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Pet Rescue Saga
Pet Rescue Saga is the new hit puzzle game from the makers of Candy Crush Saga .

Match two or more blocks of the same colour to clear the level and save the pets. 

There are hundreds of levels of this great game with amazing features – sizzling rockets, colourful paint pots, exploding bombs and much more to help you pass the levels and get a high score. Moves are limited so plan them carefully. 

Your puzzle skills will be tested with hours of block busting fun!

*** Downloaded over 150 million times! - Thanks to all our fans ***

Please note Pet Rescue Saga is completely free to play but some in-game items such as extra moves or lives will require payment. 

By downloading this game you are agreeing to our terms of service which can be found at http:about.king.comconsumer-termsterms


Pet Rescue Saga Features:

. Eye Catching graphics and colourful gameplay
• Quick to learn, but with hours of fun challenges
• Lovable pets of all varieties, puppies, bunnies, piglets and many more!
• Spectacular boosters and bonus rewards unlocked after many levels
• Diamonds, exploding bombs, locked animal cages and much more
• An exciting leaderboard for your friends and competitors 
• Seamless synchronization with the Facebook version


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From King, the makers of Candy Crush Saga and Bubble Witch Saga. Play now!        
Pet Rescue Saga 1.248.12 Update
It includes: -A brand new episode, 'Laborious Lab'! With these NEW LEVELS, there are now more than 2900 levels of fun for you to enjoy :) -More missions, challenges, and surprises!
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97.45 MB
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RAW Information
Package Name      : com.king.petrescuesaga
Version           : 1.224.0 (12240005)
Min Sdk Level     : 15
Min Sdk Platform  : Android 4.0.3,4.0.4
Target Sdk Level     : 28
Target Sdk Platform  : Android 9.0

Permssions List
BILLING : INTERNET : Allows applications to open network sockets. ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE : Allows applications to access information about networks ACCESS_WIFI_STATE : Allows applications to access information about Wi-Fi networks GET_ACCOUNTS : Allows access to the list of accounts in the Accounts Service VIBRATE : Allows access to the vibrator MODIFY_AUDIO_SETTINGS : Allows an application to modify global audio settings WAKE_LOCK : Allows using PowerManager WakeLocks to keep processor from sleeping or screen from dimming RECEIVE : C2D_MESSAGE : BIND_GET_INSTALL_REFERRER_SERVICE :
com.king.petrescuesaga.PetRescueSagaActivity (Launcher) com.facebook.FacebookActivity com.facebook.CustomTabMainActivity com.facebook.CustomTabActivity
Reviews From google play store
  • Nancy Catt
    2020-05-23 16:38
    Nancy Catt

    Nancy Catt VIP Boss Relution Winner Someone keeps changing my Name on my apps and someone has hacked into all my accounts i only speak English Lanuage and the only device i own is the one my daughter bought me!!!I have no iphone no computer are no tablet

  • Iona Steele
    2020-05-23 16:20
    Iona Steele

    I was at 3000 and more not I have to start over again can I get back my old account

  • Peggy Hastings
    2020-05-23 15:44
    Peggy Hastings

    Lot of fun

  • Cindy Moore
    2020-05-23 15:03
    Cindy Moore

    This app post to my Facebook page with out my permission. I never agreed to this. I'm not a person to be on Facebook all the time and when I went to my Facebook page I saw a whole lot of post that I did not agreed to. The app often crashes.

  • Philicia Singleton
    2020-05-23 14:54
    Philicia Singleton


  • A Google user
    2020-05-23 14:44
    A Google user

    This is a very fun game

  • Josephine Azzopardi
    2020-05-23 14:06
    Josephine Azzopardi

    Like playing it

  • Cindy Suarez
    2020-05-23 14:02
    Cindy Suarez

    Pet rescue, hard but fun

  • rajat rk tanwar
    2020-05-23 12:28
    rajat rk tanwar


  • Margaret Adams
    2020-05-23 12:17
    Margaret Adams

    This game is very addictive, frustrating and fun. I enjoy destressing while I play this game

  • fermina libunao
    2020-05-23 12:02
    fermina libunao


  • Donna Smith
    2020-05-23 11:40
    Donna Smith

    Best game ever completed all level 3432 tell me next content coming soon hope it don't take to long love it love it.😍😍

  • Ajay kumar
    2020-05-23 10:37
    Ajay kumar

    Nice game with amazing features

  • A. Jordon
    2020-05-23 09:37
    A. Jordon

    Love it

  • habeeba shaik
    2020-05-23 09:36
    habeeba shaik

    Nise game

  • lerato manare
    2020-05-23 09:09
    lerato manare


  • Raida Alaabed
    2020-05-23 08:14
    Raida Alaabed

    I like it it's very enjoyable

  • Rita Taylor
    2020-05-23 07:44
    Rita Taylor

    Please put a different game on that we can play once a day. This game with squares is getting old plus only once a day

