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MARVEL Strike Force
In MARVEL Strike Force, ready for battle alongside allies and arch-rivals in this action-packed, visually-stunning free-to-play game for your phone or tablet. An assault on Earth has begun and Super Heroes and Super Villains are working together to defend it! Lead the charge by assembling your ultimate squad, including Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, Groot, Rocket Raccoon, Loki, Venom, Elektra, Captain America and Iron Man, as you enter strategic combat against an all-new enemy threat. It’s time to fight! Gather your squad and prepare for the battle to save Earth!

Recruit your strike force and form a squad of powerful MARVEL Super Heroes and Super Villains like Iron Man, Captain America, Loki, Elektra, Dr. Strange, Venom and more. 

Outfit and upgrade your Super Heroes and Super Villains to become stronger than ever before. 

Who you bring to the fight matters. Pair up specific Super Heroes and Super Villains to perform combo moves to take out enemies. Expert in-fight tactics in 5v5 battles give you the power to vanquish the greatest villains of the Marvel Universe. 

Experience groundbreaking gameplay cinematics, as your heroes unleash dynamic chain combos with a single tap.

Play one of the most visually stunning mobile game experiences that has ever been released. Your Marvel Super Heroes and Super Villains look as close to life-like as possible on your phone!

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MARVEL Strike Force 4.2.0 Update
New in this release: • Fixed the issue of Falcon's Special ability causing the game to crash during combat. • The HUD (heads-up display) no longer randomly shows up in combat. • The camera in the Orb Chamber now properly highlights the rewards. • Fixed: The app was sometimes re-downloading previously downloaded art assets.
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145.45 MB
FoxNext Games
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RAW Information
Package Name      : com.foxnextgames.m3
Version           : 3.10.2 (248)
Min Sdk Level     : 19
Min Sdk Platform  : Android 4.4
Target Sdk Level     : 28
Target Sdk Platform  : Android 9.0

Permssions List
WAKE_LOCK : Allows using PowerManager WakeLocks to keep processor from sleeping or screen from dimming INTERNET : Allows applications to open network sockets. VIBRATE : Allows access to the vibrator BILLING : CHECK_LICENSE : MODIFY_AUDIO_SETTINGS : Allows an application to modify global audio settings ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE : Allows applications to access information about networks USE_CREDENTIALS : Allows an application to request authtokens from the AccountManager DOWNLOAD_WITHOUT_NOTIFICATION : RECEIVE_ADM_MESSAGE : RECEIVE : BIND_GET_INSTALL_REFERRER_SERVICE :
com.explodingbarrel.Activity (Launcher) com.facebook.unity.FBUnityLoginActivity com.facebook.unity.FBUnityAppLinkActivity com.facebook.unity.FBUnityGameRequestActivity com.facebook.unity.FBUnityCreateGameGroupActivity com.facebook.unity.FBUnityJoinGameGroupActivity com.facebook.LoginActivity com.facebook.unity.FBUnityDeepLinkingActivity com.facebook.unity.FBUnityDialogsActivity com.appboy.unity.AppboyOverlayActivity com.facebook.FacebookActivity com.facebook.CustomTabMainActivity com.facebook.CustomTabActivity com.appboy.ui.AppboyWebViewActivity com.appboy.ui.activities.AppboyFeedActivity com.appboy.ui.activities.AppboyContentCardsActivity com.appboy.push.AppboyNotificationRoutingActivity com.explodingbarrel.iap.PurchaseActivity com.unity3d.plugin.downloader.UnityDownloaderActivity com.helpshift.activities.UnityDelegateActivity com.helpshift.campaigns.activities.ParentActivity com.helpshift.campaigns.activities.NotificationActivity
Reviews From google play store
  • Sergio Miguel Paya Borrull
    2020-05-23 07:46
    Sergio Miguel Paya Borrull

    Good gaming experince

  • Gavin Hogg
    2020-05-23 07:43
    Gavin Hogg

    Good fun

  • Steve Ramjet77
    2020-05-23 07:40
    Steve Ramjet77

    If you like marvel and strategy, you will like this game.

