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Duo Mobile
Duo Mobile works with Duo Security's two-factor authentication service to make logins more secure. The application generates passcodes for login and can receive push notifications for easy, one-tap authentication.

Additionally, you can use Duo Mobile to manage two-factor authentication for other application and web services that make use of passcodes.

Note: For Duo accounts, Duo Mobile needs to be activated and linked to your account before it will work. You will receive an activation link as part of Duo's enrollment process. You may add third-party accounts at any time.

Additionally, we will request access to use your camera for the sole purpose of scanning QR codes when activating accounts. Accounts can be activated by other methods if you choose not to do so.

License agreements for third-party Open Source libraries used in Duo Mobile can be found at https://www.duosecurity.com/legal/open-source-licenses.

For the latest Terms and Conditions see https://duo.com/legal/terms
Duo Mobile 3.37.1 Update
We're always working to improve user experience in Duo Mobile. This update introduces various behind-the-scenes improvements and minor bug fixes to enhance your authentication experience.
More Information
9.57 MB
Duo Security, Inc.
Update Date:

RAW Information
Package Name      : com.duosecurity.duomobile
Version           : 3.31.2 (331201)
Min Sdk Level     : 23
Min Sdk Platform  : Android 6.0
Target Sdk Level     : 28
Target Sdk Platform  : Android 9.0

Permssions List
RECEIVE : VIBRATE : Allows access to the vibrator INTERNET : Allows applications to open network sockets. CAMERA : Required to be able to access the camera device. ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE : Allows applications to access information about networks USE_FINGERPRINT : WAKE_LOCK : Allows using PowerManager WakeLocks to keep processor from sleeping or screen from dimming BIND_GET_INSTALL_REFERRER_SERVICE : RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED : Allows an application to receive the ACTION_BOOT_COMPLETED that is broadcast after the system finishes booting. FOREGROUND_SERVICE :
com.duosecurity.duomobile.account_list.ReorderAccountsActivity com.duosecurity.duomobile.settings.SettingsActivity com.duosecurity.duomobile.activation.AddAccountActivity com.duosecurity.duomobile.push.CheckPushActivity com.duosecurity.duomobile.account_list.EditAccountActivity com.duosecurity.duomobile.account_list.AccountListActivity (Launcher) com.duosecurity.duomobile.activation.ChooseAccountTypeManualActivationActivity com.duosecurity.duomobile.security_checkup.DeviceInfoActivity com.duosecurity.duomobile.restore.DuoRestoreActivity com.duosecurity.duomobile.trusted_endpoints.TrustedEndpointsVerificationActivity com.duosecurity.duomobile.activation.ReactivationWebViewActivity com.duosecurity.duomobile.activation.AdminReactivationActivity com.duosecurity.duomobile.activation.PreReactivationActivity com.duosecurity.duomobile.activation.DuoAccountReactivationActivity com.duosecurity.duomobile.activation.ThirdPartyReactivationActivity com.duosecurity.duomobile.security_checkup.SecurityCheckupRemediationActivity com.duosecurity.duomobile.activation.ThirdPartyManualActivationActivity com.duosecurity.duomobile.activation.DuoManualActivationActivity com.duosecurity.duomobile.restore.DuoRestoreSetRecoveryPasswordActivity com.duosecurity.duomobile.restore.RestoreDrilldownActivity com.duosecurity.duomobile.account_list.AboutPasscodesActivity com.duosecurity.duomobile.activation.OfflineAccountNamingActivity com.duosecurity.duomobile.activation.OfflineReactivationActivity com.duosecurity.duomobile.restore.InstantRestoreQrCodeActivity com.google.android.gms.auth.api.signin.internal.SignInHubActivity com.journeyapps.barcodescanner.CaptureActivity com.google.android.gms.common.api.GoogleApiActivity
Reviews From google play store
  • Chris Fritz
    2020-05-21 05:33
    Chris Fritz

    Please get push notifications for my Samsung Active 2 to work and it's five stars, for sure. I'm using the Samsung Active 2 on a Pixel 3.

  • Akki Kiran Kumar
    2020-05-21 03:39
    Akki Kiran Kumar

    Many times out of sync, doesn't pop up for code when logged into system

  • Jason Jobudon
    2020-05-21 03:19
    Jason Jobudon


  • Jane Aldrich
    2020-05-21 00:11
    Jane Aldrich

    Haven't been able to get it to work on Galaxy S9.

