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Clean Master (Speed Booster)

Clean Master (Speed Booster)

7.4.9 for Android







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KS Mobile



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Clean Master (Speed Booster)
The World's Most Trusted Optimizer, Clean Master, Helps Clean Up Over 400 Million Phones!
When Do You Need Us?
CM is perfect for you if your phone has become laggy or runs out of battery easily, if it's stopped playing games smoothly, if it becomes too hot to hold, or if you want to free up some space to store more photos or songs.
What We Can Do For You
We make it easy to free up more storage from your phone and SD card, boost games and device memory, enhance speed & extend battery life, stop overheating and protect your device against malicious apps and vulnerabilities.

Highlights of Clean Master - Phone Booster & Antivirus
☆ Accurate: The junk-creating behavior of millions of apps has been analyzed so that Clean Master can efficiently hone in on its targets (cache and residual files) with perfect accuracy.
☆ Fast & Intuitive: Simple to use, super-fast and smooth UI, plus cool transition effects
☆ Ranked #1 by AV-TEST for the seventh time! A professional quality antivirus service scans devices in just 8 seconds, 500% faster than other paid antivirus apps.
Features of Clean Master- Phone Booster & Antivirus
Cool off your device by finding and stopping the apps that are causing it to overheat and make your battery last longer!
Delete cache and residual files to reclaim storage, boost speed and improve the performance of your device and SD card.
Boost your games and apps, free up memory (RAM), speed up your device and save more battery. Our 1 Tap Boost and Game Boost features make it easy to optimize directly from your homescreen.
Scan the system, pre-installed and user-installed apps to keep your device safe from viruses, trojans, vulnerabilities, adware and spyware. Keep your privacy safe by scrubbing personal info from your device.
Uninstall unwanted apps or bloatware and back up important ones. Some rooted devices will be able to move apps to the SD card as well as uninstall pre-installed and system apps. Our own Picks section lets you find useful apps that match your interests.
Supported languages
Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Spanish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Malay
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Requested permissions
Camera permission: This permission is used for Clean Master's flashlight feature, which uses the camera flash from the device's rear camera. Clean Master does not use the device's microphone at all - Android lists both camera and microphone permissions together, even if only one is used.
Help fight against deceptive ads
Cheetah Mobile (formerly KS Mobile) is committed to fighting against misleading downloads. You can find our full official policy on this matter here: http:www.cmcm.comaboutpromotion-policy.html
If you come across one of these ads, you can help us to take them down. Please visit the following URL and fill out the requested information - http:feedback.ksmobile.comReportFeedbackindex?app_id=7 . The more detail you can give the better. Thanks for helping us improve the Android ecosystem!        
Clean Master (Speed Booster) 7.4.9 Update
5.11.6 1. Added support for creating CM accounts with Google accounts 2. Added background cleaning - no need to wait for cleaning to finish! 3. Optimized the interface of Download Manager 4. Optimized some details in Homescreen Show
More Information
51.77 MB
KS Mobile
Update Date:

RAW Information
Package Name      : com.cleanmaster.mguard
Version           : 7.4.9 (70494393)
Min Sdk Level     : 18
Min Sdk Platform  : Android 4.3
Target Sdk Level     : 28
Target Sdk Platform  : Android 9.0

