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Dual Space - Multiple Accounts & App Cloner

Dual Space - Multiple Accounts & App Cloner

3.1.8 for Android







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Qilu Tech



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Dual Space - Multiple Accounts & App Cloner
The first application that compatible with WhatsApp completely. If you find WhatsApp crashing in other cloned application, please choose DualSpace. We can guarantee the running stability of WhatsApp.

Did you have to frequently switch different social account of same app on your phone?

Have you ever used two or more phones for keeping your accounts online just in case of missing any message from WhatsApp?

Now, the black technology, Dual Space has released! It can perfectly solve your problem! You can easily use one phone to log in multiple accounts and keep them all online at the same time! And you don’t need to worry about the message reception and data storage problem of different accounts, because they will work independently and with no interference to each other.

Keep multiple social accounts logged in simultaneously.
· Keep your personal accounts and work accounts both online at the same time, and you can balance between life and work easily.
· Almost all social apps are supported for a second account in Dual Space. Data from different accounts will not interfere with each other.

Privacy zone & apps-clone function
· Do you want to make your own secret account will not be found? Dual Space build a privacy zone for you, leaving no trace in the phone system. It can make your private account hidden and can not be seen by others, so your data security is ensured and your privacy is protected.
· Dual Space is a latest technology that can clone applications. We do not install more applications in your phone, so that your phone will runs very smoothly!

Fast switch different accounts with just one key
· Two accounts are running simultaneously on your phone, you can easily switch them with just one key, then effective manage different accounts.

· We have researched tool software for many years, while provides multiple accounts logging in service also can ensure stable operation.
· Simple interface operation. 
· APP‘s file small, low CPU Consume, low power consumption.
· Quick cloning,all applications can be double-opened.

· Permissions: Dual Space have applied for as much system permissions as we can to ensure that applications cloned in Dual Space will run normally.For example, if Dual Space is not permitted to acquire camera permission, you will be unable to use camera function in some apps that run in Dual Space. Dual Space does not collect your personal information to protect privacy.
· Malicious virus warning:We found that some antivirus software maliciously pop up a virus warning because of Dual Space apply for system permissions. If you experience this situation, please don't worry.Dual Space is an absolutely safe application, does not contain any virus.
· Notifications: Please add Dual Space to whitelist of some boost apps to ensure that notification of some cloned apps work well.

If you like our application, please give us five-star praise, your encouragement is our greatest motivation! Thank you!

If you have any questions or suggestions, welcome to click【Feedback】 within the application , or send an e-mail to contact us, we will be honored to help you!
Email address: [email protected]
Dual Space - Multiple Accounts & App Cloner 3.1.8 Update
❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️Important Statement❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️ ⚠️We are really sorry for the bad experience of recent versions due to the technical reasons. Welcome to update to the newest version. ⚠️We has changed the shortcut creation to free, and removed the hidden feature ⚠️The new version may affect some users that has subscribed, you can contact us to request a refund if you need: [email protected]
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7.28 MB
Qilu Tech
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Reviews From google play store
  • Ravi Dandaragi
    2020-06-10 02:35
    Ravi Dandaragi


  • Sima Biswas
    2020-06-10 02:28
    Sima Biswas

    This app is not good...after some months whatsapp's all chat are deleted automatically

  • Mai Mai
    2020-06-10 02:13
    Mai Mai

    Annoying ads cannot exit and always notify that it needs google play but it did not clone google play

  • Mohammed Shabaz
    2020-06-10 01:48
    Mohammed Shabaz


  • yumnasahi yumnasahi
    2020-06-10 01:38
    yumnasahi yumnasahi

    not goood.

  • Parmanand Kejriwal
    2020-06-10 01:12
    Parmanand Kejriwal

    This is nice app for log on two accounts

  • Bengali Hasib
    2020-06-10 01:04
    Bengali Hasib


  • The McAndrews
    2020-06-10 01:00
    The McAndrews

    Yes folks, these people said they fixed problem with Google play. They responded below . Sad

  • jhavy marco
    2020-06-10 00:00
    jhavy marco


    2020-06-09 23:31

    Dear devs You have fixed the free fire error but the main reason why people download dual space is for game guardian and game guardian doesn't work in playstore version but it works in one of their giving apk which they say it is optimized for game guardian but that apk. Version is too old and doesn't support free fire if you will fix this game guardian issue people will probably download it thanks I hope you will understand 😘

  • shuaib Abubakar Ahmad
    2020-06-09 22:20
    shuaib Abubakar Ahmad


  • Ahmad Ali
    2020-06-09 21:38
    Ahmad Ali

    I love this app

  • Saurabh Gunjal
    2020-06-09 21:04
    Saurabh Gunjal

    Backup for whatsapp is not working, REALLY BAD EXPERIENCE!

