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Alarm Klock
A better alarm clock.
- Global and per-alarm settings
- Repeats for days of the week
- Ringtone andor vibrate
- Use MP3sMedia library as alarms
- Variable snooze time
- Variable volume adjustment
- Free as in speech AND as in beer
- Localizations: it, nl, pt, de, sr, hr, fr, es, pl, ru        
Alarm Klock 2.7 Update
v2.6 & v2.7 More Android Q API fixes: - Fix lock-screen countdown timer - Fix alarm vibration - Fix crash opening app while alarm-ing - 2.7 contains bug fixes related to these changes v2.5 More Android Q fixes: - Properly reschedule alarms on reboot/reinstall. v2.4: Lots of Android Q fixes: - Lock screen issue - Crashes in media picker - Required notification channels Lots of translation fixes v2.3 - Fix DST bug - Fix orientation-related bugs
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125.42 kB
Craig G
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RAW Information
Package Name      :
Version           : 2.7 (21)
Min Sdk Level     : 23
Min Sdk Platform  : Android 6.0
Target Sdk Level     : 29
Target Sdk Platform  : Android 10.0

Permssions List
WAKE_LOCK : Allows using PowerManager WakeLocks to keep processor from sleeping or screen from dimming READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : Allows an application to read from external storage. RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED : Allows an application to receive the ACTION_BOOT_COMPLETED that is broadcast after the system finishes booting. VIBRATE : Allows access to the vibrator FOREGROUND_SERVICE : USE_FULL_SCREEN_INTENT :
.AlarmClockActivity (Launcher) .AlarmNotificationActivity
Reviews From google play store
  • Amjad Rahgouy
    2020-03-31 06:50
    Amjad Rahgouy

    I've been using this app from version 1.6. It's very useful. Very reliable . Has no annoying features. It's an alarm app not other thing . Very simple and user friendly . I knew this app by accident and It was very hard to find it in the net. Last night i realized that to there's higher versions . Make a website and some ads. It deserves higher ranking. Thanks and best.

  • Christopher Davis
    2020-02-24 16:14
    Christopher Davis

    The alarm usually goes off between 1 and 10 minutes late, but today it was 49 minutes late.

  • Neofytos Neofytou
    2020-01-25 12:11
    Neofytos Neofytou

    UI needs desperately a revamp! Cool alarm clock!

  • Albert Chow
    2020-01-13 11:59
    Albert Chow

    Have been using this app since 2011... now... just why would an alarm time out and the whole app (the next alarms) will not work at all because the first alarm was timed out? if an alarm would time out, I guess its better not to set an alarm in the first place (i.e. you could wake up without an alarm) looking forward to getting rid of the "the alarm has timed out" dialog box and make it unlimited snooze.

  • Серёга
    2019-12-15 03:10

    Used this app for years, now old nor new clunckier version won't work properly on Android 10 Pixel phones including 4 XL's . Alarm either won't go off at all or goes off with random delays. This happens every time with one time or repeating alarms.

  • Andrew Buis
    2019-11-20 20:48
    Andrew Buis

    Used it for years, but now, updated my Pixel 3 to Android 10, and the alarm goes off, but doesn't pop up over the lock screen. I have to unlock, then open the app before I get to the snooze/dismiss screen. Reinstall didn't fix. The only option I really miss is the ability to make the snooze button full screen, so I don't need to open my eyes to hit snooze.

  • Heather Seashols
    2019-11-12 03:28
    Heather Seashols

    I've had this app for years and it was reliable and great. It recently stopped working and no longer pops up on my phone to wake me. The notifications don't show anymore either to let me know my alarm is set, I've checked the settings three times to make sure they are on. I'll try uninstalling and reinstalling. I'm very sad this is no longer working. I did uninstall and reinstall and it started working but I'm not sure why it never prompted me to install a newer version. It's a great alarm app and you can use your own songs. It has little notifications too.

