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Case Simulator 2

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Smoked Studios



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Case Simulator 2
Unbox some of the most exotic weapon and knife skins in this brand new app.
Updated with newest CS20, Shattered Web and Prisma 2 cases, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Case Simulator 2 delivers great case opening in-game like experience.

• Gloves
• Roulette
• Jackpot
• Coinflip
• Upgrader
• Crash
• Trading
• Gems
• Shop
• Ranks
• Profile
• Items collection
• Stats
• Item prices
• Item quality/StatTrak™
• All cases and souvenirs
• Drop rates based on hundreds of samples to create authentic case opening simulation
• Trade up Contracts
• Smooth experience, up to 60 frames per second (Where supported)
• Simple UI

App consists of 10 tabs - Cases, Inventory, Contracts, Jackpot, Coinflip, Roulette, Shop, Collection, Upgrader and Trading. To switch tab simply tap on its name.
• Cases tab - this is here you unbox your weapon skins, to begin opening cases tap icon on the right and select crate you wish to open.
• Inventory tab - all weapons you obtain will be stored here, use this tab to review skins and delete unwanted ones.
• Contracts tab - instead of deleting items, you can use them in Trade up Contract. Choose rarity of item you want to obtain and provide 10 skins of inferior rairty. All 10 weapons will be traded for one new random weapon with superior rarity. 
• Jackpot tab - feeling lucky? Try Jackpot! Place where you gamble your skins away, to start simply add skins to your pot, choose difficulty and spin to win! Win big or go home!
• Coinflip - play 50/50 duel with your skins. Coinflip decides who win all skins in the pot. To play Coinflip, go to Casino tab and press Play Coinflip button, you can always go back to Casino using Casino button.
• Roulette - spin the Wheel of Fortune and win! Bet on one of three colors and win up to 14x! Gems are needed to play roulette, in order to get them visit your inventory and sell some skins. 
• Shop - in shop you can buy any weapon or knife you like with gems. Beware items in shop are 50% more expensive, so choose wisely!
• Collection - every new weapon obtained is added to collection, with enough weapon skins collected you will level up your collection. Can you collect them all?
• Upgrader - upgrade you skins up to x10 times of their original value. Beware there is a chance that you skin will be destroyed during upgrade process.
• Trading - trade your items with friends or random players from around the world.
• Crash - the longer you keep your bet in, the more you get but market can crash any second. Make sure to withdraw your funds before its too late!

Note: Weapon skins found in Case Simulator 2 cannot be used in official Counter-Strike: Global Offensive game made by Valve.
Case Simulator 2 1.87 Update
• Added Prisma case • Added 6 new Najava, Stiletto, Talon, Ursus knives finishes • Updated prices
More Information
32.65 MB
Smoked Studios
Update Date:

RAW Information
Package Name      : com.SmokedStudios.CSim2
Version           : 1.87 (97)
Min Sdk Level     : 15
Min Sdk Platform  : Android 4.0.3,4.0.4
Target Sdk Level     : 28
Target Sdk Platform  : Android 9.0

Permssions List
INTERNET : Allows applications to open network sockets. ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE : Allows applications to access information about networks
com.unity3d.player.UnityPlayerActivity (Launcher)
Reviews From google play store
  • Jude Weimar
    2020-06-02 01:43
    Jude Weimar

    Very fun and addicting game great time killer too, the only thing is PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ADD A FIRST PERSON VEIW OF ALL THE SKINS U HAVE then I'll rate it 5 star, otherwise great game

  • Zsombor Márta
    2020-06-01 21:56
    Zsombor Márta

    This is a very nice game but please add trading feature back to the game and i give 5 star

  • Thunder Wolf's Official
    2020-06-01 17:47
    Thunder Wolf


  • Ybot Playz
    2020-05-31 14:56
    Ybot Playz

    It was good but can u even get a rare special lol I've opened so many cases like I have a vry good involved and real csgo gives knives faster lol might just be unlucky tho

  • dormantlegend
    2020-05-30 22:02

    The game its self is fine but ever since they added adds you cant play the game

  • iTzOnlySquad
    2020-05-30 21:34


  • stfzy BTW
    2020-05-30 05:02
    stfzy BTW

    You can,'t get a f**cking knife

  • Nero
    2020-05-29 03:53

    Best part of the game was multiplayer but they took that feature away for legal reasons.

