020-05-22 03:33
    Rana Waqas

    Super App But, i don't know my data is secure??? 🔐

  • IsaiasPlayz
    2020-05-22 02:12

    Not the best but it is good!

  • Buruhani Tapakilu
    2020-05-21 21:11
    Buruhani Tapakilu

    Very good app..now I can control my PC from a distance... It is great app...congratulations to app developers..

  • Nitin Singh
    2020-05-21 09:53
    Nitin Singh

    I did purchase a feature for 240 approx bugs.. and didn't work

  • s vijay
    2020-05-21 02:11
    s vijay

    Best app

  • Hira Styles
    2020-05-20 19:38
    Hira Styles


  • Isabeau Isabeau
    2020-05-20 02:43
    Isabeau Isabeau

    dont just dont

  • Kalin Terziev
    2020-05-19 12:42
    Kalin Terziev

    Great app :)

  • David Afl
    2020-05-18 21:24
    David Afl

    Pretty noice

  • Abdul Hamid Sherzai
    2020-05-18 14:47
    Abdul Hamid Sherzai

    was a great service until I just now noticed they are selling my idle time to an Israeli company who does lord knows what with my information (lunamati sdk). I've used wifi mouse only a few times in two years, so they already made a lot of money from my personal information. no thanks. not ok. remove lumanti and I'll gladly reinstall.

  • Lord Dracul
    2020-05-17 20:19
    Lord Dracul

    This is Great App.

  • Asif iqbal
    2020-05-17 13:46
    Asif iqbal


  • Henry Chilazi
    2020-05-16 07:12
    Henry Chilazi

    Hey guys I know most of you are coming here to see something cool like a mouse from your phone but I don't recommend this cause my security on my computer ( "Kaspersky" recommended antivirus ) told me that the website can be used by criminals to take your information so be careful if you want a mouse just get one named wifi keyboard.

  • sarahi Arellanez
    2020-05-16 01:13
    sarahi Arellanez

    badest app ever all it does is uninstall all ur apps:( NOW I HAVE TO DOWLOAD ALL MY APPS THIS APP IS A LIER FORGET ABOUT U UGHHHHH GUYS PLS DONT doWNLOD IT

  • Arqam Ghayour
    2020-05-15 05:26
    Arqam Ghayour

    Very badddddd

  • Abhimanyu Rathore
    2020-05-15 01:58
    Abhimanyu Rathore

    Amazing app I really need it

  • Freddy Fazbear
    2020-05-14 22:14
    Freddy Fazbear

    My IP address does not work on it it keeps saying failed to connect

  • Code with Babaji
    2020-05-14 16:24
    Code with Babaji

    Very useful

  • pramoth 8800
    2020-05-14 08:08
    pramoth 8800

    its obvious....

  • Alkindi Yahya
    2020-05-13 06:01
    Alkindi Yahya

    Nice app, but please add Del key in the full keyboard mode

  • ravindra mishra
    2020-05-12 05:39
    ravindra mishra

    Very.v.v.v.v.v.v.v. poor

  • Md Sumon
    2020-05-11 19:10
    Md Sumon


  • Purushottam Sonawane
    2020-05-11 08:18
    Purushottam Sonawane

    Very nice

  • Diego Talavera Maya
    2020-05-10 12:30
    Diego Talavera Maya

    It was very useful, but recent updates have asked for permissions that make no sense like storage access & file modification. As well as using "idle resources" from the computer. Privacy is now a huge concern with this app

  • Vaibhav Sharma
    2020-05-10 12:04
    Vaibhav Sharma

    Spamware and malware. Tries use my computer resources for their proxy stuff.

  • Adventurestleader
    2020-05-09 04:21

    It dont work delete this app

  • Siru Frome 21 Google
    2020-05-08 10:08
    Siru Frome 21 Google

    Simply inject trogen and spy malwares as u can read in there policy, I just wanted to know how they uce my data, and background process, so i red their privacy policy, god damn* its like we call of death ourselfe, they can simply manage all activities of our computer , because they have a hand on my computer when i download there program, then it's your choice kill your computer or make it safe.

