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Smart Touch (Pro - No ads)
This is Pro version of Smart Touch. It is included all function from Smart Touch as below without any ads.

Smart Touch is an easy touch, assistive touch tool which using a powerful floating ball on the screen to use frequent shortcuts, functions or application quickly and easily.
Smart Touch also provides one hand feature to perform physical key easily. 

It supports some other useful features such as: Screen shot (Screen capture), Screen Recording, Ram booster (Ram Cleaner). You can also quickly access to all your favorite shortcuts, favorite applications, games, settings and quick toggle too. 

In another hand, Smart touch seems to be a type of Smart Intelligent Assistant. It is very useful for big screen smart phone. 

Assistive Touch for Android
- Virtual Home key
- Virtual Back key
- Virtual Power key (Android 5.0 up)
- Virtual Volume key, quick touch to change volume and change sound mode
- Virtual Recent Panel key
- Virtual Volume Up/Down key
- Ram booster and clean memory.

Quick Access (Quick launching)
- Easy touch to open your favorite application
- Direct opening application from circle menu
- Direct opening shortcuts (Direct calls, Direct message, Direct contact...)
- Direct to control quick settings

Advanced tools 
- Easy touch to screen recording, supporting attached image or fron camera (included audio form mic, media system) (Require Android 5.0 and above)
- Easy touch to screen shot ((Require Android 5.0 and above)
- SOS signal 

Quick settings 
- Rotation setting button
- Open Notification
- Location on/off settings
- Wifi on/off settings
- Airplane mode settings
- Bluetooth on/off settings
- Flashlight on/off settings
- Data settings
- Sound control
- Ringer mode
- Setting access key

- You can change icon of Smart Touch with many pretty icon, totally free with more than 40 items
- You can change icon of Smart Touch with your image (from gallery or camera)
- Customize size and alpha of floating ball
- Drag and drop to change position of action
- Able to customize the number of actions (the maximum is 10) 
- Able to add more actions from screen

- Supported languages: English, German, French, Thailand, Spanish, Russian 

Sensitive Permission
- This app uses Accessibility services 
It is for physical disabilities, Smart Touch provides powerful single hand features, you can use one hand to operate the phone, switch apps easily, replacing the navigation hard keys, which can hardly be controlled by one hand. Please be assured that Smart Touch will not collect any of your private information, it is only for performing global action such as BACK, RECENT, POWER.

- BIND_DEVICE_ADMIN: This app uses the Device Administrator permission which is only used to lock screen (pressing sort key instead of physical power button) and turn off the screen of your device. 

- CAMERA: To turn on Flashlight and shortcut to snap photos.
- CALL_PHONE: Add contacts to Action so you can make calls. It is for Direct Call shortcut not from our application inside.

- To prevent the app stopped by OS:
System Settings > Battery > Battery Optimization > Add apps >Smart Touch > Checked Don't optimize (From Marshmallow)
- If your brand is XIAOMI, please execute the following below:
you must go to security ->choose permission -> permission -> SmartTouch and turn on pop up window. Follow up, you go to security -> Permisson -> AutoStart -> turn on SmartTouch.
- Open app->uninstall menu if you can not uninstall the application. It is due to policy of google when you want to use Lock Screen feature because it requires Device Admin permission.
- Screen shot (Screen capture), Screen Recording is only supported Android 5.0 up

If your phone meets some above notes, please do not give bad review. It is not our bug, it is a limitation from Android technical. Please contact to our developer for helps.
Smart Touch (Pro - No ads) 3.1.5 Update
Fix crashes
More Information
3.39 MB
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Reviews From google play store
  • Mateo Anderson
    2020-05-11 23:23
    Mateo Anderson

    Great app for recording the screen

  • angel wolf
    2020-04-01 18:38
    angel wolf

    It use to be great but now the app just disappear about once to twice a day, which means I have to go into the main app itself and restart the app. It's annoying and I would like the app better if this issue was fix

  • Sudarwito w
    2020-03-16 12:21
    Sudarwito w

    Good app

  • zack 1234
    2020-02-07 16:47
    zack 1234

    App crash cannot open on Android 10

  • Achee Winnie
    2020-01-15 22:48
    Achee Winnie

    Best in the market

  • Michael McDaniel
    2020-01-12 16:31
    Michael McDaniel

    Mostly great but sometimes I'll look for the app and it's nowhere to be found. So I'll have to search for the app and restart. If it'd happen once or twice then it'd be no big deal but lately it's been happening about 3 times a week.

