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San Andreas Auto Crime Theft

San Andreas Auto Crime Theft

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San Andreas Auto Crime Theft
San Andreas Auto Crime Theft

Be the ultimate american gangster criminal in San Andreas Auto Crime Theft!

San Andreas Auto Crime Theft lets you jump into the crime filled city. All you have to do is complete the missions and survive till the end. Earn huge amounts of money, loot cars, bikes and shoot all your enemies in this 3D open world adventure. Beautifully updated graphics, character models and lighting effects make this game a visual treat where you can be the ultimate gangster. 

Reach to various parts of the cities to unlock and complete the san andreas missions. HD quality resolution with exciting gameplay optimized for touch screen devices. Custom controls for the mobile platform with countless hours of gameplay. As you play this crimes simulation game you will learn these streets are hard, left with nothing you need to find a way back to the top. So it is time to be a real auto theft and fight back and take over the city for yourself. New map and quests with the best guns and ammunition. Try out all the weapon arsenal! 

Can you complete the tasks in San Andreas Auto Crime Theft? Load up your weapon and set out in this crimes city to challenge yourself. Drive, steal and theft cars reckless, shoot your enemies down and tear them apart with heavy artillery. All the best things and much more in this grand game. Do you have enough guts to rise to the top of the criminal piles? Try now!

Roll up on a dangerous new trip through the city in San Andreas Auto Crime Theft today! Participate in crazy chases around the town. Be fast and fierce. Don’t hesitate and don’t spare your foes. You are provided the unique opportunity to become a super villain. Become a chief on the streets of criminality in Vegas!        
San Andreas Auto Crime Theft 1.3 Update
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87.05 MB
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Package Name      : com.milliongames.sanandreasautocrimetheft
Version           : 1.3 (4)
Min Sdk Level     : 15
Min Sdk Platform  : Android 4.0.3,4.0.4
Target Sdk Level     : 26
Target Sdk Platform  : Android 8.0

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INTERNET : Allows applications to open network sockets. ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE : Allows applications to access information about networks C2D_MESSAGE : RECEIVE : BILLING : WAKE_LOCK : Allows using PowerManager WakeLocks to keep processor from sleeping or screen from dimming VIBRATE : Allows access to the vibrator RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED : Allows an application to receive the ACTION_BOOT_COMPLETED that is broadcast after the system finishes booting. READ : WRITE : READ_SETTINGS : UPDATE_SHORTCUT : BROADCAST_BADGE : PROVIDER_INSERT_BADGE : UPDATE_COUNT : UPDATE_BADGE : CHANGE_BADGE : WRITE_SETTINGS : Allows an application to read or write the system settings. READ_APP_BADGE : BADGE_COUNT_READ : BADGE_COUNT_WRITE :
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Reviews From google play store
  • Krish Singh 28
    2018-06-11 07:21
    Krish Singh 28

    Good game

  • Devaki Nandan Chauhan
    2018-06-11 07:17
    Devaki Nandan Chauhan


  • A Google user
    2018-06-11 07:03
    A Google user

    Ghatiya game

  • A Google user
    2018-06-11 06:53
    A Google user

    Booooooom chikkkkkkk fiiiiiiirrrrrrrreeeeeee

  • n0tmad
    2018-06-11 06:38

    very nice and cool game

  • A Google user
    2018-06-11 06:22
    A Google user

    Donot download

  • the smasher
    2018-06-11 06:20
    the smasher

    Very nice game

  • A Google user
    2018-06-11 06:13
    A Google user


  • A Google user
    2018-06-11 05:59
    A Google user

    Why not play game

  • Murtaza Sajid
    2018-06-11 05:17
    Murtaza Sajid


  • King Slayer
    2018-06-11 04:59
    King Slayer


  • RoSHaN Saw
    2018-06-11 04:28
    RoSHaN Saw

    Very good game

  • A Google user
    2018-06-11 04:21
    A Google user

    Banu jayaraj Banu

  • Suman Singh
    2018-06-11 04:17
    Suman Singh

    This is a nice game but it need some devlopment see and do in your from other games