  • Mguel Miller
    2019-10-30 10:40
    Mguel Miller

    since last update info of time for next alarm on notification area doesn't update

  • Cary Curro
    2019-10-27 17:09
    Cary Curro

    Have used this alarm for years, has been very reliable, easy to use and nice interface. Since the update an icon no longer appears in the task bar and does not display on the lock screen when alarm is active. I liked this because it gave confirmation that the alarm was set, active and ready to go. Please bring this feature back. Thanks. Moto Z3. Update: I reinstalled the app now everything is fine thanks for the prompt response.

  • Warren Barrett
    2019-10-24 12:29
    Warren Barrett

    My most love Alarm Clock / App for 8 years running....

  • temasek 1
    2019-10-24 05:22
    temasek 1

    cannot set snooze by side hardware buttons. good but alarm at wrong time.

  • Sara True
    2019-08-12 21:38
    Sara True

    Been using it for years! :) Still like it, but lately it's been going off at different times than it's set for! Set for 10:30 and it went off at 9:37!?

  • Miha Pucelj
    2019-06-22 03:26
    Miha Pucelj

    I have been using this app for years now. and it is great. but i very much dislike the new user interface. everything is so big. its like its for old people who dont see very well. allso the sliders for settings are not practical. If i could go back to older version,i would.

  • florin dobrea
    2019-06-14 18:35
    florin dobrea

    Ft bună

  • Mark Strafford
    2019-04-22 07:28
    Mark Strafford

    I keep getting failed alarms ie does not fire at all or the alarm goes off at random times after it should such as 10, 20, 30 minutes late. I used this for many years but does not work with Android 8 and has let me down too many times now.

  • Jacqueline Tan
    2019-04-04 08:43
    Jacqueline Tan

    the only alarm app i have been using for years. simple, user friendly with all the basic necessary features i need such as setting multiple alarms, can easily and clearly see which alarm is turned on or off, option to use own music, fade and a big snooze button while dismissing the alarm is a smaller swipe bar. totally makes sense! and all this in a simple small app with no ads. thank you to the developer! thanks also for keeping the older versions available on your GitHub page.

  • Diane K. Kovacs
    2019-04-01 16:00
    Diane K. Kovacs


  • Nakeeta Jase
    2018-12-28 16:47
    Nakeeta Jase

    finally a free, simple, no frills, ad free, permissions minimal, alarm app that works even though the battery optimizer and phone sleep states. and i even get to use my own alarm sounds file. thank you!

  • A Google user
    2018-11-15 06:22
    A Google user

    I just installed this on my new Android 9 (pie) phone and it doesn't seem to work. So why am I giving it five stars? Because previously it had given me years and years of use across multiple devices, with customizable features that just weren't commonplace at the time. Shout out to the developer for putting out such a great app without any ads. If it gets updated I'll install it again.

  • Zoltan Szabo-Toth
    2018-10-30 17:17
    Zoltan Szabo-Toth

    Simple, perfect.

  • Hridoy Govinda Das
    2018-10-11 11:48
    Hridoy Govinda Das

    Will not turn off. I had to uninstall, to get the alarm to stop.

  • Jim C
    2018-08-27 21:19
    Jim C

    First download when I get a new phone.

  • A Google user
    2018-08-22 07:39
    A Google user

    Upgraded my phone and this no longer seems to work

  • Atindra Kumar Nath
    2018-07-03 05:11
    Atindra Kumar Nath

    I was looking for the alarm clock which should have these features. - simple alarm design - allow to add user alarm ringtone - less than 1 mb This app have it all, I would recommend to all my friends

  • A Google user
    2018-06-01 20:29
    A Google user

    The best Alarm Clock on Android. Simple, effective, reliable.

  • A Google user
    2018-05-30 03:37
    A Google user

    Used to use this. Tired of all the alarm clocks with a billion permissions required. But now on my new zenfone 2 laser, "not compatible with this version" :c Edit: Managed to get it with F-Droid. Must be a google fail.

