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Dream League Soccer
Soccer is one of the most beloved games in the entire world and, therefore, there are several games that try to test your skills. However, Dream League Soccer is on the top 10 chars in countries like Italy, Singapore, Belgium and Turkey, which means that those many countries can not be wrong about its quality!

This game let's you choose your team and become their coach to lead them to victory. You can recruit players, upgrade your stadium and lead your team to victory and to being the best on the planet! As the team's manager, you choose! Pick your teams and acquire your players with a transfer system, sign them in using coins and develop your team, which can have up to 32 players.

Dream League Soccer uses intelligent AI and sharp visual to provide you the best gaming experience possible. The app is very intuitive to use and control, making it the perfect soccer app that captures the game like any other.

There are 4 leagues for you to choose from, which include the Elite Devision, Friendly Marches, Global Challenge cup and the Dream Teams. In all of them it's up to you to rise to the top and become the best player by training your team in the app's player development program in which you can increase the players' Ball Skills, Fitness and more!

With Dream League Soccer you'll have hours of gameplay and won't get bored as there are always more challenges to unlock and more achievements to fulfil!        
Dream League Soccer 1.0 Update
Version 2.05 * Lag/Freeze Fix * Bug Fixes Version 2.02 * Create your own players! * New Ultimate Challenge bonus cup! * New individual game objectives for every match! * Over 200 new animations added! * Updated User Interface & HUD * Ability to heal players from injury and boost their stamina! * Import your own kits! * More kit types! More control! * 2 new music tracks * Improved friendly scenarios before each season * Bug Fixes Thanks everyone for your support, please keep the reviews coming!
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136.09 MB
First Touch
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Reviews From google play store
  • Davis Trane
    2020-05-31 07:56
    Davis Trane


  • Mario S
    2020-05-31 05:39
    Mario S

    I really enjoy this game playing it up to this day.

    2020-05-30 16:53

    Very good game l really love to play anytime

  • Chrisma Owusu
    2020-05-29 05:09
    Chrisma Owusu

    Because you can sign players, make your own club do training and many more! But can you add the legends with the players so that we don't lose the money. P.s. can you make the players free? And can you please save the data?

  • tony mathew
    2020-05-26 17:29
    tony mathew


  • MD Asmatullah
    2020-05-25 13:13
    MD Asmatullah

    Very nice 👍👍👍

  • Patrick Tawiah
    2020-05-25 12:45
    Patrick Tawiah

    This game is the best, but one thing lucked it is that you can't use any other team except for your own team.

  • moses katumbi
    2020-05-23 14:44
    moses katumbi

    Excellent game

  • Jasin Berisha
    2020-05-22 19:29
    Jasin Berisha

    Very nice

  • Mariam Ok
    2020-05-20 17:54
    Mariam Ok

    The best game i have ever played better than fifa 2020

  • Stephen Malukwa
    2020-05-16 09:39
    Stephen Malukwa


  • Karma Dorjee
    2020-05-16 07:18
    Karma Dorjee

    Excellent Game..

  • david aung myo latt
    2020-05-15 18:11
    david aung myo latt

    Good game.

  • Fabain Godwin
    2020-05-14 15:34
    Fabain Godwin

    Superb game love it

  • Khmer Remix
    2020-05-12 21:07
    Khmer Remix

    Please update this game player move to new club plz🙏

  • tobin vroom
    2020-05-11 13:42
    tobin vroom

    goeie toeie

  • Milton Mike Dube
    2020-05-09 23:35
    Milton Mike Dube

    Still new

  • Paviter Singh
    2020-05-09 14:27
    Paviter Singh

    Super game

  • Hopkins Orlasih
    2020-05-07 09:50
    Hopkins Orlasih

    Average graphics and good commentary

  • Diego Ruiz
    2020-05-06 21:22
    Diego Ruiz

    Like si todavía lo juegas en 2019😂

  • Doujay campbell
    2020-05-05 13:49
    Doujay campbell

    Could have more Trix's, and its too hard too get money

  • Evengelist M J Zitha
    2020-05-04 01:12
    Evengelist M J Zitha


  • Oken Thingnam
    2020-05-03 18:50
    Oken Thingnam

    Download fast Best game for me,

  • muhammad murshid
    2020-04-27 13:55
    muhammad murshid

    Really waste of time game like suck it's like been control.

  • Himanshu Dabi
    2020-04-27 04:51
    Himanshu Dabi

    Wrost game....

  • Rehan khan
    2020-04-26 12:55
    Rehan khan

    Why there is no option for free coin...why should we buy coin...unhappy with this going to unistall..