  • Douglas Chung
    2019-12-24 16:15
    Douglas Chung

    One of my favourite as low memory but using folders as memory is low here Visually pleasing Has a recorder

  • Linda Nor
    2019-12-17 09:02
    Linda Nor

    I absolutely love this app so far, it makes everything so quick and easy to find.

  • Wes Poteet
    2019-12-13 18:19
    Wes Poteet

    12/13/2019 update: still one of the most useful apps I use; extremely valuable on a daily, even hourly, basis. one of the most useful apps i have ever found

  • Bazz Turner
    2019-12-12 09:18
    Bazz Turner

    Please update it to support android 10

  • Mark Barkhouse
    2019-12-01 19:06
    Mark Barkhouse

    I used to love this app and paid for it, but it no longer works on my Pixel 3XL

  • ILTO
    2019-11-23 15:31

    The applications won't open

  • Joe Doe
    2019-11-22 02:02
    Joe Doe

    Too much background activity. The UI can improve on the navigation structure. Good mapping the hot spots.

  • Kenneth Powers
    2019-11-10 00:16
    Kenneth Powers

    Does everything I want it to

  • Huso Pasalic
    2019-11-06 20:36
    Huso Pasalic

    Anytime acces to main features,exelent app

  • Suyen Huynh
    2019-10-13 13:00
    Suyen Huynh

    Basically the best touch assist type app I've used so far. Works quite well. Wish there was an easier way to switch it on and off, instead of having to go through the app drawer each time. Also when you record videos the notification doesn't go away unless your force stop or you stop & restart the assist from the app. Otherwise works quite well. It's also pretty fast and isn't as laggy as these sometimes get.

  • Darren
    2019-10-04 09:57

    Really nice easy to use program.

  • George Reagan G. Manzana
    2019-09-26 04:36
    George Reagan G. Manzana

    Please update for Android using P30 Pro not working after got update EMUI 10..thank you.

  • Riaz Kamal
    2019-09-23 19:35
    Riaz Kamal

    Very nice application but some function didn't not work with latest android version. Need a update...

  • Sonny Herren
    2019-09-17 04:44
    Sonny Herren

    Great app and works great. You will save a lot of time when your looking for a certain app and it's easy to use. A+ app.

  • Bashar Bakhou
    2019-09-15 11:11
    Bashar Bakhou

    Record not working always with Samsung Galaxy Note 9

  • Philip aka mrnifty
    2019-07-28 01:50
    Philip aka mrnifty

    Pro without Ads much better. App not there after power down/up? Otherwise slick and sorted my broken touchscreen navigation.

  • Justin RakeshTM
    2019-07-13 15:42
    Justin RakeshTM

    not recording screen or video recording not working

    2019-07-09 13:44

    You can't record internal audio whilst recording . it uses the microphone to record audio whilst recording. You shouldn't need microphone to do recording. Should have made permission optional.

  • Mr Roshi
    2019-07-04 16:30
    Mr Roshi

    screen recorder don't work!

  • Vittorio Barboza
    2019-05-21 13:13
    Vittorio Barboza

    Great app.

  • Beyond The Dreams
    2019-05-04 10:11
    Beyond The Dreams

    No update since 2018! Force close on my pixel on Android P

  • John Smith
    2019-04-26 19:57
    John Smith

    nice app. way better than the built in function in my LG phone.

  • krishna umarji
    2019-04-06 18:42
    krishna umarji

    in nokia 7.1 .. when it gets to extreme notch ,,... it gets hanged up.. cannot be moved here n there .. .. its s serious issiue ... i am using paid version

  • Fathur Robi
    2019-03-30 00:10
    Fathur Robi

    I have a problem with my Samsung Galaxy S10, the lockscreen doesn't work well, it only locks with PIN code, can't unlock with face detection or finger print. please update and fix it. My request "please the icon move to up when the keyboard text appears, it blocking me when typing". Thank's

  • Nรญall Martin Delaney
    2019-03-29 11:38
    Nรญall Martin Delaney

    Does what it's supposed to do, and does it well!..

  • Duc Hieu Truong
    2019-03-05 14:07
    Duc Hieu Truong

    Very useful and easy to used. Love it

  • PapaMushiTM
    2019-03-03 09:58


  • Mo_ Faiz
    2019-02-24 10:21
    Mo_ Faiz

    This is a really helpful app. Great Idea. Thank you.

