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Free WiFi by Instabridge

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Free WiFi by Instabridge
The Wifi Hunt is over!

We’ve all been there: you’re in a rush or not sure which place has free wifi and you don’t want to go on a scavenger hunt throughout the city every time you need to connect! Instabridge is here to save you the hassle of asking for the wifi password everywhere you go. The offline map makes it the perfect travel app. With over 4 million passwords and hotspots added to our database, Instabridge is like a master key that can help you connect when and where you want.

Instabridge is a worldwide community of people who share WiFi passwords. We’ve collected over 4 million passwords and hotspots, and this number is growing every day! It’s totally free, saves you money on data usage, and helps others who can’t afford wifi connect when they need to. The more people that add WiFi, the closer we are to making WiFi free and accessible for everyone! 

Just download the app >> Automatically connect to WiFi >> Join our community

With millions of secure, up-to-date WiFi hotspots, Instabridge is the simplest way to surf the Internet for free. Instabridge's Wifi finder knows which Wi-Fi networks work and automatically keeps you off those that don't. No setup required. It just works! With our beautifully integrated travel map and detailed statistics on every network in our database, you won’t ever have to worry about how and where you can connect.

• Get free Wi-Fi connections in all major cities
• No data limitation, no cost
• Auto-connect to Wi-Fi as soon as it’s available (perfect on airports).
• Useful stats (like speed, popularity and data usage) on any password or hotspot in our database.
• Offline maps included so you can find hotspots even when you’re roaming or low on data! The perfect app when travelling! 
• Supports WEP, WPA, WPA2 and WPA3.
• Easier to use than WPS.

Help us make WiFi accessible to everyone! When you join our community, you’re paving the way for the millions of people worldwide who can’t afford WiFi at home.

What others are saying about Instabridge:
""Instabridge is a Swedish company that’s invented something so simple, and so awesome, that you’ve got to wonder what took this industry so long!""
Android Authority

“Today’s application is, simply, exceptional. It's a brilliant idea, an excellent solution and executed perfectly. I'm in love.”
El Android Libre

""Instabridge is an elegant solution""

""A simple interface allows friends to get access without having to type in a convoluted string of numbers and letters from a scrap of paper.""
The Economist

Important: Note that Instabridge is not for Wi-Fi tethering nor is it a Wi-Fi hacker tool and cannot be used for Wi-Fi hacking in any way. Instabridge syncs wifi passwords between your own devices and to people you have chosen to trust.

Questions or improvement suggestions?
Please contact [email protected]

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Free WiFi by Instabridge 18.1.4arm64-v8ac Update
- Offline access is available again! - Bug fixes - Performance improvements We're always working to improve Instabridge! Make sure you don't miss an update by keeping your automatic updates turned on.
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27.33 MB
Instabridge AB
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RAW Information
Package Name      :
Version           : 17.7.9arm64-v8a (12843)
Min Sdk Level     : 17
Min Sdk Platform  : Android 4.2,4.2.2
Target Sdk Level     : 28
Target Sdk Platform  : Android 9.0

