Double Head Shark Attack - Multiplayer Double Head Shark Attack - Multiplayer Download
Double Head Shark Attack - Multiplayer

Double Head Shark Attack - Multiplayer

8.5c for Android







157.61 MB


BigCode® Games



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Double Head Shark Attack - Multiplayer
Multiplayer Game play:
Play as a shark with other online players. Your task is to find letters in the ocean to form a word. 
It’s a new concept of word search in a simulation game. Eat the other online players to complete the word. Bigger sharks will eat smaller sharks. So, upgrade to Big Shark to eat other players. 

Single Player Game play:

Welcome to the different worlds of underwater shark games. Hunt for your targets on the beach & underwater fishes, animals & humans in the game to survive & earn coins. Eat to power up with 100’s of crunchy delicious & dangerous creatures in the ocean like baby sharks, jellyfish, fishes etc. This Underwater simulation game has stunning quality, 3D graphics, & cool sound effects which will drive you crazy. Get the Double headed sharks to dress up with the freak in' costumes like different kinds of hats, weapons, headphones, hammer, axe, magic wands & many more exciting accessories. 
Try the Terminator shark which can transform into tiny shark to eat its prey. Hey! These simulator sharks are gigantic, crazy, freaky powers & cooler than ever just waiting to attack their prey. Share & collect all the sharks underwater to become the king to rule the underwater ocean. This is one of the best shark games. Explore the unseen world of sharks & their life under water.

Game Play Features: 

• Multiplayer mode to play with your friends.
• Connect & hunt your prey in different worlds.
• Explore with different kinds of sharks with crazy features to hunt.
• Solve the word puzzle in Multiplayer mode.
• Different Shark power ups.
• Various Shark upgrades to hunt & survive.
• Friendly UI & fun FREE game play.

Multiplayer Mode: 

- Explore & hunt other players in multiplayer mode. 
- Search and eat letters in the ocean to complete the word puzzle target.
- Upgrade to bigger shark to eat online players. Let's see how strong you are & how well you compete to survive underwater with your friends.

Double Head Shark Attack Features:

• First Multiplayer game in shark Category!
• Unique Missions & Objectives to complete in single player mode.
• Free Game with lots of prizes & rewards!
• Unlock 12+ Shark with lots of accessories
• Realistic Beach & Underwater environments
• Smooth controls with easy & Addictive game play
• Awesome Visuals & Sound Effects
• Coolest under water shark games to play
• Different worlds to explore
• Upbeat background music and sound effects

Install & Play as Fearless Double Head Shark Attack ready to hunt for the survival.

Languages Supported: English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, French, Japanese, Italian, Dutch, German, Russian, Arabic, Hindi, Telugu & Tamil

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We, Bigcode Games, provide entertainment with a responsibility to maintain quality. We always welcome feedback and comments below. You are requested to review and comment so that we can make games better for our valuable players. Please feel free to suggest us any improvements that could help us make the game better. We are expertise in simulation game & casual games. Thank You for the download.


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Double Head Shark Attack - Multiplayer 8.5c Update
- - Loading Issue Resolved.. - - Improved Game Play !! -- Thanks for the support !!
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157.61 MB
BigCode® Games
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Package Name      : com.bigcodegames.doubleheadsharkattack
Version           : 8.5c (85)
Min Sdk Level     : 17
Min Sdk Platform  : Android 4.2,4.2.2
Target Sdk Level     : 28
Target Sdk Platform  : Android 9.0

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Reviews From google play store
  • Reyna Gonzalez
    2020-05-19 20:33
    Reyna Gonzalez

    ITs not even working

  • Jess Stazicker
    2020-05-19 19:18
    Jess Stazicker

    Great Fun Being A Top Predator

  • Dominic ruiz
    2020-05-19 16:13
    Dominic ruiz

    Want to know why I gave this game 5 stars ok. This is not glitchy,laggy or bad!. This game is sooooooooo cool the sharks look cool and my favorite shark is the dino shark the dino shark is sooooooooooo awesome I hope other ppl rate this game 5 stars and I hope everyone has a good day!! Bye bye.

  • Bhim Bahadur
    2020-05-18 09:54
    Bhim Bahadur

    I give 1 rating because this game is totaly net waste game so i give 1 ratings please don't download..........😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😡😡😡😡😡😡

  • pro anomaly 666 the king of the anomaly's
    2020-05-16 22:01
    pro anomaly 666 the king of the anomaly

    I love this game

  • Carlton Clare
    2020-05-16 20:03
    Carlton Clare


  • vansh Jain
    2020-05-16 16:22
    vansh Jain

    I try this game this game is common game but online game. So,it is good

  • Kezia Wilson
    2020-05-16 16:02
    Kezia Wilson

    Fun times

  • Rafael Cruz
    2020-05-16 12:20
    Rafael Cruz

    Wow Double head shark Attack-Multiplayer good :)

  • Judy m Nduku
    2020-05-16 10:14
    Judy m Nduku

    The game is very okey but there are too many ads

  • Carolina Kamau
    2020-05-16 08:24
    Carolina Kamau

    Worst game ever .it wouldnt even open ..its the worst im even uninstalling it no one should download