  • Ciarán Smith
    2018-04-21 17:05
    Ciarán Smith

    Great alarm never let me doen goes off even when phone is on silent.

  • Sara Baerbock
    2018-04-12 20:06
    Sara Baerbock

    Lately an alarm or 2 a day is going off an hour late rather than at the correct time. For example, I have an alarm that is supposed to go off at 2pm. Yesterday it was fine. Today it went off at 3:02pm. Scratching my head on that one... Please fix!

  • Chris Langert
    2018-04-08 02:14
    Chris Langert

    Do yourself a favor and hunt down version 1.9. The interface of 2.3 looks like it's designed for a toddler and has serious usability issues, especially on a smaller screen. Choosing a snooze duration, for example, is ridiculous with that tiny slider.

  • A Google user
    2018-03-20 13:15
    A Google user

    It is awesome y love it

  • A Google user
    2018-03-16 03:06
    A Google user

    Very easy to use, always works great!

  • Matt Stein
    2018-02-19 21:10
    Matt Stein

    Fantastic, simple, and I should have left this 5 star review years ago. It is one of those "it just works and solves all your needs, simply" apps like VLC or Audacity, that have worked so well for such a long time, I forget to rave about how fantastic they truly are. My only suggestion for improvement: a setting to default alarms to delete themselves on dismissal. If this is already possible, please let me know.

  • nkwati divine
    2018-02-01 05:28
    nkwati divine

    Great alarm features, simple ui and above all no adds.

  • Kevin Henderson
    2018-01-19 13:39
    Kevin Henderson

    This app has a lot of potential for me, but alas, I use bluetooth headphones most of the time and the alarm only sounds from the local device and so I don't hear anything.

  • Brandi Rose
    2017-11-30 06:23
    Brandi Rose

    Used to be my favorite until got rid of 24 hour time. At least make it an option.

  • A Google user
    2017-11-28 21:02
    A Google user

    Perfect does what it should

  • Nhimal Mootheeram
    2017-11-26 20:41
    Nhimal Mootheeram

    Please revert changes back to the old app before the new update. The new app update is a mess. This app was perfect, simple and straightforward. Now with the new update it's just worse.

  • Nick A
    2017-11-01 02:21
    Nick A alarm clock that doesn't need unnecessary and questionable permission "full network access" like most other alarm clock apps. Don't forget to check your apps!!!

  • Keith Hutchings
    2017-10-27 13:43
    Keith Hutchings

    Love this app so simple but does everything I want it to. The only "even better if" would be if there was a way to set the alarm for different days so I don't forget to turn it off for Saturday mornings or on again on Sunday nights as promised, up to 5 stars, simple, easy to use and a developer who responds to requests. It does not get better than that.

  • Vlad Tchompalov
    2017-09-15 14:02
    Vlad Tchompalov

    Update: I think this is more of an issue with Android. App works as normal after a full system restart. Original: Used this for years flawless... And it failed after the update on Android Oreo. Missed my morning meeting 😕

  • A Google user
    2017-07-07 13:40
    A Google user

    I've been using this app for four years or so. It was perfect until this update. Now pictures replace words and sliders replace numbers. It's too difficult to use now. Dropped rating from 5 to 3.

  • A Google user
    2017-07-06 01:15
    A Google user

    I loved it for years now!!! But unfortunately you can't hear sound. It goes off without the sound!!!!😞😞

  • A Google user
    2017-06-27 18:34
    A Google user

    This is the alarm app I've been using for 6 years, and I've loved it... Up until the update. I'm still using it, but it's not 💯 love anymore. I just got my new phone last night, (Moto G5+) so I shall have to see how it works on this new device.

  • Nathan Gaffney
    2017-06-15 09:42
    Nathan Gaffney

    Been using this klock for 4 years. Can't beet it. EDIT: Guess who was late for work after this update? Me. Why didn't I hear my alarm? It timed out. Why did it time out? I have no idea why an alarm that's meant to wake you would time out. I used this app for 6 years. They updated it recently I think... I don't know what happened but now it does wake me up anymore. Which is said because I love this Klock... PLEASE FIX THIS!

