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Moldiv - Collage Photo Editor

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JellyBus Inc.



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Moldiv - Collage Photo Editor
MOLDIV™ is the all-in-one photo editor that offers everything you could wish for in photography. 
It’s the professional photo editor that satisfies everyone from newbies to professionals. Whether it’s FrameCollageMagazine features that allow the liveliest story-telling, or Beauty Camera that takes naturally beautiful selfies, find the features you need in MOLDIV, the best photography app!

• 194 Filters in 13 Themes — Photographer Favorite!
• Professional Editing Tools
• Design Tools: Text, Stickers, Background Patterns
• Collage: Combine up to 9 photos in a single frame
• Magazine: Collage your photos like a magazine, a poster, or a themed album
• Pro Camera: Live Filters, Photo Booth, Powerful Camera Options
• Perfect Your Selfie: Beauty Filters and Smooth Skin

194 Filters in 13 themes beloved by professional photographers
FILM - analog photo effects
Textures that subtly brings all kinds of mood and Light Leaks
Professional editing tools
Text function with 100+ fonts
560 Stickers and 90 Background Patterns
Square for Instagram

Combine up to 9 photos in a single frame
194 stylish frames
Place and decorate photos as you want in Free Style & Stitch mode
Freely adjust collage aspect ratio
Full variety of design tools

Collage your photos like a magazine, a poster, or a themed album
100 popular magazine-style layouts
Magazine presets for the most stylish photo editing 

194 hand-picked quality filters applied in real time
Real-time Blur effect
Photo Booth
Powerful Camera Options:
Silent Shutter, Manual Control of White Balance, Flash control with torch mode, Digital Zoom, Grid, Geo-Tag, Self-Timer, Mirror Mode, Auto Save

Beauty Filters specially designed for perfect selfies
Soften your skin naturally
Adjust the intensity of beauty effects in real time

Edit history: Undo, Redo
Compare with an original photo anytime
Save to maximum resolution of your device. 
Photo Sharing to Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr etc 

* Don’t forget to Tag #MOLDIV when posting on Instagram. You may find your photos featured on the official @MOLDIVapp! 

Have a question or suggestion? We are waiting for your feedback! 
Facebook: facebook.comMoldivPro 
Instagram: @MOLDIVapp

[ Permissions ]

: Grants MOLDIV access to your device's camera to to take photos.

: Permission grants access to your device's external storage, enabling MOLDIV to take, store, and load images.

: Grants MOLDIV access to your device's gps data to to add geo-tag information to the photos you take.        
Moldiv - Collage Photo Editor 3.3 Update
- Minor bug fixes
More Information
83.61 MB
JellyBus Inc.
Update Date:

RAW Information
Package Name      : com.jellybus.Moldiv
Version           : 3.2 (61)
Min Sdk Level     : 23
Min Sdk Platform  : Android 6.0
Target Sdk Level     : 28
Target Sdk Platform  : Android 9.0

Permssions List
CAMERA : Required to be able to access the camera device. WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : Allows an application to write to external storage. READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : Allows an application to read from external storage. INTERNET : Allows applications to open network sockets. ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE : Allows applications to access information about networks ACCESS_WIFI_STATE : Allows applications to access information about Wi-Fi networks ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION : Allows an app to access precise location from location sources such as GPS, cell towers, and Wi-Fi. INTERACT_ACROSS_USERS_FULL : BILLING : WAKE_LOCK : Allows using PowerManager WakeLocks to keep processor from sleeping or screen from dimming
com.jellybus.Moldiv.intro.IntroActivity (Launcher) com.jellybus.Moldiv.main.MainActivity com.jellybus.Moldiv.collage.CollageActivity com.jellybus.Moldiv.collage.edit.EditActivity com.jellybus.Moldiv.deco.PhotoStampActivity com.jellybus.clipping.ClippingActivity
Reviews From google play store
  • Jaya Shetty
    2020-05-25 05:28
    Jaya Shetty

    Been using this for couple of years. Now uts closing on its own..