  • Shree Nadh
    2020-05-20 14:06
    Shree Nadh

    Wooow what an amazing app ,

  • Felix Ip
    2020-05-20 02:03
    Felix Ip

    Horrible positioning of videos. I mean, cutting people to only a square box is not really conclusive for modern day video on wide screen or even vertical block. How are you going to "sit" two or three people in a square box.

  • AmirReza Saba
    2020-05-19 23:58
    AmirReza Saba

    Just does not work propably, Hi First of all thank you for respond. Yesterday i tried a few times to reconfigure my email on my phone ( I had to change my password). It keep asking for Duo verification, when request to send notification to Duo, it Keep saying cannot recognize the device I cannot recal the exact error message , however, it was so irritating.

  • Tosib Malek
    2020-05-19 23:53
    Tosib Malek

    This App is very helpful 😊 I using this app and Secure my Instagram account

  • Andy Smale
    2020-05-19 21:00
    Andy Smale

    Works exactly as required

  • Mohd Zubair
    2020-05-19 19:19
    Mohd Zubair

    Amazing app , but increase more protection from hackers who hack ids

  • Michael Bassani
    2020-05-19 18:34
    Michael Bassani

    Just poorly designed and not intuitive on how to use this app with my accounts. At least put some instructions in the app on how it functions.

  • Bashid Ali
    2020-05-19 11:51
    Bashid Ali

    How should i get the qr code?

  • Nandkishore Jagtap
    2020-05-19 06:24
    Nandkishore Jagtap


  • Carol Johnson
    2020-05-19 05:53
    Carol Johnson

    I was told my phone was adaptable but i need a newer version to run this program

  • Jenny Monson
    2020-05-19 03:34
    Jenny Monson

    It's ok. Better than nothing and it's free and user friendly. More than I can say for Zoom and other talk shows 😄

  • Kendall Pearl
    2020-05-18 20:09
    Kendall Pearl

    I was forced to download this for school and still have to use it. The idea is nice, but it is too much of a hassle. You can only add certain devices onto the approved user list and even then, you still have to approve them half of the time. I even have to approve the device the app is registered on. It is way more of a hassle than a help. It's easier to just be responsible with your login credentials.

  • Barbara Robinson
    2020-05-18 17:26
    Barbara Robinson

    I Like it because it dosent drop my calls .

  • Madhuran Thiagarajah
    2020-05-18 00:23
    Madhuran Thiagarajah

    Garbage. Got a new device, tried the call option, it says call answered, I get no answer.

  • Michael McCabe
    2020-05-17 17:39
    Michael McCabe

    Dummy proof

  • Zorach M. Spira
    2020-05-17 15:55
    Zorach M. Spira

    Not what I was looking for, at all!

  • The Outcasts
    2020-05-17 02:09
    The Outcasts

    PLEASE HELP I deleted the app and reinstalled it because I logged off my Instagram and needed it to get back in so there was a sign up and I never sign up I just opened it and it was done so now i can't log back in I am really starting to stress out because I've been trying to get back in to my Instagram and cant. So if anyone could help me with this?

  • L E R
    2020-05-17 01:57
    L E R

    Setup was confusing for me. I could not get pass the security code third party accounts setup to get it functioning. Whatsapp was really easy to setup.

  • Uday Rane
    2020-05-16 19:11
    Uday Rane

    Working great.

  • TAG Vines Official
    2020-05-16 14:50
    TAG Vines Official

    Very Awesome App ! Makes my life easier than before !

  • Prabhakar Hebbar
    2020-05-16 08:03
    Prabhakar Hebbar

    Needs improvement

  • Trixie ann Quieta
    2020-05-15 23:53
    Trixie ann Quieta

    Very good

  • Michelle Brown
    2020-05-15 16:02
    Michelle Brown

    So far, I can't even get it to install. Been half an hour and it's just not doing anything. First time an app has done this.

  • No
    2020-05-15 14:33

    Bloated, rent-seeking. 45 megabytes for a bad TOTP app!

  • Nina Teresa
    2020-05-15 11:51
    Nina Teresa

    It used to work fine on another device. Now I can no longer log-in to my Facebook account even if I use the log-in codes.

  • Samuel Kwota
    2020-05-15 09:54
    Samuel Kwota

    Very nice, good for security.

