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SuperSnap for Snapchat
Send Snapchat snaps from gallery and automatically save snaps to your phone, and more!

Use your existing Snapchat username and password to get started right away.


-No ROOT required

-No limit on text length, no limit on video duration (1mb max)

-Snapchat saver ability will automatically capture and saves all snaps that haven't been opened in Snapchat, no time limits

-Don't need to keep logging back into Snapchat because SuperSnap can completely replace your Snapchat app

-Better camera options available than Snapchat's by using phone's camera app

-Use fun camera apps to draw on your snaps, add stickers, and more! (ex. "LINE camera" app)

-Send and receive longer videos (turn your video app quality down for longer videos, 1mb max = ~50sec @ low quality)

-Send Snapchat photos and videos from your gallery, even animated gifs (receiver must also have SuperSnap for animated gifs, regular Snapchat users won't be animated, 1mb max on all snaps)

Bugs being looked into (please send me an email with as much detail as possible if you have these problems):

-Text not showing up for some users

-iPhone users receiving all black screen snaps


Q: How do you send from gallery?

A: Open your gallery app and select the picture you want, then hit the share button. It will ask what you want to share with, pick SuperSnap. If your gallery app does not support this, try using the free gallery app QuickPic.

Q: I only see a blank white screen! What does this mean?

A: You opened the app for the first time and don't have any new, unopened snaps yet to download. You must run SuperSnap to download your snaps before opening them in Snapchat, or they won't be saved.

Q: How do I fix "Message size limit reached" when I try to record video?

A: Go into your video recorder app and lower the quality. You are trying to send HD video, so it reaches the 1mb max too fast.

Q: I accidentally deleted a snap, can I re-download it?

A: If it's still unopened in Snapchat, clear SuperSnap data in your app manager to re-download all unopened snaps.

Designed in part by Rachelle L Miller:http://www.sweet-tactics.netNew icon in part by Abraham Ruiz:

Super Snap is not affiliated with Snapchat.

Super Snap is provided "as-is" and is dependent on the future development of Snapchat.        
SuperSnap for Snapchat 2.6 Update
Found a workaround to Snapchat's server update in less than 24 hours, I'd appreciate it if you guys updated your 1-star reviews, thanks =) 2.6: Fixed login issues. Added new artwork. Temporarily removed "save snaps I send" setting. Coming soon: Free trial version Snapchat history Reply ability More!
More Information
1.52 MB
Update Date:

RAW Information
Package Name      : com.cfg.supersnap
Version           : 2.6 (13)
Min Sdk Level     : 9
Min Sdk Platform  : Android 2.3,2.3.1,2.3.2
Target Sdk Level     : 19
Target Sdk Platform  : Android 4.4

Permssions List
INTERNET : Allows applications to open network sockets. WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : Allows an application to write to external storage. RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED : Allows an application to receive the ACTION_BOOT_COMPLETED that is broadcast after the system finishes booting.
com.cfg.supersnap.Login (Launcher) com.cfg.supersnap.Register com.cfg.supersnap.SuperSnap com.cfg.supersnap.SendSnap com.cfg.supersnap.EditSnap com.cfg.supersnap.Settings
Reviews From google play store
  • Aldo Becerra
    2014-01-27 18:46
    Aldo Becerra

    It works great as a replacement for the official Snapchat app.

  • Oscar Navas
    2014-01-27 18:28
    Oscar Navas

    Nice job you fixed it! Thank you a lot! If you could add a story option, this app would be perfect!

  • Young Dingler
    2014-01-27 18:17
    Young Dingler


  • Will
    2014-01-27 13:34

    Lets you send images/videos from you storage! Just click share and Walaa. Ps new update icon is cool

  • Seth Duncan
    2014-01-27 12:46
    Seth Duncan

    Great app!

  • OneChordAway
    2014-01-27 12:45

    Thanks very much for the speedy update! Great app with great support. Any chance of getting the sent snaps save option back though please?

