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Epic Games, Inc



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Fortnite has come to Google Play! Squad up and compete to be the last one standing in Battle Royale, or use your imagination to build your dream Fortnite in Creative. 

On mobile, Fortnite is the same game you know from PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Mac, Switch. Same map, same gameplay, same weekly updates. Build your fort as you battle to be the last one standing. Jump in and squad up with friends around the world or in the same room!

Powered by Unreal Engine 4.

CREATIVE - Enter a universe of endless creative possibilities. Play games with your friends and explore countless community creations. Head to the Creative hub to check out new featured Islands every day.

BUILD & DESTROY - Shape the battlefield by building your own cover. Opponent hiding behind a wall? Take out their cover to get the edge.

GEAR UP - Board the battle bus and drop in on your favorite zone. Gather resources, collect gear, and battle your opponents! Last one standing wins.

SQUAD UP WITH FRIENDS - Team up with your friends around the world or in the same room!

EPIC UPDATES & EVENTS - Weekly updates constantly fuel the fun. New gameplay modes, serious and insane new looks for your avatar, new weapons and items….Fortnite is always expanding.

CONSOLE GAMING ON THE GO - Play the full game anytime, anywhere. Complete quests on the go, progress your Battle Pass, and more.
Fortnite 13.20.0-13777676-Android Update
Splash down into Chapter 2 - Season 3! Survive more than just the Storm in the aftermath of its revenge. As the Island adapts to its flooded way of life, stay afloat, take on new enemies and new challenges. Haven't tried Fortnite before? Explore the Island and check out what's new. Dive in!
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165.54 MB
Epic Games, Inc
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RAW Information
Package Name      : com.epicgames.fortnite
Version           : 12.30.0-12624643-Android (12624643)
Min Sdk Level     : 21
Min Sdk Platform  : Android 5.0
Target Sdk Level     : 21
Target Sdk Platform  : Android 5.0

Permssions List
INTERNET : Allows applications to open network sockets. WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : Allows an application to write to external storage. ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE : Allows applications to access information about networks WAKE_LOCK : Allows using PowerManager WakeLocks to keep processor from sleeping or screen from dimming CHECK_LICENSE : ACCESS_WIFI_STATE : Allows applications to access information about Wi-Fi networks RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED : Allows an application to receive the ACTION_BOOT_COMPLETED that is broadcast after the system finishes booting. MODIFY_AUDIO_SETTINGS : Allows an application to modify global audio settings VIBRATE : Allows access to the vibrator BILLING : BLUETOOTH : Allows applications to connect to paired bluetooth devices GET_ACCOUNTS : Allows access to the list of accounts in the Accounts Service FOREGROUND_SERVICE : RECORD_AUDIO : Allows an application to record audio RECEIVE : C2D_MESSAGE : REQUEST_INSTALL_PACKAGES : DOWNLOAD_WITHOUT_NOTIFICATION :
com.epicgames.ue4.SplashActivity (Launcher) com.epicgames.ue4.GameActivity com.epicgames.fortnite.DownloaderActivity com.epicgames.kairos.KairosActivity
Reviews From google play store
  • Hamza Saadi
    2020-06-21 17:35
    Hamza Saadi


  • Linda Sisco
    2020-06-21 17:33
    Linda Sisco

    Hard but not to hard 😍 this game

  • Aidan Snodgrass
    2020-06-21 17:32
    Aidan Snodgrass

    Great game

  • E Z
    2020-06-21 17:32
    E Z

    Great game with enjoyment of unreal engine experience. I played almost all battle arenas available in google play, well we cannot compare this with Garena free fire or Pubg or Call of Duty. As all games are different, similarly this game is unique of its own. Just give it a try, you will truly ENJOY. Only factors are that the game size is really too big than all other battle arenas for android and you might face slight lag if you are on a very old/low end devices.

