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Google Camera
Never miss a moment with Google Camera, and take fantastic pictures using features such as portrait and Night Sight.

• HDR+ with dual exposure controls – Take pictures using HDR+ to capture fantastic photos, especially in low-light or backlit scenes.
• Night Sight – You’ll never want to use your flash again. Night Sight brings out all the best details and colours that get lost in the dark. You can even take photos of the Milky Way!
• Super Res Zoom – Super Res Zoom keeps your pictures sharp when you zoom in – without the blur.
• Top Shot – Pick the perfect moment with Top Shot. Automatically recommends the best pics, where no one is blinking and everything looks just right.
• portrait – Add elegant background blur (bokeh) to pictures. Google Photos can also make the subject of your photo pop by leaving them in colour, while changing the background to black and white.
• Google Lens suggestions – Point your camera at QR codes, business cards, paper documents or foreign text, and it will help you read, scan documents, translate and more.
• Playground – Have fun mixing the real world with the virtual through AR Stickers and effects!

Requirements – The latest version of Google Camera only works on Pixel phones released after 2016, running Android 10 and above. Some features are not available on all devices.

• Camera: Required in order to capture pictures and videos.
• Microphone: Required in order to record audio with every video.
• Storage: Required in order to save pictures and videos.
• Location: Required if you would like to record location information with your pictures and videos.        
Google Camera Update
• Mute Camera Shutter Sounds – Turn shutter sounds off from Settings (this option is only available in some locations). • Selfie Flash – When using the front-facing camera, turn flash on to improve front-facing pictures in low light.
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83.80 MB
Google Inc.
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RAW Information
Package Name      :
Version           : (60092241)
Min Sdk Level     : 29
Min Sdk Platform  : Android 10.0
Target Sdk Level     : 29
Target Sdk Platform  : Android 10.0

Permssions List
ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION : Allows an app to access approximate location derived from network location sources such as cell towers and Wi-Fi. ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION : Allows an app to access precise location from location sources such as GPS, cell towers, and Wi-Fi. ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE : Allows applications to access information about networks ACCESS_NOTIFICATION_POLICY : ACCESS_WIFI_STATE : Allows applications to access information about Wi-Fi networks BIND_WALLPAPER : Must be required by a WallpaperService, to ensure that only the system can bind to it. CAMERA : Required to be able to access the camera device. CHANGE_WIFI_STATE : Allows applications to change Wi-Fi connectivity state INTERNET : Allows applications to open network sockets. GET_PACKAGE_SIZE : Allows an application to find out the space used by any package. NFC : Allows applications to perform I/O operations over NFC READ_SYNC_SETTINGS : Allows applications to read the sync settings RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED : Allows an application to receive the ACTION_BOOT_COMPLETED that is broadcast after the system finishes booting. RECORD_AUDIO : Allows an application to record audio SET_WALLPAPER : Allows applications to set the wallpaper USE_CREDENTIALS : Allows an application to request authtokens from the AccountManager VIBRATE : Allows access to the vibrator WAKE_LOCK : Allows using PowerManager WakeLocks to keep processor from sleeping or screen from dimming WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : Allows an application to write to external storage. WRITE_SETTINGS : Allows an application to read or write the system settings. WRITE_SYNC_SETTINGS : Allows applications to write the sync settings CONFIGURE_ASSIST_GESTURE : READ_GSERVICES : FOREGROUND_SERVICE : LENSVIEW_BROADCAST :
Reviews From google play store
  • Tony Chung
    2020-05-19 22:55
    Tony Chung

    Every time I take a photo vertically it saves on my phone horizontally or upside down and I have to open photos and edit each picture to rotate it back to the right side up. Why doesn't this stupid camera just save pictures the way it's taken?

  • Rodri S
    2020-05-19 21:55
    Rodri S

    The camera won't open anymore. Only the reverse camera will open through other apps.

  • Andrew B
    2020-05-19 20:26
    Andrew B

    Was great until May 2020 "updates" broke it on Pixel 2. Maybe stop larding up your apps with junk and they'll work properly? Or is this planned obsolescence in action?

