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Smart YouTube TV
Many Android media boxes lack of good YouTube client. Intent of this app is to fix this issue.

Beta version available here:

Source code:

App may not run properly on some devices. Sorry for that(

Tested on MiBox mini/2S, Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Xiaomi Mi TV 3.


- designed for tv screens

- remote controller support

- no need Google Services

- multilingual keyboard        
Smart YouTube TV 6.16.17 Update
- bugfixes
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5.99 MB
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Reviews From google play store
  • kiki and dudu
    2017-05-12 12:45
    kiki and dudu


  • ashim sanyal
    2017-05-11 13:52
    ashim sanyal

    Its life

  • A Google user
    2017-05-10 15:00
    A Google user

    It is very good I think it is very good

  • Rock Sarabesh
    2017-05-10 04:50
    Rock Sarabesh

    I love it

  • Queen Marie
    2017-05-04 02:38
    Queen Marie

    I love it

  • Sunny Kunal
    2017-04-28 13:02
    Sunny Kunal

    I like it

    2017-04-19 21:00

    make an app that fucling works

  • this channel is dead [dogedamoge]
    2017-04-14 01:07
    this channel is dead [dogedamoge]

    You just copied the console youtube

  • Steve Jordan
    2017-04-07 02:58
    Steve Jordan

    No 4k or HDR support.

  • Lakeyana Williams
    2017-04-07 02:06
    Lakeyana Williams

    I call Lakeyana Williams Family fun

  • A Google user
    2017-03-27 08:27
    A Google user

    if the video does not load for you, try the beta version, which worked for me!

  • Lavkush Gautam
    2017-03-26 12:23
    Lavkush Gautam

    I like this smart YouTube

  • Razvan Isai
    2017-03-26 05:54
    Razvan Isai

    App works ok, but the video is late, KIII tv box.

  • kiran malusare
    2017-03-21 16:06
    kiran malusare

    Very nice app. There is no any youtube app support in VU Android tv. Thanks for your support . You people are doing fabulus job. Pls make other app for android smart tv .

  • A Google user
    2017-03-19 18:05
    A Google user


  • Aljoe Atayde Ramirez
    2017-03-19 12:14
    Aljoe Atayde Ramirez

    I like

  • A Google user
    2017-03-19 05:36
    A Google user

    Wonder fulllllllll

  • A Google user
    2017-03-14 16:27
    A Google user


  • priyen patel
    2017-03-14 04:22
    priyen patel

    Video Lags

  • Peter Chong
    2017-03-09 09:51
    Peter Chong

    Xiaomi TV 2 55" run OK but no colors, is it app issue or TV? It's fixed, 5 stars app!

  • Arekusu Roo
    2017-03-07 05:08
    Arekusu Roo

    Still no 4k supports till today...sigh

  • Tigran's Tips
    2017-03-04 10:17

    Very Very Bad!

  • Andrey Martynov
    2017-03-01 12:29
    Andrey Martynov

    An excellent application for Android boxes. Solves numerous problems I have had with the standard YouTube application, not adapted to such a format. Specifically, it can be controlled in the "tab" remote control regime and it uses its own keyboard - no need to cope with my standard screen keyboard, which is Chinese by default.

  • Diwakar Gomes
    2017-02-21 18:19
    Diwakar Gomes

    Excellent. Was looking everywhere for a good YouTube TV app for Android TV box. Sign in and pairing with the phone was a breeze. App does need some optimisation in video playback. Other than that great work.

  • Pratik Dhimmaer
    2017-02-17 05:49
    Pratik Dhimmaer

    Pratik d dhimmar

  • Kiranmala Skzkajo Akjsksksk
    2017-02-16 06:12
    Kiranmala Skzkajo Akjsksksk


  • A Google user
    2017-02-14 19:02
    A Google user

    How To Change Video Quality

  • Vijay Kumar Sinha
    2017-02-14 01:19
    Vijay Kumar Sinha

    After 10 days.

  • Jose Ricardo Rodriguez Salinas
    2017-02-12 03:18
    Jose Ricardo Rodriguez Salinas

    The app kinda crashes on my tv, after some minutes of video playing, the controller, only in the app, stops responding and then closes. Hope it can be fixed. If it helps, my tv has 256mb on ram and uses dalvik.

  • nesim mosh
    2017-02-12 02:28
    nesim mosh

    perfect for my mitv 3 55 inch, dev please add 4k support and ability to change the resolution. Thanks i use it everyday!

  • David Diaz
    2017-02-12 00:59
    David Diaz

    awful. huge delay while playing the video. too bad

  • Norm Burns
    2017-02-08 20:09
    Norm Burns

    Audio goes wildly out of sync with video. I'm using a Tronsmart MXIII box. Please fix!

  • Larysius
    2017-02-08 11:35

    This is just a link to the YouTube TV webpage. It's what's on your smart tv's and newer streaming media boxes. What does this mean? It means my older Minix X8-H Plus box now has casting ability for YouTube from either my phone or laptop. That's what I believe it's intended use is. My older media box wasn't detected by my phone, tablet, or chrome browser because proper casting wasn't available yet and it's an older version of Android. This suit my needs perfectly!