  • Bruce her
    2020-06-21 17:28
    Bruce her

    It's just good Lol

  • deadpoolgaming ww2
    2020-06-21 17:27
    deadpoolgaming ww2

    I love this game

  • Tulsidai Singh
    2020-06-21 17:25
    Tulsidai Singh

    It is the best thing that ever has been made

  • Ded Flo
    2020-06-21 17:24
    Ded Flo

    Very good

  • ibrahim allibalogun
    2020-06-21 17:24
    ibrahim allibalogun

    This is the best season ever

  • ridwana patel
    2020-06-21 17:21
    ridwana patel

    Fortnite used to be the best game ever but now it is not

  • Leo falcon
    2020-06-21 17:21
    Leo falcon

    Boring and company doesn't listen to the community, too many sweats and skill matchmaking sucks so hard

  • Jackson DePetrillo
    2020-06-21 17:19
    Jackson DePetrillo

    Its so fun i recommend buying it its free!And i have it and its my favorite game.

  • Beau Giglio
    2020-06-21 17:18
    Beau Giglio


  • Wilmer Murillo
    2020-06-21 17:17
    Wilmer Murillo

    to op need to take it away

  • Gabriel Hasky
    2020-06-21 17:15
    Gabriel Hasky

    The best game

  • Maureen Joyce
    2020-06-21 17:14
    Maureen Joyce

    Just got it and I love it It's so fun I just want my mom to get me the battle pass

  • Ethan Johnson
    2020-06-21 17:10
    Ethan Johnson

    The graphics are horrible

  • SewerRat Senior
    2020-06-21 17:10
    SewerRat Senior


  • danielle quinn
    2020-06-21 17:08
    danielle quinn


  • ninjacoolboy1 98
    2020-06-21 17:07
    ninjacoolboy1 98

    It's the best game I have ever played

  • Jagsir Dhaliwal
    2020-06-21 17:05
    Jagsir Dhaliwal

    I like this app because i have another console i could play on and i had a lot experience with this game on my other console and can one you guys give me a soccer skin please and my user is on my Nintendo is himmat65498

  • Hadis Bytyqi
    2020-06-21 17:05
    Hadis Bytyqi

    Good but gets my Phone hot a little to fast.

  • Connor Skarsten
    2020-06-21 17:03
    Connor Skarsten

    Fortnite made the worst season possible they removed the pump twice now and brought in the garbage charge shotgun

    2020-06-21 17:01

    Its lagging

  • Laura Busby
    2020-06-21 17:00
    Laura Busby

    Very fun

  • Dude Howell
    2020-06-21 16:56
    Dude Howell

    Good really really good

  • Shayn Keyes
    2020-06-21 16:50
    Shayn Keyes

    The game itself is fine but the controls are what bug me, the movement is incredibly clunky and activates anywhere on the left side of the screen despite not having a floating joystick making getting used to physically looking around in a battle probably the most challenging aspect apart from the pvp itself

  • Frank Kinyua
    2020-06-21 16:50
    Frank Kinyua


  • Clare Smith
    2020-06-21 16:49
    Clare Smith

    Good my name on xbox is TTVcharlie12

  • Ahmed Adelgaming2 Songs and live sports
    2020-06-21 16:48
    Ahmed Adelgaming2 Songs and live sports


  • Fire Gamer
    2020-06-21 16:42
    Fire Gamer

    It is the best battel royal game Thanks Epic Games

  • Ammar Mattar
    2020-06-21 16:39
    Ammar Mattar

    It garbage

  • Numan
    2020-06-21 16:38

    Takes lot of loading on Snapdragon 855

  • Kandarp Acharya
    2020-06-21 16:34
    Kandarp Acharya

    even after downloading HD graphic data, game can't switch to HD graphic.. why???? Aand its not about my cellphone, my phone is SAMSUNG A70S with 8/256 memory. So what i have to do? is there any solution?

  • Olsi Cipi
    2020-06-21 16:32
    Olsi Cipi

    I will give my heart for this game is so op

  • Lorena Hellein
    2020-06-21 16:28
    Lorena Hellein

    Can you add a ps4 and Xbox game controller can you make mobile arena easy.

