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Happy Wheels Zombie is a free game with realistic physics simulation. Happy wheels zombie is funny as like happy wheels with the blood effects game. Happy wheels zombie provides you with an infinite amount of levels.

All you have to do is to take the zombie to the other side with all his limbs as possible. Happy wheels zombie is easy to control, tap left or right to accelerate, a button will appear at the top to apply an impulse in case the zombie chair wheel is blocked.

In the Happy wheels zombie game you will certainly fall in a very funny situation, so get fun and play is now.        
com.fafa.happywheels 1.0 Update
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10.34 MB
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RAW Information
Package Name      : com.fafa.happywheels
Version           : 1.0 (1)
Min Sdk Level     : 9
Min Sdk Platform  : Android 2.3,2.3.1,2.3.2
Target Sdk Level     : 23
Target Sdk Platform  : Android 6.0

Permssions List
INTERNET : Allows applications to open network sockets. ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE : Allows applications to access information about networks
com.fafa.happywheels.AndroidLauncher (Launcher)
Reviews From google play store
  • Juicy Wa
    2016-12-22 19:40
    Juicy Wa

    I was looking for the real happy wheels

  • industrie burger
    2016-12-22 08:49
    industrie burger

    Decline, their should be no age restriction at all. If its to violent for yourself or son then don't even play the game. Mature games should not be locked from users when playing, consumers or customers like me download these games for the enjoyment and entertainment of its value. Capitalism is important when having its total sales even if the app is for free the creator can do whatever he pleases when making his software.

  • Daniel Pacheco
    2016-12-22 06:46
    Daniel Pacheco

    Porque? Es porque!

  • Gentry Berrett
    2016-12-22 02:37
    Gentry Berrett

    I would Give it zero stars if I could

  • Zachary Obringer
    2016-12-22 02:34
    Zachary Obringer

    I only like the good games

  • Timothy Howard
    2016-12-22 02:31
    Timothy Howard

    And I can't be bothered by actually paying attention to my child or doing any real parenting. I blame this app because he likes violent things now. Also, I'm offended by it and therefore it shouldn't exist. If you debate me your also a racist.

  • Cute CatPlayer37
    2016-12-21 22:40
    Cute CatPlayer37

    But thats granddad not zombie

  • Oliver S
    2016-12-21 19:53
    Oliver S


  • Alberta Collett
    2016-12-21 16:59
    Alberta Collett

    This was so fun

  • Cool Two
    2016-12-21 13:48
    Cool Two

    This doesn't work at all rubbish:(

  • Kitty_Whiskers_and_milk !
    2016-12-21 13:04
    Kitty_Whiskers_and_milk !

    Amazing...... And I have nothing to say about that. Although I prefer the real happy wheels I love this app. Nothing is wrong with it and I hate when people say "THEY SHOULD MAKE IT TELL YOU TO TELL THEM YOUR AGE," Or "THIS GAME IS HORRIBLE I WISH IT DIDNT EXIST!" I hate when people say that! Because guess what???? These people TRIED! How about u try to make a video game with them? You try. I wanna see it.

  • Shavez the great
    2016-12-21 09:24
    Shavez the great


  • Staci Bates
    2016-12-21 05:07
    Staci Bates


  • amelia the wierdo
    2016-12-20 20:22
    amelia the wierdo

    I guess it's okay but every 2 or 3 minutes it starts glitching

  • Amrit Sandhu
    2016-12-20 17:48
    Amrit Sandhu

    I love your games

  • Luka MacDonald
    2016-12-20 17:15
    Luka MacDonald

    Nah dont bother downloading it.

  • Tonia Farrar
    2016-12-20 17:14
    Tonia Farrar

    It is a awesome. I love it this game it is the best game i ever played.

  • The Collectors
    2016-12-20 16:59
    The Collectors

    This game is the best

  • All AboutMagic
    2016-12-20 14:13
    All AboutMagic


  • Icykingkori 0
    2016-12-20 11:27
    Icykingkori 0

    Get ready for some rubbish !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • A Google user
    2016-12-20 04:54
    A Google user

    Played the levels and had a good time. Should not be rated teen as it is as violent as pvz aka plants vs zombies. Great game and fun. The lightning bolt was a great idea.