  • katerina pecanoska
    2020-04-25 21:39
    katerina pecanoska

    Very good game I played it since 2015, I apsolutelly love it.❣

  • nan koko10
    2020-04-25 14:59
    nan koko10


  • David Budd
    2020-04-22 23:19
    David Budd

    I really love this game but why we can't sell our players ??

  • Cassino
    2020-04-22 18:29

    Defeated my own cloned team .. 😜

  • loquera selectiva
    2020-04-21 00:22
    loquera selectiva

    I can't get bored i just like is a simple game easy to play , but i would like you to upgrade it and to add more teams , more players from 2015.

  • Sampson Huttor
    2020-04-20 00:58
    Sampson Huttor


    2020-04-19 16:21

    It was a super game but the players are similar

  • Vasliddin Qodirov
    2020-04-18 17:34
    Vasliddin Qodirov

    Must update,especially players

  • Kids Phone
    2020-04-18 07:19
    Kids Phone

    Great football game

  • Reza Akbari
    2020-04-17 17:59
    Reza Akbari


  • Peter Kitila
    2020-04-17 09:19
    Peter Kitila

    A fantastic realistic game

  • The_Toxicboi 676
    2020-04-15 17:02
    The_Toxicboi 676

    Ummm bc we all lose the hardwork and wehave to reset and also doesn't have reset team butto

  • man Gunz
    2020-04-15 03:39
    man Gunz


  • Daniel Kennedy
    2020-04-14 22:54
    Daniel Kennedy

    Awsome game

  • Exquisite 626
    2020-04-13 22:56
    Exquisite 626

    Its amazing.

  • David Kyobe
    2020-04-12 11:46
    David Kyobe

    The best football soccer game, interesting

  • Dhanasekaran Rajendiran
    2020-04-12 09:08
    Dhanasekaran Rajendiran


    2020-04-09 17:37

    Verry good game

  • Diponkar Barua
    2020-04-09 15:32
    Diponkar Barua

    Worst game! No updated since 2015

  • Badrul Hisham Badh
    2020-04-07 16:31
    Badrul Hisham Badh

    Very nice

  • Michael Milimo Wakoli
    2020-04-07 07:08
    Michael Milimo Wakoli

    Good game

  • Ikhwan Samsuri
    2020-04-06 11:46
    Ikhwan Samsuri

    Great game

  • Samuel Boateng
    2020-04-06 02:30
    Samuel Boateng


  • logan nagaretanam
    2020-04-02 16:17
    logan nagaretanam

    Old is gold

  • imbesat ahmad
    2020-03-31 20:46
    imbesat ahmad

    Excellent game

  • Jaffer Yousuf
    2020-03-31 18:53
    Jaffer Yousuf

    Probably the best football game I have ever seen

  • Johannes Kale
    2020-03-31 18:45
    Johannes Kale


  • karim abubakar
    2020-03-31 16:47
    karim abubakar


    2020-03-31 15:57

    This game is good but the defensive players always playing in the other half, so we cannot defense correctly. We cannot control our players on corner kick. Opponents corner kick is always end in goal because we cannot get any control on our players. Every bad control. We are playing against 21 players. When ball comes our players ran away and make opponent to score easy.

  • Monzur Rahman
    2020-03-30 15:11
    Monzur Rahman

    First Touch made this wondering game worst by keeping buttons edge on screen and congested. just awful while not working with thin shaped buttons.

  • Akshar
    2020-03-30 06:49

    What the actual hell!!??I don't even have any reserves!!!!great graphics for a offline game but please it a little bit!!the throw ins come automatically

  • William P
    2020-03-29 22:46
    William P

    Had to edit my review. I would give this game a negative star if it was possible. This game just keep getting worse the more I play it. The games are so rigged that I just have to watch my players stand there, unresponsive, while the other team runs all over me. This game is just frustrating to play at this point. Uninstalling.

  • BK Gaming
    2020-03-29 06:29
    BK Gaming


  • edwin mullah
    2020-03-28 10:33
    edwin mullah


  • chizoba Ezechukwu
    2020-03-28 07:28
    chizoba Ezechukwu

    Not bad, l really like the game but the analogue use to hang but apart from that it's perfect

  • Hari Kumar G
    2020-03-27 02:41
    Hari Kumar G

    Playing with legends gives me nostalgic feeling. Although it doesn't have great graphics, it is superb.

  • Kenny Suarez Musoke
    2020-03-26 17:44
    Kenny Suarez Musoke

    Guys is this DLS19???