  • Aimee Evilcizer
    2020-06-21 16:27
    Aimee Evilcizer


  • Floyd Mallett
    2020-06-21 16:24
    Floyd Mallett

    Cool but I need skins richhboiijay if you would like to offer some skins or just be my friend

    2020-06-21 16:23

    Best game ever

  • Gaurav Mittal
    2020-06-21 16:22
    Gaurav Mittal

    Teri maaka bhosda 7.9GB Teri Amma aake degi!! Madar bhagat!

  • 0YOXSIΞ0 00
    2020-06-21 16:22
    0YOXSIΞ0 00

    Best game ever.

  • Ahed Shehabi
    2020-06-21 16:21
    Ahed Shehabi

    It's a best game in the world

  • Mona Diwan
    2020-06-21 16:21
    Mona Diwan

    The best GAME IN THIS WHOLE WORLD !!!!!

  • bharat sharma
    2020-06-21 16:21
    bharat sharma

    We need to change the location of buttons, but there is no options...

  • Meta Knight565
    2020-06-21 16:18
    Meta Knight565

    My favorite game so many great cosmetics and weapon pools with tons of friendly people to have a good time with in this app Best weapon pool Currently BEST GAME TO EVER EXIST.

  • Melissa Arellano
    2020-06-21 16:18
    Melissa Arellano

    I lovvvvvvve fortnite.

  • edimar zorilla
    2020-06-21 16:15
    edimar zorilla

    Auto close after update. fyi snapdragon 855 andreno 640 8gb ram 256storage

  • Melissa Clarke
    2020-06-21 16:14
    Melissa Clarke

    This game is amazing,fun and overall just good!

  • Junior Robinson
    2020-06-21 16:12
    Junior Robinson

    Awesome game

  • Candie Meadows
    2020-06-21 16:11
    Candie Meadows

    Savage and im insane jarvas

  • Sudeb Das
    2020-06-21 16:07
    Sudeb Das


  • Audralee Wiley
    2020-06-21 16:05
    Audralee Wiley

    All I have to say is great game

  • bulldogman123 gang
    2020-06-21 16:02
    bulldogman123 gang

    I can't load it after every update

  • Abbud Abbud
    2020-06-21 16:01
    Abbud Abbud


  • Franchesca Jimenez
    2020-06-21 15:58
    Franchesca Jimenez

    I play switch it is fun

  • Draconis Moonfeather
    2020-06-21 15:57
    Draconis Moonfeather

    It is the greatest game ever

  • Madison Clark
    2020-06-21 15:55
    Madison Clark

    This is my favorite game

  • Salzy II
    2020-06-21 15:49
    Salzy II

    Love it I bought it on all devices xbox,ps4,pc,switch,mobile great game love it.

    2020-06-21 15:48

    Best game ever

  • Hayley Brown
    2020-06-21 15:47
    Hayley Brown


  • Lauren Weston
    2020-06-21 15:45
    Lauren Weston

    I am an Android user and enjoy playing the game but there are so many bugs that it gets frustrating to play and I don't want to play anymore. I am forever freezing in game and just disconnecting halfway through. I also lose audio in game where people cannot hear me and I cannot hear them, this happens in the loading screens but also in game a lot. So although I enjoy playing this game (when it is working properly) it is also very frustrating with all the lags and glitches, Epic games please fix.

  • Alisha Malikk10
    2020-06-21 15:35
    Alisha Malikk10

    Its a fun game but the dleay the season to much and then it get boring the should fix the pump and everyone is complaining abuot aim asist just stop ✋ complaining and play the game and get good at the game you nobs and fix the henchman the have just to good aim like aimbot and you needed to fix the delayed of the charge pump and all of the guns just does to litel damage fix it epic games just fix your game pls i beg you