  • Claudia senior
    2016-12-20 01:38
    Claudia senior

    It's good

  • wassabbi 80
    2016-12-19 22:30
    wassabbi 80

    Don't waste your time downloading this junk

  • A Google user
    2016-12-19 22:16
    A Google user

    Its super boring

  • Brian Huezo
    2016-12-19 20:40
    Brian Huezo

    It sucks. Just don't get it 😠😠😠

  • A Google user
    2016-12-19 07:49
    A Google user

    Its rated 12

  • Michael Pooran
    2016-12-18 22:27
    Michael Pooran

    Graphics: bad Controls: bad. Nothing like the original game

    2016-12-18 20:06

    This game is stupid I can't Evan log in!!!😠😠

  • Jessica Ahn
    2016-12-18 19:32
    Jessica Ahn

    It's a stupid idea to do this game

  • A Google user
    2016-12-18 18:43
    A Google user

    I love this game so much it is fun and awsome

  • Marcie Varela
    2016-12-18 15:53
    Marcie Varela

    Not my thing but I still kind of like it. I don't like it because it's all grandpa.

  • Lucas Pires
    2016-12-18 12:50
    Lucas Pires

    I wanted the normal version it is so stupid!😣

  • Logi yt
    2016-12-18 12:23
    Logi yt

    More characters

  • RLG Scenic
    2016-12-17 19:53
    RLG Scenic

    It's the same levels over again it's stupid

  • S Stewart
    2016-12-16 23:13
    S Stewart

    Kinda addictive.

  • AnisSufiah
    2016-12-16 19:04

    Not cool at all ,

  • ASAP Fishing
    2016-12-15 03:21
    ASAP Fishing

    Not bad but not the best

  • Letha Harris
    2016-12-14 22:36
    Letha Harris

    Does downloading get into just decided to download again I'm Xavier looking like about this being inappropriate your kid has ADHD ever heard of it, I'm a kid and I have ADHD sometimes I say them

  • jovanni Rojas
    2016-12-14 21:06
    jovanni Rojas

    Nothing like the real one

  • Nanu Thakkar
    2016-12-14 15:39
    Nanu Thakkar

    Good game but search on youtube jelly he is playing ur game and he is making ur game good and popular good game excellent work on game

  • best youtuber99 pp
    2016-12-14 10:57
    best youtuber99 pp

    What happened to the normal happy wheels

  • Krystal Ventura
    2016-12-14 03:18
    Krystal Ventura

    It has a los of blood and Lotus of boring things 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

  • JazzyMO 100
    2016-12-14 01:15
    JazzyMO 100

    Absolutely awful. Nothing like original happy wheels, it's so lame don't waste ur time

  • Jacob Berry
    2016-12-13 05:23
    Jacob Berry

    Fun game, people if your kids are playing this and saying or doing inappropriate things, maybe you should point that finger at yourself, it's as simple as parental control, a literal setting on every phone... don't blame the team that made this

  • Rafiqul Islam
    2016-12-12 19:28
    Rafiqul Islam

    Its not the best but it is good i might review it on my channel so ya

  • peter murray
    2016-12-12 16:58
    peter murray

    Luke lockrie is right

  • deadslayer boiii
    2016-12-12 13:41
    deadslayer boiii


  • Lexi kelly
    2016-12-12 13:24
    Lexi kelly

    I loved it the multiple cars in a row and boxes you people should be proud that they even made the game and you tried it so,my grandma said to me "if you don't have anything nice to say don't say it!"

  • Kyra Vlogs
    2016-12-12 13:08
    Kyra Vlogs

    bad but ok. you cant change you charictors.

  • A Google user
    2016-12-12 12:31
    A Google user

    I love this game sooo muchπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜Š

  • jonathan parker
    2016-12-11 22:03
    jonathan parker

    The real happy wheels is more fun

  • Mr.FlyingOstrich Ostrich
    2016-12-11 17:33
    Mr.FlyingOstrich Ostrich


  • superman 456
    2016-12-11 14:40
    superman 456

    It's the werse

  • Jay Windhorst
    2016-12-11 11:21
    Jay Windhorst

    Do not download it is nothing like happy wheels and is a disgrace!!!

  • Talon Malloni
    2016-12-11 07:02
    Talon Malloni

    I like happy wheels

  • Terrance Wilkerson
    2016-12-10 23:57
    Terrance Wilkerson


  • daily bumps fave
    2016-12-10 18:47
    daily bumps fave

    This is inappropriate for some people. My son luke has been playing on this and has been saying disturbing things ever since. You should make it so people have to show their age.

  • Morgan Waggoner
    2016-12-10 16:18
    Morgan Waggoner

    I love this game

    2016-12-10 14:43

    This game is so lame...I was looking for the real thing but I found a wack and lamo game.Happy Wheels Zombie...more like Boring Wheels Zombie.SOOO LLLAAAMMMEEE

  • A Google user
    2016-12-10 11:48
    A Google user

    It was horrible

  • Ladiibug
    2016-12-10 01:03

    I get on this game every time😎😎

  • Mavis Tumbleson
    2016-12-09 23:26
    Mavis Tumbleson

    Sooo awesome

  • A Google user
    2016-12-09 21:13
    A Google user

    If this game is suppose to be Lake happy wheels its not and all you can do is move back and forward its so boing😀😀😀😀😀!!!!!!!!!