Permssions List
GET_TASKS : Allows an application to get information about the currently or recently running tasks. GET_PACKAGE_SIZE : Allows an application to find out the space used by any package. CLEAR_APP_CACHE : Allows an application to clear the caches of all installed applications on the device. READ_HISTORY_BOOKMARKS : Allows an application to read (but not write) the user's browsing history and bookmarks. WRITE_HISTORY_BOOKMARKS : Allows an application to write (but not read) the user's browsing history and bookmarks. WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : Allows an application to write to external storage. READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : Allows an application to read from external storage. REORDER_TASKS : Allows an application to change the Z-order of tasks READ_PHONE_STATE : Allows read only access to phone state. ACCESS_WIFI_STATE : Allows applications to access information about Wi-Fi networks ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE : Allows applications to access information about networks SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW : Allows an application to open windows using the type TYPE_SYSTEM_ALERT, shown on top of all other applications. INSTALL_SHORTCUT : Allows an application to install a shortcut in Launcher UNINSTALL_SHORTCUT : Allows an application to uninstall a shortcut in Launcher READ_SETTINGS : WRITE_SETTINGS : Allows an application to read or write the system settings. RESTART_PACKAGES : This constant was deprecated in API level 8. The restartPackage(String) API is no longer supported. INTERNET : Allows applications to open network sockets. MOUNT_UNMOUNT_FILESYSTEMS : Allows mounting and unmounting file systems for removable storage. WAKE_LOCK : Allows using PowerManager WakeLocks to keep processor from sleeping or screen from dimming BATTERY_STATS : Allows an application to collect battery statistics BROADCAST_STICKY : Allows an application to broadcast sticky intents. VIBRATE : Allows access to the vibrator GET_ACCOUNTS : Allows access to the list of accounts in the Accounts Service CHANGE_WIFI_STATE : Allows applications to change Wi-Fi connectivity state CHANGE_NETWORK_STATE : Allows applications to change network connectivity state EXPAND_STATUS_BAR : Allows an application to expand or collapse the status bar. CAMERA : Required to be able to access the camera device. MODIFY_AUDIO_SETTINGS : Allows an application to modify global audio settings SET_ALARM : Allows an application to broadcast an Intent to set an alarm for the user. PACKAGE_USAGE_STATS : ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION : Allows an app to access precise location from location sources such as GPS, cell towers, and Wi-Fi. ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION : Allows an app to access approximate location derived from network location sources such as cell towers and Wi-Fi. DISABLE_KEYGUARD : Allows applications to disable the keyguard SET_WALLPAPER : Allows applications to set the wallpaper REQUEST_INSTALL_PACKAGES : BILLING : ACTIVITY_RECOGNITION : READ : WRITE : FOREGROUND_SERVICE : DELETE_PACKAGES : Allows an application to delete packages. REQUEST_DELETE_PACKAGES : RECEIVE : C2D_MESSAGE : WRITE_USE_APP_FEATURE_SURVEY : BIND_GET_INSTALL_REFERRER_SERVICE :
Activities (Launcher) com.cleanmaster.privacy.ui.BrowserItemDetailActivity com.cleanmaster.photomanager.ui.PhotoGridActivity com.cleanmaster.photomanager.ui.PhotoGridPathActivity com.cleanmaster.photomanager.ui.PhotoDetailActivity com.cleanmaster.junk.ui.activity.JunkManagerActivity com.cleanmaster.junk.ui.activity.JunkSimilarPicActivity com.cleanmaster.junk.ui.activity.JunkSimilarPicActivityA com.cleanmaster.junk.ui.activity.PhotoManageMainActivity com.cleanmaster.base.util.system.GuideOpenSystemPermission com.cleanmaster.junk.ui.activity.JunkPicRecycleActivity com.cleanmaster.junk.ui.activity.JunkRecycleActivity com.cleanmaster.photocompress.ui.PhotoCompressActivity