  • Mihaela Nita
    2020-05-19 20:17
    Mihaela Nita

    This app has serios issues for video. It does not record sound, just static noise. I installed a different random app and video with sound works on that one. And to think I even have a Google Pixel XL that I bought because of the great camera reviews. Never again.

  • Jill Rowan
    2020-05-19 17:25
    Jill Rowan

    No stars, not working. Try to update, then uninstall, which it doesn't. Hopeless, what's going on? I have a Pixel 3.

  • Akanksha Singh
    2020-05-19 16:49
    Akanksha Singh

    Camera showing black screen and apps which are supported with camera are also not working. There is something wrong with software of this app. Need to sort it asap. It's irritating now.

  • Sai Vineet Kumar
    2020-05-19 14:51
    Sai Vineet Kumar


  • Devansh Vyas
    2020-05-19 14:09
    Devansh Vyas

    I have Google Pixel 2XL, 1.5 years old purchase. Since I have installed the latest update, this camera crashing issue has been started. It open for 2-3 seconds black screen & then immediately it crashes or show Application Not Working message. Did everything suggested by Made by Google Twitter account but situation is safe. Only option left is factory reset, bit haven't find any update that factory reset will resolve the issue. Google look into the matter ASAP & please fix it.

  • Rolando Mota
    2020-05-19 13:08
    Rolando Mota

    Camera just stopped working

  • AdOn
    2020-05-19 12:29

    Very nice camera ever used. Astrophotography is awesome

  • David Graieg
    2020-05-19 12:13
    David Graieg

    I am having an issue when I have the sun in the frame it can cause a spot else where in the photo

  • Robert sawyer
    2020-05-19 10:47
    Robert sawyer

    Pixle 2 xl camera no longer works as of 5/18/20

  • SimianHitSquad
    2020-05-19 10:31

    Still not working.8/28/19. Update: still not working 1/17/2020 Update: 5/19/2020 still not working

  • Rg Allen
    2020-05-19 07:37
    Rg Allen

    Was working perfectly then lost focus and only open about once in 20 attempts

  • Stephanie Lau
    2020-05-19 03:44
    Stephanie Lau

    The app is broken. I can't take photos or videos and the app automatically closed. I messaged Google and they were not helpful. The representative ended our chat before we finished.

  • Phanindra Prasad
    2020-05-19 03:11
    Phanindra Prasad

    Too slow 🙏 I know Google camera is the best in class but why it's too slow please improve shutter speed and add pro options and make all little speed

  • Aadit Patel
    2020-05-19 03:03
    Aadit Patel

    Opens and immediately crashes on my pixel 2xl

  • Ritch Kiser
    2020-05-19 03:01
    Ritch Kiser

    Pixel 2xl...No Camera! Front or back, started after last system update. App opens, no picture, app closes.

  • Brando23
    2020-05-19 03:01

    Like the other users the app recently stopped working. No solutions. I just have to buy a new phone ? That's ridiculous. Won't be another Google phone for sure

  • Kevin Clark
    2020-05-19 02:42
    Kevin Clark

    Update crashes camera on pixel 2, now camera wont work. Google refuses to acknowledge they created this crash... They have not fixed the issue... It had a great camera. That's it.. take the camera away and there is just a phone with a lot of issues. You don't have the same issues with apple. Much better company. They're "help" is better, there software is safer and more reliable. Google is fantastic, their phones are lacking a lot. Go apple.

  • Frances S.
    2020-05-19 02:22
    Frances S.

    App stopped working on my Pixel 2. Lots of reading online and sounds like this is a serious problem Google needs to fix. Super disappointed.

  • Heather Woodason
    2020-05-19 02:22
    Heather Woodason

    The camera keeps stopping so I can't use it.

  • Muhd Amin
    2020-05-19 01:40
    Muhd Amin

    Excellent camera on my Pixel 2 XL! Glad I didn't turn on auto update for this app hahaha.

  • Paul Bromley
    2020-05-19 01:13
    Paul Bromley

    Does not take photos/work even on a Pixel. Just crashes! Zero stars if i could

  • Peter Hoyle
    2020-05-18 21:45
    Peter Hoyle

    Since May 5th update camera does not work, opens and closes after 5 seconds. No image is shown just a blank screen with the GUI of the camera app. I have made several support requests with no answer. Not cool.

