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SnapSave for Snapchat
SnapSave is to save all the photos and videos from SnapChat!

Love getting cool photos and videos from SnapChat?  Now you can not only view the snaps received, but also save them to the album of your device with SnapSave! You just need to log in to SnapSave, open the snap you’ve got and save it! So you can view it any time you wish or share it with friends to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or via e-mail. App can be run on any device with Android 2.2 and higher. 


	•	Save SnapChat photo

	•	Save SnapChat video 

	•	Log in SnapSave easily using SnapChat login and password

	•	User-friendly interface

	•	No marks that snap has been saved

	•	Android 2.2 and higher

Attention! To have an opportunity to save photo or video from SnapChat, do not forget to open it in SnapSave FIRST! Otherwise, snap is not going to be available for download. 

SnapSave is not affiliated with SnapChat.Inc. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us [email protected]        
SnapSave for Snapchat 2.1.3 Update
- Log in bug fixed - Snaps refresh bug fixed - Minor bug fixes
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0.96 MB
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RAW Information
Package Name      : com.ihoops.snapsaver
Version           : 2.1.3 (6)
Min Sdk Level     : 8
Min Sdk Platform  : Android 2.2.x
Target Sdk Level     : 19
Target Sdk Platform  : Android 4.4

Permssions List
BILLING : INTERNET : Allows applications to open network sockets. ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE : Allows applications to access information about networks READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : Allows an application to read from external storage. WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : Allows an application to write to external storage. WRITE_INTERAL_STORAGE :
com.ihoops.snapsaver.SnapLoginScreen (Launcher) com.ihoops.snapsaver.SnapChatScreen com.ihoops.snapsaver.SnapChatTabletScreen com.ihoops.snapsaver.SnapDetailsScreen com.ihoops.snapsaver.SnapHowUseScreen com.ihoops.snapsaver.SnapInfoScreen com.ihoops.snapsaver.SnapLockScreen
Reviews From google play store
  • Robbo Sturko
    2014-03-30 05:24
    Robbo Sturko

    Does not do what it says it does. Videos wont load and you cant download stories videos. Don't waste your money. I'll take that refund now that disappeared after 5minutes. Make sure in the first two minutes, when you realise you didn't get what you paid for, you opt for the refund straight away cause the option disappeared pretty quick.

  • shawnmar smith
    2014-03-24 21:06
    shawnmar smith

    Does not work on galaxy note 3 jelly bean 4.2.2

  • Le'Patrick Browning
    2014-03-23 23:52

    I can't even log on anymore. It says error message try again. Can't get passed the login page

  • Dustin Miles
    2014-03-22 15:38
    Dustin Miles

    Every time I use this app it signs me out of my snapchat.I originally gave you five stars, but changed it to four stars. I will give you five stars again when bugs get fixed.

  • mohammed irfaan
    2014-03-18 09:21
    mohammed irfaan

    Good app. Does the job but it won't let me view the videos. Just keeps on loading :/ please fix this and I'll rate 5 thanks :)

  • Alo harr
    2014-03-09 22:09
    Alo harr

    I use it to keep nudes ;)

  • Denis Ciumbargi
    2014-03-04 20:51
    Denis Ciumbargi

    I am missing great stuff from friends and the app does not read the updates section. Fix that somehow please.

  • Lorie J. Urbano
    2014-02-26 06:47
    Lorie J. Urbano

    Bug fixed. Thank you! Was a great app. Can't view videos after update. Please fix, then I'll rate 5 stars again. I paid for this app even though I had already paid for the app that was out before this one. (Which was pulled off the market without a notification and was never reimbursed nor given a credit for that app) I'd hate to think this app is going to give the same problems and disappear too.

  • Vina Culas
    2014-02-23 04:02
    Vina Culas

    Thanks for fixing the video bug.