com.conflit.check.ConfCheckerActivity com.cleanmaster.boost.main.ProcessManagerActivity com.cleanmaster.boost.process.ui.ProcessAddMoreActivity com.cleanmaster.processcleaner.ProcessCleanerActivity com.cleanmaster.settings.ui.SettingsActivity com.cleanmaster.settings.ui.MessageSettingsActivity com.cleanmaster.settings.ui.NotificationSettingsActivity com.cleanmaster.settings.ui.NotificationStyleSettingsActivity com.cleanmaster.settings.ui.SetLanguageActivity com.cleanmaster.settings.ui.SwipeThemeGuideActivity com.cleanmaster.settings.ui.FloatSwipeSettingsActivity com.cleanmaster.settings.ui.LocationAllowActivity com.cleanmaster.settings.ui.TrustAppListActivity com.cleanmaster.settings.ui.JunkWhiteListActivity com.cleanmaster.settings.ui.UnRootAlertDialogActivity com.cleanmaster.settings.ui.LocalWebActivity com.cleanmaster.settings.ui.AboutActivity com.cleanmaster.base.crash.CrashFeedbackActivity com.cleanmaster.applink.RecommendCMXActivity com.cleanmaster.base.activity.DimensionalActivity com.cleanmaster.boost.process.ui.ProcessManagerSettingsActivity com.cleanmaster.ui.settings.WidgetGuideActivity com.cleanmaster.boost.process.ui.ProcessWhiteListActivity com.cooperate.UISwitchActivity com.cleanmaster.boost.cpu.ui.CpuNormalActivity com.cleanmaster.notification.NotificationDialogActivity com.cleanmaster.notification.NotificationFunctionReplaceActivity com.gau.go.launcherex.gowidget.cleanmaster.GoWidgetActivity com.cleanmaster.screensave.ui.ScreenSaverSettingActivity com.cleanmaster.screensave.ui.ScreenLockerSettingActivity com.cleanmaster.screensave.ui.ScreenLockerSettingSelectTypeActivity com.cleanmaster.screensave.ui.ScreenLockerGuideActivity com.cleanmaster.screensave.ui.OverChargingReminderActivity com.cleanmaster.screensave.ui.ScreenSaverNotificationSettingActivity com.cleanmaster.junk.ui.activity.JunkSDCardVideoActivity com.cleanmaster.screensave.ui.NotificationGuideBlankActivity com.cleanmaster.applock.bridge.OverlayPermissionAlertDialogActivity com.ijinshan.screensavernew4.ScreenSaver4Activity com.ijinshan.screensavernew.RiskScanningActivity com.ijinshan.screensavernew.DismissKeyguardActivity com.cleanmaster.filemanager.ui.FileManagerTabActivity com.cleanmaster.settings.ui.HonorHallActivity com.cleanmaster.ledlight.FlashLightActivity com.cleanmaster.junk.ui.activity.FileManagerActivity com.cleanmaster.junk.ui.activity.FileManagerWidgetGuideActivity com.cleanmaster.junk.ui.activity.FileManagerAppFileActivity com.cleanmaster.ui.fmspace.FMSpaceManagerActivity com.cleanmaster.ui.fmspace.item.FMSpaceDocsActivity com.cleanmaster.boost.autostarts.uistatic.AutostartManagerActivity com.cleanmaster.boost.onetap.OneTapCleanerActivity com.cmcm.mixad.MixBoxAdActivity com.cleanmaster.junk.ui.activity.JunkDownloadManagerActivity com.cleanmaster.applocklib.ui.activity.AppLockPasswordActivity com.cleanmaster.applocklib.ui.main.AppLockMainActivity com.cleanmaster.applocklib.ui.activity.AppLockRecommendedAppActivity com.cleanmaster.applocklib.ui.main.AppLockActivity com.cleanmaster.applocklib.ui.activity.AppLockSettingActivity com.cleanmaster.applocklib.ui.activity.AppLockOAuthActivity com.cleanmaster.applock.msgprivacy.MessagePrivacyGuideActivity com.cleanmaster.applock.msgprivacy.MessagePrivacySettingActivity com.cleanmaster.applock.msgprivacy.MPPermissionRequestActivity com.cleanmaster.applock.msgprivacy.MessagePrivacyNotifyJumpActivity com.cleanmaster.applock.msgprivacy.MessagePrivacyAggregateActivity com.cleanmaster.intruder.ui.ShowPhotoTimeLineActivity com.cleanmaster.intruder.ui.IntruderSelfiePhotoGridActivity com.cleanmaster.intruder.ui.IntruderSelfiePhotoPagerActivity com.cleanmaster.intruder.ui.IntruderSelfieExperienceActivity com.cleanmaster.applocklib.ui.activity.RuntimePermissionGuideActivity com.cleanmaster.applocklib.ui.lockscreen.activity.AppLockScreenActivity com.cleanmaster.applocklib.ui.activity.AppLockMIUIFloatingWIndowEnableGuideActivity com.cleanmaster.applink.DeepLinkActivity com.cmcm.swiper.EmptyActivity com.cleanmaster.boost.acc.ui.AppStandbyShortcut