  • Alan Tu
    2020-05-18 21:41
    Alan Tu

    Latest updates break it

  • Jesse Mccarthy
    2020-05-18 21:12
    Jesse Mccarthy

    Front Camera on the pixel 3 doesnt work at all with this app. Cant focus and makes my phone sound like its about to exolode. Im kinda pissed not gonna lie. Snaochat, this camera, anything that uses front camera doesnt work, and im not the only one with this problem. Tried every possible troubleshoot and nothing works. Figure it out.

  • Vasanth S Shanbhag
    2020-05-18 21:09
    Vasanth S Shanbhag

    Once upon a time for a while only Google Pixel camera was great. It was history when Google used to make great stunning photography camera phones. Now this app and the camera hardware itself from Pixel4 is a junk. Google is not a leader in camera technology any more.

  • Jacob Carder
    2020-05-18 20:52
    Jacob Carder

    I found that my Pixel took amazing photos for about the first 3 months of owning the phone. Now that I've had it for almost 8 I haven't taken a good photo in 5 months. I have nothing but issues with the focus, whether that be an in app issue or an actual hardware issue is beyond me. I have gone through every troubleshooting option including a factory reset and it is just disappointing. I thought moving to an Android from apple was the smart thing but clearly the Google option was not the best.

  • Randall Clark
    2020-05-18 20:20
    Randall Clark

    My Pixel 2 was used to (try to) take a video, screen went blank, and phone restarted. Tried again and restarted another time. Started after a security update. Very frustrating. Used to work fine but now, awful.

  • Vineel Krishna
    2020-05-18 20:00
    Vineel Krishna

    What is happening with the camera ? First slow-motion wasn't working and now i can't even record a clip. Normal video recording is also gone to a toss. Please, please do something and come up with a solution. Camera was supposed to be one of the major hilight of this mobile in today's world and times we live in.

  • Dave Caston
    2020-05-18 18:17
    Dave Caston

    After most recent OTA update this application fails to open on some type of rear camera camera was working just fine and dandy up until this update. And of course my phone is out of warranty and Google will no doubt simply say buy another phone well guess what -- won't be a Google device! My phone has been working fine with no issues on either camera front or rear since I've owned it when it first came out. After the last update that changed fatally.

  • Tom Perry
    2020-05-18 18:14
    Tom Perry

    Camera just stopped working. Can only take a pic by using selfie. Never buying a pixel again. Garbage!

  • Shane Dean
    2020-05-18 17:20
    Shane Dean

    1) Pixel 2 had a 1:1 ratio option for taking photos. Why was that removed for Pixel 4? Also, autofocus takes forever. My previous phone, a Samsung S7, has quick auto focus and 1:1 ratio capture. I now have to crop EVERY photo for my Etsy shop. I take at least 5 shots per item. Our Etsy store has over 3k unique items and we are constantly updating the inventory. So much talk about the amazing Pixel 4 camera. Not a great camera at all.

  • Candace Radoski
    2020-05-18 17:04
    Candace Radoski

    Just stopped working earlier this month. Now I'm worried my photos are trapped

  • Gavin Krieg
    2020-05-18 16:54
    Gavin Krieg

    I am running into the same problem as everyone else. Worked fine even yesterday, this morning 5-18-2020, just a black screen. Both front camera and rear with all related camera apps. Fix your S*#T! Google.

  • Andy Clanton
    2020-05-18 16:23
    Andy Clanton

    Similar story to everyone else. December 2019 update caused the camera app to start crashing. I have waited 6 months for Google to fix this issue with an app or system update with no response. Previously a long-time iPhone user before the Pixel 2. No choice but to return to Apple after this fiasco. It should be embarrassing for Google to know that I still have several old iPhones (4, 5, & 6) that are anywhere from 6-10 years old that all still function perfectly and a 1.5 year old Pixel 2 that is broke and will not take pics solely due to Google software updates... Update: Recently carried Pixel 2 in for warranty repair at a local Google authorized service provider. No surprise, but Factory reset did nothing to fix issue. Replacing both cameras did not resolve issue. Awaiting a motherboard that had to be ordered to see if that fixes the issue. This is probably why Google has not resolved the issue with app or system updates. It seems the previous updates actually caused issues with the motherboard. This is consistent with what I have suspected since this has affected thousands of devices for several months with no fix: Hardware issues caused solely by Google software updates, which is why Google has been silent on this issue...Perfect time to return to Apple with the iPhone SE 2020 release. -- Update: A new motherboard fixed the camera issue. For anyone who is waiting on an app update or system update from Google to fix the camera issue, it is not going to happen...

