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Imgur: Find funny GIFs, memes & watch viral videos
Imgur is the easiest way to discover the magic of the Internet, with everything from funny pics of pets, to funny GIFs from movies and TV shows, LOL pics, awe-inspiring science facts, puns, comics, and art, upvoted by people like you. Guaranteed to tickle your funny bone and make you LOL your pants off - is that an expression? It is now.

Imgur isn’t just the best meme app or GIF viewer on the internet. It’s home to all the funny photos and viral videos you could ever want. We have the finest collection of cat videos found anywhere in the known galaxy.

Memes, glorious memes. Funny memes, vintage memes, trending memes and then just the straight up weird and wonderful ones - we’ve literally got a meme for every occasion. 

You like funny cats? We got you, fam. You prefer cute cat pictures? We also got you. You like comics about cats? You get the picture. Go ahead, geek out with your pics out. Or was it pics out for Harambe? It’s hard to know when you’ve communicated purely through memes for the past four years.

Got funny videos on your phone? Perfect, because in a groundbreaking development, the Imgur team is also pleased to announce ‘GIFs With Sound’ also known in other quarters of the web as “video”.

Wow, you really got this far? You deserve a sweet, sweet prize... go ahead and hit “install”.        
Imgur: Find funny GIFs, memes & watch viral videos Update
🔧 Flurry of Fixes Fixed an issue where images would not load when expanded in the lightbox. Fixed an issue where videos in comments did not include the option to mute/unmute. Fixed an issue where some users were seeing duplicate posts in Gallery. Fixed an issue where some users were seeing duplicate posts in Gallery.
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Version           : (609)
Min Sdk Level     : 21
Min Sdk Platform  : Android 5.0
Target Sdk Level     : 28
Target Sdk Platform  : Android 9.0

Permssions List
INTERNET : Allows applications to open network sockets. ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE : Allows applications to access information about networks WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : Allows an application to write to external storage. GET_ACCOUNTS : Allows access to the list of accounts in the Accounts Service MANAGE_ACCOUNTS : Allows an application to manage the list of accounts in the AccountManager AUTHENTICATE_ACCOUNTS : Allows an application to act as an AccountAuthenticator for the AccountManager USE_CREDENTIALS : Allows an application to request authtokens from the AccountManager WAKE_LOCK : Allows using PowerManager WakeLocks to keep processor from sleeping or screen from dimming RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED : Allows an application to receive the ACTION_BOOT_COMPLETED that is broadcast after the system finishes booting. CAMERA : Required to be able to access the camera device. FOREGROUND_SERVICE : READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : Allows an application to read from external storage. RECEIVE : READ_GSERVICES : BIND_GET_INSTALL_REFERRER_SERVICE :
Activities com.appboy.ui.AppboyWebViewActivity com.mopub.mobileads.MoPubActivity com.mopub.mobileads.MraidActivity com.mopub.common.MoPubBrowser com.mopub.mobileads.MraidVideoPlayerActivity com.mopub.mobileads.RewardedMraidActivity com.facebook.FacebookActivity com.mopub.common.privacy.ConsentDialogActivity com.facebook.CustomTabMainActivity com.facebook.CustomTabActivity com.fyber.inneractive.sdk.activities.InneractiveInternalBrowserActivity com.fyber.inneractive.sdk.activities.InneractiveFullscreenAdActivity com.fyber.inneractive.sdk.activities.InneractiveRichMediaVideoPlayerActivityCore com.appboy.ui.activities.AppboyFeedActivity com.appboy.ui.activities.AppboyContentCardsActivity com.appboy.push.AppboyNotificationRoutingActivity com.jakewharton.processphoenix.ProcessPhoenix com.millennialmedia.internal.MMActivity com.millennialmedia.internal.MMIntentWrapperActivity com.criteo.publisher.CriteoInterstitialActivity net.pubnative.lite.sdk.consent.UserConsentActivity net.pubnative.lite.sdk.interstitial.activity.MraidInterstitialActivity net.pubnative.lite.sdk.interstitial.activity.VastInterstitialActivity
Reviews From google play store
  • Julia P.
    2020-05-16 09:10
    Julia P.

