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Farming Simulator 18
Farming Simulator 18 is the game where you can become a farmer without leaving your seat! Take care of your crops and animals such as cows, sheep and pigs and experience the farm life. You can also sell the products you produce, thus expanding your farm and take part in forestry.

The game comes with a set of over 50 farming vehicles and machines for you to choose from, each of them replicated from over 30 industry names such as Valtra, Massey Ferguson and Fendt. You can drive them and use your best equipment to harvest your land and to keep your harvests (whether of sugar beet, potatoes, wheat, sunflowers, etc) in the best possible conditions.

Farming Simulator 18 is the most complete farm simulation yet with brand new 3D graphics that take you right to the middle of US's southern environment, showing you both the land and the equipment very realistically.

You can play with friends in multiplayer mode for both WiFi and Bluetooth, get better results by allowing AI helpers to drive your vehicles, feed your animals or breed them for profit and harvest one of six crops: wheat, canola, corn, sugar beet, potatoes and sunflower.

Download the app now and start living the farm life!        
Farming Simulator 18 - Google - OES3 Update
Fixed issues with Google Play Services sign-in
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Version: - Google - OES3
31.75 MB
GIANTS Software
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Reviews From google play store
  • Gurukhslsa1982 pabbarali
    2020-05-14 03:29
    Gurukhslsa1982 pabbarali

    This game is much better than the 2020 game. It can be updated by making some changes. Please.

  • Harikrishnan Ve
    2020-05-13 10:53
    Harikrishnan Ve

    Addictive, tasks were good. For people who love simulation games

  • Holly Colp
    2020-05-11 20:18
    Holly Colp

    The game is fun but it would be more fun if you added cranes to the wood trailers and add a wood chipper a trailer to carry the wood chips and a spot to sell them. It would also be nice to have a huge deep forest with dirt roads going through it. And to also be able to load logs from the buffalo wood loader to the wood trailer.

  • Dennis Parker
    2020-05-11 16:43
    Dennis Parker

    Great time killer. Lots of fun.

  • Mobile Benedict
    2020-05-11 15:57
    Mobile Benedict

    If you like farming games this is it

  • Chandra Beaver
    2020-05-11 14:24
    Chandra Beaver

    It is fun

  • Mason Lunn
    2020-05-10 13:48
    Mason Lunn

    It is worth the money.

  • Steven Egesa
    2020-05-10 09:30
    Steven Egesa

    Great addictive game with great graphics ,but I will ask the developers to let the vehicles use any space available to drive through not only necessarily a road, especially with helpers other than direct route that ends up colliding or blocking one another. Make the vehicles to wear our and get repairs, service etc Make farms bigger and add more vehicles, products (barley, grapes) and animals like horses, poultry..otherwise am still stuck with 2018 game, please update it.

  • Hannes du Toit
    2020-05-10 05:32
    Hannes du Toit

    very good

  • James Vaughn
    2020-05-09 12:35
    James Vaughn

    great game just wish there was more challenges.

  • Manu S V Manu
    2020-05-09 10:07
    Manu S V Manu


  • Uriel Cabrera
    2020-05-09 08:48
    Uriel Cabrera

    In my opinion I think this game is good but the one thing that I wish could be a lot better would be the time it takes for the seeds to grow. You finish everything you have to do and then you just wait there doing nothing. In my opinion that gets so boring and makes me just want to get off the game . Other than that everything else is pretty good and not to bad.

  • birdy boy
    2020-05-08 19:43
    birdy boy

    this game helps me calm down when im angey

  • David Lane
    2020-05-08 16:38
    David Lane

    Game sucks bad graphics!!!!!

  • hawkswoopa sHaDoWMaN
    2020-05-07 23:24
    hawkswoopa sHaDoWMaN

    YOU GUYS ACTUALLY LISTENED TO ME! THANK YOU FOR FS20! HILLS AND BUMBS COMMENT WORKED NOW JUST ADD COUPLE THINGS TO FS20 ☆HORNS (This time the proper sounds for each vehicle) ☆Label Crop Types in the help menu ☆Add a switch for the yellow caution lights ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡thank you! It's truly amazing!