  • Cassi Strachan
    2014-01-27 05:46
    Cassi Strachan

    This app is fantastic, I love being able to upload pre-taken photos and use any camera that I want. Update worked amazingly. Only thing I don't like is that I don't have an option to turn save snaps that I send on. I like this feature before.

  • Brandon Piscione
    2014-01-27 04:27
    Brandon Piscione

    Does what it says. 1-stars are just impatient to occasional growing pains

  • me Garcia
    2014-01-27 03:48
    me Garcia

    Good app

  • Alaina Ray
    2014-01-27 03:04
    Alaina Ray

    Love this app!

  • A Google user
    2014-01-27 02:48
    A Google user

    Good job and nice hustle it is appreciated

  • Kyle Skelton
    2014-01-27 02:46
    Kyle Skelton


  • grant banks
    2014-01-27 00:17
    grant banks

    works perfect

  • tom parton
    2014-01-26 23:39
    tom parton

    Never one to review, however; A genuine must have! It's worth the 5 stars and more, but considering the developer fixed the login issues and all that goes with it, in just 24 hours, I felt compelled to review! Hat off to you sir!

  • Vina Culas
    2014-01-26 23:08
    Vina Culas

    Thanks for fixing the "unable to login" issue.

  • Sam Suarez
    2014-01-26 22:52
    Sam Suarez

    It's confusing how snap chats are seen on other phones. Is there a better way too show the preview or sending snap chats than the white margins? Reply: That's actually a great suggestion. I don't know if there's a way to add something like that to the app, or make a picture frame like thing to preview what it would look like.

  • Dean Bancroft
    2014-01-26 22:11
    Dean Bancroft

    Edit : thanks for update ! ! Great app !

  • Andrew Towers
    2014-01-26 22:00
    Andrew Towers

    Very nice

  • Julian Crane
    2014-01-26 21:45
    Julian Crane

    Couldn't log in yesterday, dev updated app ASAP, and now it's working beautifully! I fully support this application and developer.

  • Brett H
    2014-01-26 21:08
    Brett H

    Although here recently I am unable to log in, all it does is load for a second then says unable to log in... Will rate a 5 if this gets fixed..... The update worked great thank you!

  • Pasar Ali
    2014-01-26 21:08
    Pasar Ali

    Does everything it says

  • Jimmy Kelly
    2014-01-26 20:54
    Jimmy Kelly

    It only needs replys and ability to draw on photos and it would be an easy 5. Worth the money.

  • nol
    2014-01-26 20:40

    Though it won't let me send videos, because they are too hq, I love this app. Also love how it saves the snaps to the gallery after each system reboot, if that was intentional or not.

  • Kyler Gavre
    2014-01-26 17:41
    Kyler Gavre

    This app does everything described. I have tried a few and this one takes the cake.

  • Cody Myers
    2014-01-26 17:33
    Cody Myers

    Update: It's working now, thanks!

  • gaz williams
    2014-01-26 17:28
    gaz williams

    Fix works great!

  • Derek Thieling
    2014-01-26 17:25
    Derek Thieling

    Love the app. The only thing that could make it better is if you could put stuff on your story, and change the color of the white screen in the app where it shows the pictures people have sent!

  • Daniel Meeks
    2014-01-26 16:39
    Daniel Meeks

    Enjoy this app very well put together just wish it had theme packs for the plain user interface ....and had the option to REMOVE FRIENDS FROM BESTFRIENDS WITHOUT HAVING TO DELETE AND READD THEM OR GET RID OF THE BESTFRIENDS section all together like block it from knowing who is your bestfriends I snap a lot of people and hate that people I don't really like end up in my bestfriends then I have to listen to people say I can't believe the two of yall have been snapping '___' this feature is wanted my a lot

  • Karim Ali
    2014-01-26 14:40
    Karim Ali

    Best app!! Works really well!

  • Dominic Tinoco
    2014-01-26 14:40
    Dominic Tinoco

    Best snapchat app in the market! Well worth the money!

