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cpp chuchiapps



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Fortnite Buddy
Your best buddy to get the most out of Fortnite Battle Royale!!

· Fortnite map, with chest, vending machines and ammo.

· List of all weapons with stats: Damage, critical damage, mag size..

· Skins: Check all the available skins ingame, including incoming ones!

· Official Fortnite news and twitter feed

· Weekly Challenges: Every week you will be able to easily get all the weekly challenge info and position of the secret treasures

· Stats: Track your ingame stats: Downed, KDA, wins... in every mode. You can also track your friends stats... on ninja's! Work for PC, PS4 and XBOX

· Leaderboard: Check who has the more wins in Fortnite Battle Royale

· Shop: Check the available items and emotes. Don't miss the dab this time!

· Videos: A selection of the best fortnite videos on youtube!        
Fortnite Buddy 2.5.0 Update
· Recovering Fortnite Buddy! Some features have been fixed, some features have been disabled
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11.83 MB
cpp chuchiapps
Update Date:

RAW Information
Package Name      : com.chuchiapps.fortnitebuddy
Version           : 2.5.0 (250)
Min Sdk Level     : 21
Min Sdk Platform  : Android 5.0
Target Sdk Level     : 28
Target Sdk Platform  : Android 9.0

Permssions List
INTERNET : Allows applications to open network sockets. WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : Allows an application to write to external storage. ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE : Allows applications to access information about networks BILLING : WAKE_LOCK : Allows using PowerManager WakeLocks to keep processor from sleeping or screen from dimming BIND_GET_INSTALL_REFERRER_SERVICE : RECEIVE :
Activities com.chuchiapps.fortbuddy.ui.startup.StartupActivity (Launcher) com.chuchiapps.fortbuddy.ui.crash.CrashActivity cat.ereza.customactivityoncrash.activity.DefaultErrorActivity
Reviews From google play store
  • sean stapert
    2018-06-28 05:59
    sean stapert

    This is the best app ever!!!! I will definitely use this every day!!!

  • Cody vlogs and more
    2018-06-28 05:40
    Cody vlogs and more

    Great pls reply this is the best

  • expirez Quench
    2018-06-27 18:03
    expirez Quench

    Its really good apart from 1 thing my gamer tag Mr QUENCH IRL on Xbox is not there plz fix but everything else is fine

  • Ayan Khan
    2018-06-27 10:49
    Ayan Khan

    This is soo use less...

  • ShadowNinja14
    2018-06-27 10:06

    Its awesome really nice when ur bored

  • Simth Gage
    2018-06-27 01:18
    Simth Gage

    I have 33 win and on due I have 19 and on and then 9 win and I love this app

  • Shawn Stone
    2018-06-26 22:36
    Shawn Stone

    Just 5 stars for free

  • Andreea Stafford
    2018-06-26 22:02
    Andreea Stafford

    Great game

  • A Google user
    2018-06-26 21:46
    A Google user

    I like the game

  • Jordanater2015_ YT
    2018-06-26 21:21
    Jordanater2015_ YT

    This Is amazing I can now do all the challenges

  • Shadow Ninja
    2018-06-26 17:19
    Shadow Ninja

    It's cool for like when you are not at home and want to see what skin...

  • Jesse Dixon
    2018-06-25 19:04
    Jesse Dixon

    Very good it tells the best things about fornite not much apps and I love it!!!! 💝💜💛💚💙

  • Melon_WolfyYT1
    2018-06-25 16:46

    Wish it could tell us about when new game mode comes out

    2018-06-25 16:07

    It is really good

  • Kylyah Walker
    2018-06-25 07:48
    Kylyah Walker

    I. LOVE IT

  • samantha peterson
    2018-06-25 00:26
    samantha peterson

    Is ok it tells you about fortnite like the map guns news and more but is ok.

  • A Google user
    2018-06-24 20:21
    A Google user

    I hate it because fortnite isntfor android yet and makes me whant it even more

  • Mascetto 680
    2018-06-24 07:53
    Mascetto 680


  • A Google user
    2018-06-24 06:56
    A Google user

    This thing sucks!!!!!!!!!!

  • Debs Griffiths
    2018-06-23 06:25
    Debs Griffiths

    Love it

  • Ron Kelly
    2018-06-20 19:20
    Ron Kelly


  • cookie t
    2018-06-20 17:02
    cookie t

    Worst app do not download

  • toxic lilnate
    2018-06-20 05:17
    toxic lilnate

    It's a great app but I was wondering if u can make an update so when u search up ur account theirs a choice so u can see all the emotes skins gliders and harvesting tools that account has

  • Merhawit Hailemariam
    2018-06-19 21:46
    Merhawit Hailemariam

    Wow thank you You are the best

  • othman plays games
    2018-06-19 20:04
    othman plays games

    ayyayay awesome it in proves me thanks :D

  • Jed York
    2018-06-19 00:16
    Jed York

    This is so good it works I looked up my stats and my friends and they were right DOWNLOAD IT NOW

  • Aiden Stormer
    2018-06-18 21:15
    Aiden Stormer

    Don't like it cuz the stats do not work!

  • Heinrich Holtzhausen
    2018-06-18 04:54
    Heinrich Holtzhausen

    It does not work

  • Justin Garcia
    2018-06-18 03:33
    Justin Garcia

    Fornite yess

  • A Google user
    2018-06-17 12:56
    A Google user

    Hate it . Bad graphics fake info not loading won't show stats and a rip off thank you for wasting my time

  • Klam Pung
    2018-06-14 13:37
    Klam Pung

    Love the weekly challenges! Great app:)

  • Red Dead Bandit Boi
    2018-06-14 09:05
    Red Dead Bandit Boi

    Would reccommed

  • gaming chicken
    2018-06-13 18:19
    gaming chicken

    This app is the best I use it every time I play fortnite

  • amy cross
    2018-06-10 22:34
    amy cross

    Absolute greatness. Best with friends, added more to my fortnite experience!

  • A Google user
    2018-06-10 07:44
    A Google user


  • Ethan Voltz
    2018-06-05 20:16
    Ethan Voltz


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