  • Subramanya Nagappiah
    2020-05-23 06:48
    Subramanya Nagappiah

    Interesting game

  • folashade ayodele joshua
    2020-05-23 06:26
    folashade ayodele joshua

    This game is more of Critical thinking

  • Tolulope Asha Ogunmakinde
    2020-05-23 05:00
    Tolulope Asha Ogunmakinde

    It is the best game ever made

  • Kimberly Young
    2020-05-23 04:58
    Kimberly Young

    Very Addictive and challenging

  • Sharyn Addicoat
    2020-05-23 04:50
    Sharyn Addicoat

    Good game

  • Debra Dissman
    2020-05-23 03:38
    Debra Dissman

    Makes me think!!!

  • Cindy Palmer
    2020-05-23 03:37
    Cindy Palmer


  • Çizem Boldon
    2020-05-23 03:36
    Çizem Boldon

    Fun For All of us makes u think hard n try harder

  • Sheila Heil
    2020-05-23 03:28
    Sheila Heil

    Love this game have been playing for years off and on now l am playing catch up right now and loving it

  • Adrianna L
    2020-05-23 02:18
    Adrianna L

    I've been playing this game for many years, it's very addicting. Frustrating at times getting stuck on a level, but it's like that with every game in my opinion. I've never had any problems with this game. I love it, and play it daily!

  • A Google user
    2020-05-23 02:16
    A Google user

    I really enjoy the game it relax me and helps with the stress.

  • Linda Hagadorn
    2020-05-23 02:00
    Linda Hagadorn

    No comment this time

  • Leticia Altreche
    2020-05-23 00:04
    Leticia Altreche


  • ronald molines
    2020-05-22 22:47
    ronald molines


  • Helen Lowe
    2020-05-22 21:57
    Helen Lowe

    Love it

  • Lindsay Wagers
    2020-05-22 21:00
    Lindsay Wagers

    Liking each new board

  • Emma Cuizin
    2020-05-22 20:31
    Emma Cuizin


  • Mary Mccravey
    2020-05-22 20:20
    Mary Mccravey

    Great game

  • Quintroy Rogers
    2020-05-22 19:58
    Quintroy Rogers


  • Amar Bobi
    2020-05-22 19:41
    Amar Bobi

    Muca 😁😋

  • Nongnong Balderas
    2020-05-22 17:58
    Nongnong Balderas

    Fun and enjoy..q

  • Mark merritt
    2020-05-22 17:43
    Mark merritt

    Great fun

  • Debbie Clarke
    2020-05-22 16:22
    Debbie Clarke

    Great fun

  • Jessie Bastet
    2020-05-22 16:16
    Jessie Bastet

    A new and exciting twist on blast games, this is exactly what I was looking for. The animation is clever and the pets are adorable. I can even pet them! Thanks for the experience.

  • Lozang Tenzin
    2020-05-22 15:49
    Lozang Tenzin

    Excellent time waster, but fun

  • karo Iyoha
    2020-05-22 15:37
    karo Iyoha

    Please return my all my boosters

  • Sybil Hamilton
    2020-05-22 15:17
    Sybil Hamilton

    Love it

  • Angela Romang
    2020-05-22 13:07
    Angela Romang

    Fun and competitive very good game I recommend it.

  • Olga Stubbs
    2020-05-22 12:19
    Olga Stubbs

    Play this game for a long time now, really enjoy it.

  • Maliha Mufid
    2020-05-22 11:05
    Maliha Mufid

    I love this game, this is something unique which I had never played. I really enjoyed this game.

  • Maria E valdez
    2020-05-22 10:58
    Maria E valdez

    love this game, but has to much other things

  • রীনা সেন
    2020-05-22 10:46
    রীনা সেন

    I have completed all level of this game, pls. Update ur new virson of it,now I am playing it 2nd time😁

  • Suthar Laxman
    2020-05-22 10:26
    Suthar Laxman

    Need more level and update

  • anagha latha
    2020-05-22 10:19
    anagha latha


  • Kartik Marvadi
    2020-05-22 09:58
    Kartik Marvadi

    Wow and amazing

  • Swetha bashyam
    2020-05-22 08:07
    Swetha bashyam

    I'm unable to login and the game is always in offline and not able to go to the next level

  • Manisha Sharma
    2020-05-22 07:28
    Manisha Sharma

    Good time passing game

  • Beka Kaora
    2020-05-22 06:45
    Beka Kaora

    Not bad at all but getting their first

  • Ras Scientist
    2020-05-22 06:24
    Ras Scientist

    Everything OK

  • Lourdes Tabuzo
    2020-05-22 06:24
    Lourdes Tabuzo

    Nice game...