  • sanjeet kumar
    2019-02-12 16:05
    sanjeet kumar

    Plg add auto booster for best game experience

  • Srinivasan Narayanasamy
    2019-02-08 08:39
    Srinivasan Narayanasamy

    Best App

  • Kenzaki Murasame
    2019-02-04 16:42
    Kenzaki Murasame

    easy to use..

  • Melvin Jones Gallano Repol
    2019-01-12 13:12
    Melvin Jones Gallano Repol

    i used this app more than a year now and still waiting to fix the error in recording. When i record then stop the notification for stop wont disappeared to make it disappeared i force close the app then run it again. I dont want to do it again and again. theres an issue where if i screen shot sometimes it will not take a photo of the screen and still freezing the screen shot icon still in right side of my battert indicator. But that problem wont tend me to uninstall the app or rate it 1 star..

  • A Google user
    2019-01-10 07:42
    A Google user

    Had this app for a couple days now and im not disappointed, actually pretty impressed. user friendly, functional, easy to use and understand, looks hella slick, and it actually lets me record my screen. top notch app

  • Samiul Hasan
    2018-12-16 07:12
    Samiul Hasan

    it crushed frequently... mainly when I'm going to record my screen

  • J R
    2018-12-06 11:47
    J R

    Beautiful, best one for my use so far

  • Ata Alrahman
    2018-12-06 07:08
    Ata Alrahman

    Nice application.

  • Terry Parker
    2018-11-23 04:42
    Terry Parker

    Liked it until I tried to use it after forgetting about it for a couple of months so I'm not sure which update killed it. It just freeses after the first setup screen. I can scroll but nothing works. Samsung S8+. Everything current. Hope you can fix as I've uninstalled and reinstalled.

  • ashiq ali
    2018-11-02 12:58
    ashiq ali

    Good app good work

  • Luv Tech
    2018-10-28 03:49
    Luv Tech

    Latest update broke the functionality on G6. Unable to use the app as it fcs.

  • Harish Dhakad
    2018-10-12 01:30
    Harish Dhakad

    Some more gesture option auto hide option love it

    2018-09-28 07:37

    Some necessary improvements needs to be done in this app. You can't record the screen more than 2 mins and after that it hangs up the app if you click on stop recording. Also you can't take more that 6 to 7 screenshots continuously as it hangs up the app working and do not respond. Also after continuous usage of SOS signal feature in this app i.e. more than 1 minute then if you click on to stop SOS signal then the app does not respond which in turn does not switch of the flash light at any cost. In RAM cleaner function the app does not clear up much of RAM as compared to Device management feature of mobile. I didn't get what i expected from this app. This app needs huge improvements. I think i wasted my money in buying this app. So kindly make improvements in this app.

  • VinVin Chan
    2018-09-28 00:08
    VinVin Chan

    It's great when it is working as it should. But don't depends on them because it happened a few times that the video will end up corrupted so it can't be played so u would feel sad if that happened to you

  • Nanyayoksay
    2018-09-18 06:06

    Getting really tired of my footage not being recorded and saved, giving me a big grey ! Every times i see it in the gallery. Wasted good money on a bad app I could get for free. So when can I get my money you dirty scammers

  • jaric Fjodorow
    2018-09-13 06:00
    jaric Fjodorow

    Saved me from the hell of MUI bugs where buttons didn't work anymore untill a reflash was made.๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ‘Œ - This app is a must have for heavy users of Xiaomi Mi6 phones. Just awesome how it has a lot of features people asked for. - Launching an app directly from Pokemon go works like a charm as well. ๐Ÿ˜‰ - The app list (favorite) triggers onPause() of the app underneath, while itself (first level) overlays without doing so.

  • Navaneeth S
    2018-09-07 14:08
    Navaneeth S

    Since the app locks the phone as admin , the fingerprint unlock won't work and I need to use pin or pattern to unlock each time.Please fix that issue.

  • Anita Me
    2018-08-15 21:10
    Anita Me

    Love this app. Makes everything I need a fingertouch away, no matter what I'm doing on my phone. So convenient and easy to set up.

  • Justastr3amer T.A.I.P
    2018-08-15 20:24
    Justastr3amer T.A.I.P

    This app is amazing. And because Android does not have the shortcut feature I really wanted to get one you did an amazing job. Keep it up.

  • Edwin Bahtiar
    2018-08-11 15:14
    Edwin Bahtiar

    Good app ๐Ÿ‘

  • Waqif Ali
    2018-08-09 01:52
    Waqif Ali

    Useful great work.