  • cory freadling
    2020-05-18 16:13
    cory freadling

    Camera issue is really starting to get annoying. Like everyone else, won't open. Needs fixed!

  • Mehdi Rizvi
    2020-05-18 15:44
    Mehdi Rizvi

    Before the update the camera was working fine since the update the portrait mode is acting up as its not able to blurr the pics. Although the front camera is performing well.

  • Maureen Lipsett
    2020-05-18 14:20
    Maureen Lipsett

    Yesterday it just stopped working. None of the usual troubleshooting works.

  • Beth C
    2020-05-18 13:25
    Beth C

    Crashes constantly. I literally cant take a picture anymore except selfies.

  • Chris Starnes
    2020-05-18 13:21
    Chris Starnes

    Second phone I've had to replace due to camera issues .. will not be purchasing Google phones anymore.

  • Chris Galjour
    2020-05-18 11:25
    Chris Galjour

    Garbage on pixel 3a XL. Selfie camera immediately crashes the app. Cache reset doesn't help. Just like gallery this app is garbage.

  • Jim Wilson
    2020-05-18 10:38
    Jim Wilson

    Out of the blue, Pixel2XL camera stopped working. Used to be a good camera. Google, you better find a fix for this soon if you expect me to buy another pixel in the future!

  • Amy George
    2020-05-18 10:19
    Amy George

    Constant crashes, but good quality photos if working. Such a shame that it is so buggy. I've reduced my review to two stars after missing so many moments that I have tried to capture of my newborn baby. My partner works long hours so whilst I am able to see smiles and splashing in the bath, he misses it thanks to a now unusable camera. I do not recommend buying a Google phone as the life of their main selling the point, the camera, is pitifully short.

  • me me
    2020-05-18 06:24
    me me

    Update breaks camera app for Pixel XL (original)

  • hrishikesh jadhav
    2020-05-18 04:58
    hrishikesh jadhav

    Firstly, i wanted to say my camera starts working again with the magnet 🧲 trick.. So what you want to do use small magnet and place front of your rear camera then open the camera app , one's open the camera app remove magnet and now I noticed you have to focus on only close subject..but still camera is clicking images..btw it's a trick it is work for me ...but I want permeant fix.i hope this trick work for you guys.. I am using pixel 2 Google plzz fix this..plz

  • Lloyd Fu
    2020-05-18 04:12
    Lloyd Fu

    Recent update crash the Google camera app

  • Adam Browne
    2020-05-18 03:54
    Adam Browne

    Pixel 2 camera stopped working. 1 star until it's fixed.

  • Brandon Schabell
    2020-05-18 03:36
    Brandon Schabell

    I'm amongst the countless others who are left without a functioning camera after the latest Pixel update. I have confirmed with Google support that this is a known issue, but they do not have any ETA on a fix, nor will they replace any effected phones in the mean time.

  • PAul Huskins
    2020-05-18 01:28
    PAul Huskins

    Was best phone I've ever owned now for last 3 weeks camera comes on to black screen the shuts off. And no one has an answer Verizon had me do factory reset and same BS plus I lost all my game data.

  • rayc
    2020-05-18 00:49

    Very good

  • Дмитрий Воронин
    2020-05-18 00:04
    Дмитрий Воронин

    works great on Mi9 (ported).

  • Mayra Rojas
    2020-05-17 21:07
    Mayra Rojas

    I'm having issues with the pixel 3a front camera. It will freeze and is affecting third party apps. I'm uninstalling and updating hopefully it will help. Please look into this issue

  • Joey Mooney
    2020-05-17 20:59
    Joey Mooney

    Huge difference since updating. I love it.