  • Shashank katiyar
    2020-05-15 05:15
    Shashank katiyar

    Nice app

  • NiçkyHafiźź
    2020-05-15 02:26


  • Kannadasan E
    2020-05-15 00:54
    Kannadasan E

    it like security authentication purpose using

  • Maxx Battle
    2020-05-15 00:16
    Maxx Battle

    I keep getting security code copy & paste..system says "not valid" help

  • Sandra Salinas
    2020-05-14 22:01
    Sandra Salinas

    Will not download...

  • Teko Malefane
    2020-05-14 15:41
    Teko Malefane


  • Adam Pagan
    2020-05-14 10:43
    Adam Pagan

    Doesnt work. App is garbage, no user support. No way to unregister once you've done it once. Faulty software.

  • Mohammad fuzail
    2020-05-14 06:21
    Mohammad fuzail

    It is good app to communicate for every one

  • sherry hilderbrand
    2020-05-13 15:41
    sherry hilderbrand

    Will not accept code after bar code scanned

  • sandeep rathod
    2020-05-13 13:53
    sandeep rathod


  • jam1037
    2020-05-13 13:44

    With out a lap top to scan barcode this ap sucks

  • Valam LN
    2020-05-13 06:15
    Valam LN

    No wear is support

  • Eduardo Jurado
    2020-05-12 19:24
    Eduardo Jurado


  • Jon C
    2020-05-12 18:27
    Jon C

    Not convenient.

  • Nayana Gowda
    2020-05-12 15:34
    Nayana Gowda

    by this app i have lost my insta acc... it is asking fir security code.. but not accepting

  • Amaurys U
    2020-05-12 14:14
    Amaurys U

    I just dont like i cant tell which account is which, and dont know how to erase older ones

  • Shinnosuke Tokuda
    2020-05-12 07:25
    Shinnosuke Tokuda

    miserable University of Buffalo forced me to install this and enable 2fa

  • Doug Hensley
    2020-05-11 23:12
    Doug Hensley

    Duo won't send me push notifications. I'm left locked out. You suck.

    2020-05-11 20:18

    Crazy app ever when using it in galaxy s20 ultra 😭

  • devendrasingh pannu
    2020-05-10 20:01
    devendrasingh pannu


  • Rashedul islam
    2020-05-10 06:55
    Rashedul islam


  • Becky Rubel
    2020-05-10 06:47
    Becky Rubel

    Easy app for video chat

  • Dawn Marie Pari
    2020-05-09 22:28
    Dawn Marie Pari

    I have constant issues loosing connection throughout my entire shift.

  • Westbank Trade
    2020-05-09 20:56
    Westbank Trade

    Good enough

  • dwight watson
    2020-05-09 15:18
    dwight watson


  • Efua Ke
    2020-05-09 05:09
    Efua Ke

    Fake app doesn't work...giving codes that never work. Total waste of time guys. I'm only rating it 1 star cause I won't be able to post review if I don't, otherwise ig doesn't deserve any rating.

  • neeraj shukla
    2020-05-08 18:17
    neeraj shukla

    Great app

  • Subhendu Ghatak
    2020-05-08 09:21
    Subhendu Ghatak


    2020-05-08 05:56

    Good App!!

  • Eric Netznik
    2020-05-07 17:25
    Eric Netznik

    Unable to know how to properly USE this app?

  • Jennifer Thacker
    2020-05-07 16:39
    Jennifer Thacker

    Really wish I were able to set names/icons of third party apps. Not helpful otherwise but it does work well.

  • santhosh swagger
    2020-05-07 14:13
    santhosh swagger

    Good as of now.. Easy to register.

  • Kellen Hedaro
    2020-05-07 12:01
    Kellen Hedaro

    i've seen a lot of negative reviews here but i downloaded it anyways. good thing it works well to me so i rate it 5 stars.

  • NH Aminul Islam
    2020-05-07 08:20
    NH Aminul Islam

    This apps good for me.

  • Brittany Kippes
    2020-05-06 21:51
    Brittany Kippes

    Works very poorly, and cannot get registered.

  • John Ondik
    2020-05-06 19:10
    John Ondik


  • Evon Stewart
    2020-05-06 18:52
    Evon Stewart


  • Reem Zaghloul
    2020-05-06 14:07
    Reem Zaghloul

    I used this app earlier on another account and now it's not working properly

  • Joyce Bruss
    2020-05-06 06:59
    Joyce Bruss

    This is perfect for work

  • Md Raghib Iqbal
    2020-05-06 06:30
    Md Raghib Iqbal

    Nice apps

    2020-05-06 04:20

    I had a very bad experience vid this app ..the code that it gives it doesn't work 😑😑..I'm not able to login...