  • Juan camilo Moron
    2020-05-07 19:12
    Juan camilo Moron

    Never sync with my phone. Sometimes can connect with my laptop

  • Loïck Munoz
    2020-05-07 18:40
    Loïck Munoz

    Don't download, scam.

  • Mike Girliste
    2020-05-07 10:22
    Mike Girliste

    The app used to be pretty good, everything worked pretty well. Now the desktop app keeps spamming you to use your resources for a proxy service, the mobile app requests permissions for contact data and messaging. Skip this one, there are better options out there

  • Murugesan Murugesan
    2020-05-07 07:16
    Murugesan Murugesan


  • ibrahim tycnology world
    2020-05-06 11:53
    ibrahim tycnology world

    التطبيق يكتب : failed to connect

  • C.K Screwees chandu
    2020-05-05 13:00
    C.K Screwees chandu

    great idea

  • Gorakh Wagh
    2020-05-05 05:52
    Gorakh Wagh


  • David Bangay [RL] David
    2020-05-05 01:17
    David Bangay [RL] David

    WIFI Mouse Is The Best Experience

  • Mayank Shridhar
    2020-05-04 22:01
    Mayank Shridhar

    No auto

  • Obuobi Jeremiah
    2020-05-04 15:19
    Obuobi Jeremiah

    It's fun and very easy to use

    2020-05-04 08:59


  • Raeesp Chengani
    2020-05-04 00:34
    Raeesp Chengani


  • MD Shakil Hossain
    2020-05-03 16:00
    MD Shakil Hossain

    Excellent. But. Mouse move slow.

  • محمد حسین هادی پناه
    2020-05-03 13:11
    محمد حسین هادی پناه

    Very good

  • Martin Muller
    2020-05-03 06:11
    Martin Muller

    خیلی جالبه واقعا بدرد میخوره.

  • saher alahmad
    2020-05-02 13:13
    saher alahmad

    Great app 😍👍⁦♥️⁩

  • Moku Hoso
    2020-05-02 08:58
    Moku Hoso

    Amazing, hands free from my keyboard and mouse when im watching netflix.

  • Tolgaş
    2020-05-01 19:33

    I payed for opening desktop on phone . I did everything in order to do it . The only thing i cant get over are the login credentials . please help !

  • Tejas Bhalekar
    2020-05-01 14:40
    Tejas Bhalekar

    Most happy with app and satisfaction 💯💯💯

  • Vikul Baliyan
    2020-05-01 07:17
    Vikul Baliyan

    Vvvv nice

  • John Alves
    2020-05-01 06:23
    John Alves

    So perfect! Best remote mouse I've used!

    2020-05-01 04:47

    I have purchased the remote desktop but it is not working.give me solution

  • Cee Bee
    2020-05-01 00:46
    Cee Bee

    Absolutely full of spam and bloatware. Constantly trying to access data and use your computer's spare resources. You can opt out of all of it but it never stops asking.

  • zeyad salem
    2020-04-30 17:34
    zeyad salem

    It is always failed

  • Suraj Mahendra Ramraj
    2020-04-29 08:28
    Suraj Mahendra Ramraj

    Literally the best thing I have ever used

  • Nitesh Vyas
    2020-04-28 04:39
    Nitesh Vyas

    Computer's in virus of Mouse Server Application and don't install & Privacy Leakege by said AVG AntiVirus.

  • Parvez Ansari
    2020-04-27 07:11
    Parvez Ansari

    Mst app performance and others

  • Mohammad saquib Daiyan
    2020-04-26 23:23
    Mohammad saquib Daiyan

    When your mouse Pointer on computer will disable and it csuse very difficult to control

  • Shuaib Khan
    2020-04-26 11:55
    Shuaib Khan


  • M.J Thompson
    2020-04-26 01:01
    M.J Thompson

    Es muy práctico

  • G Sam
    2020-04-25 22:45
    G Sam

    This app is really cool. I'm much pleased to use it...👍

  • Sibusiso Peter
    2020-04-25 20:48
    Sibusiso Peter

    I cant type thou but just what i needed

  • Michael Shakeshaft
    2020-04-25 14:50
    Michael Shakeshaft

    Very useful when your baby oil destroys your mouse when surfing PornHub.

