Ultimate EMF Detector Free (Real data) Ultimate EMF Detector Free (Real data) Download
Ultimate EMF Detector Free (Real data)

Ultimate EMF Detector Free (Real data)

2.9.3 for Android


Detect EM fields around you and amaze your friends with what your phone can do!





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Ultimate EMF Detector Free (Real data)
A simple EMF detector! The detector is as ACCURATE as the sensor of your device.

Both Pro and Free have:
-->Magnetic Field B in microTesla,Gauss and milliGauss
-->Auxiliary Field H in ampere per meter
-->Recorder feature. Data can now be saved live on text file for later use on a computer. This requires the permission to read and write on external storage.
-->Keep screen ON button
-->XYZ, max-min and graphs.
-->The classic EMF meter with the needle and LEDs

The Pro has:
-->No ads
-->Recorder feature with timer. Data can now be saved live on text file for later use on a computer. This requires the permission to read and write on external storage.
-->Keep screen ON button
-->Sound notification for sudden EMF changes
-->A few backgrounds and skins for the detector.

Use this simple app to detect electromagnetic fields, metals, devices and amaze your friends with what your phone can do. Watch out because some people believe that sudden changes in the EM field might indicate the presence of paranormal entities :p. 

The new themes offer the user greater accuracy, graphs of the displayed readings and even the ability to calculate and show the auxiliary field H which is calculated from the magnetic field. The simple theme makes it easier for inexperienced users to measure and study magnetic fields. 

This app uses the magnetic sensor(compass) of your phone and displays the reading with a line of LEDs and a classic needle meter. You can switch between units of measurement (uTesla and Gauss) and change the range of measurement from the settings.

You can use this app to measure and study magnetism and electromagnetism, the earths geomagnetic field and more. It can be used as a detector not only for EMF but also for magnets, metals, devices and even (as some people believe) entities and ghosts.

NOTE that this app uses the magnetic sensor. If your phone doesn't have this sensor the app is NOT going to display any measurements. If you open the app and the readings are 0 it means that this app can't work on your phone. Also avoid getting your phone near powerful electrical devices like power transformers since you might damage it. Use at your own risk.
Ultimate EMF Detector Free (Real data) 2.9.3 Update
Version 2.0 -->Fixed menu issue with tablets. -->Two new themes added which offer greater accuracy than the previous theme. The first, the advanced, gives you the ability to draw graphs, change units while you measure and even calculate the Auxiliary Field H. The second, the simple, is a simpler meter which allows even the new users to understand and measure the magnetic fields. -->Detailed help section added for the new themes.
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6.50 MB
MRE Programming
Update Date:

RAW Information
Package Name      : com.mreprogramming.ultimateemfdetector
Version           : 2.9.3 (29)
Min Sdk Level     : 9
Min Sdk Platform  : Android 2.3,2.3.1,2.3.2
Target Sdk Level     : 28
Target Sdk Platform  : Android 9.0

Permssions List
INTERNET : Allows applications to open network sockets. ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE : Allows applications to access information about networks WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : Allows an application to write to external storage.
com.mreprogramming.ultimateemfdetector.Intro (Launcher) com.mreprogramming.ultimateemfdetector.Magnetometer com.mreprogramming.ultimateemfdetector.Help com.mreprogramming.ultimateemfdetector.Magnetometer_Simple com.mreprogramming.ultimateemfdetector.MainActivity com.mreprogramming.ultimateemfdetector.About com.mreprogramming.ultimateemfdetector.Options com.mreprogramming.ultimateemfdetector.Check_Sensors com.mreprogramming.ultimateemfdetector.Info_Sensors com.google.android.gms.ads.AdActivity com.google.android.gms.ads.purchase.InAppPurchaseActivity
Reviews From google play store
  • Linda Koch-Kious
    2020-05-21 15:38
    Linda Koch-Kious

    Very cool, works with no problems.