    2020-05-17 19:40

    It keeps crashing

  • Jordan Baucke
    2020-05-17 19:23
    Jordan Baucke

    Bricked like others spring '20 update, pixel 2

  • Carl Selmer
    2020-05-17 19:10
    Carl Selmer

    :update I fixed my issue I turned off Sensors Camera stopped working just like everyone else. Million dollar company that controls internet but can't have a camera app that doesn't crash. PS I've been using Google camera exclusively for eBay reselling

  • James Davis
    2020-05-17 18:59
    James Davis

    Camera has completely failed to work. Tech support did not help

  • Adamant Orcinus
    2020-05-17 18:36
    Adamant Orcinus

    They still have not fixed the pixel bug. Haven't been able to open the camera since December last year. and since I'm using a pixel 2 XL they're not going to even bother trying to fix it because October's the end of our service updates. So for now and I'll think twice before buying from a major conglomerate like gulag.

  • Ben Everette
    2020-05-17 18:23
    Ben Everette

    My camera stopped working yesterday. Hopefully someone sees all this feedback. The support team cannot help.

  • Thomas Dang
    2020-05-17 16:36
    Thomas Dang

    Camera keeps crashing

  • Ben McDaniel
    2020-05-17 16:33
    Ben McDaniel

    Camera on pixel 2 xl stop working after may 2020 security update

  • Neil Ruggiero
    2020-05-17 15:42
    Neil Ruggiero

    Where did the camera timer go on pixel 2 ? This was the best camera on the market now I am seriously thinking of going back to apple. Get it together Google!

  • Barb Wehren
    2020-05-17 15:30
    Barb Wehren

    Ever since an update in January the camera no longer works. it's so sad because that's exactly why I bought the Google Pixel. I will probably not repurchase another Pixel phone.

  • Rahat Rony
    2020-05-17 15:24
    Rahat Rony

    After giving last update night mode options going to bad situation. When I captured it's look flare middle point. Fixed it please.

  • Troy Groff
    2020-05-17 14:17
    Troy Groff

    Same my camera just stopped working with the last 2 software updates. This is my favorite thing about this phone 😔 Please fix this ASAP!!!!

  • Cassia Lupo
    2020-05-17 13:37
    Cassia Lupo

    I rely on this phone for it's camera for work everyday and now it has stopped opening completely. It tries to open and then crashes every time. I've gone through all of the trouble shooting methods.

  • Ryan McLemore
    2020-05-17 12:35
    Ryan McLemore

    Google won and I bought a discounted pixel 4xl since they won't fix the camera on everyone's pixel 2. Didn't know HDR+ was permanently turned on. This drastically slows down my ability to take a lot of pictures quickly. Pixel 2xl I could turn it off. I don't want to press and hold the shutter button for a video to select individual photos. I don't want to carry a DSLR 100% of the time. How are things getting worse as time goes on?

    2020-05-17 12:21

    Worst update

  • kimchheang siv
    2020-05-17 11:56
    kimchheang siv

    Since got updated my pixel 2xl and 3 xl camera it's kinda disappointed me. So please check and improve the software.

  • Aysha Akhter
    2020-05-17 11:09
    Aysha Akhter

    Please bring back burst mode!!!

  • Zarifah Borhan
    2020-05-17 10:58
    Zarifah Borhan

    Google.. please repatch the google camera. It was working fine until yesterday! I get it times are difficult but you need to check what the hell is wrong with the system

  • Joe Zangara
    2020-05-17 08:39
    Joe Zangara

    Immediately crashes!! What good is this ultimate camera app if crashes before you can use it. The latest update killed it.

  • Ryo Yamamoto
    2020-05-17 06:24
    Ryo Yamamoto

    It only launch with selfie mode I don't use

  • Empress
    2020-05-17 06:17

    Why do you guys release update that don't work. Do you not test it before releasing it????

  • ian wagner
    2020-05-17 05:15
    ian wagner

    Thanks for breaking my camera and flashlight. Pixel 2 xl forced into obsolescence. Can we start a class action lawsuit?

  • Shawna Obright
    2020-05-17 03:45
    Shawna Obright

    Was working fine one day then stopped working all together i can only use the selfie part when video calling off of fb. Everytime i try to use the camera it won't work at all and the phone i have is a pixel 4XL. I'm still having to pay on this phone and this is the second one I've had to get cause the first one just quit working and showed a dead Android.. Please help..