    Now it injects ads in the gallery camouflaging them as posts. Sorry, but nope.

  • Rob Griffin
    2020-05-16 07:45
    Rob Griffin

    Within the last couple of weeks it has started glitching and/ or crashing all the time. Seems to happen most when there's a gif on screen, even if just browsing the feed.

  • Lennerd Stewart
    2020-05-16 04:16
    Lennerd Stewart

    Ever 5 seconds the site would open the app store to get me to download it, I did to give it 1 star.

  • NaS MaX
    2020-05-16 03:31
    NaS MaX

    App is real damn buggy now, not sure what changed. Keeps crashing.

  • Cameron lutz
    2020-05-16 03:01
    Cameron lutz

    Great app. No issues at all on my Samsung note 8. Unlimited uploads, so a great place to upload your photos. No ads, doesn't shut down, no glitches to report. Highly recommend.

  • Balazs Zsiga
    2020-05-16 01:01
    Balazs Zsiga

    I don't use it much but works well and the unit interface is very intuitive.. new comments open on separate tabs.

  • Thomas Lane
    2020-05-16 00:24
    Thomas Lane

    Imgur app has been terrible for months. When are you going to fix it? Crashes constantly. When scrolling, the screen starts freaking out and redraws randomly before it is unresponsive and crashes. Click something? You might get it, or another random image, or a crash. Come on. This app has been garbage for months. Revert back to the previous good app, or fix this. It's ridiculous. If i delivered software this terrible, I'd be fired.

  • jake smith
    2020-05-15 20:02
    jake smith

    Last update causes app to crash often

  • Simona Dajcman
    2020-05-15 19:46
    Simona Dajcman

    Terrible app, it forces you to use it on mobile by disabling in-browser functionalities for no other reason than to make people download their terrible, unusable app. Will be looking for an alternative.

  • Colin Ensminger
    2020-05-15 19:40
    Colin Ensminger

    App keeps crashing over and over. It'll just boot me back to the front page when I'm trying to browse posts.

  • Renee Purviance
    2020-05-15 19:35
    Renee Purviance

    After the last update a couple of weeks ago, the app is unusable. Crashes every 20 or 30 seconds. It seems to be connected to the ads loading and it crashes the page and/or app.

  • Ash
    2020-05-15 18:01

    Constant crashes. Literally constant. The app is nearly unusable. Fix your f**king app!

  • Angel Heart
    2020-05-15 14:22
    Angel Heart

    After reading all the negative comments about Imgur I still decide to download this App ....Standing applous 👌The variety of gift ,music anything fun and interesting is on the App ....,I want you all to download this App and see why I praise this Great App

  • yui kol
    2020-05-15 13:53
    yui kol

    App still randomly reloads and lose your place in swiping. Also it is started jittering.

  • Furkan Yıldırım_ProPlus
    2020-05-15 13:11
    Furkan Yıldırım_ProPlus

    Trash can.

  • Josie Wiskamp
    2020-05-15 11:36
    Josie Wiskamp

    Updated due to it freezing, now it's freezing more. That plus the ads and asking how I'm liking Imgur .... ads ads ads ads always expect nothing but ads and glitching

  • Matthew Johnson
    2020-05-15 11:24
    Matthew Johnson

    You can't smoothly go from Pin to Imgur, so you are not able to find the clear pic you want to see.

  • Ju66ernaut
    2020-05-15 07:03

    Used to be a great image sharing social site. Now it is full of garbage ads mixed in with the normal posts that are almost impossible to close out and return to the app.

  • Jerome Salvador
    2020-05-15 06:36
    Jerome Salvador

    Can't even download images.