  • martin said
    2020-05-21 11:44
    martin said

    Excellent job

  • Warren Peacock
    2020-05-21 11:36
    Warren Peacock

    Works great for a free app......was my first post, but I'm adding this as I was contacted by the App's developer and offered an amazing gift, I'm able to say I've never had that happen before and was more than happy when it did, pls download and support this great developer, oh, and I'm a real person, not a fake , look me up on facebook if u want 😀

  • L Nick
    2020-05-21 06:56
    L Nick

    Spot on the real thing! I put it next to my real emf detector I bought online for 40 bucks... they work like twins! I wished I'd of saved that 40 and just got this app! Well made application! Bravo

  • Michael Wood
    2020-05-21 04:37
    Michael Wood

    AWESOME but I don't like the ads though

  • Benjamin Hertzberg
    2020-05-20 21:16
    Benjamin Hertzberg

    Verified to give consistent values across two different phones.

  • sk sabir boss
    2020-05-20 17:19
    sk sabir boss

    First class app

  • Kevin Adams
    2020-05-20 06:25
    Kevin Adams

    Help full

  • Shannon Morrow
    2020-05-20 03:08
    Shannon Morrow

    Pretty neat app. Seems to work well.

  • Danielle Nice
    2020-05-19 11:03
    Danielle Nice

    Absolutely impressed with the accuracy! Will be passing along to family and friends. Great for personal health safety and also cool for paranormal searches! Keep up the great work

  • Joe Helo
    2020-05-19 02:48
    Joe Helo

    Helpful tool

  • Steve Maxwell
    2020-05-19 02:12
    Steve Maxwell

    Appears to be useful. Just learning to use it though. Several meters with different options is helpful to this newbie

  • Tommy Hache
    2020-05-18 16:12
    Tommy Hache

    Nothing in my house had a high emf reading other than the breaker and all computer speakers had insanely high amounts like 1500 readings, internet rohter didnt have high readings. Fun app. Definitly gonna mess around with it.

  • Corbin Ronald
    2020-05-15 17:35
    Corbin Ronald

    DO NOT HAVE a n ything

  • Selwyn Miles
    2020-05-15 03:27
    Selwyn Miles

    Accuracy is on..'

  • Scott Duval
    2020-05-15 01:48
    Scott Duval

    It's all right but it's hard to get a bass reading

  • A Google user
    2020-05-14 20:44
    A Google user

    Excellent emf detector.

  • Ben Rose
    2020-05-14 18:17
    Ben Rose

    Works great

  • Shahbaz Mir
    2020-05-14 13:36
    Shahbaz Mir

    Its working!

  • johnny kimbrough
    2020-05-14 13:28
    johnny kimbrough

    Was so unaware but not anymore. Use it all the time.

  • ac sch
    2020-05-14 10:42
    ac sch

    It works especially near electronic devices

  • Sahil Sethi
    2020-05-13 13:27
    Sahil Sethi

    Good magnetic reading

  • RejuVeNaTn Makn GreatCanDye Building for whats next
    2020-05-13 02:21
    RejuVeNaTn Makn GreatCanDye Building for whats next

    Thank you for your app:)

  • Paul Sheraton
    2020-05-13 00:23
    Paul Sheraton

    Does what it it says it does, never blame the tool 😉

  • Ankit Roy
    2020-05-12 11:37
    Ankit Roy

    Very nice app

  • Patric Vivin
    2020-05-12 04:34
    Patric Vivin

    Just now i use that app for checking any electromagnetic near me coz i saw poltergeis infront of me.. and this app can detect spirit ghost.. nice app

  • Cool Parkour
    2020-05-11 16:23
    Cool Parkour

    It works

  • Mario Penson
    2020-05-11 14:29
    Mario Penson

    Works well 👍, eye opener for real!

  • Michael Edwancho
    2020-05-11 04:00
    Michael Edwancho

    It does exactly what it says it does ,it works and after down loading I found myself playing around the house with it ,quite possibly a great stress reliever as well ,.thanks guys

  • wheed cartel
    2020-05-10 17:15
    wheed cartel


  • Antonieta Emparán
    2020-05-10 16:38
    Antonieta Emparán

    Even my rug should have cancer with this measures -_-

  • malik daniel
    2020-05-10 09:28
    malik daniel

    Worked really well. Liked the functions. Great job.

  • tyrone wilson
    2020-05-10 02:31
    tyrone wilson

    Easy to use and to understand .

  • Gheith Al-Fayez
    2020-05-09 20:23
    Gheith Al-Fayez

    Reliable application for measuring electromagnetic waves.