  • Richard Larson
    2020-05-07 19:54
    Richard Larson

    Really enjoy this app. I'm not allowed health wise to be on the farm anymore. This helps pass the time and relaxes a person

  • Samuel Hinojosa
    2020-05-07 07:45
    Samuel Hinojosa


  • David Lewis
    2020-05-06 10:36
    David Lewis

    I get really far into the game and the and then i try to go back into the game and it says that the file is corrupted and i have to start over from the begining very frustrating

  • plane man pyrah
    2020-05-05 23:06
    plane man pyrah

    Absolutely love it. Giants software did an amazing job.

  • Austin Murphy
    2020-05-05 15:17
    Austin Murphy

    awsome game love it when is fs 20 comeing out

  • jons cerezo
    2020-05-05 11:44
    jons cerezo

    "FS 18 needs to be remastered and reworked now." -Its needs map extension and larger fields if possible New map layout and scenery New tractors and machineries New variety of crops and also forestry extensions Cockpit view if possible but its better to have Make harvesting more realistic and make the fields curvy Add chickens and horses if possible New UI and make it colorful Please game developers add more features to this game and I know you can improve this game

  • Aaron Tapp
    2020-05-05 04:25
    Aaron Tapp

    It's awesome to play

  • ces alternative
    2020-05-05 01:50
    ces alternative

    I bought it and it worked great even bought 2mil in-game money for it. After a week of using it the game shuts down out of nowhere. I'm running it on a note9 please fix the issue I really like the games UPDATE GAME works fine now thank you for the updates

    2020-05-04 12:51

    I think GIANTS sofeware must add a new mowers for tractor 724 vario,T6.160,MF5610 Please GIANT sofeware

  • Akshay Kumar
    2020-05-04 02:18
    Akshay Kumar


  • Mohabat Singh
    2020-05-04 02:07
    Mohabat Singh

    To much bad game then ever

  • Bruce Hunter
    2020-05-03 22:18
    Bruce Hunter


  • Belanic Filip
    2020-05-03 13:09
    Belanic Filip

    the bales i made can't be picked up and are glitched in my game forever i tried using every machine possible. Fixed.

  • Jess Simpson
    2020-05-03 12:55
    Jess Simpson

    For some reason when you get out of vehicles on it glitches when you get in another vehicle you still have your person walking menu

  • Clay Huntington
    2020-05-03 04:07
    Clay Huntington

    Good game wish had just a logging or farm selection.

  • nardo magpantay
    2020-05-03 00:48
    nardo magpantay

    Good job, keep up the good work

  • Diamond Productions
    2020-05-01 18:13
    Diamond Productions

    Game is Amazing

  • AaronJ Tschetter
    2020-05-01 03:37
    AaronJ Tschetter

    I uninstalled it wanted to install it again and I have to pay for it again no that's not right

  • Cameron
    2020-05-01 01:04

    Game uninstalled and when i reinstalled it my saved game was not there. I signed in to google and nothing there. The game never suggested to save to the cloud and i dont think there is an option anyway. Other wise the game is great.

  • Ninja398000 Ninja
    2020-04-30 23:48
    Ninja398000 Ninja

    Can you fix it

  • Sean Stetzer
    2020-04-30 23:00
    Sean Stetzer

    What is timeout while recieving save game

  • Katie Hamilton
    2020-04-30 17:27
    Katie Hamilton

    So fun

  • James Tani
    2020-04-29 19:06
    James Tani

    Its a good game but it tops out fast should make it so you can unlock blocked off areas needs an expansion pack

  • Dawid van Dyk
    2020-04-29 12:19
    Dawid van Dyk

    When will the farming sim 20 availeble

  • Waseem Ali
    2020-04-29 10:58
    Waseem Ali

    Good game I have ever play.

