🚜 Farm Simulator: Hay Tycoon grow and sell crops 🚜 Farm Simulator: Hay Tycoon grow and sell crops Download
🚜 Farm Simulator: Hay Tycoon grow and sell crops

🚜 Farm Simulator: Hay Tycoon grow and sell crops

1.65 for Android


Cultivate and harvest 🌽 crops in farming 🚜 machines simulator and run a farm!





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🚜 Farm Simulator: Hay Tycoon grow and sell crops
Farming is nothing like in garden! Buy a plantation, cultivate and harvest crops with tractor, harvester and other farming machines in a full-scale farm simulator! Do all that a farmer does - buy resources, drive awesome farming machines, harvest and sell crops. Running a farming business is fun and interesting in our new agriculture farm simulator - American Farming Simulator!

Features of Farm Simulator:


Cultivate and harvest various crops on your plantation 


Sell crops to buy more resources and better farming machines for your farm


Use and maintain specialized farm machines in the simulator, from tractor to harvester


Perform all kind of field works on your plantation - plow, seed, water and harvest


Freely explore vast farming region, find land for plantation, farming machines dealers and more


Hire workers to do farm works on your plantation.

All out farming!

Realistic farming is your s to experience in or new farm simulator! Complete full agriculture cycle in your plantation - cultivate soil, seed crops and harvest. And do it with cool farming machines from tractor to harvester. Ready for field work? Then try American Farming Simulator - a new farming simulator and run a prosperous farm! 

Trading the goods!

Agriculture and farming demand a lot of resources - fertilizers,seeds, water various machines like tractor or harvester the spread them and cultivate plantation soil. The more crops you grow at your farm, the more you can harvest and sell to buy better farm machines and grow even more crops in farming simulator! 

Mind your business!

Run and expand your agriculture business the way you want in the farming simulator! Each new plantation or machines in sign of successful farming, so figure our which crops to grow and harvest, what farm resources to buy, which machines to maintain. All you have from a seed bag to tractor and harvester can be used for prosperous farming on your plantation!

Work on your farm - use cool farming machines, cultivate and harvest crops on your plantation in American Farming Simulator!        
🚜 Farm Simulator: Hay Tycoon grow and sell crops 1.65 Update
👨‍🌾 Who is the best farmer? Let's find it out! New update adds features allowing to measure your progress and compete with your friends: 🥇 Ranking system - the better you work, the more cool stuff you can get. 🏆 And achievements - good work brings special rewards and prizes. Till the next time, fellow farmers!
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70.22 MB
Game Mavericks
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Reviews From google play store
  • Mark L
    2020-04-22 16:32
    Mark L

    Too many ads!

  • Ramesh Rathod
    2020-04-11 14:37
    Ramesh Rathod

    Naya game main a raha hun naya game

  • Pawan Kalyan
    2020-04-11 06:41
    Pawan Kalyan


  • Kelsh Rahman
    2020-04-05 22:57
    Kelsh Rahman


  • suseenthiran 7i
    2020-04-03 09:51
    suseenthiran 7i

    Super application very nice

  • Bob Calder
    2020-04-02 16:14
    Bob Calder

    You can buy cattle, pigs and hens. You can grow wheat and and grapes. Buy food for the animals you keep and buy fields if you want. Go to a fuel station when your really really almost out of fuel. You have a map to see were you are or were you want to go. Though to make it an interesting game they've let you walk around. To make it more attractive they could of added: how you earn more money, use only 3 liters of fuel, and made things only one 3 pounds to buy. Hope they improve it. Hope u enjoy.

  • Garret Bates
    2020-03-22 03:30
    Garret Bates

    Good game but sometimes when you get all the tractors you go under the map and it keeps restarting you you need to fix that

  • Lovjeet Singh
    2020-03-20 09:22
    Lovjeet Singh


  • Vishnu Chavhan
    2020-03-14 07:18
    Vishnu Chavhan

    Kunal DJ

  • Isiaih Eagly
    2020-03-08 20:36
    Isiaih Eagly

    Terrible needs more pop

  • jerald ivan
    2020-02-24 07:57
    jerald ivan

    So many ads

  • Allen & Nikki Warren
    2020-02-24 01:22
    Allen & Nikki Warren

    The only reason for a 4 is that when I buy other vehicles that go back to the store and you have to buy them again and there is no way to save your game

  • Shawshank narayan Pandey
    2020-02-10 07:57
    Shawshank narayan Pandey


  • Raman Kumar
    2020-02-05 08:27
    Raman Kumar


  • Kevin Chavez
    2020-02-01 19:38
    Kevin Chavez

    It suck

  • Tyler finnell 2
    2020-01-25 23:49
    Tyler finnell 2


  • Kamal Kashyap
    2020-01-20 14:15
    Kamal Kashyap


  • James Hill
    2020-01-06 04:27
    James Hill

    Its easy to play

  • razia sandhu
    2019-12-15 13:43
    razia sandhu


  • nathan Erasmus
    2019-12-02 20:16
    nathan Erasmus

    It's cool i really liked it but I'm over it

  • Elijah Thiel
    2019-11-24 21:04
    Elijah Thiel

    They need to add Johndeer vehicles

  • Gurpreet Singh Johal
    2019-11-05 15:17
    Gurpreet Singh Johal


  • Rene Humanes
    2019-10-20 20:39
    Rene Humanes

    It had to many ads!

