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Friday Night Multiplayer
In Friday Night Multiplayer we can play both controlling the survivors and controlling the murderer, two very different experiences that will completely change the way in which we will have to face. Controlling the murderer our mission will be very simple: we must end the lives of all survivors before they manage to escape the level.

The role of the survivors will be much more complicated since we will not have anything other than our ability to hide on the stage to survive. Collaboration will be essential to emerge victorious from the deadly situation in which we find ourselves and from which we can escape in four different ways: calling the police, fixing an abandoned car, killing the murderer or opening the door of the enclosure in the that we are trapped. To unlock each of these options we must meet a series of requirements in order. 

With each victory we will win coins that we can invest in unlocking new skins for both survivors and murderers.

Right now there are not too many players roaming the servers, so it will be crucial to play with a group of friends to enjoy the true Friday Night Multiplayer experience.        
Friday Night Multiplayer 1.19ROX Update
Fixed minor bugs Controlers problem fixed Added Christmas feeling Added Tutorial Aded Player Names in appear in the head of player Added things help to know Generators state and more
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389.22 MB
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RAW Information
Package Name      : com.ToGamers.survival.multiplayer
Version           : 1.19ROX (18)
Min Sdk Level     : 18
Min Sdk Platform  : Android 4.3
Target Sdk Level     : 27
Target Sdk Platform  : Android 8.1

Permssions List
INTERNET : Allows applications to open network sockets. ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE : Allows applications to access information about networks ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION : Allows an app to access precise location from location sources such as GPS, cell towers, and Wi-Fi. RECORD_AUDIO : Allows an application to record audio MODIFY_AUDIO_SETTINGS : Allows an application to modify global audio settings BILLING :
com.unity3d.player.UnityPlayerNativeActivity (Launcher) com.unity3d.player.UnityPlayerActivity com.facebook.unity.FBUnityLoginActivity com.facebook.unity.FBUnityDialogsActivity com.facebook.unity.FBUnityAppLinkActivity com.facebook.unity.FBUnityDeepLinkingActivity com.facebook.unity.FBUnityGameRequestActivity com.facebook.unity.FBUnityCreateGameGroupActivity com.facebook.unity.FBUnityJoinGameGroupActivity com.facebook.unity.AppInviteDialogActivity com.facebook.FacebookActivity com.facebook.CustomTabMainActivity com.unity.udp.udpsandbox.LoginActivity com.unity.udp.udpsandbox.UDPPurchasing$LoginHelperActivity com.unity.udp.aptoide.AptoidePurchasingActivity
Reviews From google play store
  • Eric Owusu
    2020-05-30 00:53
    Eric Owusu

    Yeah I see this game is trash

  • Nasimul Haque
    2020-05-25 04:15
    Nasimul Haque

    Too crappy controls

  • Hamada207
    2020-05-22 22:40

    I love this game

  • Eugene Clarke
    2020-05-22 16:50
    Eugene Clarke

    I can be the killer

  • will of D
    2020-05-20 19:45
    will of D

    I would give it 0 strars if I could it has the worst graphics ever if you want a game like this play these deadrite hunt, dead by daylight mobile and horrorfield don't download this you will regret I can tell you that for a fact

  • Shahzada Asif
    2020-05-17 11:49
    Shahzada Asif


    2020-05-16 10:18

    Good but graphics were not good but game idea is the best

  • Jennifer lang
    2020-05-15 13:01
    Jennifer lang

    This game is awful. Almost impossible to hit the survivors unless they walk right up to you. Play horrorfield, horror show, or dead by daylight..much, MUCH better games.

  • Emilee Moore
    2020-05-10 19:58
    Emilee Moore


  • Jhun Serrano
    2020-05-09 08:38
    Jhun Serrano

    Cool and if you love horror game this is for you

  • A Google user
    2020-05-01 01:30
    A Google user


  • zhi jing chuah
    2020-04-29 13:17
    zhi jing chuah

    The control is broken, having hard time just try to get character to walk properly, the joystick not responsive. App just get stuck for no reason, need to reload the app to get it moving

  • Brozylixitr Tampos
    2020-04-27 06:11
    Brozylixitr Tampos

    I bet you add something cool and fix the bugs in the next update

  • xo kids
    2020-04-23 00:54
    xo kids

    I hate this game when I first played it I want to work

  • gamerxlandry 24
    2020-04-22 14:52
    gamerxlandry 24

    Bro that game seam nice but it is horrible I mean it ****

  • hulkmania harris
    2020-04-20 19:44
    hulkmania harris

    The reason why I put 4 stars are the controls please fix them

  • Tarun Ghoshal
    2020-04-20 08:57
    Tarun Ghoshal

    Good...try it guys...👍👍👍👍👍

  • Wayde VanNiekerk
    2020-04-17 23:31
    Wayde VanNiekerk

    This game has potential. If the developers offer up more improvements and updates I believe this game would become a masterpiece.

