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Cookie Run: OvenBreak

Cookie Run: OvenBreak

4.42 for Android


Help GingerBrave escape the oven
in this sweet endless runner!





66.96 MB


Devsisters Corporation



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Cookie Run: OvenBreak
Bake no prisoners!
Help GingerBrave and his Cookie friends break out of the Witch's oven!
Explore the wicked lands of the tasty Cookie World in this endless runner!

# Jump and Slide to eat Jellies and avoid obstacles!
# Collect over 120 Cookies & Pets! With a new Cookie & Pet updated every month!
# Upgrade Cookies, Pets, and Treasures to achieve a higher score!
# New exciting events with awesome rewards every month!
# Enjoy a variety of game modes:
- Breakout Mode: Run with up to 20 Cookies
- Trophy Race: Compete with players from around the world
- Champions League: A league only for the toughest
- Island of Memories: Unravel Cookies' behind stories

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Help and Support:
or contact us from the game by going to Settings > Help and Support

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* WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE, READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : Will only be used to save and share in-game screenshots.
Cookie Run: OvenBreak 4.42 Update
New content added: 1. 4 all new Cookies and Pets! - Dr. Wasabi Cookie - Octo Wasabi Pet - Mustard Cookie - Hot Doggie Pet 2. Dr. Wasabi Cookie & Mustard Cookie's Island of Memories (Starting May 1st) 3. 3 new Cookie costumes (Starting May 1st) - Pancake Cookie's Baby Elephant PJ - Rockstar Cookie's Flaming Guitar - Pistachio Cookie's Justice Armor 4. New Cookie Package 5. Bugs fixed
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66.96 MB
Devsisters Corporation
[email protected]
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Reviews From google play store
  • Kiki Cintron
    2020-06-20 17:19
    Kiki Cintron

    I am unable to get my second reward from the ads :( loads forever but nothing happens ! Im just gonna go that it is a bug

  • Trinity Catlin
    2020-06-20 17:02
    Trinity Catlin

    do it for pancake cookie

  • joke gurl
    2020-06-20 16:33
    joke gurl

    좋지만 약간의 개선이 필요합니다 👍

  • Robloxmasterswagswag Westbrook
    2020-06-20 14:34
    Robloxmasterswagswag Westbrook

    I love it so much can you add more plz?

  • Bangtan Family
    2020-06-20 14:02
    Bangtan Family

    Aku suka game ini, semoga ada tantangan yang lebih susah dan menantang, 😂 It will be fun

  • BlakZodiac
    2020-06-20 12:09

    I hate this game it's so addictive

  • Ryan Chua
    2020-06-20 11:50
    Ryan Chua

    Very good I have the face of cotton candy cookie right now at the game

  • The Emerald Gamer
    2020-06-20 11:40
    The Emerald Gamer

    I have a problem with cookie run Every time I try to log in it always says "log in failed" I tried a few things, 1. I tried restarting my tablet, didn't work. 2. I tried logging out of my google account and then signing back in, that didn't work. 3. I tried disconnecting my internet and then reconnecting it, that also didn't work. 4. I tried resetting my internet, still didn't work. Could you try to fix this bug? This will be 5 stars once this bug gets fixed, thank you.

  • Your Friend
    2020-06-20 09:20
    Your Friend

    nice game

  • Y u Camping
    2020-06-20 08:13
    Y u Camping


  • Yulius Hari S.
    2020-06-20 07:57
    Yulius Hari S.

    Recently purcase the item on this game. But now cannot open or login. Always say login failed 3 times and rstart the game always like that.. Other games can open and login, network connection also fine but cannot login. What a trash.

  • knoiseac imaundre
    2020-06-20 05:08
    knoiseac imaundre


  • Sisca Paramitha
    2020-06-20 04:33
    Sisca Paramitha

    Why trophy race always failed to download files???? 😭😭😭😭

  • call me a weeboo i dare you
    2020-06-20 04:15
    call me a weeboo i dare you

    cookierun is bugging i cant enter help me!!!

