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FlightStats is a free real-time flight status & airport tracking app for Android





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Aer Lingus



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FlightStats is a free real-time flight status and airport tracking application for Android. 

Take control of your day-of-travel by downloading FlightStats: 

- Quickly access worldwide flight status by flight number, airport or route 

- Watch flights as they move across the world on our gorgeous flight tracker 

- Share your flight right from the flight overview screen

- Scan essential information like departure/arrival times, delay indexes, gates and weather

- Share current airport conditions like delays and weather

- Check the flight timeline to get in-depth descriptions of all activities about your flight 

FlightStats is a leader in global flight and airport information services. Our flight status, trip monitoring and flight alert solutions are trusted by millions of travelers every day.        
FlightStats 3.1 Update
Update 3.2 includes the ability to log in to your account and remove ads with your subscription Thank you for choosing FlightStats!
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4.05 MB
Aer Lingus
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RAW Information
Package Name      :
Version           : 3.1 (46)
Min Sdk Level     : 23
Min Sdk Platform  : Android 6.0
Target Sdk Level     : 26
Target Sdk Platform  : Android 8.0

Permssions List
INTERNET : Allows applications to open network sockets. WAKE_LOCK : Allows using PowerManager WakeLocks to keep processor from sleeping or screen from dimming ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE : Allows applications to access information about networks ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION : Allows an app to access precise location from location sources such as GPS, cell towers, and Wi-Fi. RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED : Allows an application to receive the ACTION_BOOT_COMPLETED that is broadcast after the system finishes booting. READ_GSERVICES : BIND_GET_INSTALL_REFERRER_SERVICE : RECEIVE :
Activities (Launcher)
Reviews From google play store
    2020-05-13 00:50


  • Mitul Joshi
    2020-05-03 10:25
    Mitul Joshi

    Very best app

  • Nagesh
    2020-04-22 06:01


  • Laxraj Singh
    2020-04-01 13:05
    Laxraj Singh

    Very nice

  • Alma Quiroz
    2020-03-25 04:35
    Alma Quiroz

    Awesome, thanks Very Useful tool!

  • Azimulhaque Siddique
    2020-03-25 02:30
    Azimulhaque Siddique

    Good aap

  • Mary jadaa
    2020-03-20 21:08
    Mary jadaa

    Great, love it, very helpful

  • Gangadhara Vasanth
    2020-03-19 05:12
    Gangadhara Vasanth


  • Sean London
    2020-03-14 18:42
    Sean London

    I was unable to enter the airline name and the airport name when trying to look up a flight

  • Bread & Jam Hostel
    2020-03-12 03:15
    Bread & Jam Hostel

    Already update, uninstall reinstall.. Still cant open

  • kaleem baig
    2020-03-10 20:26
    kaleem baig

    Awesome application Never seen before

  • Jean Bukuru
    2020-03-08 21:23
    Jean Bukuru

    Good, but we need an option to remove ads.

  • Gino
    2020-03-07 23:46

    Would like to see a calandar view when searching for flights, great app

  • Muzammil Ali
    2020-03-07 19:11
    Muzammil Ali

    It is good and excellent 👍👍

    2020-02-29 13:08

    Before this update. it was awesome. but now it didn't work properly. so i uninstalled.

  • David BXL Tricks
    2020-02-27 20:52
    David BXL Tricks

    Very useful app, easy to use, fast, right a clear information,

  • KANUBHAI M. Patel
    2020-02-26 08:57
    KANUBHAI M. Patel


  • altaf khan
    2020-02-26 03:38
    altaf khan

    V v v good application

  • Roshan Tiwari
    2020-02-26 01:17
    Roshan Tiwari


  • Ricardo Pena
    2020-02-23 18:09
    Ricardo Pena

    Very reliable and accurate. I have been using this app for years.

  • Perumal Srunewasan
    2020-02-21 18:12
    Perumal Srunewasan

    Can't download

  • Patrick Rollock
    2020-02-21 08:59
    Patrick Rollock

    Gud app

  • Riyaz Sayyed
    2020-02-19 19:57
    Riyaz Sayyed


  • Uzair Khan
    2020-02-19 19:36
    Uzair Khan

    Best flight tracking app

  • Vijay Mandarthi
    2020-02-19 12:47
    Vijay Mandarthi

    Taxi service udupi to Manglore airport

  • pandip singh
    2020-02-19 10:10
    pandip singh

    Very helpfully app

  • Nydia Pistoll
    2020-02-18 23:11
    Nydia Pistoll

    Love it. Easy to locate flights and track connecting flights.