  • Diana Ofori Ofori
    2020-03-23 23:52
    Diana Ofori Ofori

    This game is really good it's just that when you substitute a player it won't allow you to change iylt back even if you haven't exited team management

  • Shemiqq
    2020-03-23 19:52

    This game is so cool but i think its useless without the multiplayer you guys need to add bluetooth or online multiplayer to then ill give 5 stars

  • Lubari Justin
    2020-03-23 17:21
    Lubari Justin


  • Navid Nawaj
    2020-03-22 07:16
    Navid Nawaj

    There is problem in running button .

  • Josiah Williams
    2020-03-21 16:08
    Josiah Williams

    I loved this game so please upgraded it

  • Ebrahim Khan
    2020-03-21 09:51
    Ebrahim Khan

    I like so much the games,, 👍

  • Elijah Kuria
    2020-03-17 05:46
    Elijah Kuria

    This was a super game up until First touch got greedy , you have to get coins to select prefered team formation , Thats just greedy , i just uninstalled dls 2020 its just an insult to mobile gaming how expensive it is to have fun

  • adrian isa
    2020-03-16 09:09
    adrian isa


  • Oloyede Showlas
    2020-03-15 06:38
    Oloyede Showlas

    Have been playing this game since 2015 and till now no any upgrade about the game not even multi-player. At least do something more special about it let there be a change it's a game I do love to play a lot.

    2020-03-15 04:32

    Good game

  • Dicky Sentosa
    2020-03-12 10:42
    Dicky Sentosa

    Not bad

  • odo wire
    2020-03-10 00:00
    odo wire

    Nice game to play, i really enjoy playing this game.....join me

  • Thomas Mulongeni
    2020-03-07 16:01
    Thomas Mulongeni

    My favorite

  • Vishal Sharma
    2020-03-06 19:53
    Vishal Sharma

    Interesting game.

  • Ankur's Channel
    2020-03-04 07:33

    Awesome game but need to work more on graphics

  • Gabriel Ramos
    2020-02-28 12:08
    Gabriel Ramos

    Esse jogo é o melhor de todos

  • Vashu Patel
    2020-02-27 23:57
    Vashu Patel

    When I play the game the control go one side and remains there either it would be corner or throwing plz help

  • Syed Mamoon
    2020-02-27 18:38
    Syed Mamoon


  • Nifril Reehan
    2020-02-27 07:40
    Nifril Reehan

    Its amazing 😍

  • How to torrentz
    2020-02-25 06:18
    How to torrentz

    Gud gamee

  • Abdulsalam Mahmud
    2020-02-24 17:03
    Abdulsalam Mahmud

    This Dream League Soccer 2015 graphics is far better than Dream League soccer 2019 and this current DLS 2020 game. @firsttouchgames if I were you, I would embark DLS 2015 graphics for DLS 2020

  • abd shukur
    2020-02-22 10:46
    abd shukur


  • Blair Manns
    2020-02-21 08:00
    Blair Manns

    Please make it easier to score goals and to earn money!

  • Onkar Bidre
    2020-02-18 06:23
    Onkar Bidre

    Please add new players

  • Random Dude
    2020-02-18 03:29
    Random Dude

    Written 2015 apparently. Its laggy on xperia c1505 but on tablet which haves less ram than phone works great now it just force close after its says click to continue.now it works again here are five stars 2020update. Still and always will be better than other socker games here. I don't have ads on my phone so I never take those into consideration

  • Usayd Moolla
    2020-02-15 15:18
    Usayd Moolla


  • Ramesh T
    2020-02-15 13:48
    Ramesh T

    Must try it.good soccer game but no updates

  • BRN
    2020-02-15 11:08

    Güzel bir oyundu kaldırılması kötü oldu. Yeni olanlardan daha iyiydi.

  • Nachoos Blogs Trainig
    2020-02-13 20:20
    Nachoos Blogs Trainig

    It's not opening the application dream league soccer

  • opeoluwa okose
    2020-02-09 12:40
    opeoluwa okose

    It is alright

  • Hazeeq Hafeez
    2020-02-09 03:33
    Hazeeq Hafeez

    It best

  • Ministre Guima
    2020-02-06 21:57
    Ministre Guima

    Best play

  • Keith Wall
    2020-02-04 21:15
    Keith Wall


  • CAs Excel
    2020-02-04 13:52
    CAs Excel

    This game was a game changer to all soccer games today. It's a classic game. I used to play this game. It's fun!

  • iambloxy
    2020-02-02 13:02

    It's OK

  • Ous Mario Malang
    2020-02-01 21:36
    Ous Mario Malang


  • Beni stone gospel TV
    2020-02-01 14:43
    Beni stone gospel TV

    Very nice I like it but it doesn't give more money

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