Permssions List
ADVERTISING : BILLING : ACCESS_WIFI_STATE : Allows applications to access information about Wi-Fi networks CHANGE_WIFI_STATE : Allows applications to change Wi-Fi connectivity state ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE : Allows applications to access information about networks INTERNET : Allows applications to open network sockets. RECEIVE : C2D_MESSAGE : ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION : Allows an app to access precise location from location sources such as GPS, cell towers, and Wi-Fi. ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION : Allows an app to access approximate location derived from network location sources such as cell towers and Wi-Fi. WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : Allows an application to write to external storage. READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : Allows an application to read from external storage. RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED : Allows an application to receive the ACTION_BOOT_COMPLETED that is broadcast after the system finishes booting. GET_ACCOUNTS : Allows access to the list of accounts in the Accounts Service USE_CREDENTIALS : Allows an application to request authtokens from the AccountManager AUTHENTICATE_ACCOUNTS : Allows an application to act as an AccountAuthenticator for the AccountManager READ_PHONE_STATE : Allows read only access to phone state. READ_PHONE_NUMBERS : WAKE_LOCK : Allows using PowerManager WakeLocks to keep processor from sleeping or screen from dimming WRITE_SETTINGS : Allows an application to read or write the system settings. EXPAND_STATUS_BAR : Allows an application to expand or collapse the status bar. SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW : Allows an application to open windows using the type TYPE_SYSTEM_ALERT, shown on top of all other applications. VIBRATE : Allows access to the vibrator MAPS_RECEIVE : FOREGROUND_SERVICE : ACCESS_BACKGROUND_LOCATION : BLUETOOTH : Allows applications to connect to paired bluetooth devices BLUETOOTH_ADMIN : Allows applications to discover and pair bluetooth devices BIND_GET_INSTALL_REFERRER_SERVICE : CAMERA : Required to be able to access the camera device.
com.appcoins.sdk.billing.UriCommunicationActivity com.appcoins.sdk.billing.payasguest.IabActivity com.appcoins.sdk.billing.WebViewActivity com.appcoins.sdk.billing.helpers.InstallDialogActivity com.ironsource.sdk.controller.ControllerActivity com.ironsource.sdk.controller.InterstitialActivity com.ironsource.sdk.controller.OpenUrlActivity (Launcher) com.facebook.FacebookActivity com.vpnwholesaler.vpnsdk.VPNSDK$VPNActivity com.facebook.notifications.internal.activity.CardActivity com.facebook.CustomTabMainActivity com.facebook.CustomTabActivity com.mopub.mobileads.MoPubActivity com.mopub.mobileads.MraidActivity com.mopub.common.MoPubBrowser com.mopub.mobileads.MraidVideoPlayerActivity com.mopub.mobileads.RewardedMraidActivity com.mopub.common.privacy.ConsentDialogActivity com.vungle.warren.ui.VungleActivity com.vungle.warren.ui.VungleFlexViewActivity com.vungle.warren.ui.VungleWebViewActivity com.applovin.adview.AppLovinInterstitialActivity com.applovin.sdk.AppLovinWebViewActivity com.applovin.mediation.MaxDebuggerActivity com.applovin.mediation.MaxDebuggerDetailActivity com.journeyapps.barcodescanner.CaptureActivity
Reviews From google play store
  • Earl Batte
    2020-05-25 12:33
    Earl Batte

    I live in inglewood Ca. & i was in the middle of like nowhere & i got a signal! Shout out to thise who came up with this app!

  • Agerico Agbayani
    2020-05-25 12:10
    Agerico Agbayani

    Not always connected to other WiFi

  • Jihad The Army
    2020-05-25 11:43
    Jihad The Army

    Nc apps

  • Bittu Singh Jangra
    2020-05-25 10:59
    Bittu Singh Jangra

    Poor app

  • Abrham Lega
    2020-05-25 10:54
    Abrham Lega

    It is best app

  • banana boi2447
    2020-05-25 10:19
    banana boi2447

    Hands down the best app ever I get free WiFi everywhere I go

  • Jam&Ira Vlog
    2020-05-25 09:28
    Jam&Ira Vlog

    Very useful👍😃

  • Shanda Sawyer
    2020-05-25 08:29
    Shanda Sawyer


  • Kofi Makafui
    2020-05-25 08:16
    Kofi Makafui

    Wow this app is great

  • Dennis Barichio
    2020-05-25 07:48
    Dennis Barichio

    Ok i am still learning but so far so good.will let you know more soon Doc Barichio from Moclips Washington. On the Beach.

  • Carl Trammell
    2020-05-25 06:41
    Carl Trammell

    I can get wifi better

  • Bereket Dejene
    2020-05-25 04:06
    Bereket Dejene

    Very nice app i love this app thank you please continue don't stop continue more apps..

  • Jesse Cassadore
    2020-05-25 03:33
    Jesse Cassadore

    Hard to connect

  • John Bernard Placido
    2020-05-25 02:53
    John Bernard Placido


  • Brooke MacDonald
    2020-05-25 02:14
    Brooke MacDonald

    This app is the best if u do t have data this will work for u so download it today