  • Erin Palette
    2020-02-18 02:19
    Erin Palette

    I used to love this app and used it constantly, but a recent update broke it and it doesn't work any more. A flight tracker that won't let me enter the airline name is useless and worthless. If they can fix it then I'll rate it again.

  • Koi K
    2020-02-17 16:28
    Koi K

    It stopped working on my Note 3

  • Rusu Aurelian
    2020-02-16 20:29
    Rusu Aurelian

    Very good.

    2020-02-11 23:23

    Wonderful App. You can search for your flights in my flight option. Very helpful and accurate data

  • rupesh gangboir rupesh gangboir
    2020-02-09 06:22
    rupesh gangboir rupesh gangboir


    2020-02-07 15:44

    Very nice u can track the plane we're its at

  • Diana Android
    2020-02-07 13:32
    Diana Android

    I cannot rate this until fixed. The app stopped working with android lollipop (5). It used to work just fine, don't know why fixing a bug creates another. please fix it.

  • Mojdeh Jamneshan
    2020-02-06 19:30
    Mojdeh Jamneshan


  • blackhawk
    2020-02-06 19:14

    No big splash ads. Flight Stats is sucking bad so decided to give your apk another test ride. So far so good...

  • Jakov Dolic
    2020-02-06 15:11
    Jakov Dolic

    Good app but it doesnt have gate for flights, and i found gate on official site of airport !

  • Graham Rendell
    2020-02-02 19:56
    Graham Rendell

    Very useful

  • Stacie Traore
    2020-02-02 19:50
    Stacie Traore

    Great app

  • Tahir Ahmed Khan
    2020-02-02 12:22
    Tahir Ahmed Khan

    Not axceble

  • durgesh kumar
    2020-02-02 09:28
    durgesh kumar


  • sandeep veigas
    2020-01-30 00:53
    sandeep veigas

    Good app

  • World Immigration and Education Consultancy
    2020-01-26 19:50
    World Immigration and Education Consultancy

    This app not showing accurate information totally waste of time and your data

  • Chirag Jain
    2020-01-24 17:28
    Chirag Jain

    I am unable to search flights from past 7 days... earlier it was very fast n quick. But now it is not loading any update....

  • Vijay Mandarthi
    2020-01-24 08:19
    Vijay Mandarthi

    Very bad service

  • rizvi haider
    2020-01-20 13:09
    rizvi haider

    Its the best app in the play store. Love you

  • Kim Hillegas
    2020-01-20 12:41
    Kim Hillegas

    This app is the best for quick flight info! Easy to use and very helpful! I recommend it for Uber and Lyft drivers especially!

  • cZari-cZari eStore
    2020-01-17 02:29
    cZari-cZari eStore

    best app until today... i cant get response from server it says. Also, won't search airports, etc. I am in Manila, Philippines. I am connected to wifi right now. I hope this gets fixed. app has been updated but still no response from server.

  • Prashant Bhatnagar
    2020-01-17 01:33
    Prashant Bhatnagar

    It's good but a bit slow in updating flight status.

  • Dmitry Vakhnin
    2020-01-16 23:33
    Dmitry Vakhnin

    Date choosing doesn't work, always pressing left top button.

  • jeffrey eccles
    2020-01-16 16:52
    jeffrey eccles

    No server

  • Kartik Dhumal
    2020-01-16 15:43
    Kartik Dhumal

    Some flights is not shown

  • Tony C
    2020-01-15 23:54
    Tony C

    fantastic app. love the live flight tracking view

  • khalil abusaleh
    2020-01-15 22:20
    khalil abusaleh

    Hard time to use

  • Ke Bay
    2020-01-13 12:54
    Ke Bay

    Best for occasional use (I use it 3-4 times per month)

  • Muhammad Qamar Abbas
    2020-01-13 02:28
    Muhammad Qamar Abbas

    All info wrong... PK763 fly very late. Rather it flew from LYP, it flew from LHE... And currently in KHI.. But shows on time.... Misguided application...

  • Vaidik Trivedi
    2020-01-11 05:57
    Vaidik Trivedi

    It's very good app for tracking flights

  • Deepak Jhala
    2020-01-10 04:23
    Deepak Jhala

    Worst application

    2020-01-09 15:17

    Fine good

  • Alemu Abebe
    2020-01-08 17:36
    Alemu Abebe

    Excellent help on flights.

  • Sanjiv Saneja
    2020-01-08 10:03
    Sanjiv Saneja


  • Mohd.Salim. Selot
    2020-01-08 03:10
    Mohd.Salim. Selot

    Good application to see ur flight status

  • Philly McNally
    2020-01-06 00:25
    Philly McNally

    Didn't do what I thought it would do. No notification (push or email) when my flight was delayed. Also tried adding a flight out of Avalon, Melbourne Airport but no flight was found.