  • Sandip Gahukar
    2020-06-21 15:34
    Sandip Gahukar

    It is so good Thank you

  • Ali Maftah
    2020-06-21 15:34
    Ali Maftah


    2020-06-21 15:28

    The game is pretty good and really impressed but need to be more optimised

  • нагіsн мегцgц
    2020-06-21 15:27
    нагіsн мегцgц

    Must try

  • Rayyan Rayyan
    2020-06-21 15:24
    Rayyan Rayyan

    Really gud

  • Andrew Womack150
    2020-06-21 15:22
    Andrew Womack150

    Coming from the switch, this is a very different game

  • surayah fatima
    2020-06-21 15:22
    surayah fatima


  • Angelina Lopez
    2020-06-21 15:21
    Angelina Lopez


  • Lakshyaplays 90s
    2020-06-21 15:16
    Lakshyaplays 90s

    This game is amazing especially the new season don't let others influence your opinion follow your path your opinion and ideology

  • robert kalebka
    2020-06-21 15:13
    robert kalebka

    It's amazing the best

  • Rizvi Tahseen
    2020-06-21 15:12
    Rizvi Tahseen

    It's the best game I've ever played I've been playing from season 6

    2020-06-21 15:12


  • Nimeesh Srivastava
    2020-06-21 15:09
    Nimeesh Srivastava

    Best game ever existed

  • Sirajul Islam
    2020-06-21 15:06
    Sirajul Islam

    I love this game Yay

  • Caleb Drotzur
    2020-06-21 15:04
    Caleb Drotzur


  • Vedant Ray
    2020-06-21 15:04
    Vedant Ray

    Good game but....... First of all that this game is 8 GB and has not much of what you would expect. But I am fine with it. But then Chapter 2 season 3 comes and I don't know why this is AGAIN ASKING FOR 8 GB UPDATE. I mean seriously. Like I have to waste 8 GB of data every month for just this. And my daily limit is 2 GB per day of data how will I play the game then. Not acceptable epic. But y'all did a good job in JUST COMPRESSING THE GAME AND PUTTING TOUCHSCREEN CONTROLS AND LAUNCHING THE GAME.

  • Amalina Azman
    2020-06-21 15:03
    Amalina Azman


  • Zeeshan Khan
    2020-06-21 15:00
    Zeeshan Khan

    Best battle royals game

  • Zahra Jama
    2020-06-21 14:59
    Zahra Jama

    Best game

  • Ann Richf
    2020-06-21 14:57
    Ann Richf


  • JSI _
    2020-06-21 14:55
    JSI _

    It's ok but it lags to much

  • Caoz Cryptic
    2020-06-21 14:55
    Caoz Cryptic


  • Barb Ireland
    2020-06-21 14:55
    Barb Ireland

    This is the best game in the world

  • Ashiwaju ebunoluwa
    2020-06-21 14:50
    Ashiwaju ebunoluwa

    Can you reduce the space cause dont got space

  • Soul Anime Music
    2020-06-21 14:49
    Soul Anime Music

    Not 5 starts cuz llamas spawn underwater so you cant get them that's all

  • Navjeetbnbb Kaur
    2020-06-21 14:48
    Navjeetbnbb Kaur

    The BEST game ewerrrrr

  • Kayla Munday
    2020-06-21 14:43
    Kayla Munday

    It's a good game but could use some changes

  • Gemma Briggs
    2020-06-21 14:42
    Gemma Briggs

    Good game A lot of guns

  • gemma Allan
    2020-06-21 14:40
    gemma Allan


  • Melissa coury
    2020-06-21 14:36
    Melissa coury

    Good really good

  • elion Krasniqi
    2020-06-21 14:35
    elion Krasniqi

    Shum loj e fort😂

    2020-06-21 14:33

    I can play fortnie

  • cute mulbarry
    2020-06-21 14:30
    cute mulbarry

    This is the best game ever 😇😊❤️

  • Ali XXL
    2020-06-21 14:29
    Ali XXL

    Best Game ever

  • Antonia Hussey
    2020-06-21 14:21
    Antonia Hussey

    love it best game ever

  • Exotic- plasma
    2020-06-21 14:15
    Exotic- plasma

    Dumb game do t install everyone just sweats and it's is no fun

    2020-06-21 14:08

    best game ever made

  • Malusi Mambo
    2020-06-21 14:07
    Malusi Mambo

    It good and fun

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