  • Smangele Promise
    2020-05-16 06:08
    Smangele Promise

    gud game😊😊😊😊

  • Yuri Andrade
    2020-05-16 00:28
    Yuri Andrade

    I love it

  • Kevin Connor
    2020-05-15 19:23
    Kevin Connor

    I love this app its so cool

  • Remy Noorshakil
    2020-05-15 17:04
    Remy Noorshakil

    This game every 5second has ads

  • super minecraft bros
    2020-05-15 16:47
    super minecraft bros

    Trashest game ever

  • izwan izadi
    2020-05-15 09:22
    izwan izadi

    Tengok macam bes pulak eh

  • caroline okoth
    2020-05-15 05:40
    caroline okoth

    The game is royal by now the most important part in this game called for it to be shipped

  • Qy'layzia Coleman
    2020-05-14 19:49

    I really like this games

  • Eldrin Sumampong
    2020-05-14 18:50
    Eldrin Sumampong

    Im only now download this game and I love it I hope I can enjoy this game I'm just giving 3 star now but don't worry if this game is very good to play with me I will give u a 5 rate thank u 🤗

  • Donnor Storer
    2020-05-14 16:30
    Donnor Storer

    Yes, Great game, Thanks ur the best, and I am very happy. I do reccomend this game. Still, I gave you 6 days to get rid of the glitches, But I guess I didn't let you know. And this game is the best shark game in my whole life.

  • Ali Hossain Farhan
    2020-05-14 13:58
    Ali Hossain Farhan

    I like this is app

  • Jaya Lekshmanan
    2020-05-14 11:44
    Jaya Lekshmanan


  • Mr Rock
    2020-05-14 11:37
    Mr Rock


    2020-05-14 09:18

    Iblove thisv game

  • Chagam Padma
    2020-05-14 07:26
    Chagam Padma


  • Jyoti Kumari
    2020-05-14 07:21
    Jyoti Kumari

    Double Head Shark...

  • ds Khurlee
    2020-05-14 05:33
    ds Khurlee


  • Paul Orlain
    2020-05-13 13:29
    Paul Orlain

    I like this gameplay so much😊

  • darkness
    2020-05-13 07:44

    Good game 😁😁😁😁😀😀😀😀

  • Elijbesr Rodriguez
    2020-05-13 01:35
    Elijbesr Rodriguez

    Too many ads and basically hungry shark

  • Ravi Browwn
    2020-05-12 18:01
    Ravi Browwn

    This game is terrible

  • Justin Brown
    2020-05-12 16:02
    Justin Brown

    An 2 hade eat people

  • Elisa Memes
    2020-05-12 10:10
    Elisa Memes


  • Zaharah Perman
    2020-05-12 03:27
    Zaharah Perman

    game ini sangat best for me but the other two

  • Daniel Zeferino
    2020-05-11 23:35
    Daniel Zeferino

    I like the game but, the double head sharks make it really weird.

  • Jana Hossam
    2020-05-11 23:02
    Jana Hossam


  • saab ph Ariza
    2020-05-11 14:34
    saab ph Ariza

    The bets game ever evryone love this game!!!

  • Truman Spencer
    2020-05-11 13:33
    Truman Spencer

    Omg I love it

    2020-05-11 13:22

    Nc game for my son

  • Anup Agarwal
    2020-05-11 07:58
    Anup Agarwal

    Very nice

  • jeya rani
    2020-05-11 06:05
    jeya rani

    Super game

  • Tiffeny Brown
    2020-05-11 04:49
    Tiffeny Brown

    Its a awesome game

  • Adnan Siddiqui
    2020-05-10 21:21
    Adnan Siddiqui

    Nice and jelly free and then I was just trying for the right kind to make sure you 88feet it would not to go to your first birthday and the

  • Tristan Lawrencin
    2020-05-10 21:14
    Tristan Lawrencin


  • Karen Navarro
    2020-05-10 15:46
    Karen Navarro

    Its very fun but the thing is U need to make the loading faster ok?

  • Kapil Guleria
    2020-05-10 07:42
    Kapil Guleria

    So fantastickets games

  • Nirmala Karole
    2020-05-10 04:57
    Nirmala Karole


  • Angela Glory
    2020-05-10 04:21
    Angela Glory

    This game is the worst game ever.😡💧💨💔🐉.....