  • James Aramide
    2020-06-09 20:55
    James Aramide

    The app is awesome. No ads at at Allstate the

  • Vikas Grover
    2020-06-09 20:27
    Vikas Grover


  • Tarun Kumar
    2020-06-09 19:46
    Tarun Kumar


  • Mofunanya Victor
    2020-06-09 19:29
    Mofunanya Victor

    Beautiful app But my applications are not showing anymore

  • M Sadath Ali
    2020-06-09 19:20
    M Sadath Ali


  • Deepak Vfx
    2020-06-09 19:19
    Deepak Vfx

    Good night and sweet dreams😴💭😴💭😴💭

  • Gulapsha Rabbani
    2020-06-09 19:14
    Gulapsha Rabbani

    It is good.

  • Niba Young
    2020-06-09 18:59
    Niba Young


  • Mr H Adnan
    2020-06-09 18:45
    Mr H Adnan

    very bad experience on this app

  • Nizam 28
    2020-06-09 18:39
    Nizam 28


  • Kowsar Komeil
    2020-06-09 18:33
    Kowsar Komeil

    its great

  • Mani Shanker
    2020-06-09 18:30
    Mani Shanker

    Name is not displaying for both accounts. therefore we are confusing.

  • nahid shaikh
    2020-06-09 18:28
    nahid shaikh

    Des app is very good

  • Abdul Majeed
    2020-06-09 18:16
    Abdul Majeed

    This app is amazing

  • bharathi bharathi
    2020-06-09 17:32
    bharathi bharathi


  • Omar Faruk
    2020-06-09 17:31
    Omar Faruk

    Not work in "bKash" app code verification.

  • Naeema Love Shakir
    2020-06-09 17:29
    Naeema Love Shakir


  • Yogesh Goswami
    2020-06-09 17:18
    Yogesh Goswami

    Best application

  • Art & Craft Bd pro
    2020-06-09 17:12
    Art & Craft Bd pro

    Really nice app

  • Ankit Sharma
    2020-06-09 17:05
    Ankit Sharma


  • sagar thorat
    2020-06-09 16:56
    sagar thorat

    Supar app but adds problem very disturbing

  • Laxmi Jadhav
    2020-06-09 16:42
    Laxmi Jadhav

    But i hate this add which come before we start wp...

  • Arun Kumar
    2020-06-09 16:26
    Arun Kumar


  • Ingrid Elliott
    2020-06-09 16:14
    Ingrid Elliott


  • ifetola apata
    2020-06-09 15:49
    ifetola apata

    ✌️Good experience 💯

  • Dipankar Saha
    2020-06-09 15:46
    Dipankar Saha

    nice app

  • Amazing Gaming Tricks
    2020-06-09 15:36
    Amazing Gaming Tricks

    Hey can u give Google access.

  • Hassan Shah
    2020-06-09 15:30
    Hassan Shah

    Please my likes and follow up

  • atul nair
    2020-06-09 15:22
    atul nair


  • Gaurav Kumar
    2020-06-09 15:18
    Gaurav Kumar


  • Jadhav Sai Kumar
    2020-06-09 15:04
    Jadhav Sai Kumar


  • Singhania Packers Movers
    2020-06-09 14:49
    Singhania Packers Movers

    Good app

  • sunil kumar
    2020-06-09 14:49
    sunil kumar

    Oopp apps

  • Riya Mishra.
    2020-06-09 14:26
    Riya Mishra.