  • J Victa
    2014-01-26 13:26
    J Victa

    I use this way more than the Snap Chat app itself, I love it. Not many Devs fix problems this fast either, respect boss man! keep up the good work

  • Joe G
    2014-01-26 12:53
    Joe G

    Was working fine, now not working with last Snapchat update. Unable to login message appears. Nothing has changed. Uninstalled/installed multiple times Update - working good as ever

    2014-01-26 10:36

    But please add a feature to send multiple of the same snap 10-20 times to one person, without having to add a new username each time.

  • Nick Leslie
    2014-01-26 10:30
    Nick Leslie

    UI is a little lacking. Would give 5 stars if you updated it. Does what is says on the box. Especially like the ability to send from gallery.

  • Matthew Lockard
    2014-01-26 10:26
    Matthew Lockard

    I'm super happy with this app now you updated it, the new layout is really nice and attractive! Everything is easy to use, thankyou:3

  • Cam Stang
    2014-01-26 09:09
    Cam Stang

    Way better than Snapchat

  • Nic Doecke
    2014-01-26 08:42
    Nic Doecke

    Had no issues with it-does what it says ;)

  • Gabriel Suarez
    2014-01-26 08:13
    Gabriel Suarez

    i love this app and i love you guys for making this app, thanks cfg

  • Brett Winzer
    2014-01-26 08:07
    Brett Winzer

    Love this app! Recommending to friends: )

  • Reem M
    2014-01-26 06:45
    Reem M

    Hello, im glad ive found this app, it's not bad at all, I hope the login issues stop occurring :)

  • nicholas elfeney
    2014-01-26 06:38
    nicholas elfeney

    Thanks for the fix

  • TJ Taraszka
    2014-01-26 05:58
    TJ Taraszka

    Love this program, always will. Regular Snap Chat can suck it.

  • nKristen Titus
    2014-01-26 05:29
    nKristen Titus

    I love this app!

  • Jovanny A
    2014-01-26 05:23
    Jovanny A

    Quick update to the unable to login response. Thanks definietly deserves 5 stars!

  • A Google user
    2014-01-26 05:01
    A Google user

    Like the app. Lots of room for improvemet but worth the money. There was a username error and in less then 24 hours the developer had fixed the problem and an update was ready. Would love to see more features.

  • Joe Fonicello
    2014-01-26 04:57
    Joe Fonicello

    Make it look just like snapchats UI and I'll love you. Also, the new icon is great

  • Michal Hipner
    2014-01-26 04:08
    Michal Hipner

    Texting doesn't always send. Needs a better interface like Snapchat. Needs Option to only save the received snaps, my snaps or both. If I am to pay for it, it should be better than Snapchat so it replaces the Snapchat app on my phone. Keep up the good work and fix the app. Sending photos and video is very slow. The one great thing about this app is that it actually works when it comes to sending images from your gallery. Email me once you update it so I rebuy at least new icon is nice

  • Nate Muir
    2014-01-26 03:59
    Nate Muir

    Thank you!

  • Christopher Perez
    2014-01-26 03:52
    Christopher Perez

    Back to snapping again!

  • Christopher N
    2014-01-26 03:12
    Christopher N

    Great customer service and great app. Does exactly what it says.

  • Meat Ball
    2014-01-26 02:57
    Meat Ball

    They fixed the problem quickly. Its truly amazing.

  • Angi Marie
    2014-01-26 02:57
    Angi Marie

    Love this app and thanks for the fix! ♡ I have so much fun with snap chat using this.

  • A Google user
    2014-01-26 02:07
    A Google user

    The new update fixed my log in problems. Giving back 5stars cuz the app is back working great! Definitely recommend this app. Developers are great! :-):-)

  • S Kash
    2014-01-26 01:27
    S Kash

    What happened to send from gallery!?!?!

  • Electric Boogaloo
    2014-01-26 01:14
    Electric Boogaloo

    Appreciate the teams haste in responding to my concerns. Once again problem fixed in a day. Worth the 5 star rating by every penny.