  • Eao Gaming 69
    2020-05-23 07:37
    Eao Gaming 69


  • James Logan
    2020-05-23 07:23
    James Logan

    Love experimenting with hero villain combos. Love when they add new characters, possibilities are endless. Play every day! This game just keeps getting better! Just wish we could earn shards faster, have less 7 star characters in this game than another game I have.

  • Amit Kumar kashyap
    2020-05-23 07:13
    Amit Kumar kashyap

    Love it

  • animeboi 227
    2020-05-23 07:11
    animeboi 227

    Best marvel game of a long time

  • Prince Selvan
    2020-05-23 06:57
    Prince Selvan


  • Willy Wonka
    2020-05-23 06:55
    Willy Wonka

    Awesome game very very fun

  • nadendla narayana
    2020-05-23 06:35
    nadendla narayana

    I love this game

  • i am a new guy
    2020-05-23 06:21
    i am a new guy

    Its really fentastic game Am really enjoing my fev is new pvp mode And buliding characters i like and arena

  • Brian Wayne
    2020-05-23 06:14
    Brian Wayne

    The best mobile game I've ever played. As a turn-based rpg and mmo enthusiast, I would have never imagined a mobile game could satisfy that need.

  • Joshua Schetne
    2020-05-23 06:03
    Joshua Schetne

    Definitely a fun game

  • Howard Andreasen
    2020-05-23 05:58
    Howard Andreasen

    Its a fun game but after awhile become a pay to play or ridiculous long grind

  • Brandon Lo
    2020-05-23 05:46
    Brandon Lo

    Pretty fun game. Love the Hero and Villain comps with all your favorite heroes and villains!

  • Clinton Hallett
    2020-05-23 05:43
    Clinton Hallett

    Love the game been playing for over a year now

  • david wagner
    2020-05-23 05:39
    david wagner

    Fun, but could be a bit more direct. Just play you'll see what I mean... too many options

  • Colin Spalding
    2020-05-23 05:37
    Colin Spalding

    Would have given 5 stars if The Runaways were on there.

  • sapna sappu
    2020-05-23 05:28
    sapna sappu

    Your game have100 updates so i am tired😠

  • Greg Heil
    2020-05-23 05:19
    Greg Heil

    Very good game, maybe a little bit (whole lot) pay to play heavy.... Still here

  • Ricardo Vidallon
    2020-05-23 05:19
    Ricardo Vidallon

    If you haven't experienced this game you must download it and check it out highly recommended I just wish things were a little cheaper sometimes

  • Terry Coates
    2020-05-23 04:58
    Terry Coates

    Amazing game very fun

  • Benjamin Trew
    2020-05-23 04:48
    Benjamin Trew

    Great game. Awesome gameplay!

  • Christopher Cyrus Jr
    2020-05-23 04:46
    Christopher Cyrus Jr

    IF YOU'RE A MARVEL'S FAN GET IT!!!!! SUPER FUN AND DIVERSE STORY PLOTS, NOT GONNA SPOIL IT JUST DOWNLOAD IT N SEE!!! OMG adding more look, its fun and addictive, your missing out.

  • A Google user
    2020-05-23 04:46
    A Google user

    Best game available🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

  • Mike Baribault
    2020-05-23 04:45
    Mike Baribault


  • Robb Hobbs
    2020-05-23 04:19
    Robb Hobbs

    Awesome game

  • Bryan Ketter
    2020-05-23 04:02
    Bryan Ketter

    Best marvel app game ever!!!! So many different functions but not confusing like future fight wich is also an awesome game. Thanks soo much im loving this game

  • Trayron Quarterman
    2020-05-23 03:36
    Trayron Quarterman

    Enjoying every minute of it need more marvel fan stan lee was a role model for all writters. Stan Lee taught me to use our mind and imagination. This game has taught me leadership skills.

  • Joshua Linz
    2020-05-23 03:27
    Joshua Linz

    The game is fun but like alot of others said, if you want to progress fast, it will cost you a substantial amount of money.