  • brandi stewart
    2020-05-15 05:42
    brandi stewart

    I love this app but the recent update constantly crashes. Every other post freezes. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling and now it won't even let me sign in without glitching.

  • Janet Coleman
    2020-05-15 05:31
    Janet Coleman

    Unusable. I used to LOVE this app, however lately I get through 3 posts and the entire screen starts top shake and spaz and then it takes me back to the main page. Super sad about this.

  • 為什麼辣麼帥
    2020-05-15 05:28


  • Kimberly A. Fox
    2020-05-15 05:22
    Kimberly A. Fox


  • James Valentine
    2020-05-15 04:43
    James Valentine

    Hidden ads that trick you into clicking

  • Luis Najera
    2020-05-15 04:34
    Luis Najera

    Fun community, FIX THE APP! Glitches and crashes often. Was ok before the last update #2020. Oh and what's with the new "post" like ads.

  • Tessa Graf
    2020-05-15 02:46
    Tessa Graf

    Update: Nothing has changed. Constant crashes in the most recent update make it almost unusable. Previous review: Crashes constantly and ads in posts are ridiculous. I would get rid of it but using the online version is somehow even worse.

  • Waldo Supremo
    2020-05-15 00:56
    Waldo Supremo

    Keeps crashing. Will not even open.

  • Bryan Owen
    2020-05-15 00:56
    Bryan Owen

    Do you like apps that freeze all the time, eat up your resources and don't work like they should? Then the Imgur app is for you!

  • David Olson
    2020-05-14 23:21
    David Olson

    I really love Imgur. I do and it really hurts to write this review. Your site made me disable facebook just because it gave me exactly what I liked about it. Sadly though the ads need to be fixed. Theyre locking the app up and making some videos completely unviewable until I force close and restart the app. I will absolutely change to 5 stars once this is a little more sorted out. You guys have created an amazing community and I'd love to see it grow even further.

  • Kevin H
    2020-05-14 22:45
    Kevin H

    Unexpected Video error constantly also just crashes randomly. No longer funny GIFs, memes just political posts and negatively.

  • Michael Bussing
    2020-05-14 21:50
    Michael Bussing

    Crashes non stop. Totally unusable.

  • Stelio Kontos
    2020-05-14 21:25
    Stelio Kontos

    It's just as bad as reddit on regards to its political view. It used to be a good place for videos and pictures but has turned in to a cesspool of political miss information.

  • Chris G
    2020-05-14 18:07
    Chris G

    Using a OnePlus6 - this app freezes daily. Additionally, while scrolling through posts, it will stop and kick you back to the top of the list view. It's easier to just go to the website.

  • Ryan Perry
    2020-05-14 18:03
    Ryan Perry

    Freezing and crashing constantly since yesterday, please patch a fix ASAP.

  • Angelyn Convertino
    2020-05-14 17:24
    Angelyn Convertino

    The app is currently unusable. It spazzes out when I try to look at an image and even while just scrolling through the thumbnails. I don't even care about the excess of ads! I just want to be able to use the damned app. It's a four or five star app when it works.

  • Codey Bolte
    2020-05-14 15:56
    Codey Bolte

    The app has been consistently crashing on my note 10 for a couple weeks now. After several swipes of gifs or videos it will just cause it to start glitching and flashing the most recent frame until it crashes the app and resets it to the overview of the home page. Gif and gifv crash it almost immediately and even if I avoid them and only open image posts it will still crash after a few minutes. It seems to be a common trend but I see no mention of the issue from the support side.

  • Curly Bacon
    2020-05-14 04:01
    Curly Bacon


  • Anthony Forrest
    2020-05-14 03:52
    Anthony Forrest

    The app used to be okay but for the past couple weeks it crashes after 2 mins of use, usually when scrolling or swiping to the next post

  • Henry Bell
    2020-05-14 03:06
    Henry Bell

    Overzealous policing of mature content while giving a free pass to disinformation, gun porn, and constant crashes on my pad has rendered this app unappealing to me.