  • JVee Veneracion
    2020-04-25 14:44
    JVee Veneracion

    This used to be such a great app. Now the PC installer is full of malware.

  • Rajesh Fegade
    2020-04-25 12:58
    Rajesh Fegade

    Not connecting only Only one time connected and then stopped working

  • yash prajapati
    2020-04-25 09:51
    yash prajapati

    Chinise app should be banned in INDIA.🇮🇳

    2020-04-24 21:54


  • Fang
    2020-04-24 15:19

    It worked great the first time starting up almost instantly by I can never get it to connect again. If i get this working and figure it out I'll give it 4 to 5 starts that it deserves

  • Nawfel Ameur
    2020-04-24 12:56
    Nawfel Ameur

    Ykanet mliha

  • Piano Ngam
    2020-04-23 15:34
    Piano Ngam


  • Bill Smith
    2020-04-23 15:17
    Bill Smith

    Spot on. 100% Thank you who ever designed this app. Will have a drink for you. Would pay about £3.50.

  • bm Droid
    2020-04-22 21:49
    bm Droid

    It stop working.

  • Sachin Soni
    2020-04-22 18:53
    Sachin Soni

    Nice job

  • S'thandwa Zama
    2020-04-22 10:46

    Easy to use, to set up, works like charm. I like.

  • Anayah Cobb
    2020-04-22 08:19
    Anayah Cobb

    keeps saying failed to connect to my computer. cant even use it.

  • Tiko Ghvinepadze
    2020-04-22 02:57
    Tiko Ghvinepadze

    It's really working and saved my life.. 😂😂

  • gshs 77
    2020-04-20 13:02
    gshs 77

    Very good app

  • Luis Ahumedo
    2020-04-19 20:30
    Luis Ahumedo

    It's good, but have one problem, this app have a spy software when you install in your PC, it connects with a browse call Luminati and follow your mouse's movement

  • A.m.i Badal
    2020-04-19 17:34
    A.m.i Badal


  • karabo motsoeneng
    2020-04-19 09:31
    karabo motsoeneng


  • Vicky Roman
    2020-04-19 02:23
    Vicky Roman

    Super but improve this app development

  • Ryan Kivitts
    2020-04-18 22:52
    Ryan Kivitts

    Very useful, no need for me to buy a mouse... this one is the best.

  • Erushan Govender
    2020-04-18 22:37
    Erushan Govender


  • Nehal Latifi
    2020-04-17 14:49
    Nehal Latifi

    Pc server is not opening and it is blocked by Google Chrome in Windows.. please help.

  • Preeti Sikka
    2020-04-17 07:29
    Preeti Sikka

    Mouse works great but keyboard doesn't work

  • faisal hashmi
    2020-04-14 13:12
    faisal hashmi

    Best one

  • debarshi dutta
    2020-04-13 10:39
    debarshi dutta

    Best app ever

  • vonlester
    2020-04-13 02:02

    uses your pc as miner for whatever currency their using. utter rubbish.

  • Sahad Fazz
    2020-04-12 19:27
    Sahad Fazz

    Not bad

  • Chaminda Priyadarshana
    2020-04-12 13:11
    Chaminda Priyadarshana


  • ফেরারী মন32
    2020-04-11 19:17
    ফেরারী মন32


  • Ghulam Murtaza
    2020-04-11 14:41
    Ghulam Murtaza

    Best app

  • Ricardo Longaray
    2020-04-10 19:01
    Ricardo Longaray

    You have to buy the keyboard! Worst app..

  • Upul Sumeda
    2020-04-10 09:31
    Upul Sumeda

    Very good app very usefull ...!

  • Gaming Jarvis
    2020-04-10 05:36
    Gaming Jarvis

    Its Helpful When you have no Mouse 🐁

  • Лоік Дуіс
    2020-04-09 14:36
    Лоік Дуіс

    Good very good very very very good

  • Ankit Patel
    2020-04-08 10:44
    Ankit Patel

    This is one super cool app. :) Wasn't able to connect to public :( Hotspots because ip has : letters and numbers. Would be a great add. GREAT APP. Keep it Up

  • Mahmoud MEWO
    2020-04-07 21:16
    Mahmoud MEWO


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