  • Keenan Voster
    2020-05-22 06:07
    Keenan Voster

    This game is really cool I'm on stage 2200 already the way it got me

  • prkpavan kumar1889
    2020-05-22 06:02
    prkpavan kumar1889


  • Rose Senecal
    2020-05-22 05:37
    Rose Senecal

    This is great during all this home time!

  • Soon Koh
    2020-05-22 05:09
    Soon Koh


  • Priti Vishwakarma
    2020-05-22 04:40
    Priti Vishwakarma

    I like very much to rescue this pet

  • Rosalyn Jones
    2020-05-22 03:58
    Rosalyn Jones

    Challenging and fun.

  • shanice mccleary
    2020-05-22 03:00
    shanice mccleary

    The game is better now than what it was before.

  • aisha lewis-jennings
    2020-05-22 02:53
    aisha lewis-jennings

    Fun like the circus themost

  • michelle flo
    2020-05-22 02:13
    michelle flo

    Great game

  • A Google user
    2020-05-22 01:13
    A Google user

    Amused and enjoyable

  • Stella Tawiyah
    2020-05-22 01:10
    Stella Tawiyah

    Fun game... really interesting. However, here's my big question- why must I pay for gold bars when I already earned them ? I got over 50 gold bars in my piggy. I earned them.

  • Arnetta Williams
    2020-05-21 22:50
    Arnetta Williams

    It helps keeping me calm when I'm having a bad day

  • Nora Rakete
    2020-05-21 22:38
    Nora Rakete

    Love it ,4 years and still playing this game,keeps my mind busy and enjoy playing when I'm in relax mode...

  • Jenny Martinez
    2020-05-21 22:12
    Jenny Martinez

    Love it!!

  • Nosihle Pearl
    2020-05-21 21:18
    Nosihle Pearl

    Brain teaser game

  • Ugonma Uzo
    2020-05-21 19:12
    Ugonma Uzo


  • Kamlesh Dave
    2020-05-21 19:00
    Kamlesh Dave

    new game is come after very long time

  • Azamossadat Nourbakhsh
    2020-05-21 18:09
    Azamossadat Nourbakhsh


  • Doug Ramsey
    2020-05-21 17:15
    Doug Ramsey

    Take them to long to open new levels

  • Nadesha Bassaragh
    2020-05-21 16:46
    Nadesha Bassaragh

    This game is my comfort place. Addictive

  • Devendra Bagul
    2020-05-21 16:11
    Devendra Bagul

    Good game

  • Anthony Vassar
    2020-05-21 15:54
    Anthony Vassar

    I keep getting the same rewards every week i would like a change sometimes

  • linda mattfeld
    2020-05-21 15:40
    linda mattfeld

    Best game ever it's not hard to pass levels and relaxing

  • Maria Sissing
    2020-05-21 15:27
    Maria Sissing


  • junior branch
    2020-05-21 15:18
    junior branch

    Love it

  • Kim Bron
    2020-05-21 15:16
    Kim Bron

    Fun and enjoyable!!!

  • Cathrine Prince
    2020-05-21 15:04
    Cathrine Prince

    Is the best game ever. Unbeatable

  • Rebekah Harris
    2020-05-21 15:02
    Rebekah Harris

    So addicted and love this game!

  • Helen Goebel
    2020-05-21 14:08
    Helen Goebel

    Great game. Addictively self competitive

    2020-05-21 13:48

    Chalenging, I enjoy

  • Bernard ROSE
    2020-05-21 13:32
    Bernard ROSE


  • Suszanna Malan
    2020-05-21 12:38
    Suszanna Malan

    love it lot

  • Phakamani Maxwell
    2020-05-21 11:56
    Phakamani Maxwell

    Its an amazing game and playable

  • girija sarma
    2020-05-21 11:33
    girija sarma

    Please update app faster

  • Lorie Blue
    2020-05-21 11:27
    Lorie Blue

    Great game

  • Marhaz Abadi
    2020-05-21 10:46
    Marhaz Abadi

    Excited!but realy hard with no booster,😪

  • Patricia Eglen
    2020-05-21 09:32
    Patricia Eglen

    Still on it after 10 years so must be good.

  • Ankan Banerjee
    2020-05-21 09:18
    Ankan Banerjee

    Good Game

  • Maureen Driscoll
    2020-05-21 09:14
    Maureen Driscoll


  • A Google user
    2020-05-21 09:13
    A Google user

    Keep coming back.

  • Gelian Escocia
    2020-05-21 05:49
    Gelian Escocia


  • Sheila Munroe
    2020-05-21 03:54
    Sheila Munroe

    Sometimes stressful 😬

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