  • Bert McCormack
    2020-05-14 02:31
    Bert McCormack

    App is full of political posts. Just not the same anymore

  • Ron Mader
    2020-05-14 02:23
    Ron Mader

    Pretty sure this is my most hated app ever. You are an image hosting site but I can't upload images. It just sits spinning on "it won't be long now" for an infinite amount of time, and this isn't the first time it's done this. If there was even an average alternative app I would use it.

  • Obscure Shadows
    2020-05-13 20:35
    Obscure Shadows

    Started using the platform ages ago and really enjoyed all the dark and dank memes. Now the devs sold out and the app has turned into a toxic dump of nothing but political spew and recycled content. It went south real quick and thoroughly disappointed in the experience....time to move on I guess. Good job 👏

  • Adeyemi Cruz
    2020-05-13 17:46
    Adeyemi Cruz


  • Marko Conkic
    2020-05-13 16:35
    Marko Conkic

    Doesnt work at all, tried on 3 devices.

  • Sualeha Khan
    2020-05-13 12:48
    Sualeha Khan


  • Mitchell caines
    2020-05-13 11:37
    Mitchell caines

    Absolute rubbish. Takes so long to load you could design your own app in the meantime... don't recommend, even to people without the gift of sight.

  • Cheyanne Lowrance
    2020-05-13 05:45
    Cheyanne Lowrance

    Love it!

  • Armando Aguilar
    2020-05-13 02:27
    Armando Aguilar

    Show me how to get more of JFK and rfk family.

  • Jonathan Zulkeski
    2020-05-13 02:13
    Jonathan Zulkeski

    The least reliable app I have. Not purpose built for imgur. Can't easily reply with images.

  • Matt Russell
    2020-05-12 21:10
    Matt Russell

    Crashes constantly

  • Jordan Burnham
    2020-05-12 20:18
    Jordan Burnham

    Content is great, app itself is horrible. No way to open directly to just the content i want, no way to stop those holiday celebration pop ups from appearing (dont care, here for meme dumps and nothing else) tapping an image focuses on the image which is nice, but unlike other, better, apps theres to way to swipe back to normal viewing. If you ever need to return to your phones desktop you can say goodbye to where you were because youll be at the start of their front page, and not where you were

  • Nick Zeigler
    2020-05-12 15:43
    Nick Zeigler


  • Richard Ignowski
    2020-05-12 13:26
    Richard Ignowski

    After the last few updates constant freezing and force closes.

  • Michael Harrison
    2020-05-12 13:25
    Michael Harrison

    Total garbage. Not only do they require you to be signed in, but now you can't just wait for the upload to finish, they force you to browse their unoriginal and lame content. And that's if your picture even successfully uploads, which is rare. Imgur will never be a viable social media network, so give it up you failures.

  • Makiah Shenay
    2020-05-12 03:40
    Makiah Shenay

    Content is fine, app and usability has gotten worse over the years

  • HA-16
    2020-05-12 03:16

    Good app but some of the content is garbage

  • WarNeverChanges
    2020-05-11 23:56

    Used to be my frequent app, but it's since gone all glitchy. Freezes my phone to a halt.

  • James Yau
    2020-05-11 22:25
    James Yau

    This app is no longer reliable. When tapping external links it uses it's own inbuilt browser which often fails to render the webpage correctly, and there's no option to open to an external browser by default. When you view a post with a link in the description, and long press it, the open in browser window appears by the image, which means it won't appear at all if the link is at the bottom of a long description. When you try to go back during some posts, the app freezes instead and crashes

  • Kevin Quock
    2020-05-11 20:33
    Kevin Quock

    Was very reliable for a long time and started crashing and freezing last week. I have an S9+ like another reviewer mentioned. I've been a lurker for years and never had any issues until now. I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app to no avail. Please fix and I would gladly install again.