  • arvinmahida
    2017-03-10 10:36

    Long time user, but now cannot adjust the alarm timeout. Pass on the updated version.

  • Tom Suarez
    2017-03-08 08:29
    Tom Suarez

    Please bring back the old version! I loathe the new one - it is ugly, clumsy, and buggy. Will uninstall. I'd given the old version a rave review.

  • Jeffery Antioquia
    2017-03-04 21:26
    Jeffery Antioquia

    what's the point of an alarm if it times out and turns off due to non activity. I'm a heavy sleeper and this is garbage. uninstalled immediately.

  • Scott Dyer
    2017-03-02 07:40
    Scott Dyer

    New version is ugly and not as easy to use. Can I have the old one back?

  • Justin Rogers
    2017-02-27 16:28
    Justin Rogers

    Ok app, but time selection method now dated and long labels obscure the alarm time in the summary.

  • Ivan Georgiev
    2017-01-27 19:00
    Ivan Georgiev

    Please bring back the alarm timeout settings

  • hax withaxe
    2017-01-27 14:08
    hax withaxe

    very good. almost all the right controls. nice big buttons. adjust sleep time on alarm going off.

  • Jai gay
    2017-01-26 07:33
    Jai gay

    Version1.11 Snooze is not working on lollipop. Version 1.10 does not work under screen lock, sleep screen on Sony Xperia Z5 LOLLIPOP 5.1.1. It works on Android 4.3. Hope is the same way how Sony does the work with great UI.

  • Mark Ashworth
    2017-01-23 22:23
    Mark Ashworth

    Great app. Many alarm apps don't work properly with Android 6.0. This one has never let me down. Also the updated UI is great, easy to use and modern looking.

  • John Merten
    2016-12-22 19:43
    John Merten

    I woke up 12- 22- 16 and the old version is gone. The new icon in it's place. It wouldn't let me repeat alarm like Mon. Tues. Wed. etc.. What's interesting is in Playstore it shows the option available. Also, all MY songs and other sounds are gone. Ugly graphics. I wasn't given a choice for this "Downgrade". Sad. I uninstalled and went to ALARM CLOCK XTREME FREE + timer. I'm happy again.

  • A Google user
    2016-12-10 01:32
    A Google user

    This alarm does have some decent features, and so far seems reliable enough, but the volume of its alarm tones is controlled by the media volume in Android. That means that if you don't want to go deaf watching videos and listening to music, your alarm may not be loud enough to wake you up (assuming you're a heavy sleeper like me).

  • A Google user
    2016-11-29 00:35
    A Google user

    Love how it tells me how many hours until the alarm goes off & I can choose my own ringtone as an alarm sound. It's now 11/28/16, first review was sept, 2010. Was sad because I lost this app. Just got a new phone & it's the first app I looked for & so HAPPY to have it back, I was lost without it!

  • andrics chow
    2016-11-16 09:06
    andrics chow

    Used to be my favourite. Now it cannot be rely on anymore cos the alarm won't alert

  • Jonathan Gale
    2016-11-13 16:44
    Jonathan Gale

    This is my go-to alarm clock app, but a major glitch popped up when day light savings ended last night. You now seem to have to set your alarms an hour later than you want the alarm to go off. Moreover, all of my stored alarms automatically shifted an hour earlier. (E.g., entering 5am results in 4am alarm. To get 5am, you hav e to enter 6am). Definitely nervous about trusting this app until things get sorted out.

  • A Google user
    2016-11-07 11:55
    A Google user

    Now Day light savings issue added to my list of issues... existing alarms seem have to be set 2 hours in advance now but fixed by morning... luckily I woke up. I have totally lost faith in this app. It was the first I have ever downloaded. Snooze sometimes shuts the alarm off and it resets to fire again in 24 hours. As a result I have to set multiple alarms.