  • James McHorris
    2014-01-26 00:58
    James McHorris

    All this carp is fake and ruins your phone I would not recommend this to no one piece of s*** app

  • Will
    2014-01-26 00:50

    Impressed with the attentiveness to getting a big fixed. Great work!

  • Anna Q
    2014-01-25 23:54
    Anna Q

    It is sort of useless, I wish they would just make it possible to upload snaps from a gallery, and to save images.

  • Charles Smith
    2014-01-25 21:15
    Charles Smith

    Doesn't seem to work anymore. Always tells me unable to login.

  • Neil Herrington
    2014-01-25 21:09
    Neil Herrington

    Says to login with app before sharing pictures from gallery, however it won't let me log in :( it use to work. Please help

  • Breanna Marceleus
    2014-01-25 20:04
    Breanna Marceleus

    It was working fine but now every time I try to login it says "Unable to login." Please help

  • ace strife
    2014-01-25 18:13
    ace strife

    Good up but now it won't even let me sign in

  • bdulaziz almulhim
    2014-01-25 18:04
    bdulaziz almulhim

    I can't login

  • Paul Cooper
    2014-01-25 16:24
    Paul Cooper

    was working perfect but has just randomely stopped today...and my log in details are correct ..annoying!

  • Angie Sylvester
    2014-01-25 16:24
    Angie Sylvester

    I like this app a lot but I have couple issues, mark snaps as opened isn't working, I cannot send videos, and at the moment I cannot login at all. But normally it's great

  • jye bang
    2014-01-25 16:04
    jye bang

    I really enjoy this app. Does everything it says, could be prettier sure but functionality is more important. On the down side, just today it is not letting me log in. I cleared cache and uninsulated and reinstalled. With no luck. What's going on can we fix this?

  • Ryan Walsh
    2014-01-25 15:48
    Ryan Walsh

    I loved the app until today. Now I'm unable to login

  • Kyle Stangline
    2014-01-25 15:10
    Kyle Stangline

    Good app, I recommend.

  • Jesse Hailend
    2014-01-25 15:03
    Jesse Hailend

    Unable to log in, I have never had this issue before. Droid RAZR 4.1.2

  • Nico Tiller
    2014-01-25 14:41
    Nico Tiller

    Now it won't let me log in. It keeps saying that I can't log in :\

  • Harry Summers
    2014-01-25 14:11
    Harry Summers

    Doesn't let me log on it just says unable to log on.

  • Alex R
    2014-01-25 11:01
    Alex R

    Very poor application. I'm an Android developer and from a developers perspective it is very poor. Doesn't work properly. A lot of bugs present. Was this app tested properly before launch??.. Login doesn't work either most of the time therefore there must be issues with server connection settings etc. Overall It needs a lot of work this app. Not happy with it.

  • Juan montes
    2014-01-25 08:49
    Juan montes

    It won't let me log in please fix!!!

  • Johnathan Trentwell
    2014-01-25 08:01
    Johnathan Trentwell

    Love this app. Appreciate the prompt response.

  • Aman Chanana
    2014-01-25 07:12
    Aman Chanana

    Even though im putting in the right username and password, its is saying again and again that its unable to log in. Don't even waste money on it because the owner of the app doesn't respond back if you ask for something.

  • Mike Dunham
    2014-01-25 05:49
    Mike Dunham

    It used to it won't let me log in

  • Mike Felicione
    2014-01-25 05:34
    Mike Felicione

    About an hour ago it suddenly became broken. Constant "unable to login" error. Uninstall/reinstall did not fix...extremely frustrating!

  • Gemma Lewis
    2014-01-25 04:47
    Gemma Lewis

    But it will not log me in right now!

  • D V
    2014-01-23 10:13
    D V

    Nice app but as others have stated there needs to have a feature to add to story.

  • Jay Gatsby
    2014-01-23 07:43
    Jay Gatsby

    Samsung Infuse. I cannot send pics anymore! Please solve it!