  • Shaun Masavage
    2020-05-11 13:52
    Shaun Masavage

    Simple and reliable. Great app experience for browsing

  • Isreal Bradford
    2020-05-11 07:47
    Isreal Bradford


  • Megen Roberts
    2020-05-11 06:07
    Megen Roberts

    Glitchy and annoying now, used to be one of my favorite "need a laugh" apps. Now it just locks up and I am lucky to get to use the app for 2 minutes before it boots me out!

  • Shah Faisal Khan
    2020-05-11 06:06
    Shah Faisal Khan

    Data sucking app only!

  • Cheryl Miles
    2020-05-11 03:04
    Cheryl Miles


  • Michael Guillory
    2020-05-10 22:07
    Michael Guillory

    cannot upload

  • Johnathan Sukhlall
    2020-05-10 21:00
    Johnathan Sukhlall

    Anyone else came here frm tht tik tok of the shrek gif

  • That's LMFB
    2020-05-10 20:25

    May 2020 update: still too glitchy to even work the app. Can't browse on my browser app bc it just wants me to download the actual app. I'm so annoyed. 3mo now of this app not even working right! April 2020 update: so cool being on lockdown and the Imgur app keeps crashing nonstop. Thanks y'all. This was a great app, but when I try to browse galleries it shuts down. I click on an image, app shuts down. Edit March 2020: app is back to glitching and crashing, I can't even browse for a whole minute

  • Jared Noblitt
    2020-05-10 19:57
    Jared Noblitt

    Ads ruin both experience and performance. The days they remove ads, you can view everything at your leisure. This was the case on most days until now recently, the last time they returned ads. I personally am unable to load more than a few viral or front page images or posts, the rest do not load properly or are grayed out. As I cannot even browse without either waiting several minutes for posts or comments to load,. So, after 2 years of frequent use, I am removing this app.

  • Vee
    2020-05-10 14:21

    I love this app but from last update it's been glitchy

  • Shane Bates
    2020-05-10 06:26
    Shane Bates

    Love it

  • يحيى ناهض عبدالله
    2020-05-10 00:39
    يحيى ناهض عبدالله

    I cant upload any picture

  • A
    2020-05-10 00:24

    Now entirely a leftist echo chamber for lazy communist-wannabe millennial nobodies with liberal moderators that only permit their own side's propaganda and have tolerance only for their narrow political beliefs. Just use it to host your own photos for selling stuff, otherwise stay away from this cesspool of alt-left partisan hatred pathetically masquerading as some sort of sanctimonious haven for humanity.

  • Fried Phrawg
    2020-05-10 00:16
    Fried Phrawg

    Left controled app comments are censored by a person named satanichamster don't waste your time

  • Drew Scheer
    2020-05-09 23:09
    Drew Scheer

    Using my push notifications to send me le epic memes. Nahhh

  • Sadie Malik
    2020-05-09 19:14
    Sadie Malik

    Used to work recent updates make it awful. I wud skip it if I was you

  • Jessica Woolford
    2020-05-09 18:02
    Jessica Woolford

    I used to really like this app and I still love imgur but more recently it constantly crashes on me and is barely usable :(

  • Tj Feral
    2020-05-09 17:54
    Tj Feral

    I'd give it 5 bananas.

  • Gary Jones
    2020-05-09 16:55
    Gary Jones

    Takes forever to load

  • Christophe Beltrando
    2020-05-09 16:38
    Christophe Beltrando

    Just come to the community. It's not the best but you will have fun

  • JJ
    2020-05-09 08:15

    Uninstalling due to useless spam notification. "Look at these corgis"? No.

  • Jason Harris
    2020-05-09 01:33
    Jason Harris

    Great app and even better content. Thanks world.

  • Spit Birdilliam
    2020-05-08 06:10
    Spit Birdilliam

    Yeah, it helped me set my fantasy football team picture soooo yeah I'll give it 5 stars.