  • Ikonik Fortnite
    2020-05-25 01:25
    Ikonik Fortnite


  • Winston Suarez
    2020-05-25 00:09
    Winston Suarez

    Love it

  • Call me Emy
    2020-05-24 23:37
    Call me Emy

    Best ever

  • •Min Mimo•
    2020-05-24 23:30
    •Min Mimo•

    Idk how to use it

  • Yonas Libanos
    2020-05-24 22:09
    Yonas Libanos

    this app is great but still no new thing in the update

  • Mummyrhelma Nwachukwu
    2020-05-24 21:05
    Mummyrhelma Nwachukwu

    Nice and helpful

  • Clement Oluwatunmise
    2020-05-24 20:46
    Clement Oluwatunmise


  • Ignacio Peterson
    2020-05-24 20:06
    Ignacio Peterson

    Thanks for letting me know about the money I would like to thankyouagain

  • patricia correia
    2020-05-24 19:39
    patricia correia

    Free WIfi b

  • KMP pulok
    2020-05-24 19:07
    KMP pulok


  • Yakubu Musa
    2020-05-24 19:03
    Yakubu Musa


  • Charles Bailey
    2020-05-24 18:09
    Charles Bailey

    Takes over your wifi connection, ads everywhere. Uninstalled.

  • Yabts Asfaw
    2020-05-24 17:39
    Yabts Asfaw

    Do not game

  • Pavle Xx
    2020-05-24 17:08
    Pavle Xx

    I decn naft

  • Criztan Buban
    2020-05-24 16:38
    Criztan Buban


  • Kabogoza David
    2020-05-24 15:50
    Kabogoza David


  • New Number
    2020-05-24 15:24
    New Number

    I don't know yet have mot tryed it yrtf

    2020-05-24 15:01


  • Kshitish Chandra Shil
    2020-05-24 14:11
    Kshitish Chandra Shil

    It a good app

  • Chickilli Sinar
    2020-05-24 14:08
    Chickilli Sinar

    Best app

  • Pete. Dickson
    2020-05-24 13:43
    Pete. Dickson

    It is about WiFi

  • Nico Pakiso
    2020-05-24 11:47
    Nico Pakiso


  • Lisa Ann Bastiaan
    2020-05-24 11:21
    Lisa Ann Bastiaan

    Free internet who doesn't want free stuff especially internet.

    2020-05-24 11:03

    Fantastic apps

  • Unisa Wurie Jalloh
    2020-05-24 09:59
    Unisa Wurie Jalloh


  • Sanchez Kids
    2020-05-24 09:30
    Sanchez Kids

    Works great

  • stephen sherman
    2020-05-24 09:13
    stephen sherman

    Time saver

  • DJ REVILO English
    2020-05-24 09:08
    DJ REVILO English


  • MY Rabbi
    2020-05-24 08:38
    MY Rabbi

    Nice 🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊🐱🐱🐱🐱💵💵💵💵

  • Robert Johnson
    2020-05-24 08:18
    Robert Johnson

    This app is amazing it helps out with everything

  • Rodah Makungu
    2020-05-24 08:05
    Rodah Makungu

    So good

  • Dirk Vorster
    2020-05-24 07:21
    Dirk Vorster


  • Syed Aslam
    2020-05-24 07:10
    Syed Aslam

    A fantistic and technical software for us

  • Peter Githua
    2020-05-24 06:15
    Peter Githua

    best app ever

  • Tumelo Daniel
    2020-05-24 05:38
    Tumelo Daniel

  • Sudoqui Amares
    2020-05-24 04:47
    Sudoqui Amares


  • Odin Lilley
    2020-05-24 03:56
    Odin Lilley


  • Tess Sumaoy Enomar
    2020-05-24 03:05
    Tess Sumaoy Enomar


  • Milo Madriaga
    2020-05-24 02:28
    Milo Madriaga

    Milo. Madriaga @ com

  • rashawnda McGregor
    2020-05-24 02:05
    rashawnda McGregor

    Love it!!!!

  • Luz Villegas
    2020-05-24 01:55
    Luz Villegas


  • X x Night Oreo x X
    2020-05-24 01:54
    X x Night Oreo x X


  • Laxmi Bk
    2020-05-24 01:48
    Laxmi Bk

    It shows wifi password of any wifi.

  • Priscilla Adame
    2020-05-24 01:21
    Priscilla Adame

    Love it. Its amazing and useful.