  • Rita Gutierrez
    2019-10-01 13:11
    Rita Gutierrez

    Good game

    2019-09-07 12:16


  • AMG Parven
    2019-09-06 14:28
    AMG Parven


  • Jaclyn Olson
    2019-08-16 00:11
    Jaclyn Olson

    amazing dont even get my homework done🙊

  • Harlal Singh Sewda
    2019-07-26 03:54
    Harlal Singh Sewda

    nice it was very good game of my life

  • Jory Bates
    2019-07-22 18:36
    Jory Bates

    most fun game

  • Kristi Grantham
    2019-07-13 01:43
    Kristi Grantham


  • Declan Mcnamara
    2019-06-15 12:49
    Declan Mcnamara

    I need a little bit of fun

  • Sikander Singh
    2019-06-06 12:58
    Sikander Singh

    very nice

  • Sarath Sarath
    2019-06-05 08:49
    Sarath Sarath

    nice game

  • A. Nagesh war reddy A. Nagesh war reddy
    2019-05-27 07:47
    A. Nagesh war reddy A. Nagesh war reddy


  • Ryan Sirois
    2019-05-26 13:12
    Ryan Sirois

    I tried... I truly did. UI is unclear... too much info on screen not allowing to enjoy game. started with unclear tutorial then started game after completing first set of tutorials. gave me zero gas and not enough to get any. also, way too many ads. Uninstalling.

    2019-05-25 11:25

    worst game very long process not many vehicles . very low speed vehicle gaintsoftware games are best farming game on play store

  • Sunder Chotiya
    2019-05-25 01:12
    Sunder Chotiya


  • Ammar Shafi
    2019-05-20 08:32
    Ammar Shafi

    It's a very nice game, but unfortunately, a major mood-killer disadvantage is that it takes ages for any button to be activated except the driving buttons. For example, while in the shop, all it takes to buy something is 4 simple clicks, but doing it takes about a minute due to the slow process of the click activation. If this issue were fixed, the game would've been enjoyable due to the various activities.

  • Sarbjit Singh
    2019-05-19 14:58
    Sarbjit Singh


  • Parth Patil
    2019-05-12 12:15
    Parth Patil


  • Pawanveer Singh
    2019-05-11 11:10
    Pawanveer Singh

    nice taak

  • Tacardon Perla
    2019-05-10 08:02
    Tacardon Perla

    nice and playful

  • Priyanshu Jaat
    2019-04-30 09:37
    Priyanshu Jaat


  • Mckenzie Foster
    2019-04-26 11:22
    Mckenzie Foster


  • Little dog
    2019-04-17 01:07
    Little dog

    it so bad

  • Jacob manus jaco
    2019-04-15 10:11
    Jacob manus jaco

    I likey faming simulator

  • Kalapana Sharnarth
    2019-04-10 13:19
    Kalapana Sharnarth

    Best farming

  • A Google user
    2019-03-23 23:58
    A Google user

    little to hard for my son

  • A Google user
    2019-03-19 23:26
    A Google user

    this is really fun because if you want to be a real farmer that is what this game is for I play my dad play my sister play my brother's play and even my mom play

  • A Google user
    2019-03-19 03:37
    A Google user


  • Jeremy Bard
    2019-03-16 10:40
    Jeremy Bard

    way to many ads!

  • A Google user
    2019-03-13 06:04
    A Google user

    Worst game that I play in my life of40

  • A Google user
    2019-03-11 17:50
    A Google user

    so so

  • Carl Harper
    2019-03-10 02:45
    Carl Harper

    good but u dont get enough money

  • Kade Markoux
    2019-02-28 14:09
    Kade Markoux

    it's alright

  • ih 574 for life
    2019-02-09 09:32
    ih 574 for life

    instead of scrap john dere to drive use case ih instead

  • Eddie Foltz
    2019-01-15 01:59
    Eddie Foltz

    good game too many commercials

  • Eddie Toler
    2019-01-11 23:02
    Eddie Toler

    Before I even got one field plowed AD. DELETE

  • A Google user
    2019-01-09 07:40
    A Google user

    love da experience❤❤❤

  • Steven Carlton
    2018-12-26 03:33
    Steven Carlton

    I thank you very much for a game this I like the game very much just have touble with doing the hay part wish you could make a real haybin for the game so I like you and maybe you can do that pice

  • A Google user
    2018-12-16 12:30
    A Google user

    Poor game

  • A Google user
    2018-12-16 00:23
    A Google user


  • Luke Rhodes
    2018-12-15 02:21
    Luke Rhodes

    it is good

  • A Google user
    2018-12-05 14:54
    A Google user

    Make a real farming game

  • A Google user
    2018-12-05 00:39
    A Google user

    It's a good time killer and relaxing to play and easy controls it has good graphics

  • Mr_Faiz _pathan
    2018-12-02 07:02
    Mr_Faiz _pathan


  • Rebecca Jones
    2018-12-01 23:22
    Rebecca Jones

    it is great .