  • Jamie R
    2014-01-23 02:12
    Jamie R

    Saves well

  • Aaron Duffek
    2014-01-22 04:45
    Aaron Duffek

    Does not work for Samsung galaxy s4

  • Alex F
    2014-01-21 22:36
    Alex F

    Not working on my galaxy s4. Even after lowering the video resolution to the lowest setting. Itde be awesome if you could cut an already existing video in your gallery instead of having to record it in a ten second time window.

  • Bobby Gavin
    2014-01-20 20:52
    Bobby Gavin

    When ever I get a snap the app does not show it. I get the snap on the regular snapchat app. Do I need to delete snapchat?

  • Dave T
    2014-01-20 04:55
    Dave T

    This app awful it will load from my Gallery and when I hit next it take me back to the picture I select

  • Lewis Kelly
    2014-01-16 20:32
    Lewis Kelly

    Fantastic app and I am having a lot of fun with it! Just a few things - would be great to be able to see the sent/delivered/opened feature - story mode thing! - a better looking interface Other than that the actual functionality of the app is great!

  • Li am
    2014-01-16 20:28
    Li am

    It logged me into an account that wasn't mine. The account had a heap of men's genitals on it. When I logged into the account on the real app I still had no snaps. Even if I log out and reinstall and log back in they are still there. Give me my money back

  • Gabby Salazar
    2014-01-16 15:09
    Gabby Salazar

    It's really good I really liked it but now it won't let me send pictures or receive them

  • Louis Hickson Jr.
    2014-01-16 10:32
    Louis Hickson Jr.

    Does what it says. Could be better

  • Jaycee Jones
    2014-01-16 08:35
    Jaycee Jones

    I always wondered why you couldn't send saved pix...thanks. Only suggestion I have: make this feature available to My Story! Then it'll be perfect 😀

  • Josh Murphy
    2014-01-14 15:17
    Josh Murphy

    New ui would be nice

  • Mason Sept
    2014-01-14 06:21
    Mason Sept

    This app sucks I can't even see my story and it won't let my friends that I snap see the words that I type. I recommend no one buys it

  • Mariana Lozano
    2014-01-14 02:13
    Mariana Lozano

    Doesn't Work I Have A Galaxy S4 And The Only Thing I Could Do Is Take pic

  • Anna Small
    2014-01-14 00:27
    Anna Small

    Its a good app and I love that you can use gallery photos but it won't let me send videos. It says max limit reached before I can even take a video. Fixing this will give you 5 stars

  • Dylan Kelleher
    2014-01-13 22:39
    Dylan Kelleher

    It also doesnt have many of the new snapchat features and it's a payed all I hope I could get a refund but that's out of the question ....

  • German Rodriguez
    2014-01-13 02:20
    German Rodriguez

    I'll rate you 5 stars as soon as stories is added along the fix you mentioned for a less frequent sign out of snapchat and you really need to update the ui, the app is not attractive at all, you'd be getting much more downloads with a more user friendly better looking ui *if you're rooted you're better off downloading the snapshare exposed module

  • Stephen
    2014-01-12 20:12

    It worked fine for the first picture but crashes now halfway through sending

  • Francesco Di Ventura
    2014-01-12 18:56
    Francesco Di Ventura

    Cant send snaps from my gallery and thats why i bought the app. Useless so far

  • Sarah Groves
    2014-01-12 02:47
    Sarah Groves

    Samsung GS4. I do like the more picture options with using the camara but i wish i could write and draw on them like i can in snap chat. Also I DO NOT like that it logs me out of regular snap chat.I can't see people's stories in this App or make stories so I like regular snap chat but it's too much of a pain to keep signing in. Also the video opti on doesn't work. This app could be great but right now it has too many issues. Money wasted.

  • Heather McNairy
    2014-01-11 00:15
    Heather McNairy

    Doesn't work on Galaxy S4. Just shows a blank white screen.

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