  • fzae tbnrfire
    2020-05-24 00:55
    fzae tbnrfire

    Good app of wifi

  • Forest Jacobs
    2020-05-24 00:54
    Forest Jacobs

    I think what your are doing is good for me to have

  • Abed Bakour
    2020-05-24 00:40
    Abed Bakour

    Fake app

  • Zawar haiydar Haider
    2020-05-24 00:38
    Zawar haiydar Haider

    I love that's really cool

  • Patricia Medes
    2020-05-23 23:51
    Patricia Medes


  • Alicia Parkers
    2020-05-23 23:41
    Alicia Parkers


  • Solomon Horlardiplenty
    2020-05-23 22:42
    Solomon Horlardiplenty

    I bought a an hour wifi and it works for good two hour when ever i launched Instabridge

  • Marie Williams
    2020-05-23 22:34
    Marie Williams

    Good besides the page flickering off and on my love. Thank you very much

    2020-05-23 21:04


  • Farouk Sesay
    2020-05-23 20:22
    Farouk Sesay

    Very useful download now!!!!!! I give two star because i have not yet test it

  • Darrell Richmond
    2020-05-23 19:48
    Darrell Richmond

    Has been a good Free WiFi. With simple process and durable for streaming and qualíty.

  • zabos genti
    2020-05-23 18:41
    zabos genti


  • Anim Annoh
    2020-05-23 18:39
    Anim Annoh

    Good Application

  • Dean Sykes
    2020-05-23 16:48
    Dean Sykes


  • Patricia Lawson
    2020-05-23 16:40
    Patricia Lawson

    This app helps me to connect to wifi. Yes I like this app. I will find out if it can connect me to a hotspot also.

  • Saidi Masha
    2020-05-23 16:06
    Saidi Masha

    Still new to this app but hope its nice

  • belayneh ertiban
    2020-05-23 15:55
    belayneh ertiban

    Community service

  • Elmi Ahmed
    2020-05-23 15:41
    Elmi Ahmed

    Very Good App

  • Deochand Deochand
    2020-05-23 15:29
    Deochand Deochand


  • Yorda Y
    2020-05-23 14:47
    Yorda Y


  • Terrence Thornton
    2020-05-23 13:12
    Terrence Thornton

    Good very good

  • Brianna Dehoyos
    2020-05-23 12:34
    Brianna Dehoyos


  • Portia Braswell
    2020-05-23 12:21
    Portia Braswell

    Its good when you have no way to use phone

  • Rickeche Adrien
    2020-05-23 11:28
    Rickeche Adrien

    Cool app but I think that if I have redeem points but I can't get the free mb can you please fix it thank you

  • God'stime Okosun
    2020-05-23 11:18

    D app does not work at all.u can only connect to d WiFi u have already connected to.

  • Neetu Koul
    2020-05-23 11:12
    Neetu Koul

    Worst app Plz dnt install

  • Niva Sarker
    2020-05-23 09:06
    Niva Sarker

    very good.

  • Sohel Rupa
    2020-05-23 08:49
    Sohel Rupa


  • solomon Shewakena
    2020-05-23 08:21
    solomon Shewakena


  • Saifullah Haki
    2020-05-23 08:02
    Saifullah Haki

    Saifullah DJ

  • Abiy Hailu
    2020-05-23 06:24
    Abiy Hailu

    Great app

  • Lohith S
    2020-05-23 06:01
    Lohith S


  • Yogesh Yadav
    2020-05-23 05:56
    Yogesh Yadav


  • Mike Coley
    2020-05-23 04:55
    Mike Coley

    Verry good

  • Syed Nauman
    2020-05-23 04:55
    Syed Nauman

    Very nice

  • Darrell Lipscomb
    2020-05-23 04:01
    Darrell Lipscomb

    It's good

  • Johnpauldarryl N. Ylaya
    2020-05-23 03:35
    Johnpauldarryl N. Ylaya

    Nice app

  • Vimalrani Vimalrani
    2020-05-23 03:18
    Vimalrani Vimalrani

    Very bad

  • Devyn Ferguson-Rumsey
    2020-05-22 23:23
    Devyn Ferguson-Rumsey


  • William E Hall Jr
    2020-05-22 23:17
    William E Hall Jr

    As I drive around it keeps me connected

  • Jana Miller
    2020-05-22 23:03
    Jana Miller

    Should of found this along time ago!

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