  • Sammy Schmidt
    2020-05-29 03:08
    Sammy Schmidt


  • JT Gaming
    2020-05-28 19:51
    JT Gaming

    best case opener ever but please release on ios I'm dying for it

  • The RomaN1aN WolF
    2020-05-27 16:55
    The RomaN1aN WolF

    Can't do a 5 star but this app is a very good one

    2020-05-27 13:58

    Best csgo case opening app thanks a lot to who ever made this app huge respect❤️

  • Ghost
    2020-05-26 14:00

    goooddddd gameeee

  • Nicholas Piberius Wilde
    2020-05-26 13:48
    Nicholas Piberius Wilde

    really nice game, good to spend spare time.

  • Grian
    2020-05-25 15:17


  • Acisoaie Andrei
    2020-05-24 17:24
    Acisoaie Andrei


  • Antimo99 és Dejon
    2020-05-24 08:06
    Antimo99 és Dejon

    Really like it

  • Kaan Uzunköprü
    2020-05-23 18:35
    Kaan Uzunköprü

    It has been YEARS yet the Glove Case pictures are STILL broken ! CZ75 POISON dart is POSION dart ! Where are the fixes ?

  • Thromsty51
    2020-05-23 15:22

    Hello. I have a question. Will you bring back trading?

  • Kocsis Sándor
    2020-05-22 19:21
    Kocsis Sándor


  • Nikola Jojic
    2020-05-22 14:38
    Nikola Jojic

    So good game

  • ep1k dem0x
    2020-05-22 06:59
    ep1k dem0x


  • Raj
    2020-05-20 14:01

    Decent app.

  • saudeni Roblox
    2020-05-20 07:49
    saudeni Roblox

    This game is stupid

  • Random MC
    2020-05-18 16:40
    Random MC

    Needs more content but its pretty fun

  • jules ashworthlawson
    2020-05-18 10:44
    jules ashworthlawson

    This game is Lit, there are so many different weapons to get and it's pretty addictive.

  • Andynstuff xd
    2020-05-16 11:13
    Andynstuff xd

    Very fun simulator, you dont need to spend money and can help with gambling addictions

  • Mẫn Thân Trọng
    2020-05-15 05:57
    Mẫn Thân Trọng

    I want real money from the skins

  • big wang
    2020-05-14 10:05
    big wang

    Grate game. i found a op crate that has made me thousands but not gunna tell ;)

  • Callz
    2020-05-13 08:32

    This is a very good time killer but it lacks a few things and gets very very boring after a while. In my opinion it is too easy to get good skins and trade them for better ones. This game would be a lot better if you could view your skins in 3D. Also it would be a cool feature to have sticker capsules and be able to add stickers to your guns. The game modes like flip a coin and others are not fun at all. They removed trading for some reason. Not a bad game. Could add more, but it's up to date.

  • Erik Gonzales
    2020-05-12 05:29
    Erik Gonzales

    Rename to money wasting simulator. I'm kidding this is actually really fun

  • OPal l Law
    2020-05-12 05:01
    OPal l Law

    Really well thought out app, one issue is that the ware aspect of the game is a bit dodgy, such as a fade knife only has fn and mw but in this game it has fn mw ft ww and bs. Its not that big of an issue which is why i rated 5 stars

  • Kristijan Sjanta
    2020-05-11 16:41
    Kristijan Sjanta

    The worst game I've ever played!

  • Blurry4Face
    2020-05-09 11:24

    Biased rng lol, coinflip always in my favour because i put in more guns but it never wins me stuff lol. Not even once

  • Shah 01
    2020-05-07 17:04
    Shah 01

    I 😍 it

  • a channel
    2020-05-07 02:27
    a channel

    I lost to a guy with a 1% chance of winning at $5,000 dollars

  • hayya
    2020-05-06 16:30

    Nice app

  • Beter
    2020-05-02 13:07

    Mängisin terve päeva aga ei saanud butterfly knifei

  • Captain Crunch
    2020-05-02 11:18
    Captain Crunch

    After reaching a 200k price on my stuff i would say this game is 5 out of 5 stars..... But why did you remove the trading!?