  • Roc Roc
    2020-05-07 20:48
    Roc Roc


  • Difarco Liscate
    2020-05-07 11:03
    Difarco Liscate

    very useful

  • dhovanroad8
    2020-05-07 03:45

    Wow amazing...

  • Roy Peterson
    2020-05-07 03:23
    Roy Peterson

    I love it... Gives you insight into what many do not know... How many sensors are built into this phone or tablet and what they measure that you people have allowed me to see.. my head reads higher magnetic from holding it close and also with filing cabinets and other metal structural stuff hanging around and I boosted my signal enough holding it at couple centimeters from the metal to get few texts on wifi hotspot that was just out of range.. good app

  • Stephen Payne
    2020-05-06 17:11
    Stephen Payne

    Tip top app

  • Armstrong Dede
    2020-05-06 02:08
    Armstrong Dede

    Thank you for the app need it for 5g towers

  • ancient Ruls b1
    2020-05-06 02:07
    ancient Ruls b1

    Nice thanks

  • interesting videos for entertainment
    2020-05-05 23:40
    interesting videos for entertainment

    Good app

  • Zia Hssn
    2020-05-05 00:09
    Zia Hssn

    All I wanted to say reflected on my rating.. Don't believe me than try for yourselves

  • Peter Willis
    2020-05-04 13:30
    Peter Willis

    Great so far

  • Diallo Cork
    2020-05-04 00:02
    Diallo Cork

    Easy to use and understand!

  • Chris Deane
    2020-05-03 20:14
    Chris Deane


  • Adits Aadeez
    2020-05-03 17:17
    Adits Aadeez

    This app is fake app

  • Kevin Dewitt
    2020-05-03 15:39
    Kevin Dewitt

    I've doing reading in my apartment to find radiation has gotten stronger over the past month.

  • Ir fan
    2020-05-03 09:21
    Ir fan

    its not working

  • Wil Washington
    2020-05-03 07:11
    Wil Washington

    Unsure yet but will test different neighborhoods. Let you k n ow.

  • Pastor Calvin Cyrus
    2020-05-03 01:28
    Pastor Calvin Cyrus


  • Andrei
    2020-05-02 04:35

    I held it against my kitchen knife and it detected a high emf. This is just a metal detector.

  • Keith Maddoxel
    2020-05-02 04:12
    Keith Maddoxel

    Used it over a computer. One section ran pass max while other sections did not.... I like it thus far.

  • Kevin Muhammad
    2020-05-01 14:14
    Kevin Muhammad

    I appreciate the ease of use.

  • Jo Blow
    2020-05-01 12:43
    Jo Blow


  • LAS
    2020-05-01 02:45

    I did not write a review.....and posted 3 stars not 5

  • フリッツジョン
    2020-05-01 01:38

    Great app😘

  • Glenn Chisom
    2020-04-30 23:03
    Glenn Chisom


  • Arnel Granton
    2020-04-30 23:01
    Arnel Granton


  • Rachel Kelly
    2020-04-29 20:58
    Rachel Kelly

    I didn't think this would work but it does. Simple to use and understand. Best I've tried so far. Simply Brilliant.

  • Joseph Wright
    2020-04-29 19:13
    Joseph Wright

    Works exactly the way its supposed to. Extremely accurate, easy to use

  • Anisa Janay
    2020-04-29 12:47
    Anisa Janay

    I'm still trying to understand, what levels of microTesla dangerous? Yesterday it was 46 then it jumped to 450...

  • Brandon Wiggins
    2020-04-29 12:10
    Brandon Wiggins


  • Milan Pavlovic
    2020-04-29 09:54
    Milan Pavlovic

    Edit : I rated the app 4 stars because you are more likely to read it, based on me, as an example The app doesn't work as intended. I brough the phone, with the app on, to the electrical stove and boiler, the number jumped to between 70-102, but when I brought it very close to the cell phone or a turned-on Wi-Fi router, it remained at a regular 45. Also, turning my Wi-Fi from the phone, the emf level remained the same.