  • Zyon Jones
    2020-06-19 23:14
    Zyon Jones


  • susan setialestari
    2020-06-19 23:01
    susan setialestari

    this is not line cookie run. so i cant use my old account

  • Brandy Miner
    2020-06-19 21:45
    Brandy Miner

    Good game it is not for little kids the Courses r to tough for them

  • Jjaiylan Lino
    2020-06-19 17:57
    Jjaiylan Lino

    Fun as hell

  • Khoa Trần Đăng
    2020-06-19 12:35
    Khoa Trần Đăng

    game hay

  • Nikita Gatabaki
    2020-06-19 12:27
    Nikita Gatabaki

    It's quite good that's all

  • Queen Ivy
    2020-06-19 12:18
    Queen Ivy


  • epiphanic jin
    2020-06-19 11:55
    epiphanic jin

    This game is super fun and the cookies are so cute :>

  • Editha Banjarnahor
    2020-06-19 10:14
    Editha Banjarnahor

    Okay, i gave you back the five stars. Thanks for the fast respons to solved my complain. 🥰

  • Ladrwais Finley
    2020-06-19 05:27
    Ladrwais Finley

    It's a really fun game simple and fun .

  • Odelia Sabrina
    2020-06-19 05:05
    Odelia Sabrina

    Love it ^^

  • Jessabelle Greenwood
    2020-06-19 03:29
    Jessabelle Greenwood

    Yeet, run, run, run as fast as you can, you can't catch me, I'm a gingerbread wizard Harry ~nya

  • Jessa
    2020-06-19 02:03

    Love the game... but this thing, drains my battery like no other. Doesn't say it's running in the background but ever since I downloaded it my battery goes from 100 to 60 in a matter of 15 minutes. Even if I've closed out fully. Or not even played. I tried yesterday deleting the game to see if it was the reason and wasnt experiencing any battery issues. If for some reason your app is running in the background without permission or even after I've closed it out and cleared it, that's a problem.

  • Davent Gravando
    2020-06-19 00:04
    Davent Gravando

    This game is amazing. I absolutely recommend it!

  • Brenna Riker
    2020-06-18 19:22
    Brenna Riker

    It's not been a bad game but I can tell if you dont plan on putting money in the likely hood of you leveling up the rare and epic cookies will take some time.

  • Eric Mendez
    2020-06-18 18:58
    Eric Mendez

    So many ads but good fun.

  • Lady Melody
    2020-06-18 18:33
    Lady Melody

    Really nice..

  • Okta Prasetya
    2020-06-18 17:25
    Okta Prasetya

    I just play this game for 24 hour, it needs 575mb data to download at the first time, ro night, after playing some brakout race, suddenly the score is not popped, rhe game just stop and suddenly restart and ask me to download another 571mb!!! So you need 1GB data, for what?

  • Jason Alvarez
    2020-06-18 17:13
    Jason Alvarez

    It's Fun I like it

  • Chimera Manticore
    2020-06-18 16:36
    Chimera Manticore

    The game throws a LOT at you very quickly. I've been playing for an hour and I'm not sure I'm progressing at all? I seem to keep running out of energy at the same spot every time, even when I level up a bunch. The base idea is neat, but there's so much info given at the start that you don't retain much of what each feature is and you end up just sort of..... aimlessly doing runs. Maybe I'm missing something? Maybe it's just not for me? I wanna like this game, but it gets uninstalled for now.

  • The Longlovesless
    2020-06-18 15:31
    The Longlovesless

    Love love love this game its super entertaining and plenty of challenges to keep you busy. Reasonable costs on upgrading and if you want to spend a couple dollars it goes along way!! Battle pass 'overpass' is also reasonable cost i cant believe the luck finding this game!! Worth the download

  • John Patrick Halili
    2020-06-18 13:02
    John Patrick Halili

    Fun very addicting more cookie characters to come

  • Tofu Bacem
    2020-06-18 10:40
    Tofu Bacem

    what happened to new Land 9??? why Unicorn jelly can't get 4 times fever time?? before updated easy to get 4 times fever time, but now only 3 times even when I don't get collapsed. bad updated, worst updated. my Trophy reduce significantly, thanks for your bad updated.