  • tina tellor
    2020-05-24 23:08
    tina tellor

    Really cool app

  • Lucy K
    2020-05-24 19:29
    Lucy K

    The app keeps crashing every time I try clicking on edit

  • Azwandi Yusoff
    2020-05-24 10:38
    Azwandi Yusoff

    Cannot use menu edit after paid, when i click menu edit apps automatically stopped.

  • Steve Elcoate
    2020-05-24 09:42
    Steve Elcoate

    Excellent app.

  • Tamara Kalinic Mackovic
    2020-05-23 19:20
    Tamara Kalinic Mackovic

    Great app

  • Martha Velandia-Lopez
    2020-05-23 17:38
    Martha Velandia-Lopez

    He estado usando MOLDIV por varios años y es una aplicación sencilla, versátil y moderna. Mi familia, que es muy grande, a quien les envío las tarjetas hechas con esta aplicación, siempre están a la expectativa de que diseño nuevo voy a enviar. Muchas gracias MOLDIV!!!

  • Mamata Misra
    2020-05-22 16:36
    Mamata Misra

    App shuts down when choosing to select photos.

  • David Rosell Ricart
    2020-05-22 13:50
    David Rosell Ricart

    Very good

  • Jyzelle Sage
    2020-05-21 15:48
    Jyzelle Sage

    Awesome and fun to fiddle with. :)

    2020-05-21 02:43

    Good app

  • paulytwotanks
    2020-05-19 17:04

    Easy to use

  • Gary Batten
    2020-05-18 19:36
    Gary Batten

    It seems to work well

  • coco Cole
    2020-05-18 12:13
    coco Cole


  • jCarly Dawson Team Alliance Unicorn
    2020-05-17 17:02
    jCarly Dawson Team Alliance Unicorn

    Great so far.. Would've given 5.. but there are adds

  • Emmanuella Anota
    2020-05-17 13:03
    Emmanuella Anota


  • Tsenang Bathu Nfila
    2020-05-17 06:38
    Tsenang Bathu Nfila


  • Abdelfetah El hattak
    2020-05-17 04:53
    Abdelfetah El hattak


  • Terry Fayers
    2020-05-16 15:53
    Terry Fayers

    Useless app, allows you to use camera but crashes whenever you try to use albums

  • el legowo
    2020-05-16 12:52
    el legowo

    In my device, I cannot access my albums from the newest, so I have to scroll down so many old albums first before finding the pictures I recently took

  • Maria rennick
    2020-05-15 16:56
    Maria rennick

    Excellent 👍

  • Abby Generazzo
    2020-05-15 00:55
    Abby Generazzo

    Please fix this app. It was one of my favorite apps ever and I'm really sad its broken. It crashes when I try to add pictures to collage

  • Nick Galley
    2020-05-14 05:58
    Nick Galley

    Interesting good application 👍

  • Cecilia Prior
    2020-05-12 07:13
    Cecilia Prior

    Great thanks

  • Genevieve Marie
    2020-05-10 20:12
    Genevieve Marie

    I used it to resize for ig/make collages, but recently it just crashes when i open it , so im just gonna use photoshop express

  • Mam Tha
    2020-05-10 19:34
    Mam Tha


  • Darwin FR
    2020-05-10 16:21
    Darwin FR

    Great app, and creative!!

  • Nupur Verma
    2020-05-10 13:48
    Nupur Verma

    It's an amazing and interesting app with lots of editing features. It can be used easily with zero efforts.

  • Sammy Salguero
    2020-05-09 23:41
    Sammy Salguero


  • Sree Info
    2020-05-09 15:34
    Sree Info

    Very good apk

  • Johnny Cash
    2020-05-07 21:34
    Johnny Cash

    Good app

  • Chris Stansel
    2020-05-03 20:44
    Chris Stansel

    It works really well with my one plus 7T

  • Susie Hanna
    2020-05-03 20:29
    Susie Hanna

    Super easy to use. Aka user friendly

  • Jet Roeske-Hillen
    2020-05-02 13:24
    Jet Roeske-Hillen

    Worthless app. I payed for this and can't even use it. The moment I want to pick up an image it shuts down the app. I reported this but nothing happens to improve this

  • Lucia Griffin
    2020-05-02 04:06
    Lucia Griffin

    Great app, easy to use, many editing options to choose from.