  • jessica vinson
    2016-12-09 18:22
    jessica vinson

    We will be in touch

  • billyjack gilby
    2016-12-09 16:56
    billyjack gilby

    It was so cool because I love the way u can flip when ure still which is cool ceep up the good work😍😍😍

  • A Google user
    2016-12-08 23:01
    A Google user


  • Hd LILBELTON3 Swish
    2016-12-08 21:05
    Hd LILBELTON3 Swish

    This game is stupid I don't know what the creater even made this game so stupid 😭😭😭😭

  • jamieplayz games
    2016-12-08 17:06
    jamieplayz games

    It cold be a bit better loading takes way too long so fix it plese

  • Anthony Head
    2016-12-08 16:28
    Anthony Head

    Toooo goood I hope u can make it EVEN BETTER!!!

  • Abraham Romero
    2016-12-08 02:52
    Abraham Romero

    I love this game

  • games&things
    2016-12-08 01:37

    I love the game Happy Wheels but with ZOMBIES! Totally awesome idea. Love itπŸ˜€

  • Paula Carpenter
    2016-12-08 00:33
    Paula Carpenter


  • Gaming Hunter243608
    2016-12-07 22:20
    Gaming Hunter243608

    it sucks it won't jump left right it doesn't have good moves like the original happy wheels, compared to happy wheels it is a mistake

  • A Google user
    2016-12-07 17:27
    A Google user

    Fix it and I'll get it again

  • Kennedy Wilson
    2016-12-07 02:31
    Kennedy Wilson

    It is amazing but OK l love it okay

  • Randy Boyer
    2016-12-06 22:24
    Randy Boyer

    It's okay to play while pooping.

  • Toni Andrew
    2016-12-06 03:58
    Toni Andrew

    It the best

  • A Google user
    2016-12-05 23:59
    A Google user

    You can only be the hobo and don't get to pick the levels!!Use the lightning bolt to get up.

  • gage flick
    2016-12-05 20:35
    gage flick

    Worst game ever

  • A Google user
    2016-12-05 18:50
    A Google user

    A some

  • Shevi Smith
    2016-12-05 01:23
    Shevi Smith

    the best no wonder markiplier pkays this

  • William Hardwick
    2016-12-05 01:20
    William Hardwick

    Copy cat

  • gimme a silver play button without a vid
    2016-12-04 22:16
    gimme a silver play button without a vid

    The graphics are rubbish and NO BLOOD the only thing I like about the normal happy wheels is the blood

  • A Google user
    2016-12-04 21:30
    A Google user

    Terrible app

  • Same Ze polish -
    2016-12-04 16:36
    Same Ze polish -


  • scard shadow
    2016-12-04 10:12
    scard shadow


  • Hannah Taylor
    2016-12-04 03:10
    Hannah Taylor

    very good game

  • Kristin Wright
    2016-12-03 21:32
    Kristin Wright


  • A Google user
    2016-12-03 19:38
    A Google user

    Nothing had she did it. I am in bed and wii is good so be careful with the new place and wii, I think we should be there in the morning so I'm gonna have a great weekend, but the other than a year ago. I have been a fan of your blog and wanted you show me your email and wii vs x ray the new one? if you have to get some food for yt? to be the day shy about to think a is day this morning re but for real I'd it's I even they an ??

  • spencer
    2016-12-03 17:11

    Not the best

  • Gangsta Goose
    2016-12-02 23:26
    Gangsta Goose

    nothing like happy wheels

  • Killer123 Killer
    2016-12-02 14:58
    Killer123 Killer


  • Lolz Polz
    2016-12-02 08:28
    Lolz Polz


  • C.Jdrag Lawrence
    2016-12-02 02:04
    C.Jdrag Lawrence

    It is so dum

  • BandanaBoy123 BandanaBoy123
    2016-12-01 19:20
    BandanaBoy123 BandanaBoy123

    Best game ever

  • Nicole Serem
    2016-12-01 18:00
    Nicole Serem


  • Chad Muller
    2016-12-01 06:35
    Chad Muller

    I love it dis game

  • A Google user
    2016-11-30 23:48
    A Google user

    I Love it

  • Phil-inem
    2016-11-30 23:47

    Sucks badly

  • Harvey Golden
    2016-11-30 01:59
    Harvey Golden

    Xjnsbcbxyxxchsushfbdb dc husband u don't want a private chat between the two of my jackets one shirt and my bandana y y. S. Sucker for pain and I'm in my mom's house. T mobile. I can't just be. T. I y. I y. s. I y. I y

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