  • 이시현
    2020-06-18 07:31

    데빌시스터즈 불매임 하지마셈

    2020-06-18 06:08

    I am in love with the game! It is really hard to get money but the game is still extremely fun!

  • Vicky Wardoyo
    2020-06-18 05:58
    Vicky Wardoyo

    Cute game, until the game need update then audio sound terrible. Please fix the audio. Thank you

  • Dhina Trisia
    2020-06-18 05:19
    Dhina Trisia

    Spongebob run mayo break

  • Santi Yeo
    2020-06-18 04:50
    Santi Yeo

    This game its super good

  • upper But
    2020-06-18 04:34
    upper But

    It's a nice game.but there is a problem. When i try to open the game,i stuck at login error loop. It's always "login error" 2 or 3 time and then "network unstable,game will restart". Usually when i clear the cache the problem gone.but now it won't. To fix this i have to reinstall the game. And will be able to play only for breakout special episode 2. After that i will be forced to restart the game and stuck in the loop again. i see there is not only me with this problem. Not fixed yet huh?

  • Mint and Play
    2020-06-18 04:30
    Mint and Play

    I have only one word to describe this whole game, satisfying.....

  • Kaptes FRUITE
    2020-06-18 03:51
    Kaptes FRUITE

    Best game

  • Carmen Kibble
    2020-06-18 03:13
    Carmen Kibble

    I love cookie run its the amazing game ever and controls look great and it has cute cookies and its challenging love this game

  • The ocean's gray waves
    2020-06-18 02:51
    The ocean

    Great game, graphics are nice, controls are responsive, but the game has gotten less friendly to F2P players. I joined last July and fell in love with this game but over time, the game isn't as fun to me, not to mention how new cookies powercreep the older ones, and then get powercrept by the next new cookie a month later. Also, some events are poorly implemented, like CookieDroid essentially being P2W on Google Play. Otherwise, real solid endless runner.

  • Ninjaof Doom123
    2020-06-18 01:12
    Ninjaof Doom123

    It a very dlfun and quick learning process.

  • Joyce Kim
    2020-06-18 00:34
    Joyce Kim

    Cream cookie

  • Dream Slap
    2020-06-17 20:37
    Dream Slap


  • Safa Hamad
    2020-06-17 19:44
    Safa Hamad

    Dear devsisters,my fav game cookie run is the best game I've ever tried,the cookies and pets are really cute and amazing (including the events and the costumes) but please make the rainbow cubes easier to get or do that rainbow cube mine again or we can exchange our diamonds for it,I have an idea where we can sell our cookie costumes for rainbow crystals, please do that,yeah I have a lot of ideas -w-,still I love you're game

  • darkqueen harmony
    2020-06-17 18:27
    darkqueen harmony


  • Zarif Omar
    2020-06-17 17:58
    Zarif Omar

    🤬This Game Even After So Many Years When I Return This Stupid Game Dose'nt Download.

  • Lydia Cho
    2020-06-17 17:35
    Lydia Cho

    It is so amazing! I love all the actions and the cookies. I started playing and now i am in love with it! ^w^

  • no one
    2020-06-17 17:22
    no one

    i like the old version better :(

  • Chel_. Blu
    2020-06-17 16:17
    Chel_. Blu

    Hey Devsisters,PLEASE if u reading this,i just wanted to said. Jujube Event Update always have some sort of lag for me to Login or playing the games. Literally my Wifi connection is absolutely FINE. But for some reasons. Why i cant log in? Everytime the yellow bar is full,it will said 'Failed to Login,press OK to restart' atleast 2 times! And its will be appear that 'Connections Unstable' BUT again,my Wifi connections are absolutely fine. Pls fix it. And till this day wed/17/june not fix. Wow.