  • James Mosley
    2020-05-23 02:57
    James Mosley

    I want the Phoenix

  • Mr Chairman
    2020-05-23 02:40
    Mr Chairman

    FoxNext/Scopely go to great measures to ignore bugs and issues within their game that demoralize the player base, such as alliance shelling, blitz bots, etc. They actively create "pay walls" to prevent free-to-play players from advancing in the game and promote new and infuriating ways to punish the majority of the player base. These punishment include, rolling back rewards from challenges and advertising "fixes" while back-dooring changes that make previously attainable rewards now unattainable

  • Tone
    2020-05-23 02:31

    Good effects

  • Jody Lindenschmidt
    2020-05-23 02:07
    Jody Lindenschmidt

    This game is do fun!!

  • NYTurk2003
    2020-05-23 01:51

    Good game with good fighting strategy

  • Stacey Ransome
    2020-05-23 01:28
    Stacey Ransome

    This is the most enjoyable phone game I've played. I have not had any ongoing logging in issues or crashing. If you want to be super powerful you need to spend a lot of money but you can enjoy the game enough without spending money.

  • Ricky Colbert
    2020-05-23 01:18
    Ricky Colbert

    Very fun and addictive!!

  • nogwise
    2020-05-23 01:15

    Most of their effort is spent trying to screw you until you spend money to make up for it.

  • Warren Chan
    2020-05-23 01:13
    Warren Chan

    A game can play for a long time with heros collected. Even F2P is acceptable by working hard. Can form a lot different combination by using different characters. Keep improving system. But hope developer can update the old characters with reasonable power or ability than new to have better balance.

  • jason garcia
    2020-05-23 01:06
    jason garcia

    Addicting but tries to lure you in for micro transactions. Drop rates decrease as for characters or items when you are in need for them.

  • A Google user
    2020-05-23 00:56
    A Google user

    it very awesome game's

  • James Lach
    2020-05-23 00:01
    James Lach

    Great game. I have played since launch. Only a few bugs, mostly the lag in loading teams. Some teams need a serious revamp (i.e. the hand)

  • just stop
    2020-05-22 23:30
    just stop

    I haven't tried it is probably really bad...

  • David Hudson
    2020-05-22 23:13
    David Hudson

    I really like all of the variation in how you can rank up. I do wish there would be more character shards available than what is currently showing...only issue I am having is with the VS is not that clear to me how that works. I go to the right place and click on it but its like nothing happens.

  • ahu faary
    2020-05-22 23:12
    ahu faary

    It's 2020 and I love playing this game with my friends did kill me and I love the way you can tell me what you want to do it at all and we all need these for sure about what is going wrong with the other people in the world to be able by now so I guess I will be a bit more than and the first night of a cliff is down to the rest of the night and a few minutes ago we went out and about and the first night of a cliff is down to the rest of the night and a few minutes ago we went out

  • Gaming Videos
    2020-05-22 22:40
    Gaming Videos

    Pay to win and play at some point. The massive ads shoved in your face every minute is annoying and a turn off. You will just play catch up to anyone else in this game that has been in it for 1-2 years or more. Although it is still a good game i just don't care for it.

  • Dominic Forrest
    2020-05-22 22:28
    Dominic Forrest

    I love this game

  • Furious Mick
    2020-05-22 22:23
    Furious Mick

    Great time killer at work, love the feel / graphics of this game. Can play and play and never really get punished for being a f2p (free to play) player, you may not have the strongest roster vs everyone but you can definitely slowly but surely recruit all your favorite Marvel characters and team them up! Needs work on the sound sometimes though!

  • Jeremy Ballard
    2020-05-22 22:12
    Jeremy Ballard

    Bad UI design can cause loss of resources and create a poor user experience. Customer support sometimes will help and sometimes will tell you to deal with it. Lingering performance issues and crashes. Constant typos and misinformation in game and in patch notes. Single resource bottleneck (gold) is shared by almost everything. Great animations. Roster continues to get deeper at a consistent rate. Enjoyable gameplay mechanics. Pay to win microtransactions don't drown free to play players.

  • Phil Kirkby
    2020-05-22 22:05
    Phil Kirkby

    Good game that would be better if I paid a load of money to upgrade. But I'm not going to do that so it'll just be good and free rather than great and expensive.

  • Dan Pritchard
    2020-05-22 21:54
    Dan Pritchard

    Its good!