  • Justin Raymond
    2020-04-13 16:21
    Justin Raymond

    Everything is ok now after update. But only got 3 maps now. They said darkcamp is new but same as woodland. Graveyard and granny is missing now. Control is smooth now. If for more people maybe should make 2 killer it would be challenging

  • Kristie Brousseau
    2020-04-11 07:01
    Kristie Brousseau

    Don't play this game

  • Xion Five
    2020-04-09 15:51
    Xion Five

    can u have a basic tutorial or what to do in game cuz im clueless and i called police but didnt work. the police car was there but nothing happened

  • Johnny Portillo
    2020-04-07 22:50
    Johnny Portillo


  • fornite god
    2020-04-03 17:53
    fornite god

    It has bad graghics and controls and it has a big big lag

    2020-04-03 08:52


  • RoaCh Is lonely
    2020-04-01 17:04
    RoaCh Is lonely

    Good graphics are amazing, apart from the Woodlands map is a bit laggy on my phone. Overall amazing!

  • Francesca Miss Lady
    2020-04-01 10:09
    Francesca Miss Lady


  • aliff halim
    2020-03-31 12:15
    aliff halim


    2020-03-28 12:05

    I played it and my teamate was even dieing when we got hit this is a DBD ripoff and Friday the 13th

  • LoganBallerYT
    2020-03-27 22:02

    Did not work

  • Malachi Jose
    2020-03-23 15:41
    Malachi Jose

    It cool game picture are cool

  • Bodin Kostic
    2020-03-20 19:36
    Bodin Kostic


  • springday 97
    2020-03-20 07:43
    springday 97

    It's really fun but the only thing annoying me so much is the FRICKING CONTROLLER!! It's REALLY horrible.. And it hangs a lot.... Idk why... So please fix this

  • Wesley Holman
    2020-03-19 19:13
    Wesley Holman

    Ehh its good but you guys need to make it better

  • Elianna Lopez
    2020-03-14 16:05
    Elianna Lopez

    Kind of scary for little kids not get killed by him when is Friday the 13th he comes out

  • cereal gamer 420
    2020-03-14 01:30
    cereal gamer 420


  • Brittany Weaver
    2020-03-07 20:43
    Brittany Weaver


  • sami gamerboy
    2020-02-29 10:36
    sami gamerboy

    ADD voices like in the real one like she says kill them all or something else

  • Mary jesmen Navarro
    2020-02-29 07:48
    Mary jesmen Navarro

    this is a great game from the killer but its lag a little bit but its fun to play the game

  • Brightburn aka brandon
    2020-02-12 21:52
    Brightburn aka brandon

    It sucked i couldnt play and so 1 star. bad game

  • reaper Of Death
    2020-02-10 00:43
    reaper Of Death

    This game sucks and I mean it really sucks every time I tried to get to play it kicks me outI don't know what's wrong with these developers but please one freaking play the game you're acting like a total douche and not letting me play please let me play this game🤬🤬🤬🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿.

  • Raymond Anderson
    2020-02-08 13:13
    Raymond Anderson

    I hate the game

  • Moe Mak
    2020-02-08 00:23
    Moe Mak

    I'm just out as gay by looks like and it's blood I mean actually like I love Jason. I really like the ocean. That was my little brother. I love David wakey. That was nothing. But again, thank you it. That was a stupid.

  • Loryn Chopy
    2020-02-06 15:53
    Loryn Chopy


  • Christopher Molohon
    2020-02-06 12:08
    Christopher Molohon

    I love the game but some times it lags a Litell bit but its fun to play thow

  • ruddy mahdin
    2020-02-04 07:14
    ruddy mahdin


  • Nina Sanchez
    2020-01-31 00:15
    Nina Sanchez

    The best

  • John adrian Bolotano
    2020-01-29 01:48
    John adrian Bolotano

    This games sucks

  • Feral Cyborg Gaming
    2020-01-26 04:25
    Feral Cyborg Gaming


  • WhosYour Daddy
    2020-01-23 06:42
    WhosYour Daddy

    Xxx kiss kiss

  • iz_audriana yay
    2020-01-20 23:24
    iz_audriana yay

    It's not letting me download it

  • Sara Snyder
    2020-01-20 18:59
    Sara Snyder

    I haven't played this game yet but I have watched videos of it and it seems really good

  • Badar Khan
    2020-01-14 14:14
    Badar Khan


  • Elizabeth Toninelli
    2020-01-04 19:46
    Elizabeth Toninelli

    Mack it look reel

  • Birpal Singh
    2020-01-04 09:33
    Birpal Singh

    It is very very intresting game

  • jinxs YT
    2019-12-28 00:49
    jinxs YT

    This is the best but can you add the real jason voorhees character plsss Im waiting for this

  • Letecia Malinao
    2019-12-24 04:01
    Letecia Malinao

    Not enough players to join

  • Anas Aziz
    2019-12-20 17:31
    Anas Aziz

    I dosent even have players

  • StarLight Studio
    2019-12-17 04:34
    StarLight Studio

    This game is toooo laaaggyyyy

  • Ema Gaskaite
    2019-12-07 10:48
    Ema Gaskaite

    I gave a three because when I press start it loads like 40 min so I try again and it finally load up.