  • sato's toon's
    2020-06-17 11:46

    11 months ago i left this game bc my friend's who i used to play it with me but they said it's to childish so i deleted the game then i joined back the game even tho its childish it's still fun!! I really like this game now I'm back being a fan on this game!!😃😄 oh and another reason why i left this game bc it take out alot of megabytes can u make the game have little lest megabytey my phone is poop it only has 4g of space but this game is awesome I've been playing this game since 2016 😊

  • Diego M :D
    2020-06-17 10:30
    Diego M :D

    Like it

  • Anxie tea_animatoions
    2020-06-17 09:44
    Anxie tea_animatoions


  • Kybee Ismael Miguel Macairan
    2020-06-17 08:38
    Kybee Ismael Miguel Macairan


  • Justin Mitchell
    2020-06-17 04:53
    Justin Mitchell

    Fun game, but there's a big preventing me from progressing in the 'make it shine' event. i've ran the trial numerous times now but it's stuck on 5/6 for collecting jujube potions with mission combi. i've done all i can think of to remedy this to no avail. please fix/help in any way you can, thank you

  • User Tlogosari
    2020-06-17 04:47
    User Tlogosari


  • Chowder :3
    2020-06-17 04:33
    Chowder :3

    Its Awsome! I love cherry cookie 💖

  • Bokuto Koutarou
    2020-06-16 22:49
    Bokuto Koutarou

    It is really fun I haven't seen any bugs it runs very only proplem is how long the totorial takes quite long

  • Tika Chwan
    2020-06-16 22:36
    Tika Chwan

    Finally find joy again when GCL started. But then I can't join the next round becoz I'm in 7th place. Kind of sucks having only have to cheer for the next 3 weeks. LoLs. I mean, many members compete in the same land and only 6 members chosen? You must be kidding. But yeah, maybe I'm just a poor weakling that don't have money to burn. Uninstalling now. Maybe meet again 2 or 3 years later.

  • ธีรภัทร อวศิริพงษ์
    2020-06-16 20:27
    ธีรภัทร อวศิริพงษ์


  • Fell - [H - C]
    2020-06-16 19:14
    Fell - [H - C]

    it's the same problem since yesterday, "network unstable", when after downloading what the game needed, I kept getting that my network is unstable

  • rootiederp
    2020-06-16 13:17

    So since i couldn't go back to playing it cause it keeps crashing I'll might as well uninstall it, since I can't play it anymore and if I come back it'll reset my progress. It was fun playing but you kinda won't do anything about the crashes im experiencing so..

  • Pathra K
    2020-06-16 11:57
    Pathra K

    Super Duper Fun and it's challenge my mind. 😎😎😎😎😎🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🐯🐯🐯🐯🐯🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🦚🦚🦚🦚🦚

  • Rex Atienza Jr.
    2020-06-16 09:22
    Rex Atienza Jr.


  • mary khoory
    2020-06-16 08:40
    mary khoory

    When I had an iPod touch, this game was better, now, there are too many things going on

  • Irin Oktafiani
    2020-06-16 05:41
    Irin Oktafiani

    I really enjoy to play this game. Have been playing since the first 2014 and never getting bored of it.

  • king lion
    2020-06-16 05:28
    king lion

    Grat game

  • Islamiah Afifah
    2020-06-16 04:09
    Islamiah Afifah

    I really really like the game, been playing it for years, but the latest update won't work, every time I want to start running it keep saying "failed downloading the data". I lost on the trophy race because I can't start running, it's annoying. And I had to download ±600mb data twice today, I thought there were a new update but it still crashed anyway. Please fix it.

  • Abberz
    2020-06-16 03:36

    Wish it cost a bit less $$$

  • Shy Shadow
    2020-06-16 00:26
    Shy Shadow

    Its really fun good game

  • no homo
    2020-06-16 00:23
    no homo

    The game itself is quite fun, however I have a problem with the ovenpass and the packages that can be purchased in game. I bought the ovenpass, thinking it was a permanent thing, when I found out that I had to pay 5 dollars every new oven pass, I felt dissatisfied and disappointed. The oven pass rewards were okay, but having to spend 5 dollars everytime, for ONLY that amount of rewards? Not to mention this game is very pay to win sometimes, some of us would like cheaper or free options.