  • munish kumar
    2018-08-05 12:34
    munish kumar

    Good one . This is very very useful for us. I have been using this app for a long time and I never faced in a single problem with this. Thanks to develop a lot.

  • GA Rush
    2018-08-01 12:35
    GA Rush

    Works pretty good. Recommended.

  • Jimmy Pailin
    2018-07-31 20:33
    Jimmy Pailin

    Very nice and useful. It just works. Most of all, contrary to other reviews, fingerprint unlock always works for me. I've encountered no problems of any kind. Thanks.

  • sathya raj
    2018-07-29 03:15
    sathya raj

    Waste app.No pop-up came to do all this things. uninstalled the tutorial or guides

  • Michael Bishara
    2018-07-27 06:20
    Michael Bishara

    Very useful shortcut app. Since upgrading to Oreo, the hotspot activation shortcut doesn't work

  • Razes Kunwar
    2018-07-26 10:39
    Razes Kunwar

    Plz add paper mode on swipe

  • agus merdeko
    2018-07-17 06:59
    agus merdeko

    Must have app

  • โ€1995 โ€ ๏ปฟ
    2018-07-13 03:03
    โ€1995 โ€ ๏ปฟ

    I love the Screen Lock feature, so I reinstalled the app so I could use it again, but instead of allowing me to inable administrator, it just asks me to uninstall it, which fixes nothing. I didn't know where else to go with my problem because there's no way I can contact support through the app or any other place.

  • A Google user
    2018-07-08 17:47
    A Google user


  • hagga wagga
    2018-07-03 20:23
    hagga wagga

    Great app thank you

  • A Google user
    2018-06-28 06:06
    A Google user

    Amazing and very smooth recorder. Wish it could record internal sound if your device supports it (like mine (its a samsung j7) pls add)

  • Nicholas Thomason
    2018-06-22 06:25
    Nicholas Thomason

    Great app and I love using it however for almost two weeks now the Galaxy S7 has had Android 8.0 and the app is broken for this version. Will change back to 5 stars when fixed

  • Joseph SummariTrOn
    2018-06-21 19:35
    Joseph SummariTrOn

    This app is awesome for when I don't want to remove my phone from the holster for my phone case to access my power button located on the back of my LGG5. Sure, I still have to remove the phone from the holster for my OtterBox Defender (holster gives extra cusion) but it's not that big of a deal since my swipe pattern is fun to use and show people how I spelled something. LOL This app is awesome, and with the resize and opacity options along with switching the access to double tap, it never gets in the way, and if it does it's harmless and just draggs the icon to a different point of your screen. The functionality is awesome. Peace out!

  • Joe Pizzolato
    2018-06-21 07:45
    Joe Pizzolato


  • Ednei Rodrigues
    2018-06-13 02:52
    Ednei Rodrigues

    Finally an option without ads, but missing the option to float the button in the middle of the screen and the lock admin cannot be unlocked from fingerprint

  • Agus Adhi Permana
    2018-06-05 12:13
    Agus Adhi Permana

    I love this app, but if you use it for screenshot the app will be get some lag. Please fix it

  • Ganesh kumar
    2018-06-04 00:09
    Ganesh kumar

    Please provide option to lock overlay icon position, do it can't move accidentally.

  • A Google user
    2018-06-03 00:16
    A Google user

    Would be nice if it had a shortcut to toggle it on/off instead of having to open the app to do so.

    2018-06-01 11:20


  • A Google user
    2018-05-31 19:43
    A Google user

    So handy I don't know how I got along without it!

  • Skittlz 9
    2018-05-31 18:47
    Skittlz 9

    This app is literally the best app I have ever used for basically anything since it has a buttload of features and is packed with personalization features OH! AND GET THIS, IT EVEN ALLOWS YOU TO SCREENSHOT, LOCK SCREEN, AND SCREEN RECORD NO ROOT, ON THE SPOT NO FREEZING, NO DELAYS, PERFECT, 2 THUMBS WAY UP๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS APP TO ANYONE, FOR ANYTHING!!!!

  • LovelyNails Spa
    2018-05-26 22:28
    LovelyNails Spa

    Great! It lets me use shortcuts and make life easier. It was a good thing it was on a 100% sale for free.

  • Sanath ramesh
    2018-05-26 19:31
    Sanath ramesh

    Since the app locks the phone as admin , the fingerprint unlock won't work and I need to use pin to unlock each time . Kinda defeats the purpose of buying this .