  • STV video
    2020-04-29 06:56
    STV video

    best app

  • Philbert Walker
    2020-04-29 00:09
    Philbert Walker

    Very interesting

  • N K
    2020-04-28 06:48
    N K


  • Robert Castar
    2020-04-28 04:45
    Robert Castar


  • Robert Nile
    2020-04-28 03:52
    Robert Nile

    Fun to play with

  • Luke Jacobs
    2020-04-27 23:08
    Luke Jacobs

    The best app.... Best customer service.... Fast email replys... Serious company... I applaud you... Keep uo the great work.

  • bossmanccgh II
    2020-04-27 20:05
    bossmanccgh II

    Perfect for my business

  • W T
    2020-04-27 18:12
    W T

    Is not working, asking me to download a sensor, it's spost to have one already in order to work.

  • OG Bro's
    2020-04-27 17:06
    OG Bro

    Not even good to test my diamonds

  • Frank Leisner
    2020-04-27 03:47
    Frank Leisner

    To slow

  • Jessica Hansen
    2020-04-26 23:19
    Jessica Hansen

    Well...I've downloaded the app. I've read the reviews. And tonight I will be taking it for a test run on a legitimate investigation. I've been to quite a few haunted places and have been fortunate to collect real and true evidence. Doing investigations for real is a very exciting and terrifying ordeal. Tonight I'll be going to a home close to mine where a 17 year old boy murdered his entire family back in the 50s. Will def be back to let y'all know what happens. If I make it back that is. 🙂

  • b hale
    2020-04-26 21:51
    b hale

    Liking this application so far...

  • Marco Napoli
    2020-04-26 06:50
    Marco Napoli

    Accurate to be an app

  • 2020-04-26 04:56
    Issacjones1966@gmail.com Jones

    Very nice app not like most

    2020-04-26 01:02


  • Ryan Kimball
    2020-04-25 16:12
    Ryan Kimball

    Awesome app. Does exactly what it says. Detected EMF from the tv.

    2020-04-25 15:03

    I am shocked! I am thoroughly impressed with this app! I will be telling a lot of people about it TODAY! I just watched a video about 5G tower popping up everywhere and they suggested downloading one of these EMF RF apps....I'm am glad I chose your app because it is consistent and reliable! Thanks to it, I will be making some changes in our house TODAY! Thank you!

  • Jimmy Merry
    2020-04-25 00:55
    Jimmy Merry

    Good app

  • 11bang bang
    2020-04-24 23:35
    11bang bang

    If nothing else I've been using it find the wiring in my walls and it works real good

  • Lori Parker
    2020-04-24 22:59
    Lori Parker

    Just got this and trying it out. Seems great!! 👍

  • Ronald Colbert
    2020-04-24 22:14
    Ronald Colbert

    Excellent app.

    2020-04-24 14:56

    Leaning to how it works...

  • daily youtube
    2020-04-24 02:49
    daily youtube

    Kalau meternya sampai maksimal merah artinya apa ya

  • Bernard McCain
    2020-04-23 22:46
    Bernard McCain


  • Nkosi Okonjo
    2020-04-23 04:47
    Nkosi Okonjo

    Just downloaded took it out for a test spin and damn I'm staying inside. The meter is pretty acurate for the out put of this particular area. Great device.

  • steve lohr
    2020-04-23 01:08
    steve lohr


  • Marie Ajanaku
    2020-04-23 00:26
    Marie Ajanaku

    Excellent app. Very easy to read.

  • David Grant
    2020-04-22 19:37
    David Grant

    Have to travel around town as a selfemployed contractor. With this G-5 system my body seems to rediate heat more than normal in areas where they are. Needed something to measure the redation as I did when I worked on repairing exray units.

  • Marvin Kirby
    2020-04-22 19:29
    Marvin Kirby


  • Temi Tesfu
    2020-04-22 10:08
    Temi Tesfu

    Works perfect ..love it

  • Val Thomas
    2020-04-22 07:03
    Val Thomas

    Worked perfectly.

  • matthew messenger
    2020-04-22 04:36
    matthew messenger

    Works well can find high EMF and nice interface. Will keep using.

  • Rasha Hassan
    2020-04-21 16:46
    Rasha Hassan

    Very good and useful

  • Charles Romulus
    2020-04-21 16:04
    Charles Romulus


  • Guga Dapp
    2020-04-21 13:57
    Guga Dapp

    Keep it up

  • Gloria Dukes
    2020-04-21 03:59
    Gloria Dukes


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