  • Martie van den Berg
    2019-12-06 15:58
    Martie van den Berg

    I just want to I didn't evev down lose it 😂

  • Andrew Naga
    2019-11-28 13:05
    Andrew Naga

    I love Jason graphics were so nice..

  • Jacob Escobar
    2019-11-27 02:36
    Jacob Escobar

    Horrible graphics and controling

  • Jai'Ciyon Johnson
    2019-11-24 02:51


  • Ethan Gillies
    2019-11-21 19:31
    Ethan Gillies

    It good

  • Boldoo Bataa
    2019-11-20 13:50
    Boldoo Bataa

    I think its good grapichs good its like identity v but good game and i like killer jason😆😅😈

  • Sanja Bojkovska
    2019-11-19 22:35
    Sanja Bojkovska

    Nice game This

  • ousus langeveldt
    2019-11-14 17:12
    ousus langeveldt

    Plz make it ofline very cool game

  • nisdaly vlogs
    2019-11-11 23:26
    nisdaly vlogs

    This game sucks really bad I give it 1 star because everytime I try to download it .it takes of then I kept doing it and doing it and doing it .and it still didnt work. so am gana keep trying and that's why I give it a 1 star

  • Black Lefty
    2019-11-10 17:30
    Black Lefty

    It won't let me download it I deleted all my games

  • Captain IceBerG
    2019-11-09 09:33
    Captain IceBerG

    Add on via hotspot multuplayer

  • K1n9 Samu31
    2019-11-04 14:14
    K1n9 Samu31


  • Tommy Mcinture
    2019-11-02 12:52
    Tommy Mcinture

    it,s good

  • Igor Milosavljevic
    2019-10-30 16:36
    Igor Milosavljevic

    The best game ever

    2019-10-29 21:39


  • escape the night fan
    2019-10-24 21:50
    escape the night fan

    I love this game but the characters are not good

  • Aradhana sharma
    2019-10-20 05:22
    Aradhana sharma

    Graphics are not good enough and the controls are not working sometimes

  • Lupe Hernandez
    2019-10-19 20:31
    Lupe Hernandez

    I like it

  • Julian Torres
    2019-10-12 23:14
    Julian Torres

    I play cod and its better then this

  • Shestena Walker
    2019-10-09 15:37
    Shestena Walker

    One of the best games

  • Alan Valenzuela
    2019-10-08 02:36
    Alan Valenzuela

    I like the game very fun i have a request for a jason can you make retro jason or just make a simple colored one

  • Renee Williams
    2019-10-07 01:57
    Renee Williams

    Rfx Trh Ghf Aj mason

    2019-09-25 13:06

    Very good App for timepass🤗🤗🤗

  • Gavin Lemke
    2019-09-23 21:56
    Gavin Lemke

    It's a great game xD

  • mawlla Carrillo
    2019-09-22 16:53
    mawlla Carrillo

    I love this game

  • Dilbag Singh
    2019-09-15 05:18
    Dilbag Singh

    This is very horror game

  • Bal Rautray
    2019-09-12 10:00
    Bal Rautray

    It is so much horror but I can't download

  • Edmondo Balderas Jr.
    2019-09-10 03:40
    Edmondo Balderas Jr.

    I like this game

  • IcedTube
    2019-09-06 22:43

    Blocky clunky not fun.

  • James108
    2019-09-02 10:30

    My Nuggets are cold you annoying turd.

  • Connor McVeigh
    2019-09-02 10:29
    Connor McVeigh


  • Shadow X Light Animations
    2019-08-30 23:37
    Shadow X Light Animations

    Need good internet to play which I play

  • Slovenský X-Wing
    2019-08-26 07:19
    Slovenský X-Wing

    Good game but has several bugs to fix

  • Social chan 21
    2019-08-21 19:14
    Social chan 21

    Laggy as all hell

  • dave baxter
    2019-08-21 05:54
    dave baxter

    trash laggy

  • Avant Mitus
    2019-08-16 11:53
    Avant Mitus

    good and is fun jason but plz put freddy kuger

  • Narzi Zaman
    2019-08-13 10:19
    Narzi Zaman

    I love this game this is very creepy😥😥

  • Tim Man
    2019-08-07 05:27
    Tim Man

    Love it so fun

  • Tiara PH
    2019-08-03 11:28
    Tiara PH

    its great but the quality is different and it wont move sometimes but i rate it 3 stars

  • Iasmina Hilochi
    2019-08-02 11:31
    Iasmina Hilochi

    I cant even play a match and its so laggy ugh I hate it so much

  • John Malfoy
    2019-08-01 16:00
    John Malfoy

    Please More Update ❤️🙏🙏

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