com.cleanmaster.boost.acc.ui.OnetapStandbyActivity com.cleanmaster.boost.acc.ui.AppStandbyMainActivity com.cleanmaster.boost.acc.ui.AppStandbyMainWidgetActivity com.cleanmaster.boost.acc.scene.PowerLandingPageActivity com.cleanmaster.boost.acc.scene.PowerSceneDialogActivity com.cleanmaster.boost.abnormal.scene.plug.OemSceneActivity com.cleanmaster.junk.ui.activity.JunkSysDataCacheActivity com.cleanmaster.ncmanager.ui.notifycleaner.NCBlackListActivity com.cleanmaster.ncmanager.ui.notifysettings.NCDisturbSettingsActivity com.cleanmaster.ncmanager.ui.webview.NCWebActivity com.cleanmaster.swipe.SwipeSearchActivity com.cleanmaster.ui.msgdistrub.NotificationGuideActivity com.cleanmaster.ui.msgdistrub.NCPermissionGuideActivity com.cleanmaster.boost.acc.ui.PowerSavingAlertSwitchActivity com.cleanmaster.ui.msgdistrub.NCDisturbKeyWordsActivity com.cleanmaster.screensave.ui.ScreenSaverToolsActivity com.cleanmaster.swipe.SwipeGuideActivity com.cleanmaster.swipe.SwipeEnableForActivity com.cleanmaster.base.permission.ui.RuntimePermissionActivity com.cleanmaster.base.permission.ui.CommPermissionMaskActivity com.cleanmaster.base.permission.ui.TransparentMaskActivity com.cleanmaster.base.activity.AdMobAdMainActivity com.cleanmaster.notificationclean.NotificationCleanGuideActivity com.vungle.warren.ui.VungleActivity com.vungle.warren.ui.VungleWebViewActivity com.vungle.warren.ui.VungleFlexViewActivity com.cleanmaster.junk.ui.activity.JunkAppStorageActivity com.cleanmaster.securitywifi.base.SWGBaseActivity com.cleanmaster.securitywifi.ui.activity.SWGFuncIntroActivity com.cleanmaster.securitywifi.ui.activity.SWGProtectConfirmActivity com.cleanmaster.securitywifi.ui.activity.SWGProtectDetailActivity com.cleanmaster.securitywifi.ui.activity.SWGSettingActivity com.cleanmaster.securitywifi.ui.activity.WiFiScanConfirmActivity com.cleanmaster.boost.abnormal.scene.clipboard.ClipboardSceneLandingPage com.cleanmaster.applock.exit.ApplockExitAppPopActivity com.cleanmaster.boost.abnormal.scene.clean.ScreenOffActivity com.cleanmaster.boost.abnormal.scene.plug.new_style.NewOemSceneActivity com.cleanmaster.settings.oemui.OemSettingDetailActivity com.cleanmaster.util.abtest.ui.ABTestActivity com.cleanmaster.junkresult.JunkStandardResultActivity com.cleanmaster.vpn.onetap.OneTapVpnActivity com.cleanmaster.junk.ui.activity.JunkNotifiSettingActivity com.cleanmaster.boost.acc.ui.AppStandbyPermissionActivity com.huawei.hms.activity.BridgeActivity com.huawei.updatesdk.service.otaupdate.AppUpdateActivity com.screenlocker.ui.cover.DismissActivity com.screenlocker.ui.act.KPaswordTypeActivity com.screenlocker.ui.act.KSysPwdActivity com.screenlocker.ui.act.TempUnlockBlackBackgroundActivity com.screenlocker.ui.act.FingerPrintAuthBgActivity com.screenlocker.ui.act.IntruderGirdPhotoActivity com.screenlocker.ui.act.IntruderActivity com.screenlocker.ui.act.IntruderPhotoActivity com.screenlocker.ui.act.FingerprintGuideActivity com.screenlocker.ui.act.LockerPermissionActivity com.screenlocker.ui.act.DismissKeyguardActivity com.ijinshan.screensavernew.ui.NewDialogActivity com.ijinshan.screensavernew.ui.UFOAnimActivity com.ijinshan.screensavernew.ScreenSaverTransitActivity com.ijinshan.launcher.LauncherMainActivity com.cleanmaster.ui.capture.ScreenCaptureImageActivity com.cleanmaster.ui.capture.CaptureCommonActivity com.cleanmaster.ncmanager.ui.enlarge.NCEnlargeActivity com.cleanmaster.fingerprint.activity.StartSpassFingerprintSettingsActivity com.cleanmaster.fingerprint.activity.AppLockEmptyScreenActivity com.cleanmaster.applocklib.ui.OverlayDiaologActivity com.ijinshan.notificationlib.notificationhelper.ui.SocialMaskGuideActivity com.cleanmaster.vpn.ui.VpnActivity com.smgame.sdk.h5platform.client.SMGameWebViewActivity com.anchorfree.hydrasdk.vpnservice.StartVPNServiceShadowActivity cm.platform.gameui.AllGameActivity cm.platform.gameui.loading.GameLoadingActivity com.github.moduth.blockcanary.ui.DisplayActivity (Launcher)
Reviews From google play store
  • Aisa Kuli
    2020-02-20 15:05
    Aisa Kuli