  • Anthony Wilson
    2020-01-05 11:04
    Anthony Wilson


  • AJS from Gmail
    2020-01-05 06:29
    AJS from Gmail

    Technically solid and visually intutive and appealing. I'd give it the full 5-stars if it automatically updated when the gate number is assigned for instance. I have to close it down and re-start to get any changes to the displayed data.

  • paul jones
    2020-01-04 14:55
    paul jones

    nice app to use!very handy and very accurate!

  • athu mamu
    2020-01-04 08:52
    athu mamu

    Vijay Anna Fan da

  • martha senapati
    2019-12-31 07:41
    martha senapati

    Very good

  • EDWARD Alex
    2019-12-30 09:06
    EDWARD Alex

    Good and useful

  • Darlene Haffaney
    2019-12-28 15:38
    Darlene Haffaney

    This app is very helpful on all flights status

  • Lutos Evija
    2019-12-25 02:22
    Lutos Evija

    I like this up, its easy to use thanks.

  • Mala Gandhi
    2019-12-21 15:33
    Mala Gandhi

    Cant get it to download and open its so frustrating

  • Farahi Sesega
    2019-12-18 15:24
    Farahi Sesega


  • बिपिन कुमार
    2019-12-18 14:07
    बिपिन कुमार


  • Movies Entertainment
    2019-12-17 18:49
    Movies Entertainment

    Brilliant work on the app .The information it provides is always real and it helps me allot to track my flight or to check my flights status

  • Mahesh Joshi
    2019-12-17 15:39
    Mahesh Joshi

    Nice app

  • L Hirsch
    2019-12-17 11:05
    L Hirsch

    Great app. Helps when we travel. It's always been accurate with flights delays security time etc

  • Wasim Syed
    2019-12-16 16:34
    Wasim Syed

    Sometimes give wrong information on flight status. Though SV723 departed at 21:25 hrs on 16th December 2019, it is showing that fight departed at 19:15 hrs and already in air. Please rectify.

    2019-12-15 04:27

    Its not running on OnePlus 7 Pro .. doesn't load properly

  • Venkat Ramanan
    2019-12-14 18:19
    Venkat Ramanan


  • Jayant Punia
    2019-12-14 05:21
    Jayant Punia

    Worst App. Even after 20 min of flight it's status is nothing. Wanna give 0 star but option is not available.

  • Shaun Gilks
    2019-12-12 08:54
    Shaun Gilks

    I'd used the website, recently I've been using the app. I've deleted it as I need something accurate. The last two times I've used it, it's been so far out on the arrival time I've been late to my pick up. I had to meet my daughter on a delayed 23.35 flight. FlightStats was telling me it was due at 00:00, it arrived at 23.37, I was late, my daughter was left waiting. I was 19 miles away when she text me she'd landed. Before this, I left a paying customer waiting for 15 mins for the same reason

  • Lorin Bentea
    2019-12-11 20:30
    Lorin Bentea

    Most simple yet accurate flight tracking system! Very simple and user friendly!

  • Cat Swag views
    2019-12-11 09:13
    Cat Swag views

    Awesome ❤️

    2019-12-11 07:05

    Excellent app need more features

  • Anatolii
    2019-12-09 10:05

    Can't find my flight, when other services can.

  • M Mourad
    2019-12-06 12:11
    M Mourad

    Perfect and accurate

  • Mohd Nadeem
    2019-12-06 11:30
    Mohd Nadeem


  • Christopher Juico
    2019-12-05 10:15
    Christopher Juico

    Nice app

  • Colette Myers
    2019-12-03 15:47
    Colette Myers


  • Mohan Vaze
    2019-12-03 14:13
    Mohan Vaze

    Very nice

  • Zhou JIng
    2019-12-02 22:40
    Zhou JIng

    Cannot pre-set the trip more than 10 days ahead. Useless

    2019-12-02 11:58


  • justin Deboer
    2019-12-01 03:36
    justin Deboer

    Very handy app to see where the flight is in the air and to let you know if a flight is on time or delayed. I love this app.

  • Courtney Weeden
    2019-11-30 23:47
    Courtney Weeden

    Keeps failing!!!

  • வேனில் மைந்தன்
    2019-11-30 01:55
    வேனில் மைந்தன்

    Very good app

  • Shahid Anis
    2019-11-29 18:20
    Shahid Anis


  • Faruq Abdullah
    2019-11-29 14:09
    Faruq Abdullah


  • Job Chacha
    2019-11-29 12:01
    Job Chacha


  • V R Krishna swamy damu
    2019-11-29 07:52
    V R Krishna swamy damu

    Very good application easy to follow

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