  • Michael Millar
    2014-02-20 15:46
    Michael Millar

    Contacted support after buying and was told nothing they could do. Told me to contact google play store for a refund. What a waste of time and money. This does everything the free versions do which is nothing. On the plus side this version will atleast take your money

  • Z-Link Corrupted
    2014-02-15 21:42
    Z-Link Corrupted

    It needs to be able to save stories too by the picture and I haven't been able to save videos It also logs me out of snapchat every time I use it GALAXY S3,

  • Fabian Ponce
    2014-02-15 01:26
    Fabian Ponce

  • Kristoffe m
    2014-02-09 23:36
    Kristoffe m

  • A. M.
    2014-02-09 02:00
    A. M.

    I'll rate 5 stars once you fix ability to view videos. It worked before the update. Nexus 5

  • Yovany castro
    2014-02-08 08:28
    Yovany castro

    Working great at the beginning but then it dint let me save videos it kept sayn "could not play video" you guys should fix that

  • Henri Brown
    2014-02-08 02:55
    Henri Brown

    Would be much better if it could save stories

  • Carlos Pereda
    2014-02-06 01:48
    Carlos Pereda

    It can't seem to play videos?? The old one did!

  • Sam L
    2014-02-04 09:50
    Sam L

    Paid for an app that just crashes.

  • Cody Calaman
    2014-02-02 07:34
    Cody Calaman

    The only issue I have is that videos with text cannot be viewed or saved... Other than that works great

  • sultan suliman
    2014-01-31 19:42
    sultan suliman

    Epic fail .. and to think that your actually paying for it

  • Sam S.
    2014-01-31 11:41
    Sam S.

    After bugs were fix it's back to a great app

  • Neal Morton
    2014-01-31 03:24
    Neal Morton

    I paid to unlock the old app. Now that app stopped working so I have to pay to use this one? I paid and this one works... for now.

  • James Spriggs
    2014-01-30 17:30
    James Spriggs

    Back to awesomeness great

  • jay james
    2014-01-30 13:03
    jay james

    All of a sudden the app stopped working. I'm not the only one with this issue so it makes me wonder.

  • Paula Cristiano
    2014-01-30 12:06
    Paula Cristiano

    Just purchased this tonight and Has an error comment when trying to use app. Can even log in..Can you provide a refund....

  • toufic Boustani
    2014-01-30 09:29
    toufic Boustani

    realy? I try opening and it keeps saying loaded eith errors.. uninstall and reinstalled it and still error? what a waste of a dollar.

  • Angel Alcaraz
    2014-01-30 08:11
    Angel Alcaraz

    It was great but now it just does not work. Error pop up keeps showing

  • Jay Bryant
    2014-01-30 07:36
    Jay Bryant

    Was working perfect, now just stopped, any idea? Thanks!

  • Braydon Vo
    2014-01-30 07:30
    Braydon Vo

    Has an error comment when trying to use app. This has been happening with a lot of these products lately. Starting to think it's a scam.

  • A Google user
    2014-01-29 06:58
    A Google user

    I would of got five stars if i didn't have to keep login back in to snapchat after useing this app

  • Brad Martin
    2014-01-23 16:36
    Brad Martin

    No problems experienced so far..

  • MissJizzle88
    2014-01-16 13:10

    A app that works. Don't mind paying for this. Thankssss

  • Nick Gerstbauer
    2014-01-06 21:22
    Nick Gerstbauer

    The way to resolve the issue with Snapchat automatically logging out when using another Snapchat client would be to add a way to send snaps from your app instead of requiring us to move back and forth between apps. It would make this an easy 5 star.

  • David Thompson
    2014-01-04 15:40
    David Thompson


  • chris chancer
    2014-01-01 19:34
    chris chancer

    it keeps login me out of the main snapshot programme you have to keep login back in! it will p*ss you off it has me, I've uninstalled it! it does save when you are logged in.

  • Damian Haldane
    2013-12-25 04:41
    Damian Haldane

    Snapchat and snapsave are having relationship issues guys. Its an awesome app considering snapchat was designed for sexting but for some reason every time I open it im automatically loged out of snapchat. ? Other than that its a must have, just don't buy it if you cant remember yout snapchat password. Stay cool chams.

  • Mua Unite
    2013-12-18 09:33
    Mua Unite

    Worth paying. Don't know what to say. Did a good job. No errors, ads, bugs or anything. Just simply awesome and I love it! Good job hoops. Oh yeah. FIRST Bitches hahahaha

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