  • Jennifer Dillon
    2016-11-07 11:37
    Jennifer Dillon

    This has everything I need, and I've been a happy customer for a couple years now. Can choose my own song, can slowly fade the music up so I wake up gradually, can set repeats... No fuss, no muss, just a great, reliable alarm app that's never let me down.

  • Jason X
    2016-11-07 05:23
    Jason X

    I have used this app for a at least 2 phones (a year and a half) now I can't set a proper alarm it keeps messing up plz update or fix

  • Sabrina Spork Woodling
    2016-11-07 04:24
    Sabrina Spork Woodling

    I have tried many alarm apps and this one is my favorite. You can add your own ringtones, add titles and countdowns on home screen (when applicable) Everything was fine until DTS and now the time doesn't match up and its hard to trust. Bye-bye for now

  • Alyssa Maiale
    2016-11-07 04:09
    Alyssa Maiale

    I don't know what happened, maybe a recent update, but I can't use this app at all anymore. I can't set an alarm - one of the arrows doesn't even work, and then the others skip numbers randomly. It's impossible to use. Sad, because I've used this app every morning on the last three phones I've had.

  • brandon
    2016-11-07 04:08

    Apps has gone completely nuts, can't control alarms at all. Used to be good before they messed with it. Wish they had left it alone and kept the old interface which was much better. Never been late for work before and was late because of this.

  • Kristi Rifkin
    2016-11-07 03:30
    Kristi Rifkin

    Have used and loved this alarm until TODAY when time changed. App is NUTS. Can't set any times at all. Hours move in 2 hour increments.... I am hoping you guys fix it!

  • Anomaly72
    2016-11-06 20:28

    Didn't really care for the clunkier update a while back, but I got over it. However, now that daylight savings time has come to pass, all of my alarms are off and resetting them properly is proving difficult. Apps shouldn't be difficult to use. Needs a fix ASAP.

  • brad christman
    2016-11-06 15:35
    brad christman

    App has gone haywire with DST ending. Can't set/change existing alarm times. Everything off by an hour and can't be edited. Plenty of other options out there. Time to find a new one. Used to be a great reliable app. What have you done with it?

  • A Google user
    2016-11-06 07:43
    A Google user

    Long time user. Loved it for a while, but gets buggier by the year. Finally done with it.

  • Lonny Durrani
    2016-11-06 05:25
    Lonny Durrani

    It sucks, deleting it after 4 years of having it

  • A Google user
    2016-11-05 05:59
    A Google user

    I have used this app reliably and confidently for Years, and across 4 phones. Great app, easy to use & understand!

  • A Google user
    2016-10-24 18:40
    A Google user

    Works great! Love the slide to dismiss, no more accidental dismisses.

  • Rob Jones
    2016-10-13 20:12
    Rob Jones

    Ever heard the term "If it ain't broke, don't fix it"? A brilliant little app ruined by an unnecessary update.

  • Reginald Sigler
    2016-09-22 02:03
    Reginald Sigler

    The new update made in unusable. I can set the time and that's it. I can't set what days off the week to have an alarm run or set a sound to use. Running on HTC M10, droid version 6.o.1. 09/2 1/2016, I downloaded the app again and the same issue remains. Unable to select what days of the week to set the alarm.

  • Michael Lautner
    2016-09-03 18:28
    Michael Lautner

    Hate the new alarm settings menu! Please bring back the old. Why did you guys change something that worked great? I've used this app for years, but will be looking for something else if you can't undo this. ***UPDATE*** Now using Alarm Clock Xtreme (paid version) by AVG Labs. Not as good as Alarm Klock used to be, but a thousand times better than the current version.

  • John Aquino
    2016-09-02 12:17
    John Aquino

    I was a loyal user for years. I loved the simplicity of the UI and customization options for each alarm you set up. I had to delete this app when my Samsung S5 updated to Android 6.0 because the snooze function stopped working. Months later I noticed my once favorite alarm app had been updated but also saw many bad reviews. I threw caution in the wind and installed it anyways. Good thing I did! Snooze is now working and I even like the new UI. I'll update if things change but so far so good.