  • Blue Otter
    2020-05-05 20:18
    Blue Otter

    I tried to type the code in my instagram and it DID NOT WORK!

  • zanaiah reign Guileño
    2020-05-05 17:59
    zanaiah reign Guileño

    Very usefull and secure app

  • Colin Stuart
    2020-05-05 16:33
    Colin Stuart

    Clunky multistep UI. Please put approval buttons in the notification, or auto pop-up.

  • Samara Lynn
    2020-05-05 14:49
    Samara Lynn


  • anaz ek
    2020-05-05 13:42
    anaz ek


  • Michael Tiernan
    2020-05-05 12:30
    Michael Tiernan

    You can't specify names for the entries!!!!

  • Tom Fuller
    2020-05-05 09:23
    Tom Fuller

    Works well until sometimes the notification will not come up without opening the app

  • Charmaine Sescon
    2020-05-05 05:34
    Charmaine Sescon

    they say its easy to use about 15 minutes to set it all up. but i have never been so confused in my life other than this. i am so lost. i dont have the luxury of time to sit and figure this out or call to have someone help me. there, took me so more of my time for this...

  • Xumeng Zhang
    2020-05-05 02:36
    Xumeng Zhang

    Wonder why I am not abled to download it😭 😭 😭

  • Jennifer Gaul
    2020-05-04 23:18
    Jennifer Gaul

    Could not even figure out how to get started. I uninstalled it right away because it's too complicated.

  • Tebwebwe Tionatan
    2020-05-04 23:05
    Tebwebwe Tionatan

    Could not start recovering as it could not go beyond Add A Google Drive Account..... Have been stuck since then and unable to recover my account.

  • James Butler
    2020-05-04 19:12
    James Butler

    Can't get registered

  • Konduri Naga Anjaneyulu
    2020-05-04 18:14
    Konduri Naga Anjaneyulu

    This works great. Is there a timeline to include on wearables like apple/google/samsung or any other watches?

  • Daniel Blanchard
    2020-05-04 15:07
    Daniel Blanchard

    Now what?

  • KrishnaManasa BukkarayaSamudram
    2020-05-04 14:05
    KrishnaManasa BukkarayaSamudram

    It's showing device encryption issue on poco f1.

  • Windy Graciano
    2020-05-04 13:15
    Windy Graciano

    I hate this service it used to be great cause me not to be able to login have to call into tech support everyday for me job contestant connection error I have already proved it's no my internet connection either

  • Lexi Bee
    2020-05-04 02:35
    Lexi Bee

    Never let me down in the work world 🌎

  • Jan Cooley
    2020-05-04 00:10
    Jan Cooley

    Most of the time it's great! Other times...a few issues

  • Jackson Mbwambo
    2020-05-03 17:21
    Jackson Mbwambo


  • Champaña Champaña
    2020-05-03 16:53
    Champaña Champaña

    Not too clear. Lots of work around, and thus, not user friendly.

  • Hitesh Kumar
    2020-05-03 16:40
    Hitesh Kumar


  • Ashok Nath
    2020-05-03 06:00
    Ashok Nath


  • Rendy Putra R,SA
    2020-05-02 20:47
    Rendy Putra R,SA

    I can't login.... The verification doesn't work!!

  • Kyle
    2020-05-02 20:00

    Thank you

  • akhil shukla
    2020-05-01 18:45
    akhil shukla

    Not able to install in my android phone. It says trying to unzip app then says Couldn't unzip Duo Mobile Apps. Giving 5 star in hope I will get help to install and later it will function well.

  • Shavana Kagzi
    2020-05-01 18:02
    Shavana Kagzi


  • Kaylee Taravella
    2020-05-01 17:13
    Kaylee Taravella

    Good for protecting your instagram account with a two-factor password. Especially for google,gmail, and your games

  • Navya chinni
    2020-05-01 15:27
    Navya chinni


  • April Baird
    2020-05-01 15:17
    April Baird

    Simple, easy to use, fast & secure. Our company went from ~10 successful phishing attacks per week to zero once we protected our O365 environment.

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