  • Babita Sinha
    2020-05-01 17:36
    Babita Sinha

    Amazing app

  • Michael Carabott
    2020-05-01 14:41
    Michael Carabott


  • Sarah Weitzman
    2020-04-29 00:03
    Sarah Weitzman


  • Tristan Hankel
    2020-04-28 14:49
    Tristan Hankel

    App keeps freezing

  • Christian Biener
    2020-04-26 14:44
    Christian Biener

    Everything excellent, thank you!!

  • Anthea Van Wyk
    2020-04-25 05:43
    Anthea Van Wyk

    Easy to use.

    2020-04-25 02:27

    Worst app

  • Norma Felix
    2020-04-24 19:59
    Norma Felix

    I even bought the upgrade and this app keeps bombing out. Have an S20.

    2020-04-24 18:31

    Best app I'm using from years

  • Elchin Allahverdi
    2020-04-24 18:01
    Elchin Allahverdi


  • Barbara Maskell
    2020-04-23 14:27
    Barbara Maskell

    I love this app and use it constantly for my biz. It's happening again that it keeps stopping when trying to select from Album.

  • Coach Motivational Speaker entrepreneur
    2020-04-23 07:34
    Coach Motivational Speaker entrepreneur

    Very good app

  • Sandy Davenport
    2020-04-21 16:12
    Sandy Davenport

    After Several times of trying, I Finally got a Collage of my Velvet, now all I need to do is see what the finished product looks like. If I write a review, it will be after several months of working with this App.

  • Eliza Biasutti
    2020-04-19 17:25
    Eliza Biasutti


  • whatever thehell
    2020-04-19 15:41
    whatever thehell

    this app used to work really well for me but now whenever i try to add pictures to the collage the app just crashes. i tried uninstalling and everything but nothing works so i don't know what happened

  • Laetitia Outters
    2020-04-19 11:18
    Laetitia Outters

    Great ap

  • Travel & explore
    2020-04-19 10:29
    Travel & explore

    using more than 6 years. its always best👌🏻👍🏻

  • Shweta Grewal
    2020-04-19 06:49
    Shweta Grewal

    Since yesterday the app keeps crashing.

  • Somphop Ibmaysa
    2020-04-19 05:44
    Somphop Ibmaysa

    good app!

  • ramanujam raghavan
    2020-04-17 20:51
    ramanujam raghavan


  • Shubham Singh
    2020-04-17 10:51
    Shubham Singh


  • Saumya Desiraju
    2020-04-15 17:57
    Saumya Desiraju

    This is a great app but right now I believe there are some technical difficulties; it hangs up in between

  • Volcom _xCore
    2020-04-15 07:18
    Volcom _xCore

    Give me the ability to open app as camera...and make the editor functional AnD I will give five stars since I wasted money purchasing filters..

  • Aathini Murugesh
    2020-04-15 04:26
    Aathini Murugesh

    Good app ...

  • mheg san jose
    2020-04-14 08:20
    mheg san jose

    Great app!

  • Dorine Beroudiaux
    2020-04-13 15:12
    Dorine Beroudiaux


  • fathima nadiya
    2020-04-12 16:49
    fathima nadiya

    Creative and easy to edit

  • Sholovia Sholoveer
    2020-04-12 10:38
    Sholovia Sholoveer

    love it

  • Cindy Pascoal Swanepoel
    2020-04-11 19:52
    Cindy Pascoal Swanepoel


  • Maximus Fernandez
    2020-04-10 08:27
    Maximus Fernandez

    Very good for editing whether its for insta games, or just collages.