    Great apps

  • Shibram Biswas
    2020-02-20 15:04
    Shibram Biswas

    This is very smart . .. .......

  • Shakti Rana
    2020-02-20 15:04
    Shakti Rana

    This keeps my phone antivirus

  • Mohd Khalid Baloch
    2020-02-20 14:58
    Mohd Khalid Baloch

    good job

  • Edith Ukebue
    2020-02-20 14:57
    Edith Ukebue

    Its nice and reliable

  • Shazia Awan
    2020-02-20 14:56
    Shazia Awan

    My phone is safe by clean master thank you 😊

  • James Carlaw
    2020-02-20 14:53
    James Carlaw


  • bangcor ltd
    2020-02-20 14:41
    bangcor ltd


  • Diwan Moin
    2020-02-20 14:35
    Diwan Moin


  • Windika
    2020-02-20 14:33

    Simpel dan sangat berguna 👍

  • kenryu99ryu - Richard Ryu E. Francisco
    2020-02-20 14:25
    kenryu99ryu - Richard Ryu E. Francisco

    ^_^ :P Nope Please Best Higher Me

  • Right Way
    2020-02-20 14:06
    Right Way

    Good aps

  • first look Longchar
    2020-02-20 14:04
    first look Longchar

    It was good

  • Folanda Lucas
    2020-02-20 14:04
    Folanda Lucas

    Great app

  • babu sebastian
    2020-02-20 14:02
    babu sebastian


  • ram Bux
    2020-02-20 14:01
    ram Bux


    2020-02-20 13:54

    Superman app 👌👌👌😎😎😎

  • Suraj Singh
    2020-02-20 13:47
    Suraj Singh

    Good app

  • Youssef Bolouk
    2020-02-20 13:47
    Youssef Bolouk

    It's the first app i used to save my phone , when i touched open i freed up 10 Gb i advise you to download this application