  • jonnyf83
    2020-05-02 10:43

    Not so cool

  • Dite
    2020-05-02 09:13

    Best game on my phone, Im recommending this to yall

  • Hugs Jax
    2020-05-01 04:21
    Hugs Jax

    Lol after the update the more chances of loosing

  • Cahya Pradipa
    2020-05-01 00:45
    Cahya Pradipa

    Nice :D

  • vKaRaV
    2020-04-30 09:08


  • RauKillz
    2020-04-29 22:46


  • Alan M
    2020-04-28 10:27
    Alan M

    Cool game

  • James
    2020-04-28 00:34

    Does it take real money everytime you open a case

  • Royal Ops
    2020-04-27 07:25
    Royal Ops

    Nice game rly loved it

  • Touchedcobra93
    2020-04-26 23:19

    Very Cool!

  • David Bodo
    2020-04-26 09:30
    David Bodo

    Nice game 🤙🤙🔥

  • Mihajlo Bakalic
    2020-04-24 10:58
    Mihajlo Bakalic

    Best time killer

  • stevan Perovic
    2020-04-23 18:19
    stevan Perovic

    Best simulator on google play

  • Super Hayes HWC967
    2020-04-23 16:13
    Super Hayes HWC967

    Good game but could add storage units, custom cases, more accurate prices, more knives/gloves, more casino stuff, stickers, and desert eagle blaze could also add souviner weapons, and sticker capsule. It would be better and definitely 5 stars if these are added

  • SpeedSimmr
    2020-04-23 03:10


  • Gorazd Tasevski
    2020-04-22 11:58
    Gorazd Tasevski

    Horrible game coinfliped 5000$ lost 12 coinflips in a row game is just garbage

  • Kiro Kilos
    2020-04-21 11:04
    Kiro Kilos

    Great app, just please add stickers or better inspection of weapons :)

  • Forrest McPeake
    2020-04-19 23:14
    Forrest McPeake

    Would be great if you could remove ads

  • Chill ax
    2020-04-18 08:18
    Chill ax

    I got a new phone and i cant recover my knifes you should make a recovery option i hate this game im giving it 1 star

  • Aixon Relox
    2020-04-17 13:15
    Aixon Relox


  • Zkrekz
    2020-04-17 07:53

    If u like CSGO cases, or skins, or just the thrill of opening something this is the game for you. I've played over 80 hours and it's still amazing.

  • Gungir Florgen
    2020-04-17 04:22
    Gungir Florgen

    Okay man, I really love this game so much. Every thing is pefect! I allways have fun when I play it. The best time killer and super addictive. But I have some sudjestions, the 1st one is to actually view the skins in 3d cause for sure it will boost your game and make it more cool. 2nd is having custom cases if possible, custom case for AK's or AWP's you know the deal. 3rd is more games! 4th add sticker capsules. 5th is the name tags. That's all! Love this game.

  • TimTim3610
    2020-04-16 10:29

    Please add trading and more games and more updates :) otherwise keep up the good work

  • Polar Bear
    2020-04-16 09:09
    Polar Bear

    Add doesnt let me play

  • xtenics LIVE
    2020-04-15 16:14
    xtenics LIVE

    i need to know if its real money pls dont lie

  • Albert István Péntek
    2020-04-15 13:34
    Albert István Péntek

    Valaki meg tudja nekem mondani, hogy hogy lehet kikapcsolni a hangot? Mert közben zenét akarok hallgatni, és elhalkul...

  • rockitt Gaming
    2020-04-15 07:05
    rockitt Gaming

    They scam

  • Jim GT
    2020-04-13 10:06
    Jim GT

    Why remove trading?

  • Hayden Lickhart
    2020-04-13 08:03
    Hayden Lickhart

    Fun and easy I wish they still had trading but it's not their fault. I still love this app. Add sticker capsules and keep updating.