  • Kevin Bouchard
    2016-08-29 01:24
    Kevin Bouchard

    Where's the "go back to the good ui without the giant menu items or annoying long press to open a basic function" button? I want to press it until my finger goes numb.

  • A Google user
    2016-08-27 23:20
    A Google user

    Review 2016/new GUI: (1 star) I hope you can fix it without too much work… and soon or simply I'll have to go back with Titanium Backup (done, couldn't wait). Long press for the most comon action!? Alarm setting window is so untidy and not clear. The time setting is so bad, no 1/5 min switch available although on change log. Even new icon is ugly looks l § Review ~1996 (5 stars): Now with fixed slider the GUI isn't nice, but it's simply the best alarm in what is important: functionality, speed & ease of use

  • A Google user
    2016-08-21 13:54
    A Google user

    This was easily the best alarm app on the Play Store. And then it was updated. And now it doesn't work. Been late twice in a week. Absolutely terrible update, uninstalling.

  • Jarai Blevins
    2016-08-12 05:17
    Jarai Blevins

    I've been using this alarm clock for many years. It was the best alarm clock EVER!! The new update completely ruined it. It now times out without ever waking me up!! Why?!?!?!?!? Do not download this app!! They completely destroyed the best alarm app in the play store because they couldn't leave it alone!

  • A Google user
    2016-08-12 04:16
    A Google user

    This used to be the best alarm app, after the recent update it's now horrific... I now have to find a new alarm app... Please add the old interface as an option!!! Update: I found the link to v1.9 apk and installed it, works perfect as usual.

  • paul lister
    2016-08-11 23:50
    paul lister

    DAFUQ ????!!!! Been a great alarm for last couple of years, then you updated it and ruined a good app.... Why ??? Every tone in the morning is now a default 'ANNOYING' tone, even though it states a certain song on my settings... What the hell? ????? I've been late for work twice, out of the 2 days I've been back off my week off, because of this STUPID update... Deleting this app right now.... Thanks for the great app, before you screwed it up...

  • scott crocker
    2016-08-09 22:59
    scott crocker

    Over rides the silent mode which is great

  • Joe Marino
    2016-08-04 17:36
    Joe Marino

    Icon out of my notification tray with last update! Glad it's gone

  • Wayne Beckett
    2016-08-02 15:33
    Wayne Beckett

    The older interface as people have pointed out was really nice and quick. The current one isn't too bad but it's not far off the default Android alarm. So I find myself using that mostly These days

  • Carlos Edwardos
    2016-08-02 11:34
    Carlos Edwardos

    Your app was much better than the well known alarm apps, and this is why it had such a high rating, then you ruined the things we love with this new awful UI - do you not notice that the ratings since the last update are all bad? - please revert to old UI or at least release the old version as seperate app with a name such as "Alarm Klock Classic" - we are even willing to pay for the old one, but just don't take it away when we depend on it!

  • Venkat P
    2016-08-02 00:46
    Venkat P

    Alarm now sounds as notification. The permissions were already given. Probably a reinstallation was needed. Gonna use older one for now.

  • Mike Schneider
    2016-07-31 00:50
    Mike Schneider

    Loved this app before most recent update. It is now ruined and I'm looking for an alternative. Put it back to how it was, please. At least until you fix the Dismiss slider that disappears if you don't press it correctly the first time. This new UI is garbage. Literally have to restart my phone to get the alarm to shut off because not even closing the app on task manager does it. Oh, and your lame responses to other negative reviews just make you look like a pompous ass. Knock it off.

  • Susan B
    2016-07-29 06:55
    Susan B

    App won't let me set alarm to my music..but most importantly, when alarm sounded, it was too soft. Pushed volume up but it was no help.