  • Jason Macphee
    2020-05-22 21:42
    Jason Macphee

    Love brilliant game all round

  • jacob young
    2020-05-22 21:10
    jacob young

    Overall a great game, they always change things up and add new events to keep you interested.

  • Chris Batchie
    2020-05-22 20:24
    Chris Batchie

    Devs actively improve and enhance the game all the time. I can barely keep up with all the new characters introduced! There have been many new gameplay modes released and the devs listen to the feedback from the players.

  • jason swiger
    2020-05-22 20:12
    jason swiger

    Good time without alot of time to invest

  • Casey Nipper
    2020-05-22 20:06
    Casey Nipper

    Very fun game. Advice-find a fun alliance from the start and enjoy building teams up.

  • Fernando Acosta
    2020-05-22 20:04
    Fernando Acosta

    Really cool game. Recently I've noticed Thor's Lightning Storm attack somehow does no dmg, or stuns target yet they can attack on the very next turn (which they should skip). Is this something? I'm playing at 3X speed. Thanks!

  • A Google user
    2020-05-22 19:04
    A Google user

    Changed rating to 4 due to how CS dealt with reports about app crashes. Changed again back to 5 as CS was improved over the course of a few months. Changed to 1 star again due to CS completely ignoring fair compensation on game issues. Update May 1st - CS continued to ignore requests Reduced gameplay to 1 star since random crashes lower earned or payed currency and CS does not compensate - turning competitive gameplay into a failure. Reduced graphics to 1 star due to often generated crashes

  • Darrell Waukey
    2020-05-22 19:01
    Darrell Waukey

    Great game

  • Jimmy Brito
    2020-05-22 19:00
    Jimmy Brito

    It's really fun and enjoyable to play this game

    2020-05-22 18:51

    This game is everything i want.

  • Levkovski Aleksandar
    2020-05-22 18:33
    Levkovski Aleksandar

    Red stars destroyed the game. Who's idea was this must be the stupidest person on this planet. Good job you dumb SOB.

  • Daniel Burke
    2020-05-22 18:33
    Daniel Burke

    Great game but becoming more pay to win by the day. The gap is getting bigger all the time because only the to players can get the new characters such as Black Bolt and Ebony Maw

  • Roy Tillett
    2020-05-22 18:32
    Roy Tillett

    Needs a trade/sell system for unwanted gear the red star rewards are very poor same with mega orb always duplicate and up with nothing for them most of the time shame because the rest of the game is great

  • Cathy Cowan
    2020-05-22 18:23
    Cathy Cowan

    Best game ever

  • Logan Oglesby
    2020-05-22 18:07
    Logan Oglesby

    Best game ever. Follows true to the characters and their abilities and has an elaborate campaign. Do be careful though, it can get addicting!!!

  • Johnny Hui
    2020-05-22 17:35
    Johnny Hui

    after install latest version, opening gear orb (ex purple) will not give gears but orb will be gone. please fix. getting worse today. many actions like open orbs or claiming rewards will not complete and when reatart the orb will be gone

  • Timothy Leonard
    2020-05-22 17:04
    Timothy Leonard

    this game is tone deaf to its players and most of the things to buy are intentionally bad to make you frustrated into thinking you have to buy because all new content is end game content thats what happens when you take 18 months between actual content releases

  • VikingGoat318
    2020-05-22 16:45

    Fun game play and lots of heroes to collect. Heroes are overpriced and can be locked behind paywalls. Certain characters cost $50 or more to unlock. Definitely not a good value. A full game costs about the same... Otherwise I have really enjoyed the game and don't mind paying $25 here and there for a character I really want.

  • John Hoole
    2020-05-22 16:41
    John Hoole

    Great game,and you can play without spending money

  • Suwandi Abdul Hafidz
    2020-05-22 16:24
    Suwandi Abdul Hafidz

    fun and take longggggg time for build.. maybe 2 year lol.. i am not spender.. sorry dev.