  • Bullpower789
    2020-04-13 06:01

    This sux

  • Andreas
    2020-04-12 23:40

    When you miss to many reds and you need to cure your depression.

  • Gage Rohmer
    2020-04-12 23:39
    Gage Rohmer

    The St. Marc collection is missing

    2020-04-11 10:54

    good best gaem

  • Jakub Meus
    2020-04-10 15:51
    Jakub Meus

    It's decent

  • Des
    2020-04-10 04:06

    Adding crash with skins would be nice

  • William Afton
    2020-04-09 21:01
    William Afton

    Good but should add deagle blaze in dust 2 collection

  • Hristijan Andov
    2020-04-09 19:17
    Hristijan Andov

    Its great

  • Guy
    2020-04-09 19:13

    Case opening is not even realistic

  • Trixx Meister
    2020-04-08 12:34
    Trixx Meister

    Пачему нелзя выводить скинчеки на мой стим акк а па другому харошая игра так то ставлб 1 звезду патамушта автору ноль лет ґґ

  • deadn0vaX
    2020-04-08 08:31

    Ad 4star

  • Bald Kid
    2020-04-07 22:47
    Bald Kid

    Game reseted all my skins

  • saint _69
    2020-04-07 13:57
    saint _69

    This game is nice but I think you should also nadd stickers and also let us apply the sticker and let us inspect the skins as well. You should also add some custom cases which costs diamonds but pls dont make it like in the shop where you need exp to buy another pls let us buy as many as cases as we want. Also add other collections like the baggage collection and dust collection.

  • Anas Bangash
    2020-04-07 05:35
    Anas Bangash

    this guns and skin are like csgo i see this skin in counter strike global offensive

  • ro bux
    2020-04-07 05:33
    ro bux


  • itz_ Jeriend
    2020-04-07 03:38
    itz_ Jeriend

    I had 2 4999.0$ vice gloves I lost it all now I feel sad and want to kill myself. (edit) I got everything back this is the best game! (edit) this game is trash i lost everything my account had like 1000000000000$ this game trash now I feel empty

    2020-04-06 04:44


  • loly midnight
    2020-04-05 14:53
    loly midnight

    It is ok it just opening case and sometime get scam so that ok

  • Jarda69
    2020-04-05 13:01

    Pretty good game, but developr should add better images of guns and skins. Other than that it's fine.

  • Imran Hasan Syed
    2020-04-04 10:31
    Imran Hasan Syed


  • OLD Dragster
    2020-04-04 07:25
    OLD Dragster

    Add trading back

  • Bernard Scott
    2020-04-04 04:30
    Bernard Scott

    used to be good but now it crashes also trading was removed because Google

  • A Google user
    2020-04-03 23:06
    A Google user

    This game is really amazing, but is it possible to be on ios too ?

  • Tesorz
    2020-04-03 08:28

    This Simulator is perfect for Those who just got into Csgo Gambling. It teaches u how much u can earn and lose money.

  • fastedlemon
    2020-04-03 00:37

    Really good but trading got takin down till april 31 still really fun though 10/10

  • PastaPinata
    2020-04-02 18:58

    Great app accept for the gun pictures. If they added more high res photos in it maybe even patterns, that would make it easily 5 stars.

  • Kite
    2020-04-02 15:19

    Google removed trading , Its not fun anymore

    2020-04-01 13:56

    New case has been added to cs. Update game

  • Customer Service
    2020-04-01 06:25
    Customer Service

    It helps satisfy my crippling gambling addiction. 5 stars would recommend.

  • A Google user
    2020-03-31 21:30
    A Google user

    Amazing game but will be more interesting if the game will have more ubdates

  • MilesStyles360
    2020-03-31 05:01

    I Used to play this game nonstop and its still fun and all but the bottom advertisement keeps getting in the way of my screen and its kind of hard to do stuff with it hanging there, if you could please move it i would be grateful.

  • Mark Salarda
    2020-03-30 17:02
    Mark Salarda

    I enjoyed the simulation a lot. I just hope there's an auto case opener.

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