  • Wesley Shafer
    2020-04-28 19:45
    Wesley Shafer

    I really enjoyed it 😊

  • vasanthraj k
    2020-04-28 10:46
    vasanthraj k


  • Donal O'Connor
    2020-04-27 23:09
    Donal O

    Poor. Fake in comparison to FS14

  • farmer Lambrecht
    2020-04-27 18:51
    farmer Lambrecht

    Awesome game but I want John deers cause it wont let me get fs 20

  • Mario Alejandro Castañeda Franco
    2020-04-27 03:04
    Mario Alejandro Castañeda Franco


  • little-lemon-gaming and vlogs
    2020-04-26 17:53
    little-lemon-gaming and vlogs

    best game ever i have played for years its fun

  • Peter Hill Davie
    2020-04-26 14:35
    Peter Hill Davie

    Lol Dad

  • Shane Fowler
    2020-04-25 22:24
    Shane Fowler

    Grear game fun to play with family & friends

    2020-04-25 15:55

    Make some update guys like new tractors, trolley, truck etc

  • Abhishek Sangwan
    2020-04-25 11:05
    Abhishek Sangwan

    This is very good game and i love it

  • A Cow name
    2020-04-25 08:28
    A Cow name

    Great game.

  • Sardar Atif Jamal Dogar
    2020-04-25 00:13
    Sardar Atif Jamal Dogar

    I want to refund my money

  • Devendra Yadav
    2020-04-24 04:06
    Devendra Yadav

    Very good game

  • Keith Duran
    2020-04-24 03:20
    Keith Duran

    I spent 4.25 on this game I was highly dissatisfied and decided to uninstall it figuring I would get a refund. I practically lost money for some stupid fricking rip off

  • Aj Hill
    2020-04-24 01:08
    Aj Hill

    Nice and cool

  • short step
    2020-04-23 23:46
    short step

    So addictive

  • Melissa Wescoat
    2020-04-23 20:43
    Melissa Wescoat


  • Neil Daniel
    2020-04-23 09:05
    Neil Daniel

    Not a bad game. With that said it could've used different crops and more map

  • Navin Chaudhary
    2020-04-23 08:12
    Navin Chaudhary


  • Masixole Buru
    2020-04-23 03:24
    Masixole Buru

    It's a great game.

  • RigussBeatz
    2020-04-23 00:28

    Ive been trying to play the game with lag but i cant do it i get like 5 fps or something. the game seems great but i dont like playing it with lag. may i please get a refund?

  • gage Oley
    2020-04-20 19:00
    gage Oley

    Great thank you

  • Cory Hawn
    2020-04-20 03:51
    Cory Hawn

    Its fun but nobody ever plays on multyplayer

  • Ryan Keys
    2020-04-19 17:36
    Ryan Keys

    I want my money back. Game sucks. FS 14 is way better than this version. Give me my money back

  • Ajit Singh
    2020-04-19 08:37
    Ajit Singh

    Very good game

  • Kenny Evans
    2020-04-19 04:40
    Kenny Evans

    All around a great game

  • Cod Radio
    2020-04-18 15:20
    Cod Radio

    I want a refund

  • Zach Tullis
    2020-04-17 21:24
    Zach Tullis

    Thwy need to fix the stump grinder trees still come back when you use it

  • Trina Bowick
    2020-04-17 20:59
    Trina Bowick

    I found that it was a game that you had to watch your farms very often but otherwise I didn't find any bugs

  • Eric Meyer
    2020-04-17 12:37
    Eric Meyer

    Really fun to play but plenty space for improvement like actually choose where we want grass fields ND easier way to collect hay bales with the tractor aa well as going onto other territories and maps. Wud also b nice to plant plantations for tree harvesting ND more tracktor brands

  • Heinrich Spille
    2020-04-17 11:08
    Heinrich Spille

    danlowd nie

  • Roger Venison
    2020-04-16 15:18
    Roger Venison

    Great game, totally enjoyable. I seem to have now achieved most of what is available, wonder if there is a newer version as I would be pleased to have it if it was as good as fs18.

  • HiperBorea
    2020-04-15 20:09

    I was planning older fs14 and now I started playing fs18 this game it's just amazing thank you Farming simulator number 1..when come nev farming simulator 19? I'm wryly love this game but I have problem with steering on huawei am 😔

  • Faisal Arsilan
    2020-04-14 22:52
    Faisal Arsilan

    I like this game but my equipment is all over the show i'd like if there were one big easy to park in shed to keep all my stuff in one place.