  • A Google user
    2018-06-11 04:17
    A Google user

    Not good graphics. Not good control . But game is good

  • sofekul so
    2018-06-11 03:29
    sofekul so


  • A Google user
    2018-06-11 02:40
    A Google user

    Liked it

  • A Google user
    2018-06-11 01:54
    A Google user


  • A Google user
    2018-06-11 01:35
    A Google user


  • Ajeet Gupta
    2018-06-11 01:20
    Ajeet Gupta

    He said it is the first 🎥 with the family and the kids and a little while longer and more of my friends house to see the 🎥 and then you have a nice day for me too 👶 👧 is a great day today with you and your family is so cute together r enjoying e I have to be a great weekend and I don't want to be a great weekend and I don't want to yell out with you and your family is so cute together r enjoying the ☀ and the Two I W I was in my life

  • A Google user
    2018-06-11 01:17
    A Google user

    दुनिया का सबसे घटिया गेम कभी ना खेले

  • Mike Jones
    2018-06-10 22:15
    Mike Jones

    Nice game to many ads Nice game to many ads

  • dakota proto
    2018-06-10 18:24
    dakota proto

    Horrible game

  • Efty Rizvy
    2018-06-10 16:27
    Efty Rizvy

    Poor game don't downlod this game

  • Ravi Wadhan
    2018-06-10 16:10
    Ravi Wadhan


  • A Google user
    2018-06-10 16:03
    A Google user

    Very nice and funny

  • Sudan- D-crist
    2018-06-10 15:33
    Sudan- D-crist


  • A Google user
    2018-06-10 15:31
    A Google user


  • Sudhir Sharma
    2018-06-10 15:22
    Sudhir Sharma


  • A Google user
    2018-06-10 14:43
    A Google user


  • Naresh Jangid
    2018-06-10 13:31
    Naresh Jangid


  • A Google user
    2018-06-10 12:53
    A Google user

    Bad game

  • p goins
    2018-06-10 12:02
    p goins


  • Yadav Singh
    2018-06-10 11:39
    Yadav Singh


  • A Google user
    2018-06-10 11:30
    A Google user

    Very very very very very very very very batter game but do not download it

  • A Google user
    2018-06-10 11:26
    A Google user


  • Manojkumar S
    2018-06-10 11:05
    Manojkumar S


  • A Google user
    2018-06-10 10:59
    A Google user

    Bad control and slow

  • Shihab Abdulkhader
    2018-06-10 10:56
    Shihab Abdulkhader


  • Lokeshwaran Anu
    2018-06-10 10:04
    Lokeshwaran Anu

    Very bad in app to all make money

  • Sai Teja
    2018-06-10 10:02
    Sai Teja

    It was Awesome

  • Haney Rajput
    2018-06-10 09:40
    Haney Rajput

    I love girl

  • Dharnendra Yashvi
    2018-06-10 09:14
    Dharnendra Yashvi


  • A Google user
    2018-06-10 09:01
    A Google user

    Ramish khan

  • A Google user
    2018-06-10 08:58
    A Google user

    Coc akilan

  • Tech s.b.
    2018-06-10 08:32
    Tech s.b.