  • Rajesh Kumar
    2020-04-09 17:33
    Rajesh Kumar


  • A Google user
    2020-04-08 20:40
    A Google user

    Awesome app! So much fun. Love it!!!

  • Elsaed Shega
    2020-04-08 08:59
    Elsaed Shega

    This app sucks I try to open edit and keeps blocking I don't recommend anyone using it

  • Bernadette Peden
    2020-04-08 01:38
    Bernadette Peden

    I've had this app since 2012. I've used for invitations mostly but its easy to use and no adds

  • Edgar Tabares
    2020-04-07 15:46
    Edgar Tabares


  • Christina Maring
    2020-04-06 21:05
    Christina Maring


  • Spencer York
    2020-04-06 20:06
    Spencer York

    Easy interface, clean copies.

  • Deepak Sethiya
    2020-04-04 13:28
    Deepak Sethiya


  • Rizky Palapa
    2020-04-04 03:08
    Rizky Palapa

    Easy to use

  • Reshma Hakkieem
    2020-04-03 12:47
    Reshma Hakkieem

    It is so amazing!!it's features are so interesting! like this app

  • Stevie Nichole Leeson
    2020-04-03 04:23
    Stevie Nichole Leeson

    Love it!!!

  • Albert Mehmetaj
    2020-04-02 18:26
    Albert Mehmetaj

    Perfect app

  • abu iyad
    2020-03-31 18:53
    abu iyad


  • Ches B
    2020-03-30 08:53
    Ches B

    The app always force stops using galaxy s20. Is there no recent update?

  • kal yemariyam leji
    2020-03-29 15:14
    kal yemariyam leji

    nice app

  • Zuhri Khan
    2020-03-29 11:19
    Zuhri Khan

    It's really good love it It a Has good filters as well

  • Ntombokhanyo Macingwane
    2020-03-27 11:16
    Ntombokhanyo Macingwane


  • Shannon Grain
    2020-03-26 15:15
    Shannon Grain

    Love it its so good you should download it

  • Letícia Pinheiro
    2020-03-26 11:38
    Letícia Pinheiro

    I love the app but it would be so much better if I could size the text by numbers not manually.

  • Frankie Torres
    2020-03-26 08:03
    Frankie Torres

    The Cotton filter is nice! Discovered it because apparently BTS Jungkook used to use it back in 2017.

  • Collette Truscott
    2020-03-25 20:34
    Collette Truscott

    Use it all the it!

  • Sarmed in VR
    2020-03-23 17:48
    Sarmed in VR


  • Siva Prasad
    2020-03-23 15:39
    Siva Prasad

    It keeps crashing when I select Albums while making collage.

  • Sarah Maddison-Dewey
    2020-03-23 09:59
    Sarah Maddison-Dewey

    Really easy to use

  • Joseph Straughn
    2020-03-23 09:57
    Joseph Straughn

    Great app so far love it!! Perfect for making colleges of my kids for my family and friends!

  • Jenny Nelms
    2020-03-23 00:08
    Jenny Nelms

    Easy to use

  • Annie Clarkes on
    2020-03-21 13:15
    Annie Clarkes on

    Amazing absolutely love this app

  • Peter Clarke
    2020-03-21 12:52
    Peter Clarke

    Wonderful App. Works really well

  • Khalid Abdulla
    2020-03-20 12:44
    Khalid Abdulla

    Crashing whenever selecting import from album

  • chara Dream
    2020-03-17 21:56
    chara Dream

    Awful, impossible do use now

  • rennifa
    2020-03-17 09:06


  • Ifo Pea
    2020-03-16 03:50
    Ifo Pea

    Loce this app. I had to buy some of the features but i've been using this app for a long time. 👍👍

  • Brenda Sangphim
    2020-03-15 03:34
    Brenda Sangphim

    First time trying so need to get more experience with Moldiv photos

  • Dave Tan
    2020-03-13 15:25
    Dave Tan

    Now I cannot use this apps at all.....what happened?

    2020-03-12 13:18

    My experience, After I Use I will Say To U....

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