  • vinayak gohil
    2020-02-20 13:43
    vinayak gohil


  • rajput thakur
    2020-02-20 13:41
    rajput thakur


  • Neila Nei
    2020-02-20 13:38
    Neila Nei

    Clean and clear...thanks

  • Jake long
    2020-02-20 13:35
    Jake long

    Great app speeds up my android every time must have for any android phone

  • Raj Meena
    2020-02-20 13:32
    Raj Meena

    Really good

  • Dharmendra Kumar
    2020-02-20 13:30
    Dharmendra Kumar


  • Shankar lal yadav
    2020-02-20 13:27
    Shankar lal yadav

    Good service aap

  • Zala Jaswant Baba
    2020-02-20 13:23
    Zala Jaswant Baba

    It's to good 👍

  • Ashbin J
    2020-02-20 13:23
    Ashbin J


  • Umair Chandia
    2020-02-20 13:12
    Umair Chandia


  • Kishan Suthar
    2020-02-20 13:09
    Kishan Suthar


  • Abbas Rozbehi
    2020-02-20 13:05
    Abbas Rozbehi


  • ASLAM Basha
    2020-02-20 13:02
    ASLAM Basha


  • hassan mohammadikhah
    2020-02-20 12:55
    hassan mohammadikhah


  • Naresbhai bhanajibhai Chudasama Naresh.b. Chudasama
    2020-02-20 12:54
    Naresbhai bhanajibhai Chudasama Naresh.b. Chudasama


  • kpy champions performance
    2020-02-20 12:53
    kpy champions performance

    Super app

  • Jk Kumar
    2020-02-20 12:53
    Jk Kumar


  • bubbly wobbly
    2020-02-20 12:50
    bubbly wobbly

    It's awful!!!!! A huge disgraceeee

  • Therno Sane
    2020-02-20 12:40
    Therno Sane

    Good as always

  • Jumar Davis
    2020-02-20 12:35
    Jumar Davis

    yes is very coll thanks for you 100% legit clean master

  • Mrr Chi
    2020-02-20 12:33
    Mrr Chi

    Good app

  • Muslim Khan
    2020-02-20 12:29
    Muslim Khan

    Good cleaning

  • aryan pratap singh
    2020-02-20 12:29
    aryan pratap singh

    Very nice app 🙂🙂

  • Samarath Roy
    2020-02-20 12:22
    Samarath Roy

    Mst hai

  • Kamlesh singh
    2020-02-20 12:20
    Kamlesh singh


  • Visvalingam Akilan
    2020-02-20 12:18
    Visvalingam Akilan


  • Jeevraj jogesh Jeevraj
    2020-02-20 12:13
    Jeevraj jogesh Jeevraj

    Fantastic aps

  • Glorious Gaming
    2020-02-20 11:51
    Glorious Gaming

    Very super clean and game boost app thank you for app creater

  • Aktarul Sorkar
    2020-02-20 11:47
    Aktarul Sorkar

    Easy to use

  • BadGalAri J
    2020-02-20 11:29
    BadGalAri J

    I love Clean Master and have been using it for years 😁💗

  • Abd Mutalib
    2020-02-20 11:25
    Abd Mutalib

    All in one apps and easy to used

  • Sambandam tv
    2020-02-20 11:24
    Sambandam tv

    More SAFE and secure this app.Mobile security. All SAFE.