    Very good gamr

  • CʀᴀᴢY _GᴀᴍᴇR
    2018-06-10 08:18
    CʀᴀᴢY _GᴀᴍᴇR


  • A Google user
    2018-06-10 07:30
    A Google user

    Nice app

  • A Google user
    2018-06-10 07:11
    A Google user

    good game

  • FAIZ Ahmed
    2018-06-10 07:11
    FAIZ Ahmed

    Wow Nice Fab

    2018-06-10 07:05


  • back benchers
    2018-06-10 06:52
    back benchers

    Too poor do not download

  • Varshith Suram
    2018-06-10 06:47
    Varshith Suram


  • Nithin.s
    2018-06-10 06:40

    Very bad control 😠😠

  • Ali Shaikh
    2018-06-10 05:32
    Ali Shaikh


  • Rachna Devi
    2018-06-10 05:23
    Rachna Devi

    Ok ok some some I like the game

  • A Google user
    2018-06-10 05:18
    A Google user

    i love spriha sexy

  • A Google user
    2018-06-10 04:48
    A Google user

    This is a good game but grand theft auto is more nice

  • A Google user
    2018-06-10 04:31
    A Google user

    Very dirty graphics

    2018-06-10 04:27

    Controls should be improved

  • Ashu Arora
    2018-06-10 04:09
    Ashu Arora


  • A Google user
    2018-06-10 04:06
    A Google user

    Yeah I play game and it is very interesting and fun interesting play all

  • A Google user
    2018-06-10 04:02
    A Google user


  • Preeti Bhamnia
    2018-06-10 03:48
    Preeti Bhamnia


  • A Google user
    2018-06-10 03:28
    A Google user

    Its good

  • Sheikh Aftab
    2018-06-10 03:27
    Sheikh Aftab

    Nice game

  • A Google user
    2018-06-10 03:16
    A Google user


  • Navin Agrawal
    2018-06-10 03:11
    Navin Agrawal


  • Amit Rax
    2018-06-10 03:07
    Amit Rax

    this is okk... game but devloper can make a good game

  • A Google user
    2018-06-10 02:18
    A Google user

    It is a good game for all off us

  • AJESH Guleria
    2018-06-10 02:10
    AJESH Guleria

    Good graphics and bad cantrol but good game

  • Mahamoud Kyana
    2018-06-10 02:04
    Mahamoud Kyana

    A good game😉

  • facts of cricket
    2018-06-10 01:45
    facts of cricket

    Good game iwnat it to play like gta

  • youssef bobese
    2018-06-10 01:39
    youssef bobese

    Pas male

  • A Google user
    2018-06-10 01:17
    A Google user

    Nice games

  • A Google user
    2018-06-09 23:46
    A Google user

    Best game ever

  • A Google user
    2018-06-09 17:39
    A Google user

    Gando game

  • A Google user
    2018-06-09 17:22
    A Google user

    Very boring

  • lokesh kumar v
    2018-06-09 16:52
    lokesh kumar v

    It is so boring game

  • Prarthna Prarthna 0 Kumari
    2018-06-09 16:47
    Prarthna Prarthna 0 Kumari

    I like this game and I will play this game all of you all over it's I will I like this game please make this game already already and already

  • Simar Singh
    2018-06-09 16:13
    Simar Singh

    It's very boring

  • Manjula Barani
    2018-06-09 15:30
    Manjula Barani

    This game is very very awesome game. But please upload GTA 5 in play store

  • A Google user
    2018-06-09 15:26
    A Google user

    Good game

  • stetus ગુરૂ
    2018-06-09 15:06
    stetus ગુરૂ


    2018-06-09 14:35

    Very boring and time wasting

  • A Google user
    2018-06-09 14:23
    A Google user


  • prasad bhasme
    2018-06-09 14:11
    prasad bhasme

    I figured

  • Harsh Yadav
    2018-06-09 14:09
    Harsh Yadav

    Bakar game

  • rakesh Panwar
    2018-06-09 14:08
    rakesh Panwar

    very bad

  • Phoenix Bird
    2018-06-09 14:04
    Phoenix Bird

    This is my** game

  • A Google user
    2018-06-09 14:00
    A Google user


  • A Google user
    2018-06-09 13:54
    A Google user


  • A Google user
    2018-06-09 13:35
    A Google user


  • Sree Jith
    2018-06-09 13:34
    Sree Jith

    Good game

  • Harsh Veea
    2018-06-09 13:34
    Harsh Veea

    Bad control DO NOT DOWNLOAD🙎🙎

  • Atul Swain
    2018-06-09 13:32
    Atul Swain

    Wow that's mast game

  • Anku Mahajan
    2018-06-09 13:24
    Anku Mahajan

    It's a nice game and I love action games. ☺🤗

  • Carla and Cousins
    2018-06-09 12:51
    Carla and Cousins

    This is cool game

  • A Google user
    2018-06-09 12:49
    A Google user

    Nice game

  • shivam Ralhan
    2018-06-09 12:47
    shivam Ralhan

    This game fudu

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