  • Sean Silcox
    2018-05-25 22:00
    Sean Silcox

    Pretty cool

  • Michael B. Ancira
    2018-05-25 10:44
    Michael B. Ancira

    Simple does what it says but would be nice to be able to see your favorite apps list or an option to alternate between different groups of apps u choose also why only 15? Why not 20.....

  • A Google user
    2018-05-24 08:28
    A Google user

    Legit a good and useful app, two thumbs up ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

  • Randy Gooch
    2018-05-23 21:40
    Randy Gooch

    I really like this app and would have given it five stars, but the following problems exist on my Moto X Pure Edition running Android Nougat 7.0 and latest Nova Launcher: 1) The Biggest Problem: I am running the latest version of the "Pro - No Ads" version but I am getting large advertisements at the top half of my screen when in the favorites feature found by swiping from a bottom corner! Also, a random advertisement application "app icon" appears with the recent apps to lure me to accidentally touch it! 2) Getting to the "favorites" feature by swiping from a bottom corner is very hit and miss, and doesn't seem to have much predictablity and can not be turned off. 3) The "screen capture" feature would be so much better if it did not always include my on screen navigation buttons at the bottom of my screen as well as a black border. Even when I am in my Gallery zoomed in on a photo with no nav keys showing, the screen capture automatically adds nav keys and a black border to the shot. This app could be one of my favorites! Please consider these fixes. Thank you.

  • A Google user
    2018-05-23 12:02
    A Google user

    easy to use

  • Guddu Raj
    2018-05-17 07:19
    Guddu Raj

    One of the best app in play store

  • Collier Bell
    2018-05-17 01:45
    Collier Bell

    Love the features of this app, very solid, and was a lot faster than I expected. Overall very satisfied with this app. But I do think a really cool feature to add would be to have the option to use the audio being produced by the phone as the audio source.

  • luis lastiri
    2018-05-16 21:23
    luis lastiri

    Record screen function doesn't work. App is trash

  • Akash Dalai
    2018-05-16 14:22
    Akash Dalai

    Bestest ever apps that beat every other iOS copy apps . No adds and top of the line pro apps

  • Yashpalsinh Sarvaiya
    2018-05-15 06:23
    Yashpalsinh Sarvaiya

    All perfect..but ram killer!! Need to improve this issue very quickly!! 2 star less only for this reason..because this issue is really big!!

  • Luis Guerra
    2018-05-13 07:19
    Luis Guerra

    Amazing, easy to use

  • Adem Sofiliฤ‡
    2018-05-12 22:59
    Adem Sofiliฤ‡

    Amazing,helpful,easy!! :)

  • Simon Dean
    2018-05-12 18:26
    Simon Dean

    Really pleased with this. So easy to use

  • A Google user
    2018-05-11 17:09
    A Google user

    Stopped working for some reason. none of the buttons respond.

  • Nicolรกs Boettcher
    2018-05-11 03:19
    Nicolรกs Boettcher

    You can't configure the corner where favorite apps appears.

  • Lil Pup
    2018-05-10 12:54
    Lil Pup

    A great app for accessing your phone settings and buttons! I cracked my phone screen a while back, and my recent app button stopped working, so apps would keep running and drain my battery. I got this on sale and I can finally close them! The design is easy to use and compact, and the idea is finely executed unlike other apps I have tried. My only suggestion is to try and make icon packs compatible so custom icons for apps appear in the menu when you open the widget.

    2018-05-09 07:50

    It does what you said it would. Great quick control centre.

  • Marco Calogero Giudice
    2018-05-08 22:59
    Marco Calogero Giudice

    Pretty cool app, I got to say...! Works flawlessly and does everything it is says it does

  • A Google user
    2018-05-08 19:40
    A Google user

    Great shortcut. Although i would like to have an option to decide with side my favorite apps should appear.

  • Mark Saunders
    2018-05-08 14:41
    Mark Saunders

    Dies what it says on the tin .. Great app esp for free

  • Redz Bloodiez
    2018-05-08 05:31
    Redz Bloodiez

    Everything was good, but in pixel phone, if i lock the phone using smart touch, im unable to unlock using my finger print. It would say "device lock by admin", so i have to manually input the pin number.

  • Jatinjot Singh
    2018-05-08 03:51
    Jatinjot Singh

    Perfect for taoing Snapchat screenshots

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