  • Justin Tremblay
    2016-07-29 05:10
    Justin Tremblay

    Sorry, but version 1.9 was excellent. Update to 2.0 and 2.1 broke it since now sometimes the alarm is muted. Not good for something that is supposed to wake you up. The alarm volume seems to be tied media volume and not alarms. Since most of the time my media volume is very low and at night I use do not disturb, the alarm does not sound. This seems like it should not be very difficult to fix. I will reinstall when this is fixed. I also don't prefer the long press to edit, it was better before.

  • Jennifer Larson
    2016-07-29 02:52
    Jennifer Larson

    You need to fix the app so it is compatible with the new android software update and that it works. Mine doesn't work on my phone

  • Tim Jim
    2016-07-29 01:41
    Tim Jim

    Old app was almost perfect. Having to press-hold to edit an existing alarm is much less user friendly than a tap - can w have that back? Snooze seems to work now so that's a plus since the update!

  • K B
    2016-07-28 07:38
    K B

    Not only the new version has a bug that's causing it to crash like other reviews say, but also the new UI is far worse. Bring back 1/5 minute adjustment with arrows without having to use the keyboard. Bring back single tap on the alarm to edit it and tap on the box to enable / disable it instead of having to hold the finger on it. Why change something that worked perfectly for years and was the very reason I chose this alarm app? I'm looking for an alternative now, you lost a customer.

  • Paul Rogers
    2016-07-28 03:56
    Paul Rogers

    Everything was good until your last update then it DESTROYED the complete app. Leave your fingers off it, mentioning the love boat is pretty ignorant whatever you're trying to say but is expected from the fingers that DESTROYED a once excellent app. You're suppose to improve the app not Destroy it. As everybody can see craig is the smartest man in the world in his own mind, he DESTROYED this app with his fingers while his thumb should have stayed up his nose.

  • A Google user
    2016-07-27 18:05
    A Google user

    This was my favourite for years, but it seems to have stopped working completely since the last update. Sad.

  • A Google user
    2016-07-26 21:01
    A Google user

    Love the app! And have been using it for years and years! However, with the new update, I'm experiencing that my alarms are soundless when my phone are on mute, which it is pretty much all the time, Which again makes it a little bit useless for me right now at the moment but hopefully there will be a fix

  • A Google user
    2016-07-26 15:58
    A Google user

    Been using this app for several years.... Never slept late once!!!!! Best alarm app in the play store..... On the update for 2.0....BRAVO!!!. thanks for the Über fast fixes to issues(??) 2.0 created

  • Stephen Reynolds
    2016-07-26 02:48
    Stephen Reynolds

    This was the best alarm clock going. You could select any audio file on your phone and then have it increase in volume over any given amount of time. Now I can't get it to work at all! This thing sucks!

  • Dennis Garlick
    2016-07-25 17:12
    Dennis Garlick

    I want an alarm that lets you disable snooze - as I never use it and it is easy to accidentally hit snooze when you want to turn the alarm off.

  • Michal Dvorak
    2016-07-25 14:23
    Michal Dvorak

    Hi. First of all let me thank you for the continued support of the Alarm Klock application. I've been happily using it for many years. However, I'm very unhappy about the new UI. Everything is more complicated now. Consider changing the time of the alarm (which is something I do often): previously you clicked the alarm and you could start changing the time. Now you have to long-click the alarm, then click the time, an only then you can change it. Why make it more complicated? What's the purpose? Other problems: - maximum volume-increase interval is now 60 seconds. In the old app I used 90 seconds and I was happy about it. Why did this had to be disabled? What's so wrong about 90 seconds? - the "increase/decrease by 1 minute" buttons are missing. You now have to fiddle with the system keyboard to achieve this. Inconvenient. - icons are used instead of texts. App looks "cooler" but it's harder to determine which option does what. Again, inconvenient. I use Android Marshmallow and the old UI worked perfectly for me. The new UI adds nothing, removes some functionality and makes other functionality harder to use. Please, please, PLEASE consider bringing the old UI back!

  • A Google user
    2016-07-25 04:10
    A Google user


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