  • Kristin Hardison
    2020-05-08 05:02
    Kristin Hardison

    Every since the most recent update i can't tap on a comment reply that has a pic, gif or video and make it full screen. Stays stuck on 1/3 loading bar and never loads. Also, the app has been locking up my phone lately. I have to restart the whole phone to fix it sometimes.

  • Michael Fleischer
    2020-05-08 01:45
    Michael Fleischer

    Update from early May 2020 crashes the gifs 9/10 and then the app. I can use it for a few minutes before it closes on me

  • J S
    2020-05-07 22:53
    J S

    I cannot upload images anymore no matter how many times I try to clear data or uninstall and reinstall the app.

  • Steve Chapo
    2020-05-07 22:23
    Steve Chapo

    Love this app during non election years but it's become agenda driven. User sub- very occasional political post, not that many. Front page, every 4 to 5 posts all leaning so far left they fall down. I've voted both sides and the hate spewing and bickering here is really disheartening.

  • Steven Somers
    2020-05-07 21:12
    Steven Somers

    New update ruined the app It just forces clsed when you download an image I tried to uninstall then reinstall and restsrt my phobe but no luck It sucks because it was my favorire app to use. Fix it and I'll download again.

  • Kel Guapo
    2020-05-07 21:05
    Kel Guapo

    Buggy, glitchy, frustrating. Can't tell if my images upload, tags get lost, app freezes, won't open to chrome. This app is very frustrating and maddening. Tags are useless as nothing shows up in search...can't even tell if they save because once a photo is tagged, they disappear on upload. Weak app for something so basic.

  • MrSeebs614
    2020-05-07 20:39

    Basically a political circle jerk.

  • Marthinus Reinecke
    2020-05-07 19:23
    Marthinus Reinecke

    Trying to download anything kicks me back to the feed.

  • sadie
    2020-05-07 14:49

    very wholesome memes for when you are sad, lots of doggos

  • João Duarte
    2020-05-07 13:37
    João Duarte

    App spent 1.70GB (more than half of my data limit) in less than a day and I hadn't even opened the app in the last few weeks... That's just unacceptable.

  • Alexander Maisey
    2020-05-07 12:56
    Alexander Maisey

    Latest version crashes continuously, basically unusable--except the day they went ad-free this week and the app had no problems all day

  • Ryne Petry
    2020-05-07 12:41
    Ryne Petry

    I like the format of this app but it get 3 stars from me until they allow more than 140 characters per comment and the ability to comment with pics/gifs from your camera roll. Edit: the app crashes constantly and downvoting seems to be malfunctioning

  • Unmarked Door
    2020-05-07 11:57
    Unmarked Door

    Sucks. Can't upload. Ever

  • V
    2020-05-07 11:16

    It is awful since it can't even help a person block or mute somebody properly.

  • catherine deminie
    2020-05-07 11:07
    catherine deminie

    I love the site... much easier to navigate on desktop

  • Hannah Craig
    2020-05-07 08:32
    Hannah Craig

    Imgur used to be my favorite time waster. But the last app update turned an already glitchy, badly performing app into something completely unusable. On my S9+, the app either freezes or goes unresponsive while images flash/twitch wildly - only after I swipe like ~3 to 5 posts. I haven't been able to use this app reliably for weeks. I've never seen an app from a company with so many users left in such a nonfunctional state for so long. It's super frustrating.

  • Heather Glomb
    2020-05-07 07:27
    Heather Glomb

    Fix the constant crashes! Seriously, every minute or so the app stops working and crashes. I have uninstalled and reinstalled hoping it would help like before, but it's just crashing constantly.

  • Tankroller
    2020-05-07 07:12

    Due to the recent update the app crashes often, and randomly. Could be 10 seconds, could be hours, usually once it's starts crashing, it will continue to do so.

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