  • A Google user
    2018-11-26 00:57
    A Google user

    Poor games plise don't download

  • shivarathri naveen
    2018-11-21 15:12
    shivarathri naveen


  • A Google user
    2018-11-11 07:09
    A Google user


  • A Google user
    2018-11-10 01:49
    A Google user

    rabari hitesh

    2018-11-09 13:12


  • A Google user
    2018-11-07 08:11
    A Google user

    I like farming

  • A Google user
    2018-11-05 13:02
    A Google user

    V good

  • PJ Plays
    2018-11-04 15:11
    PJ Plays

    I love it

  • A Google user
    2018-11-03 01:13
    A Google user


  • A Google user
    2018-11-02 10:57
    A Google user

    Kulwinder Singh Dhillon saab ji

  • A Google user
    2018-10-24 13:48
    A Google user


  • A Google user
    2018-10-21 20:42
    A Google user

    Jaat Jaat

  • A Google user
    2018-10-20 16:25
    A Google user


  • A Google user
    2018-10-20 14:21
    A Google user

    super game

  • buttar saab
    2018-10-08 09:07
    buttar saab


  • A Google user
    2018-10-07 20:30
    A Google user


  • A Google user
    2018-10-01 09:36
    A Google user

    Plz yr make its hacked version and upload it on the google website

  • A Google user
    2018-09-29 17:09
    A Google user

    Love this game

  • A Google user
    2018-09-23 03:31
    A Google user


  • Vijendra Parmar
    2018-09-22 18:18
    Vijendra Parmar

    ठीक है पर ऑनलाइन सेव नही होता है अगर एक बार मोबाइल से हटा दिया तो वापिस सुरु से चालू होता है और कोई नया अपडेट नही है। अपने आप ही फाइल्स डिलीट हो जाती है प्लीज़ इसे ऑनलाइन सेव कैसे करें

  • R K
    2018-09-17 11:28
    R K

    Need lost of improvement

  • A Google user
    2018-09-16 17:42
    A Google user

    Like farming simulator 17 The 2cnd best farming simulator

  • khalid ali
    2018-09-16 13:26
    khalid ali

    This message will change the way of life

  • A Google user
    2018-09-10 23:13
    A Google user

    love it

  • Akash Devra
    2018-09-10 06:20
    Akash Devra

    Like The game lovely days

  • Kayla Zins
    2018-09-08 06:47
    Kayla Zins

    Best game in the world

  • A Google user
    2018-08-27 11:09
    A Google user

    It's good

  • Dhananandhan Dhananandhan
    2018-08-26 11:18
    Dhananandhan Dhananandhan

    Farming is a life of farmers

  • A Google user
    2018-08-24 21:11
    A Google user

    Ok devs yaw need to read and take care of this issue and add these things mentioned below...... You need to fix the startout money to bemore than 2500 coins on this game after you have done the tutorial. I did the tutorial and after the whole tutorial, i plowed a feild, bought fertilizer and fertilized it then i had to buy seed and i planted the seeds.. Then i had to go get water .... Well i started with 2500 coins and after paying for fertilizer and seeds i only have 500 coins left and the water is i think either 800 coins or 650 coins, cant remember but i only have 500 coins left which is not enought to buy water to water the feild so im stuck at that point... However devs yaw need to either make it to where we start with more than 2500 coins or make things more cheaper to where we can afford ingame stuff with coins ... I will be much ablidged if yaw make these changes mentioned above devs and i will be more than happy to give 5 stars ,because i really like playing this game and the graphics are really good and this game has a really good overall basic starting grounds.... Ok devs major thing needs fixing ...... When pulling loaded trailer , or fertilizer or water .... The information box tellig how much is left in water sprayer or fertilizer or trailer... The box needs to be a litt smaller and moved to the top center off screen because where it is right now makes it hard to see where your going...... Also devs yaw need to add a medium size fuel tank trailer that can be hitched up with the pickup trucks and the fuel tanker can be filled up at the fuel station and pulled around to the fields that are far away from the fuel station so that you don't have to drive the tractor to get fueled at the station evrytime....also add in the option to buy a larger size fertilizer spreader and a larger water sprayer..... Ill. Give 5 stars then... Thanks devs

  • A Google user
    2018-08-15 03:21
    A Google user


  • A Google user
    2018-08-13 03:59
    A Google user


  • Tommy and Kendal Brown Boggs
    2018-08-06 13:01
    Tommy and Kendal Brown Boggs

    So laggy

    2018-08-05 13:43

    It's a awesome game

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