  • Dawood Ibrahim
    2020-02-20 11:22
    Dawood Ibrahim


  • Ashok Tiwari
    2020-02-20 11:13
    Ashok Tiwari

    Good app

  • Muhammed Ashir
    2020-02-20 10:58
    Muhammed Ashir


  • SAHeb Khan
    2020-02-20 10:45
    SAHeb Khan

    did. not answers

  • harsh dhobi
    2020-02-20 10:33
    harsh dhobi

    Nice app

  • Wanza_45 Wanza_45
    2020-02-20 10:33
    Wanza_45 Wanza_45


    2020-02-20 10:32

    Useful application for me

  • Monisha Monisha
    2020-02-20 10:25
    Monisha Monisha


  • Brijesh Patel
    2020-02-20 10:19
    Brijesh Patel


    2020-02-20 10:16

    He e

  • AR KHAÑ OpGaming
    2020-02-20 10:00
    AR KHAÑ OpGaming


  • Moosa Raza
    2020-02-20 09:53
    Moosa Raza

    So cool i use my phone going faster

  • gautam choudhary
    2020-02-20 09:38
    gautam choudhary

    Cm lite super

  • Vamsi krishna
    2020-02-20 09:35
    Vamsi krishna


  • Michael Rumple
    2020-02-20 09:26
    Michael Rumple

    Always liked this app works very well

  • Seif Gamer
    2020-02-20 09:15
    Seif Gamer

    Diamond app

  • Subindu Banarjee
    2020-02-20 09:12
    Subindu Banarjee

    Nic app

  • Secret
    2020-02-20 09:12

    coolest app

  • koshti dhaval
    2020-02-20 09:04
    koshti dhaval

    Third class deleted my all photos

  • Narayana M
    2020-02-20 08:57
    Narayana M

    It is very safety

  • Aparna Sardar
    2020-02-20 08:45
    Aparna Sardar

    Nice app

  • Shrivani Rai
    2020-02-20 08:39
    Shrivani Rai

    Fast cleaning,nice app

  • Vivek Thapa
    2020-02-20 08:32
    Vivek Thapa

    Best antivirus app in play store . It has cleaner,boost,cooler,app lock battery saver and many more . Nice app.

  • Eshwaran Muppadevar
    2020-02-20 08:29
    Eshwaran Muppadevar

    Super clean master

  • Caroline Oladesu
    2020-02-20 08:28
    Caroline Oladesu

    Nice app so far

  • Md Monir
    2020-02-20 08:20
    Md Monir


  • Beeru Singh
    2020-02-20 08:13
    Beeru Singh

    Nice appp

  • Angelica Ramirez
    2020-02-20 08:06
    Angelica Ramirez

    Cool app that's easy 2 use & understand !!

  • Tanu Bansal
    2020-02-20 08:02
    Tanu Bansal


  • Sunita Devi
    2020-02-20 08:01
    Sunita Devi

    Very nice working

  • Ajgobi Valobasa
    2020-02-20 07:50
    Ajgobi Valobasa


  • فراس شطا Feras Shata
    2020-02-20 07:45
    فراس شطا Feras Shata

    Good apps

  • Bkrishna Rao
    2020-02-20 07:41
    Bkrishna Rao


  • Uppar Nagendra Nagendra
    2020-02-20 07:38
    Uppar Nagendra Nagendra


  • Rohit Dabla
    2020-02-20 07:37
    Rohit Dabla


  • Fatemeh Amhal
    2020-02-20 07:29
    Fatemeh Amhal

    I love clenmaster

  • Ansh Agarwal
    2020-02-20 07:07
    Ansh Agarwal

    Best app

  • est utah
    2020-02-20 06:59
    est utah


  • Nenita Cueva
    2020-02-20 06:56
    Nenita Cueva

    I like it

  • Renjini RenjiniAneesh abhi
    2020-02-20 06:53
    Renjini RenjiniAneesh abhi


  • Mukesh Kumar
    2020-02-20 06:48
    Mukesh Kumar


  • Tsatsral T
    2020-02-20 06:36
    Tsatsral T

    I really like this app the android bew device care update made the clean junk button away

  • Ali Uwais
    2020-02-20 06:35
    Ali Uwais

    My one said SD CARD HAS BEEN REMOVED and i was thinling this will work so it worked it is very cool app everybody should download this app why not

  • Rajesh Sp
    2020-02-20 06:26
    Rajesh Sp


  • Ahwad 4494
    2020-02-20 06:24
    Ahwad 4494


  • Priyanka Doshi
    2020-02-20 06:24
    Priyanka Doshi


  • Jason _
    2020-02-20 06:16
    Jason _


  • Sadia Afrin
    2020-02-20 06:15
    Sadia Afrin

    Very good

  • Sathish Rockz
    2020-02-20 06:14
    Sathish Rockz

    Super very nice

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