  • Brbr Carter
    2020-04-14 22:01
    Brbr Carter


  • Morné
    2020-04-13 20:58

    Please pot snow in the game

  • Sardar Atif Jamal Dogar
    2020-04-13 15:08
    Sardar Atif Jamal Dogar

    This app can't be hacked

  • Clayton Smith
    2020-04-13 03:10
    Clayton Smith

    Lags all the time and just sucks

  • Israel Scott
    2020-04-12 22:12
    Israel Scott

    Great game but no hill the cart them can't couple up and I would love to see the next game In manual too

  • Butie Johannes
    2020-04-12 10:27
    Butie Johannes

    Fs is nice good graphics it will be more nice if they make another view from inside the vehicle and make manual and auto showing door,how to start a vehicle openig doors and closing doors of a vehicles and pleas giant software we ask for another farming simulator plssss

  • Subhash Khalsaab
    2020-04-11 19:02
    Subhash Khalsaab

    Thik h

  • Jarden Wilcox
    2020-04-10 17:51
    Jarden Wilcox

    I love the game, but recently after deleting & reinstalling I cannot upload my save game from the cloud. Keeps saying check internet connection tho it's connected..

  • Babhravi Tandon
    2020-04-09 08:09
    Babhravi Tandon

    Why New version FS15,17,19,20 not compatible for Android version I like the game I have expend 8 hours per day please respond it #stayhomesavelife covid19

  • Maninder singh
    2020-04-09 04:02
    Maninder singh

    Best game

  • Blake Shepherd
    2020-04-09 02:38
    Blake Shepherd

    very good. Even better if you added B-double trucks, Bali and Steiger tractors. PLEASE add these in a update. give it a four star.

  • Jedrek Yost
    2020-04-08 01:25
    Jedrek Yost

    I love it but cloudviel locked it 🙁

  • Golden Sparrow
    2020-04-07 10:06
    Golden Sparrow

    Please new updates on auto loader in fs 18 game's

  • Mahendra Parmar
    2020-04-06 12:13
    Mahendra Parmar

    Gemas is good but. Cemera viwe not good. Farming sim 2015 cemera view nice and i m riyali driving vihical. Pls updet

  • Zac Colson
    2020-04-06 03:49
    Zac Colson


  • Tommy Campbell
    2020-04-04 16:01
    Tommy Campbell


  • General Mayhem
    2020-04-04 13:53
    General Mayhem

    Good game, been playing for over a year, off n on. Good graphics, good controls, and lots to do. And stupid Artificial Idiot drivers, they are constantly running into everything, just like real life. Do need a bigger livestock trailer, I have over 150 million sheep, over 20 million cows, and no hope of selling them all in this lifetime. Unlimited vehicles would be nice, so one could have a team at each field.

  • Mahendra Parmar
    2020-04-04 10:52
    Mahendra Parmar

    Cemera view is farming sim 2015 updet

  • rakesh mudideni
    2020-04-04 07:33
    rakesh mudideni

    Add camera modes and when moving back the add the appearance of back light. And also, when using the brake the headlight also not appearing. And add some more farming fields and add some different contractors.

  • Nathan Tschetter
    2020-04-04 05:11
    Nathan Tschetter

    I can't play the game with gyroscope,stupid thing is stuck left in horizon tilt...please fix this game already

  • Let's Play Android Games
    2020-04-04 01:48

    Game is amazing, and I'd live to download FS20 but my phone won't run it, which is surprising because it's a pretty good phone. Question: could we someday see a Gold Mining Simulator? Same controls but with different equipment like loaders, excavators, rock trucks, etc. I would definitely buy the game, and know many others who would too.

  • Prasanna Thomas
    2020-04-03 18:50
    Prasanna Thomas


    2020-04-03 16:53


  • A Google user
    2020-04-03 07:48
    A Google user

    U add join deer tractor plzz

  • oberholzer.tes Oberholzer
    2020-04-02 18:59
    oberholzer.tes Oberholzer

    This game is very good and good graphics

  • Tileah Rossiter
    2020-04-02 08:30
    Tileah Rossiter


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