  • Abbu baker Musani
    2017-02-06 17:11
    Abbu baker Musani

    audio problem for android lollipop after update

  • Moaaz AMNX
    2017-02-05 09:15
    Moaaz AMNX

    not working. badddddddd

  • Positive Vibe
    2017-01-29 20:19
    Positive Vibe

    It's great, thanks. But please work on it and make it run better. Thank you.

  • Ahmed Ibrahim Mohamed Adam
    2017-01-28 16:01
    Ahmed Ibrahim Mohamed Adam

    Doesnt work on my tv and aslo my mobile It didnt want to open any video

  • Christian Widargo
    2017-01-28 03:08
    Christian Widargo

    Good before the update. After the update a lot of freeze every 5 seconds.

  • Walid Osman
    2017-01-24 12:11
    Walid Osman

    For amlogic box android 4.2.2 the app installs and run ok but after the red youtube screen it open the webpage that device not supported. Please fix

  • A Google user
    2017-01-22 13:56
    A Google user

    Nalla illa

  • Nicola Ursino
    2017-01-18 16:17
    Nicola Ursino

    ...the app needs lots of improvements. The controls are good but the app still lacks of some features and more importantly functionality. When fast forwarding the audio desynchronizes for a bunch of seconds; no control on the video quality. You can't even know what quality are you watching; No way to read nor write video comments; no way to see the video description. No way to play linked videos; Keep improving and it will be perfect!

  • Nathan Cochran
    2017-01-14 01:19
    Nathan Cochran


  • A Google user
    2017-01-13 15:46
    A Google user

    this app good for me

  • Atif Khan
    2017-01-12 12:22
    Atif Khan

    Best app for non gapps Android TV

  • chea sokveasna
    2017-01-11 17:03
    chea sokveasna

    Please add aspect ratios 16:9

  • Yan Lindvor
    2017-01-09 21:26
    Yan Lindvor

    this app replaced google one on my tv-box. its more usfull and comfortable.

  • A Google user
    2017-01-09 20:59
    A Google user

    Just like the Blu-ray players YouTube

  • Daley Lay
    2017-01-05 02:03
    Daley Lay

    It certainly a good feature if the app can display these folder list at the menu section, additionally the subscription was there once but it is gone now

  • Andrew Weaver
    2017-01-04 15:12
    Andrew Weaver

    Works great on my android box!

  • Alessandro Parrino
    2017-01-03 23:08
    Alessandro Parrino

    measy u2c don't work

  • Michael Wentworth
    2017-01-01 01:34
    Michael Wentworth

    Would give 5 star but I can exit program without using keyboard my goal is to only use game controller

  • Simon Lios
    2016-12-31 04:49
    Simon Lios

    But no full screen for update on my mBx n200 android playbox

  • Daniel
    2016-12-27 15:07

    Waste of time

  • Kunal Khaladkar
    2016-12-25 12:29
    Kunal Khaladkar

    Audio video out of sync plzz fix this!!

  • Pavan Sai
    2016-12-14 02:24
    Pavan Sai

    This YouTube as low quality videos

  • A Google user
    2016-12-08 22:24
    A Google user

    This is so easy.

  • A Google user
    2016-12-04 16:22
    A Google user

    Thank you !

  • adil khan
    2016-12-03 05:54
    adil khan

    Must have app for Android TV I need similar apk for Hotstar, star sports,soni Liv ext

  • Marvin Chaplin
    2016-12-01 21:33
    Marvin Chaplin

    Great app so far. Is it possible to toggle off the four navigation arrows?

  • J van der Gryp
    2016-11-26 21:57
    J van der Gryp

    The only youtube app that still allows pairing on MINIX NEO. Just hope the crashing issue is solved at some point. I would love having casting back in my life again.

  • Mohamed Ahmed
    2016-11-25 19:40
    Mohamed Ahmed

    Crash every time I try to play a video .. Please fix it .. tested on Toshiba android tv v 4.4.2

  • Chris Taris
    2016-11-24 18:44
    Chris Taris

    Works great for the Minix neo u1, only way I found to cast for YouTube on the neo u1. Great setup and interface.

  • Joseph Villamor
    2016-11-23 04:41
    Joseph Villamor

    Works well on my m8s+ with full HD resolution. Thanks! been looking for you tube app for android tv box.

  • Dev Bhusal
    2016-11-19 01:58
    Dev Bhusal

    It couldnt be installed in my google tv. It just crashed while attempting to install

  • A Google user
    2016-11-19 00:52
    A Google user

    It's super

  • Jat of Rajasthan
    2016-11-16 03:30
    Jat of Rajasthan

    Nice and beautiful

  • A Google user
    2016-10-31 15:13
    A Google user

    Great youtube app for adroid box. Thanks dev team

  • Nguyen Khuyen
    2016-10-29 05:01
    Nguyen Khuyen

    It works on MXQ Pro 4K, but the frame rate is low, videos are not smooth

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