  • Antonio Campos
    2020-05-22 16:23
    Antonio Campos


  • Andrew Hindmarsh
    2020-05-22 16:12
    Andrew Hindmarsh

    Needs to give out more gold and drop rates for character shards and gear from campaigns needs to be boosted, still one of my favourite mobiles games though

  • Jordan-Lei Loveridge
    2020-05-22 15:55
    Jordan-Lei Loveridge

    Fun game, bad devs poor prices

  • avinash punvatkar
    2020-05-22 15:46
    avinash punvatkar

    Awesome game...👍🏻👍🏻

  • mark beck
    2020-05-22 15:36
    mark beck

    The best and most addictive game I've ever played

  • C Newsome
    2020-05-22 15:30
    C Newsome

    Great game super expensive

  • Chris Erasmus
    2020-05-22 15:26
    Chris Erasmus

    Besides all the offers to purchase (way too many) i really enjoy the game

  • Kenneth Wright
    2020-05-22 15:24
    Kenneth Wright

    The game is a bit pay to win, and the constant offers get old quick, but the actual gameplay and storyline behind it are very entertaining. They tend to have a number of glitches that happen, but they reimburse people for them handsomely.

  • Rakesh Singh
    2020-05-22 15:19
    Rakesh Singh


  • Devlin Stone
    2020-05-22 15:03
    Devlin Stone

    I love this game i rate it 4 star would rate it five it the offers were not so expensive

  • Kaimusabi
    2020-05-22 14:42

    I like the game. Didn't get anything good on my first couple summons, but that's to be expected. The graphics are great though.

  • Jason Sommers
    2020-05-22 14:39
    Jason Sommers

    Great game but there are times you feel like you plateau. Also you need to drop more money then you would into a video game to be competitive. Your featured characters cost roughly $60 each to unlock with is excessive

  • Blake Olsen
    2020-05-22 14:25
    Blake Olsen

    Fun time killing game. You can level up your favorite avengers and it's a turn based fighting style

  • Gregory Kirven
    2020-05-22 14:07
    Gregory Kirven

    Feels good to be back playing SF again

  • mirza amargarh wala
    2020-05-22 13:47
    mirza amargarh wala

    Mind blowing game. Playing it since 7 months

  • Supreme Sales
    2020-05-22 13:46
    Supreme Sales

    Great game. Game always gets good updates. All get offers to spend money but have not spent a penny and am enjoying game alot.

  • joe contos
    2020-05-22 13:44
    joe contos

    Awesome, tons of fun. Great way to learn the Marvel Universe Characters.

  • Jeff Wurzer
    2020-05-22 13:21
    Jeff Wurzer

    Good game. Regular updates keep the game fresh.

  • Juan Dozal
    2020-05-22 13:19
    Juan Dozal

    Overall good game, beautiful animations, good game play, they're responsive to they're community, you can definitely tell that they're trying to put out the best game they can with time frames given to them!

  • Edam Zedd Train
    2020-05-22 13:12
    Edam Zedd Train

    New toons. Exciting!

  • Hornet2853
    2020-05-22 12:57

    very fun game and support is excellent. Collecting the characters is fun. the war feature is my favorite part of the game. Collecting the champs is fun. Always new content keeps it interesting.

  • Duston bynum
    2020-05-22 12:56
    Duston bynum

    The red stars blow big D the red stars seem like they will never fix this BS

  • Michael Kaye
    2020-05-22 12:41
    Michael Kaye

    This is a great game for Marvel fans! They just keep making it better. Adding new characters all the time. Excellent.

  • Drew Smith
    2020-05-22 12:37
    Drew Smith

    Tough to be good without spending tons of money on way over priced offers.

  • Eddie Huntley
    2020-05-22 12:11
    Eddie Huntley


  • Timothy Woods
    2020-05-22 12:07
    Timothy Woods

    Great game with updates that keep it interesting

  • Ryan Hoogland
    2020-05-22 12:03
    Ryan Hoogland

    With great power comes great responsibility

  • Bhargav sri Krishna
    2020-05-22 11:58
    Bhargav sri Krishna

    Nice game ........ But it need some special events to even too meet the level of some mid players........

  • Rohit Saxena
    2020-05-22 11:49
    Rohit Saxena

    Incredible game for Marvel fans, every character makes its special

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