  • Yashmia Smith
    2020-06-16 00:05
    Yashmia Smith

    I'm deleting this game as soon as I complete my goals... you have to download an extra 500 megabytes of stuff to play this game. I'm tired of games being made and either take up too much space, not compatible with your device, or desperately make the game un easy or frustrating to make you purchase stuff in order to complete tasks or to enjoy the game that's not fair......

  • Chelle
    2020-06-16 00:02

    Addicted! 😜

  • ⟨Butter⟩
    2020-06-15 15:53

    Very fun, very addictive!

  • abdu rafa
    2020-06-15 15:00
    abdu rafa


  • Jonathan Maldonado
    2020-06-15 14:26
    Jonathan Maldonado

    Im playing this game every day

  • bahaa baqa
    2020-06-15 14:00
    bahaa baqa

    Really fun game

  • DragonSlayer49
    2020-06-15 13:43

    Respect for not adding es to pierogi yeah good game btw

  • hoo hoo
    2020-06-15 12:36
    hoo hoo

    Good game, i love it. BUT the same problems appear regularly. The app keeps force me to download 563MB game data. I've tried to uninstall and uninstall again but the same problem occoured and it's so annoying.

  • YTSiphon
    2020-06-15 07:48

    Best game ever

  • Sisca Thania
    2020-06-15 05:49
    Sisca Thania

    I was already downloaded the additional data for the game. But when i go offline and reopen the app, i have to download the resources again! Please fix this, its really annoying.

  • Pocket Bank
    2020-06-15 02:37
    Pocket Bank


  • Din Tahirovic
    2020-06-15 01:46
    Din Tahirovic

    The bake and eat button is not working

  • Gorgeousleigh Chaotic
    2020-06-14 23:03
    Gorgeousleigh Chaotic

    Update: still absolutely looooooove this game Absolutely looove this game

  • Game Phone2
    2020-06-14 20:33
    Game Phone2

    The game is fun, but it suddenly refuses to log me in for days now. Restarting, reinstalling did nothing and it still keeps throwing network errors at me even though my wifi is fine

  • Quorentall
    2020-06-14 19:39

    Love it

  • Christina Perea
    2020-06-14 17:47
    Christina Perea

    I love this game! Very addictive and shper chte cookies! Just wish they would bring back the multiplayer mode back but its an awesome game

  • Rhei Fatah
    2020-06-14 11:29
    Rhei Fatah

    This game is so much better right now than the last few years i played it, it is extremely easy to get diamond, you dont have to pay for real money for sure, and it is so much easier for you to get a good cookies, even if you are new to this game, the event mission also will keep you playing for weeks and will give you a very worth it reward, you can get 3000 gems in 2 or 3 days and use it to for gacha to get an epic, it was so much fun to finish it, absolutely recommend, 5 stars from me

  • Yeremia Gosal
    2020-06-14 09:08
    Yeremia Gosal

    Loving so much this game, but used much data. Not like township only used less data.

  • Dương Trần Production
    2020-06-14 08:24
    Dương Trần Production

    this game is so good

  • Loli Chan
    2020-06-14 08:16
    Loli Chan

    I really like the game♡˖꒰ᵕ༚ᵕ⑅꒱

  • 2004 robloxfan23
    2020-06-14 06:26
    2004 robloxfan23

    Good game. But there is a bug where the screen keeps blacking out for a second on gameplay. It wasn't my phone system doing that. Please fix this. I just got this phone a month ago so its fine. Hope i can rate this better if it wasn't the blackout doing that.

  • 심영
    2020-06-14 06:02

    My sis got a legendary in a jelly box haha

  • dexdunicorn x
    2020-06-14 05:42
    dexdunicorn x

    Oddly addicting

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