  • Charles Sandrino
    2020-05-10 02:22
    Charles Sandrino

    This game is so good

  • Carrie Carrie
    2020-05-09 22:41
    Carrie Carrie

    I think the game is God

  • Fatemeh Daemi
    2020-05-09 15:59
    Fatemeh Daemi


  • Neelam Sharma
    2020-05-09 15:26
    Neelam Sharma

    कितना बेकार गेम है बिल्कुल सड़ा सा

  • Josim Sikder
    2020-05-09 12:57
    Josim Sikder


  • Jared Rollinson
    2020-05-09 11:20
    Jared Rollinson


  • Maghali Pegu
    2020-05-09 08:17
    Maghali Pegu

    It is the best game in the future Thanks for the good game

  • vikas1980sawroop
    2020-05-09 07:03


  • Khuzama Nadeem
    2020-05-09 05:51
    Khuzama Nadeem

    Fffhgf sorry she tried for sdhbdgbvgghh fr the ygf to mh can

  • Valerie Sarjoo
    2020-05-08 22:51
    Valerie Sarjoo

    It's fun to play i wish that if i was in the game

  • jack white
    2020-05-08 22:09
    jack white


  • kaide1020 Holter
    2020-05-08 18:29
    kaide1020 Holter

    Game is not fun it won't even let me play it just said Select shark

  • spiralzzz3 and4
    2020-05-08 16:29
    spiralzzz3 and4


  • Lindokuhle Ndwandwe
    2020-05-08 14:15
    Lindokuhle Ndwandwe

    Love iy

  • Kalpana Baniya
    2020-05-08 12:22
    Kalpana Baniya

    This is the best game for everyone. It is very interesting game.

  • Balwinder Singh
    2020-05-08 11:54
    Balwinder Singh

    Good game

    2020-05-08 08:05

    very much fun

  • Hanna Amal
    2020-05-08 00:08
    Hanna Amal


  • melissa howard
    2020-05-07 23:33
    melissa howard


  • Rocendo Garcia
    2020-05-07 18:53
    Rocendo Garcia

    Rocendo Game double head really care was just talking with in 30 and like I like this yesterday sorry about something exactly yea sales tilom And I know him and i think i want yo te amoooooooo Wow we went last week saturday or review angry bird angry bird angry bird angry bird angry bird angry bird angry bird angry bird angry bird angry bird angry bird angry bird angry bird angry bird angry bird angry bird angry bird angry bird angry bird angry bird angry bird angry bird angry bird angry bird r

  • Jaweed Khan
    2020-05-07 18:46
    Jaweed Khan

    DOUbIe Head Shark Att... Their us more(optionaI)

  • surya xd aw
    2020-05-07 02:53
    surya xd aw


  • Tyongie Tyongie0701
    2020-05-07 02:09
    Tyongie Tyongie0701


  • Sayma Sultana
    2020-05-06 21:45
    Sayma Sultana

    Eita kiser game... Download korar por to game ta on hoilo na 😡😡😡😡

  • iqbal syafik
    2020-05-06 20:10
    iqbal syafik


  • Carole Moulton
    2020-05-06 13:25
    Carole Moulton

    We. Love it

  • hasham Patel
    2020-05-06 13:18
    hasham Patel

    I like your game plz update your game regularly I think you want to make the sharks better looking danger a upgrade your gameplay make some new map or portal in game thank

  • Rual Hei
    2020-05-06 11:49
    Rual Hei

    I kinda like it it's just that I have no two head

    2020-05-06 09:50


  • Abdullah Yusof
    2020-05-06 07:37
    Abdullah Yusof

    I love thise game but no one head megelodon so pleas make a one head megelodon

  • Md. Kamal Patwary
    2020-05-05 16:49
    Md. Kamal Patwary


  • Faiza Shariq
    2020-05-05 14:51
    Faiza Shariq

    I love this game

  • Bethany Hammond
    2020-05-05 14:41
    Bethany Hammond

    This game is flipping awesome

  • Marlbert Jaleco
    2020-05-05 13:32
    Marlbert Jaleco


  • Hnin Hnin
    2020-05-05 04:23
    Hnin Hnin


  • Thirdy So
    2020-05-05 01:33
    Thirdy So

    Best game ever

  • Kaylnn Lee
    2020-05-04 23:01
    Kaylnn Lee

    BAD GAME!! it wont let me play in survivul its good but it wont let me play survivul every time i want to go on survivul it just kicks me off!!!

  • Aliff Haiqal Baharudin
    2020-05-04 20:08
    Aliff Haiqal Baharudin


  • the gamer kids
    2020-05-04 18:19
    the gamer kids

    It a good game it have a new shark in the game

  • Bella Dyson
    2020-05-04 17:40
    Bella Dyson

    It won let me in the game it loads alot i have full bars on wifi

  • Bonteco Dunn
    2020-05-04 16:43
    Bonteco Dunn

    good inspired game

  • Jenipher Luasha
    2020-05-04 10:26
    Jenipher Luasha

    It's cool

  • ralph Guisadio
    2020-05-04 04:53
    ralph Guisadio


    2020-05-04 04:28

    Hi N Uganda of you

  • TW1ST
    2020-05-04 02:09

    You have to wait 2 days to use the double head shark. Also, copy of Hungry Shark.

  • d behera
    2020-05-03 10:09
    d behera

    Nycc game

  • Yanely Fernandez
    2020-05-02 19:51
    Yanely Fernandez

    It is a good game 👍 I would really recommend it and idk what to to say 😂😂😅😭

  • Kalayar Chan
    2020-05-02 14:07
    Kalayar Chan


  • EsheanGaming TV
    2020-05-02 13:25
    EsheanGaming TV

    Its logging for me

  • Jay Jlin
    2020-05-02 12:43
    Jay Jlin

    So long login time

  • Sidra Faheem
    2020-05-02 10:57
    Sidra Faheem


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