  • Haziq Ismail
    2020-05-17 03:11
    Haziq Ismail

    The thing that really pissed me off is that there's no solution to this camera crash. I've been looking for a solution why my camera won't open. I found out that this problem already happen for years. The only solution that others said was to buy new one. My phone works fine except the camera and it's not even the hardware, it's the software issues.

  • ULLFloatToo1023 X
    2020-05-17 02:02
    ULLFloatToo1023 X

    My camera app wont open and my back camera will not work on any app.

  • Lucia Bulgheroni
    2020-05-17 00:59
    Lucia Bulgheroni

    Same as everyone else. Camera doesn't open or opens randomly, like when God wants, and if it happen to open it doesn't focus...

  • James Greenway
    2020-05-17 00:42
    James Greenway

    This use to be a great app but camera just starts to open but also immediately crashes

  • Adan Ramos
    2020-05-17 00:36
    Adan Ramos

    Camera as everyone has crashed. I have to open a third party app to get it to first work. And even that is glichty at times. Fix this already Google

  • John Renschler
    2020-05-16 22:51
    John Renschler

    Quit working. Tried everything but won't fix.

  • gymnastics 387
    2020-05-16 21:52
    gymnastics 387

    Why I gave it a 1star is because it has been acting up lately and I have a lot of storage so it has nothing to do with my storage

  • Hope Kensall
    2020-05-16 20:34
    Hope Kensall

    same as everyone else, I have a pixel 2 and the camera simply doesn't work and is ruining the experience of my phone. my phone's only 2 years old and I loved it until my camera just stopped working. are Google even going to address this or try and fix it? if not I'm probabaly going to look at getting an iPhone again unfortunately.

  • Syeikh Naim
    2020-05-16 16:50
    Syeikh Naim

    Pixel 2XL cannot open back camera. Cant focus

  • Drew
    2020-05-16 14:51

    Crashing every time I open it.

  • Honza Zubina
    2020-05-16 12:09
    Honza Zubina

    The app doesn't open on Pixel 2 and always crashes. If it opens, it will not focus at all.

  • sahe saludin
    2020-05-16 08:34
    sahe saludin

    The camera working great. But if you include anti banding option for 50Hz that will be very great

  • Warren Mausteller
    2020-05-16 07:27
    Warren Mausteller

    Currently own the Google Pixel 2xl, never had a issue with the phone but now whenever I try to us the main camera app freezes up and kicks me out. Since I spend alot of time in the woods hunting, fishing and quading the camera is a essential piece of gear please fix the bugs

  • Azazil
    2020-05-16 03:14


  • Craig Yancich
    2020-05-16 03:04
    Craig Yancich

    Worked Great until it didn't. App wont open. Can no longer take pics. Google cant fix it and wants to give me a used replacement phone even though my phone is under warranty. How is this a hardware issue? Also, battery drains very fast now. My Pixel experience has gone from great to awful with a few simple software updates. Google tech support knows nothing of this issue and its all over the forums. Disappointed in Google for sure!

  • Hehe haha
    2020-05-16 02:58
    Hehe haha

    It's really obvious that you guys make apps not work on purpose so we buy the newer versions. Lol. I see what you're doing.

  • Timothy Michael
    2020-05-16 02:53
    Timothy Michael

    Pixel 2 phone camera not working at all.

  • Rene Villanueva
    2020-05-16 01:51
    Rene Villanueva

    Since this update my camera does not work at all. When should we expect this to be fixed? If not soon I will be getting a different phone and it won't be a Google.

  • Joyce Scarborough
    2020-05-16 01:23
    Joyce Scarborough

    Like everyone else this app will not work on Pixel.

  • James Wong
    2020-05-15 23:05
    James Wong

    What happened to face retouching?

  • Lindsey Sides
    2020-05-15 23:05
    Lindsey Sides

    Normally, this is one of the best cameras in the market. However, as everyone else has expressed, the latest update has left the main Pixel 2 camera useless. Bad timing...end of the school year for the kids, and I just can't go on without a camera much longer. Please fix this glitch asap!!

  • MyKhee W
    2020-05-15 23:03
    MyKhee W

    Updates: it's been 3 months since camera has stopped working. So apparently Google just do not care or listen to customers anymore. Hope buried underneath, I guess.

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