    Love this app

  • Harith 1994
    2020-06-09 13:59
    Harith 1994


  • Manoj Chettri
    2020-06-09 12:24
    Manoj Chettri

    So nice

  • Kashif Khan
    2020-06-09 12:18
    Kashif Khan


  • Parvez Faridi
    2020-06-09 12:14
    Parvez Faridi


  • Jayan K
    2020-06-09 12:09
    Jayan K


  • najmeh jirsaraei
    2020-06-09 12:04
    najmeh jirsaraei


    2020-06-09 11:55

    Best Dual App

  • Priya Rajput
    2020-06-09 11:47
    Priya Rajput


  • Estrella Reyes
    2020-06-09 11:38
    Estrella Reyes

    Slap like now

  • Sumant Prakash
    2020-06-09 11:36
    Sumant Prakash


    2020-06-09 11:33


  • Muhammad Hafidz
    2020-06-09 11:16
    Muhammad Hafidz

    Whatapp asyik crash je pakai app ni

  • mkhokheli townly tshabangu
    2020-06-09 11:03
    mkhokheli townly tshabangu

    Very convenient

  • Hafis Roffly
    2020-06-09 10:55
    Hafis Roffly

    Great clone apps

  • Alex Mbwechu
    2020-06-09 10:48
    Alex Mbwechu

    Very good

  • Hari Gurjar
    2020-06-09 10:38
    Hari Gurjar

    Very bed

  • Ghulam Zain
    2020-06-09 10:37
    Ghulam Zain

    This is an awesome app. But it slows the device

  • safder safder
    2020-06-09 10:21
    safder safder

    4sal s use kr rhe hon kiya app h yar

  • Md Umar
    2020-06-09 10:18
    Md Umar


  • Mushtaq Chauhan
    2020-06-09 10:14
    Mushtaq Chauhan


  • Kishan Abhi
    2020-06-09 10:04
    Kishan Abhi


  • Fathi Al barwani
    2020-06-09 09:51
    Fathi Al barwani


  • Boby Gupta
    2020-06-09 09:46
    Boby Gupta


  • Naqqash Shareef
    2020-06-09 09:08
    Naqqash Shareef

    Great app 😍

  • Shahina Khan
    2020-06-09 09:01
    Shahina Khan

    Its very good app but recently its not opening i am too scard if anyone can open this so plz open it again🙏🏻🙏🏻😭😭💔💔

  • Surendra sain
    2020-06-09 08:56
    Surendra sain


  • Mrityunjay kumar
    2020-06-09 08:53
    Mrityunjay kumar

    While swaping the app (Clash of clans) from original to dual space frequent for some time. I'm getting my phone screening blinking continuously and screen goes black and background app are working fine but screen is blinking. Even I'm not able to restart the phone. Otherwise it's great app.

  • umer momin
    2020-06-09 08:52
    umer momin

    Worst aap. Plz don't download it It always stops, I tried to open aap this n it's not opening. I tried many times but the result is same not working

  • Manoj sah
    2020-06-09 08:36
    Manoj sah

    Some time notifiation not show in this app

  • Shahjad Ali
    2020-06-09 08:30
    Shahjad Ali


  • Sharry Ji
    2020-06-09 08:07
    Sharry Ji


  • Jakaria Jak
    2020-06-09 08:07
    Jakaria Jak

    md jakaria jack

  • Karan Kumar
    2020-06-09 07:59
    Karan Kumar

    Vary nice app

  • A Google user
    2020-06-09 07:58
    A Google user

    Hello sir, can you please tell me why you have taken so much permissions through this app

  • Shima Das
    2020-06-09 07:44
    Shima Das


  • Luiza Dias
    2020-06-09 07:36
    Luiza Dias

    The best app on app store

  • Emily Khualtu
    2020-06-09 07:28
    Emily Khualtu

    Yes it help me to reach out my friends from far away 😊

  • mohd anas
    2020-06-09 07:16
    mohd anas

    Osm app

  • RAKESH Kumar
    2020-06-09 07:15
    RAKESH Kumar


  • Rakhi Dhillon
    2020-06-09 07:09
    Rakhi Dhillon


  • prajapati raju
    2020-06-09 06:56
    prajapati raju


  • Agustin Perez
    2020-06-09 06:44
    Agustin Perez


  • Ankush Raj
    2020-06-09 06:43
    Ankush Raj

    I like it

  • Raygaan Sayed
    2020-06-09 06:40
    Raygaan Sayed

    Awesome and convenient

  • Hansa Kachchhi
    2020-06-09 06:20
    Hansa Kachchhi

    Dhjsgdjsbs jaldi Tustin hath jdi jai jai jai jai jai jagdish Jain cub cute fig bd ho ga do it go is so if ho all if dj kg di us an ho or ek bc do it is dj fall cm dj he started by dj by iv h rs so w of it ek hd dj if it it dj if to if dj kg dj go ho or us again C du e et al dj us dj x dj us finch dog to hi da eg go if the to his cm kg zh an by all of an by Jh dj go o us at ho all cb Jh do of dj j dj go o dj hd cb by tk hi ye ek gb go ga to go ca km by an h go ho gi do such finch dj vs us dj hd d

  • Papri Chakraborty
    2020-06-09 06:06
    Papri Chakraborty

    Lovly app

  • Studio A
    2020-06-09 06:04
    Studio A


  • Sheik Maps
    2020-06-09 05:46
    Sheik Maps


    2020-06-09 05:46


  • Manish Jha
    2020-06-09 05:41
    Manish Jha

    Best app

    2020-06-09 05:38


  • Ashok Kumar
    2020-06-09 05:26
    Ashok Kumar

    My device unban successfuly and now i can play free 🔥 fire easily

  • N.R. Shivakumara
    2020-06-09 05:21
    N.R. Shivakumara

    Must download best app ever

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